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tv   CNN International  CNN  May 12, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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he has never seen anything like this in his life and i can say the same thing. i have never seen anything like this. this all happened as we came on the air at 10:00 p.m. eastern. we have been with you here for three hours. i will see you tomorrow. our live coverage continues. i will see you tomorrow. >> we would like to welcome our viewers in the united states and all around the world. >> we are following breaking news right now out of the united states. take a look at this video right here. an amtrak passenger train has derailed in philadelphia. we know that so far at least five people are dead. we are hearing that at least seven of the train cars have turned over on to the side. one of those cars actually split in half. the mayor saying that he has never seen anything like it. this is the northeast regional train 188, traveling northbound from washington to new york. >> these are live images from
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the scene right now. we understand that rescue crews are making secondary searches. they have accounted or preliminarily accounted for 243 in all, cross checking it against the manifests to insure that everybody has gotten out. right now they are still going through the wreckage of this train. the philadelphia mayor has described this as a scene which is just simply unbelievable. >> i have been down on the tracks, on the scene with my staff. it is an absolute disastrous mess. never seen anything like this in my life. and most personnel will say that as well. >> we know that six people are critically wounded right now, one passenger, former u.s. congressman patrick murphy tweeted out photographs showing bloody passengers and emergency
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crews inside the train. we had witnesses describing people who had been catapulted into the air, luggage and traying flying through the air. another passenger describing how the crash unfolded. take a listen. >> we were just on the train and all of the sudden it started to shake and we were in the front seat and this huge red suitcase just came flying at me. our train was actually on its side so it pushed me on to the side of the train. it hit my chest. i think i have a few fractured ribs. i'm a nurse. but, you know, i tried to help anybody who is -- there is many, many injured people on the train and they were very, very upset. >> of course, sara sidner is live in philadelphia. it's been three hours and 17 minutes since this accident happened. what is going on there just after 1:00 in the morning? >> reporter: we have been watching investigators walk up
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and down the track, particularly where there is a curve in the track and then right beyond that curve you can see the last car that is on its side derailed. we also understand that one of those cars is split in half almost. a really awful scene and we now know according to the mayor, five people have died in this accident. there were 238 people on board including crew members. about 50 people hurt in total. many people did walk away from the crash. i want to give you an idea of what the scene looks like from our vantage point. we are standing next to the tracks where normally this train would be commuting from washington d.c. to new york. this particular train was headed to new york city when it derailed. it crashed in what is known as the port richmond neighborhood. there is a lot of vehicles that are all stacked up. there is a helicopter above that
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is sometimes shining a light down on to the scene. we are still seeing lots of investigators who are here. we do also know the red cross has set up an area for family to find out information and wait to hear information not too far from here. we also know the fbi has responded in saying that, you know, they are headed to the scene and the initial indications are that this has nothing to do with terrorism at this point. that is the initial indication from the fbi. we know that the national transportation safety board is sending in a team that will help investigate this to try to figure out exactly what caused this train to derail. sit a violent scene. i mean when you look at how bad these train cars are at this point in time and you look at some of the pictures that people were sending out on instagram and twitter, it is really a disturbing scene and we now know that at least five people have
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lost their lives in all of this, we do think that there is something to do with this curve, we are seeing investigators go over this curve over and over and over again with flashlights looking at the rail line there. so, we're just waiting to hear more information from the mayor, from the investigators on exactly what they think may have caused this derailment. a lot of people said it felt like the train was going fairly normally but then it felt like it was going pretty fast as it was going around this curve. those are passengers on the train and then they knew something was wrong. they could feel the train move in a wrong direction and start to derail. we also talked to some neighbors, john and zane, who told us they could hear it. it sounded like a bunch of carts slamming together and metal twisting and grinding. and that's what we were hearing from the neighbors who live not too far from this track here. this is a train that a lot of people take to commute. a train that is generally filled
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with a lot of folks going from dc into philadelphia or new york and back. right now, of course, the track is closed. amtrak saying that service has been suspended for the time being. if you look at this accident, this is going to take them quite some time to try and get, first of all, the wreckage off of the tracks, and then try to figure out if there is any big damage, which there is i think, to the tracks themselves try to sort that out themselves. a devastating situation and people have lost their lives here tonight. >> looking at some of the live images, obviously people on the tracks working, do we know if all passengers have been accounted for 100%? is there any chance whatsoever that someone could still be trapped in that wreckage? >> reporter: it is a very good question. we do not have the answer to that just yet. we knew at some point that we were told that most people
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walked away from this. they walked out of this train on their own volition. lots of bruises and bumps but they were able to leave on their own. but we have only heard that there are five fatalities and six people in critical condition at this point. i would imagine we would be getting an update fairly soon, but my goodness, this is just a devastating scene here to look at just the way the cars are situa situated. one of them we're told is almost split in half. i mean that's how violent this crash was, how violent this derailment was. now the question comes how did this happen? and that is going to take some very diligent work on the part of the investigators. they are already out here combing through all of the details of this scene. >> just go back to the moment of the derailment. there are horrific accounts from those on board this train. there was chaos, confusion as you can imagine.
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some passengers have described they just did not know how to get out of those carriages. >> reporter: you know, i think when something goes topsy turvy, you don't know which way is up. all of the luggage is falling, people were falling on top of each other as the cars shifted and turned and some of them fell over on their sides. and then it was a matter trying to figure out where the door is. it took a lot of climbing and crawling for people. and remember they were hurt at the time, they were injured at the time trying to get out. i could hear people on some of the instagram and twitter messages as people were taking video trying to help other people get out of the wreckage. all of them were a bit stunned that this was happening to them as you would be in any sort of accident like this.
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and so getting out was difficult for some. what we're not seeing, we're not seeing from our vantage point people still coming out. so all indications are that the people who were inside that train have now all been taken out. they are at several hospitals around the philadelphia area. we are northeast of downtown philadelphia and i can also tell you john and zane, that there are a plethora, more than a dozen and more up the street of emergency vehicles here, the fire trucks that are here, police that are here. the emergency responders have already been praised by the governor, by the mayor for their quick response to this. they are all still here. those who are you know, just here waiting to make sure that everybody is out of that derailed train. >> so take a breath, stay with us. we were talking about the passengers and we do have an account from at least one passenger that was on board.
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jeremy spoke with don lemon and said at one point he saw people flying by. >> daniel and i were sitting just adjacent to each other and we were talking and i was eating. and next thing you know, the train starts doing funny things and then it just gradually it gets worse and worse and just like chaos erupts and things start flying. phones, laptops. and then people. sheets. trays start flying. you hear bumping and you hear metal mangling but it happened so quickly like you didn't even know what was going on. the next thing i know i look up and there are two people in the luggage wrack above my head. two women got catapulted into the -- i didn't even see it happen. i didn't even know. and the train was like at a 30
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degree angle down where i was and i was kind of like wedged into the window under the tray and the turn. i mean, in their bag. shoes, and everything just complete chaos. and you know, when we got out, saw the train and the train, looked like a pretzel. it was turned and twisted and it was just wires were ripped out. there were electrical live wires. it was just chaos. >> you said the train started acting funny. what do you mean? >> i think it was just -- daniel and i were on the last car. so i think by the time we felt -- >> let's go to mayor nutter in philadelphia for an update on the situation there.
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>> six considered critical. and unfortunately a confirmed five individuals deceased as a result. all of those individuals went to to a variety of hospitals. we have received tremendous support from all of the agencies and departments and obviously i will introduce governor tom wolfe is with us. we have talked on to phone and his chief of staff has expressed tremendous support for us and on the ground. >> i am really here in support of the city of philadelphia and the mayor. and really to let him know anything the state can do, the state police are here to help,
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but if there's anything you know you can count on the commonwealth. >> absolutely. sam will give final information. we will talk about where we are this evening. obviously, you know, we're continuing our operations here and then we will talk about tomorrow. sam? where are you? >> good evening. the most important thing right now is that the incident has been placed under control so we're starting the family unification process. we're working with amtrak and our hospitals and all of our human servicesations. so again, if the public is looking for a loved one, start by calling amtrak's number. 1-800-523-9101. again, 1-800-523-9101. we're working out of the city's emergency operation center to match all of that information against what we have for hospital records and manifest
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informationful call that number and it will start the process. >> hospital personnel are at our operations center which is why it's a central coordinating place so we're able to match the manifest information with hospital personnel and reoc and when people call the number that sam phillips gave you they will be able to get more information about their loved ones. we would expect since the train had already passed philadelphia and was a washington to new york bound train, many of the passengers are probably either washington d.c. residents, new jersey residents or new york residents. obviously some people may have gotten on the train in philadelphia at 30th street station but given the time of the evening and the usual type of service for this particular train, most were potentially new york bound. i reached out to both mayor
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deblasio in new york city and mayor in washington d.c., both colleagues and folks that i have walked to. in terms of where we are right now, we will continue for some time out here with any continued search, but obviously at 1:00 in the morning in darkness, that is a more difficult operation. in the meantime, ntsb, as i mentioned earlier has already deployed a team and they are on their way to philadelphia with a full team with equipment and working with amtrak ordered some equipment. trying to operate cranes and other heavy equipment in the middle of the night, not the safest thing in the world to do so much of that operation will take place in the morning in
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terms of further updates we would anticipate that we would probably provide an update somewhere in the 11:00 a.m. time frame. there will be no other updates tonight. you all will do what you do but there is nothing else for us to report or to give you and nothing else really to see. we are anticipating probably an 11:00 a.m. update. you know this is preliminary and some things i will not be able to answer. >> is everyone accounted for? >> i cannot say we are matching up manifest information with transports and all of that. that is a time sensitive and teed ydious process that we hav go through and i'm not in a situation to make that declaration. >> the wreckage is particularly devastating. it looks like tin cans.
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is it on a bend and have you been talking about the possibility that it was clearly going too fast? you wouldn't have cars that damaged. >> out of everything you said the only thing that i can tell you is the one obvious thing and the one known fact. there is a curve. we have no idea what kind of speed we're talking about, what else happened out there and i'm not going to speculate on it. there is somewhere of a curve at a particular location. that's the only thing i can confirm. >> this curve right here? >> i believe -- >> it's somewhat behind us, yes. it's somewhat of a long curve. >> this is going to take a lot of patience from commuters. sounds like lines will be shut down for the rest of the week? >> the amtrak personnel are here. there is no circumstance under which there would be any service through philadelphia on this
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amtrak line for the rest of this week. i'm not an engineer but common sense says you have got cars, you have got track, it is completely wiped out down there. last question. >> can you describe the devastation you saw? >> i just got here. i have not seen the devastation. i am just relying on the mayor's description exit sounds horrible. >> if you can describe it in human terms? >> it just sounds horrible. the human tragedy, the devastation. i can't imagine. >> as far as the state's response in helping philadelphia? your comments on that? >> we stand ready to help in whatever way we can. we're in support of what the city and amtrak are doing. >> the state has already been tremendous. that's all we have. we will see you tomorrow. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> the mayor of philadelphia and governor of pennsylvania who has just arrived on the scene and he is working closely with the
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mayor. local officials are in charge. he said he is just there for support. there is interesting information which we did get from the news conference. the mayor not prepared to rule out that there may be people still trapped in the wreckage. we heard from the office of emergency management, that was sam phillips who spoke briefly. what they are essentially doing now is matching the passenger manifest from the train with the hospital records and the people who have gone to the emergency centers. as the mayor did point out, the vast majority of people who would have been traveling on this train would be not from philadelphia. they would be from washington d.c., philadelphia, new york. they are all out of towners and the process is ongoing. >> and the operation is going to continue and the morning is completely dark. the ntsb team is going be dispatched in the morning. they will be looking to see what may have caused this crash.
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the mayor not wanting to speculate at all. early indications that it may have crashed into a freight train but now people are talking about this curve, this bend that may have led to some kind of derailment. i want to bring in sara sidner. do we have her standing by? sara, we know that the ntsb go team will be dispatched in the morning. give us a sense of what sort of things they will be looking for when they get there. >> reporter: they are certainly going to be inspecting the train itself, looking at the engine itself, also looking very much at the tracks. if it hit something, what may have caused it, trying to figure out the speed that the train was going at the time. i am going to move out of the shot so you can see very clearly what we can see with our cameras which can get pretty closely in there. what you're seeing now is you're seeing one of the cars in the
10:21 pm
train which is askew on the side just off the tracks there and above it there is a huge light coming from a helicopter which is shining down on that train. we know that seven of these cars have derailed. one of them is almost cut in half. i mean it was such a violent crash that almost split in half and obviously passengers on all of these cars injured, having difficulties. we know five people have died. we also know that investigators, we have been watching them use their flashlights. they have on orange as they are coming up and down the tracks here, the tracks quiet tonight because amtrak has stopped all trofk he traffic here. they are going and looking at this curve. s it is a pretty sharp curve or turn there. they are certainly looking at it over and over and over again.
10:22 pm
they have a protocol on how they operate and what they do. tla the experts in dealing with these accidents whether it be planers trains. when they get here they generally will get a good look at things. one thing that we really need to pay attention to is you did hear authorities say not all passengers are accounted for. so that's a disturbing new development now at this hour. not all are accounted for. it is 1:22 in the morning philadelphia time. that is disturbing. we know more than a dozen ol thf em. a little place for them to be there.
10:23 pm
so at this point, you know, that i think was really a headline that not all passengers are accounted for at this time. that does not necessarily mean that there is still passengers inside the train. it could well mean that someone is hurt bad enough that they can't really identify them and they are at a hospital somewhere. they would give another update in a few hours. we will probably hear it when daybreak comes but certainly, hearing that is disturbing to a lot of people. it's so hard wondering where your family is when you know they were on this commuter train that was going from washington to new york. >> and with that in mind, let's go to the red cross now. anthony, we understand the red cross is caring for a number of the passengers who were on this train who were able to walk
10:24 pm
away. what's the latest there? >> we have a reception center set up in philadelphia. so we are hear basically as an area to receive those passengers, but also their friends and family that are looking to reunite with them. obviously the first thing we would encourage someone to do is call the 800 number that amtrak has provided 1-800-5 523-9101. but also if you're traveling here and you want to get reunited, come down to the red cross reception center that we have set up at 3400 frankford avenue in philadelphia and we will work with you along with the office of emergency management to reunite you with your family. >> have you managed to acount for people? are relatives calling in? are you working through it in a
10:25 pm
fairly quick fashion? >> we had a number through the reception center earlier this evening and they have tracked down their loved ones and moved on. it's a very good process we have in place and we are working very well with our colleagues to really match people up and make sure that, you know, during this fluid situation, we put as much ease on the passengers. >> and also, for the people in new york who are perhaps heading to penn station to meet their loved ones, does the red cross have people in new york at penn station waiting? >> you know, we are working across state lines. we are working to reunite families in the safest and fastest way possible. we are seeing a lot of reports
10:26 pm
of family members traveling here from the new york area. so we are working to get them reunited. >> it is nice to have people there to offer a cup of coffee, a shoulder, someone to talk to. how are you working through this with the people who, the walking wounded, those who managed to survive this wreck. >> we have coffee, we have water, we have snacks. most importantly we have a friendly face. as you know the red cross, you kn know, our volunteers responded. it wasn't when we first saw this report it was all hands on deck. and my volunteers were ready and reporting to the city to respond. before that call came. we couldn't do our job without
10:27 pm
these dedicated volunteers that have given so much tonight. and i have got to say, i said this earlier, but it is such a tragic event this evening, i'm so proud of the city of philadelphia, the way our first responders, our fire department, it has just been a powerful response. i am very proud. >> it has been a horrible night but the response has been inspiring not just from the police, 200 plus police have turned out, 125 firefighters and of course volunteers like those with the red cross. we appreciate the update. just to give you an update actually on what the mayor said, a couple of other points that came out of the brief news conference. he did say that the line will be closed for the rest of the week. he's not an engineer but common
10:28 pm
sense says there is no way it could be open. for the passengers who may still be unaccounted for, my impression is that he was not prepared to say that people were still trapped but he wasn't prepared to rule it out either. until they go through that wrekage, they can't say definitively, more of a nuance statement there. >> he does not want to speculate as to what might have gone wrong. what really moved me is when the witnesses described what it was like being on that train when this derailment happened. one passenger describing people flying through the air. seats becoming unhinged and the mayor basically saying he has never seen anything like this. we are going take a quick break and back with more on this train derailment when we come back. stay with us.
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>> welcome back to continuing coverage of the trail derailment in philadelphia. >> we are monitoring the situation where an amtrak passenger train has derailed killing at least five people. the situation there is still active. we know that there were at one point 200 police officers on the scene. 120 fire personnel. this is the northeast regional train 188 traveling northbound from washington d.c. to new york. >> first responders have been sifting through the wreckage searching for survivors and
10:33 pm
there were 238 passengers, five crew members on board the train when it derailed. >> in addition to the five people that were killed, at least 49 people have been hospitalized including six who were critically wounded. one passenger described what she experienced. listen. >> i saw so many head injuries and, you know, bloody faces, people were really injured. they were thrown out of their seats. there were a lot of fractures. arm shoulders, all kinds of issues. there was nothing i could do to help. i had nothing except to talk to the people and try to calm them down. >> sara sidner is live on the scene and she joins us. we heard from the mayor saying that at this point it is too
10:34 pm
dark to bring in heavy equipm t equipment, cranes. it will have to wait until morning. >> they are certainly near where the train derailed using their flashlights. one of them nearly split in half. and we heard from authorities that not all passengers were accounted for. it is now about 1:30 in the morning here in philadelphia. we don't know if those passengers are just not accounted for because they haven't been accounted for at the hospitals where they were taken. if they were dazed and can't tell people who they are at this time. we know that six people are in critical condition according to the mayor of philadelphia and that five people have died in this crash. sit a terrible scene. i mean it is a lot of cars that are all in disarray. let me move out of the way so
10:35 pm
you can get a better look. our photographer, jay mcmichael taking these photos. this is the part of the track where the train should have been able to finish its journey. here in philadelphia is where this accident happened. we do not have good details as to exactly what caused this train to detrail its seven cars. it was an incredibly chaotic scene inside where there were things flying all over the place. there were people falling on each other. people scrambling to get out. stories of people helping one another and trying to get out and finding their way out. when something goes topsy turvy, people don't know what is up and what is down. sit a sad scene obviously
10:36 pm
because there have been fatalities there. the ntsb expected here in the morning. it's hard to do this investigating even though you see those bright lights and as we were coming into the scene we could see trucks bringing the huge lights that you see beaming there on to the scene. but still in the darkness it's hard to get a real picture of what happened here and get a good view and that's why you are seeing some people with flashlights looking up and down these tracks. we also notice that there is a really sharp turn right after the sharp turn you can see the dishevelled car, one of those that obviously derailed and came off of the tracks. we also understand from some of those who were on the train and some of those who have witnessed this in a closer perspective that the train tracks themselves have come up in places. so this is going to be a long time to try and fix the situation and also for investigators to get a real sense of what happened here. we are waiting to hear if we can
10:37 pm
get any information about those who are unaccounted for. we will get that to you when we can. >> thank you, sara live from the scene of the derailment. >> i think there have been 13 amtrak derailments in the past five years. a lot of questions about infrastructure in this country. is this the kind of accident that is a result sometimes because of human error and sometimes because the infrastructure is just falling apart? >> the first thing to say is obviously we don't know what has caused this and it could be any number of reasons. and we're going to find out in due course. and the second really important thing to point out is that rail remains far, far safer means of getting about the united states than the roads. there are 33,000 people die on
10:38 pm
the roads every year in the united states. that's a worst record than most industrialized countries. the overall safety record of rail travelers is far better than for the main alternative which is getting about by car. that said, there is some evidence i would think it's possibly growing evidence. i don't have statistics to back this up. there are more accidents within the u.s. it typically doesn't have the most modern types of signally equipment we are seeing some incident incidents that could be avoided with better signalling or better maintenance but at the moment we don't know what has caused this.
10:39 pm
>> you make a good point. compared to the european train system, the american system certainly needs a bit of an upgrade and has been increasingly used over the last years. >> we have other breaking news to tell you about. . >> he was killed in public as hundreds watched according to one south korean lawmaker by anti-aircraft fire at a shooting range. the reports say he was charged with treason after showing disrespect to leader kim jong un. >> this is just the latest in a string of executions. >> now to a top official host says that the cruelty is so shocking it will eventually lead to his own demise and fall from power.
10:40 pm
>> five of the seven men you see here with kim jong un were either fired or killed. that was just the beginning. we're hiding his identity and calling him mr. park to protect friends and family still in the area. within three months of taking power, kim jong un had ruthlessly executed many. that was the beginning of his reign of terror. park worked closely with him and considered a brutal dictator.
10:41 pm
while the father imprisoned the the enemies, his son executes them. they may trem nble in fear of h but their loyalty is fake. one reason he believes that kim jong un will lose power within three powers, increasing questions of legitimacy. many believe his mother was born in japan, an historical enemy of the dynasty. while kim has highlighted his physical similarities to his grandfather and founder, park doubts they ever even met. there is not a single photo of kim jong un and kim il sun together. park speaks of little electricity or running water outside the capital, evidence i saw in north korea.
10:42 pm
he also claims the country is running out of money. he said he worked closely with kim jong un's finances. plans soon dropped when it became clear that. paula hancock, cnn seoul. >> and south korean intelligence claim that kim jong un has been executing enemies, killing 15 so far this year. these accusations are said to be baseless and malicious slander. >> that number would be 16 now if we can confirm the death of the defense chief. we will go to nepal now where the country is being rattled by
10:43 pm
aftershocks. it the is second quake to hit in 17 days, the latest killing at least 83 people. >> the u.s. military is searching for a helicopter carrying six marines and two soldiers. it was on a relief mission when it suddenly went missing. we have more now on the quake from cnn in katmandu. >> the earth shakes and a mountain crumbles sending rocks and more about 30 miles north of katmandu. a red cross team from canada captured the scene. the 7.3 magnitude earthquake to hit in just over two weeks. in parliament, lawmakers rush to flee. >> the building is emptying of
10:44 pm
hundreds of people. moms with their kids, men, young kids pouring out of these buildings. a lot of confusion. >> some buildings crumbling like toy clocks. the epicenter was just east of katmandu, about the same distance as the april 25th quake west of the city. the latest occurred about 9.3 miles deep which dampened the power. the previous quake was more than five times stronger. it killed more than 8,000 people and left thousands more homeless. >> i felt really scared. this time it was very big and i was afraid of what happened to my house or something like i
10:45 pm
hope nothing happened in my home. so i just ran here. i was very scared. >> a spokesman expects the number of dead here to sharply rise as searchers reach the more remote areas and find more newly collapsed buildings like this. people were just starting to feel safe feeling like they could sleep in their homes. now thousands are back out on the streets sleeping in tents living in fear of when the next aftershock may come. katmandu, nepal. >> we will take a quick break here on cnn. when we come back we have a lot more on the deadly train crash in philadelphia, pennsylvania. the city mayor is stunned by what he has seen. we will have more coming up on the other side of this break. don't go away. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24, a circadian rhythm disorder that affects up to 70 percent of people who are totally blind.
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some side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need... ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza. it's covered by most health plans. >> welcome back. i want to update you. at least five people are dead after an amtrak derailed late tuesday. the train was on its way to new york from washington d.c. seven cars were overturned. one of the cars split in half. at least 49 people are in hospital, six with critical
10:50 pm
injuries. five people are dead. investigators say they do not know what happened. they do not want to speculate at this point in time. >> i was sitting in the second to last car on the right side of the train in the aisle seat. there is a wave of panic initially. i was thrown into the girl sitting next to me in the window seat. the train started to tip that way to the right. people on the other side of the
10:51 pm
train started to fall on us. but some people must have fallen above me. i sort of bowed my head and i was just praying like please make it stop, please make it stop. i felt like we were gliding along for a little while there. i don't know if i only felt that way. i was just praying the train didn't hit any more. i was afraid that we would fall all the way on our side. but we didn't. finally it stopped. and everyone was screaming. so i stood up and i realized i wasn't hurt, thank god. and immediately i was asking everybody around me are you okay, are you okay?
10:52 pm
>> we were looking for maybe some passengers who were unaccounted for. are they looking for essentially the train's equivalent of the black box? >> we can't see that far. as you know there are several of these cars that are flipped on their side or some of them that are ajar and one of them appears to be cracked in half so we can't tell if that is what they were after. it's quite dark and they brought in light to try to expose some of the areas. what we are really seeing is just the investigators on the tracks although let me move out so i can see myself. the scene is behind me. it looks to me that that is the end of the train that you are looking at there. it is nearly on its side. you can see the light that is shining there. that is somebody's flashlight.
10:53 pm
one of the investigators flashlight looking in there. it also looks like from here that maybe a firefighter that is also up there on the track here. but that's what we have been seeing from our vantage point is really an inspection of the tracks and then you can see people who are looking into each and every one of these vehicles. all of the passengers are not accounted for. and so, obviously the most important thing right now is that they are able to make sure that none of those passengers are on the train exactly. you are looking at, it looks like two firefighters are standing just at the back. you can see their outfits. that is a typical firefighters outfit you can see.
10:54 pm
firefighters looking inside of that car there looking most likely to see if there is anyone left to figure out if there is anyone that is injured inside of there. dh th has been a disturbing scene because of the way that the cars look and what people are saying happened and then to finally find out a couple of hours ago that five people have died in this accident. there were about six people in critical condition. the last we checked, more than 50 people have been injured in this particular train crash in philadelphia. >> thank you so much. hopefully we will get an update from the mayor first thing in the morning. >> and a time line of exactly what happened. listen.
10:55 pm
>> about 9:38, fire personnel responded and encountered six overturned trains. we immediately struck the alarm and declared it a mass casualty event. we struck out the third alarm and 10:24 we struck the fourth alarm. that brings 33 apparatus and 122 personnel. sit a level three mass casualty incident which means that 18 medic units were brought on scene. we have a total of six critical transports to area hospitals. those include temple, einstein, and a total of 43 transports. >> it is just going on 2:00 in the morning there and what we're
10:56 pm
seeing is a number of emergency crews are still on the scene. one thing that they will be looking for is in fact a black box. it's very similar to what aircraft have these days. whether or not the breaks were applied. a lot of information out of that. >> the ntsb go team being deployed and hopefully we will get an update tomorrow. >> thank you so much for being with us. >> we will be up after this break. ameriprise asked people a simple question: in retirement, will you have enough money to live life on your terms? i sure hope so. with healthcare costs, who knows. umm... everyone has retirement questions. so ameriprise created the exclusive confident retirement approach. now you and your ameripise advisor.... can get the real answers you need. start building your confident retirement today.
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. >> hello, everyone, i'm rosemary church. welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. this is cnn newsroom with this breaking news of course. it is 2:00 a.m. in philadelphia. where an amtrak passenger train has derailed, killing at least five people. investigators say they do not know what caused the train to leave the tracks. but they say it doesn't look like terrorism. here's philadelphia mayor michael nutter. >> 243 individuals on this fiain.


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