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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  May 19, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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ing. the iraqi government rushed in reinforcements setting up defensive lines east of ramadi. a brigade from iraqi federal police. the iraqi government sent in another brigade hitting targets inside the city but the focus is on popular mobilization units that are being called on to help in the fight to reestablish control. the problem is the presence of shia militias fighting against sunnis is provocative to say the least. there are concerns it could create a blood bath. here in the u.s. the situation in ramadi is being used by critics of administration policy as a reminder of how the u.s. essentially gave up its power positions in iraq. republican senator lindsey graham saying it would take 10,000 u.s. troops to help shore up the iraqis right now. listen. >> we don't have enough forces in iraq to help the iraqis. we have no strategy in syria. and let me just tell you as
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bluntly as i know how. if we don't turn around the tide of battle if we don't put isil on the run and disrupt their operations they're going to hit us here at home. so it will take thousands of american soldiers over there to protect millions of us back here at home. >> reporter: the administration says ramadi is a setback but in time iraq and the u.s. will push isis forces back. carol? >> what can you tell us about that rescue operation that we glimpsed? >> reporter: this is video that was released by the iraqi ministry of defense. about 20 iraqi soldiers stranded after the fall of ramadi. they were apparently located about 70 miles west of baghdad. they were taken to a location outside of the city. the government withdrew its military after the isis forces overran their positions, carol. >> all right. joe johns reporting live from washington. many thanks. ramadi is particularly important
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because it's the capital of anbar province that's where some of the bloodiest battles during the iraq war took place. about 1,300 u.s. service members lost their lives there after the 2003 american-led invasion. ramadi is where navy s.e.a.l. and sniper chris kyle served. he earned the nickname devil of ramadi by his enemies. my next guest served with kyle and was also awarded the bronze star for braving enemy fire and carrying a fallen comrade to safety. thank you so much for coming in. i appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. >> when you look at what's happening in ramadi right now, what goes through your mind? >> it's inexplicable. the futility of the situation. to see that just washed away
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whether it's a symbolic loss or not, it's still a loss. it's frustrating for those on the ground that served because we look at what we did and we're brothers in arms and we won that city and it was a hard fought fight and to see it washed away by politicking is frustrating. >> we can't protect a shrine everywhere they fell. it doesn't mean sacrifices lose value. our warriors' sacrifice is not cheapened because people in suits couldn't hold on to what those in camo gained. your response? >> operators are keen at getting the job done. we do that well. the administration joint chiefs of staff are more politicking. we look at afghanistan and how
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that will play out. we're facilitating by passively doing nothing hotbed for insurgencies to launch attacks here in this country. >> from your perspective as someone who was there, who is to blame for this? >> i don't represent the s.e.a.l. teams. i speak for myself. i believe we don't have a plan going forward. we can't stay in every city for the rest of our lives. we're in countries from world war ii. we need plan going forward whether that's going to be we fal facilitate by proxy or boots on the ground. there should be a plan going forward. a long-term goal. >> for example, the reason that isis was successful in ramadi was because they took advantage of a sand storm. when you fight a war from overhead of course you can't see the people on the ground in a sand storm, right? they took advantage of that. you heard senator lindsey graham saying we need to put 10,000 american troops on the ground to
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train iraqi forces. what do we need to do? >> we can't blame a sand storm. we can blame the lack of attention to detail with forces going forward. we didn't prepare the iraqi advisers well enough when we left. we left abruptly. by doing so we left them vulnerable and we left them open to isis. >> would you go back and fight in iraq? >> that's a tough call right there. you know i'm fortunate to have been part of a great group, the s.e.a.l. teams and i served alongside a lot of very strong army marines, air force, navy. we protect this country in the past we have today and will in the future. i'm glad to know there are people around me that would do the same if i was called i would. >> thank you for your service. thank you for your insight. i appreciate it. back to waco, texas, where we're waiting for a police update on that deadly biker shootout. officers worried about another wave of violence. gang members heavily armed and hell bent on retaliating against waco police. one reason a law enforcement
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source telling us that police gunfire may have killed four of the nine bikers. cnn's nick valencia is in waco with more. >> reporter: we're standing by for the latest press conference from the waco police department with sergeant patrick swanton who has over the last three days been updating the media on latest information here on the scene. of course that shooting leaving nine people dead. 18 people injured. 170 people in custody still. each with a million dollar bond. you mention that so-called green light hit out on police officers. they tell me they are on heightened level of alert and believe these are credible threats against uniformed police officers though they tell me they're prepared no whatever next. very tense situation here in the strip mall parking lot where that shootout happened. police have established still a perimeter. not allowing the public in. all of the shops around me still closed at this time. only media and other law enforcement officials allowed. interestingly enough we saw
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moments ago a bomb sniffing dog sniffing for bombs in cars left behind. police are gathering evidence. earlier this morning motorcycles continue to be removed from the scene. cars left behind by customers who were presumably having lunch at 12:00 p.m. on sunday at the twin peaks so you see dozens and dozens of cars in this parking lot remain. we don't know timetable for remove of these vehicles. i spoke to one police law enforcement official earlier today. they told me they hopefully will have this wrapped up by the end of the day. again, we're standing by for the latest press conference from the waco police department. patrick swanton, sergeant with waco police department expecting to update the media any moment now. >> we've had several members of the bandidos one of the motorcycle gangs, on our air saying we're not a gang. we're just a club. we don't know why people are accusing us of criminal
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activity. >> reporter: it's a he said/she said at this point. police have not minced words about who they say they're dealing with and while the bandidos and others, five gangs involved in this fight, they're motorcycle clubs and not involved in criminal activity. that's not the narrative they are spinning. they say these guys are criminals. involved in illicit criminal activity and it goes to show what they're involved in when you look at how many weapons were gathered from the scene over 100 weapons which include handguns brass knuckles, clubs. they knew as we've been reporting that this meeting would happen on sunday. it was advertised online by a confederation of motorcycle groups. police said they knew for weeks, which is why they were prepositioned. 18 waco police officers on the scene and four texas department of public safety officers on the scene. they say they engaged those suspects immediately. they said they were anticipating trouble and that's exactly what they encountered.
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dramatic than usual. more than a penny a day over the last month. alison kosik joins me to talk me out of my theory that they always raise prices before memorial day. >> 33 out of the past 35 days we have seen gas prices head higher. believe it or not, it's not as much as you think. let me show you the comparison if we can pull up what it looks like today per gallon. it's $2.71 a gallon. that's the national average. to put it in perspective here. this time last year it was $3.65 a gallon. we're almost a dollar less than last year. i know it feels like it hurts. some people are saying why is this happening? first of all, the price of oil and strength of the dollar go hand in hand. so we are seeing the dollar weaken a bit. what you see happen is investors pile into oil and buy more oil pushing the price of oil up more and that is adding to those higher gas prices. i talked to one oil analyst who
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says don't expect these higher gas prices to stick around. he calls this -- let me get his phrase right -- >> memorial day effect. >> exactly. summer driving season. everyone hits the road. demand is there. also you have the seasonal issues when winter grade switches to summer grade and you have california having its own refinery issues. this one is peak week according to this oil analyst. keep your fingers crossed we won't see violence in the middle east or crazy hurricanes but he sees gas prices holding steady this summer and are you sitting? they could fall after labor day. i'm talking gas prices falling right where they were in the first quarter of this year. >> we're not going to hit the $3 mark? >> not according to this oil analyst. he thinks -- he's crossing his fingers. he thinks we'll see gas prices right after labor day will fall around to where they were at the beginning. >> i'll come and hunt you down after labor day.
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new clues in a washington, d.c. murder mystery. investigators are combing through text and voice mail after a family was found dead in
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this burning mansion. this is new video. you can see the car totally engulfed in flames ditched here in a maryland parking lot. police are now searching for a person of interest. that's him. here's more from gary tuchman. >> reporter: it was the middle of the day. fire breaks out at a home in one of washington, d.c.'s most posh neighborhoods. blocks away from the vice president's residence and embassy row. four people are found dead inside. tragic. as it turns out, very sinister. washington, d.c.'s police chief. >> the fire appears to be intentionally set. >> reporter: before it was set, police also say three of the four victims had suffered blunt force trauma. it has been declared a quadruple homicide. the victims, 46-year-old ceo of a company called american iron works. his 47-year-old wife, amy.
7:20 am
their 10-year-old son, phillip. and a woman who was their 57-year-old housekeeper. she was one of two family housekeepers. the other housekeeper says she was supposed to be at this house when it all happened but she wasn't because of a strange text message. >> i almost had a heart attack. it's hard to believe. >> reporter: the other housekeeper about three hours before the fire broke out received this text from amy reading in part i am making sure you do not come today. the day before she received a voice mail telling her not to come the next day because her wife was sick. >> sometimes you never understand all this thing happen and i'm lucky that i am still here. >> reporter: police say no evidence was found of forced entry into this home. was anything taken? was it ransacked? because of the fire damage
7:21 am
authorities say they don't know. so what is going on here? with a voice mail and texts sent out under arrest and which of the three of the four people suffered blunt force trauma and which one did not and what that means? police are remaining quiet. gentlemen, any updates you can give us? >> i can't give you anything. >> reporter: d.c. police released this video of what they call a person of interest. it's a shadowy image of somebody walking behind a building after possibly taking the porsche from the crime scene. it was found ditched in a maryland church parking lot where it was torched. as we speak police are going through evidence. they are going through the garage. they're also looking at the other cars. a range rover, an audi and a vehicle in the garage which is a rare and expensive sports car. the sifting through trash is
7:22 am
meticulous. the odor of the smoke sifting through the neighborhood obvious as police continue to work to solve what is a deadly mystery. gary tuchman, cnn, washington. checking other top stories for you at 22 minutes past. in the first for the british royal family prince charles has met with the leader of sinn fein. it comes as the prince and his wife begin a tour of ireland including a visit to the spot where the i.r.a. killed his great uncle. sources say the meeting was designed to promote healing and reconciliation. a "the washington post" journalist will make a court appearance in tehran next week. the newspaper's bureau chief was rested in july on several charges including spying. he was born and raised in san francisco but holds u.s. and iranian citizenship.
7:23 am
the state department calls the allegations absurd. "charlie hebdo" cartoonist says he's leaving the magazine drew "charlie hebdo's" first front cover following the deadly terror attack in january. he said working there was too much to bear adding "finishing each edition is torture because the others are gone." still to come in the "newsroom," hillary clinton taking questions in iowa. don't be silly. not from reporters.
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hillary clinton has been slammed by her republican rivals for not taking enough questions from the media but today she will take questions from a different group, small business owners and potential voters in the all-important state of iowa. the meet and greet part of clinton's second trip to iowa. it takes place as a new controversy swirls around the candidate involving reports of e-mails with a longtime adviser while discussing conditions in libya. senior washington correspondent jeff zellny joins me from cedar falls to tell me more. >> reporter: the biggest question is when hillary clinton will take questions from reporters but also from regular iowans. we don't know if it will happen today. it's been 28 days since she's taken a question. the reason it matters is this. even some of her democratic supporters are saying she needs to be more clear on her position. she naeds to be more clear on where she stands but most
7:28 am
criticism comes from republican rivals of course. yesterday afternoon in a house party in nearby mason city she had this to say to them. deal with the complexity of the problems that we face. >> reporter: one thing she's not addressing is other issues that are coming up. it's almost like there's somewhat of a parallel campaign here carol. she's pushing this message today of small businesses and how she would help the economy but there's something going on entirely with those private e-mails that still is going on. "the new york times" had a story this morning that talks about an undisclosed set of e-mails from a longtime clinton adviser who was e-mailing her during her
7:29 am
time as secretary of state offering advice on libya and other things to that private e-mail address. so all of this will come out wherever she testifies before that house committee on benghazi. that is not being discussed here. almost like two separate campaigns and two different political universes. carol? >> interesting. thank you, jeff zeleny. if you could stay right there. e-mail scandal, who needs to answer questions? hillary clinton continues to leave that pesky question answering to many republicans potentially running for president and they are talking. rand paul whose new book is titled "taking a stand moving beyond partisan politics to unite america" sat down with cnn. >> reporter: of all of the candidates you are the most vocal opponent of the patriot act. some fellow candidates say it's been great tool. it's been a great tool in protecting the homeland. do you disagree with that? >> they're wrong. the privacy commission recently
7:30 am
came out and the government said 52 people have been captured through this collection of records. when the privacy committee looked at in the and then when the senate committee looked at this they found nobody that was actually captured by the bulk collection of records. >> so with me now to talk about this and more "the new york times" op-ed columnist and a democratic strategist. welcome to both of you. jeff is with me too. rand paul does not like nsa snooping into phone records so he'll filibuster that part of the patriot act when it is up for vote at the end of the month. will that register with voters? >> patriots act has always been controversial. i think that the government has learned ever since the snowden thing that they have to be more transparent about the value of the powers that they have and so
7:31 am
i think it's going to be an interesting, healthy debate. >> it's going to be an interesting, healthy debate especially if rand paul is debating his fellow republicans because senator lindsey graham came out with a statement when talking about the patriot act and nsa and possibly going to a judge to get a warrant before he investigates someone who is suspicious. let's listen to what senator graham said. >> if i'm president of the united states and you're thinking about joining al qaeda, or isil anybody thinking about that? i'm not going to call a judge. i'm going to call a drone and we'll kill you. >> that's more clear than talking about section 215 of the patriot act. >> there may be some constitutional issues there. the constitution might perhaps protect people's right to think about joining isis without being droned. but graham has a way of coming out with one liners that always
7:32 am
sound vaguely like he's planning to set up a military dictatorship which is part of his charm as a candidate. i think paul is walking an interesting line here though. the mood in the republican party has cleared gotten more hawkish overall on military issues foreign policy issues with putin in ukraine, rise in isis and so on and paul seems more out of step with the party's base than he would have been two years ago unless you're on civil liberties. i think an issue like the nsa, wiretapping, that kind of stuff, it's a place where paul sort of needs to rally libertarians in order to have a coalition of any kind in the primaries. i think it makes sense for him to pick these kind of fights especially when he's got as a foil you know generally some of graham over there. >> exactly. >> it's interesting, you know carol, that when the gop candidates sort of poll their base what they come up with is that there's a very strong interest in foreign policy. some of that obviously is their
7:33 am
unhappiness with what they perceive barack obama's policy to be. you know for democrats for the most part are really talking about economic issues and that's what hillary clinton has been focusing on. i think it's in large part because democrats are confident that if hillary clinton is the nominee, they have a candidate who has excellent foreign policy credentials, who has the skill to manage those global crises whereas republicans still have to prove themselves. >> jeff i want to go back to jeff for a second to talk about what you said. hillary clinton may have great foreign policy credentials but she's not talking about them at all. she's not taking any hard questions about her foreign policy jeff zeleny. >> you're right. she's not. hillary has a lot of experience in the foreign policy realm as a senator and secretary of state but she's not answering questions about what she would
7:34 am
do going forward with isis and the violence we're seeing in iraq right now. at some point she's going to have to answer those questions and she knows that. this is not a surprise to her. she ran for president once before. she's clearly doing things her way this time trying to control her message as long as she can. it's iowa voters who also and voters everywhere who want to hear specifics from her. i have no doubt she'll talk about foreign policy. she'll use that as one of the biggest differences between her and whoever her republican rivals are. that's what she was talking about exactly during the house party yesterday. she said it's not easy to give answers. she has experience. >> i'm going to have to leave it there. i have breaking news to get to. i apologize. thanks to all of you. i do have some breaking news to share about that isis commander killed in this past weekend's raid. barbara starr has the latest. we know him by abu sayyaf.
7:35 am
what's his real name barbara? >> just a short time ago a u.s. official gave cnn what they now believe is the real name of the isis commander they killed over the weekend. let me read it to everybody. we'll talk about it. according to the obama administration the real name of this man is something that means to most of us this guy had a number of aliases, a number of names of war that he used but after looking at all of this, these aliases for the last several days they believe this is now his real name. this is the name they settled on. it's been a very sensitive matter for the intelligence community because, remember this guy not very well known outside of isis and perhaps u.s. intelligence circles so how they came by the name appears to be
7:36 am
quite a sensitive matter. let's be clear. we still only really know what the administration has been telling us that this man is a top commander in the isis organization was in syria until he was killed. was in charge of oil and gas financing. had taken on an increasing role in isis operations military planning and perhaps most sensitive they believe he and his wife who was captured have or had information about american and western hostages when they were held by isis inside syria. so the bottom line u.s. intelligence still going through all of those computers, all of those cell phones all of that intelligence data that they collected in this raid to see what they can find out about this guy. the name at the end tells us perhaps, perhaps, he is of
7:37 am
tunisian origin. there are a lot of aliases and fake names, if you will amongst the isis leadership. so still what needs to be done is to go through all of those names and figure out a bit more precisely where this very unknown person that we first came to know over the weekend as abu sayyaf where he really fits in the organization. >> barbara starr reporting live from the pentagon. thank you. i'll be right back. on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know genies can be really literal? no. what is your wish? no...ok...a million bucks! oh no... geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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with xfinity from comcast you can manage your account anytime, anywhere on any device. just sign into my account to pay bills manage service appointments and find answers to your questions. you can even check your connection status on your phone. now it's easier than ever to manage your account. get started at we are still waiting for an update from waco police on the deadly biker brawl but we're hearing this. a judge says that everyone arrested after the brawl, that would be more than 170 people all 170 people will be processed within the hour. each one of those arrested faces $1 million bail. we'll keep you posted.
7:41 am
in other news sexual assault in the military. surviving the trauma is just the beginning. the department of defense estimates that 62% of service members who report sexual assault experienced retaliation. miranda peterson the programs and policy director joins me now. tell me about the retaliation that women face in the military when they report sexual harassment or sexual assault. >> they are dealing with trauma from that but 62% are saying that they are facing retaliation and this is not just hurt feelings because you weren't invited to a party or feeling left out. this is severe retaliation. this is being isolated from your unit. being harassed. being bullied. losing out on promotion opportunities or even being forced out of the military. so it's very severe.
7:42 am
it makes it very difficult to recover from the assault and often leads to careers being ended. >> i know the military has been trying to solve this problem, has it made any progress at all in your mind? >> i think numbers speak for themselves. last year alone 20,000 service members are estimated to have experienced at least one sexual assault. that's just in the last year. 62% continue to say they were retaliated against. that's the vast majority of survivors. it really speaks to a system that's hostile to sexual assault victims and the military still has a system that really inherently has a bias and a lack of fairness for survivors. a human rights watch report released yesterday shows that sexual assault survivors that face retaliation have nowhere in the system to turn and complaints are sent back down to
7:43 am
command that are condoning or participating in retaliation they're facing and there's no evidence that anyone has been held at capable who has participated in or helped carry out retaliation against survivors. unfortunately not much progress from our point of view. >> so among our lawmakers because i know senator john mccain spoke out about this problem, are you getting any help at all from lawmakers in changing legislation that might help assuage this problem? >> there have been efforts in congress to change the justice system. there's a common sense measure that would empower military prosecutors to make decisions about what sexual assault cases go to trial. right now that decision is made by a commander who doesn't have any legal training and may have a personal relationship with the accused. it's just inherently bias as a commander of that unit. so the bill would empower military prosecutors to make
7:44 am
that decision and we believe that would make it more fair and impartial for all service members who are going through that system. >> miranda peterson thanks so much. i appreciate it. i'll be right back. listen up... i'm reworking the menu. veggies you're cool... mayo, corn dogs... you are so out of here! ahh... the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein... and 26 vitamins and minerals. and now with... ...twice as much vitamin d ...which up to 90% of people don't get enough of. ohhhhhhh. the sunshine vitamin! ensure now has 2x more vitamin d to support strong bones. ensure. take life in. i'm louis, and i quit smoking with chantix. i told myself for so long that i needed to quit smoking. i would quit then i'd go right back to it. chantix absolutely helped me quit smoking. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix helped reduce my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts
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checking top stories at 47 minutes past. a live look at capitol hill. lawmakers are facing on police accountability and public safety. the house judiciary committee is
7:48 am
examining police practices nationwide in an effort to bridge the divide between officers and their communities. it's official. president obama is tweeting. as for his first tweet, hello, tweeter, it's barack. really. six years in and they're final giving me my own account. bill clinton tweeted back some fun. one question does that user name stay with the office? hashtag asking for a friend. >> all right. george stephanopoulos has apologized for not disclosing $75,000 in donations to the clinton foundation but this morning there are new concerns about just how closely tied to the organization the abc anchor and chief political correspondent is. now there are reports stephanopoulos is also involved with the clinton global initiative. how? let's bring in cnn's senior military correspondent brian stelter. it just gets worse. >> for abc it's not going away.
7:49 am
stephanopoulos thought it might go away after he apologized and apologized again but "the washington post" is outlining the events that are held a number of times, panel discussions at these events and on-stage interviews and how stephanopoulos is a panelist at these events. >> doesn't abc give him permission for this? >> yes. it wasn't an issue of disclosures. issue with donations was he didn't tell his bosses about them nor did he tell viewers. it's different when you're a panelist at the clinton event. everyone is aware you're doing it. anchors here at cnn and other television networks have been involved in the clinton foundation conferences. none of them have given money to the foundation. that's the key issue for stephanopoulos and other key issue is none of the other anchors or journalists were
7:50 am
employed by bill clinton in the past. it's brought to the surface what's been beneath the surface which is stephanopoulos did have that long and key relationship with the clintons in the 1990s. he worked hard to distance himself from them but it's come back to the surface because of these donations. >> what do you suppose is going to happen? >> it seems to me abc is unwaiveringunwaive er unwaivearing in their support of stephanopoulos. he's not going anywhere. it does seem like his ability to cover the election is going to be affected by this. will he be able to moderate any debates? not just a republican debate but a democratic debate given his ties to the clintons? abc says they fully stand by him but we may see in the future him doing fewer political interviews or fewer big political events than he otherwise would have. >> what's sad in this people
7:51 am
want transparency.anopoulos worked for the clintons. people were aware of that. why not come out and be transparent about what you're doing? >> if you were going to make donations, which is a mistake, to not tell viewers about donations is a bigger mistake. it's mistake on top of mistake and that has an impact on credibility. every time there's a journalistic catastrophe like this one or one with brian williams or bill o'reilly all different cases, but each one causes people at home to have further doubts about the credibility of all journalists. we have to try harder than ever to win people back and not give them reason to mistrust us. >> i couldn't agree more. thanks so much. still to come david letterman exits the ed sullivan theater this week. we'll talk about what may his most important legacy next. thank you for being a sailor, and my daddy. thank you mom,
7:52 am
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after more than 30 years in the spotlight and nearly 6,000 broadcasts david letterman is saying good night for the last time. the king of late night tapes the last episode of his popular show. during his tenure he took comedy and pop culture to a new level with his top ten list and stupid pet tricks but had a
7:56 am
love/hate relationship with other celebrities. >> i can speak to you for a second? >> will you people leave me alone. it's tingling. it's working. that's what it means. >> reporter: david letterman could find humor anywhere. by the late '80s, all of the cool kids wanted to hang with dave. including fellow comic jay leno who had come up with letterman doing standup in the '70s. >> i'm not the kind of guy to brag. >> leno was a dream guest. whatever else was going on in some week or month, we got leno next thursday. >> it led to jay getting the job as the permanent substitute host for johnny because he was so good with dave. >> here's jay leno!
7:57 am
>> we can send a crew home. >> reporter: movie stars wanted in with dave, too. but they got no special treatment. >> you have to turn the pig on. please welcome cher. >> he was suspicious of celebrity. when cher went on not the friendly or greatest you're the best i love you, your cher. he's prodding. >> why after 4 1/2 years did you decide to come on? >> i thought i would never want to do this show with you. >> why? because you thought i was a -- [ bleep ]. >> it was an electric moment. no one called carson an [ bleep ]. if you did, you would disappear from the face of the earth. >> i love that. jake tapper joins us now. should i mention your show is "the lead" and your special airs at 9:00 p.m. eastern tonight. >> it's amazing. the electricity, the unpredictability of it. that doesn't really happen very often. >> butt kissing now.
7:58 am
>> a lot of butt kissing. there are other shows that i do remember kanye going on jimmy kimball not long ago and that was a bizarre scene. >> kanye a human being with anyone though? >> generally speaking that kind of disdain that letterman had for some celebrities and friction that we saw there was revolutionary at the time. you didn't see that. >> it forced celebrities to be real people and perhaps say something meaningful. >> that was the thing according to paul schaefer you know letterman, this was a job. the job was entertaining people. come to the table with stories to tell and entertaining things and if you didn't then he was going to make it entertaining one way or another. >> i think what i'll miss most about david letterman is his cynicism. he made you think even with his opening monologue. it wasn't all tea and flowers.
7:59 am
>> he was dark. especially in the early couple decades. he had a very dark view of the world. in fact steve o'donnell, one of his head writers, talks about letterman sitting at a table during breaks writing i hate myself. he's since gotten more content especially with the birth of his son, harry, but also with meditation and medication and therapy but that edge that you saw in the first if you decades, that was legit. >> i read an article about his retirement and he said he's afraid. he doesn't know what to do with himself. the dark days are to come for david letterman still. >> he was only happy one hour a day during the taping of his show. now he's said to be a happier person but he's still a relatively young man who still lives and loves to get people laughing. >> i can't wait to watch the
8:00 am
special. >> thank you, carol. >> thanks for stopping by. i appreciate it. david letterman says good night. airs tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern here on cnn. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour" starts now. breaking for biker revenge. police warn that rival motorcycle gangs could be gearing up for a new fight following the weekend shootout in waco texas, that left nine people dead. a news conference and update from police is expected at any moment. isis celebrates in iraq. the terror group moves ever closer to baghdad. who will stop them? the iraqi military that has folded time and time again? will the u.s. now be forced to step in? british police swoop in on suspected jewel thieves arresting seven men, confiscating at least some of what was stolen they believe.


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