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tv   CNN International  CNN  May 11, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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conflicting reports are emerging about the leader of isis and when he's been seriously wounded in an attack. plus, a reporter accuses of white house of covering up details about the death of osama bin laden. and george zimmerman is involved in another shooting conflict. welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. thanks for joining us. this is "cnn newsroom." and we begin with the latest on isis leader abuba car al baghdadi.
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he is still in charge and there is no reason to believe he was seriously injured by a coalition attack. they say al baghdadi is badly hurt. meanwhile, u.s. officials are concerned about the growing seeker threat posed by isis. cnn's barbara starr reports. >> reporter: u.s. intelligence believes isis leader baghdadi for now remains firmly in charge. there's no intelligence indicating he's been injured in a recent coalition airstrike despite reports. the u.s. has already identified these menace potential successors to the isis leadership. there's no shortage of supporters on the ground or online. the latest, this video from a fringe pro-isis hacking group,
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threatening a cyber attack is coming. >> the thing i look for is at what point do groups decide they need to view from using the internet as a way of recruitment, as a way to spread ideology as viewing it as a potential weapon system. >> reporter: those attacks are toughest to detect, especially when the internet can so easily recruit isis sympathizers. >> you have a lot of people springing up in various areas of the world that are all interested in joining this organization. >> reporter: the move to isis going viral online, even inspiring the attack in texas is as worrisome for the u.s. as what is happening in syria and iraq. ? we're very definitely in a new phase in the global terrorist threat, where the so-called lone wolf could strike at any moment. >> reporter: that threat from the internet giving authorities less time to catch terrorists.
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>> because of the use of the internet, we could have little or no notice in advance of an independent actor attempting to strike. >> reporter: u.s. officials increasingly believe cyberspace is the battlefield in which they must fight isis day by day, worried that online communicators from isis could inspire an attack in the u.s. barbara starr, cnn, the pentagon. earlier, our john vause spoke to michael wise, the co-author of the isis, inside the army of terror, weiss's sources tell him al baghdadi was seriously injured. he talked about why u.s. intelligence would have a different assessment of the reports. >> u.s. intelligence has been very poor. they rely mostly on signals, intelligence, intercepts through communication. isis has learned a lot in terms
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of how to getting their chatter interrupted or snared. these are multiple sources. i can't go into too much detail, but one of the sources i know, was a captured isis fighter in a town where baghdadi was hurt, and he was interrogated by the iraqis and said he was indeed injured. >> michael weiss there, and isis hasn't publicly anointed a successor, but we have no doubt that there is a succession plan in place. a five-day humanitarian cease-fire is hours away in yemen, but in the meantime, fighting between the saudi-led coalition and houthi rebels has intensified. one of the saudi citizens were killed and one was wounded in shelling fired from inside yemen. the coalition stepped up airstrikes against rebel targets o monday, including bombing a
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weapons depot in sanaa. a u.s. official calls this a breach of international law. the houthiing claimed they shot down a moroccan fighter jet that was part of the coalition. humanitarian groups working in yemen say five days are not enough to provide sufficient relief to the large number of yemenis affected by this crisis. senior international correspondent nick payton walsh reports. >> reporter: it's hours now until a five-day cease-fire is supposed to kick in. humanitarian aid pause, another phrase being used by saudi arabia to describe it. intense saudi arabian airstrikes over the past 48 hours they say hitting houthi positions being
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used to tar get southern saudi arabia. they say civilians have been caught in the crossfire, more specifically this day in sanaa, an enormous explosion as an army base was hit by multiple airstrikes, it seems, setting off munitions stored inside it. residents reporting the noise of shells whizzing in the sky around, hitting residential areas. police say 26 people by the first count died in that explosion. over 140 injured. and real fears that while often you can see ahead of a cease-fire violence escalates as the two sides try to establish facts on the ground they're going to have to live with in the days and weeks ahead in which the violence stops. we may be seeing so much intensity here that it could be hard to suddenly turn it off when 11:00 on tuesday strikes in the evening there. many concerns, too, about how much humanitarian aid can be flooded in in that short,
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five-day potential window if it lasts that long. the runway of sanaa damaged and the key ports in which aid could be delivered often conflict zones themselves. of course one remaining question being, so many groups fighting here are not unified. the houthis have fractured elements. there are other tribes fighting alongside them, loyalists, they're on the ground fighting loyalists of the president. so much could go wrong, so little that could be coordinated, but so much riding on the guns falling silent. hundreds of thousands of lives badly needing that food and medicine that has to flood in. lotting of diplomacy trying to get to this point, but a lot of violence leading up to that potential cease-fire. nick payton walsh, cnn, beirut. saudi arabia's foreign minister denies his king is snubbing the u.s. president by canceling his attendance at a summit with the american and
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gulf state leaders in washington. king salman called mr. obama on monday to send his regrets. he's also skipping a one-on-one meeting with the president. the saudi foreign minister said the decision came after the cease-fire plan for yemen was worked out, and he rejected any notion that there was a problem with the saudi/u.s. relationship. take a listen. >> the decision on the cease-fire and the timing of the cease-fire was not made until friday evening, and it was after that the decision was made that the custodian would dep advertise his representative. we hope that it will continue so that we can send relief supplies in. but the decision whether or not the cease-fire holds rests with the houthis and their allies.
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>> saudi arabia's crown prince and deputy crown prince will lead. baseless, that is how the wougs describes accusations that the obama administration lied about the killing of osama bin laden. the allegations were published by renowned investigative journalist, seymour hersh. hersh cities an unnamed officia as his source, but the allegations have been refuted. both men spoke with anderson cooper a short time ago. >> what would be the motive for setting up this elaborate hoax? >> the critical thing that happened is we weren't supposed to go public with the raid. the deal with the rest of the
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staff, the upper reaches of the pakistani military community was that we were going, the s.e.a.l.s were going to go in, kill this guy, grab the body, take it out, seven to ten days, i've had two different numbers shall later, the president, we were going to announce, president obama was going to announce, that oh, my god, we did a drone strike in wa sear stan. we did a drone strike, and my god, we saw this big guy, he looked familiar, we got bin laden. instead, the night of the raid, the president, for the only thing the people talked to me obviously military and intelligence people, their belief he did it for political purposes. i don't know ha was in the president's mind. he announced immediately and said we got him. >> there are plenty of people who share your skepticism. but there are members of s.e.a.l. team six who have gone public and said that the raid did in fact happen basically as
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the government said, there were bullet holes all over the place. are you saying they're lying? >> i'm saying i can tell you one thing. i don't know about o'neill, and o'neill said we went in thinking we were going to die, and bissonnette who wrote the book " "no easy day" or something like that, that are was a lot of interesting stuff, but a lot of operational stuff that his fellow s.e.a.l.s laugh at. >> the firefight that took place at the bin laden compound was true. the idea that this was something cooked up, there's no evidence for that. you have the two s.e.a.l.s on the record explaining about the firefights. i saw with my own eyes the damage that this very violent raid inflicted on the compound before it was demolished. >> he's saying there were no other shots fired other than the
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shots fired at bin laden. >> that's right. >> you saw bullet holes? >> there was quite an intense exchange of fire with one of the body guards. i don't know, dozens of bullet holes in one of the houses in the compound, before they even got to bin laden. so that we can set aside. there was a firefight, this wasn't something set up between the u.s. and pakistanis. >> hersh also reports that according to his source, saudi arabia was financing his upkeep at the compound. the u.s. secretary of state is heading to russia for the first time in two years. john kerry meets with vladimir putin and sergey lavrov at a time when relations between the two countries are deeply strained. russia is under western sanctions for anexting crimea a year ago. in addition to the crisis in ukraine, the men are expected to discuss the war in syria, the
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unrest in yemen and nuclear negotiations with iran. back in the united states now, and george zimmerman, the man acquitted of the controversial shooting death of trayvon martin was involved in another shooting monday. police say zimmerman suffered minor injuries from broken glass after a man shot him while he was driving. police identified the shooter as matth matthew apperson. they had been involved in an ongoing dispute. a witness says apperson spoke to him right after the incident. >> he said no, i just shot george zimmerman. please call 911, really. i'm like, what? you shot george zimmerman? he said my name is matt apperson, i've been in this couple, three disputes with this guy. he's driving down the street, he waved the gun at me, and that's
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when i shot hill. >> no arrests have been made in this case, but an investigation is under way. this is just the latee incident for zimmerman since he was acquitted in 2013 in the trayvon martin case. he's been arrested in two domestic violence cases, but charges were either dropped or not filed. four suspects have been charged in the killings of two mississippi police officers. the shooting happened saturday night after a routine traffic stop in hattiesburg. only one of the suspects is charged with pulling the trigger. he faces two counts of capital murder. a huge crowd gathered monday to remember the officers' dedication and contributions to the community. the mother of one of the victims described her son to cnn's anderson cooper. >> he was loving, caring, respectful young man. he was a protector. he went the extra mile.
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he treated everyone that he met with dignity and honor. he was funny. he loved to eat. he loved the lord. he loved his mama's cooking. and he was very proud of his dad. >> until saturday, it had been more than 30 years since an officer in hattiesburg had been killed in the line of duty. thailand says it is working to curb human trafficking, but our investigation tells a very different story. a fisherman talks about coming home after slave labor at sea, only to find out his government doesn't recognize he's a victim of trafficking. we'll have that when we come back. stay with us. the real question that needs to be asked is "what is it that we can do that is impactful?" what the cloud enables is computing to empower cancer researchers. it used to take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome;
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that was bold. they must really believe in themselves. buy in. quickenloans/home buy. refi. power. . this just in to cnn. police say a third blogger has been hacked to death in bangladesh, that is according to reuters. the 43-year-old who advocated secularism died a few hours ago after be being attacked by four assailants wielding machetes. this is the third attack in less than three months involving
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religious extremism in the majority muslim country, and we will have more on this developing story as it becomes available to us. cnn's freedom project highlights efforts to end modern-day slavery around the world. this week we are focussing on the asia-pacific fishing industry. the indonesian government found thousands of men being forced to work as slave labor on ships. in the first of a three-part series we aired monday, a report in thailand exposed the poor conditions fisherman have been kept on in indonesian islands. in the second part, cnn discovers dozens of fishermen
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who return home from their ordeal toenl find out they are not recognized as victims of trafficking. >> reporter: in early april, thailand's prime minister officially declared the fight against human trafficking a national agenda. over the years, despite the political posturing, activist groups say there's little to show that changes have been made or that they're proving effective. we met a man who had been repatriated from an indonesian island. he says he was tricked into working on board longer than he planned without payment and refused permission to leave whenever he asked to go home. he broke down repeatedly. as he told us his story of six years of abuse at sea. what we weren't expecting is to
11:22 pm
hear that despite this clear description of being held against his will and forced to work, which can only be described as slave labor, he would return to thailand to find authorities refusing to register him as a victim of human trafficking. >> translator: i think i am the victim of human trafficking, but i don't know why they don't recognize me as one. if i wasn't a victim, i wouldn't have known everything about this job from the beginning. >> reporter: we contacted the police involved in taking samart's statements. there are other cases that aren't being recognized as human trafficking. thissa doesn't mean it's the en but for the time, samart and many others like him aren't considered victims. activists say for the victims,
11:23 pm
recognition of trafficking status is a first step toward justice, which could include financial compensation for the slavery they've endured. the evidence is circumstantial, but prolific enough to be cause for concern. out of 73 fishermen repatriated to thailand between august 2014 and march this year, the government has registered 21 as trafficked. in april, a highly publicized repatriation brought 68 men back home. the number considered trafficked by the government? just nine. a prominent anti-trafficking group considers all of them as victims of trafficking. the labor rights promotion has slammed the government for its inaction. >> translator: the government is paying less attention to the real situation and more attention to showing reduced numbers of victims. >> reporter: she alleges the government wants to manipulate
11:24 pm
the numbers, merely for the trafficking in persons or tip report published annually by the u.s. government. >> translator: because it is about time for another tip report, which will rate thailand even tackling human trafficking, thai authorities want to go back up to tier 2 or tier 2.5 because last year it was tier 3. >> reporter: that's the lowest-ranking thailand's ever been. the new numbers will be published in the next tip report to be released by the u.s. state department in june. and we want to go live in bangkok, thailand. how much pressure is thailand starting to feel right now to do something about these fishermen who are not being recognized as victims of trafficking? can we expect to see any changes
11:25 pm
given thailand wants to manipulate these numbers to show fewer victims of slave labor? >> reporter: rosemary, i think pressure is the operative word here, and pressure really is building up on thailand. at home in particular as these pictures are shown on domestic television and abroad as well, as we've started to expose it on the freedom project here. and the thing is that we do seem to be seeing two very contradictory responses from the thai government. on the one hand, prompted into action as we've been discussing since yesterday, since the beginning of april, they're going to start to implementing measures like gps, vms to monitor ships, but in the meantime, so many victims not being recognized. and this intention to at least publicly show that, lao beiook,e handling trafficking before they're starting to. so it seems they want to show
11:26 pm
the world they're improving their figures before they implement the measures they plan to take. >> interesting. many thanks to you highlighting these aspects there from thailand, and of course some very powerful reporting coming in from you. many thanks. on wednesday, you will hear what the thai government has to say about this and witness the unforgettable scene that has it pledging to do more. >> reporter: nung drops to his knees. he was among the groups of fishermen recently repatriated. he planned to be only away for a few months, he's been gone two years, a ghost at sea. >> translator: he told me he was given only a potato to eat and water to survive. >> reporter: they cling to each other, refusing to let go, after be being separated for far too long. >> find out what's being done to
11:27 pm
relegate this form of modern-day slavery to history. that's at this time tomorrow here on "cnn newsroom," only on cnn. north korea claims to have test fired a ballistic missile from a submarine. now experts are trying to figure out how soon the system could be operational, a sobering timeline still to come, stay with us. there's some facts about seaworld we'd like you to know. we don't collect killer whales from the wild.
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and a warm welcome back to our viewers here in the united states and of course all around the world. i'm rosemary church. it is time to check our top
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stories now here on cnn. police say a third blogger has been hacked to death in bangladesh. the 33-year-old man who advocated secularism died a few hours ago, after being attacked by four assailants wielding machetes. this is the third such attack in less than three months involving a cittism of religious extremism in the majority muslim community. a cease-fire is just hours away in yemen. meantime, the coalition continues to bomb rebel targets, and the saudis say one of their citizens was killed by a shell fired from inside yemen. the u.s. has granted conditional approval to oil giant shell, to begin drilling in the arctic after the alaskan coast. environmentalists had protested the approval.
11:32 pm
they say it hinges on rigorous safety standards. a south korean defense official estimates north korea could have a fully operational submarine armed with missiles within five years. over the weekend, pyongyang claimed it successfully test launched a ballistic missile from a sub, as brian todd reports, u.s. officials are examining images of that event very carefully. >> reporter: he's seen pointing at a missile launch which north korean officials say he ordered, beaming with pride with the submarine in the background. kim jong-un claims it successfully test fired a missile from a sub. one says it is not a real test but a simulated firing. another says the u.s. is looking at whether the image of water ejection behind kim might have been photo shopped. >> one says this was a missile ejection system at best.
11:33 pm
still worrisome? >> yes, first, we see the white that indicates the missile did penetrate the water. and later, we see that the missile fired its engine. so this, to me, indicates that there was a successful missile test. it was not just a test of the ejection system. >> reporter: an official says north korea could have a fully operational submarine with a missile within four or five years, even if this test wasn't all if was claimed to be, north korea could still eventually put nuclear warheads on these missiles, could hide the missiles on merchant ships and fire them from those vessels, close to american coastlines and bases. north korea's number of warheads is reportedly growing. u.s. officials has already said they believe they have an icbm that could reach the u.s. west coast. this came on the same weekend kim had been expected in moscow for vladimir putin's grandiose celebration of the end of world
11:34 pm
war ii. but russian officials say kim backed out for internal reasons. >> the internal political situation in north korea is not settled. and internal security for kim jong-un is absolutely necessary before he ventures off, before he ventures off to a foreign trip abroad. >> reporter: analyst michael madden says kim is still dealing with the fallout with the enemies he made inside north korea when he executed his powerful uncle at the end of 2013. >> i strongly suspect that he has not attained complete loyalty, maybe not from senior elites, but at the mid-level. kim jong-un is still dealing with that. >> reporter: madden says kim's shaken up the top. events like this test, whether
11:35 pm
it was a genuine missile launch or not, are intended to project kim's strength to the outside but especially to those inside north korea who think he might be vulnerable, brian todd, cnn, washington. a justice minister has resigned a day after making controversial remarks that caused a public uproar. he said, with all due respect to cleaners and those above or beneath them, a judge must hail from an appropriate environment. thanks due to a cleaner, who raises and educates his children, but there are other jobs that they can take, end of quote there. well, the comments sparked a backlash on social media from egyptians denouncing elitism. in a statement on monday, the country's prime minister said that he stepped down out of respect for public opinion. the european union is now
11:36 pm
seeking help from the united nations to tackle the migrant crisis on its shores. it's proposing some tough measures to suppress the flow of refugees coming from north africa. but not everyone is on board with the eu's plans. >> reporter: hundreds have died already, drowned at sea, crammed onto rickety boats desperate to reach europe. more are at risk, the eu says unless immediate action is taken. the eu's solution, quotas and guns. military force is necessary to attack smugglers in u.n. waters the u.n. security council was told on monday. >> we will do a lot, but we cannot do it alone. this has to be a common global effort. that's why we count on your support to save lives and dismantle criminalizations that are exploiting people desperation. >> reporter: but stopping the boats is not enough.
11:37 pm
here are the stark numbers. nearly 2,000 have died this year alone. a 20-fold increase over last year. the vast majority have been land being in greece and italy. but many are moving north. in fact, the top two countries, germany and sweden. but legally, refugees must seek asylum in the country they first step foot in, and that means italy and greece are bearing the brunt. the eu now wanting a mandatory quota of refugees for each of the 28 eu member states. how many? well, that will be based on the country's gdp, population, unemployment and refugees already taken in. germany backs the deal, but the u.k. rejects it. >> please welcome the prime minister! >> reporter: the newly reelected prime minister has a mandates to stand tough against the eu and follow through with this pledge he made in object. >> at the end of 2017, it will not be the brussels
11:38 pm
bureaucracies or the politicians of any party who decide whether we remain in the eu or not, if i'm prime minister, it will be the british people who make that decision. >> reporter: the u.k. say it is has a proud history of offering asylum and it has already taken in nearly 32,000 refugees, far fewer than germany and sweden. the eu proposal could see that number double, which is why britain wants to set its own voluntary quota. either way, the u.n. says europe must act fast. they need a home for 20,000 this year alone, and the number is growing, atika shubert, cnn. we want to focus on the weather now. millions of people in parts of europe are bracing for what could be the hottest day ever in the month of may. some people expect temperatures to top 43 degrees celsius or around 110 degrees fahrenheit. and our meteorologist pedram javaheri joins us to talk about
11:39 pm
this. where is all this heat coming from? >> it's coming in from the african desert. it's bringing in some haze, dust with it as well, and the health officials in spain are saying doing things like putting your bed sheets in the freezer and cooling them off. heat worldwide one of the number one weather killers in the world. you take a look at the united states, you think hurricanes, tornados kill more people, it's actually heat at ththat kills m people. 70,000 lives were lost because of heat waves. it's very dangerous as far as the temperatures. we have a high pressure system sitting right around the mediterranean. the sa haharan desert just belo. when you take a look, seville,
11:40 pm
104 or so fahrenheit. and even on the coastal cities as well. so officials say not only putting the bed sheets potentially inside the freezer before sleep, no alcohol, no caffeine really helps raise your body temperature and helps dehydrate you are as well. we had temps in the upper 30s. madrid made it up to 33 celsius, 21 is what is considered normal for this time of year. incredible spike in the temperatures. look at the warming trend over the next couple days. it does cool off a little. but by next week the heat seems to want to return for parts of spain as well. and a cooling trend for london. you see the 19 degree high. it does drop off to 12 celsius toward the latter part of the week. this is a very, very serious situation, because of course multiple days of excessive heat, people, especially the elderly
11:41 pm
cannot take the temperature trend. >> another trick we used to use in australia was to put water and ice cubes into the bath, put a towel into the bath and sleep with the towel and then the fan. >> that sounds like you have it working. >> many thanks to you. an american football player is punished. the deflategate the controversy ahead. just stay calm and move asno sudden movements.. google search: bodega beach house.
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boy: once upon a time, there was a nice house that lived with a family. one day, it started to rain and rain. water got inside and ruined everybody's everythings. the house thought she let the family down.
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♪hey girl ♪we're having a party happy birthday, grandma! ♪we'll be swinging ♪dancing and singing ♪baby come on over tonight big news in the world of american football. new england patriots quarterback tom brady just got slapped with a four-game suspension. now this comes after an investigation into the
11:45 pm
deflategate incident when they were found to have used deflated footballs to gain an advantage. rachel nichols has the story. >> reporter: this punishment is a huge statement by the league offices. make no mistake, it's a message not just to the patriots but to all 32 teams around the nfl. they're saying any cheating even cheating that doesn't have a significant, huge impact on the game is something they will not tolerate. there are questions about how much a deflated football actually gives you. but they say it doesn't matter. they don't want players out there deciding on their own which rules to bend or break. they are taking tom brady to task for what they view as a lack of cooperation in the investigation, not being fully nor forthcoming, not handing over his text messages, and if the nfl investigates you, it is smarter and less costly to
11:46 pm
cooperate. his agent calls it ridiculous, says that brady didn't do anything wrong and that the investigator had a pre-determined conclusion before he started. brady's agent said brady will appeal the decision. and here's the kicker. he requested a neutral appeals officer. this is key and something we'll all be watching over the next few days. the way league rules are set up, roger goodell, he's the one who hears this appeal. players have long said hey, this is unfair. you can't be the appeals judge for when we appeal a decision that's already made by your office, but that is the way the system work. now goodell can appoint an outside officer, and that is what brady is pressuring him to do. by the way, if the suspension is upheld, tom brady's first game back will be to play the indianapolis colts, the team against whom this whole controversy began. >> rachel nichols there.
11:47 pm
brady's punishment has sparked a public outcry from those who say it's too harsh for comparison, brady's suspension of four games is twice that as ray rice, rice, you recall, was suspended for two games, for assaulting his then girlfriend in an elevator when video later emerged of the incident, the league suspended his suspension indeaf fitly. spain's football league is vowing to block a player's strike that could wreck the final matches of the season. at issue, plans to mediate deals instead of club by club. that would help smaller clubs take home more money, but the association says the new approach wouldn't guarantee enough money to smaller clubs. >> they are here because in the
11:48 pm
fae captains meeting we agreed that whatever change we made could be in favor of the h humblest. >> a strike by the players would be illegal, and they've filed a lawsuit to stop it. >> translator: it is, what does it mean? a strike would hurt the league and those kind of strikes are forbidden. >> listen to this. if the strike does go through, well, it could cost more than $50 million a day in lost revenue. it was a record-setting day at christie's. still ahead, the works of art that went on the auction block. we are back in a moment. good. very good.
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okay. let's explain what's going on here. an unexpected and unwelcome visitor dropped into a children's clothing store the
11:53 pm
wild boar chewed clothing and poked its way through a ceiling. officials were eventually able to capture the pig. makes you wonder what it was looking for. want to turn to u.s. politics, and can you file this one under we couldn't make it up. a top new staffer for candidate rand paul decided to interfere with the videotaping of a campaign event by licking the camera lens. i said licking. you saw it there. the videographier is with a demographic research firm that follows and records republican candidates. there's been no explanation why the staffer did what he did, and there probably won't be one. all right, well it is a new world record in the art world. >> $160 million, ladies and gentlemen. fair warning, selling it here,
11:54 pm
at christies, $160 million. it's yours, sold. >> that, it took 11 minutes of bidding for picasso's the women of algiers. the total came to $179 million. the most ever paid at auction. the buyer was not named. it is his homage to metisse. colton has endured more medical hardships than most people face in a lifetime, but he's really good at something despite not being able to see what he's doing. ♪ >> reporter: 5-year-old colton
11:55 pm
mccurdy doesn't just plunge away, he's had an ear for music since he was 2. >> he'll hear a song and figure it out on his own on the piano. >> reporter: impressive skills, even more so because colton can't see the keys. >> he used to. last year he was able to see the high contrast black and white, but he lost that. >> he's blind. so he can't see yet. >> reporter: colton's twin nora tells everybody her brother is blind and that she is not. >> with colton, he got the worse of everything. >> reporter: it's actual lay miracle the twins survived birth. >> it was so scary, the first time i saw them i broke down. i couldn't imagine how they would be able to survive. colton was 1 pound 3 ounces. >> reporter: they were born premature. colton's right eye is dying, left eye was unattached. >> between stem cells and microchip implants in the eye,
11:56 pm
he could potentially have vision down the road. >> reporter: he lost a third of his intestine and can't feed himself and eat anything but pureed foods. only one thing calmed him down. ♪ his mom's songs and music. >> when he was going through all the surgeries and in the hospital, that was the only thing that brought him comfort and joy. >> reporter: today the music does more than soothe. it ebs sites colton and shows him there is something he can do for himself that his whole family enjoys. ♪ >> what a remarkable little man there, and his family. and that was lisa jaffe from kmao reporting. you have been watching "cnn newsroom." my colleague john vause joins me for the next hour. he's sitting right next to me. >> hi. making a fist
11:57 pm
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