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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  May 10, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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to his fans. >> anthony decurtis from "rolling stone" thank you very much. >> my pleasure. thanks so much. >> have a great week. >> you bet. -- captions by vitac -- 6:00 eastern, i'm poppy harlow joining you live from new york. we're watching dramatic images coming in to us from denton texas, taken moments ago. you see extraordinary flooding there after days of severe weather, flooding that has left cars floating down the road. we do not know if there are any drivers or passengers inside this car, but we've seen multiple cars that have gotten swept up by the extraordinary flooding. let's get straight to jennifer gray joins us live not far away from there in cisco, texas, where we had one of those tornadoes touch down yesterday, taking at least one life. is the worst over for texas?
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>> it depends on where you're talking about, because there's a lot going on in texas right now. we have tornado warnings just to our east. that is west of waco, in fact that storm is right around meridian headed to the northeast. we have major flooding just to the north of dallas. you are showing the dramatic pictures around the denton area and points east. they have got an incredible amount of rain. of course those rivers and creeks they have overflooded their banks and the waters are rising very very quickly. we have choppers we have the texas national guard out there trying to rescue people from their cars and even from their roofs, and so just a dangerous situation north of dallas. do not get in your car by any means because just a couple of inches of water can definitely carry your car away. you do not want to be in that situation. more people die from flooding than anything else when it comes to weather so you want to take this one seriously. we're in cisco, where you can see blue skies around me. in fact most of the storms are well to our east but this was
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hit with a tornado yesterday, and you can see the trees snapped behind me. we hear there are three homes were a total loss. we can't get to those because we have trees down and power lines down. however, we have seen some pictures of those. we have heard that one person has died and three others injured. last report one of those people in critical condition, and so hard-hit here in cisco. folks here tell me that they've never had structures damaged by a tornado before. they have had several tornadoes in this area but this has been the worst that they have seen. of course we're about two hours west of dallas. that is where all of the nasty weather is and unfortunately, the storms to our east that tornado warning i was mentioning west of waco all of that rain is heading to the north and east and it is going to impact the dallas metroplex, so it is not over for that area. we are going to get another round of rain before it is all said and done. so poppy, folks need to get into a safe place, stay where they
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are, do not get on the roads, and try to ride this one out. poppy? >> jennifer in terms of how widespread the flooding is here do you have a sense, because the images we're seeing are very tight shots, which means we don't have a big wide aerial shot of how widespread the flooding is. zbl>> >>. >> we're here in the crum area so that's the area we've been watching and like i mentioned, it's not over yet, so this could become even more widespread before the evening is over. >> is this an area jen, that is used to flooding like this? >> i'm sorry? >> is this an area jen, of texas that has dealt with flooding like this in the past?
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>> texas is definitely dealt with flooding, a lot of times we get these storms you have the warm moist air feeding in from the gulf of mexico and you have these slow moving fronts that will come in sometimes they'll settle out and sometimes move slowly. what you get are storms training and that's what we're seeing a little bit of in texas. you get storms basically rail cars on a train track, one after another and the storms just follow the same line and that's how you can get six, seven, ten, even more than a foot of rain in just a very short period of time. when it comes down at several inches per hour you get this flash flooding and we're seeing the dramatic pictures now of what is happening it can happen very quickly. >> jennifer gray live in cisco, texas, where the tornadoes touched down yesterday. keeping an eye on the severe flooding for us as well. thank you for that. also a shocking and brutal attack in southern mississippi, and two police officers are now dead.
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>> did you do it? >> no, sir, i didn't do it no, sir. >> this man and his brother and a woman now all charged with murdering two police officers two young police officers during a traffic stop last night in hattiesburg, mississippi. fourth suspect we are told has also been arrested on obstruction of justice charges. officer corey pete was 24-year-old, officer benjamin dean his partner 34 years old, they were both shot and killed last night around 8:30 p.m. in what we're told was a traffic stop. this is the first time in 30 years that hattiesburg has lost a police officer in the line of duty. few minutes ago i spoke with sfefr lacorey tate's heartbroken father. >> i just want people to understand that take the blue suit off of my baby because this was my baby. was allowed to go into this type of work dangerous, a guy who
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understood and loved everybody, peaceful passive, understanding, wouldn't hurt anybody. >> the city of hattiesburg is planning a memorial service for both of those officers. it will be tomorrow afternoon and earlier i spoke with the mayor of hattiesburg, johnny dupuis. >> earlier today we had curtis and marvin banks, who were both charged with two counts of capital murder and joanne calloway with two counts of capital murder and as i said earlier, the mbi was continuing their investigation, continuing their interrogation of witnesses, and processing evidence and so in that process, cornelius clark was charged and is being booked as we speak for obstruction of justice. >> what can you tell us about what happened? because we're watching video right now of one of the suspects saying he did not do it he did not do it.
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the justice process will play out, but what can you tell us about what you know about how these officers were murdered? all we really have been told it was a traffic stop around 8:30 at night. >> there was a traffic stop and officer deen apparently saw something that triggered his request for backup so officer tate arrived on the scene after his request for backup and based on that you have the ensuing pistol or weapon being drawn by one of the banks, mr. martin banks and he actually shot the two officers. >> do we know if the officers if either of the officers fired any shots? >> i don't know that poppy.
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that would be something that you would have to ask mississippi bureau of investigations. those are the kind of things that they're keeping pretty close under wraps. i will tell you that when this is over we'll have our own internal as we have, investigation where we can actually look at these and see how we can use this as a training tool a training model, so that we don't let this happen to us again if we can keep it from happening again. >> i know that this is the first time in 30 years that an officer in hattiesburg has been killed in the line of duty. what has this done to your community? >> well this has brought the broad community closer than even prior to this. we always pride ourselves on the upcitiness motto, we are close to everybody. even to each other. our police department and our first responders and our citizens have a great
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relationship. we look at -- someone said the other day one on the television said one of the things that you can tell about a community is the rate of solving crimes they have. you look at our rate of solving crimes it's pretty good and that's because we have community working with us and not against us. we are high on community policing and this brought us closer. we are having a vigil tomorrow at 1:00 to bring the community together again so we can pray for this family. >> that was the mayor of hatsberg johnny dupree. the governor of mississippi making a statement a short time ago reading in part "this should remind us to thank all law enforcement for their unwavering service to protect and serve." we're watching dramatic rescues in texas, a state hit by severe weather. millions are still in the path of the deadly storms. where are they headed next? we'll discuss. life begins with a howl, we scream, shout shriek with joy.
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we've been watching these dramatic images coming in to us here of severe flooding and rescues in denton texas. these images taken moments ago. emergency crews trying to rescue people from this home that is completely completely surrounded by the floodwaters. aerial rescues from the medevac helicopters. meteorologist tom sader joins me from the severe weather center. we saw 40 hurricanes -- hurricanes? 40 tornadoes strike yesterday, some of them in texas, and then all of this flooding. how bad is it there? >> well rainfall totals differ neighborhood to neighborhood just because of the slow moving storms. let me show you, you can see there on the left hand of your
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screen i'll zoom in this gives you an idea. the color purposele is six to ten inches. could you probably see dallas ft. worth, just north of ft. worth dallas there's denton. the pictures are just to the west of denton in the town of crum near crum, where you see the purple. six to ten inches of rain is the last 48 hours. now, the attack on wednesday, because wednesday there were 48 tornadoes, heavy amounts of rain as much as 11 to 15 inches south of oklahoma city and southward so it includes this region. you toss in nine tornadoes on thursday six friday another 45 yesterday. today the number is closer to almost over ten now, early this morning we had five in south dakota believe it or not, just seeing blizzard conditions. keep in mind oklahoma and texas for months they've been dealing with drought in many counties and you think okay a dry ground would just soak this rainfall up but in case it's just the opposite when it's like hitting concrete but it again is these
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individual supercell storms that earlier were only moving 25 miles an hour through this county. about an hour and a half later, that same supercell thunderstorm that produced a tornado again dropped one, and the speed increased to 55. so that becomes a windmaker. when they're moving this slow the amounts of rainfall on a saturated ground day after day is just incredible but three inches three and a half in an hour it will flood anywhere. >> i know they're not out of it yet in terms of more rain could come. >> absolutely. in fact this area along with dallas-ft. worth all the way down to the rio grande is under a tornado watch until 9:00 p.m. central time. and the reason it's 9:00 p.m. is there is a secondary band that i'm going to try to zoom in here we can see this for you, you can see where dallas is and there are a few more thunderstorms that are firing up but there is a line that will develop i believe in the next hour and a half and it's already extended in toward oklahoma so again, if it continues southward, the entire watch box area will be filled
3:16 pm
with more rainfall and these thunderstorms produce incredible amounts of rain not to mention they've had hail over the last couple of days tennis ball to softball and along with the damage we've had a lot of property damage and unfortunately we lost a couple souls in the u.s. this week with the severe outbreaks. there's dallas here more rain to the north off toward the west it's going to be this way for a while and not the only area. we've got watches continue all the way up to the north and south dakota into minute minute parts of missouri under a threat and we didn't talk about the ten states picking up snow. they've had to plow coors field, poppy, for the five inches of snow because the rockies had to play the dodger this is afternoon. amazing. >> tom sader, thank you so much. we'll keep monitoring the severe weather for you especially with the flooding here in denton texas. tom, thank you. appreciate it. >> a quick break, i'll be right back. pe 2 diabetes are learning about long-acting levemir®. as my diabetes changed it got harder to control my blood sugar. today, i'm asking about levemir®.
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a georgia principal is apoll jizing after making remarks many found incredibly offensive during her school's graduation ceremony. affiliate wsb talked to her about how it transpired and her apology. >> and all the black people -- i'm sorry it happened. we'll just go forward from there. >> we met nancy at her home
3:21 pm
captured on cell phone video has made her a target. >> i haven't slept any, haven't eaten. >> she says it started when she forgot to let the valedictorian make his teach at tnt academy's commencement friday afternoon. >> so i introduced him, he started speaking and then a man, he was black, had came across carrying his tablet back and forth. >> she said he was being disruptive so she called security and he disappeared while the crowd booed. >> and at that time i got really frustrated and said you know you all are being really rude to this young man and disrespectful to not listen to his speech and then i turned my head and who i saw leaving were black people and that's where the statement came. >> i spoke to people who were there, including students who said they felt robbed of their high school graduation
3:22 pm
experience by goduk's racism. >> it was not a statement of racism. it was just my frustration. >> that was jessica jaglois of wsb. the principal has apologized for her actions insisting she takes a personal interest in the success of every one of her students. but look any way you see it it's got a lot of people talking. cnn political commentators ben ferguson and marc lamont hill are with me. guys good to be with you. ben is here in new york nice to have you here in new york with me. >> i know. >> marc is this racism or frustration that boiled over in a way that it shouldn't have? >> i've been to a lot of graduations where people are rude. i was at one yesterday where people were sort of loud and it's frustrating. i understand that someone left before the valedictorian can give the speech. frustrating again. saying you people are being rude is probably not the best way to handle it, but i can understand it.
3:23 pm
when you say look who's leaving the black people pointing out the fact they're black is interesting. saying someone is black per se but context matters. look who is asking me questions the white people. why is white relevant to the conversation. that's why it's racism. >> it struck me hearing it like that and context is important. ben, what do you think? >> i think this woman should be forgiven but shouldn't keep her job, and i think there's no way if you're a student and you hear that come from the principal of the school that you're ever going to be able to take her seriously on issues and imply it's not about race. that was an anger statement from a principal that should have never come out of her mouth. i think you can forgive her. i don't think she should have death threats against her and everything else. how do you expect her to lead kids be a principal and have people if she is disciplining students african-american for them to honestly take her as if this could not be racially motivated. it shouldn't come out even if you are angry.
3:24 pm
>> interesting, at marc the south carolina freedom summit bobby jindal was speaking and talked about the president and he talked about the president sort of making things more divisive when it comes to race. and you look at the latest cnn polling, the cnn slrk orc poll in march saying four in ten americans say race relations have gotten worse during obama's presidency. what's your reaction to those? >> i don't know if race relations have gotten worse in the obama presidency. i think what you saw at the beginning of 2008 was a high point of hope. many people were desperately craving a post-racial america and what they've realized is that we're not in post-racial america. we're not in post-racist america and because of that the contrast between the high level of hope and the low level of despair people are feeling are tricking people into thinking somehow obama is responsible. people have said about employment issues people are upset about baltimore and ferguson and sanford, florida,
3:25 pm
and los angeles. people are upset about that kind of stuff. i don't think the president has done himself any favors with the way he engaged race. i'm not applauding obama on race. >> i agree on that. >> i don't think the president made things worse. it's not as if there's a long legacy of republicans or white presidents making america feel more racially interesting. >> ben, what do you think he should be doing, because bobby jindal said "the president tries to divide us by gender age, geography and race. i think it's wrong. part of his job is to unite us and bring us together." what is he doing? >> sometimes the president of the united states of america and the president of everyone if there's an issue, it doesn't necessarily mean that you have to be in the same role talking the same way. the beer summit i thought he got it wrong on the issue of race. marc marc he got it wrong. that was an issue -- >> you're putting obama in the same category as jesse jackson
3:26 pm
and al sharpton? i'm not dissing jesse jackson and al sharpton. >> how many times have the president sent people from the white house, okay from the white house to go to funerals of people that were african-american but then did not send people from the white house to police officers that were killed and gunned down. it's happened multiple times recently. why? because you have to deal with race issues obviously from the white house perspective, different than you have a police officer killed that may be white. he doesn't go from the white house. why does he go to the other ones? it's an african-american issue and that's one where he feels a lot of pressure from many african americans that you must show up because you're an african-american president and sometimes you have to be a president for everyone not just be african-american. you got to be bigger than just that one racial issue. >> isn't it also guys i think we might have the stind ply foreyou. michelle obama giving the commencement address, we don't have the sound, right, yesterday and talking about how many points have been difficult for her as the first
3:27 pm
african-american first lady talking about racial stereotypes, slurs that have been thrown out at her. we don't have the sound to play for you guys but marc answering ben's question -- >> this makes my point. >> they're coming from a different -- >> there's an unrealistic expectation for the obamas in particular about how they deal with race. again that's not to sort of be overly protective of president obama and how he dealt with race. we have expectations. president obama does something for black people people go see he's helping black people. they target lgbt middle class and jewish and immigrant populations. if anything president obama has gone out of his way not to highlight race and not to name race so he's not seen as the black president. >> give me an example where the president of the united states
3:28 pm
of america has gone out of his way to not be about race? there's so many specific issues that we can talk about, specifically deal with race marc. you can't just act as if somehow he purposely walked away from that. >> he walks into it consistently and constantly when there is an issue in society that deals with race he will automatically put himself into that issue. not walk away from it, if i had a son he would look like this if i had a child i look like this. >> i'm going to let marc respond. >> do you think george bush would not have commented on trayvon martin or bill clinton would not have spoke been what happened in baltimore? every sitting president would talk about the things. the difference is president obama is black -- >> they didn't talk about -- they talked about it from a law and order perspective to ask people to be calm. >> are you saying it's possible -- ben, are you saying that it's possible to talk about ferguson without talking about race? >> i'm saying that the whole entire issue of ferguson does not always have to be about
3:29 pm
race and there's many parts -- >> he didn't make it all about race. >> the law enforcement and dealt with false narratives of hands that don't shoot, never happened. >> go to and read -- okay. >> we'll keep talking about this. marc, ben, thank you. back in a moment. ♪ ♪ dave's been working on his game... and starting each day with a delicious bowl of heart healthy kellogg's raisin bran. how's your cereal? sweet! tastes like winning. how would you know what winning tastes like? invest in your heart health, with kellogg's raisin bran. no crying today... ( spinning tires ) ♪ he doesn't need your help. until he does. three cylinders, dual overhead cams and 50 horsepower.
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evening, this car being swallowed up by the flooding there in denton texas. tom sader joining me from the cnn severe weather center. are they going to get relief? i know this say contained area but getting so bad they're being medevaced out. >> another round of storms is moving in and this line of storms i'll show you here in a moment because they're moving slow and there's one after another after another thunderstorms, box cars on a train and more rainfall and not just this denton area of texas. here's the amounts of rainfall in the last 48 hours, purposele is six to ten inches. if you get in close north of ft. worth, dallas there's departmenton. just to the west of denton is where we're seeing the flood problems and a town area near crum and so a stream obviously over its banks, this is just 48-hour totals. this doesn't include the heavy rain falling since wednesday and fell thursday. here is a broad view and again, tornado watches from south dakota minnesota, down through areas of missouri oklahoma
3:33 pm
into south texas, so again, this has been going on in the same location the same region after noon after noon after noon. wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday and today. it slowly moves east tomorrow. we have a few warnings that the storms could dropped tornadoes. 11 unconfirmed torpedos today, much better than the 45 yesterday. look at the line of storms to the top of the screen this is what we call training like box cars on the train where again this heavy rain will fall over the same region storm after storm after storm. you can see denton is getting ready to get into some more rainfall and once the band of thunderstorms moves through, it's just going to intensify. each one of these storms is capable of dropping one to two inches an hour on top of the six to ten they've had in the last 48. i this i it's not just crum we're going to see possibly several communities completely saturated from the south of oklahoma city which has had 11 to 15 all the way down through
3:34 pm
the dallas metroplex. >>some sader, keep an eye on it. we'll keep a close eye for you down there in texas, and in that area that is still in the path of these severe storms. thanks so much. we'll take a quick break and be back in just a minute. it begins from the second we're born. after all, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned... every day... using wellness to keep away illness... and believing that a single life can be made better by millions of others. healthier takes somebody who can power modern health care... by connecting every single part of it. for as the world keeps on searching for healthier... we're here to make healthier happen. optum. healthier is here. ♪ ♪ mike fincham was diagnosed with colorectal cancer 2 years ago. it was a priority for mike that he
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i have great credit. how do you know? duh. try credit karma. it's free and you can see what your score is right now . i just got my free credit score! credit karma. really free. first lady michelle obama getting very personal about the challenges that she's faced as the nation's first african-american first lady. on saturday, she tolded graduates at tuskegee university during her husband's 2008 campaign she was held to a different standard than the wives of other candidates because of her race. >> but as potentially the first african-american first lady i was also the focus of another set of questions and speculations conversations sometimes rooted in the fears and misperceptions of others. was i too loud or too angry or too emasculating or was i too
3:38 pm
soft too much of a mom, not enough of a career woman. then there was the first time i was on a magazine cover. it was a cartoon drawing of me with a huge afro and a machine gun. now, yeah, it was satire but if i'm really being honest that knocked me back a bit. it made me wonder just how are people seeing me? >> and she encouraged the graduates to be true to themselves. let's talk about it with cnn political commentators ben ferguson and marc lamont hill. it was remarkable to see and i have no doubt it had quite an impression on the graduates being so open and you know b these personal experiences and how they made her feel. marc have we ever heard her be so candid an how she's dealt with race in this position?
3:39 pm
>> no it's stunning to me and i appreciated the first lady's candor and honesty. it makes me look forward to post 2016 where we get that memoir and find out exactly what she was thinking instead of all the back channel books. i thought it was a powerful point she made and absolutely correct. i think that the nation has assessed her in a way no first lady ever has. president obama has gone through some of the same challenges. >> ben, she also referred to things that had been said about her in the media, including being called "her husband's crony of color" and -- i'm not going to say the other thick. she has said things i don't want to repeat on air. what is your assessment of her come out now and talking like this and change that it can make? >> it's good the first lady talks honestly about what has taken place. i think there are certainly people that made comments about her that are made in a negative way specifically because of the color of her skin. we saw that and the good news was a lot of those people got in
3:40 pm
serious trouble for doing so as they should have. and i think that is one of the things about being now a first lady is you are going to take a lot of heat and it may not have anything to do with color. for example, is she too strong or too withheld or holding back too much? we heard the same exact thing said about hillary clinton and jackie kennedy. was she aloof? words used in the press then laura bush maybe she has the president's ear too much because we never saw much about policy in public but was she talking to him in private? that's part of being the first lady. the earlier stuff she mentioned it's valid points but i also don't think all of the criticism she took or was really because of the color of her skin. it's because she's the first lady and it's politics. >> marc from a woman, right, why is it that women's appearances are talked about so much in politics? do you think that some of these things would have been said about a man?
3:41 pm
>> absolutely not. some of this is flat out sexism to ben's point. first ladies get assessed in ways they absolutely should not and female presidential candidates. look at sarah palin in 2008 on the vp side of the ticket. people talked about her appearance talked about her hair they talked about her wardrobe and i thought that it was completely inappropriate to do that. we never do that with male presidential or vice presidential candidates. some of it isn't about race. some is about gender and the first first ladies get objectified and scrutinized. there are particular ways that happened for michelle obama because we didn't have a template for what a black first lady is supposed to look like in the same way didn't have a template for what black presidents should look like. we were assessing michelle obama through the eyes and lens of whiteness and as a result she didn't match up she didn't engage her husband the same way and parent her children in the same way. because we tend to look at things that are not white through a deficit lens we kept
3:42 pm
saying something is wrong with michelle. michelle is no something is wrong with y'all. that's why people love michelle now. >> she did talk in that speech about how she finally just grasped onto her true self and owned it and was so much happier since then talked about the tough moments at the beginning of her time in the white house. ben, do you agree as marc just said we sometimes look at things through a deficit lens? >> i think we look at things through the lens of okay what is she wearing? what does she look like? what designer because that's the issues that a lot of people care about when it comes to a first lady and we had that from back in the jfk days and it's never ended. >> it's ridiculous. >> it is ridiculous. marc and i received a lot of hate in our life through twitter. i think we can both agree we've never received a tweet about our wardrobe and i promise you, every woman that is on tv receives those tweets all the time. i'm sure you do poppy, as well. >> yes. >> that's just a different part of culture of being a man and a
3:43 pm
woman it's different. i'll take the criticism, if it you want me to wear a blue shirt instead of a white one next week we'll see if we can make it happen. that's part of the deal of being first lady. >> it should not be the deal. >> but they talk about the designer and who designed their dress and what they're wearing for the ball and what are they wearing when they have a state dinner. they do those interviews and they continue to talk about it. they want to stop that from happening. then make it a first lady issue. but when you sit down and you talk about the designer you're wearing that night for that state dinner or for this event or for this inauguration -- >> we have to go. but i will just say that i don't think anyone ever asked the president what they're wearing, i'll leave it at that. ben ferguson marc lamont hill. >> except for the tan suit. >> thank you very much gentlemen, i appreciate it. we'll take a quick break and come back with the monitoring of the severe weather we've been watching in texas there, extraordinary flooding. we'll bring you the latest in a minute.
3:44 pm
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3:47 pm
you're looking at live pictures right now, these are live pictures out of denton county texas, where the flooding there has gotten worse and worse. we've seen a number of cars caught on the road in this flooding. we do not know if there are drivers in the vehicles or what their status is right now. i'm joined by starnlg lonnie
3:48 pm
hashell of the texas highway patrol. what can you tell us about the rescues your team has been able to carry out thus far? >> thank you, most important no injuries. right now that's the most important thing. we've had five separate helicopter rescues by texas military forces six people have been rescued by air. the issue is we can't get to those farms and residences because of very narrow pathways by boat so we had to use the helicopter. the department of public safety is responding with texas military forces city and local authorities as well as texas park and wildlife to get these folks taken care of and rescued from this high water. >> very good to hear no injuries no deaths as a result of this. we have seen these images that are just so stunning of the cars caught on the road. we saw one car earlier practically swallowed up by the flooding. do we know if they were parked cars that drifted because of the flooding where the driver is able to get out? >> the information we have right
3:49 pm
now is that yes, they were however, this is still very fluid situation. there's about a two to three-mile stretch in the city of crum just west of denton and there is a creek that runs through there called hickory creek, it overflowed its boundaries and we are in the middle of conducting these rescues and searching to make sure that we have everyone accounted for. so it's still a very fluid situation. >> and obviously we're still a few hours here though from the sun going down. are you confident that your teams are going to be able to get everyone out that needs to be taken out of that area before nightfall? >> this part of texas for the last couple days it has really been hit hard by mother nature. we have more storms rolling in as we speak, so to that end, emergency services and emergency management officials placed these resources in strategic locations just in case we needed them. so we were able to access this emergency equipment very quickly and get them there where they
3:50 pm
were needed. hopefully we'll get all of this taken care of and still have that no injury result. >> absolutely. good to hear that sir, good news out of this situation there in texas. appreciate you joining me again, loni hascell. jennifer gray they're not out of the woods. there are more storm warnings. any other tornado warnings at >> reporter: we have a tworng right tornado warning right now to the west of waco. it's crossing over the bhit ni area and should be in the vicinity of covington and hillsboro in the next little while. all these storms are south of dallas east of where we are here in cisco, texas, and you can see the sun is shining, but just behind me you can see those darker clouds. that is actually the tail end of that system that's resulting in all the flooding up in the denton area. more rain is to come. they may get a little break but all of this that is out on the
3:51 pm
horizon is shifting up to the north, and it is pumping a lot of rain and a lot of moisture so they aren't out of the woods yet. in fact more rain is expected in that area before it is all said and done and, poppy, you need to remind folks to not drive in all of this. we've seen those pictures those cars swallowed up by the water. it only takes a couple inches to completely sweep the car away. when it comes to weather more people die of flooding than anything else. it's a dangerous situation. we're continuing the severe weather threat as well. so we could see more tornado warnings before the evening is over as well as the additional flooding in dallas. so a lot of different things going on especially in texas, and we've had tornado warnings as well and south dakota we've seen a little damage up there. so all across the plains still vulnerable for yet another day poppy. >> absolutely. as you said the most people that die from weather die from flooding. stay out of that -- out of your car if you are in denton county texas. jennifer gray thank you very
3:52 pm
much. coming up next ben and mark will join me again to talk about this should politicians let faith be their guide. and jeb bush. we'll talk about it next. some weed killers are overzealous. they even destroy your lawn. ortho weed b gon kills weeds... not lawns. our label says it. your grass proves it. get ortho weed b gon. the label tells the story. ortho home defense gives you year long control of all these household bugs - roaches, ants, and spiders. spectracide gives you year long control... of just roaches. their label says so. got more than roaches moving in? get home defense. the label tells the story.
3:53 pm
we hear it often, politics and religion don't mix but of course here in america people mix them all the time.
3:54 pm
just yesterday republican potential presidential contender jeb bush told graduates at liberty university that what the country needs is more not fewer, people in politics willing to put their faith into action. >> thank you very much. it is not only untrue but it's also a little ungrateful to dismiss the christian faith as some obstacle to enlighten thought, some ancient, irrelevant creed wearing out its welcome in the modern world. whether or not we acknowledge the source hebrew scripture and the new testament still provide the moral vocabulary we all use in america and may it always be so. >> let's bring back in our political commentators mark lemont hill and ben ferguson. guys of course jeb bush wants the conservative christian vote. this is a big deal that he was invited to speak at liberty university. >> huge. >> it's a huge deal. michele bachmann was there, ted cruz was there, mitt romney went there before he ran. you can name almost every
3:55 pm
republican presidential contender being invited to speak there, but then you have this recent cnn poll that shows that americans would rather have a candidate who says religious views have no place in government over one who believed that religious views ought to drive policy. interesting, 56% to 42% there. ben, to you first. are republicans, say a jeb bush who is seen as more moderate in jeopardy at all if more americans decide that they don't want to hear about religion from their candidate? >> no because usually, especially during a primary republican voters conservative voters definitely want someone that has a moral compass that is based really on their religion and we've seen that. and ultimately not everyone that's polled votes in an election. so from that perspective, i think jeb bush is being very smart here. he's taking a play out of his brother's playbook when he was running for president as he was a compassionate conservative and was open about his faith, and i think jeb bush is a guy that's open about his catholic faith. he's very open about the war on
3:56 pm
christians he believes around the world right now at the hands of isis and other muslim extremists and he's saying it's time for to us stand up for christians and he's hoping to court those republican evangelical conservatives. he's going to need some of them to win the primary with so many hard core christian conservatives. ted cruz to name one. this for him is something i think he said i need to start it early and connect with these voters early on. >> more of a primary play than a general election play? >> i don't think you can run away from your religion in the general. you may just not mention it as much but i think he wants there to be a -- >> you don't need to in the general. >> -- solid foundation that this is who i am and my faith is important to my world view and it will connect to many gop voters. >> what about the millennials? the young vote is very important to the candidates as well. one thing that i hear about anecdotally from father beck a cnn religion commentator, saying that young millennials is turning away a bit more from organized religion looking for other forms of faith, faith in
3:57 pm
other ways. how does that play into it? >> first of all, i think father beck is absolutely correct that there's a secularization of the millennial anyration and the way they engage -- spiritualality is disentangled from the way they identify with religion. they may identify with the notion of god. they just don't identify with a church or synagogue or mosque as such. this could weird them out. you have to walk a very -- a certain kind of tightrope. jeb push in particularbush in particular he wants the republican nomination. they would rather vote for an electable jeb bush this and a mike huckabee who they may not see as being electable. he says while i am not a bible thumper religion fors some of the decisions i make and you can trust me to make the decisions without becoming the person you don't want me to be.
3:58 pm
>> when you look at this religious americans have played a really big role in our politics over time. you've got the colonist pursuit of religious freedom, reverend martin luther king and the civil rights movement. some would look at that and say this has been a defining point of change in our nation and why not have a -- be very vocal about our religious compass, if you will when running for office? >> well let's be very clear though. at the same time they have been strong religious people at every moment in history there have been the washingtons and jeffersons who had more complicated views. for every martin king there was a baird rustin. we don't want to overstate religion and what it's done. you're right. i think you can say i'm a person of faith. i have these beliefs and they inform the choices i make. the question is at some point when you have to choose between the constitution and the bible, which one do you choose? we also have to be honest when we say people of faith, we
3:59 pm
really mean christians of faith. america is open to being all kind of christian. if you're a muslim brother or a jewish brother or sister running for president, america doesn't necessarily have the same response. >> i want ben to jump in on that point. do you agree we're open to different kinds of christians? >> no doubt but that's probably because the majority of people relates to those faiths more than muslim or jewish. remember george lieberman. when he ran people made a big deal about his faith specifically but i also think there's something else here. there is nothing wrong with being open about your faith because faith voters those that consider themselves to be christians areor of a certain faith, they show up and vote not just in primaries but at general elections in higher numbers than those not involved in religion. it's not going to hurt the candidates to talk about their faith and foundation. >> guys i'm out of time. thanks. good to have you on tonight. appreciate it. we have a lot more ahead for you tonight on cnn. we're also going to keep an eye
4:00 pm
on the severe weather out of denton county texas. stay with cnn, for the very latest on all of this. again, the rescues being made in denton texas. thanks so much for being with me tonight. i'm poppy harlow. have a great week. >> the following is a cnn special report. >> this is what they did in boston. %-p>> oh, my god! >> but where did they go? >> less than a half an hour after they did this, they are dithering about the kind of milk to buy? >> whot are they really? >> always happy, peac


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