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tv   CNN International  CNN  May 13, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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has been "purged and put to death." >> hello, welcome to viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm rosemary church. >> i'm john vause. this is "cnn newsroom." and we are following breaking news out of philadelphia where an amtrak passenger train has derailed killing at least five people. there is no word yet on what may have caused that crash. but passengers say it was like a nightmare with bodies flying, train cars turning on their side, and the sound of twisting metal. >> we were just on the train. all of a sudden it started to shake. and -- and we were in the front seat. and this huge red suitcase just came flying at me. our train was actually on its side. so it pushed me on to the side of the train.
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i think i had a few fractured ribs. i am a nurse. but i tried to help, there is very many injured people on the train and they're upset. >> heading from washington to new york. 50 people have been taken to hospital. six in critical condition. philadelphia's mayor was on the scene late tuesday. he described what he saw. >> i have been down on the tracks. on the scene. with my staff. it is an absolute disastrous mess. never seen anything like this. in my life. and most personnel will say that as well. >> okay. sarah and renee covering the story for us at this hour. it is 3:00 in the morning there in philadelphia. sarah, let's start with you. a few hours from sun up. the ntsb investigation team is expected to arrive. what will their first order of
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business be when they get there. what's their priority? okay, i think we are having a few problems with sarah right now. we do have renee standing by as well. also on the scene. renee, same question for you. it is a few hours now before ntsb reaches the scene. a few hours now before day light. what's the priority for the investigators? >> well they're going to want to -- get the recorders on the train. just similar to an aircraft. you know they had these event recorders which will tell investigators key information like, how fast was this, was this train traveling. were the brakes applied. all that critical, piecing together. what happened here. not only will they want to look at the recorders. but they're going to look at the tracks. want to look for damage. going to want to inspect the train itself. they're going to want to speak to the crew members.
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people who were on board. people in control of the train. we don't know their condition at this. at this hour. but, those are going to be key interviews as well. as they try to figure out was there something wrong with the train. was this an error of someone who was operating the train. or was it -- something else. that's going to be the priority for ntsb when they arrive. we know federal railroad administration, they're already here. i saw several remembers from the agency. they're doing their own investigation as well. but the ntsb will be the lead. >> renee, we look at the twisted manning mangle of the train, could the black boxes with stand the impact? >> often time they are able to pull out these recorders with minimal damage. they go through so much testing for situations just like this.
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so that they can survive. because they know that that is such a critical component there to help investigators piece that through. i don't note condition of the reporters at this point. if i were to bet money. i would say that they would get valuable information off these recorders. >> we have been talking a lot about the recovery of passengers. accounting for the passengers and crew members on board. where does that stand right now? have they gone through the train? have they account ford everybody? could there be survivors or fatalities here? >> so, right now what we are in is a recovery operation. and that's what we are in. i want to take the time to step out of the way and give you a feel for what is happening here. if you look in the distance. you see the flashing lights. there is a fire struck down there. not long ago, we saw a medical
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examiner's truck pull in. so we know that that will start the task of pulling the body from the wreckage. we will eventually at some pin the see the medical examiner's truck leave with those bodies. this is still an active scene. this happened at 9:30 last night. there is activity. when i arrived on the scene i saw firefighters walking out with axes in their hand. likely used them to free passengers alive, stuck, trapped inside some of the cars. we saw that. saw a crime scene unit from here. locally. philadelphia. they were -- in their huddle talking about what the task was. simply what their task is going to be. they're doing it right now as we speak. to document the entire scene. take photographs. take video of what they're
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seeing there. i spoke with one of crime scene unit officers. he said in his own word "it's really bad there." they're going to want to roll as much individually as possible. video and images not only they well use but other agencies like the ntsb will be able to use as evidence as well. of course, all of this is going to be so critical in, in, essentially piecing together exactly what happened here. a >> the start of a long process. rene marsh, live, after 3:00 a.m. in philadelphia. thank you, rene. >> cnn has spoken to a number of passengers. they describe getting thrown around the inside of the train as it want off the rails. >> yeah, by all accounts. the accident happened quickly. leaving victims injured and disoriented. >> must have baeen abut six roos from the back of the train.
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sitting, everything was normal. then major impact. chairs were flying around. people were fleeing around. bags. pretty chaotic. >> i was praying "please make it stop. please make it stop." it felt like we were gliding along for a little while there. and i dent knon't know if it fet way. maybe it was a few second. i was just praying the train didn't tip anymore. i was afraid we were going to fall all the way on our side. but we didn't. finally it stopped. at a tilt. everyone was screaming. i stood up. realized i wasn't hurt. thank god. immediately asking everybody around me, "are you okay? are you okay?" chilling details from passengers. we want to show you photos take any board one of the seven wrecked cars. >> shortly after derailment,
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posted by a former congressman. wreckage, injured passengers. course, twisted shattered interior of the carriage. >> all right. well, cnn's sara sidner joins us from philadelphia. just after 3:00 in the morning, a sara, tell us about the scene behind you. and tell what's passengers haed to till you and local residents. and i know you had a chance to talk to them. >> yeah, you know, northwest regional train 188 we can still see the wreckage just behind me. what we have been seeing all night long, really is the investigator whose are here who are look the at the tracks, looking inside the train. the canine unit that they send inside. this last car here. we watched that as that happened. i will get out of the way you. can see the shot from the ground. just want to tell you where we are. so you get some sense of exactly where we are. we are on the tracks.
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standing right next to the tracks where this train would have come by. just past. as it was on its way. washington to new york. we can see that last, what apares to be that last car there. that is -- askew. it is almost on its side. leaning heavily off to the right. just after a very severe curve that you see this derailment. we have been noticing the investigators have been taking a lot of looks at the curve we saw about five, six people, standing in a line with flash lights. looking at the tracks right there for some time this evening. and, and we have been watching them kind of go underneath the train. and point their flash lights down there to try to, and look at all the details. and try to figuree out exactly what is going on. we know the ntsb is headed out here and will be here this morning to take a look at this. trying to figure out exactly us
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why this train derailed the way it did and lack ook at all righ evidence there to determine that. we have been talking to neighbors, a couple, one of which said it sounded like a bunch of carts coming together and mangling. said it sounded look you could hear the metal, just, stretching, cracking, creaking. we also talked to a shop owner who says he always hears the train go by. a normal thing. he said right before the curve. you can, sort of tell where the train is. it sounded like there was a lot of screeching. going on. unusual. he said it was louder than normal. he heard quite a bit of screeching as if there was something wrong, as if the train was already potentially off of the tracks somewhere. making a lot of noise. so that they what we have been hearing from neighbors. of course we hatch been hearing from those who were inside of the train. they have been tweeting. talking to also some of the local stations here. just been talking how scary it
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was inside as this was happening. and the they knew something was wrong obviously when it started to teeter and totter. finally some of these -- cars, actually flipped. you know they're on their, on their back side. and then some of them came -- just off to the side. and kind of, leaned over and fell over on the side. there is one that doesn't look lick a tra like a train car. so mangled. hard to distinguish it was a train car at all. disturbing picture there. we also understand that that same train car actually was pretty much split in half. after this derailment happened. so, immense power of the train, really wreaking havoc on the seven cars that derailed. and we are hearing from passengers, the experience that they have ant how disillusioning it was, how difficult it was for them to figure out how to get out. obviously they can't figure out
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what is up and down. when it first happened with all the luggage falling and passengers falling on one another. about 50 people injured as we understand it. sex peop six people in critical condition. five people died in this accident. a terrible tragedy for the city and for those we, know people were headed to new york as well. washington. have got to be folks from washington on the train. right here in philadelphia as well. and a lot of people worried about their loved ones. at last we heard from authorities who were going to give us another updaten t ein t next few hours. they said not all passengers were accounted for. an hour and a half ago we heard that from local authorities. very worrying for the families. we know a lot of people have made it to local hospitals. bumps, bruises, and broken bones. >> horrible day. most certainly there in philadelphia. it is 3:13 in the morning. sara sidner with a live report.
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many thanks to you. >> amtrak issued a statement saying we are deeply saddened by the loss of life from amtrak northwest regional train 188 derailed north of philadelphia tuesday evening. we ask the news media to be respectful of our customers, employees and families. >> amtrak went on to say a service plan for the philadelphia to new york corridor will be announced soon. >> much more on the breaking news coverage after the break. including a look at what the red cross is doing. how victims of the derailment and their families. back in a moment.
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>> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. >> we are following breaking news from philadelphia where at least five people are dead as an amtrak passenger train derailed late tuesday. at least 50 people are in the hospital. six with critical injuries. >> right now investigators say they don't know what happened. but the mayor called it a "devastating scene" the number of train cars on their sides. traveling from washington to new york. one passenger described what happened. >> i helped my mom get off.
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that was my first priority. luckily like i am still here. i am still walking. i, i got really lucky. and so i figured i would do my best to help. because i saw everyone i could see the blood on people any faces. they can't move. they had like, their knees were out, it was -- so i just tried to do my best to help people get out of that car. it was smoking. >> in fact, so many people were wounded, injured in the accident, derailment rather. the police were leaving their vehicles to transport them to hospital at one point. more than 200 police turned out. 120 firefighters as well. >> one point here in the united states, roads, bridges, railways have been slowly crumbling each of spoke with the u.s. industry correspondent with the financial times. asked him about the weakening infrastructure and the dangers it poses to rail travel. >> well, the first thing to say is obviously, we don't know what's caused this. and it could be any number of, number of reasons. and we are going to find out in
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due course. and the second important thing to point out is that rail remains a far, far, safer means of getting ab ating about the u states, than the roads. 33,000 people die on the roads in the united states every year. a worse record than industrialized countries. doesn't get enough attention. we have to focus the overall safety record of rail travelers is far better than, than for the main alternative which its getting abut by car. that said there is some evidence i would think it is possibly evidence, i don't know of statistics to back this up, that there are more accidents happening in the u.s. because of some of the problems with the infrastructure. the u.s.'s real infrastructure typically doesn't have the mo modern types of signaling equipment, often the money for
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maintaining the track isn't there. so well are seeing some incidents that, that perhaps could beavoided with better signaling or maintenance. for the moment we don't know what calused this. >> no, we don't. earlier i spoke with the direct ore of commu or of communications with american red cross in eastern pennsylvania. he told us about ate jaethe age efforts to help crash victims. it has been such an emotional evening for the city of philadelphia, for the passengers on the amtrak train. and for the families involved. and one of the things that, that the red cross does exceptionally well is provide spiritual, emotional care and support for those impacted by this tragedy. and so we are here to help and assist to provide care to those impacted. >> what are you seeing at this point? because even though it is -- very early in the morning.
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a lot of people shocked. walking wounded stepped away from the scene of the crash, is the red cross working with the people. now finding them a police to -- place to sleep? finding them a way to get home? what are they doing right now? >> yeah, right now the red cross has a reception center set up at 3400 franklin avenue which is, webster elementary school. so we have a reception set up for any one traveling to town to locate their loved ones. they can come here. we are working with the office of emergency management of philadelphia. to work with amtrak and reunite family, loved ones, impacted by this evening's tragic event.
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we have also -- 30th street train station. amtrak is working with those that are able, to, to travel home this evening. so we are there, we are comfortable until the transportation arrangements are made. but, really we are providing spiritual emotional care during a very trying time for those impacted this evening. >> what about those who would take -- who were taken to the hospital, will the red cross -- have any role in seeing that those people are reunited with their loved ones? >> if the family, we encourage the family to do. if they're unsure. of where their families are or if they're unsure if where their loved ones are, they can call, the, the 1-800-redcross. sorry, the 1-800-523-9101, amtrak to. reunite that way. we will work with any one that comes into the reception center or red cross.
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to reunite them. we will work to make sure they have comfort and care throughout the evening. and wha is needed to assist those moving forward. >> anthony torenta, red cross. doing a great job. amazing how the red cross always turns up at these types of things. we will take a short break and continue to follow the events in philadelphia throughout the hour on cnn. >> we want to check in on other stories making headlines. including an attack by gunmen in pakistan that killed sozedozensa bus. >> disturbing reports. north korea executed a senior official. >> the latest on the earthquake that rattled nepal and the tremors that have scared people out of their homes. we'll be back soon.
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>> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. >> welcome back, everybody. we'd look to welcome our viewers in the united states. and you're watching cnn. i'm john vause. >> i'm rosemary church. let's check the latest on breaking news. five people are dead. 50 injured. after an amtrak passenger train derailed in philadelphia. traveling from washington to new york, when it left the tracks late tuesday. one woman on board is a nurse and she describes what she saw. >> one girl slammed into one of the seats. and there were a lot of fractures,y nosh you know, arms
12:29 am
shoulders, all kinds of fractures. it was, it was -- there was nothing i could do to help. i had nothing except to talk to the people and try to help them. >> no word yet on what caused the crash. investigators from amtrak are on the scene. ntsb team will be there in the coming hours. the fbi is investigating. officials say it does not look like an act of terror. pennsylvania's governor also viltz visited the crash site. >> the human tragedy. the devastation. i, i can't imagine. we stand ready to help in whatever way we can. we are in support of what the city and amtrak are doing. >> breaking news also out of pakistan where police say six gunmen have killed 42 people in an attack on ape b bus. it happened in karachi. a hospital spokesperson says the bus was driven into the parking lot with bullet holds on the
12:30 am
side. >> most people in it were unconscious and splattered with blood. no one has claimed responsibility for at take so far. >> developing story out of north korea, pyongyang's defense chief has been quote, purged and executed. >> south korean media report that the defense chief was killed in public as hundred watched on. according to one south korean law maker, the defense chief was executed by anti-aircraft fire at a shooting range some time around april 30th. the reports say he was charged with treason after showing disrespect to leader kim jung-un. >> get a little more on this. go to kathy novak live in seoul. kathy, what more is known about how and why this execution was carried out? >> the information coming from the south korean side from a
12:31 am
lawmaker who attended a briefing by intelligence services here. as for the why it seems that this high level defense minister accused of negligence of duty not obeying kim jung-un's orders and of expressing disconnent about the young leader. he may have dozed off at an eventing or nighed enighed -- by kim jung-un. his career had ups and downs. for the most part he is seen as being in favor with kim jung-un at least during the transition period at least until now. >> absolutely he survived the transition period. he had been around since the reign of kim jung-un's father, kim jung-il still around under the sun. promoted through the ranks until this high level defense position. had until recently been representing north korea internationally.
12:32 am
we saw him speaking in moscow just last month at a security event. and also, appeared in state media on april 29th. he was singled out as one of the officers at an event at the papal, palace of culture. no indication that he may have fallen out of favor. then these reports he might have been purged as early as april 30th, john. >> any mention on north korean state media about hong's fate at this stage? none just yet. this is coming out of the south korean side. watching for indication of awe then tis tawe -- of authenticity. we heard from south core ckorea intelligence reports. 15 officials have been executed just this year. no confirmation. compare that to the notorious execution of kim jung-un's
12:33 am
uncle, that did come out in state media. sort of parade in handcuffs and singled out as despicable human scum. a fall from grace from inner circle. what the south korean lawmakers are telling us difference there may be in the case of kim jung-un's uncle there was a trial. he was publicly found guilty of treason. in this case, as we have been discussing this man was out in public representing north korea quite some time. all of a sudden basically disappeared with no trial. so we will be watching ow. as i say, no mention from north korean state media yet. >> cnn's kathy novak live in seoul. thank you, kathy. >> worth noting this is just the latest in a string of executions under kim jung-un's regime. now, a former top official who escaped pyongyang says, kim's you'll tee cruelty is so shocking it will eventually led to his demise and fall from power. >> that defector has spoken to
12:34 am
cnn's paula hancocks. >> a son grieves for his father and executes his closest aides. within two years of taking power, five of seven men with kim jung-un were fired or killed. according to this man, the highest level north korean official to defect in years that was just the beginning. we're hiding his identity and calling him mr. park to protect friend and family in pyongyang. in his first-ever interview he tells cnn, kim jung-un's cruelty is turning the elite against him. within three months of taking power, he says, kim jung-un had ruthlessly executed seven of his father's closest aides. and three generations of their families including the children. that was the beginning of his reign of terror. park worked closely with his father, former leader kim jung-il, himself considered a brutal dictator. while the father imprisoned his enemies, the son simply executes
12:35 am
them. hundred says park. they tremble in fear of him. their lil' tee is fake. they don't consider him human. his cruelty angers and shocks them. one reason he believes kim jung-of the n will lose power in three years. and increasing questions of legitimacy. many believe kim jung-un's mother was born in japan, an historical enemy of the dynasty. while kim highlighted his physical similarities to grandfather and founder of north korea, park doubts they ever met. there is not a single photo of kim jung-un and kim il-sun take in together. they's why some suspect, sun didn't recognize him. park speaks of little running electricity outside the capital. evidence of which i saw in north korea in 2013. but he also claims the country is running out of money.
12:36 am
he says he worked closely with kim jung-un's finances. plans for a chinese style open market soon dropped when it became clear, his reign could be in jeopardy. kim jung-un lost the support. he is focusing on areas we thing he's cannot fail, nuclear, military. south korean intelligence claims since coming to power, kim jung-un has been executing enemies, killing 15 this year. north korean sources tell cnn, it is baseless, malicious slander, and maintains it is normal for any country to go after hostile elements and pun, and execute them. >> all right. let's take a very short break. still to come another strong earth quake rattles nepal. this one killing people in at least three countries. we'll got a live update.
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and we are following this breaking news. amtrak passenger train has derailed in philadelphia. killing at least five people and sending 50 others to the hospital. the northeast regional train, 188 was heading from washington to new york. >> it is still early and still no in kags dication of what wen wrong. they do not suspect terrorism. the philadelphia mayor says a number of the cars are on their sides some have been ripped apart. this is what one passenger had to say. >> i felt like, kind of still feels look a dream. how could this happen? you read about things or see it on the news, like a plane crashes, a train derails. you never think it is going to happen to you. and it did. >> just a few hours away from sun up there in philadelphia. the ntsb investigation team, go team expected on the scene to
12:41 am
work out what went wrong. we are expecting a briefing from the officials there in seven hours, little more than that. the last update we had. latest information few hours away. >> hopefully learn more very soon. want to cover other global news. u.s. secretary of state, john kerry arrived in turkey where he will brief ukraine's foreign minister on his talks in sochi. allies are gathered for a meeting of nato foreign ministers. kerry underscored his call for all sides to honor the minsk cease-fire agreement. listen. >> this is an enormous moment of opportunity for the conflict there to -- to find a path of -- certainly and resolution. and we hope very, very much that -- president putin, russia, the separatists will come together to work with the government of ukraine to fully implement it and make progress.
12:42 am
>> mr. kerry met with vladamir putin and the foreign minister tuesday. kerry says cease-fire terms must be met before sanctions are rolled back. >> turning to nepal now where the country is being rattled by aftershocks from a 7.3 magnitude earthquake. the second quack to hke to hit n 17 days. killing 38 people. >> the u.s. military searching for a helicopter like this one here, huey, six marines and two nepalese soldiers on a relief mission in nepal when it went missing. the tuesday's quake, east of kathmandu. all are too afraid to return to their home. we get more from will ripley in kathmandu. >> reporter: the earth shakes. a mountain crumbles. sending rocks and rubble towards this village 30 miles north of
12:43 am
kathmandu. a red cross team from canada captured the scene. this 7.3 magnitude earth quake, the second catastrophic tremor to hit this mountainous nationen just over two weeks. this quake struck in the middle of the day sending frightened residents rushing into the streets. in parliament. law makers rushed through flee the chamber. >> all of the buildings emptied. hundred of people. moms, kids close to them, men, young kids pouring out of the buildings. a lot of confusion. a lot of real anxiety. a couple of gentlemen i watched running become into buildings to try to rescue people. >> reporter: some weakened buildings crumbles like toy blocks. the epicenter was east of kathmandu a. but the same distance from the capital as
12:44 am
april 25th quake which was west of the city. latest one occurred about 9.3 miles deep. which dampened the power of ate cording to u.s. geological survey. the previous quake more than five times stronger. it killed more than 8,000 people. and left thousand more homeless. >> really scared this time. this time it was very big. i was afraid what happened to my house or something. i was scared. a spokesman for the ministry. expects the number of did to sharply rise at searchers reach remote areas and find more newly collapsed buildings like this. people here in nepal were just starting to feel safe, just starting to feel like they could sleep therein home. now thousands back out on the streets sleeping in tents. living in fear of when the next aftershock may come. will ripley, cnn, kathmandu. nepal. and for more on the
12:45 am
situation, we want to bring in cnn's correspondent, she is live in new delhi. while live there in new delhi. you are from nepal. you know what is happening on the ground. talk to us about the fact that so many people have been living outdoors since the april 25th earthquake. so, now they have had this, this other one. now there are tremors. what does the future hold for these people? what are authorities doing, there, they can't remain out on the streets forever? >> they're too scared to go back into their home. though the authorities have put out a statement asking people to at least leave the road so that they can operate. people are still outside. even those who are after the april 25th earth quake said look i am simply tired of being scared. i am going to go back into my home. they're also now, outside, back,
12:46 am
living in their tents. and you know what makes the whole thing so frustrating, so difficult, so traumatizing for a lot of people, is that unlike a cyclone or tsunami an earthquake you can never predict. you didn't have a warning. these people. when we were there kept coming do you know of anything? have you tacklked to scientists experts. any way we can tell if we can go back into our homes? this is the thing. people don't know. and the aftershocks are continuing. relentless. even last night. and five, six. aftershocks. and some quite major. people are terrified, rosemary. right now, a lot of them are still living in tents. we mentioned the u.s. helicopter. involved in the aid motion there in nepal. it has gone missing. and they raise the possibility
12:47 am
it is -- a lost communication. talk to us about the efforts to try to track down that helicopter. and it is 600 personnel on the ground right now. and looking for the helicopter. and 5:00 a.m., four nepali helicopters. and two indian military choppers. two american ones as well. all serving this area, the district headquarters of the district which after the second earthquake, the authorities say is the worst affected. overnight they also sent ground troops to survey the area. they haven't found anything so far. the promising thing of course is that -- there is no signs of debris. no smoke, no fire. on the other hand, there is also no radioactivity coming from that helicopter. it could be because of the topography. incredibly mountness in the
12:48 am
area. been there quite a few times before. there are mountains everywhere. for helicopters to maneuver they have to go through the small ravines. incredibly difficult to maneuver. perhaps why they haven't been able to find anything so far. rosemary? >> bringing us up to date on the situation in nepal from her van page point in new delhi. >> go to our web site. there you can find information on reputable organizations providing relief. we'll be right back. so why treat your half mouth any differently? complete the job with listerine®. kill up to 99 percent of germs. and prevent plaque, early gum disease and bad breath.
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>> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. >> we go back to our breaking news out of philadelphia. at least five people are dead after an amtrak passenger train carrying 243 people derailed late tuesday. at least 50 people are hospitalized. sex with critical injuries. earlier the mayor described the crash site as unbelievable. >> we have three cars that are completely overturned. on their side. ripped apart. it is a devastating scene down
12:53 am
there. we walked the entire length of, of the train area. and, the engine completely separated from, from the rest of the train and one of the cars is -- is perpendicular to the rest of the cars. it is unbelievable. >> as we come up to 4:00 in the morning. this is the scene there, right now. 7:00 before 4:00 a.m. in philadelphia. of course there is no indication just yet of what caused the tran to leave the tracks. officials say it does not look like terrorism. officials from the national transportation safety board will be on the site at day break. >> the northeast regional train 188 was heading from washington to new york city when it crashed. amtrak has canceled all service on that route until further notice. >> ral eally is incredible to l at the mangled wreckage and how the train carriages have been ripped apart.
12:54 am
we know five people were killed. incredible to think the death toll is that low. it is sad those people have died. it could have been so much worse. shortly after the crash, several passengers spoke with cnn and describe what happened. >> they say the was chaos, people tossed around. train cars flipping on their sides and the sound of twisting metal. take a listen. >> sounded like we were going a little too fast around the curve. what it felt like. there was a jolt. immediately you could tell the train derailed. at laeseast i could. there was a wave of panic initi initially. i was thrown into the girl next to me sitting in the window street. the train started to tip that way to the right. and the people on the other side of the train started to fall on us. but some people must have fallen above me because somebody's calf hit me in the side of the head. so she must have landed in the
12:55 am
luggage rack above me. so i just held on to her leg. and the girl next to me sort of bowed my head. i was just kind of praying "please make it stop. please make it stop." >> i must have been six rows from the back of the train. just sitting, everything was normal. and then -- the major impact. and i guess by the time you come to your senses of what is happening i had been thrown on to the floor in the aisle. and it was just chaos. spinning around. the chairs are built to change direction when you get from one end to the other. so they call come loose. chairs were flying around. people were flying around. bags. pretty chaotic. >> the next thing you know the train starts doing 20 things. then it just gradually gets worse and worse. and just like chaos erupts. and things start flying.
12:56 am
phones, laptops, then people. seats. trays start flying. you hear bumping, and you hear like metal mangling. and you, you know what it happened so quickly. look you didn't even know what was going on. and the next thing i know, i look up and there is two people in the luggage rack above my head. two women got catapulted into the, and we, i don't even see it happen. and i didn't even know. >> terrifying details there from some of the passengers just incredible. of course when we are looking at those live pictures, i believe, from the scene. and you are watching cnn newsroom. i am rosemary church. >> i'm john vause. stay with us for viewers in the united states, a lot more on the amtrak crash on "early start." >> for the rest of you another edition of "cnn newsroom" begins after this commercial break. stay with us.
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>> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. breaking this morning -- a deadly amtrak train derailment in philadelphia. at least five people killed. more than 50 injured. investigators are on the scene, trying this morning, to figure out what went so wrong. we have live coverage on this big developing story ahead. good morning, everyone, welcome to "early start." i'm john berman. >> and i'm christine romans. it's 4:00 a.m. exactly in the east. breaking overnight, in philadelphia, five people, five people killed. officials say another 53


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