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tv   CNN International  CNN  May 17, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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>> how dangerous is this process? >> the room fills up with gas. corner of the building explodes. >> it's going tonight longest most stressful day probably yet. >> a serious set back for iraq as the key city of ramadi falls to isis. in the united states, a biker brawl in texas leaves nine people dead. and hear why nasa says this 10,000-year-old ice shelf may disappear in a few years. hello, everyone, i'm rosemary church. welcome to the viewers here her the united states and around the world. this is "cnn newsroom." thank you for joining us. we start in iraq where a major city has fallen to isis. after days of heavy fighting,
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the islamist militants seized control of ramadi. this video shows iraqi troops retreating from the area. ramadi is the capital of iraq's anbar province. until sunday one of the last cities still held by government forces there. ramadi sits just 110 kilometers west of baghdad. and a short time ago, journalist mitchell prothero told us the situation in ramadi reflects the dire state of iraq's military. take a listen. >> i'm not convinced there are many what we would say combat effective iraqi units available in that area at all. they lost three ridge meaegimen had been holding the country together. these giss ba guys have broken for it. shiaa militias, are two group of
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people that do not like or trust each other. and the shiaa militias have not shown ability to fight. they have done a good job defending areas from the islamic state but not successful at retaking sunni areas from the militant group. >> let's get more on this now. we want to turn to cnn's ian lee, he joins us live from cairo. so, ian, this is of course i huge victory for isis. clearly a massive set back for iraq. and the united states. we saw there iraqi forces retreating. they were elite forces in some instance as we heard. talk to us about how isis was able to take control of ramadi. >> rosemary the battle has been taking place since last june. unlike mosul where we saw iraqi security forces melt away. ramadi has been a constant battle between iraqi security forces and isis fighters. but this latest offensive by
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isis fighters saw suicide car bombs, followed by heavy push by troops, and we see in this video, in this video, this heavy fighting taking place. these bulldozers, armored bulldozers, packed with explosives, hitting the front lines. iraqi officials have said, almost nearly impossible to stop once you see these coming at you. and that's the advantage that isis has. they have been able to push out the iraqi security forces. we're hearing there are still pockets of resistance. within the city. but these people are fighting for their lives now. we know isis doesn't treat captives well. but leaving behind, know they have left armored vehicles, as well as the missiles behind really resupplying isis as well. this is a complete moral and propaganda victory for the militant organization. baghdad very concerned about it
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with ministry of defense falling for jihad to retake ramadi as we heard earlier. they're sending these shiite militias to take place. very controversial as we have seen in other parts of iraq. rights, abuses, taking place. they were able to take on isis and tikrit and push them out. although after a very intense slow battle there, secretary of state, john kerry also watching the situation. this its what he had to say in seoul. >> every single country in the region bar none is opposed to it and is engaged in fighting them. so i am confident about the longer road. yes there will be moments like yesterday in ramadi and there will be difficult challenges ahead. >> iraq's prime minister has criticized the united states saying they didn't get the air
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support they wanted. in the battle of ramadi. the united states saying they're going, they're, they are providing air support for the, to retake the city. when you look at a map, anbar province to the west of baghdad. ramadi the largest city there. it opens up a corridor from ramadi, and baghdad. isis isn't on the verge of taking baghdad. that is a very heavily fortified city. it does have iraqi officials concerned. rosemary. >> very important point to make there. given what we know so far. ian, how long is it likely to take iraqi forces and the militias you mentioned to recapture ramadi? >> well, when you look at the battles, previous battles, when iraqi forces and shiite militia in tikrit. there were talks it was going to fall within days. it really dragged on for weeks.
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and we are expecting that sort of same thing when they try to retake cities and anbar province. once you lose territory to isis, they are very skilled at roadside bombs, traps, making it very difficult to go in there, and, and get them out. and these are people willing to fight to the last man. which has slowed down iraqi troops in the past. and, when we see them going up against iraqi military, there really is no match there. so they do have to call in these shiite militias which are unpopular in these sunni predominant areas. mainly because of, rights abuses that we have seen in the past. so it is going to be very difficult for them to retake it. although with air support, and, with these militias, it is possible. but difficult. >> yeah, and will likely take some time. ian lee reporting there live from cairo. many thanks to you. well, isis is also raising concerns in the syrian city of
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one of the most important cultural centers of the ancient world. militants have been fighting syrian forces around the city. but a syrian official and monitoring group tell reuters that isis has now left the historic areas the group had seized. syria's antiquities chief says the city's ancient ruins were left unharmed. a five-day humanitarian cease-fire is over in yemen. and saudi-led air strikes have resumed. at least four districts in aden have been hit. the cease-fire between rebels and forces loyal to the ousted president mostly observed. but there were sporadic clashes. relief groups say five days were not enough to deliver aid to hundreds of thousands of people displaced by the fighting. well after an intense search over rugged terrain, the bodies
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of six u.s. marines and two nepali soldiers hatch been recovered. the helicopter crashed in a remote area last week during a rescue mission after the earthquake. the cause of the crash is under investigation. nick valencia spoke with the parents of the helicopter's pilot. >> when he stayed here and lived here this was his room. >> reporter: in a small bedroom in wichita, kansas, a big tribute. >> up above you've will see that, the bishop carol football stuff. >> star athlete in school. >> yeah, interesting thing. you will notice there is day bottle of rum up there. what was that all about? >> he was a good kid. but he was a kid. >> he loved life. lived it to the fullest. >> the parents of 31-year-old captain chris norgren one of six marines killed when a helicopter they were in crashed during
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humanitarian mission in nepal. >> he was good at whatever he decided to do. he was good at. >> and afghanistan war veteran, norgren led marine reservists into combat. >> look at all the people he has touched. every one of those were impressed by the kid. yeah, i'm proud. yeah, i'm his father. all that. but -- people need to know that he made a difference. and they can make a difference too. >> at 6'4", norgren looked like a tough guy. his heart was as big as his frame. so when asked to go to nepal to help with the recovery, he found his calling. >> be part of something that's bigger than you. then after you do that, that will help you get up every day and motivate you and get you going. and, you need to -- make that something better. and, and -- i troupe ltruly believe that.
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i know he lived by that. that's the reason he joined the marine corps. this kid, at 31 years of age, lived his life a lot fuller than i have in mine. and i am 60. >> for his parents his legacy is one to be proud of. but letting go is never easy. especially for mom. >> when he was deployed, i had two bands. a green one and a yellow one. and the last one was just, said, usmc forever. and the day that helicopter went down, i haven't been able to find it. it disappeared off my wrist. and -- i'm praying to good i can still find it. i'm not going to give up looking for the band. because it's here where chris is, and chris is with me. always. he is always with me. every day of my life. i love you, chris. thank you for being my son. i'm so blessed.
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>> nick valencia, cnn, wichita, kansas. >> that is a tough story to tell. >> police in waco, texas, are investigating a gunfight between several biker gangs which left at least nine people dead. another 17 people were injured in that shootout. police say they expected trouble when the gangs arrived at a restaurant sunday morning. officers were quickly on the scene. >> this morning, shortly after 12:00, our officers along with dps, dps intelligence, were working an event here at twin peaks. we had been made aware in the past few months of rival biker gangs, criminal biker gangs being here and causing issues. we have attempted to work with the local management of twin peaks to get that cutback to no avail. they have not been of much assistance to us. however we continue doing our part on gathering intelligence, apparently the management wanted them here. so we didn't have any say so on
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whether they could be here or not. >> police say officers did shoot some of the gang members, but no officers were injured. police are trying to determine what led to that shooting. >> burundi's president made his first public appearance sunday since a coup attempt. the president's announcement he would seek a third term, triggered a political crisis with near daily protests outside the capital. but the president did not address his re-election plans or the failed coup on sunday. instead he focused on the threat posed by islamist militants in somalia. take a listen. >> translator: we are very preoccupied by the well known attack. you know burundi has contributed. [ indiscernible ]
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the ajgenda is to put in place proactive measures to face the attacks that are a security risk to the citizens of burundi. >> a spokesman told reuters the president's remarks were dumbfounding and said the crisis in burundi was clearly domestic. >> amtrak is making changes after last week's deadly train derailment. and the fbi is looking closely at the train's windshield. later, the latest on the investigation coming up. >> plus could someone with a lap t top bring down a jetliner. experts weigh in after a cyberattacker's claims of taking over airplane controls. >> plus, "mad max" hits the big screen again. a behind the scenes look at the new chapter in the post apocalyptic classic. the network that monitors her health.
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vuse digital vapor cigarettes. designed and assembled in the usa, for a high quality vapor experience. vuse. for a perfect puff. first time. every time. >> welcome back, everyone. u.s. secretary of state john kerry has a strong message for north korea. while in south korea for a two-day trip. he met with the country's president and foreign minister
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earlier and said the united states commitment to south korea security and protection against the north is ironclad. he also said north korea will end up before the international criminal court if it continues with its nuclear weapons program and denying people their human rights. in just a few hours, amtrak will resume train service from philadelphia and new york. less than a week after one of its trains derailed killing eight people injuring more than 200 others. a service was held sunday at the site of the crash to honor the victims and survivors. amtrak has install nude speed c -- amtrak has installed new speed controls. and the fbi will look at the train's wind shield to see whether it was hit by an object
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before that crash. cnn's erin mcgloughlin reports from philadelphia. >> reporter: the mystery of amtrak 188 continues at the center of the investigation. a fist-sized marking on the windshield and the possibility before it derailed the train was hit by an unknown object. last week the conductor of the doomed amtrak train, told investigators she overheard brian bostian say the train had been struck by something. >> at this point we really want to chase this lead down. >> reporter: transportation officials are also investigating reports that minutes before the crash, other trains in the area were also hit by projectiles. the windshield of a septa commuter train was shattered as well as the windshield of an amtrak excella train. >> we were alarmed. we take the train often between d.c. and new york. it was frightening. >> reporter: philadelphia native howard brown says these reports
11:20 pm
do not surprise him. he says the police rarely patrol this area. and kids get into trouble on the tracks all the time. >> the junkies will go up here hoping they find debris or ref use they can sell in the scrap yard. the kids go up here. >> the kids out on the track that night throwing things at trains. not unusual at all. >> no. no. no. not unheard of. not unusual. not that they is accepted, but it's, it's actually believable that something of that nature could have happened. >> steps away from the crash site, brown shows us how easy it is to access the tracks. >> this is how easy this is. >> police car stops him. but. >> my point being. my point being they're not here if that accident didn't happen. >> we reached out to authorities for comment on the policing of the track. meanwhile the ntsb listened to
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all radio dispatches from trains in the area that night. they say there is nothing from bostian to suggest an object struck amtrak 188. >> a misunderstanding during a police car chase in cleveland ohio lead to a deadly conclusion for two suspects. and now, one of the police officers is on trial for their deaths. was it excessive force? a justified reaction to a threat? martin savage has the story. >> reporter: november 2012 when a couple in a car speeds away from an undercover cop their engine back fires. it triggers a police radio report of shots fired. and the chase is on. investigators say the pursuit involves as many as 62 police cars, speeds of 100 miles per hour. through the streets of cleveland. it ends in a hail of gunfire. killing two unarmed people.
11:22 pm
an investigation reveals a stunning 137 shots fired by 13 police officers. but only one, michael brelow on trial, charged with two counts of voluntary manslaughter. >> he is shooting repeatedly. he is shooting exsesi ing eing . >> he did what other cops didn't. he reloaded. when the car police were chasing, came to a halt, brelow is said to have jumped on the hood and fired 15 shots directly through the windshield. the prosecution believes those are the shots that killed 43-year-old timothy russell and 30-year-old melissa williams. brelow told investigator he's thought he and his partner were in danger believing the couple in the car were shooting saying "i have never been so afraid in my life. i thought my partner and i would be shot and that we were going to be killed." brelow went on, "at which point i drew my weapon and shot through the windshield at the suspects."
11:23 pm
recorded police radio traffic that night gives conflicting accounts. at one point, warning police about weapons. >> use caution. both are armed. >> while other officers on the radio report seeing no weapons. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: neither victim in the car had a gun. but defense attorneys say officer brelow had no way of knowing that at the time. telling the court he us wasn't drying to be rambo, he was just trying to survive. the car is in the hands of a judge who will render a verdict. and it is not the only police chase case. there are five other officers who have been charged with dereliction of duty. they're all expected to be tried together. later this summer. martin savage, cnn, cleveland. the fbi says a hacker claims to have taken over an airplane's
11:24 pm
engine controls and ordered it to climb. agents detained chris roberts last month after a tweet that discussed an aircraft cyberhack. it was already well known to investigators. cnn's u.s. justice correspondent, evan perez, explains. >> he said that he was able to hack air craft 15, between 15, 20 times, between, 2011 and 2014. and he says that one incident, where he was able to control at least one engine on the aircraft that he was flying on, and -- and caused this, the aircraft to make a lateral move. now, all of this is in this affidavit. we don't know whether or not any of this is accurate. the fbi is investigating. they haven't proved that he was able to pull this off. but we do know after the interview in april. after he got off a flight in syracuse. he tweeted that he was thinking of doing the same thing. and according to the fbi.
11:25 pm
they went and checked the aircraft on which he was traveling. and they found that there was some tampering done. i will give you a quick rundown. how he says, according to the fbi how he can do this. basically con tekting his laptop through an ethernet cable. to the box underneath his seat. that controls the in flight entertainment system. the system that we watch movies on. and music. and he says through that, that he was able to hack into the control systems for the aircraft. sunday, roberts tweeted he only wants to make planes safer. he also says the fbi has taken five years of his research and incorrectly condensed it. our aviation analyst, mary sciavo says she doesn't think roberts did what he says he did. take a listen. >> i personal low don't believe it happened the way the fellow
11:26 pm
thinks that it did. first if he was able to hack into engine controls or control the engine what would have happened. presumably during the cruising phase of fight where the autopilot was on. on most air crafts, pilots fly with auto pilot on all the time. any change of control of the engine, had he changed the engine would hatch caused the autopilot to go off and shown up as a mall function. and the pilots would write it up as squawk, or repair item in pilot log books. i don't think the engines were compromised. when you turn a plane you don't go side ways. you turn the plane, turns like, like a motorcycle in a banked curve. i don't think that really happened. >> and boeing has also cast doubt on chris roberts' claims. airbus has not commented. but preaviously said it had security measures in place. >> we'll take a very short break here. still to come, a look at what's in store for those left behind
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warm welcome back to our viewers here in the united states. of course all around the world. i'm rosemary church. we want to update you on the top stories right now. authorities in iraq say they are preparing to send forces to recapture the city of ramadi
11:31 pm
from isis. the militant group took control there sunday after days of fierce fighting. ramadi is the capital of iraq's anbar province. just 110 kilometers west of baghdad. saudi led coalition air strikes resumed in yemen. coalition and houthi rebels in yemen mostly observed a five-day cease-fire to allow humanitarian aid to come in. the u.n. estimates 450,000 yemenese have been forced out of their homes by that fighting. in the u.s., police in waco, texas, are investigating a gunfight between several biker gangs which left nine people dead and at least 16 others were injured in that shootout. police say they expected trouble when the gangs arrived at a restaurant sunday morning. no officers were injured. all right, let's turn back now to our top story. the fall of ramadi to isis fighters in iraq. huge groups of civilians have
11:32 pm
fled the city at times being caught in the cross fire there. and just a shrt tiort time ago, robert bear, described what those left behind will face under isis control. >> it will be a bloodbath over the next couple days. all the soldiers captured will be executed. there is quite a number of them in many districts. not just the military command center. this group is at once a military force. well-organized run by bathi officers, former bathi officers. they nknow what they're doing militarily. and they're also a terror group where they kill large numbers of people to cause, you know,ette neck clean -- ethnic cleansing if you like. i think ramadi is lost for a long time and other parts of al-anbar province as well. what's clear to me, isis is enduring. it will continue to endure. there will be no offensive on mosul this summer or this fall.
11:33 pm
>> bob baer talking to cnn earlier. for more on the situation in iraq, want to turn to will getties, managing director of international corporate protection and global security firm. he joins us via skype from london. thank you for joining us. so, will getties, we know this is a huge victory for isis of course. a massive set back for both iraq and the united states. but how long do you think isis is likely to control ramadi once those increased iraqi forces are sent back in along with militia. we did see of course that those forces iraqi forces fled under those particular circumstances. but if they regroup, reenergize, and return with the shiia militias what do you think the outcome will be. >> that's where the crux of the problem is going to be. reenergizing as you say, iraqi soldiers. and troops to actually go back in there. by all accounts, they were so
11:34 pm
badly decimated, certainly by isis and by their tactics, within ramadi. we have to remember isis has got a considerable history now of fighting in, what we call, built up areas. they are very, very good. now in their taking of ra madma they use tactics. they launch a number against the military command there in ramadi. so i think there is a number of different issues here. whether the iraqi soldiers have the stomach. and there is this discussion obviously about bringing tribal troops in to support. >> that is the big question. isn't it? we heard that iraqi -- the iraqi authorities were saying that they had needed more help from the u.s. in, in terms of air strikes. if they had received that added help do you think we would be talking about ramadi falling to
11:35 pm
isis now? >> no. we know that there were a number of air strikes by the coalition leading up to the weekend. when obviously isis managed to successfully achieve taking over ramadi. so those air strikes as we know are only going to be effective to a limited extent. they're ogood at cutting off resupply. quite good at taking out isis positions on open grouvenlnd. we know, we see. in different towns, isis has taken. soon as they take occupancy of another town. it become is a whole different final the only we that one can combat that is by sending ground troops in. the whole air strike issue then becomes, redundant. >> right. of course we are hearing two of the reports of pockets of resistance. what do you make of those reports? who are we talking about here? how risky and provocative is it to draw in the militias in the effort to recapture ramadi.
11:36 pm
>> as we know, a lot of tension between the sunni and shiaa something interesting will be the consolidation and getting together of troops in many respects. they'll be fighting common enemy. ultimately they have got to look at putting to one side. maybe some of their, very old grievances. and some of those are well-founded. one has to look at immediacy of the problem.solidate and group together. may take further ground. as you said in the leadup of the interview. isis now are taking ramadi. only approximately 17 miles away from baghdad. a key position. and this does present some very serious concerns moving forward. >> yeah, it certainly does. will geddes joining us from london. many thanks to you. >> well, e.u. ministers are beginning to arrive in brussels where they're set to meet in the coming hours.
11:37 pm
the mediterranean migration crisis is expected to top their agenda. some 400 migranted were take tune italy after being picked up off the libyan coast over the weekend. and the number of migrants arriving in the country is only expect to rise. senior international correspondent ben weiderman reports. >> arrive on the shores of italy, huddled masses of migrants, genring to be freed of war, of oppression, of poverty and hopelessness. the latest to arrive, 407 men, women, children, and babies, picked up off the libyan coast by a ship run by a search-and-rescue charity, so-called migrant offshore aid station or simply moas. a teacher came with his family of seven. his odyssey began four years ago
11:38 pm
and it isn't over yet. >> translator: i went to libya to get away from the war in syria he tells me. then war broke out in libya. my brother had a car workshop in benghazi, it was robbed. he lost everything. he hopes to join relatives in germany. from the ship, mohamed also from syria, says he paid $1,200 for the journey from libya. the 28-year-old fled his country to avoid open-ended military service. mandatory for every man and unmarried woman between the ages of 18 and 50. he hopes to find work in italy as a blacksmith. the number of migrants expected arrive in italy will probably increase every month until late autumn. as the numbers go up, it is expected that among ordinary
11:39 pm
italians, the milk of human kindness could go sour. from behind the fence, residents watch as the latest migrants disembark. some political parties in italy are calling for a crackdown on immigration. a teacher isn't opposed to immigration, but acknowledges it is a sensitive issue. >> translator: at this moment of christmas crisis in italy. it is a way to get support from part of population against immigration. for now, the milk of human kindness is plain to see. ben wiederman, cnn, italy. >> nearly two dozen cuban migrants are now in custody after they were rescued off the mexican coast in two separate incidents. mexico's navy took in two raflts
11:40 pm
sunday. one with ten migrants on board and another with 13 migrants. authorities are coordinating their return to cuba. thousand of macedonians want their prime minister out of office over a wiretapping scandal. protesters took to the streets of the country's capital sunday demanding his resignation. the opposition accuses the government of tightly controlling journalists and judges and conducting mass surveillance of more than 20,000 opponents and allies. the prime minister denies the allegations. this comes after last week's gun battles in the region that left eight police officers and 14 gunmen dead. authorities say the gunmen were part of a group planning attacks on government buildings. >> now to the middle east. where the issue of palestinian state hood was part of the unspoken back story. in new comments by israeli prime
11:41 pm
minister benjamin netanyahu. mr. netanyahu promised jerusalem would remany a united city under israeli authority. oren liebermann has more on the comments on what was a contentious day between israelis and palestinians. >> reporter: prime minister benjamin netanyahu jumped into the controversy with his first speech since he announced his government and since his cabinet was sworn in. he said in jerusalem that jerusalem will stay united under israeli authority. that of course is contentious because many in the international community see dividing jerusalem as a critical step in the two state solution in creating a capital in east jerusalem. knelt net didn netanyahu said jerusalem should stay united under israeli authority and remain open for worshippers of all religions. his speech comes on jerusalem day which in and of itself is a contentious day. israelis see it one way. palestinians another. for israeli the day jerusalem was united in 1967.
11:42 pm
for palestinians, the day that israel took over east jerusalem. at heart of tensions. marked by demonstrations and clashes normally. this time was no exception. thousands of nationalists joo s marched into the muslim quarter, carrying, waving israeli flags. clashes between police and protesters at the damascus gate, straight into the muslim quarter. a number of officers were injured and palestinians arrested. palestinians see this as an affront to what they hope is future capital. israelis marching, a symbolic affront to a two state solution at the heart of the tensions. net knelt netanyahu saying jerusalem will stay united under israeli authority. oren liebermann, cnn, jerusalem. >> no green screens or special effects. what went into the newest instaumei
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welcome back, everyone. the new "mad max fury road" opened in movie theaters over the weekend making more than $109 million worldwide. not bad kiddiconsidering the la movien the series came out 30 years ago. this installment, stars tom hardy and chalize theron and directed by the man who did the original. here's a look at what went into creating "fury road." we wanted to shoot in australia, in broken hill where we shot the other movies in the outback of australia. we were about to shoot, but it rained for the first time in 15 years, big time. so we had to move from the east coast of australia to namibia
11:47 pm
where it never rains. just spectacular landscape. literally has no trees. and -- and -- that was very, very interesting. it was very tuchough. isolated. out there every day in the heat, dust. in the winter it was cold in the mornings. gave us very, very powerful, gritty quality to the movie. everything felt real. there is no green screen or cg, and very little to speak of. and it just made it more authentic. i think that's what people are responding to. and just go back to one. so it is great. do another one there. >> the movie was done in a safe manner. but there were moments where -- i think the scariest moments for me were where when the crew would disappear. you know they would do the shots where the cameras were kind of blocked in, in the rig. but we were driving, you know, 50 miles an hour through the desert. the crew was hidden some where with monitors and kind of working the cameras from afar.
11:48 pm
you felt look you were in the world. you really felt like you weren't making a movie. and there was something about these vehicles, you know, just, pushing in on you. that, i mean i had noemenmomente i cannot believe they're letting me do this now. and nicholas holt was concerned. >> she was saying i got scared of something. >> i tried not to be scared outwardly. there are moments on the inside. this is scary. this isn't my day-to-day life, i stay at home watching tv. suddenly hanging underneath trucks and stuff like that. you are like this isn't obviously what i do every day. at the same time there is, i had an immense amount of trust. if they say it is safe. i am capable of doing it. and you have time. to shoot your stunt. offset. where you rehearse it before you try to do it in front of everyone.
11:49 pm
>> wow, pretty amazing stunts there. next hour, i sit down with kim serafin for all hollywood happenings and what we can expect from david letterman's last show, the "mad men" series finale and how "pitch perfect ii" hit all the right notes this weekend at the box office. >> coming up here on cnn -- one of the world's largest ice shelves that's been around 10,000 years could disappear before this decade is over. that's just ahead. out of 42 vehicles, based on 6 different criteria, why did a panel of 11 automotive experts, name the volkswagen golf motor trend's 2015 car of the year? we'll give you four good reasons. the volkswagen golf. starting at $19,295, there's an award-winning golf for everyone.
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welcome back, everyone. britain's prince harry says the army has done amazing things for him. and he is calling for a return to mandatory military service. the prince recently finished training in australia and has been touring new zealand. he says he would dread to think where he would be without the army. the u.k. imposed military conscription during world war ii and it was extended until 1960. interesting to see how well that is received.
11:54 pm
>> well nasa is reporting one of antarctica's giant ice shelves will be gone in the decade. the disintegration of the 10,000-year-old ice shelf, is blamed on climate change. scientists say the shelf hold back glaciers. without it global sea levels will rise faster. they note that what's most surprising is how quickly the changes are happening. >> we want to get more on this because it is quite terrifying really. and here, looking closely at this. we are looking at 2020. but how bad will it be? what are people likely to see in terms of sea levels rising? >> sea levels on the rise of 5 meters, upwards of 15 to 20 feet by 2100. over the next couple years. gradual for some areas. take a look at what they're finding. keep in mind that 75% of our freshwater supply in the world is locked up in glaciers.
11:55 pm
vast majority around antarctica. if you release this into the water you will see sea level rise. with the ice shelves and glaciers reflect the sun's energy back up. not able to heat up the ocean as readily as if it, when it was melted. the concern across the region. show you what we are talking about. we talk about glaciers and also ice shelves. what we have here across portions of antarctica, 75% of the freshwater supply there locked in glaciers. generally land-based. what is hanging out over the open water, an ice shelf. significant one to deplete and melt over portions of antarctica. if that happens. the ice shelf will not add on to the water supply. water volume was there. thinking about ice cubes, cup of water. melt that. water level does not go up. if the ice shelf is on the move. additional ice from the glacier removes itself from the land. falls into the water. when the water levels begin to go on the increase there in the coming couple years. take you to the bottom of the
11:56 pm
planet. rosie telling you about larson b. larson a melted in 1995. larsenc., larger ice shelf, bottom of the screen, that one beginning to show signs weakening, thinning. larsen, b, 11,500 kilometers, the size of qatar, back in 1995 or u.s. state of connecticut, watching this from the united states. and this is now melted ten times its size. from the size of a u.s. state to a dt noot now. as this happens glaciers displaced into the waters. sea level on the rise. it is happening more quickly. not getting reports that things are slowing down. exact opposite. frightening. >> at the same time we have climate change sceptics. >> absolutely. always going to be there. nasa doesn't lie. >> exactly. all right. many thanks, pedram. appreciate it. you have been watching "cnn newsroom." i'm rosemary church.
11:57 pm
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