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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  May 11, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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school. >> a deadly round of severe storms. tornadoes ripping through several states. flash floods rising so quickly choppers called in for rescues and it ain't over yet. and touchy topic. "snl" taking on the draw muhammad controversy. did it cross the line? let's talk in the "cnn newsroom." good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. heartbreak in hattiesburg, mississippi, coming together today to remember two police officers gunned down over the weekend. its memorial service set for this afternoon and today court appearances for the accused cop killers and two others accused of helping them afterwards. >> did you do it? >> no sir, i didn't do it. >> obviously that's one of the suspects. one of the victims, officer
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benjamin deen 34 years old, father of two children. a few years ago the department honored him as officer of the year. the other slain officer, a rookie. liquori tate living his life-long dream as a police officer. this morning we heard from his brother mother on "new day." >> he always wanted to be a police officer since he was young playing with police cars and xbox games and having that protective spirit that's always been one of his dreams. >> i want to take you live to hattiesburg now. >> reporter: good morning, carol. those four suspects are expected to go before a judge this afternoon. they are facing a long list of charges connected to that shooting that left those two police officers dead. now, i want to show you the pictures of the suspects. two of them are charged with two counts of capital murder.
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22-year-old joanie callaway is one. the other is 29-year-old marvin banks. he is also charged with grand theft auto. police believe that he took one of the police vehicles as a getaway car. his younger brother, curtis banks, is also facing two counts of accessory after the fact of capital murder and the fourth suspects cornelius clark is charged with obstruction of justice. police have not released many details in terms of what led to the actual shooting. what we know is that officer deen conducted the initial stop. it was a traffic stop. he called for backup. and that's when officer tate responded. what happened in those moments before the shooting we don't know but two officers' lives lost in those moments. there will be a memorial service this afternoon to honor the lives of those two fallen officers.
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carol? >> all right. thank you. the murder of police officers will shake any community to its core but the heartbreak may be even more gut wrenching in a small town like hattiesburg. listen to the family of liquori tate when they arrived at the hospital and found out their officer child had not survived. >> they took us in a room and when we got the news of course we fell into grief. it was amazing the police officers as well as staff and mayor fell out with us in grief and grieved with us. it was really very emotional. we walked through and saw the family of the other officer whose life was taken as well and we knew that this was just something much more serious than we imagined before we walked into the hospital. >> joining me now on the phone is johnny dupre, the hattiesburg
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mayor who grieved with the family at the hospital. tell me what it was like in those moments at the hospital where you shared grief with the family. >> it was the most difficult thing i think i've ever done. not only doing it once but having to do it twice. they are fabulous families. both families. you know stronger than i thought any family could be during this time when even when they knew their loved ones were going out to protect and serve people they don't even know. they're resilient. today you talk to reverend ross and i just heard him on the radio and it's the first time i heard him speak about that night and how strong this family is and what kind of faith they have to be able to talk at this time. >> mayor, do police know why these suspects allegedly opened
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fire on these officers? >> we continue our investigation and the department of investigation along with other agencies are continuing that investigation. we want to make sure that when we prosecute these individuals that we have a strong case and we have one that's not tainted by information getting out that should not be getting out. based on all that carol, i can only tell you so much and that's one of the things that i can divulge. we do know there was a reason why officer deen called for backup and i'm sure all of that will come out at a time when we know it will be put to good use. >> was their dash cam video? >> carol, i again will tell you that we're technology savvy here in hattiesburg even though we're not a large city. the kinds of things that i can
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share with you mississippi bureau of investigation has not allowed to share much more than what we shared now. i promise you at 3:00 today these individuals will be arraigned and maybe some of these things some of the questions that you are asking may come out during that time. as you see, we have three suspects within hours in hand and many people thought that was over but because we were diligent in our investigation and making sure the crime scene was pristine and that we evaluated all the evidence we were able to come up with a fourth individual. we want to make sure we get everybody involved and make sure that we don't taint this investigation and make sure that when we bring them to justice that justice will be served. >> mayor, some say it's open season on police officers right now because of the climate in the country. do you agree? >> well you know we don't see
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that in hattiesburg. i get that question -- i've gotten that question i don't know how many times. i try to share with people that i believe that the vast majority of police officers in cities are just like hattiesburg, mississippi. i have to believe that. i believe that we have a fabulous city here. we have a great relationship. i wish that we were perfect. we are not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but we strive every day in the community of policing to make sure that citizens know they count and not only they count but police officers count as well. i believe the vast majority of the cities of our great nation are like hattiesburg, mississippi, and what we see are those things that happen that are out of the ordinary. i have to believe that. >> mayor johnny dupree thank you so much. i appreciate you being with me this morning. turn our attention to madison, wisconsin, where the
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district attorney is planning to announce the findings of a more than two-month investigation into the shooting of tony robinson. the interesting thing about this is authorities in madison came out with a two-day warning that get ready, madison, because we're going to make this announcement and we want everybody to chill. >> and the other thing, carol, is that if you think of the day that it was yesterday. it's mother's day. so the mother of tony robinson received a phone call from authorities on mother's day. this is the first mother's day after her son was shot and killed by a police officer letting her know that the 48-hour notice had been out and that authorities would announce on tuesday whether or not the police officer, matt kenny, would be charged or not. so this was heartbreaking for this mother because she was surrounded by her living children when this phone call came through and they were trying to ease her into mother's day because of what has happened
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to this family. and here's what the spokesperson said happened when she received that phone call. >> getting this call right as you're receiving gifts from your other children and seeing your other children then be frustrated with the fact that they're now going to have to take a back seat again and they couldn't just enjoy their mom for this day. >> the mom described it as a bit cruel to do that to anybody. they are hoping for justice, of course. they say that that would come in the form of whether officer matt kenny is charged or not or something else happened, the department makes some sort of change. from the get-go they have said that they will accept whatever the d.a. comes up with. >> rosa flores thanks so much. i appreciate it. still to come in the "newsroom," the death toll rising in the latest round of severe storms. >> i see it.
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a deadly weekend for storms across the midwest. we're hearing reports from our cnn affiliate kltv that multiple people were killed when a possible tornado ripped through
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van, texas last night. jennifer gray is live in van this morning with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, carol. our affiliate is reporting that there are multiple fatalities and there could be people missing and so there are people going door to door making sure everyone is accounted for and make sure everyone is okay. just look at the destruction behind me. you can see trees snapped in half. power lines littering the roads. crews are up here cutting up trees trying to get power restored. a lot of people have lost cell service. that brick building back there is the original school in van and they still use it for their gymnasium. i took a closer look a couple hours ago. the roof is completely blown off. insulation sagging within. everything inside the building is now out and most of the windows have been blown out. just a lot of destruction around here. in fact several blocks here have major damage.
7:15 am
some of the homes completely destroyed. we're hearing that roughly 30% of the town has sustained some sort of damage whether a total loss or trees down. we've been speaking with neighbors all morning long. some of the local residents who attended that school as children and now they have kids of their own that attend that school. they said it feels like seeing their entire childhood destroyed. we talked with a lidady down the street that said tornado sirens went off five minutes before the tornado hit and she didn't have a lot of time or time to get into her storm shelter and so she had to get in the bathtub in the center of the home with her two dogs and ride the storm out. she described a scary situation wand and we'll see days and weeks of cleanup here in van. >> they say multiple people were killed. what does that mean? how many people are missing? do we know? >> reporter: we have no idea. we are just hearing what our affiliate is reporting and they
7:16 am
say that the city marshal said there could be multiple fatalities and are searching for people. they have a couple canine units here helping with the search. there's another briefing coming up in the next half hour. hopefully we'll have more information then. >> all right. jennifer gray reporting live this morning from van, texas. of course the threat is star from over. 42 million people could be at risk for severe weather. cnn's chief meteorologist chad myers is here with that side of the story. good morning. >> good morning, carol. let's give you a lay of the land. one hour east of dallas texas, by car is van, texas, along i-20. five minute's notice according to residents with sirens. this was a very large tornado. i know this is an ef-3 or maybe a 4. no chance this is a one or two. homes are completely gone in some spots. roofs are all gone in the path of this storm.
7:17 am
71 tornado reports over the weekend and a lot of rainfall as well. look at corsicana airport south of dallas. 11 inches in just three days. look at what happens when you get that kind of rainfall in any area across the country. you get rescue helicopters picking people out of flooded waters. so many areas in texas -- i lived in oklahoma for a really long time and love visiting texas. have these things called dry washes. you literally drive down and up the other side. you don't have a bridge to go over the creek. you actually drive through the creek and back up the other side because 361 days out of the year the creek is dry. those four days when it floods you need to stay out of the way of when those raging waters come through along the red river here gainesville, there's dallas-ft. worth, that's 10 inches of rainfall in the entire white area there in white now down near corsicana as well. a couple areas of severe weather today from dayton all of the way back up to detroit and all of the way down even into parts of texas. there may be a tornado or two.
7:18 am
some dramatic video out of iowa yesterday where the roof of this school was just torn completely off. it's hard to even discern there's a tornado there. it looks like a cloud because the tornado wasn't connected to the ground by the gray cloud doesn't mean the tornado wasn't actually on the ground because clearly it was. that debris sucked up into the air from that school there. i heard someone yell that is not the casey's, which is a general store, that's the elementary school roof going away. >> luckily no one hurt there. amazing. chad myers, thank you so much. i appreciate it. still to come in the "newsroom," funny or offensive? why the "snl" sketch gets kudos from some and criticism from others. when you're living with diabetes steady is exciting.
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a lot of buzz this morning surrounding a skit on "saturday night live" that had to do with the drawing of the prophet muhammad. it was spoofing a game show called win, lose or draw. contestants are assigned a person thing or movie to draw and the contestants guess the
7:21 am
answers. your category is trendsetters. this is what you'll be drawing today. are you ready to go daniel? put time on the clock and go. >> wait. >> of course he never drew it. the skit was powerful i thought. it showed how many of afraid to draw the prophet muhammad, which is absurd. welcome back dean. >> thanks carol. >> you talked to some of the writers who came up with that skit. what did they tell you? >> i talked to one of the writers that came up with the sketch. i thought it was funny. i praised it. i thought they did a great job. they are making fun of the fear some people have about drawing the prophet muhammad. i think "snl" at its highest point is making you laugh and think and pointing out something
7:22 am
in society or something in politics that's going on hot button issue. they did that perfectly. >> i have to say while i was watching that i kept wondering what would happen if they actually drew the prophet muhammad. >> that's an interesting question what would happen. i really hope and i wrote in my article for "the daily beast" that we get to that point. among mainstream muslims, that's what we are except for a few exceptions in garland, texas, it's a yawn. the idea you're going to draw the prophet muhammad. you can do that. the response from the muslim community if they were upset would be to call nbc or send e-mails like any other group when they get upset about something. freedom of expression is two ways. you have the freedom to say things and i can use words to counter what you say if i don't like it. i posted my article on facebook and every muslim american friend that saw it thought it was great and made a good point. we need to laugh at fears and isis and scary people out there. >> i agree with that actually.
7:23 am
there are those that say the skit captured the media's refusal to deal with the issue. red states eric erickson writes the moment evil realizes you're scared of provoking it you have provoked into action. islamic radicals are emboldened by the reaction in texas. the skit last night was a humorous way to point out the absurdity of radical islam's refusal to let people draw muhammad. >> eric erickson is a comedy coment ateor. i think what's interesting here is liberals and conservatives are laughing a the in the sketch. let's look at it from a good side. i don't think i can agree with him on anything let alone this. the writers the goal was not to make fun of radical islam. there are radical muslims but -- >> i think he's confusing two separate issues. pamela geller had the right to
7:24 am
put that on. nobody is really saying she didn't right? but you have to talk about exactly why she did it. the "snl" skit did it but without the underlying hate which made it much more powerful. >> i agree. that's what i wrote about. they punch up in comedy. that's the best form of comedy. you punch up at people in power and punching down is demonizing minority groups. that's what pamela geller did. it was a great week. "saturday night live" had a great sketch and pamela geller was exposed for what we know as a well paid well compensated anti-muslim bigot. overall, a great week. >> thanks so much. i appreciate your being here. a bit of news into cnn. the defense has rested in the boston marathon bombing trial and they finished up their case with a blockbuster. sister helen is the nun and anti-death penalty activist made famous by her book "dead man
7:25 am
walking." jurors are determining whether or not to sentence dzhokhar tsarnaev to death after his conviction on 30 counts. let's talk about the sister taking the stand and talking to the court and of course the jury. deborah feyerick is following that for us. tell us what that was like deb. >> reporter: well it was very interesting. her testimony was nothing short of explosive, carol. she met with dzhokhar tsarnaev five times most recently in the last couple of days. there was a question as to whether in fact she would testify but she took the stand and she said that they discussed the marathon bombing and that they talked about the victims and she said that when she spoke to dzhokhar tsarnaev he said emphatically no one deserves to suffer like they did. she said his eyes were lower. there was pain in his voice. he appeared to be sincerely remorseful telling the jury i had every reason to think he was genuinely sorry for what he did. now, we have seen so little reaction from dzhokhar tsarnaev in court that her being able to
7:26 am
testify about what he thought about the bombing is the first insight that we've had in the many weeks of this trial. now, prosecutors tried to essentially tear that apart saying the only reason that the sister was taking the stand and testifying is because she feels so strongly against the death penalty. when asked by the defense whether in fact she would not tell the truth about him being sincerely remorseful she said no. that's the way he appeared to hear. that's what the jury heard and what they'll be left with as they begin to deliberate whether he should get life or death. >> was there any emotion from tsarnaev as the sister was testifying? >> reporter: he seemed -- i'm sitting in the back of the court behind him. so it's very difficult. the only way you can tell is if he tilts his head. it was unclear. she was one of those people when she saw him, she really smiled and smiled warmly.
7:27 am
we saw that happen a couple times with his teachers and with his friends really acknowledging that the person who was sitting there is someone they know as being a good person ironically enough and so that's what the defense is trying to show but again we're going to hear a lot about the crimes themselves and we have talked about this. the first stage of the trial was all about the crimes and the guilt. this part of the trial is really all about the personality and what went behind all of this. so this was really some powerful testimony that we heard from today. >> deborah feyerick reporting live from boston this morning. thank you. still to come in the "newsroom," president obama hosting mid east leaders this week but a major player will be missing. is it a royal snub? we'll talk about that next. start the interview with a firm handshake. ay don't do that! try new head & shoulders instant relief. it cools on contact, and also keeps you 100% flake free. try new head & shoulders instant relief. for cooling relief in a snap.
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some are calling it a royal snub. an apparent blow to the obama administration's plan to build arab support for a nuclear deal with iran. saudi arabia's king salman announced he won't meet one-on-one with the president in washington or attend a camp david summit with other gulf allies. the white house is downplaying the significance of this last-minute change of plans but those say it's a clear signal from the new leader he's not happy with president obama. cnn's white house correspondent michelle kosinski joins me live with more. good morning. >> both sides, the u.s. and vaby
7:32 am
are saudi arabia are saying this is not a snub. we have enough to deal w with fighting houthi rebels in yemen. a cease-fire just happened and tying it to that schedule-wise. some say if this was an expression of displeasure, there are other ways of doing that than a last-minute change to attend a summit. at the same time you know you could say on one hand it's a long trip. some of these gulf leaders can't make it for health reasons. they are all sending high level delegations so it's not as if there will be a lot of holes there. it's not going to continue as planned. it will continue this week. it is hard to get away from the fact that this doesn't look right. the president of the united states invited these leaders here. it's going to take place at the white house and at camp david. this is an involved meeting over the course of a couple of days. and they just don't seem to be treating it as importantly. the issues at stake are massively important. the white house keeps
7:33 am
emphasizing how significant these partners are now in fighting isis and dealing with the situations in syria and yemen and regional stability is hugely important to these gulf leaders. the question is why are so few of the actual leaders going to make it here and is this some kind of expression of things not going well if in their opinion in pending u.s. nuclear deal with iran they are not happy about that and are they feeling like the u.s. isn't really reassuring them enough in terms of the all-important regional security and stability, carol. >> all right. michelle kosinski reporting live from the white house this morning. thank you. we are expecting to learn more about last weekend's isis inspired terror attack on the muhammad cartoon contest at the top of the hour when garland police chief mitch bates holds a live news conference. this comes as homeland security chief jeh johnson says we entered a new phase on the war on terror admitting the united
7:34 am
states is slow to fight isis' use of social media. barbara starr has more on that. good morning. >> good morning, carol. now we see u.s. military bases at a higher state of alert. we see more concern about lone wolf attacks in the united states. we see the fbi and federal law enforcement trying to find ways to track down more closely. hundreds if not thousands of people who may be following isis online. this is social media gone viral with isis. a lot of concern about people acting online. i want you to listen to more about what jeh johnson, the secretary of homeland security had to say about all of this. >> we're definitely in a new phase of the global terrorist threat where the so-called lone wolf could strike at any moment which is why the fbi in my judgment has done an excellent
7:35 am
job of interdicting those who are attempting to travel to syria who commit overt acts and provide material support to terrorism. it's a new environment. we are not discouraging americans from doing things they do on a daily basis. >> so here's the problem with this trend on social media. we used to talk about our attacks inspired by isis or directed by isis. what officials are saying is it may not make a difference anymore. once all of this goes online what they are seeing is isis doing the same. inspiring and directing, tasking people all at the same time telling them to go out and attack. it's becoming a viral situation that law enforcement believes is only going to get more difficult to get a handle on. carol? >> all right. barbara starr reporting live from the pentagon. and we just received word from the white house on a journalist report that the administration did not tell the
7:36 am
truth about the killing of osama bin laden citing an unanimous source they claim the white house cooperated with pakistani officials to kill bin laden but the white house says that's not true. ned price says there are too many inaccuracyies in this piece to fact check each one. the notion that the operation that killed osama bin laden was anything but a unilateral u.s. mission is false. the president decided early on not to inform any other government including the pakistani government which was not no idea until after the raid had occurred. we'll keep following this story and bring you any new developments. i'll be right back. financial noise financial noise financial noise
7:37 am
financial noise
7:38 am
jeb bush is polishing up his cred and making a bold statement about the iraq war.
7:39 am
he would have toppled saddam hussein and he won't distance himself from brother george w. bush. in the meantime jeb bush accused liberals of setting up an us versus them dynamic. >> the mistake is to confuse. in this confusion it's part of a false narrative that casts religious americans as intolerant running around trying to impose their views on everyone. our friends on the left like to view themselves as the agents of change and reform. you and i are supposed to just get with the program. >> bush needs evangelicals but he also needs independents. it's a tight rope he's well aware of. listen to what he said last december to "the new york times." >> kind of know how a republican can win whether it's me or somebody else and it has to be much more uplifting, much more
7:40 am
positive much more willing to be practical in the washington world and lose the primary to win the general. >> all right. take a look at the latest bloomberg poll. in the new hampshire republican primary were held today, it would be a four-way tie. perhaps the most surprising thing in that poll it that donald trump comes in fifth. with me now, mark preston. >> good morning. >> so donald trump fifth? >> he has the name recognition. he had a widely successful show on nbc. he's not a viable candidate for president. he seems to be taking steps. he has hired staffer in key states iowa new hampshire, but the fact is until he runs for president, donald trump is not running for president. >> let's talk about jeb bush. at liberty university mr. bush
7:41 am
did not mention traditional marriage. he kept the focus on religion. smart? >> very smart. we just heard what mr. bush had said earlier when he said you might have to lose a primary to win the general election. that's the candidate that jeb bush is trying to be. that's what he's trying to cut. talking to his advisers within the last hour or so they acknowledge this. they acknowledge that he's looking farther down the road. so much so that if you look jeb bush hasn't announced he's running for president yet because by doing so he's able to raise money for his super pac a lot easier. looking for the long ball knowing he needs a lot of money and then making statements at liberty university that could be helpful to him with some christian voters. >> the more interesting comments mr. bush said was about the iraq war. he said he would do it again. he said he would not disrespect his brother. he said he would consult with
7:42 am
him. is this a good strategy? >> it's the only strategy. how could he distance himself from his brother on the iraq war? he said hillary clinton would have set troops into iraq and anyone else who had seen the intelligence at the time. what is very key to what he said is that there were mistakes made and security was not the first and foremost thing that happened after they toppled saddam hussein and he left it at this. he said you know who else believes that? george w. bush? very interesting from jeb bush. there's no way that he could separate himself from his brother. >> all right. mark preston, thanks for your insight. i appreciate it. >> thanks carol. still to come in the "newsroom," as multiple investigations push ahead in baltimore, the city is trying to heal through music and america's pastime. get ahead of the curve with t-mobile. and get your hands on the new samsung galaxy s6 edge all for just zero down, now nothing is holding you back. get it today. at t-mobile.
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the fury that consumed baltimore last month forced the orioles to play to an empty stadium. for the first time ever in major league baseball history. the city is trying to heal. america's pastime returning to baltimore tonight as orioles play the toronto blue jays as thousands turn out for a benefit concert hosted by prince. those are two things that have been going on in baltimore. sara sidner jansoins me now with more. good morning. >> reporter: i went to the prince concert last night. there were thousands of people there. completely packed. he did have a message.
7:47 am
it wasn't just about his music and his hits that he played. he was trying to bring a message of peace, a rally for peace is what he called it. he made a song that was particularly for baltimore. it did talk about some of the issues both political and the police issues. he mentioned michael brown in his song. he mentioned freddie gray in his song as well. he said it was for young people to go forward and fix problems and their time to sort these things out and he supported them in that. there's also as you mentioned the game that's going to happen tonight. the last time the orioles played here you remember they played with no one in the stadium. that will all be different today. we expect to see big crowds going to see that game. they are now letting people in. you remember why they did that. there was unrest here in the city. there was a fear that it could trickle down toward the stadium early as well. they decided the safest thing to do was to go ahead and play the game just for the tv cameras and not for live fans.
7:48 am
now they'll have those fans back. is baltimore coming back yes but there is damage leftover from those few days of rioting but quite a bit of hope here. you hear people talking about the fact that the city needs to heal and that it can't just be protesting. there has to be some work done on the ground. people have to get their hands dirty to try to turn the corner here with some of the issues that existed long before the situation with freddie gray. carol? >> going back to the prince concert for just a second there's some criticism that the state's attorney general appeared on stage with prince last night. her husband bought her a ticket earlier as a mother's day gift. prince asked her on stage and she went up there. what was the audience reaction to that? >> reporter: people couldn't tell who it was at first. those close could see who it was but those far away had a difficult time knowing who was standing there. generally those who could see her, clapped. she came out, her and her
7:49 am
husband. waved to the crowd. it was maybe ten seconds and then she walked back. there was no speech from her. no political anything. it was prince saying here she is. she walks up. and she was gone. didn't even announce her name if i recall correctly. so it was kind of hard to tell. i think they caught on a little bit later on. her husband bought her the ticket for mother's day. she's a big prince fan as many people are. you could see people saying you know this is playing politics in some way. i think she was just there to enjoy the concert and she certainly didn't say anything about the case. she's been adamant as you know in not talking about it after she first talked about the charges. she's not said a word about the case saying she doesn't want to try this case in the media. she wants it to be tried in the courts. >> sara sidner reporting live from baltimore. thank you. still to come in the "newsroom," shaq wipes out on set and asks people to turn his fall into a meme and that's what
7:50 am
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checking other top stories at 55 minutes past. new york's governor pledging to protect nail salon workers who earn low wages and are exposed to deadly chemicals on a deadly basis. the governor is implementing a task force to conduct salon by salon investigations. his goal is to protect employees from those chemicals and combat wage theft using a language education program. salons that do not comply or who are unlicensed will be shut down. a terrifying stage collapse in china. looked almost unreal. 80 people were performing when that stage dropped. only eight singers were injured. the cause of the collapse under investigation. wow. the arraignment at 4:00 p.m. today eastern time for the four
7:54 am
suspects charged in connection with the shooting deaths of two police officers in mississippi. officers benjamin deen and liquori tate were gunned down in hattiesburg hattiesburg. this master work by picasso could set a new record. christie's of new york says it could fetch $140 million today. other experts say that price may actually be too low and the final figure could climb even higher. we'll keep you posted. the next season of "american idol" will be the 15th and last. fox pulling the plug on what was once the most popular reality show on television. the announcement coming two days before the season finale. remember this epic fall. shaquille o'neal eating it on set. here it is. well he promised cold hard cash for the best meme of the spill and he picked his favorite.
7:55 am
the winrunner-up is good. here's jeanne moos. >> when most of us fall we're embarrassed to try to laugh it off. when it comes to shaquille o'neal's onset sprawl what's especially rewarding is the reward shaq is offering to those who make fun of his fall. whoever makes the best meme of me busting my [ bleep ] wins $500 cash. >> down goes shaq. >> up went the tweets. shaq knocked down by floyd mayweather. shaq playing twister. in a ball hit. shaq himself was picking favorites saying this guy is winning so far.
7:56 am
a guy who add a joke to the chip of shaq's fall. >> it's the funniest thing in my life. >> this isn't the first time that shaq has taken a spill on set. but this time it seemed genuine. though who knows. his 7'1" frame some joked about the impact of his fall. >> shaq was shown dancing with john travolta joining michael jackson's "smooth criminal" but the favorite took about 35 minutes to do it and it was the first ever tweet. >> he's so big and they're so little. opposite attract. >> half of those could fit in
7:57 am
one of shaq's size 23 shoe. jeanne moos cnn, new york. >> people are so clever right? that's awesome. thank you for joining me today. "at this hour" with berman and bald balduan starts now. a look at the damage and who could be hit today. >> when you get an invite to the white house and can't make it to discuss crucial global issues, you go unless you're the king of saudi arabia and then it seems you have better things to do. bailing out of a key summit at the last minute. why this eyebrow raising international snub. breaking right now, the defense rests in the boston bombing trial and in the final moments before a nun who was an
7:58 am
inspiration for movie "dead man walking" gave explosive testimony about her meetings with dzhokhar tsarnaev.
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