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tv   CNN International  CNN  May 18, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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comcast business. built for business. the battle for ramadi. how iraqi and coalition forces are trying to stop isis and its march toward baghdad. >> the deadly biker gang shootout in waco, texas has led to fears of revenge attacks. plus, the quadruple murder in washington that rock add posh neighborhood in washington d.c. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and all around the world. i'm zain asher. >> and i'm errol barnett. this is cnn newsroom. the iraqi government is rushing thousands of
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reinforcements right now to try and hold the isis advance from rama ramadi. now about 3,000 fighters from a predominantly shiite militia are gathering east of the city to battle the militants. >> the u.n. says 25,000 people have fled ramadi. they're handing out food in towns between ramadi and baghdad. this video apparently shows people in mosul celebrating the group's ramadi victory. supporters raise the isis flag and cheered that baghdad would be next. >> isis had threatened ramadi for months. the fall of the city came suddenly. >> the victory suggests that isis has more military know how than the u.s. originally thought. listen. >> isis faced with waves of fighters and suicide car bombs, iraqi forces in ramadi and
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thousands of residents with no choice but to flee. the pentagon called it a setback. the obama administration trying to down play the loss. >> i am absolutely confident in the days ahead that will be reversed. >> but isis did what the u.s. said it could not do. field a large-scale military attack. >> there are fierce battles taking place in neighborhoods in the city and popular mobilization units have been ordered to move in. >> just 48 hours earlier, a top u.s. military official suggested ramadi might be just an isis pr stunt. now isis roaming deserted streets. abandoned weapons, a sign of hasty restreet. no sign yet of iraqi government forces ready to counter attack. all of this as u.s. intelligence agencies scour computers, cell
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phones and other intelligence from that weekend raid deep in eastern syria. cnn has learned the target, a man called sayyaf by the u.s., had been under surveillance since march when delta force commandos flew in helicopters, they had fresh intelligence indicating he was there. the commandos quickly ran into a fire fight and hand to hand combat. they blew a hole in the side of the building to get inside. sayyaf was killed. his wife taken into custody and questioned. u.s. officials say he had critical intelligence on isis military plans and finances. one official saying, he could potentially have information regarding americans who had been held hostage by isis. but just how important was this isis money man. >> very significant target. a guy who played a very significant role in advancing
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the interests of isis. a guy who was very close to al baghdadi. one of al baghdadi's senior advisors. >> barbara starr there. for more on the symbolic importance of ramadi, we turn to our senior international corporate ivan watson. there have been more than 2,300 air strikes in iraq. obviously it's not enough to weaken isis sufficiently. but how can iraq get its army, get its military up to par to a point when they don't flee the militants? >> well, i mean, at least in the case of ramadi, they did not flee initially. that was a city that the iraqi military fought for months to try to defend. but in the end, pulled back after a wave of suicide bombings despite coalition air strikes on the day that they pulled back.
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this proved to be not only a defeat for the iraqi security forces, but also for the allied sunni tribesmen. that's why the predominantly shiite militias are now being called in into a fight where they had been kept out of prior to that. but the question of how to turn the iraqi military into a more professional fighting force, that's one that has dogged the iraqi government, dogged the u.s. since the u.s. invaded iraq and made what many have called a disastrous decision to disband the iraqi military which pretty much every academic and expert on that country has argued really led to the situation that you see on the ground now. it alienated vast portions of the population. the iraqi military officer core
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and gave fuel to the iraqi insurgency more than a decade ago during the first days of the u.s. military occupation of that country. so arguably, you're still dealing with the consequences of that disastrous decision now some 12 years later. errol? >> live for us in hong kong. ivan, thanks. we turn now to another story we've been following this one out of the u.s. after a bloody gunfight, police in waco, texas are warning biker gangs looking for revenge to stay away. >> a memo says members of the cossacks and bandidos could be planning to ride armed into texas. a law enforcement source says it appears four of them were killed by police. 170 bikers are now under arrest and their bond is set at a million dollars each. >> this isn't the first time motorcycle clubs have gotten
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into trouble. here's our miguel marquez with more. >> at least five motorcycle gangs gathered at waco's twin peaks restaurant when the midday fight broke out. at its root, a rivalry over turf and recruits. their names meant to intimidate. with a history of violence and criminal behavior, the justice department calls them organized motorcycle gangs. if you see them coming, that other omg just might fit the bill. this 2002 brawl left three dead. the fight captured on surveillance cameras. maybe most shocking it was in the middle of a ras in nevada after members of the rival gangs tried to use the same entrance. even noncriminal motorcycle gangs have engaged in aggressive
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behavior. 2013, new york city, when this motorcyclist applied his brakes, he bumped the motorcycle causing minor injuries. when he stopped to help, other motorcyclists began beating the suv with their helmets. terrified, he fled hitting two other motorcyclists until he was finally stopped, pulled from his suv and beaten while his wife and 2-year-old daughter watched on. nationwide, there are about 500 large games and some 2,500 smaller organized motorcycle gangs. the fbi estimates in all, some 44,000 people belong to omgs. the motorcycle gang threat is rated at similar levels to prison, street and neighborhood gangs. many large motorcycle gangs make their living producing and or distributing drugs like methi cocaine, and marijuana. in more recent years, some have formed alliances with mexican
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drug cartels. motorcycle gangs a notorious part of american culture. around about as long as the motorcycle itself. the fx hit series "sons of anarchy" about the friction within a motorcycle gang in california. it is nowhere near the first portrayal. america's interest in motorcycle gang culture immortalized in the 1953 film "the wild one." it was based on a real life biker brawl in 1947. the next chapter in motorcycle gang violence, now being written. miguel marquez, cnn, new york. u.s. federal investigators are focused on a cracked windshield as they search for clues into what caused last week's deadly amtrak derailment. and cnn heads to thy waters
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welcome back everyone. want to bring you an update on that amtrak derailment that happened last week. the fab says they found no evidence that a firearm caused damage to the windshield of the train. >> however, investigates are not ruling out the possibility that maybe another object hit the windshield. amtrak is now working on securing their tracks. >> fbi analysts are examining the crashed amtrak locomotive now housed at this maintenance site in delaware trying to determine if something struck the train moments before it derailed. meantime, the ntsb says they found in evidence to back up claims of hearing the engineer say train 188 had been hit. >> we've interviewed the accept ta engineer and he did not recall having any conversation between him and the amtrak engineer. but never theless, we do have the mark on the windshield of
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the train, so we certainly want to trace that lead down. >> amtrak restored full service today along the busy northeast corridor. maneuvering the curve where 188 derailed without problems. technology called automatic train control is now in place to slow northbound trains before the curve. >> if they were able to put atc in over the weekend, some are going to say, well, if it was this simple, why not before. >> from the north to the south, you're coming from a high rate of speed, 110, down to 50. you had to have it there. but from the south, the maximum speed was 80 and you could get around this corner at 80. >> at the crash site, new steel fencing has been put up alongside the tracks. just a few blocks away, there's a lot offensing, but there might as well not be. this is wide open. it's not keeping anyone from
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walking right on the tracks. we're just steps away from the tracks where this deadly derailment happen. amtrak police officials tell cnn for them securing the rail lines is now priority number one. >> four passengers have now filed a federal lawsuit against amtrak citing serious and disabling injuries. errol? >> britain's prince charles begins a two-day visit to ireland which is set to include a meeting with jerry adams. he says it would be the first public meeting ever between adams and a member of the british royal family. it's designated to promote reconciliation and healing. it would come ahead of a visit to the site where his great uncle was killed in 1979. as early as june, european navy's plan to start taking down human smugglers in the
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mediterranean sea. in brussels on mund, the european union agreed to set up a mission wanting to capture human traffickers and destroy their boats before the smugglers use them. listen. >> this is just the beginning of it. a decision to establish an operation means the planning starts and again the operation hopefully will be ready to be launched. already in june. >> now southeast asian nations plan to meet next week to deal with their migrant crisis. thousands are adrift in southeast asian waters. myanmar says it won't take part in the conference in the name is mentioned. >> an official from the president's office says if the name is used, the people will
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think they are myanmar citizens. an estimated 6,000 migrants are stranded at sea. here's more. >> beyond this dream holiday destination, a recurring nightmare is unfolding. day and night for rohingya refugees. men, women, children crammed onto a boat risking their lives to save their lives from persecution in myanmar. this man was out on his boat when he saw one of the many boats of refugees. there were so many children on the boat, he tells me, i think they must have been around 100 small children, from younger than 1 year old up to the age of 5. according to the international organization for migration, 40%
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of the rohingya who flee myanmar are malnourished. 2% are what's described as human skeletons. i feel so sorry for them, i can't explain it in words, he says. it's so different when you see these refugees on land and the conditions are so terrible on this boat. they haven't been seen since. we search ed and searched. have you seen any rohingya boats he asks. no, they say. we're approaching as many boats as we can to ask them if they've seen this boat. it seems to have just disappeared. nobody knows where it is. whether it's thai, waters,
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malaysian or indonesia. this ethnic minority would somehow disappear. a problem people no politician wants to support or help. the fortified rights group tells me governments in the region have the wherewithal to track these boats and find them. they simply don't want to. the group claims patrol ships stay ahead of those searching for these boats chasing the rohingya out of the area so rights groups and journalists are simply chasing ghosts. the sea now the only willing host to these very unwelcome guests. cnn, in the sea near thailand. now to colombia where more than 50 people are dead and at least 37 injured after heavy rain trigger add landslide. a rescue effort is underway, but it's unclear how many people are still missing. >> the president has declare add
10:21 pm
state of emergency in this area. he says the government will clear debris and also provide new housing for all of those people who lost their lives in this landslide. >> our meteorologist joins us with more on that. great to get homes, but there's a big concern immediately to rescue people who might still be trapped. >> it's the heart of the rainy season. the month of may and october. we know it's going to continue to rain over a region that's been very hard hit. want to show you a geographic map here of what it looks like in this valley. if you look at the map here, the town right there, 18,000 people. this is where the flooding occurred. and then you look at the sides there. the mountain sides and the way water flows down. one of the oldest land forms, one of the most common land forms on our planet are valleys. they were formed over millions of years. so it's kind of ironic what
10:22 pm
creates a valley like this, you have people wanting to settle in it, is essentially what begins to cause substantial damage and take lives of people across this region. want to take you to the northern areas. we have the estimates of how much rainfall came down over this region. 50 to 100 millimeters. just about two to 4 inches of rainfall. not a tremendous amount when you think about a deadly landslide scenario. when you're flowing the water down the sides of the mountains, it multiplies the effects you feel down in the valley areas. month of may and also october, the wet season across this portion of colombia. you see the peak in may and once again in october. not unusual to see heavy rainfall and again, expect it to continue in the coming couple of days. they put 150, some areas 250 millimeters. so a quarter of a meter of rainfall expected in the coming
10:23 pm
couple of days. want to share with you video. this is a graphic video. look at the footage. look at the right corner of your screen there in north western china. a wall collapse. unfortunately, nine people walking on the sidewalk. we know two of them were killed here. seven injuries occurring. people rushing right there to the rescue of the seven people that did survive. and you can see by the leaves blowing on the tree, about 40 miles per hour. you can also see by the aluminum construction brick -- >> can't even imagine. >> just strong winds pushed it right over. >> strong winds are believed to have caused it. the construction may not have been as sturdy as it should have been. >> thanks so much. >> in bangkok, yingluck shinawatra arrived at court to begin her trial on negligence charges. >> she's accused of mishandling
10:24 pm
a multi-billion dollar rice scheme. >> the former prime minister could go to prison if found guilty. she was forced to step down last year after a thai court found her guilty of abusing power. we're hearing from a friend of two very experienced base jumpers who died over the weekend. >> certainsearchers found their sunday. we have their story. >> three, two, one. >> from jumping off clip in wing suits, dane potter was an extreme sports legend and pioneer. leaping from fixed points, base jumpers fly dangerously close to the surface as they drop thousands of feet. it's illegal, but that doesn't stop people from doing it.
10:25 pm
>> they're doing it because they love it. >> on saturday, shortly before sunset, potter and 29-year-old graham hunt attempted a jump. a cliff with about a 3,500 foot drop to the valley floor. friends reported the two were missing that night. on sunday, a helicopter spotted the bodies of the two men. they were found at different locations. photographer shawn reader nu both men. >> graham and dean both were two of the best wing suit jumpers in the world. and while i think both of them never had a death wish, i think they both truly were honestly choosing to live life to the fullest, they were also both aware that what they were doing, it brought the chance of death. >> 43-year-old potter pushed those limits traveling around the world in search of the next thrill. like rock climbing without a
10:26 pm
rope or tether. potter recently posted this picture with the tag first ever freebase solo. he was known to take along a companion, his dog whisper. potter talked to cnn about their adventures together. >> i always like to bring my dog and my best friend with me. the idea came from not wanting to leave my dog in the house or car. >> potter took his final jump without whisper. she's now left missing her best friend. cnn, los angeles. u.s. forces say they've taken out a key isis commander, but the terror group's leadership is quite complicated to figure out. coming up next, a closer look at who's really in charge of isis. plus, a murder mystery in washington d.c. a family and their housekeeper are found dead in their burning home.
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you are watching cnn newsroom. your last half hour of the day with the both of us. i'm errol barnett. >> and i'm zain asher. let's give you your headlines. the iraqi government is rushing thousands of reinforcements to do battle with isis. about 3,000 shiite militia fighters are assembling to shore up defense lines. security in waco, texas is being stepped up after a deadly brawl on sunday involving motorcycle gangs. a police memo warns that additional members of two outlaw
10:31 pm
gangs could be heading to the state to retaliate after nine bikers were killed. 170 bikers have been arrested and charged with voechlt in organized crime. in colombia, rescuers are searching for survivors after heavy rain cause add landslide. more than 50 people were killed and 37 injured when waves of mud crashed into homes and other buildings as well. the president has declared a state of emergency in this area. he says the government will provide new housing for those who have lost their homes. back now to the fight against isis. the fall of ramadi comes just after u.s. forces target add top isis leader over in syria. after a fire fight and hand to hand combat, the senior commander was killed. >> but that commander's death may not be that much of a significant blow to isis. take a listen. >> a prize kill for the u.s.-led coalition. sayyaf, who u.s. officials say
10:32 pm
had a key role in ice sis black market and gas operations is taken off the battle field. but he's not eeb on the top ten list of isis leaders. al baghdadi, the same black roped iraqcy jihadist whose only public appearance was at this mosque in mosul last summer. last week he released an audiotape calling for new recruits. u.s. officials tell cnn he remains, quote, a player, still taking part in the day-to-day running of isis. >> he is the religious figure to which all of them are drawn. i'm sure he's playing a central role in military strategic planning. >> if bag daddy were to be taken out, who would replace him, a shadowy operative who would be expected to take control of day
10:33 pm
to day operations. the u.s. has a $7 million reward for information on him. u.s. officials say they cannot corroborate reports from the iraqi military that he was killed in a coalition strike last week. another potential leader, a spokesman for isis who specifically called for supporters to launch lone wolf attacks in the west. america's bounty for him, $5 million. analysts say isis has positioned itself to not be dependent on a few people at the top. >> even killing the leader of isis and its predecessor organization, al qaeda in iraq incueding czar ka we has not been able to significantly impact the organization. >> analysts liken isis to a well organized mafia family. so well diversified that it
10:34 pm
doesn't hurt that much. they're lining their pockets from several sources. >> from kidnaping to extortion to brothels to selling precious artifacts. >> and analysts say isis is not just in syria and iraq anymore. it's taken its black market operations and diversified leadership structure to places like africa and south asia. another reason they say why decapitation strikes won't finish this group off. for more on the implications of losing ramadi, i want to bring in our ian lee. so this is obviously been a nightmarish week for the iraqi security forces. but i'm pretty sure it's been just as bad for the prime minister. how do you think the loss of ramadi is going to affect the prime minister politically in the long run? >> well, this is definitely a
10:35 pm
political blow for him losing ramadi. for a long time, they were saying they weren't going to lose the city. and it does basically lose almost the entire anbar province for him. what we're hearing from the government in iraq is they're making calls that were considered controversial. calling up these shiite militias to go in there and help retake the city. this was controversial in the beginning. we did not see them really during the battle for ramadi before. now they're calling them up to go in there. in the past, as we've seen in other places like tikrit, there have been rights abuses. so it is going to be a very difficult -- it was a very difficult choice for him. right now, they seem to be the only ones able to stop this isis advance. >> as well-known, the level of distrust between the sunni populated area like ramadi
10:36 pm
between the shiite enforcements coming in. walk us through how the shiite militia compared to the iraqi security forces in terms of military power and military might. >> really, when you boil it all down, it's a matter of will. when you look at how isis fights, when you look how the militias fight and then the iraqi army, the iraqi army has the best weapons. they're supplied by the united states. they have air support. but still, they do not have the will to go up and fight against isis. and we've seen isis has this drive, this religious drive that has pushed them forward in a lot of places. and these shiite militias have the same sort of religious drive. we saw from the ministry of defense that they've called for jihad against isis. a lot of these religious undertones.
10:37 pm
that's where we see the sectarian, the probability of sectarian violence and sectarian ramifications when they do enter these areas. there's no secret that when isis takes an area, anyone who's not of the same sunni religion is either enslaved or killed. for shiite militias, when they have entered sunni areas in the past, they have exacted revenge on the local sunni population. so that is one of the big fears. but it really is that will to go against that enemy. the shiite militia see isis as essentially the devil and they're going to go after them. >> okay. thank you so much. we appreciate it as always. >> zain, the u.s. state department says it does not plan to publicly release former secretary of state hillary clinton's e-mails until next january. clinton came under fire after it was revealed she use add private e-mail address to do official
10:38 pm
business. there are thousands of pages of those e-mails as well. the journalist has requested their release under the u.s. freedom of information act. clinton is running for president next year. u.s. president barack obama's moving to restrict the use of certain types of military-style equipment by local police. on the banned list, grenade launchers, high caliber weapons and certain types of camouflage uniforms. he said that too many police agencies look like an occupies force. >> we've seen how militarized gear can sometimes give people a feeling like there's an occupying force as opposed to a force part of the community that's protecting them and serving them. can alien nate and intimidate local residents and send the wrong message. >> the move comes after deadly riots in cities like ferguson,
10:39 pm
missouri and baltimore, maryland. two french police officers have been acquitted in the death of two teenagers electrocuted a decade ago. one boy's brother says he was sickened and disappointed and that the police are untouchable. the lawyer for the officers says his clients are just glad it's over. >> translator: since day one, my two clients have been convinced that they have committed no mistake, no error, no crime. so these nine years have been for them nine years of suffering. today, it's ended and so it's finished for them and they are relieved. >> protestors rioted for weeks in the suburb of paris back in 2005 after the teens died. they had been hiding from police inside a power station. the protestors accused of police or not helping the teens and treating the children of immigrants unfairly. a texas police officer who
10:40 pm
fatally shot an unarmed immigrant will not be charged. a grand jury made that decision after weeks of testimony according to grapevine police, an altercation erupted when ruben garcia disobeyed the officer during a traffic stop. a dash cam video was released to the public on monday. >> stop, stop right there! stand right there! back up! back up! back up [ bleep ]! back up! get to the back of the car! get to the back of the -- hey, get to the back of the car! get back in the car! get to the back of the car! [ gunshots ] shots fired, shots fired.
10:41 pm
get your hands where i can see them! get your hands where i can see them! get your hands where i can see them! i shot -- two shots fired. get your hands where i can see them! i shot. he was coming at me. i shot. >> these videos are always incredibly difficult to watch. police say the dash cam video shows officer clark following the proper procedures. and the grand jury made the right decision, this is what they're saying, when they chose not to indict. the family argued that clark had no good reason to open fire. police in washington d.c. are investigating a quadruple homicide. did the four victims found in this home die in an arson fire or were they dead before the fire started? we'll be investigating after the break. to feel well rested.ant aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid...
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five people are in custody in spain after trying to buy a kidney from an immigrant who was selling a kidney. the head of a spanish gang was attempting to buy the organ for an adult son and a immigrant was going to sell his kidney for 6,000 euros. >> the gang threatened to kill him if he didn't cooperate. he obliged. police kidiscovered and stopped the plan. the world health organization says some 10,000 black market transplants take place every year. in the meantime, police in washington d.c. are asking for help from the public as they try to solve a quadruple homicide. >> this happened in one of the city's most affluent neighborhoods. right now, there are more questions than answers really.
10:46 pm
>> it was the middle of the day. fire breaks out in a home in one of washington d.c.'s most posh neighborhoods. blocks away from the vice president's residence on embassy row. >> fire in the attic. >> four people are found dead inside. tragic. as it turns out, very sinister. washington d.c.'s police chief. >> the fire appears to be intentionally set. >> but before it was set, police also say three of the four victims suffered blunt force trauma. it has been declared a quadruple homicide. the victims, savopoulos, a ceo of a company called american iron works. his wife amy, their 10-year-old son phillip and a woman, their 57-yr-old housekeeper. she was one of two family housekeepers. the other housekeeper says she
10:47 pm
too was supposed to be at this house when this all happened. but she wasn't because of a strange text message. >> i almost have heart attack. it's very hard to believe. >> the other housekeeper, about three hours before the fire broke out. she received this text from amy savopoulos. it reads in part, i am making sure you do not come today. the day before, she received a voice mail telling her not to come the next day because his wife was sick. >> sometimes you never understand, you know, all these thing happen. i'm lucky that i'm still here. >> police say no evidence of found of forced entry into this home. was anything taken, was it ransacked? because of the fire damage, authorities say they don't know. so what is going on here? with a voice mail and text sent out under duress? why are police not saying which three of the four people killed suffered blunt force trauma and
10:48 pm
which one did not and what that all means. police are staying relatively quiet. any updates you can give us? but the d.c. police have released this video of what they call a person of interest. it is literally a shadowy image of somebody walking behind a building after possibly taking the porche 911 from the crime scene. as we speak, police are going through evidence. they're literally going through the garbage. they're also looking at the other cars the family has here. a vehicle in the garage, which is a very rare and expensive sports car. sifting through the trash is meticulous. the odor of the spoke still sifting through the neighborhood obvious as police continue working to solve what is a deadly mystery. gary tuckman, cnn, washington. a new london pop-up cafe is
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welcome back, everyone. u.s. president barack obama has now joined the twitter verse. >> yeah, better late than never. he resisted forever, but he couldn't keep away. here he is here sending his first message from his planned new account. >> and take a look at this. former president bill clinton welcomed him jokingly asking, does that user name stay with the office. he added the hash tag, asking for a friend. >> hint hint. he replied the handle comes with the house. know anyone interested, referring to the first lady of the united states. >> now i found this really interesting. although, i don't know if i would be kind of a customer waiting in line. london is now a new pop-up cafe offering breakfast and better sleep.
10:54 pm
>> if you want to visit, you better make a reservation soon. cnn tells us more about it. >> we all know it takes a good night's sleep to prepare for what the world has in store. and in east london's newest quirky pop-up cafe, quality sleep is the order of the day, followed by breakfast in bed courtesy of a well-known swedish furniture shop. >> fruit salad. >> were they swedish fruits? >> i believe so. >> and wear a hat in bed, too. >> exactly. >> sleep specialists are by your bedside to offer advice. >> i'm going to show you a trick. would you like to lay down on this mattress? >> okay. nice. >> how does it feel? >> yeah, it's good. >> okay. so one of the trick that we have is that if you slide your hand
10:55 pm
underneath here, if i can slide it easily, then it's probably good for you. >> okay. was that easy? >> it was easy. >> this is a good fit for me. >> if the gap is too wide, then it probably means the mat rest is too firm. if i struggle, it means the mat rest is too soft for you. >> once sleep is out of the way, breakfast is one of the best things you can do in bed, or so the event organizers told us. >> can you think of anything better to do in bed? [ laughter ] >> no. no. there's nothing -- >> basically it. >> yeah. yeah. yeah. as far as bedtime activities go. this is number one. >> but leave it to east londoners to come up with some other ideas. >> watching a nice tv drama. that could work. >> pizza in bed, that's next,
10:56 pm
right? >> they have another two days of this pop-up to think of more. cnn, london. watching that made me want to stretch. >> now you do get to head home. >> i do. i do. >> she's rubbing in it. i have to stay. >> okay. thank you so much for watching. i'm zain asher. >> and i'm errol barnett. cnn newsroom continues next. stick around. this role is about energy.... we're looking for a luxury hybrid,
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the battle for ramadi. how iraqi and coalition forces are trying to stop isis and its march toward baghdad. >> the deadly biker gang shootout in waco, texas, has now led to fears of revenge attacks. >> and the hacker's claim about taking over flight controls is raising question as bs about ai traffic safety. we want to welcome viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm rosemary church. this is "cnn newsroom." ♪ ♪ the iraqi government is rushing thousand of reinforcements to


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