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tv   CNN International  CNN  May 18, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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after the terror group seizes control of a strategic city in iraq. >> plus a deadly shootout between rival biker gangs in the u.s. state of texas. >> several u.s. marines are rushed to the hospital after their helicopter makes a hard landing in hawaii. >> hello, welcome to our viewers here in the united states and all around the world. i'm rosemary church. >> i'm errol barnett. good to be with you, rosie. back together. this is "cnn newsroom." we want to begin this hour with a huge development in iraq. isis fighters there have taken control of the city of ramadi. >> the city fell after days of heavy fighting. ramadi is the capital of iraq's anbar province. one of the last remaining cities in the province that was still under government control. now this is footage of iraqi
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soldiers pulling out as the city fell. >> large groups of civilians fled ramadi as last troops pulled out as you see here. iraqi officials estimate 500 people died in the final clashes before city fell. >> want to get more on this and the very latest on the isis advance. let's turn to ian lee he joins us live from cairo. ian we have been talking about the huge victory for isis. clearly a massive set back for iraq and the u.s. we have seen the retreating iraqi forces there. but talk to us about how isis was able to take control of ramadi. >> well, rosemary, the battle for ramadi has been taking place for quite some time. since last june, actually. and it has been some very fierce fighting as we have seen. 500 people have been killed during the last clashes. and so, it was a very difficult
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battle. we know from iraqi government officials, that they used armored bulldozers packed with explosives to hit the front lines. exploding, really putting the iraqi security forces on their heels. they exploited that area. and they were able to make the final offensive to push them out. i should draw the contrast to mosul. iraqi security forces melt away in the presence. they were able to hold on for quite some time. hearing there are pockets of resistance still inside, ramadi, iraqi security forces fighting till the last man. we know isis doesn't treat their captives very well. what they left behind is significant. heavy weapons. missiles. armor. really resupplying isis as they go. pushing in. we know there is thousand of people, civilians have fled the fighting. and this opens up a corridor that, isis now has, in the
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western anbar province from ramadi, leading to the outskirts of baghdad. also need to note baghdad isn't under threat. a very heavily fortified city. it does have iraqi officials concerned as well as american official. u.s. secretary of state, john kerry talked about the fight in ramadi. take a listen. >> every single country in the region. bar none is opposed to dash and is engaged in fighting them. so i am confident about the longer road. but, yes, there will be moments like yesterday in ramadi. and there will be some difficult challenges ahead. >> difficult challenges definitely. this was a huge moral and political victory for isis. they had lost tikrit recently. this is a big gain for them. it is going to be difficult, the
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iraqi government has called the shiite militias to help retake ramadi. this is very controversial. as they have a poor track record in retaking areas that are predominantly sunni, allegations of rights abuses have taken place. against these civilian areas. so it was controversial to send them into a sunni area. these are the only forces able to fight isis and push them back, rosemary. >> ian lee, many thanks to you. reporting there live from cairo. we are joined from d.c., a counter terrorism expert. and senior fellow. first, curious what do you make of iraqi forces reportedly running out of ammunition and fleeing ramadi despite the prime minister's call for them to stay and fight this out. >> we have to see about the reports of them running out of ammunition.
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something which has been circulating but isn't verified yet. the fact that they fled is undeniable. that is something which happened before. the fight against isis. and if you do it to low morale among the troops. and what isis does. they capture soldiers. from dehebeheadings and burn th alive if they take captive. >> the pentagon is saying late sunday. ramadi is a fluid situation. the u.s. is preparred to back up iraqi fors if they decide to retake the town again. at 60 miles from baghdad. iraqi forces will have to retake the town from isis, correct? >> certainly. it is going to be at the very top of the places that iraqi forces are going to try to retake. isis has control of the, the majority of anbar province. virtually all anbar province at this time. which is a terrible situation for coalition fors to be in.
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given the proximity to baghdad as you said. certainly seems like it will be one of the first targets. given that, since the -- the, awakening or the movement began in ramadi, a relatively new conquest. difficult for yes to hold it. >> what do you make of the prime minister's strategy now to allow militias to fight in this predominantly sunni city. that itself comes with risks. >> it certainly comes with risks. right now given they're in a terrible situation. it makes sense to bring shiaa militias in, though it is going to be seen as a force that isn't of the local population. what should have been done months ago, the iraqi government or if the iraqi government wouldn't do it. the united states. should have made sure the sunni tribes in the ramadi area were getting arms, ammunition, getting the kind of supplies they would need to hold out against the siege, isis imposed
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upon the city. they did not get those. they were defen ependent on the government. they wanted sunni tribes to receive the arms. there was a plan to set up iraqi national guard. a plan that would take a long time. the tribes part of the anti-al qaeda uprising in the 2007, 209 period of. never got the armdz, ammunition, thought they were going to get. fran li frankly it was a miracle that ramadi held off as long as it did. fought off forces, seven, more times, as much as the defenders of the city. >> just in my last moment with you. i want to get a sense of where you think the everall fight against isis stands now. late last week you had that ground raid in syria which killed a key isis figure. according to the u.s. unclear how critical that was though. overall where do we put the status of the fight against isis. are gains being made or not so much? >> i think gains are being made. overall, isis on a trajectory
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weakening since october. until this most recent capture of ramadi, they weren't able to keep and hold territory. we don't know if they will hold ra madd ramadi. losing sa plupply lines. and routes they depend on. and losing large numbers of foreign fighters they depend on. at the same time. a week of isis is dangerous. fall of ramadi is a powerful testament to that as well as the awful revenge killings we are seeing. >> sobering assessment there. and senior fellfellow, thank yor your inseeing tight today from >> a five day humanitarian cease-fire over in yemen. saudi-led air strikes have resumed. at least four districts in aden have been hit. >> the cease-fire was mostly observed. but there were sporadic clashes.
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relief groups say five days were not enough to deliver aid to hundreds of thousands of people, displaced by houthi rebels. >> back in the united states, a gunfight erupted between several rival biker gangs in the u.s. city of waco, texas sunday. >> when all said and done. nine people were killed. reportedly more than 100 weapons recovered there at the scene. we get more now from gabrielle rojas from the cnn affiliate. >> my nearly 35 years of law enforcement experience. this is the most violent and most gruesome scene i have dealt with. >> reporter: police sergeant w. patrick swanton, said his department feared something look this could happen. for two months officers responded to the twin peak restaurants to break up fights. today as many as five separate groups converged close to 200 members in one place. may have been an argument over a
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parking spot that started it all. >> started in the bathroom. with likely a push, shove or somebody looking at somebody wrong. >> police anticipated the violence. members of the s.w. tashgs t. team were monitoring the restaurant and quickly moved in when they heard gunshots. the sergeant send it isn't clear if any of the dead were hit by officers or rival gang members. >> we have been getting reports throughout the day that bikers from out the state are headed this way. we would encourage them not to. because we have plenty of space in our county jail to put them there. >> that was gabrille rojas with our affiliate. some customers, employees inside twin peaks restaurant at the time of the shooting, hid inside a freezer. >> it was really, really scary. we didn't know if somebody was going to come back. they said people outside the doors had guns. it was scary. i am still skaercared. never been around anything like this.
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it's crazy. >> at least 17 people were also reported injured. police are still trying to deter men what led to that shooting. >> a u.s. marine has died after a military air craft made a hard landing at an air force base in hawaii on sunday. the other 21 marines on board were taken to hospitals to be checked out and treated. the extent of their injuries is not yet known. >> we just got the video showing the moments after the aircraft hit the ground yuflt c, you can flames and thick smoke. marines were doing routine training when the incident happened. an investigation is under way. >> the bodies of eight soldiers who died when a u.s. marine helicopter crashed in nepal last week have now been recovered. the six marines and two nepalese soldiers were on a mission to evacuate the wounded from the earth quake zone. >> among the dead. captain dustin lucacevic, a pilot and aviation officer,
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sergeant eric seamin. >> corporate jugg of arizona, capturing images of the relief efforts. and captain chris norgren was the pilot. our nick valencia spoke to his parents. >> he stayed here and lived here. this was his room. >> reporter: in a small bedroom in wichita, kansas, a big tribute. >> up above you've will see
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that, the bishop carol football stuff. >> star athlete in school. >> yeah, interesting thing. you will notice there is day bottle of rum up there. what was that all about? >> he was a good kid. but he was a kid. >> he loved life. lived it to the fullest. >> the parents of 31-year-old captain chris norgren one of six marines killed when a helicopter they were in crashed during humanitarian mission in nepal. >> he was good at whatever he decided to do. he was good at. >> and afghanistan war veteran, norgren led marine reservists into combat. >> look at all the people he has touched. every one of those were impressed by the kid. yeah, i'm proud. yeah, i'm his father. all that. but -- people need to know that he made a difference. and they can make a difference too. >> at 6'4", norgren looked like a tough guy. his heart was as big as his frame. so when asked to go to nepal to help with the recovery, he found his calling. >> be part of something that's bigger than you. then after you do that, that will help you get up every day and motivate you and get you going. and, you need to -- make that something better. and, and --
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i truly believe that. i know he lived by that. that's the reason he joined the marine corps. this kid, at 31 years of age, lived his life a lot fuller than i have in mine. and i am 60. >> for his parents his legacy is one to be proud of. but letting go is never easy. especially for mom. >> when he was deployed, i had two bands. a green one and a yellow one. and the last one was just, said, usmc forever. and the day that helicopter went down, i haven't been able to find it. it disappeared off my wrist. and -- i'm praying to good i can still find it. i'm not going to give up looking for the band. because it's here where chris is, and chris is with me. always. he is always with me. every day of my life. i love you, chris. thank you for being my son. i'm so blessed. >> nick valencia, cnn, wichita, kansas.
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such strength for them to allow cnn into their homes and to share the story as well. >> such a heartbreaking story. we hope she find that band. it has so much significance for her. >> mr. neore news to come. jerusalem day turned violent in israel. what caused marshals to start throwing punches and rocks. >> plus the religious and political importance of the two women, pope francis just canonized. we're back in a moment. don't just visit orlando
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welcome back. two 19th century palestinian nuns were given sainthood sunday after pope franciscan nonized the two women. >> but it is another decision the pope announced during the ceremony that has israel upset. oren liebermann has more. >> reporter: a very special day for palestinians and christians as pope francis canonizes two
12:21 am
saints, in modern times, since the early days of christianity. that made it a day of celebration, day of awakening and awareness. very few christians, make up 2% of the population. this wreck og nrecognition and a very special day for them. pope francis made it a little political day when the vatican would recognize the state of palestinian. that didn't go over well with israelis. the foreign ministry is disappointed with the decision. they say that encourages unilateral action from the palestinians instead of bilateral. creating a fine solution, two state solution and viable palestinian state. however palestinians i have spoken with say they're frustrated by lack of progress in peace talks and see this as perhaps the best way maybe the only way to create any real progress. that all comes on this very special day for palestinians, for christians here in the holyland. with the canonization of the two
12:22 am
saints. oren liebermann, jerusalem. >> the issue of palestinian statehood was part of the unspoken back story in new comments by israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. in his first speech since announcing his new government, mr. netanyahu promised jerusalem would remain a united city under israeli authority. >> translator: we need to say clearly jerusalem was always the capital city of only the jewish people and no other nation. here began our way as a people. this is our home and here we will remain. >> sunday marked the day israelis call jerusalem day. and clashes broke out between palestinian protesters, israeli demonstrators and police. israeli police say six palestinians were arrested for throwing stones and attacking officers. police estimate 30,000 israelis marched through east jerusalem's muslim quarter to the western
12:23 am
wall to commemorate israel's capture of east jerusalem from jordan in 1967. thousand of macedonians want their prime minister out of office over a wiretapping scandal. protesters took to the streets of the country's capital sunday demanding his resignation. the opposition accuses the government of tooit tigighty cog journalists, and judges and mass surveillance. the prime minister denies allegations. this all comes after last week's gun battles that left eight police officers and 14 gunmen dead. authorities say the gunmen were part of a group planning attacks on government buildings. >> burundi's president made his first public appearance sunday since a coup attempt. his announcement that he would seek a third term triggered a political crisis with near daily protests outside the capital.
12:24 am
but the president didn't address his re-election plans or the failed coup. instead warned of the threat posed by islamist militants in somalia. more than 105,000 have fled to neighboring countries including tanzania and rwanda. >> e.u. ministers are meeting in brussels and the mediterranean migration crisis to top the j n agenda. our senior international correspondent, ben weideman joins us with more on this. >> the social, political situations migrants are fleeing won't change any time soon. so you wonder how european nations might adapt to what really is a new reality. >> yes, errol, the e.u. defense and foreign ministers are meeting in brussels to discuss ways to deal with this crisis which has been building for several years now. they're looking at the possibility of, for instance of
12:25 am
some sort of military action against the human traffickers. against the, the boats, the ships, they used. but you know when you go and you speak with the people who are fleeing to europe. it's quickly apparent, obvious, that they're not fleeing because of the services. so to speak. provided by the human traffickers. >> reporter: they arrive on the shores of italy, huddled masses of ethiopians, sudanese, and others, yearning to be free of oppression, poverty, war, hopelessness. the latest to arrive, 407, men, women, children and babies. picked up off the libyan coast by a ship run by a search-and-rescue charity, so-called migrant offshore aid station or simply moas. a teacher came with his family of seven. his odyssey began four years ago
12:26 am
and it isn't over yet. >> translator: i went to libya to get away from the war in syria he tells me. then war broke out in libya. my brother had a car workshop in benghazi, it was robbed. he lost everything. he hopes to join relatives in germany. from the ship, mohamed also from syria, says he paid $1,200 for the journey from libya. the 28-year-old fled his country to avoid open-ended military service. mandatory for every man and unmarried woman between the ages of 18 and 50. he hopes to find work in italy as a blacksmith. the number of migrants expected arrive in italy will probably increase every month until late
12:27 am
autumn. as the numbers go up, it is expected that among ordinary italians, the milk of human kindness could go sour. from behind the fence, residents watch as the latest migrants disembark. some political parties in italy are calling for a crackdown on immigration. a teacher isn't opposed to immigration, but acknowledges it is a sensitive issue. >> translator: at this moment of crisis in italy. it is a way to get support from part of population against immigration. for now, the milk of human kindness is plain to see. ben wedeman, cnn, italy. >> now, errol, when you go back to before, when the eu ministers are looking at the possibility of military action against the ships that bring the migrants to
12:28 am
europe, what's important is to realize at the moment increasingly the smugglers are not using ships at all. they're using rubber dinghies with the weakest possible motors, they essentially assign just one person with a hand held compass to go in one direction. towards europe. so these aren't boats that it is worth attacking. so, really the eu ministers have something of a conundrum on their hands because the only real solution to this crisis is to resolve problems, crises brewing for years, syrian uprising, the situation in somalia, the situation in eritrea where everyone has to do open-ended military service. these are problems eu ministers by themselves cannot resolve. errol. >> it is unfortunate to see the politicization of such a big and
12:29 am
complex issue. there is no one simple quick fix. our ben wedeman live for us in rome this morning. ben, thanks. >> we will take a very quick break right now. still to come the fbi will look closely at the windshield of an amtrak train that derailed last week. killing eight people. the latest on the investigation that's coming up.
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s you are watching "cnn newsroom." thank you for staying with us. i'm errol barnett. >> i'm rosemary church. we want to check the headlines.
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isis forces have taken over the key iraqi city of ramadi. it fell after days of brutal fighting. ramadi is the capital of iraq's vast anbar province and was one of the last cities in the province still under government control. iraqi authorities have vowed to retake the city. >> a five-day humanitarian cease-fire in yemen is over. the saudi led coalition resumed air strikes sunday in aden. despite sporadic clashes the cease-fire between the houthi rebels was mostly observed. >> in the united states, police in waco, texas are investigating a gunfight between several biker gangs which left nine people dead. 16 others were injured in the shootout. police say they expected trouble when the gangs arrived at ape restaurant sunday morning. no officers were injured. >> u.s. marine has died after a military aircraft made a hard
12:34 am
landing in an air force base in hawaii sunday. 21 other marines on board were take tune hospitals to be checked out and treated the marine corps said the incident happened during routine training. the investigation is now under way. >> we want to return now to our lead story, the fall of ramadi to isis fighters in iraq. ramadi of course the capital of iraq's anbar province. we are joined now by skype by mohamed hamar, an adviser to anbar's governor. thank you, sir, for talking with us. can we get an idea. do you know what is happening in ramadi right now on the ground and what is happening to those people who weren't able to get out in time? and also to any of the soldiers who were captured by isis? >> isis have taken over most of the city. so the city symbolically has fallen into the hand of isis. they have taken over the government compound which has
12:35 am
stood for a year and a half now. there are fierce battles taking place in neighborhood in the city. and, popular mobilization units have been ordered by the prime minister to move into anbar and they have been mobilized. we're not disclosing exact locations or, or what is happening on the ground for security reasons. we are witnessing a humanitarian crisis, many people are fleeing the city towards baghdad and other safe areas in anbar itself. we are extremely concerned about massacres that, that we think will be committed by isis. on the first day that isis took over, they executed a 3-year-old girl whose father was fighting against isis. and he later died in battle. >> of course, i mean, it is just tore r
12:36 am
horrendous and horrifying when you hear details like this. looking at the situation, we know the iraqi security forces and sunni tribes had been fighting hard. but we saw, we are looking at the pictures now of those iraqi forces fleeing the scene. so it, it begs the question -- how prepared are iraqi forces to go up against isis. and also, when you look at the sunni tribes there is anyone in the area able to do this. and we are hearing talk now of the militias being brought into the fold. what are the likely ramifications of that? >> you know, the forces that are coming in, the popular mobilization units are not militias any more, they're an official body established according to the laws now in iraq. and they report directly to the prime minister. the governor made the position very clear that any iraqi who wishes to defend iraq is welcome to do so provided they're
12:37 am
fighting under the iraqi banner and under the command and control of the iraqi official security forces. so this is the, this is not a major concern. the concern is about any negative practices which i believe, the governor believe will be monitored closely. as far as the tribal fighters as you probably know, anbar was the first province to see it coming in in january of last year they have fought very hard for a year and a half. we have asked many times for more support to the tribal fighters in terms of training and weapons. and they're coming in with great numbers after the fall of tikrit after they lost the battle in tikrit also in from syria. they're incredibly well trained. and they have very heavy weapons. and they also, many of them have come to die as suicide bombers. now they're using construction equipment, armored, such as bulldozers, that's what they have used actually at the
12:38 am
compound. so even though ramadi has fallen. there are other cities in anbar that are still standing and we believe that the next few days are going to see victories against, against as for reinforcements come in. and more coordination with the international coalition. >> in reality how likely is it you will see victory. among the forces that were fleeing the scene there, in ramadi, were elite forces. so if elite forces don't feel they're capable to go up against isis, then who is on the ground. >> there is a lot of talk here among iraqi officials including central government to determine exactly what happened with the forces that you see retreating. and i think we will, learn more about -- who gave the orders and
12:39 am
what happened and so forth. but as far as isis, no one here believes that isis can survive. and i believe that anbaris will fight isis. and as better coordination with the international coalition, better air strikes continue. you will see victories taking place and also with the involvement of the popular mobilization units. >> clearly the hope is that the world will see these victories. the concern is that that may not occur. but let's talk about that, that civilian population on the ground. because they were seen trying to flee on a just a single bridge. what is going to happen to those people who weren't able to get out? in time?
12:40 am
>> that single bridge is called zavas's bridge. the only bridge they can cross from anbar to baghdad. we estimate anywhere between 6,000 to 8,000 internally displaced persons have fled the city towards the bridge and other areas. we, we don't want to create a panic amongst the local population. but we do anticipate massacres will be committed against any one who was perceived to have been working with the security forces or fighting against them. we have contacted humanitarian aid organizations to coordinate the humanitarian effort. i know that the red cross is very active in delivering aid to -- to safe havens want province. and also we have -- contacted different, you know, the united nations, and different agencies to make sure that -- that people
12:41 am
in other areas also receive help. obviously we want all of the support that we can get to save the population that were not able to leave. yesterday there was a huge convoy with families and children. women and children. and it did make it safely to a location in anbar with the support of the iraqi air force and the, the international coalition. >> clearly a serious situation there on the ground. particularly for civilians left behind in ramadi. we will watch this very closely. thank you so much for talking with us, anbar government spokesman, mohamed hamar talking to us there. we do appreciate you bringing us up to date on the situation. >> all right, still to come, amtrak making changes now after last week's deadly train derailment. the fbi looking closely at the train's windshield. we'll bring you the latest on the investigation next. if your purse is starting to
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in just a few hours, amtrak will resume train service from philadelphia and new york. the company spent the weekend installing speed controls on the section of track where one of the trains derailed last week. killing eight people. the fbi will look at the train's windshield to see whether it was hit by an object before that crash. cnn's erin mcgloughlin reports from philadelphia. >> reporter: the mystery of amtrak 188 continues at the center of the investigation. a fist-sized marking on the windshield and the possibility before it derailed the train was hit by an unknown object. last week the conductor of the doomed amtrak train, told investigators she overheard brian bostian say the train had been struck by something. >> at this point we really want to chase this lead down. >> reporter: transportation
12:46 am
officials are also investigating reports that minutes before the crash, other trains in the area were also hit by projectiles. the windshield of a septa commuter train was shattered as was the passenger window of an amtrak excella train. >> we were definitely alarmed. we never heard that sound on a train. we take the train often between d.c. and new york. it was frightening. >> reporter: philadelphia native howard brown says these reports do not surprise him. he says the police rarely patrol this area. and kids get into trouble on the tracks all the time. >> the junkies will go up here hoping they find debris or ref use they can sell in the scrap yard. the kids go up here. >> the kids out on the track that night throwing things at trains. not unusual at all. >> no. no. no. not unheard of. not unusual. not that they is accepted, but
12:47 am
it's, it's actually believable that something of that nature could have happened. >> steps away from the crash site, brown shows us how easy it is to access the tracks. >> this is how easy this is. >> police car stops him. but. >> my point being. my point being they're not here if that accident didn't happen. >> we reached out to authorities for comment on the policing of the track. meanwhile the ntsb listened to all radio dispatches from trains in the area that night. they say there is nothing from bostian to suggest an object struck amtrak 188. >> we will take a very short break right now. still to come, rapper kanye west closed out the billboard muse ache ward. most people watching couldn't hear his performance. we'll explain why next.
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u.s. pop singer taylor swift dominated this year's billboard music award. she won eight sunday night including top artist.
12:52 am
she also won for top female artist. and top billboard 200 album. >> well done. rapper kanye west closed the award show but was booed performing his single all day. the audience could barely see hem because of the pyrotechnics. and most of his set was censored because of the profane lyrics. you will see his performance went silent on the broadcast for several second. just hang in here. ♪ watch what they say to me ♪ ♪ [ no audio ] ♪ ♪ >> so that blank space there was part of the performance they had to bleep out so much of it.
12:53 am
viewers at home heard what you heard. >> that's right. doesn't make for great tv. >> not at all. now we have done it again. a couple farewells in the entertainment world, david letterman's final episode after 33 year run onair to "mad men's" finale. >> kim serafin at "in touch weekly" catches you up with all the good-byes and more if i spo spoke to her. kim serafin, thank you for joining us. david letterman has his final show wednesday this week. what can we expect that night in terms of guests and possible surprises, perhaps, want to talk about his legacy as well as he bows out? >> yeah, just really the end of an era. seems cliche to say. clearly with david letterman the end of the late night talk show, as we knew it. leno gone now. a whole new crop of people, younger people, people doing segments that are built for youtube viewing and internet
12:54 am
viewing. obviously david letterman, some one who created the late night talk show in so many ways. different than johnny carson. similar to johnny carson. think what he created, top ten list, stupid pet tricks. throwing things off the roof of buildings. just really a staple in so many people's lives for so long. and that's why you are seeing amazing ges come on. bill murray his final guest. lot of surprises for the final show. just all the guests leading up, george clooney handcuffed himself to david letterman on the show last week he didn't want him to leave. i think that really is the sentiment so many people have. >> yeah, going to be interesting watching that. of course talking final shows, "mad men" just finished. so a sad day of course for all those fans out there. let's look at the show's huge cultural impact. and why it is ending now. >> oh, yeah, you know, raise your hand if you spent the weekend watching the amc marathon of "mad men." because if you turned it on, on,
12:55 am
whenever it started friday, thursday, just you could not tear your self away from it. watching what this show really accomplished. and what really we saw throughout the entirety of the show. watching the civil rights movement, changes in, with women, what people think, thought about women, working, smoking. so just really, just the change in attitude over the decades. something that had such a cultural impact. plus you just say don draper, there are so many things you can think and say, about jon hamm and the stars the show created. really had such an impact. very sad for all of us huge fans to see this go. >> it will leave a big hole for all the fans indeed. just finally, "pitch perfect 2" beat "mad max" at the box office. with a surprise 70.3 million dollar hole. did anyone see that coming? >> no. i mean it definitely exceeded expectations. people thought it would do well. first "pitch perfect" did well
12:56 am
and created a huge following of people who love this movie. but 70 million. this is more than the initial "pitch perfect" made in its entirety at domestic box office. opening weekend it made more. $70 million. this is huge. elizabeth banks directed this. this was an amazing thing for her. produced the first one. directed this one. and this just ensures pretty much there will be a "pitch perfect 3." clearly people love this. really crosses demographics. wasn't young girls and women who want to see this. teased this during the super bowl. they knew there would be other people turning out not just the female demographic. >> indeed. you are right on the point. kim serafin, joining us from "in touch weekly" appreciate it. awe thank you so much. >> you have been watching "cnn newsroom." i'm rosemary church. >> i'm errol barnett. the news continues right after this. have a great day. >> have a great day.
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