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tv   CNN International  CNN  May 12, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. >> hello, everyone, i'm rosemary church. welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. this is cnn newsroom with this breaking news of course. it is 2:00 a.m. in philadelphia. where an amtrak passenger train has derailed, killing at least five people. investigators say they do not know what caused the train to leave the tracks. but they say it doesn't look like terrorism. here's philadelphia mayor michael nutter. >> 243 individuals on this train. five of whom are amtrak
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employees, unfortunately, we can confirm at least five individuals deceased. this is a preliminary estimate. the train's seven cars including the engine are in various stages of cadisarray, turned over. upside down on their side. >> the philadelphia mayor there on the northeast regional train, 188 was heading washington to new york. amtrak has canceled all service on that route for the time being. one passenger, former u.s. congressman, patrick murphy, tweeted photos showing bloody passengers and emergency crews inside the train working to try to free people. at least 49 people have been taken to the hospital. s six with critical injuries. one passenger described what happened. take a listen. >> they were just on the train.
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all of a sudden it started to shake. and we were in the front seat. and this huge red suitcase just came flying at me. our train was actually on its side. so it pushed me on to the side of the train. it hit my chest. i think i have a few fractured ribs. i am a nurse. but, you know i tried to help any b anybody, there was many injured people on the train. they're very upset. >> one of the passengers. our correspondent joins us with the latest. sarah, we mentioned just after 2:00 in the morning there in philadelphia. talk to us about the scene at the crash, crash site this hour. you did mention earlier authorities walking up and down those tracks. talk to us about that first. >> we just talked to some
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residents here who listened to the train going by. used to hearing it. happens on a daily basis. the train, commuter tran from washington to new york and back thachl said that theyed they're what they thought it sounded like it was going extreme leap fast. it almost sounded like it was already off the rails. along part of the track. because nay heard a lot of screeching, that they normally don't hear. that is an interesting point of view from those who are used to listening to the train come to and fro in this area of philadelphia. i will move out of the way here. you can see what the scene looks like at this hour. just a couple minutes past 2:00a. the work continues here. what we saw a few moments again was a couple fire fighters standing at the back of the car. that is one of the seven. that, that is derailed and nearly on its side. just teetered over. and leaning. we saw them send inside a dog. usually an indication that they're trying to see if there are any survivors inside of that
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train. looking for different things. a dog trying to sniff out the situation. saw the dog goen. saw the firefighters using their lights to try and see inside of that car there. and then the dog came out. it didn't look like any body was brought out of that train. we do know from authorities. this is really, really hard on families. any b anybody wondering what happened to their loved one just getting this news now. not all passengers are accounted for at this time. we have heard nothing more on that. and so at this time, we are going off of what authorities have said. just an hour or so ago. that not all passengers are accounted for. we do know that there are dozens of passengers who are fine. who were able to walk off this train. able to get some medical help. they had bruises. cuts. we also know the terrible news that five people have died in this accident. six people are in critical condition. the seven train cars, look, looks like, you know a disaster
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when you look at them in totality. they are, either flipped on their side. upside down. the railing even in some parts appears that it has come up. it is damaged. we have been watching investigators. they're still here. looking up and down this track. we are told that the train was heading in the direction that you see. it goes. so keep, you know, imagine it is going to keep going straight there. there is a very sharp turn. right before you see that derailed car. that 'tis where we have been seeing investigators focus their attention on the curve there. there are more investigators in front of the car that you see. that appears to be the last of the cars there, potentially the caboose of this train. we have been seeing them, walk up and down the track. they stopped doing that. gather their information. we are expecting ntsb comes out for these accidents and hatch their experts take a look. we also know, rosemary, the fbi
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has also talked about this accident, saying, at this point, there is no indication that terrorism had anything to do with this particular crash. what a difficult time for the families, this is used as a commuter train. people are on the train all the time. more than 200 people and crew on this train. and for the families that are not sure exactly where their loved ones are tonight. a lot of people hearts goes out to them including ours. rosemary. >> most certainly. i want to take you back to the comment you made. the authorities going up and down the track. cnn don lemon spoke to one of the passengers who mentioned there was a feeling they were going too fast that into curve. then suddenly awful th lly awfu happened. we can't speculate that was the cause. we won't know until the team gets on the ground in the morning to get into that investigation. but how quickly once they're there do you think it will be that we can get more of an idea
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of what maybe triggered this accident? there is electronic information on the train they should be able to get to that will give them some idea of the speed of the train. also they're going to look ate in totality to try to figure out. if there was something that was on the track for example. they should be able to deter men that fairly quickly. this is something the investigators will, will do diligently and carefully to figure out. especially if it is something that can prevent another accident like this. not the first one this year. there was a terrible accident in march where 55 people were injured. not here in philadelphia. another part of the country in america. but this is, you know the worst accident that we have heard of in a very long time. with so many people who have died on, on this particular train. we don't know where the
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passengers were that did not make it out alive. that was information that will be shared over time. as investigators continue to look through the wreckage. there is a lot to go through when you consider there are seven of these cars, that are, topsy turvy. one all most split in half. certainly the force of this, gives some in kags of just how, heavy and, and potentially fast this train was going. we do not know at this time whether it was going faster than normal, faster than is right for the train. what we do know is that people have died here. this is really a gravesite if you will. people have gone to the hospital to get treatment. though most passengers did walk away from the crash managing to gout get out alive and well. rosema rosemary. >> a disturbing scene. the mayor of philadelphia said it is unbelievable. sarah sidner on the san of the crash.
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come back to you later. many thanks to bringing us up to date on the situation. moments ago we got this statement from amtrak, quoting here directly, we are deeply saddened by the loss of life from amtrak northeast regional train 118. the derailed north of philadelphia tuesday evening. we ask the news media to be respectful of our customers, our employees and their families. ened of -- end of quote there. anthony torenta with american red cross eastern pennsylvania. he joins us now, by phone, thank you so much for talking with us at this very late, or you could say early hour. just after 2:00 in the morning. talk to us about -- what your role will be now in the hours going forward. >> one of the thing thousands. it has been such an emotional evening for the city of philadelphia, for the passengers on the amtrak train. and for the families involved. and one of the things that, that
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the red cross does exceptionally well is provide spiritual, emotional care and support for those impacted by this tragedy. and so we are here to help and assist to provide care to those impacted. >> what are you seeing at this point? because even though it is -- very early in the morning. a lot of people shocked. walking wounded staepd w eed st from the scene of the crashch, the red cross working with the people. now finding them a police to sleep. finding them a we to get home. what are they doing right now? >> yeah, right now the red cross has a reception center set up at 3400 franklin avenue which is, webster elementary school. so we have a reception set up for any one traveling to town to locate their loved ones. they can come here.
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we are working with the office of emergency management of philadelphia. to work with amtrak and reunite family, loved ones, impacted by this evening's tragic event. we have also -- 30th street train station. amtrak is working with those that are able, to, to travel home this evening. so we are there, we are comfortable until the transportation arrangements are made. but, really we are providing spiritual emotional care during a very trying time for those impacted this evening. >> what about those who would take -- who were taken to the hospital, will the red cross -- have any role in seeing that those people are reunited with their loved ones? >> if the family, we encourage the family to do. if they're unsure. of where their families are or
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if they're unsure if where their loved ones are, they can call, the, the 1-800-redcross. sorry, the 1-800-523-9101, amtrak to. reunite that way. we will work with any one that comes into the reception center or red cross. >> anthony torenta we salute your work with the red cross. and that spiritual and emotional support you and your team offering those people involved in the crash is much appreciated right across this country and the globe. moving on, passengers describe the scene as complete chaos. they told cnn's don lemon, people, chairs, bags were flying around as the train deral iled.
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take a listen. >> we were sitting just -- adjacent to each other, and in two double seats. we were talking and i was eating. the next thing you know, the train starts doing funny things. then it gradually gets worse and worse. and just like, chaos erupts. and things start flying. phones. lap tops. then people. seats. trays start flying. you hear bumping, you hear like, metal mangling. and, you know but it happened so quickly. like, you didn't even know what was going on. and the next thing i know. i look up. there is two people in the luggage rack above my head two women. got catapulted. we didn't, i don't even see it happen. i didn't even know. and the train was like at a 30 degree angle. down where i was.
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i was kind of like, wedged into the window. underneath the tray and the people turned. and i mean, and the bags, shoes, everything just thrown. complete chaos. you know, when we got out, we saw the train. and the train looked lake a pretzel. it was turned, twisted. and you know it was just wires were ripped out. there were electrical live wires. it was just chaos. >> must have been about six rows from the back of the train. just sitting. everything was normal. and then major impact. i just, i guess by the time you come to your senses of what was happening i had been thrown on to the floor in the aisle. and just chaos. spinning around. the chairs are built to change direction. when you got from one end to the other. so they all come loose.
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chairs were flying around. people were flying around. bags. pretty chaotic. >> listening there to some terrifying details. >> on the right side of the train in the aisle seat. reading my book. everything seemed normal. suddenly it felt like we were going a little too fast around a curve. what it felt like. and then there was a jolt. and immediately, you could tell that the train derailed. at least i could. and there was a wave of panic initially. i was thrown into the girl next to me sitting in the window seat. the train started to tip that way to the right. and the people on the other side of the train started to fall on us. but some people must have fallen above me. because somebody's calf hit me in the side of the head. she must have landed in the luggage rack above me. i held on to her leg.
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the girl next to me bowed my head. and i was just kind of praying like please make it stop. please make it stop. because it felt look we were gliding along for a little while there. and i dent know. if it only felt that way. and maybe it was only a few seconds. but i was just praying the train didn't tip any more. i was afraid we were going to fall all the way on our side. but we didn't. finally it stopped at a tilt. and everyone was screaming. so i stood up. i realized i wasn't hurt. thank god. immediatelyi iz was asking everyone around me. are you okay? are you okay? >> listening there to some terrifying details from some of the pass en engers on the derai train. mary schiavo is former secretary-general of the u.s. department of transportation, and earlier she deskrecribed wh can be learned at the scene?
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>> obviously they're looking at the track, intently looking at the turn. there is no obvious, if this is the point exactly where it did go off the track and it appears that it is, there is no obvious -- i remember a few years we were covering one. it was very, very hot. it was in the summer. it was in maryland. and the track had an obvious bend in it. you could see it. the he had didn't. it was literally from the heat. but you see the track. it's dark. you seat corners, there is no obvious break. there is no point where it looks like sabotage. it's a sharp turn. very sharp turn. and within of the passengers, and one of the passengers, nice to know if she comes back on, ask her how often she took this route. they get pretty used to what the tran shou train should do. and she said she thought it felt like it was going fast into the turn. depend on how often you have
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taken the train. and what you are used to. and if there is something else going on, that, that, you know, bad vibrations, bad alignment, problem with the wheels, problems with an axel. hard to tell. that would have made it feel look the train is going faster. so far with the flash lights on the track, there is no obvious point where it is out of alignment or -- broken, and they're still searching intently. so obviously haven't found this particular pin the where they thing there was something wrong either. still going up and down the track. but i don't see any breaks. i don't see any out of alignment. >> mary schiavo talking to cnn a short time ago. coming up. more on the deadly train derailment in philadelphia. the mayor says he can't say for sure whether everyone is accounted for. plus, reports that north korea has executed its defense chief in public. we'll be back in a moment. over ! wait, i can freeze my account.
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the reality is, floods do happen. protect what matters. get flood insurance. call the number on your screen to learn more. back to the breaking news out of philadelphia. as least five people are dead after an amtrak passenger train derailed late tuesday. at least 50 people are
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hospitalized. six with critical injuries. the may your called it an unbelievable scene with several train cars flipped on their sides and ripped apart. investigators say, they don't know what caused the crash. but the national transportation safety board will look into the incident. the train was headed to new york city from washington. this just in to cnn. gunmen on motorcycles in pakistan killed 41 people in an attack on a bus according to a local police official. now it happened in the southern city of karachi. television showed a pink bus riddled with bullet holes. reuters reports no one claimed responsibility for at take so far. we will keep an eye on this and update you when we get some more information in. we are also following a developing story out of north korea. pyongyang's defense chief has
11:24 pm
been "purged and executed." south korean media report that the defense chief was killed in public as hundreds watched on. according to one south korean law maker, the defense chief was secretly executed by anti-aircraft fire at a shooting range sometime around april 30th. reports say he was charged with treason after showing disrespect to kim jung-un. for the latest we want to go to kathy novak, live in seoul. very disturbing details. kathy, what more are you learning about this very public execution? and do we have any idea what the defense chief was accused of exactly? we heard treason. what does that mean, exactly? >> rosemary, very public, high profile. the man was e quif lquivalent o
11:25 pm
defense minister or secretary. in the public eye. last month represented north korea in moscow at in the national security conference. posing for official pictures that were broadcast by state media. surely no sign then that he might have been out of favor with the leader kim jung-un, around since kim jung-il. high up. accused of treason. negligence of do they. not obeying the orders of kim jung-un, expressing discontent about the leader. told by a south korean lawmaker who attended the briefing that this defense minister was accused of dozing off during an evganid by kim jung-un. no official word about the execution. right now all this information is coming from the south korean side.
11:26 pm
>> kathy, slowly but surely and methodically we appear to be seeing kim jung-un, remove, kill, execute these officials who were working for his father previously. help to actually get him on track. as the the new leader when his father passed on. what are we to make of that? >> that's right. we are also hearing from south korean official that intelligence reports that 15 top ranking officials in the north korean regime have been executed just this year now. north korea has not confirmed that. one official from north korea, cnn spoke to, dismissed that as malicious slander. but added it is normal for people who go against the regime in any country to be executed. suggestions that kim jung-un may be trying to consolidate his
11:27 pm
grip on power. there were executions public came out through north korean state media of kim jung-un's own uncle. saw him in pictures being taken away in handcuffs. he was someone very close to kim jung-un and jung-il. a fall from grace dismissed as a despicable human scum. this time around well are not hearing official confirmation. there is some confirmation that may be because in the case of kim jung-un's uncle there was a trial. in this case we don't hear any mr. details about this particular execution from north korea. >> it is certainly very difficult to get information on this. many thanks to kathy novak joining us live from seoul, south korea. >> an amtrak train headed from washington to new york has derailed with deadly results. we'll return with breaking news coverage with a live report from
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welcome back to our viewers here in the united states and all around the world. i'm rosemary church. want to update you on our top stories right now. an amtrak passenger train has derailed in philadelphia. killing at least five people. at least 50 others are in the hospital including six with critical injuries. amtrak says there were 238 passengers and five crew members on board the train when it left the tracks. investigators say they yet know what caused the crash. there are reports that north korea has "purged and executed" its defense minister.
11:32 pm
south korean media say the defense chief was charged with treason after showing disrespect to kim jung-un. one law maker says, he was publicly executed by anti-aircraft fire at a shooting range some time around april 30th. >> african nation is struggling with clashes. burundi. they started after the president's decision to run for a third term. a mob attacked and injured a police office ear cur accusing firing at them. leaders meet today to discuss the crisis. >> gunmen on motorcycles in pakistan killed 41 people in an attack on a bus. that's according to a local police official. now it happened in the southern city of karachi. television channels reportedly showed pictures of a pink bus, riddled with bullet holes.
11:33 pm
roll . reuters reports no one has claimed responsibility for the attack so far. we will update-up as the information on that comes into us. we want to get more now on our top story. the deadly amtrak derailment in philadelphia. the city's mayor, michael nutter, calls it an absolute disastrous mess. passengers describe suitcases, lap tops flying. the sound of metal twisting as the train left the tracks late tuesday. at least seven cars the train's engine were turned over or upside down. rescue crews had to cut through the cars to free passengers who were trapped inside. ntsb investigators are on the scene. well they will be on the scene i understained the morning. as well as amtrak officials. the train was traveling from washington to new york. and here's more of what the may your had to say. let's take a listen. >> unfortunately we can confirm
11:34 pm
at least five individuals deceased. this is a preliminary estimate. the train's seven cars including the engine are in various stages of disarray. turned over. upside down. on their side. we are still investigating what is going on. a tee total of 200 police perso responded to the incident as well. most individuals were able to walk off of the train. many were transported. you will get that from the fire department. ntsb, national agency is activated and investigating. amtrak personnel. see the gentleman next to me, on the scene as well. full response. fire. police. department of homeland security. septa, amtrak. other, state police. i talked to governor wolf. his chief of staff. they're concerned abument this
11:35 pm
incident. given their full cooperation of support. all agencies, actively engaged. involv involved. i have been on the tracks on the scene with my staff. it is an absolute disastrous mess. never seen anything like this in my life. and most personnel will say that as well. >> the fbi its taking part in the investigation. but they say at this time at least it does not appear to be a terrorist act. >> cnn's renee marsh and sarah sidner are on the scene. they join us now. renee marsh, let me go to you first. a lot of attention being paid to this very sharp curve. there is also a lot of chatter on social media and a lot of talk elsewhere, about the safety conditions of amtrak. talk to us about those two points if you would. >> we do know at this point
11:36 pm
that -- that this train as it was approaching this curve, we are told that is when things went terribly wrong here. as far as how fast this train was going -- and what the speed limit was -- at that very section. that remains to be seen. of course, investigators will have that information. they'll know exactly how fast this train is going. when they, when they retrieved those, event recorders. it's very similar to what you see on aircraft, like the black boxes. that record, what was going on with the train at the time. as far as what could have caused this. that remains to be seen. we do not know. we have no indication. want to set the scene. we are here. there sois so much activity behd me. see the blinking lights. this is officially a recovery operation. that is what hap is his happenie other side of the barricade here. we know in the distance. you have at least six of these train cars, strewn.
11:37 pm
we just saw a medical examiner's van go through the barricade. so we do know they're now starting the process of retrieving the bodies. we did hear the mayor say that at this point, at least five dead. but he also went on to say they cannot say for certain that, that everyone has been accounted for. they're going through the process of going through, the passenger manifest. i spoke with one sergeant. he told me the recovery operation at the very least could last until noon tomorrow. but that's at the very least. so they plan to be here for quite some time. we do know from passengers it was quite chaotic. you mention the investigation. we know ntsb will be here on the ground. tomorrow morning. we also know that at this point, on our way here, we saw members of the -- federal railroad administration. they're already here on site.
11:38 pm
there are multiple investigations going on. members of the crime up it. members of the police are here. and i overheard them as they were getting ready to go into the scene. and they said, what they were planning on doing. they were videotaping the scene. taking stills. at some pin the they're going to be lifting the cars. videotaping. and taking any pictures of any evidence preparing their soldiers out here. they could eventually see more body. so that's what is happening on the site here. >> that is certainly horrifying. i want to go to you now. when we spoke earlier you were mentioning that you had a chance to talk to some local residents. very interesting. what they had to tell you. talk to us about that. >> a train that people use all
11:39 pm
the time. this is really, really an imfornt area coming to and from. and coming from washington to new york. it happened here in philadelphia. that this train for some reason, ended up derailing, the seven particular cars, move out of the shot. a bit quieter on our end. there are more trains, train cars derailed up further. but you can still see, see at la least three, four people standing there. a fire fighter and two or three other whose are standing on the tracks there. discussing something. you can see people walking to and from that last -- looks like the last car there. that was -- tipped over, nearly onto its side. kind of askew if you will. we know that earlier today, there were, they sent in, canine inside of that particular train. we saw both the canine and some one come out of that train.
11:40 pm
we do also know there are at least five people dead and there are six people in critical condition. about 50 we're told are injured. things like, bruises, broken bones, certainly when you lack at some of the pictures from inside the train. people were sending out on social media, ser tlcertainly, bloodstains on some of the furniture inside of the train. you should mention unlook beiik on a plane or in a car for example, where you have your seatbelt on. there usually aren't seatbelts people are using. people stretch out on the train taking the journey. stow when the trains topple over, tip over, people are just thrown about. that's what we have been hearing from passengers. sort of people thrown on top of each other. there was luggage thrown everywhere. just a horrible feeling to have the train go topsy-turvy. difficulty how to get out.
11:41 pm
upside down. on the side. difficult to figure out huh to get out of the exits and exactly where they are when you are disoriented like that. but we are told that most of the passengers were able to walk away from this particular derailment, this crash. what we are seeing now is more people coming on to the tracks. where you are seeing them is right at the curve. right at the edge of the curve. we understand the train. we heard from residents they heard this train coming. and it sounded like even before the curve it seemed to be having issues. they heard screeching. so we are going to have to listen to investigators as they make the determination as to exactly what caused this deadly train derailment here in philadelphia. rosemary. >> on the scene. we heard earlier from renee marsh too. ntsb teams will arrive at day break. they will be able to very quickly piece this together. we know two black boxes are
11:42 pm
available there with the train. they're not as detailed as those that we're use to on planes. they will deter mmine how fast that train was going we will continue to do that. next here on cnn, a grim scene in philadelphia, as we have been covering. seven train cars thrown from the tracks. it is now a recovery operation. officially. after a deadly amtrak train crash. we will have more on that and some other global news. do stay with us. financial noise financial noise financial noise
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11:46 pm
a number of cars side ripped apart. we'll continue following the story. in nepal, aftershocks are rattling the country after another powerful earthquake. a 7.3 magnitude tremor struck east of kathmandu. at least 83 people have been killed. more than 1,900 are injured. the country is still of course reeling from that 7.8 magnitude quake that struck just over two weeks ago. killing more than 8,000 people. the u.s. military is also searching for helicopter similar to the one that you see here. now that went missing during a relief mission. six u.s. marines and two nepalese soldiers were on board the helicopter. want to get the latest developments now from our reporter, she joins us live from new dehlhi. you are in new delhi but from
11:47 pm
nepal. and people are sleeping outside since the first earthquake strike. talk to us about people are responding to the second powerful squapowe powerful quake and then the tremors they're having to work through. >> yeah, rosemary, this is a huge set back in terms of the psychological impact on nepali people. a lot of them were just beginning to restart their lives. beginning to go back to work. just beginning to open their shops again. get over that trauma of the april 25th earthquake. jolts the sense of security or stability they had. the biggest fear is a lot of the buildings in kathmandu valley at least, damaged or had some severe cracks. quite a few have fallen after the second earthquake. there is danger. the engineers have told residents there to be careful not go back into their homes because the after shocks have been relentless.
11:48 pm
a lot of people camping out. they're too scared to go home or they don't have a him to get to. we think, just watch the building there in the middle. it implodes. as a result of the structure being impacted april 25th. then this powerful quake. the 7.3 quake that hit was too much for the structure to bear. the way it imploded. talk to us about that situation. there have been several buildings that have fallen in that same manner.
11:49 pm
you see all the tall structures. anything, six, seven stories, would have all of these cracks. even our, where my parents live in fact, massive cracks and we are told by engineers not to go back in. and that building is fine. but, quite a few apartment buildings have fallen in kathmandu valley. that's the situation there. outside of the valley, still hard to tell right now. remember, people, the army, government, we are still trying to figuree oog figure out. find missing people. thousand missing according to the government. still trying to find the missing people. get a since of areas they need to focus on to deliver relief. then this happens. the one thing a lot of people are talking about this morning is the search for the u.s. marine helicopter. which is still missing. there are helicopters searching the area. ground troops were deployed in
11:50 pm
the area they have found nothing so far. rosemary. >> of course the hope is that it is simply they can't communicate, perhaps, the mountainous area there is blocking it, communications we don't know at this point of course. the search continues. so, bringing us up to date on the situation in nepal. >> investigators are sifting through the mangled wreckage of the amtrak train that derailed in philadelphiame. five people are dead. the latest on the crash after this short break. do stay with us. why are we so committed to keeping you connected? why combine performance with a conscience? why innovate for a future without accidents? why do any of it? why do all of it? because if it matters to you, it's everything to us. the xc60 crossover. from volvo. lease the well equiped volvo xc60 today. visit your local volvo showroom for details.
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>> welcome back, everyone. back to breaking news out of philadelphia. at least five people are dead. after an amtrak passenger train derailed late tuesday. 50 in the hospital. six with critical injuries. investigators say they don't know what caused the crash. the mayor called it an unbelievable scene. with several train cars flipped on their sides. and ripped apart. amtrak says there were 238 passengers. and five crew members on board when that train derailed. now we also heard from philadelphia fire commissioner
11:55 pm
derek sawyer who provide a time loob line of exactly what happened. take a listen. >> 9:3. fire personnel responded encountered six overturned trains. we declare it a mass casualty event. at 9:35. we struck out the third alarm. then at 10:24 we struck the fourth alarm. as the mayor said that brings 33 apparatus, 122 personnel. it is a level three mass casualty incident means 18 medic units brought on scene. we have a total of six critical transports to temple university, einstein, tarsdale, and a total of 43 transports, buses, medic units for less critical injuries. others are walking wounded. >> derek sawyer there. former "the new york times" safety expert matthew wald said
11:56 pm
this is shaping up to be within of amtrak's worst derailments. >> the railroad actually has a pretty good safety record in the northeast corridor generally has a pretty good safety record. they have occasional accidents, a track worker is struck. for both commuters that operate on the same track and amtrak trains, these accidents are infrequent. there is a reason, they're pretty well engineered. pretty well maintained. something has gone wrong here either with the train or track or both. both amtrak's problem. both amtrak's issue. >> you have been watching "cnn newsroom." i'm rosemary church. do stay with us. of my colleague john vause will join me for another hour of news. but it is not the device that is mobile, it is you.
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