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tv   New Day  CNN  May 18, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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estoring full service this morning six dis after that derailment in philadelphia that killed eight people and injured more than 200. the bad news the railways are still not up to snuff. we are staying who is responsible. we have information next and we will be tracking these first rail journeys since the accident. >> the exact cause of last week's deadly crash is unknown. the fbi is damaging the windshield after the engineer told the ntsb something struck it before the crash. we have this story covered from every angle. alexander field is waiting for the first amtrak train to arrive and leave from philadelphia's 30th street station. what are you seeing alexandra? >> hey, good morning, alisyn commuters are here they're ready to go. they were visited first by philadelphia's mayor, mayor nutter. he came out to the station. he said he wanted to greet these passengers on the first trip to philadelphia to new york. it's been a week now. he wants to let people know this is perfectly safe.
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amtrak has been out there doing repairs. he says he has to be in philadelphia today. he has no plans to travel to new york city but if he were traveling to new york city he would be taking this train along with everybody else. they pull into the station here in a few minutes. they say they can make other arrangements trying to roll with it either driving to computes in newark new jersey everyone is feeling relieved today. we know extensive work has been done to repair the track. amtrak tells us 300 crews worked over the course of the weekend to make the repairs necessary, including activating those speed control measures that have been ordered. so commuters taking that first trip back to new york in just a few minutes. chris. >> all right. we will be tracking the timeliness and integrity of the system. what kind of safety measures are put in place? now, specific to train 180, fbi
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investigators just joined the ntsb and local authorities on the scene of the crash to examine this train's windshield. cnn erin mclaughlin is picking up that story. what do we know? >> reporter: good morning. chris. the mystery of amtrak 188 continues to deepen. today the fbi is expected to take a look at a circular marking on the left-hand side of the train's windshield as the ntsb continues to investigate the possibility the train was struck by some sort of projectile prior to the crash. but there are new doubts about information from the train's conductor. she had told investigators that prior to the crash, she thought she heard 32-year-old train engineer brandon bostian tell the radio dispatcher amtrak 188 has been struck. she says they evaluated all radio dispatches and there is nothing to suggest that.
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meanwhile, new information from the train's black box, investigators say the data shows bostian manually pushed the train throttle forward, which could have led to that deadly acceleration that caused the crash. the question remains why? alisyn. >> thank you so much for all that background. let's bring in mary schiavo, the department of transportation and cnn aviation analyst. good morning mary. >> good morning. >> mary can you explain this connection? if this train was struck by a projectile why would it accelerate twice the double limit? >> the only way to explain sit if the engineer was distracted by whatever struck the train, if it was very loud if he thought the wend shield was shattering and maybe dove or accidentally pulled it forward as he got out of the way. that's unfortunately a question
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that only he will be able to answer since it's not on the information from the black box, it could explain an engineer distraction and allowing the train to go so fast at such a deadly speed into the curve. >> so that theory is maybe he was so rattled by something striking the windshield. one theory is it was a bullet. maybe he was trying to get out of there quickly? >> exactly. people don't realize, it's utterly ridiculous this goes on. this kind of thing, throwing rocks at shooting at vandalizing train, trains and motor carriers this kind of thing of vandalism of transportation goes on a lot. it goes on all over the understand can. so you know presumably it would have been very startling to him. i have been on trains where other things have happened in the past. a friend of mine was on a train where a door came opened. that rattled the engineer. the engineer actually said it. so you never know what it could have been until the engineer recovered his memory which can
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happen. i have worked many cases where right after a crash, ptsd and they cause memory difficulty, they come back on occasion. >> that's interesting. how is the fbi going to figure things out? >> i have worked on cases where the shattering of windshields can be significant and the fbi can examine that particular pattern and the pattern of lines emanateing from the impact point and they can get an idea of the shape of the projectile the force with which it was coming. since it's kind of an uneven pattern, that impact is probably not a bullet. but their forensics lab is pretty good about analyzing those sorts of things and they will talk to the two other trains that happened. cluck one with an impact on the side not the front. which makes you think it was not a drop from an overpass. >> mary over the weekend, speed controls were added to this stretch of traps that has had
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two deadly accidents. if it was this easy why wasn't this done year ago? >> amtrak had an explanation in the press release or explanation to the media. they said they put it on one way on the train as opposed to positive train control. they put it on one way. they thought operationally it made sense one way but not the other because of the speed which one would be traveling over that particular track. but automatic train control the thing they said have now put on the track, it's very old technology. it's been around perhaps 40 years, 30 years, it's been on the japanese bullet train since the early ''80s. it has a series of warnings and will tell the engineer if the train is in overspeed and some variations will stop the train if then the engineer does not react. where a positive train control uses computer systems and sensing on the tracks to see is
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there traffic on the tracks something going on on the track, what has to happen? what's a much more in-depth system. >> so is automatic train control, this technology on lots of portions of this highly traffic route? >> i'd say most of it on the northeast corner and i should say many passenger rails. the government had long ago insisted there be speed controls and this older technology. so when the federal rail administration over the weekend ordered them to get something on there now, this was saibl an it's been available for many years. it is on most passenger rail line but not on the 48 lines. >> mary very quickly what is your latest thinking on what probably happened here? >> i this i the finding of the strike on the windshield would be a disturbing and distracted event and headed into this
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curve, the engineer we now know had to manually push that train into the faster speed heading into occurb the exact opposite of what you do. i am guessing that the strike the impact on the windshield distracted him and that's what occurred. he maybe dived to get out of the way and push the throttle forward and i'm hoping the memory comes back. it's an important piece of what happened. >> that would be helpful. thank you so much. great to talk to you. >> well the fbi is looking at other transportation concerns they are investigating a possible new threat that could affect air travel. a computer expert says that on several occasions he hacked into computer systems aboard a commercial passenger plane an was able to control an aircraft eng engine during a fight. cnn is in washington with more. is there any reason for us to be skeptical of this report? >> we'll see, mikaela. good morning. they say modern plains have a
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huge vulnerability from hackers. they say there is a security hole in in-flight entertainment systems aboard three aircraft and one airbus modem. apparently he says hackers can control these aircraft. now, the fbi says it's investigating him for potential computer times before flight. this is according to a search warrant application filed in court. roberts said if february in march, these hackers have 20 times, at least once making a plane do a lateral move. no one verified whether roberts did any of this he's not been arrested. boeing says there with is no danger. the ifp system is what they say on board commercial airplanes are isolated from flight and navigation systems and roberts is says the fbi is all wrong. he says he tweeted over the weekend, over the last five years, my only interest has been to improve aircraft security given the current situation, i
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have been advised against saying much. chris. >> all right. we will stay on that. thank you very much. isis terrorists taking over a key city in ramadi. they vow the fight is far from over. we'll give you the reality on the ground first. we have nick peyton walsh live in beirut with the latest. what do we know? >> chris. 500 lives lost it seems in this final onslaught in isis. this is an absolutely vital city. it is the capital of anbar province that makes up a third of iraq's territory. it is predominantly sunni. what seems to have happened is isis kept their cards quit and launched this suicide bomber frenzy that got them into the center now iraqi security forces in these pictures show withdrew. we don't know quite how this long telegraph wasn't adequately fortified on their part and beinger, haufted or run out of
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am fix some reports say and had to withdraw but now there is a whole new concern. this is turning increasingly sectarian. many forethe iranian defense minister flying into baghdad. calling up shia militia to lead the fight back t. u.s. says anbar, ramadi is not key. they are very concerned at this stage. here's what john kerry had to say. >> it is possible to have the kind of attack we have seen in ramadi. but i am absolutely confident in the days ahead that will be reversed. a large numbers of dash were killed in the last few days and will be in the next days. because that seems to be the only thing they understand. >> of course the key issue is how do you turn that tide around? coles air path will do some of it. shia militia have a dodgy track record on the ground in terms of
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atrocities. many say isis very much on the march forward. they have a lot of abandoned iraqi arm our the security forces left in their wake not justton for anbar but also to baghdad for which they are increasingly close. >> thanks so much for that. also, a big gain to tell you about for the coalition fighting isis. we are learning more about that weekend raid in syria involving u.s. army delta force that killed a top commander and captured his wife cnn is live with more. what do we know about this? >> alisyn the administration is characterizing this kill as a serious blow to isis. the national security council calling him a senior isis leader someone who had a role in overseek isis' oil and gas operations who might have information on isis' hostage operations.
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she seems detained for right now. u.s. officials also say there was a lot of intelligence reams of data including a computer cap cured at the mission site that could have valuable information. how isis operates. how they communicate and how they are funded. but there are, of course still a lot of questions about this mission at the most basic, of course who abu saev's name is and was the risk worth the reward? they will receive briefings from the white house this week. breaking overnight, a u.s. marine was killed after a training exercise went horribly wrought. an osprey aircraft caught fire in oahu sunday. that crash entered 21 marines on board. some injured critically. the marine corps says the accident is under investigation. did you hear about this?
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a massive shootout in texas. at least nine people are dead between a rival biker gang at a restaurant in waco. we are learning new trouble is coming well before it happened. c in n correspondent nick valencia is live with the latest. sounds like a sons of anarchy episode there. >> good morning, chris. heavy police presence where the shootout happened less than 24 hours ago. as you mentioned, police knew there was going to be a meeting between motorcycle clubs here. they anticipated trouble, which is why they were in place when the shootout happened. they say there is a press conference going on off camera right now. the fight started inside the twin peaks restaurant escalated quickly and spilled out into the parking lot. >> reporter: these are very dangerous, hostile bioticer gangs that we are dealing with. >> reporter: erupt income broad daylight. close to 200 members of rival biker gangs broke out in a
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deadly fight. first, fists, clubs, chains and knives escalating into a gun battle. >> it was really really scary. we didn't know if somebody was going to come back. >> reporter: at a twin peaks restaurant as many as five criminal motorcycle gangs started fighting over a parking issue, according to police. can you see some of the groups names on the back of the jackets. the gang known to police for weeks, members of the swat team were already monitoring the scene when the brutal fight began. >> we were in marked cars. they knew we were here. it matters not to them. that tells you the kind of level of people we are dealing with. >> reporter: police also exchanging fire with the bikers. the parking lot filling fast with law enforcement officials to secure the scene. at least nine are dead and 20 more injured. some commerce and employees taking cover in the restaurant's freezer. >> there were a lot of people a. lot of incident people could have been injured today. >> police say they recovered more than 100 weapons at the
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scene. a frightening indication this may not be the end to the deadly rivalry. >> we have been getting reports bikers throughout the state are headed this way. >> reporter: law enforcement officials have established a perimeter around this area only allowing the media inside. this is still an active crime scene. alisyn. >> what an incredible story. nick thanks. yosemite national park authorities say legendary rock climber dean potter was one of two men who died after reportedly attempting a 3500 foot base jump in wing suits into your cement valley. potter and grand punch were reportedly missing after their jump on sunday. park officials say they tried to clear a gap into the cliffs. base jumping is illegal in yosemite. last year potter was here on "new day," after this video of him jumping with his dog whisper went viral. we will show that you in a second. this is a dean told us about
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that jump. >> i have been climbing for the last 27 years and i always like to bring my dog and my best friend with me. so the idea of this came from not wanting to leave my dog in the house or car. i want to bring my best friend with me everywhere. >> well marvelous the crazy risk these guys take. the very real risk of losing your life, horrifying. >> it's sad. >> i know it's a part of the exhill racing. that's why people judge it. either you are you think it's dangerous. now he's gone. for a lot of these guys and women, this is what defines tear feeling of being alive. >> i know. i get it. >> that's a harder question. here's an easier question for you. what is going on in this war against isis who is winning? the terrorists just took over the city of ramadi. they used bulldozers and suicide bombers. we have military analysts that will give us answers on the
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state of play. and should the u.s. have invaded iraq in 2003? that question keeps tripping up republican president hopefuls first jeb bush now marco rubio. where exactly does the florida senator stand? we'll debate that. en up... i'm reworking the menu. veggies you're cool... mayo, corn dogs... you are so out of here! ahh... the .
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a fierce assault. it's a key city only because terrorists really want it. does this mean the coalition is now losing the war, did the coalition just take out a key isis commander or not really? michael weiss, co-author of isis inside the army of terror. we have retired leiutenant general reese. gentleman, good to be with you this morning. we'll start with you. what do you think, colonel, if they take over ramadi does this mean they are winning in what was supposed tore their pulling back? >> chris, they have right now taken ramadi as we look at it from a military perspective. like secretary kerry said i believe with air power, the air
3:23 am
power will corporate on and that is the deciding factor for the iraqis isays does not have the air power. we will continue to pummel. it will be a back and forth as picture like we saw in tikrit in the springtime. >> i know it would be a disservice to say what happened in ramadi? oh this looks like a different mosul. i get it. there are different intensitys on the ground. but on the outside, the colonel says this is a wake-up calm. it seems like the fighters the coalition fighters have gotten so many wake-up calls they should never go to sleep. >> put it this way. when we went to war, isis had control of two provincial capitals. now they have three. i don't see how the degrading puts isis in their face. ramadi bridged strategic and symbolic importance the occupation of iraq in 2006 it was the center of the locusts
3:24 am
for a major ground swell of sunni support against al qaeda in iraq. a major recruisement at a class if factor targeted this year. so dismiss this as some sort of tactical setback or fear skirmish in a long road to the ultimate extra patience of isis. as the colonel said this is serious undertaking. >> as you said you can give all the help you want. you are not doing the battle on the ground. what is the rosie picture to be painted here? >> the rosie picture as you have seen the iraqis and leadership in anbar that, l, they are bringing up the piu or shia plsh that have fought very well up in tikrit helped take tikrit down. they got brought back down rearmed, refitted to help the
3:25 am
shia sunni friction. for the month i was there, i did a quick in and out. it is a common enemy to the sunnis and shia. they are fighting together. are there some problems at times? absolutely. we have problems and our ground folks go a little bit crazy. i don't think we should be pushing that away. i think the pius will come out there. >> so the big division between you two is whether or not this is a short-term fix or longer-term fix, all right. fine. we'll see what happens on that. the other issue the coalition is saying we just killed a really bad guy, a top isis commander. now we have her wife. we will get them for this intelligence. do you buy that this is a big take? >> absolutely. this is a spider network. we have been doing this sense we started this thing. joint command, that's their job to take down the high value
3:26 am
targets. now, granted, this guy may not have been on the radar screen. at kind of the mid-level and the strategic level, people know who this guy was. the beauty is because we don't have the home field advantage like we do in iraq we got it. when you have a chance to get these guy, you got to go after it. >> you are qualifying it there was a sting cast this guy is a money guy. >> i actually hear the components focus on the human trafficking one. he played a very prominent role i am told in some reporting by abc news and others have born out in the captivity of a hostage brutally killed several months ago. the importance is on that factor. mo so we refer to the cfo of isis. well the cfo of isis wasn't on the treasury or state department sanctions list. he's not one of the top five or top ten guys in the organization. >> they were also trying to justify taking him down saying
3:27 am
we freed a slave. that's not usually how you value a high level target. >> they can say they were going after much higher level targets he thought would be in the same area of these guys. these guys fled or weren't there. so they took what they could get i think they were specifically targeting. i am skeptical how senior in the isis hierarchy this guy was. >> don't get caught up in the top five. i did it for years. the top five there is 20 to 25 below that in this chain of the web when you find a chance you got to get them. you pull them out. whether you want to capture them. few can't, kill them the treasure trophy of intelligence will be able to pull out with his wife. >> quite a confidence in the wife as a treasure trove. >> we saw this with the back party. the women they know what's going on. and we did this exclusively overnight in iraq is we would
3:28 am
separate the women and sit down and talk to them. the children. feed them and just like they have? high value interrogation team. they will sit down and the human trafficking i think a lot will come out. >> to the outside, the uninitiated, you see the women there under valued devalued yet, is it true that often they know a lot more just by being present? >> look. isis has fe fail mail fighters. >> she could be instrumental and not just a bystander. >> we think of jihadi cells, we tend to put too much of a premium on structural orb charts the nature of the beast. this has to do with roll odecks pragmatism. people have networks and contacts like the colonel said a wife of a mid-or high level isis commander will know a lot of the guys that were aggregating or congregating
3:29 am
around her husband and can lead to bigger scouts in the future. so this might inaugurate a future campaign where you have these teams going in snatching guys in both syria and iraq. there will be a ground component by u.s. forces. i think this is the beginning of something rather than the end. >> thank you very much. as always appreciate the perspective. am sin. >> was it a mistake to invade iraq in 2003? that question keeps tripping up gop hopefuls our political pundits here next taylor swift owning this show the billboard music awards. one star, a well known star making headlines because it was censored. take a guess who that was. we'll tell you. ok. this role is about energy.... we're looking for a luxury hybrid, with the best city fuel economy rating... the lincoln mkz hybrid... and...who has one starting price for gas or hybrid?
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amtrak northeast corridor trying to return to normal this morning. full service between new york city and philadelphia got rolling for the first time since last week's derailment that left eight dead and more than 200
3:34 am
injured. you are looking at the first amtrak train to the philadelphia station that passed over that crash site. that curved section of the track now has automated speed controls. the fbi investigators examining the train's windshield which was reportedly struck before the accident. the iraqi city of ramadi now controlled by isis. terrorists are using armored bulldozers to force iraqi troops and police to retreat. ramadi is 70 miles west of backed. they insist the fight there is far from over. sids meanwhile are fleeing the city in droves. the white house now ordering expedited weapons shipment to iraq over the weekend. saudi led airstrikes resuming overnight against the houthi rebels in yemen. this hours after a five-day truce ended. both sides have been holding their fire tuesday to allow much needed humanitarian aid to get in. the united nations is now calling to extend the troops. obviously, that's not being respected. but they say more aid needs to
3:35 am
be delivered to the millions of people caught in the middle of this conflict. and music's biggest and brightest stars shined at the billboard music award. the night belonged to taylor swift two took home eight trophies including artists, it would not be an awards show without a controversy. kanye west closed out the show being booed by the audience for his profanity laced performance. for viewers at home most of his performance was silent and abc censored him for more than a minute. listen. >> they got to say to me ♪ get off the field ♪ >> oh i understand. the performance widely banned online. a silent music performance. >> if i was watching this at home. i would have been yelling at my tv. throwing the remote around trying to figure out why my tech issues were not resolved.
3:36 am
>> does it bother you a bit we keep rewarding him for doing bad things. >> ignore bad behavior. >> i feel i keep saying his fame for bad reasons. >> you will stop now in. >> no that itself the problem that frustrates me. >> you can't. >> let's take a look at weather with chad meyers he's giving us a look at the week's forecast. there will be no kanye in your forecast. >> there will be thunderstorms in houston and a back door cold front for new york. it feels like spring in new york houston there are storms to your west. this front pushed do philadelphia and new york city is back to refreshing air again today. it will heat up again, i understand that. at least a day or two, we will have nice conditions there. thunderstorms in the plains heavy rain showers across the parishes of louisiana. there is your warm back up in the northeast the next couple of days. look what happened in minneapolis. yesterday a beautiful 74. today the high will be 445.
3:37 am
that's the cold front a.ifies day for you new york. yesterday you were 83. it felt like summer. today is skikt 66. you are back to spring. guys back to you. >> i'll take it. >> it was muggy yesterday. >> all right. so here's the question. was going into iraq in 2003 a mistake? you may think the answer to that is simple. another mub republican who wants to be president made it simple. >> that man is marco rubio. he tried his best to best his friend jeb bush and fumbled the ugly question contest. how did he do that? your answer ahead.
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you can even check your connection status on your phone. now it's easier than ever to manage your account. get started at >> was it a mistake to go to war with iraq? >> i understand it's not the same question. >> that's the question i'm asking. it was not a mistake for the president to go into iraq. >> i'm asking you.
3:42 am
>> in hindsight. the world is not a better place because saddam hussein is not there. i don't understand the question you are asking. >> that was senator marco rubio struggling to answer it is a question that has dogged potential candidate jeb bush all last week why are they having such trouble answering it? >> republican consultant and cnn commentator host market hooverer here. market why are you smiling? what is going on here with your big dogs and the relatively simple seeming question? >> it is a simple question. but there are two different questions that have two different answers if you are marco rubio and jeb bush. would you have done the same thing with the jamie information that jeb bush and hillary clinton had? >> that wasn't the question. >> you are right. >> i think what's happened is there is some confusion to
3:43 am
clarify which one. i don't think marco rubio is confused about the answer the way jeb bush was marco rubio said clearly, knowing what we know it was a mistake. if i were in his shoes in 2003 i would have made the same decision two different questions, two different answers. >> i think the confusion may have been motivated to fought upset different factions within the party. >> correct. >> otherwise, it doesn't make sense why they get caught up in it. >> i understand. it's the i'm running the president of the united states answer. it's not about relitigating should w have done it? what lessons have you taken going forward? that's the key question. the conundrum the candidates are in they haven't fixed out a way to separate themselves because the invasion was something that united the republican party as a positive good even through the bush presidency. >> so they could never say yes to mistakes?
3:44 am
>> that would mean repudiating the policies most of them supported in the past. >> that is tricky within the republican party. it just is? >> you are precisely wrong. they are doing just that. george w. bush said it was a mistake to go to the iraq war without weapons of mass zruvenlths i had bad information. you are seeing this in a painful drawn out way. the republicans are trying to coalesce around the wake of an incredibly unpopular and failed experience in iraq. >> does jeb have the old bush guys adviseing him on foreign policy? you can argue unfair standards for him. does he also have to be careful because his guys are those same guys? >> they're not. he does have 19 of the 20 you know of his poils policy advisers. the question is who is he answering to? he's not calling up 92-year-olds and 88-year-olds every moment to ask some questions on how to
3:45 am
hand him these questions on a day-to-day basis. >> the problem is they united the foreign policy for a long time. it gets complicated if you say you know what that's failed policy. >> let's shift gears and ask another question that jeb bush says about gay marriage. it has a similar pattern. let's listen. >> do you believe there should be a constitutional right to same-sex marriage? because that's the argument in front of the supreme court? >> i don't. but i'm not a lawyer and clearly this has been accelerated as a war pace. what's interesting is four years ago, barak obama and hillary clinton had the same view i just expressed to you. >> how did that answer that market? >> there is very challenging, 50% of republicans under the age of 50 are in favor of same sex marriage. more than 60% of americans are in favor of same sex marriage. >> zero percent of republican
3:46 am
candidates. >> that's not true. carley fiorina says her job is to enforce the laws of the land. >> that's like saying are you in favor by the way. >> hold on. i feel edgy. >> the question is is he going to be for constitutional amendments to overturn the supreme court? will he say, we should take it back to the states? what is this does this position move him further to the right? by the way, will he work himself out of it? three times he had to change his positions on answers related to lbgt freedom. >> twice now he's suggested here's in the line with hillary clinton. he keeps saying that. that's not a good position. >> he keeps harkening back to the past this answer is on look we can't change this it's a virtue. market pointed out it leads him down a slippery slope of logic.
3:47 am
does he back a constitutional thaemd his brother didn't if 2004 mostly in the campaign deeply regret or something of that nature like ted cruz when you have a supreme court decision coming down if june saying it's not constitutional that is a question that is an answer fraught with problems let alone being entirely out of step. >> just one point of clarification. the constitutional amendment that ted cruz scott walker it's not a primary between a man and a him who, it is simply to throw it back to the state. >> that is not what his brothers appointed in 2004. >> either way you wind up that the supreme court decides in favor of this equal protection right. you will violate federal law to make a change. they will have that problem. we will play that out over time. when is one of the men or women going to own? i will be that president. i will make sure our rail system isn't the best. >> no brainer.
3:48 am
>> good to see you guys. you can hashtag us or post your comments. i will be sitting down with gop hopeful senator rand paul. i will ask him all of these tough questions. you can see him on "new day." >> meanwhile, isis fighters are taking a key iraqi city. how does the fall of ramadi impact the global fight of isis going forward? we will put that question to a military expert next. ah... (boy) i'm here .
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f ramadi. what does this mean for the fight against them? retired lt. col. james reese joins us again. he was again a u.s. delta force commander, knows the region very well. we will get to our big pap in a second. i want to talk to you about something we talk about in great detail here. tikrit fem, government forces
3:53 am
taking back tikrit from isis. it was seen as this huge victory. the beginning of the end. pack up and go home. yet this happens, ramadi falls. are we losing ground? >> it's how it goes i spent the month of march with ben wedeman in tikrit. great victory for the iraqis et al. now ramadi this is how it happens, these are major cities. think about austin indianapolis d.c. you got to take these down. >> let's look at the map. this is the province the capital of the province ramadi. now important is it if we look at this area that this fell. >> if you look down here you can see the big red line runs to the northwest to the southeast. very key, that's where everything goes along. raka that's the headquarters of
3:54 am
isis. that's where it comes from. >> that continues to be a place that we look at and bomb and go after. >> you talk about the next animation, you talk about the importance of ramadi with its proximity to fallujah. you talk about the airport there in baghdad how important that is. how close is that in real life in real scale? how easy would this be to overtake that airport? >> so i used to drive this all the time t. right-hand drive, curtains in it. did it all the time. it took about an hour to get to fallujah and an hour-and-a-half, two hours from downtown backed into ramadi. that's how close it is. think about that. >> okay. >> d.c. to baltimore on a busy day, it's nothing. >> okay. now, location of ramadi along the euphrates river. we will animate this. you can see we talk about the euphrates river rolls up to syria, which you mentioned raka is a defacto capital for isis.
3:55 am
is this going to change the way the iraqi forces and u.s. coalition, u.s.-led coalition deals with isis in iraq when you look at that area that we're talking about? >> well, like we talked about before iraq is where they get their center of gravity from. they're pushening up supplies pushing up more people. right now because they own ramadi the capital, they have a good clunk of fallujah t. big piece right now which is critical is this whole refugee aspect that has fallen. you got a quarter million people. they're trying to bail out of ramadi going into fallujah bypass that with isis. >> they are caught in the middle. >> imagine this what if tomorrow morning you woke up and a quarter million of people were standing on the mall in d.c. >> fought just that isis is blending in with the refugees the locals it makes it much more difficult to sort of rat them out? >> it does. i am not a fan of doing this sunni vs. shia. i've seen it in detail.
3:56 am
both these people are fighting together for tear country if iraq. the problem is isis is smart. they blended in the with the refugees him they get in there. they're causing disruption and havoc. so it's making some of the people who are from backed look at teams refugees as not good people. >> skeptical, of course. we also know there have been this plan for the united states has been training its troops to be a part of this retakeing of mosul this attack scheduled next month. it makes you wonder where it was announced, the u.s. working along side the iraqis. do you think what happened with ramadi falling it will pull the focus away from most? a separate entity on to its own? >> it's a separate entity the iraqis are macing the call. they got to look at where they want to shift their main effort. right now, ramadi is only 60 miles from baghdad. mosul is like on the other side of the moon literally, when you
3:57 am
look at it from a geographical area. from a threat perspective in backed ramadi is important. mosul is isolated. kurds are on top of it. it's isolated. >> ramadi quickly, is this another combination that the u.s.-led airstrikes are only effective if you got the really effective ground force that's giving you good intelligence is that a perfect example there. >> you can bomb or whack them all day. you got to have people on the ground to seize it and bring it back to people. >> thank you. we appreciate it. we are certainly following a whole lot of news. let's get to it. amtrak is row storing full service this morning. >> the fbi now examining the train's windshield. >> the strike on the windshield would be a very disturbing and distracting event. >> isis terrorists taking over the key city in ramadi.
3:58 am
>> to see that city fall. >> a daring raid by american special ops in syria. >> they call this a serious proceed to isis. >> was it excessive force or a justified reaction? >> 137 shots fired by 13 police officers. >> it's really scary. >> close 20 to 200 members escalating into a fierce gun battle. >> bikers are headed this way. >> this is new day with chris comb and mikaela pereira. >> trains once again operating at full capacity on the busy northeast corridor six days after the derailment that kills eight people. the first training rolling out of new york city and philadelphia about an hour ago. >> we know a speed control system is in place at the site
3:59 am
of the crash. also a reminder that there is still no positive train control as required by congress. that's the bicker issue of safety. there is news on train 188 specifically. the fbi is betting reports the train's windshield was hit by a projectile before the wreck. let's go to alexander field. she is live on that first amtrak train to leave philadelphia's 31st street station since the crash. everything all right? >> sure is. chris. we have passengers getting on as we have just stopped right now. we have been making the ride from philadelphia to new york. also this morning, trains left headed for philadelphia. this is the first run on this stretch since that deadly derailment. at the slow speed we were moving that bend in the track almost imperceptible for riders waiting to see it as we passed. amtrak told us they worked
4:00 am
through the weekend, having 300 crews out there to make the repairs necessary, getting it up and running today. they have also activated the same control systems we mandated with communications to restore service. we spoke this morning, they are making alternate arrangements. they were greeted by pair nutter in philadelphia this morning. we are encouraging people no get out here back on board these trains. >> happy to hear it's smooth sailing there so far. thank you so much. we will check back in. it is still a mystery as to what caused an engineer to act sell rate to deadly speeds. fbi verdicts are on the scene trying to figure out if something hit the train first. >> erin mclaughlin is live with that part of the story. >> reporter: good morning. fbi forensics verdicts are expected to take a look at a circular marking on the
4:01 am
left-hand side of the train's windshield as the ntsb continues prior to the crash. now there are new doubts as well about information from the train's assistant conductor. she had told investigators she thought she heard the 32-year-old train engineer brandon bostian they had been hit prior to the crash. the ntsb says they went through all transmission and found nothing to suggestion bostian had did that. meanwhile, new evidence emerged from the train's black box. investigators say the data shows he manually pushed the train's throttle forward, which could have caused the deadly acceleration t. question remains why, chris. >> all right. erin thank you very much for staying on that.
4:02 am
congressman, thank you very much for joining us. to understand the safety issue, the infrastructure issue, our audience has to understand the problem withing a track overall as you see it. tell us. >> well unfortunately, this situation the unfortunate death highlights that amtrak is a third world rail operation and the united states is falling further behind and unfortunately. we have a soviet style management of amtrak. we are one of the few countries that doesn't have state supported rail opened to competition and they waited they continue to waste a lot of money. so they don't have much confidence from congress. >> so you are saying private ease it. we'll discuss that as well. but when it comes to management of amtrak the government owns it. when it comes to why there is no positive train control stretch of track and many others right
4:03 am
now, they'll say because the fc hasn't done what they need to do with the frequencies and the technology as needed. that's government also. so shouldn't the buck stop with accountability that government and its agencies didn't get this done? >> well that's a part of the problem. big government whether fcc or amtrak doesn't do it. we also had policy in the past. actually, a few weeks before the crash for the first time republicans in congress separated the money between the northeast corridor and other huge money losing routes. so we actually put money dedicated for the first time since fine 71 when they created amtrak and also revenues instead of spending to under write huge losses some of those tickets actually are underwritten more than $300. in fact last year every ticket on amtrak was underwritten by the federal government $42.
4:04 am
so it's not how much you spend. it's how much you spend and diverting money out of the revenues for the first time we put the money back into the northeast corridor so they had have the money. but you do need the manage. we should be winning high speed trains in that quarter. it's the only quarter we own and the federal government has an interest in. all the rest of amtrak's 20-plus models runs on private 48 rail. people don't understand that. >> well also amtrak will say, be i the way we are doing better than these 48 guys if terms of putting in positive train control and making improvements there are people worse than we r. that's frightening for people. >> that's true because they are getting huge amounts of public money but they're still fought doing the job. >> why don't you oversee it better? >> we do. >> you are overseeing it well we wouldn't be in the situation we are right now, congressman.
4:05 am
>> again for four years the democrats control the whole thing. we had a shot at doing the reauthorization this year. you sa we took steps. i have been on them they lovrs over a billion dollars in the dozen years in food service. that's selling food to a captive audience. they have spent money on bonuses. these aren't my reports. these are inspector general reports. huge bonuses going to these executives that are getting the job done. so we're hammering them going after them. for the first time we are actually changing some of the law. it was 2008 after the metrolink crash, remember. >> right. >> that we put in positive train control. they had a bipartisan proposal. all the trains are supposed to have the lines by the end of this year. >> right now we hear amtrak and others are asking for an
4:06 am
extension. very often when you award people for an efficiency you don't get more of an efficiency. you say you are hammering them. i would suggest maybe now you are hammering them. ntsb has been asking for it since 1990 they told us. it does seem to be an ineffectiveness of cracking down on this agency that everybody agrees is inefficient. why is it more done to manage them better? >> well again i think you got to change the whole system out. you can go around the world today and trains are going 150 miles on average. competition was opened up in the united kingdom ten years ago. >> right. >> they're taking routes like we have doubled the ridership. turned huge losses into a significant revenue for the taxpayer. italy, all of europe now has to have state supported routes competed. i just saw the italian train, which has been in operation for
4:07 am
three years ferrari picked up the franchise. in england, you have richard branson, virgin rail operating. >> yes. >> lines. >> here we have a soviet style management. we have no competition and people continue to protect that in congress and it soon be. >> that's a great point you paid there. it's a good one to end on, representative. there was a the pushback on speaker boehner. when he was like oh this is a stupid question. don't talk to me about infrastructure. this train was going to fast. you know that's a simplistic analysis. you know that positive train control would have made a difference here. we should be honest about it and address the failing. don't say you get better. don't say it's a stupid question. >> again, if we have better management. if decisions have been made. there has been another system automated train control that could have been put in. that was a management decision. i have researched back to see -- >> but it's relevant.
4:08 am
it's not a stupid qui. you went back to look at it. it's not a stupid question. it would have stopped this accident. >> well again, it still appears speed was the major factor and that is a serious issue. we need to investigate the rest of it. >> congressman, you know talk about simple questions. we have been joke ability republican presidential questions not getting the iraq question. this is a simple question. if you had ptc on that track, would train 188 have crashed? >> i don't think it would have. again you go to the whole system. mr. boehner and republicans have supported bringing in the private sector getting us into the 21st century in rail operations like they have all over the world. will is no reason we can't do it. we have have to be on on the of it. >> it's always a first step. congressman, we will stay on top of you in terms of changes made.
4:09 am
thank you, sir. >> isis making advances in iraq. taking control of ramadi and sending iraqi troops into full retreat. cnn's coverage begins with nick peyton walsh. what do you know nick? >> reporter: alisyn this is a deeply troubling development. much else for the baghdad government tries to push isis out of the anbar province west of backed and for the american campaign there, 500 lives lost in the last 48 hours. isis swept into that city using bulldozers to sweep the fences out of the way. over a dozen suicide bombing at least. the coles, they're trying to slow that down with potentially 19 strikes in ramadi alone. isis are in control there. they seem to be trying to push further westward as well. reports of the iraqi military having put up a lengthy fight there. many will ask why this telegraph wasn't potentially boosted,
4:10 am
better supplies iraqi soldiers there, pictures of them departing, even some more elite divisions. the u.s. has tried to say ramadi isn't vital. there are some concerns this is what john kerry had to say. >> it is possible to have the kinds of attack we have seen in ramadi. but i am absolutely confident in the days ahead that will be reversed. a large numbers of dash were killed in the last few days and will be in the next days. because that seems to be the only thing they understand. >> now that is the hardest task. we are take income an urban area from a group like isis who don't care much about casualty. >> that will fall it seems to a predominantly shia militia. they will be moving into this sunni city. >> that will share the divide across the middle east right now and iran's defense minister has just flown into baghdad. that sense of regional significance here boosted and questions to be asked, how did
4:11 am
ramadi fall? iraq's army possibly fought resupplied hard enough. this has been something in the offing for months now. that's the big question now, mikaela. >> nick thank you so much. while isis was taking over ramadi they suffered a serious blow in syria. u.s. special ops killing a top commander. let's bring in cnn national correspondent with that. >> reporter: hi mikaela. the dministration is characterizing this as significant. the significance of this kill t. national security council says the man that they refer to as abu saev was a senior isis leader someone who had a role in overseeing the oil and gas operations. his wife, sayyaf they could have information on the hostage operation. she is now being detained and interrogated by the united states. a u.s. official says there was a lot of intelligence captured at
4:12 am
this site. reams of data including computers, equipped with valuable information, how isis can communicate and how they raise their money. there are of course still a lot of questions about this was the risk of putting u.s. special forces oak in syria. was it worth the reward? the most basic critic is what abu sayyaf's name really is. >> the president made his first public appearance in burundi. instead, he revealed he had spoken to the presidents of nearby countries to discuss al shabab. listen to this story, then people dead in texas between rival biker gang members. cnn correspondent nick valencia is live in waco texas with the
4:13 am
latest. what is the scene, nick? >> reporter: good morning, alisyn. still a heavy police presence an active crime scene in the last 30 minutes saying at least 150 people have been detained. they also say interestingly enough that there is an active and credible threat against law enforcement officers. police here say they're prepared for whatever happens next. >> these are very dangerous, hostile biker gangs that we are dealing with. >> erupting in broad daylight. close to 200 members of rival broker gangs broke out into a a deadly fight sunday first, fists, chains clubs and knives escalating into a fierce gun battle. >> it was really really scary. we didn't know if they were coming back. >> reporter: 100 miles south of waco texas. as many as five criminal motorcycle gangs started fighting over a parking issue you can see names on the back of
4:14 am
their jackets. the gang known to police for weeks, members of the swat team were already monitoring the scene when the brutal fight began. >> we were in marked cars. they knew we were here. it mattered not to them. >> that tells you the level of what we were dealing with. >> reporter: the parking lot filling fast with law enforcement officials to secure the scene. then are now dead. 20 more injured. customers and employees taking cover in the restaurant's freezer. >> there are a lot of innocent people could have been injured today. >> police say they recovered more than 100 weapons at the scene a. frightening indication this may not be the end to the deadly rivalry. >> we have been getting reports that bikers from out of states are headed the way. ronlt police say the threat is not against the public but against them. even still, they've decided to close off this strip mall for the time being. mikaela. >> you don't want to be anywhere
4:15 am
near where that is hang. thank you for that update on such a bizarre story. you think a fancy new tesla would have no issues? consider again. the consumer report say they're testers were locked out of the model s sedan because of a glitch with the retractible door handle. they will pop out when the driver aprooech proech-- approaches. it didn't pop out until a tesla technician came and repaired the issue. you have to pay more to get into the car. >> i argue it wasn't a glitch. it actually helps you use it for less. >> oh i see. >> note to environmental feature. >> less charging. yes. >> it's a health thing. that's what it is. >> there you go. u.s. intelligence officials pouring over information seized in that deadly raid in syria. we will take a closer look at what they're finding.
4:16 am
last week jeb bush. this week it may be marco rubio who has to rethink his answer on the iraq invasion question. he had trouble understanding the question. we will tell you why this question is so vexing for republicans.
4:17 am
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region bar none is opposed to dash and is engaged if fighting. so i'm confident about the lean in the road and there will be difficult challenges ahead. >> that was secretary of state john kerry confident in the fight against isis despite the loss in ramadi over the weekend. u.s. officials begin combing through the data seized in that daring raid in syria. joining us to discuss all of this is cnn competenttator and former chair of the house intelligence committee mike rogers and cnn counterterrorism and cia official phipp up mudd. it sounds like a win over the weekend and a big loss over the weekend. mike do you share secretary of state kerry's confidence this will all be turned around with isis? >> you know the problem is if you look at the territorial map
4:21 am
that isis held almost two years ago and what they hold today, it's almost the same. so unless there is some change of tactic by engaging all of those countries to actually take and hold ground by pushing isis back you are going to see these, they're all nibbling around the edges here. so yes, ramadi will fall. we'll probably take it back. unless they change that tactic we're going to be going through this for a long time and again they're also using this as a recruiting tool. they're showing they're beating all these countries, they're beating the west. that's a dangerous recruiting tool for isis to use against western countries. >> so what happened in ramadi how did isis get control of it? >> hold on. >> first we have the organized a major campaign using car bombs, suicide bombs, with i they used very effectively through this campaign. i think you have a big question of what's going on with the iraqi military and contrast to last summer going through the
4:22 am
fall. you have to wonder whether the iraqi military had the will to fight. i think long term the problem we face though is what will happen afterwards. you had the iraqi government talk about bring income shia militia and the sunni tribesmen in this province will ramadi is say, hey, wait a minute. in you bring in the human militia, i think this is a long-term problem, because of whether the government and the iraqi military has the will to fight and whether this becomes a sunni-shia battle. >> mike the numbers are staggering when you hear what happened over the weekend. 500 civilian person fell killed in ramadi. how precarious is baghdad today? >> i think baghdad is fine candidly. i think with the shia militias that they used to protect baghdad today, they will probably be okay. i'm not necessarily worried about that. what i'm worried about is how they're setting in in the territory of which they hold.
4:23 am
they were clever baghdadi the leader of isis did something marching up to baghdad. he realized the sheer toll and stopped, which shows a good decision-maker in combat in a pretty tough environment. now they tried to solidify where they r. that's what i worry about. eventually could baghdad be in trouble? i think the longer this goes the longer they get to recruit and set in refinance train put new bodies in the fight, we could have a problem. >> so let's talk about a victory, against isis over the weekend. what's the significance of this leader abu sayyaf being killed? >> i think the white house has overplayed this. this is a step forward. i thought it was remarkable it went as smoothly as it did. this is one guy that has been around for years. i think the conversation isn't about who we took down it's about the intelligence take. >> that is one of the hard drives one of the cell phones the dvds.
4:24 am
what you want to do quickly, you take in this information, the military the cia, fbi are very good at this take it in. who else you can locate who else you can raid as a result for example communications that are shown on hard drives and cell phones that you picked up in the raid. intake ought to be terrific. >> let's talk about the tactic. what is the significance of the u.s. delta force? >> it's not the first time. it was empty hole. it shows our special forces and the intelligence was accurate. that's important. they got to the right place with the right targets. they were able to engage and get out without casualties. that's a big deal. we shouldn't under estimate it or overestimate the true of the event, itself. the they don't have sell po following, grabbing all of this intelligence and turning it
4:25 am
around to something actionable. that's when you lose the effectiveness of this particular raid. the other part is it shows we're having a difficult time getting broader sense of intelligence. if they needed to get this intelligence with i is really important, it tellles you, we are having a little difficulty with tactical intelligence across syria. it shows a great thing, a great capability. hopefully they will with tempo use this for actionable intelligence. at the same time it shows we had to take a serious step here to get the intelligence. >> do you think his wife will provide intelligence? >> i think she will know what was swirling around. for example, she may not know patterns of activity. who he was talking to. you are talking traditional cultures where women are segregated. i think the real take here is digital. what's on a phone and a hard
4:26 am
drive. >> mike rogers thanks so much for being on "new day." >> alisyn the crowded republican field may be about to get more crowded. who is about to join? you. we will join inside politics with a guest host lori bornlgger. dear stranger, when i booked this trip, my friends said i was crazy. why would i stay in someone else's house? but this morning a city i've never been to felt like one i already knew.
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4:30 am
amtrak is back on track this morning. this is the first to leave philadelphia's 30th street station and pass through the side of that deadly derailment. everything has gone fine this morning. >> that does not have the positive speed control required by congress. the question is will they act? they will be investigating the train's windshield hit by an object. iraqi troops in full retreat after they used armored bulldozers to storm the city iraqi officials sa i the fight there is far from over. right now, thousands of citizens
4:31 am
are freeing ramadi. they are shipping shipments to iraq over the weekend. >> you had captain, dustin lucasowitz captain christopher nordgren. sergeant johnson, sergeant eric seaman of california. corporeal medina and lance corporeal jacob hub. two police servicemen were killed when that helicopter driven by the marines crashed last tuesday. meanwhile the death toll from those two massive earthquakes nearly 9,000 now. >> that is the deadliest disaster in nepal's history. two 19th century nuns have officially been declared saints. they are the first catholic saints. from 2000 palestinians gathered at the the vatican sunday to
4:32 am
celebrate. the conupon theization comes days after the vatican announced it would sign it's first treaty. >> on the pope's side. a lot of politics back here. let's get inside it on "new day" with lori borger in known as the upgrade. >> oh. >> well john getting a well deserved rest i hope. here we are, we have a thought get to guys. ed owe chief of the walk post. guys the iraq war still haunting republican politics. last week it was jeb bush's return to get down to the call answer the question whether the iraq war was a mistake. had some trouble with that. over the weekend, it was marco rubio's turn. let me give you background back in march, he said it was not a mistake to go into iraq because it was better that saddam
4:33 am
hussein was dead and last wednesday he said you know what i would not have been in favor of going into iraq. yesterday, chris wallace on fox news asked him about that flip-flopping. let's take a look at that. >> well it's not the same question. the question is what you know now. based on what we know now everyone agrees. >> was it a mistake to go to war with iraq? >> i'm asking you. >> i understand. it's not the same question. >> but that's the question i'm asking. was eight mistake? >> it was not a mistake for the president to go into iraq. at the time he was told. >> i'm asking new hindsight t. world is a better place because saddam hussein wasn't there. i don't understand the question you are asking. >> knowing what we do. >> that's not what presidents thought. a president cannot make a decision on what someone may know in the future. >> was it a mistake? >> it was not a mistake to go into iraq based on the
4:34 am
information he was provided as president. >> my head is exploding with that exchange. let me start with you, lisa why is it so hard for republicans to deal with the question of whether the war if iraq was a mistake? >> it turns out running for president is hard. i think this question totally expected. certainly not jeb bush. this is the war his brother is known for starting. it's become sort of a rorschack test for these candidates. when i watched that rubio clip i felt like i was watching a senate debate. key note interviews is not like debating in the senate. i think it's a test for whether candidates are ready for the intensity of the spotlight. >> polls show the republican party, itself is split over whether going into iraq was the right thing to do. so if you are running for the presidency in a republican primary, you got a fault line you got to walk right?
4:35 am
>> in a sense he's answered both ways? there was such an aura he's energetic, dynamic. that interview proves marco rubio is a politician. >> didn't immigration also prove that? >> yes. this one this happened in the mist of the bush storm now this again on a fox camera has exposed somebody to the fact that this is a very difficult thing for republicans to talk about. >> that they get all tripped up about it. it has become the republican party's vietnam. something they are hesitant to take ownership of and really don't want to talk about it at all. >> that is not surprising right? they should have been prepped for this question. they shoved an answer particularly senator marco rubio who watched the past week what went on with jeb bush.
4:36 am
>> republican versus gone more hawkish. let's talk about the republican field a little bit. so far we got 11 wannabes who gathered over the weekend to speak to republican voters and there are more coming the latest i am told john gaysic is likely to get in in a few weeks. our dana bash is reporting senator lindsey graham is expected to announce his candidacy on june 12k35er7b9 leaders want to avoid this kind of an array of candidates like they had last time because they're going to have these debate stages full of people not enough time to talk and they're not coalescing quickly? >> there are a lot of republicans who sat out 2012. they were worried romney seemed
4:37 am
loo tick heir apparent so this time polling shows it is a wide opened field all it takes is one stumble or two stumbles for someone to be knocked out, why not take your shot? you know of course hillary clinton feels great. >> are they debating each other or talking about hillary? >> they want to focus on hillary. ultimately they will be debating each other. we are actually keeping time and enforceing it. i think that will force these guys to realize, if you can't get it done in ten minutes or left leave. get out of the way. >> here's the thing at least they're answering questions. jeb bush or marco rubio at least he was taking questions. hillary clinton is back on the cane trail. she has been doing a bunch of fundraisers. today she's in iowa. do you think she finally got to start taking some questions from the press? >> well of course i think she
4:38 am
ought to. i don't think we will see that from her. what folks in her camp say her doing a press conference there is dozens an dozens of press there. it's a full-on thing. this is all about voters and every day americans. she has to answer some questions she is under a lot of pressure particularly on trade and this can't go on forever. >> she has to give substance events. all the answers she has given. most are it's just grit to be here. it has to go beyond that at some point soon? >> she has a hoard of reporters covering her. so far she's answered 13 questions and these issues like trade are hanging out there, bernie sanders came out over the weekend and told our own brian na keeler hillary's got to answer these kind of substantive questions particularly on issues where shes a agrees with her
4:39 am
husband. >> martin o'malley will enter the field. you know she has so is trying to show she is working with this. one way is to show she is answering questions it paints an unanswered number of questions. she will need to start doing that. once she has been to a splashy event to mark the official beginnings. i think after that we will see a change. >> you knew marco rubio is answering questions, unlike hillary. >> we are all answering questions here. at least we think hillary may start to answer questions once she get out there and does her big official announcement. we will have to see. >> only a few. >> i was worried you were going to ask me a question and i was
4:40 am
going to say, i'm just happy to be here. >> great to have you inside politics. alisyn will sit do you know with gop hopeful senator rand paul. you can see that interview tomorrow morning right here on "new day." the city of cleveland is bracing for a verdict of a live shooting. we will have a live report when we come back. can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good. (dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him. (vo) the longest-lasting midsize sedan in its class. the twenty-fifteen subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru.
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the question before the court is whether a cleveland police officer intended to shoot and killed two people during a police case in 2002. now, prosecutors say, yes, that's why they took it to trial. what would the judge say? martin savage is live in atlanta. what itself the latest? >> good morning, chris. this trial has taken two.5 years to bring to a courtroom. it is being closely watched across northeast ohio and beyond. november 2012 when a couple in a car speeds away from an under cover cop. their engine backfires. it triggers a police radio report of shots fired.
4:45 am
the race is on. the suit involves as many a 62 police cars at speeds of 100 miles per hour through the streets of cleveland. it ends in a hail of gunfire 137 shots fired by police officer, only one on trial charged with two counts of voluntary manslaughter manslaughter. >> he is shooting to kill. >> reporter: prosecutors say the former manner did what other cops didn't he reloaded and when the car police were chasing finally came to alet ha he is said to have jumped on his hood and fired 15 shots directly through the windshield. the prosecution believe those shots killed timothy russell and pary williams. he told investigators he and his partner were in danger believing the couple in the car were shooting saying quote, i
4:46 am
have never been so afraid in my life. i thought my partner would be shot and we would be killed. he said at which point i drew my weapon and shot through the windshield at the suspects. reported radio traffic gives conflicting accounts at one point warning police about weapons, while other officers on the radio report seeing no weapons. neither victim in the car had a gun. the defense attorneys say the officer brillo had no way of knowing that saying he wasn't trying to be rambo. he was trying to survive. the case is now in the hand ought not a jury but a judge who will render a verdict and if found guilty michael brillo could face three to 11 years in prison for each of the two counts against him, chris. >> the judge is saying this may take some time right, parten? >> reporter: right.
4:47 am
there is concern about the potential for a possible violent reaction. so much so law enforcement across the state of ohio has been alerted and notified to prepare also the city of cleveland has been reaching out to protest groups community leaders, faith-based organizations to try to head off angry reaction. of course it really depends on what the verdict may be. >> right. hopefully the reaction isn't playing into the deliberations. i'm sure it's a lot for that judge to sort through. also what are you hearing why it is just brillo. it is an odd thing with all these officers involved. there is one guy. are there future civil actions or prosecutions to come? >> reporter: a couple things a. civil action has been settled. in fact both victims' families will split $3 million. five other officers have been charged with dereliction of duty. that i are all expected to all be tried together later this summer. the max they could get is 90
4:48 am
days in jail if found guilty. >> thank you very much. we will stay on this. appreciate it. what do you think? have you been following this case? do you understand it? few do tweet us give us the hashtag new day cnn. we'll get it on with you. all right. chris. well you know the summer travel season is almost here. if you have booked your flight. you better pack your patience. >> that and headlines coming up next. what the cloud enables .
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4:53 am
we really have. people want fresh, organic, and people are willing to spend a little more for those items. >> we say shopping the outside of the store. >> shop the outside aisles stay away from processed foods. he says eat whole foods. process foods are processed and you're seeing the big food companies now are taking his advice apparently. >> do they have their own line of this type of food. >> they do have some of their own lines, but they are pushing the fresh option. we're talking about fresh vegetables fresh fruits. >> it gets more dicey when it's the government telling you. i think if the private sector
4:54 am
wants to do it, people will make their choice. >> millennials are driving this. they want fresh options and the big companies know that. they know they have to start retooling for the biggest generation in american history. >> my wife asked her to pick up a green juice. >> did you do it? >> i bought it. >> good for your health. >> good to see you. amtrak service returning to normal following this horrible crash that we had down in philadelphia. normal means without the safety equipment congress told them to have. how does the situation get better? we have the latest on train 188 specifically. was the speed increased just before the curve? we have answers. . financial noise financial noise
4:55 am
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4:58 am
trains once again operating at full capacity on the busy northeast corridor. >> that bend in the track -- >> the ntsb continues to investigate the possibility that a projectile struck amtrak 188. >> we're going to look at everything at this point. isis making advances in iraq taking control of ramadi. >> this is a disaster. >> a daring raid by special ops
4:59 am
in syria. >> was the intelligence value worth this kind of risk? >> he told them that he had managed to hack into aircraft while he's on board. >> i know this can still be breached. >> it's really scary. >> nine are now dead and nearly 20 more injured. >> these are very dangerous, hostile biker gangs. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo. >> good morning, welcome to "new day." we're talking about amtrak because the route is back open. they are going through that busy northeast corridor for the first time since last week's derailment that killed 8 people and injured 200 and raised big questions about how to make the rails more safe. >> the investigation continues,
5:00 am
fbi experts will be on scene inspecting damage to the train's windshield. could that have been at play in this crash? coverage begins live at new york's penn station. >> reporter: good morning, it's quite a morning here at penn station because late last night amtrak tweeted out that this morning at 5:30 service would resume. the first train would go out and it did. they let us go down there when the first train was leaving so we saw not that many people on the train, but passengers said they were excited. it was very needed. i spoke to one man who says he has to go to washington, d.c. several times a week and spending $1,200 round trip to fly there last week. he was relieved a little scared but ready to go. the northeast corridor is the most traveled train area of the country country. over 750,000 passengers a day. amtrak's cost to the economy,
5:01 am
100 million. you can see how happy they were. the ceo of amtrak released a statement. he said the safety of our passengers and crew remains our number one priority. our infrastructure repairs have been made with the utmost care on infrastructure integrity, including complete compliance with federal railroad administration directorives. just a minute ago, the first train that came from philadelphia to penn station, new york passengers just unboarded a minute ago. that train was ten minutes late in leaving, 30 minutes late in arriving. so that may take everything down so it's a little late today b u the main thing is amtrak northeast corridor is up and running today. chris? >> late is better than unsafe that's for sure. to balance out what the ceo said, they don't have the positive train control in said and that's what congress main
5:02 am
date dated. specifically 188, fbi experts are in philadelphia to examine damage to the windshield. they are testing the idea that an object may have hit the train just before it derailed. we have the latest on that. >> reporter: good morning, here the we have seen the first trains go by in a sign that life is returning to normal but the investigation continues and the mystery has deepened. today the fbi is taking a look at a fist-sized circular mark on the windshield. the ntsb continues to investigate that the possibility that a projectile struck 188 prior to the crash. there are new doubts about information from the train's assistant conductor. e she had told investigators that prior to the crash she thought she heard the 32-year-old engineer tell them some sort of object struck the train but they reviewed all the
5:03 am
radio transmissions from the night and found nothing to suggest that. new information from the train's black box. evidence suggests that he manually pushed the throttle forward manually, that could have caused the deadly acceleration. >> let's discuss all of this with miles o'brian, cnn's transportation analyst. david susy is also with us. david, i want to talk about this notion of a projectile hitting the train's windshield. there were reports that there were other trains in the area that were hit by some sort of projectile. is that even possible as a cause of this crash given what you know? >> i'm not seeing a correlation between the two. the only possibility is that it was a distraction at the wrong time. he had time to think about this.
5:04 am
it would have been time to think. >> how about you? one reason to lead to another? >> it feels like a red herring, they are steering us away from it. if it did startle him in some way, perhaps there's a link. accidents offer a series of seemingly desperate events that lead to the accident. maybe this is part of it. >> we know the federal railroad administration has ordered amtrak to take additional steps. we have a full still of some of the things they are asking for. install automatic train control, there was that on the southbound route. analyze all curves for risk and increase maximum speed signage for engineers. david, if you wouldn't mind giving us a difference between the automatic train control and positive train control? is that something you can do? it might be a sticking point for
5:05 am
some people. >> positive train control includes an element which is the communication based signaling. the systems have been in place since the 1800s and the type of signals and what they mean. communication based signaling would have direct input into the automatic train control. they group those together as positive train control. that's what they are talking about when they talk about automated train control. >> so why hasn't that been there? is this money? is it congress dragging their feet? why isn't it on this corridor? we know how heavily trafficked it is. >> the amtrak is on schedule according to their director is on schedule to meet the requirements of congress by the end of this year. now there's also in congress -- they are also pushing a bill right now that would allow congress to extend that. i doubt anybody is going to vote for that at this point. >> aside from the techal aspect, you say that a human factor
5:06 am
could be changed inside the cab. you believe a second engineer might be an easy fix? >> why not have a second set of eyes in the cab there? i have often wondered why there's a single individual there. there are safeguards in the system. they have a dead man switch in case somebody lost consciousness, but having said that it's better to have a second crew member. we don't have cabooses on trains anymore. this is about money. it always is. >> it always is about money. that money would be spend to maybe look at some other technology. what about cameras? we have cameras in the cockpits in airplanes. . why not a camera in the cab? why not a voice recorder? we have learned so much about the aviation technologies. but what about on these trains and locomotives? couldn't the engineers use devices to help them keep the train safe? >> absolutely remember all those things you just mentioned are accident investigation
5:07 am
tools. the cameras in the cabin, all the things we just talked about. what it would help as miles said i agree 100% there should be another set of eyes in front because that's the way they are going to control this type of event from mistakes happening. >> i want to pivot now to the world of aviation. we know that you have been very part of our team coverage of missing mh-370 14 months since that jet liner disappeared. we understand the search zone they are expecting to finish that by this month. they found everything but the plane plane. they found a 19th century ship wreck there. what else are you hearing about how long the search could go? >> they are talking about doubling the size of the zone, so this could rock on for quite some time u. certainly another season lies ahead, it's getting to be bad weather down there. it's a reminder that this
5:08 am
technology the satellite technology that they are able to sense the direction of the aircraft it's a communication tool. the fact we even got to the southern ocean was really an active engineering prow wes. but it's very inaccurate and that's why this process is taking a long time. final thought for you, 14 months since it went missing, the hope is we have learned some things that changes have been made. both of you have made your own calls for advanced technology to be used in these jet liners to make them more advanced. we have the technological capability it's just not in use. have we made any progress? >> we have right now there's great progress move inging forward
5:09 am
for airplane tracking. it's never fast enough. it couldn't be fast enough. it needs to be there now. the world aviation forum and bodies of work are pushing these things forward to get them implemented. the airlines are work towards it as well. >> that's an fastic news because often times we don't learn from our lessons. when you have that many lives lost you hope there's something learned for sure. thank you, gentlemen. >> you talk about technology in planes here's another disturbing question. can passenger planes be hacked and controlled remotely? the fbi is investigating a computer expert's claims that he hacked into the system and from there took control of the jet's engine and made the plane fly sideways for a moment. this has a lot of people upset this morning. >> that's right, chris. chris roberts is the name of a research ir who says modern planes have a huge vulnerability from hackers. there's a security hole in in-flight entertainment systems.
5:10 am
he says hackers can take control of these aircraft and now the fbi says it's investigates him for computer crimes. this is according to a search warrant filed in court. roberts told the fbi in february and march he's hacked into planes while in flight up to 20 times including once making a plane do a lateral move. no one has verified whether he actually did any of this and he's not been arrested. boeing says there's no danger quote, in-flight entertainment systems on commercial airlines are isolated from flight and navigation systems. roberts himself now says that the fbi has it all wrong. over the weekend he tweeted, quote, over the last five years my only interest has been to improve aircraft security given the current situation i've been advised against saying much. the investigation by the fbi is continuing.
5:11 am
>> i'll take it here evan thank you for that. we'll watch that story. overseas thousands of civilians are fleeing the iraqi city of ramadi now that it's been overrun by isis. officials in the u.s. and iraq are vowing that the fight for the city is not over. cnn's complete coverage begins with nick paton walsh. >> reporter: the key question is how can that fight back really begin? the iraqi prime minister called on shia militia, not known for their particularly gleaming human rights record in the battlefield to play into that fight because it's iraqi security forces who were routed over the weekend by that substantial advance by isis. 13 suicide bombers bulldozers use to clear away the defenses. a million people used to live there. 8,000 fleeing now, 500 dead in
5:12 am
the fighting of just this weekend. it's a vital tragic hold. and it covers a third of iraq's easter's easter's easter iraq's territory. does they recognize how complex it will be to take that? >> it is possible to have the kind of attack we have seen in ramadi but i'm absolutely confident in the day ace head that will be reversed. large numbers were killed in the last few days and will be in the next days because that seems to be the only thing they understand. >> reporter: but it is a substantial damage to the narrative that baghdad government was trying to push forward. they are on the back here losing significantly. it was their most elite special
5:13 am
forces that appeared to leave and the question will now be were they inadequately resupplied? did they flee and how did baghdad not see this coming? isis has been quiet in the past month. it's clear they had this up their sleeve. the u.s. and allies in baghdad reaching out to iran have to try to clean up this mess. back to you. >> very clear that nothing will happen quickly, that's for sure, thank you. while ramadi was falling a top isis commander was dying. the secret raid reportedly netting valuable intelligence on isis in the process. let's bring in our cnn national correspondent. what do we know about the raid and this intelligence? >> the administration is characterizing this kill as a significant blow to isis and the national security council.
5:14 am
and his wife was captured at the mission site. she's now being detained and interrogated. senior administration officials say she might have some information on isis's hostage operation operations. now u.s. officials say there was a lot of intelligence reams of data that was also recovered at the site including a computer which could have valuable information, they say, on how isis operates and earns its money. but there are still a lot of questions still unanswered about this mission. win at the most basic is what abu sayyaf's name is and the question of weighing the risk here in this mission versus the reward, what intelligence will learn and that's the exact question that some lawmakers are already starting to e question on capitol hill. >> thank you for that. also break. ing overnight, a marine has been killed in hawaii after a training exercise went terribly
5:15 am
wrong. the marine corps says an aircraft made a hard landing and caught fire during a training exercise in hawaii on sunday. 22 marines were on board at the time. one was killed the rest were injured. injuries range from minor to critical critical. the marine corps says the accident is now under investigation. nine bikers killed over the weekend in wayco, texas, during a shootout between rival gangs. 200 people are in jail this morning facing charges. nick virginia lensalencia is live with the latest. what do you know? >> reporter: good morning, chris, just in the last few minutes, police announced that 192 people will be arrested as well as of yesterday's shootout in waco texas. all will be charged with engaging in organized crime, some will face capital murder charges. meanwhile police say there are ongoing credible threats against their life. they say they are prepared for whatever happens next. >> these are very dangerous,
5:16 am
hostile biker gangs. >> reporter: erupting in proud daylight a deadly fight broke out on sunday. first clubs and knives escalating into a fierce gun battle. >> it was really really scary. we didn't know if somebody was going to come back. >> reporter: 100 miles south of dallas in waco texas, as many as five criminal gangs started fighting over a park issue. you can see some of the groups' names on the back of their jackets. the meetup known for weeks, members of the s.w.a.t. were monitoring the scene when the fight began. >> we were in marked cars, they knew we were here. it mattered not to them. that tells you the kind of level of people we're dealing with. >> reporter: police exchanging fire with the bikers. the parking lot filling fast with law enforcement officials to secure the scene. nine are now dead and nearly 20 more injured. some customers and employees
5:17 am
taking cover in the restaurant's freezer. >> there are a lot of people, a lot of innocent people could have been injured today. >> reporter: police recovered more than 100 weapons at the scene. a frightening indication that this may not be the end to the deadly rivalry. >> we have been getting reports throughout the day that bikers from out the state are headed this way. >> reporter: police say the threat is not against the public but against the police officers here protecting this area, even still out of an abundance of caution twin peaks will be closed for the next seven days. the strip mall also closed to the public. >> a dangerous situation, thank you for letting us know the latest. a freight train colliding with a bus in atlanta. half the bus was sitting on the tracks seconds before the crash. you can see passengers get up and head for the door as they barely just make it off in time leaving the bus driver when it crashed.
5:18 am
he was knocked o out of his seat but was able to get up and walk away. really frightening stuff. six people were taken to the hospital for their injuries. >> last week it was a truck and a train. now it's this one. >> it's really upset ingting. now we have video of these things. >> you have to respect he got everybody out and the driver is okay as well. when we come back, isis is now controlling a key city of ramadi. it fell to terrorists after they carried out mass killings. what does this mean? what is going on in the war against isis? are we winning, losing what's the coalition's fate, ahead.
5:19 am
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forward, however you want to look at it it was a good day for isis in iraq. the key city of ramadi falling to their fighters. u.s. officials are assessing a troef of intelligence they say after a special forces raid killed a key isis commander in syria. we have counterterrorism analyst na veed ross and major general james marks. general, give us some perspective. isis took this big city. the coalition is losing fair assessment? >> no it doesn't mean the coalition is losing. that means the coalition has
5:23 am
essentially acknowledged that they are not in the proper position not aligned appropriately to resist isis in ramadi. to isis ramadi is important only because it allows them some freedom of movement. but bear in mind isis now has to control it find some form of governance. how long they are able to do that who knows. what's significant is when isis has the momentum they choose where and when to exert themselves. that's what iraq has to do with coalition support is to break the back of isis momentum. that's what we're talking about here. >> every time they take land it's a test to show whether they can govern it. sometimes it's a mixed blessing. on the other side, you have secretary of state john kerry who said every country in the region is against them. they are all fighting against
5:24 am
them. if they are still gaining ground isn't that a problem? >> it absolutely is. the fall of ramadi is a major setback. it doesn't mean the coalition is losing. this is a big setback because ramadi was the birthplace of the wakening movement in 2006. this was the sunni tribal movement that helped to push back isis east predecessor in iraq and a lot of countries are still looking to sunni tribal engagement as a major factor to use to push back isis. if so, we should watch for the kind of slaughters that are occurring on the ground right now because it's really dangerous. it's going to have tremendous strategic implications. >> what was going on in syria at the same time this was happening in iraq was that the u.s.
5:25 am
intelligence forces say they took down a big target. are they right? is it a big target and this troef of intelligence? >> it is a big target. it's not just abu sayyaf that we're focused on. there were four important leaders there, when means they were in some sort of meeting. one was a deputy war minister. the kind of information you're going to get from abu sayyaf includes who is smuggling out the black market and who they are doing business with. if the u.s. follows this up and really punishes e those individuals, it could either do significant damage to isis's ability to sell oil or could also raise the cost for isis of doing this such that they aren't able to get the same kind of money they are used to. >> follow the money and often you wind up getting where you want to be. general, play on the irony that it will be a woman, the wife
5:26 am
here that isis is so intent on degrading and demeaning their position but the wife may wind up being the key to the intel. tell us about that. >> i think she probably will be. the fact that abu sayyaf is gone is probably good news but what the special operators were able to take out is significant intelligence that's going to lead to what revenue channels are that allows isis to fund the activities that are ongoing right now. what we hope has happened as a result of that is there's now a new target list of potential targets where operators can go after these various locations that have been having revenue dealings with isis. if we can cut that off, we have limited isis's ability to gain momentum. it keeps those lines of operation, the united states military operates onlines of operations and financial is one
5:27 am
of those. if we can degrade that that's a really good solid step that's a foundation for everything they try to do. >> what the wife can provide could be instrumental as well. that's why the intel community is excited about this. something else about intel. the patriot act expiring in parts. the hot button issue is section 215, which deals with surveillance that captures american communications. are you worried about the pendulum swinging too far the other way in favor of restricting privacy and the ability to gather intelligence or you think you'll be okay any way? >> it's a very hard set of issues. there's intelligence value to capturing mass communications. there are tremendous privacy implications. this is something we as a country haven't worked out. it's not easy to do. the pendulum is going to swing in one direction and another before we work out what security
5:28 am
and privacy and the increased pervasiveness of technology. an intimate meaning in the 21st century. >> how do you sell it from the american people? we hear the threat is worse now. it's harder online. we need more tools, not less tools. how do you sell it to the american people who do not want big brother to dominate american life? >> that truly is the challenge. our security is paramount. that's why we structured a government to begin with. that's why our founders said we have to protect these priegtrights and sustain our ability to provide for the freedoms that we can enjoy. but the issue really is there will be more tools, as you described, there will never be fewer tools. it's a matter of maintaining this ungoverned common is what we call the internet. there are essentially no rules that exist in there plp there are rules that exist in every other common but not in the
5:29 am
internet. yet we have incredible freedoms we're always going to enjoy those freedoms but there must be an acknowledgment there will be a shutting down of some of that access as our vulnerabilities increase. >> it won't be lost on our audience that the privacy, not one found specifically in the constitution but is held dear by the american population. general, thank you very much. jeb bush talking same-sex marriage the potential republican candidate leaving no room for interpretation. will his views help or hurt his chances of winning the white house?
5:30 am
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i'm very proud to do the work that i do and say that i am a lineman for pg&e. it's a rewarding feeling. together, we're building a better california. monday. the iraqi city of ramadi falling to isis. they forced iraqi troops to retreat. full amtrak service resuming between new york and philadelphia less than a week after the derailment that killed eight people. they are examining the train's windshield after reports it was
5:34 am
struck before the crash. nine bikers killed during a a shootout during rival gangs. it happened sunday afternoon in a restaurant parking lot. nearly 200 other people were arrested. republican leaders in the house and senate say they have enough support to approve president obama's free trade initiative. there will be two motevotes tonight. and president obama will head to camden, new jersey, meeting with young people in the community. he announces a ban on the federal government providing certain types of military-style gear to local police departments. for more on the five things to know, visit for the latest. sglrngts the patriot act is on life support. two weeks left before key parts of the act expire. now what? we keep hearing we're behind the bad guys too often, especially online. what are the options? we'll test them, you decide, ahead. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel.
5:35 am
kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern.
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jeb bush attacked for being
5:39 am
inde why do you say that away? >> i think jeb bush has very strong social values. i think he has very strong religious values. he's a converted catholic. as a catholic he's talking as a catholic. marriage is a sacrament. i'm a catholic too, but a bad one. now the question of constitutional right, let me
5:40 am
just say jeb and i disagree on the gay marriage issue. one of the things that i like and appreciate about jeb bush is that we can disagree. we have had many discussions and conversations about this issue throughout the years and, you know he's willing to listen. he's got his very strong held believes but you can disagree. in america we can disagree on important issues. >> i agree with that but he's said before there should be respect for the good people on both sides of the issues. that's a very different tone than what he was coming out with. could that be because of who he was talking to? he was at a very conservative christian group saying those words to them. was he pandering to the audience or is that really where he stands on the issue? >> you know are they inconsistent those two statements to say we should be supporters of traditional marriage and saying we need to respect both sides of the issue?
5:41 am
why is it mutually exclusive to be a stall worth supporters of traditional marriage which i am and to also be in favor of same-sex marriage what he's not, but i am. i think sometimes we make these statements out to be too black and white. >> support of traditional marriage has become code for no same-sex marriage. and the problem goes away if legally if the court declares there's a right, this goes away because you have to follow the law if you want to -- if it becomes the supreme law of the land after the supreme court. u be he has another problem. i grew up with a catholic politician raising me. his religion is not the rule for all in america. the constitution is our national rule. how is he going to separate that? if he says i'm a catholic but he's not only going to lead catholics. he's going to have to figure out how to please the plurlty. >> i think everybody has to
5:42 am
figure that out. how many catholic politicians, and you know some very well have had to figure out how to separate state and religion. it's actually how we govern in this country. we have a separation between church and state. and we go to the question god knows i barely made it through law school but is there a right, a constitutional right to not only gay marriage straight marriage in the constitution. there's an equal protection right, and that's what the supreme court is going to find and i think this issue is going to be moot by the time 2016 comes around. we're going to have other issues. we're going to have a legitimate question on religious liberty. we're going to have the issue of traditional marriage and being supportive of that as making a stronger american family and what that means particularly in the inner cities, but the question on same-sex marriage might be moot by next month.
5:43 am
>> one question that we're still looking at, we watched last week and it was kind of a cringe-worthy week for jeb bush in terms of dealing with the iraq question. well it was marco rubio's turn let's take a look to see how he answered that. >> you got asked the same question and said it made sense. >> it was not the same question. it was whether it was a mistake. it's not a mistake. because the president was presented with intelligence that said iraq had weapons of mass destruction. it was governed by a man who committed atrocities in the past. >> but was it a mistake to go to war with iraq? >> it was not a mistake given what the president knew at the time. >> she said was it a mistake. >> that's not the same question. >> why is it so hard for presidential hopefuls to answer that question? >> because i think it brings up a bunch of different issues and feelings. >> is it like having the sex talk with your teen, you don't want to have to talk about it you're awkward, you're scared
5:44 am
where it's going to lead but every parent is waiting for the inevitability. >> by the way, whenever the democrat hopefuls start answering it given she was the only one who voted -- >> you know what her answer is going to be. my guess is she's going to say they lied to us about the intelligence. i wanted to support my chain of command. knowing what we know now, which is that this intel didn't work we didn't get what we wanted to would you do the same thing? everybody would say no except jeb because he has to worry about the family. >> they are being asked different questions, which is mine. they have to learn to navigate when different questions are asked. >> would it be right with what you know now? >> not just jeb, it brings out
5:45 am
different issues. does it dishonor their service? what does it mean to be answering hypotheticals about the past? should we have gone into vietnam or korea? i want to be answering hypotheticals about the future and what they are going to do in the future. there's the issue about president george w. bush who is jeb's brother, but also a republican and a respected republican amongst many in the base. >> even more so as time goes on he's out of office. >> love having you here. >> why aren't we doing a show in miami? who do we talk to about that. >> make it so. good to see you. we have a programming note here. allison is not here because she's on the road to catch up with senator rand paul. she's going to put the questions
5:46 am
to him and you'll get to see that tomorrow morning here on "new day." the law to collect your phone data is set to expire. that debate, ahead. out of 42 vehicles based on 6 different criteria, why did a panel of 11 automotive experts name the volkswagen golf motor trend's 2015 car of the year? we'll give you four good reasons. the volkswagen golf. starting at $19,295, there's an award-winning golf for everyone.
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and that would be something worth shouting about. cvs health, because health is everything. (music) i'm supposed to tell you how it feels when you book the perfect family vacation on but i think he's kinda nailing it. (music) they don't need me right now. key parts of the patriot act, the deal with the surveillance program with how much the government can do and balance of citizens' privacy, that act is set to expire at the end of the month. right now republicans are
5:50 am
pushing for a renewal of the measure that allows the bulk correction of americans' phone data. that's the crux of it. the senate is preparing to take up the reform bill approved by the house. the freedom act would limit spying but proponents say would go far enough. we have the author of the bill joining us now. the patriot act is expiring section 215 is in the cross hairs. do you believe that we can accomplish the intel needs of the united states and also give people more privacy? >> absolutely, that's what the usa freedom act, the house bill which voted by 338 to 88 through the house negotiate edd and supported by the president. it's very bipartisan and it will do just that.
5:51 am
it will end bulk data collection as the american people want, but it will in its place have a program where under a court order the nsa and other intelligence gathering organizations can go to the phone companies and get in realtime the data they need to track suspected terrorists. >> the other side is that the intel community sayings the threat is getting worse all the time especially online. if you do anything to take tools %-paway from us, it's going to compromise security. how do you avoid swinging the pendulum towards popular opinion and compromising safety? >> by carefully negotiating this with the nsa, which is exactly what we did this weekend in the baltimore sun the last chairman of the house intelligence committee and ranking member wrote an op-ed endorsing the usa freedom act. it was supported in the house. the chairman and ranking member
5:52 am
voted for it. the obama administration has carefully been involved in this as well. so this is not just a throw out the data collection and don't do anything about it. this is stop the government from metadata collection. any kind of metadata. and then protect american civil liberties, but have in place a new mechanism whereby the nsa can get the same information and once the court issues the order it can stay in place for 180 days. so new phone numbers coming in from the court said they could get information would be continuing on in realtime. it will be effective and it will protect american civil liberty liberties. you can have a high level of both. >> let's play out the two levels of opposition you're taking on. senator mcconnell is saying this is the time to reauthorize the
5:53 am
sections of the patriot act because the threat is greater and you guys are playing politics at the wrong time. your response? >> first of all, the second court of appeals ruled two weeks ago that the current program violates the law. and we believe we're going to see other circuit courts that have also had cases brought similarly. this has got to be changed. secondly we're not playing politics at all. we're protecting americans' rights under their constitution and that is very important. it's also important to have the national security protections desired. senators who are in any doubt, i think a majority of the senate already supports this bill those who may be in doubt should take a close look at the actual language of the bill. >> one of them is another republican named rand paul. he's threatening another filibuster because he says this
5:54 am
doesn't come close to protecting privacy the way it should. no way they need the tools. you're not going far enough in that direction. your response? >> well the response is very simple. there are measures in this bill that protect our civil liberties. and they do it the way we have always done it. when law enforcement or anyone else wants to conduct an investigation, get information, they go to court and get an order upon the showing of appropriate evidence that they are entitled to that order. that's what the foreign intelligence surveillance act provides for the fisa court and we restore that. it was taken away when the administration several years ago started this data collection program and we simply restore the proper use of the law. >> what is is your percentage chance of making a deal on this at this stage? >> well we have made a deal. we have made a deal between
5:55 am
republicans and democrats, between defense hawks and civil libertarians -- >> i'm saying with the senate. >> that's what the house bill is. it's time given the fact this law expires on may 31st for the senate to step up and take the house bill. it's a good bill. >> thank you very much congressman, appreciate it. we're going to be following the debate very closely. you heard what the congressman say what is the bill offer rs for those on both sides. what do you think? tweet us and use #newdaycnn. speaking of the military we have a great story for you here. this man right here he is going hungry this veteran. that's never the good stuff. but that is the good stuff there. we'll tell you what happened. dear stranger, when i booked this trip, my friends said i was crazy. why would i stay in someone else's house? but this morning a city i've never been to
5:56 am
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what is that? it's you! it's me?
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alright emma, i know it's not your favorite but it's time for your medicine, okay? you ready? one, two, three. [ both ] ♪ emma, emma bo-bemma ♪ ♪ banana-fana-fo-femma ♪ ♪ fee-fi-fo-femma ♪ ♪ em-ma ♪ very good sweety, how do you feel? good. yeah? you did a really good job, okay? [ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere, thank you from johnson & johnson. this is going to be really good. >> no veteran should be hungry. but it happens all the time. even at 81-year-old clarence blackman. after months in the hospital battling cancer he comes home
6:00 am
and has no food. he was so desperate e he called 911. the dispatcher so touched by the call sent herself and several officers to the grocery store and hand delivered the food. the story got out and he has so much food he's saying give it to the food bank instead. >> i love it. i love that people step up. >> time for newsroom with carol costello. >> happy monday have a great day, thanks so much. "newsroom" starts right now. happening now, a parking lot turns into a murder scene in texas. chains knives then a fierce gun battle. close to 200 members of a biker gang in a deadly fight. nine killed, what started it? plus back up and running is amtrak train service resumes between philly and new york the fbi is on the scene of the deadly


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