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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  May 21, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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life. >> there is opportunity to see, yes, i have been able to accomplish what i thought i couldn't. it is not just biking. we are imparting life lessons. >> to nominate a hero go to cnn have a fun and safe memorial weekend. see you next week. "ac 360" starts right now. a busy night tonight. we begin with breaking news. take a look. the search underway for this man, daron wint is his name 34-year-old, considered armed and dangerous. he's wanted in the quadruple murder of a family and house keeper. they were found dead on the 14th
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in the smoking ruins of their home. tonight, police have the suspect. here he is again, daron wint he once worked for mr. savopoulos. they have dna evidence placing him at the crime scene and reason to believe he is here in new york. a lot could change in the coming hours. first the latest from pam brown. >> reporter: a major break in the case came wednesday when atf forensic specialists received dna on a pizza crust. and a nearby dominos franchise said they left food at the door unaware a family was bound, duct taped inside. >> it showed an element of calm that the person didn't feel rushed. >> and the assistant dropped off
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$40,000 in cash and told not to come inside. philip savopoulos had stab wounds and was killed before he was burned beyond recognition. >> certainly a sudistic killer and the son may have been used as a tool to make sure the parents were compliant. >> reporter: his girlfriend said he fled on a bus to new york last night. >> just about every law enforcement officer in the country is looking for him. >> reporter: we're learning more tonight about wint's past. he served briefly with the marines but left before completing basic training. and more recently worked at american iron works, the construction company where savvas savopoulos was a ceo. >> there is a connection between the suspect and the savopoulos
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family business. >> he has a pretty violent previous criminal history, right? >> reporter: that's right. he's had several run-ins with police. and he's been arrested for domestic violence theft and according to court records we've been looking at in 2010 he allegedly threatened a woman and her 2-year-old daughter. he threatened to kill them and also allegedly, smashed through the car window the wind shield of that car, and broke into this woman's apartment to steal a television and that same year apparently a prince george's county police officer encountered him behind a dumpster and allegedly carrying a machete as well as a b.b. gun. these are only charges. he only has one conviction for a misdemeanor assault. but now is he facing felony
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murder while armed. this man hunt still active. >> and as we said it's playing out here in new york. you heard from the chief of police in washington d.c. and police around the country are looking for him. are authorities really narrowing it to brooklyn. what we do know is police believe sometime after the murders, he has friends, relatives, he's also got a girlfriend and that girlfriend was picked up this morning for questioning what she told police that parptly the suspect told her that he was going to surrender. well he has not surrendered. he is still at large. he was using a cell phone and can he's using a different cell
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phone, it is believed. we can tell you that u.s. marshals are aggressively looking for him as well as police and the washington d.c. area because there's a posability he may try to travel back there. and clearly he has not yet surrendered. >> do we know how police were able to find the girlfriend and connect her to wint? >> reporter: it appears that they were tracking his cell phone and through the cell phone and through records, they were able to establish the fact that he did know somebody in this area and that was one of the things that led them to wleevbelieve he was in brooklyn. they're investigating the possibility he may be seeking shelter. but they're really not trusting the girlfriend because her story keeps changing. so it's not clear if he is here how long he was here if
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he ever got here. >> the latest you had heard was he had come by bus yesterday? >> reporter: that was one of the things that authorities were investigating. that he travelled to the new york area by bus. there's a possibility that he may have somehow common deared a vehicle to get out of the area. there are a lot of people out there hustling trying to find this guy. >> no doubt about that. and joining us is our former detective and george mason forensic scientist kelly knight joins us as well. i don't want to give away operational details but in a case like this and you talk about a massive man hunt, how do police go aabout it? >> every officer in the city and
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brooklyn and every single unit has this photograph. they have all the information they have about this guy. even if he changes the way he looks. you see him in the yellow top. you can see a very distinct face. you have undercover officers. you have in areas where he may have been known to frequent before in new york, you have detectives out there making phone calls. i think we have this guy on a tight net right now. >> it's interesting because when i heard everyone had his photograph i was skeptical, but then when that guy attacked the police officer, they followed the person based on the photographs and so it actually works. >> and cops are very observant. i used to be able to tell a guy from the back of his head by looking a at the front photo. but this is personal.
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he tortured and killed a 10-year-old boy in the most horrific way you can imagine and they want this guy and want him tonight. >> do you think he acted alone? although there's only one person seen in the security camera footage leaving or running away from the house. >> it's hard to tell with that anderson. you look at the build of this guy, the muscles, it appears he would have had enough ability, strength wise to take control of the woman and child and by holding on to them, get the father to comply and doing whatever else he was demanding they do. but if he had somebody else him, he'd have to share the money. maybe the other person notified the police and helped accelerate the ability to find him and make
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the dna match. we don't know that at this point. >> erased security footage from the house and left pizza crust with his dna on it. >> it's interesting that he made some attempt of eliminating the forensic evidence by erasing video and burning the house and car but he left some forensic evidence behind which tells me he may not be as knowledgeable with success rates as he may think. and there may still be some left behind. >> and many of people don't think, when you have a home security system often times the recording device is it's not in a safe or anything it's not locked away. so, it's accessible in the home. >> and a lot of times it doesn't
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work work. we have security in our home but the camera hasn't worked for months. somebody had to tell him about this $40,000. how could he have found out? he used to work for this guy before. they didn't say he worked for him now, so how would he find out about the $40,000? i don't think there was anybody else and he took control of the fist set of hostages to be able to take control of the husband who was supposedly a karate expert. >> how often do you find that there is a connection? it's not just a random home invasion that there is some sort of link? >> i think you do have it often. and that leads this person to pick this house. what we don't know with the employment we haven't heard when did he work there, how long what were the
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circumstances of him leaving the company, did he have some reason to dislike or hate the ceo? because you see a level of torture and psychootic -- sorry, psychopathic behavior at the house that may go beyond picking up $40,000 and may go to torturing the family and punish the father. >> and the idea of ordering pizza while you have people held hostage. >> it's typical psychopath. kill alize them have dinner. no problem. >> it depends on the quantity and quality of dna left behind. from what i've read it seems like the fire was primarily isolated to the second floor and the attic. so that tells me there's a good chance there's a lot of evidence
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that remained not damaged on the first floor, which would be one of the areas where you would want to try to collect some of the evidence. if there were some areas where they were collecting evidence where there was a fire exposure again, it depends on the quantity and quality of the actual dna sample that they're obtaining. obviously, fire damage can significantly degrade dna but if you were able to obtain a portion of the area not burned you can still get a profile. >> and the vehicle itself was lit on fire. you heard in pam brown's report the suspect at one time worked for mr. savopoulos. and the new details we're learning about the family and the family businesses. and a story that might just redeem your faith in humanity. and people saying lives and risking their own in the chaos that is syria.
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well as the search intensifies. the two we did speak on monday with the other house keeper whom mr. savopoulos texted and asked not to come in on it day of the murder. >> so when you got that text were you thinking that was strange or unusual to get a text like that? >> yes. >> what did you first think when you got it? >> i call her right away. >> did she answer? >> no. >> how many times did you call? >> just one time. >> when you heard they all died in that house, tell me what you thought? >> i almost have heart attack. >> as we mentioned, the top investigators are talking to her
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and many others. they're covering a lot of ground and we're learning tonight overseas. more on that from joe johns. >> reporter: 46-year-old savvas savopoulos was the president and c ceo of american iron works. he was a martial arts hobbyist and involved in starting a martial arts studio here in virginia. and the $40,000 that his murderer is believed to have gotten away with was ear marked for that martial arts project. and we learned he had another company here in puerto rico. called sig muma investment strategies. he regular travelled to san
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juan. and they say he was making on making puerto rico the permanent residence for himself and his family. he also owned a second home in st. thomas and st. croix. their 10-year-old son philip attended a prestigious all boy's school. they gave at least $100,000 to the national cathedral school and they regular attended services here according to the washington post. sadly, it is also where the funerals where savvas, amy, and philip will be held. they are survived by two teen age daughters who were away at boarding school when tragedy came to their home.
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>> i can only imagine the horror they're experiencing. and this case is sadly familiar to people. you might remember two killers invaded the pettit family home and what they did shocked the entire country. a mother and two daughters were raped and tortured and the father though badly injured, managed to escape. he will never be the same. and an hbo documentary was done by this man. and there are eery sim lairties. the family set up the fact that people invaded the home and actually spent a lot of time there. >> and it goes further than that because both crimes really had a financial motive. in the they held the mom until the morning, took her to the
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bank in order to withdraw $35,000. here daron wint held the family and had the dad get $40,000. hold as family hostage, waits for the delivery of the money, and killed them and torches the house. this has strange similarities. >> do you think there may have been a copy cat element of this? >> you look at the history of crime and there are really very few copy cat crimes. this has so many similar elements and what daron may have tried to do is not make the one mistake that the pettit family killers did which was took the mother to the bank and kept her inside there. and in this case the dad texted his assistant who brought him
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the money. i don't know of any other case quite like this. >> in your investigation of the pettit case how chaotic was it in the home? because we hear this guy, wint ordered pizza. it indicates a level of control or calm. was it the same in the pettit home? >> it was the same. and in the pettit case all three women were tied to their beds and kept there all night while these two intruders roamed through the house and one of them sexually abused the 11-year-old. and you know there are stab wounds blunt trauma so -- and this almost certainly didn't happen in the lasts few moments of the night. so something awful was going on methodically and building to this terrible creshendo.
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>> new developments also to report in the death of freddy gray. earlier today, marilyn mosby announced indictments. three officers have been charge would several counts including voluntary manslaughter and a number of other lesser counts. and isis takes control of another country but president obama says we are not losing the fight. and dr. sanjay gupta spent time with the brave volunteers who serve as first respondered in syria, risking their lives to save others. when a moment spontaneously turns romantic why pause to take a pill?
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well today president obama denied that the united states and its allies are losing the fight against isis even as they made new ground. a victory comes just a day after they routed the historic city of pal merau, the site of fantastic ancient ruins and now in danger of being destroyed altogether. today, they seized the airport and a notorious prison on the
8:27 pm
out skirts. and they now control half of the syrian city. and max exodus of civilians, you see there. it's pretty stunning the advances they've made. what's the latest? >> you know anderson behind the scenes in washington a lot of worry and concern. the u.s. intelligence community looking latat all of this. and are they able to amas so much combat power, could they push assad out of syria? would there be a blood bath? massive instability? yes. they worry about what happens in iraq the future of baghdad.
8:28 pm
a lot of warnings from the intelligence community but what we're not seeing is a changed in u.s. strategy. but, rumoddy really the lesson learned. another account of iraqi forces packing up and leaving. president obama is not putting u.s. combat boots on the ground. >> and last time i was there people were there's no way baghdad could fall? is there growing concern about that now? >> 70 miles away you are spot on. there is concern. the conventional wisdom the public arena is look they stay to their sunni strong hold they won't risk it, the shii will
8:29 pm
rise up. they are watching this very carefully and worried there will be a new round of isis terrorist attacks inside of baghdad and watching for that mass of potential isis combat power. could they get on the road? could they try and go to baghdad? that's where really the problem comes for the obama administration. they simply cannot let baghdad fall. >> appreciate it. thank you. syria's civil war now in its fifth war. and the entire neighborhoods and cities reduced to rubble. we've seen this for years. and tonight, a rare inside look of a group of curages citizens who risk themselves every day to save people. they call themselves the white
8:30 pm
helmets. chief medical correspondent sanjay gupta embedded with them to watch them in action. here's his exclusive report. >> reporter: you're watching an extraordinary rescue in syria. for 12 hours, these men have been digging and drilling. and they're about to save the life of a 2-week old baby. the baby saviors, known only by the iconic protective gear they wear on their heads. in a area bursting with too many men in black hats they are the cavalry, the men in white helmets. >> have all chosen to risk their lives to save uths and that makes every single one of them a hero. in syria, there is no 911 system. there is nobody that you can
8:31 pm
call. you can't pick up a phone and call a fire service, you can't call a local police department. they don't exist. >> reporter: so this group of ordinary syrian men and a few women have organized themselves to fill that void. amanzi was once a blacksmith. and ahmad a detective, he is supposed to get married next week but for the time being, they have left their previous jobs, their previous lives and now volunteer to run toward when everyone else is running from. [ speaking foreign language] we're traveling along a border between turkey and syria. they've just gotten a call and we wanted to see exactly what they do. this is all part of an intense training to become even better and even faster.
8:32 pm
there is concern that there may be another bomb or attack coming so they've asked for all the tliethslights to be turned off so they aren't targets. the white hats tell us this video is of a barrel bomb being herded by the syrian government. as you can see, they can be wildly inaccurate. as you hear they're incredibly vicious. >> a barrel bomb dropping on your house is like a 7.6 magnitude earthquake several times a day. >> they are filled with wire nails, anything else that can brutefully maim brutally maim and kill. now they're worried about another new enemy.
8:33 pm
chlorine gas. they were able to save this children but believe it led to the death of a family of six. >> they drop the first barrel bomb which then explodes and the pilot remains in the sky, circling waiting for a crowd to gather and waiting for rescuers to come to the scene. when a crowd gathers, they release the second bomb and that is a double tap. >> reporter: 84 white helmets have now been killed mostly by double taps. it is why syria is one of the most dangerous places in the world and why wearing a white helmet might be the most dangerous job in the world and yet they go on. 2600 have saved the lives of 18,000. how much longer does it go on
8:34 pm
do you think? >> one day at a time. >> reporter: because for the white helmets, another day is another chance to save a life. [ speak foreign language] >> incredible risks that they take. just ahead, we have breaking news. new threats tonight against texas police by biker gangs. plus a waitress who was inside the twin peek's restaurant is speak out for the first time making a fist something we do to show resolve. to defend ourselves. to declare victory. so cvs health provides expert support and vital medicines.
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ahold of. we're sthoeghowing it to you because he's believed to be out there. believed be to armed and dangerous. 5'7" and considered armed and dangerous. he may have fled from washington to brooklyn, new york. we'll continue to follow this throughout the evening. and late word of new potential threats against texas police officers in the wake of that deadly shoot out in waco. cnn's evan perez joins us with the latest. what do you know about these alleged threats? the sergeant seemed to be backing off some of the concern for police officers that clearly seems to have changed?
8:40 pm
>> this is a new warning that came after the earlier one police had warned about that there were biker gangs headed to waco. and it warns about members of the bandidos and black widows gangs specifically targeting officers with grenades c-4 explosives and it lists specific cities a where law enforcement o officials could be in danger austin houston, dallas the biggest cities in texas, obviously. and these gang members, according to the bulletin are out for blood. and they believe their quote on quote brothers were targeted in that twin peeks melee. >> and today, police in waco said they've actually recovered fewer weapons than they initially reported.
8:41 pm
they found around 300, not over 1,000 like they initially reported. and a waitress inside the restaurant is speaking outd and so is a former co worker a bar tender that quit before the shoot out. >> reporter: two women who worked at the twin peeks shoot out. one, who was there when the shots rang out. and she doesn't want her face shown for her safety. >> first it seems like it was a simple fist fight. there was a little bit of yelling. you couldn't hear exactly what they were saying but you could hear a little bit. >> reporter: she says they were almost all out on a patio. >> and you just hear the first gone shot go off and then more
8:42 pm
after that. i didn't know what was happening. i didn't know if gun shots were going to fly toward the building or if thaiey were going back and forth. there was all of this oh my god. and some of the people were down squatting and running at the same time or crawling to the back. >> employees and some customers hid inside a walk-in refrigerator. >> with me there were seven waitresses and then one customer and like six or seven, maybe eight of the kitchen staff. it was pretty scary. and we were trying to put stuff in -- the refrigerator we were in we have racked to barricade ourselves in. so we at least were protected. >> reporter: but what were you discussing while you were in the
8:43 pm
refrajerator refrigerator refrigerator? >> if we were going to make it. >> reporter: so you walked out of the refrajerator in a line and put your hands up. who dwroildtold you to put your hands up? >> the police. somebody up front said to put hands up and we followed. it was nerve racking having guns pointed at you while you walked out. >> >> >>. >> reporter: by the police? >> yes. >> reporter: shes says she was working in the restaurant last month when police came to talk to her bosses. >> he said there were conflict between some of the motorcycle clubs and it would be in the best interest to not have any biker events. >> reporter: but events koned
8:44 pm
continued to be held. he did not return our phone calls. >> we're beyond blezed that it wasn't worse than it already was. >> have they asked to talk to the waitress since the shooting took place? >> reporter: shortly after the sunday shootings, amy was talked to by the police a brief interview of about 10 minutes. she is aware she could be called as a witness for an event altrial or trials and that's one of the reasons she doesn't want her face to be shown on camera. both of these women are very nice people who are very shaken up. >> what's the vibe like in waco? obviously, for media, this is a huge story. are people talking about it? does seem something people are worried about?
8:45 pm
>> reporter: people are stundned. there are a lot of motorcyclists around here. but nothing like this has ever happened. so people here in waco are just as stunned as the rest of us in the united states. up next it turns out the oil spill in california is five times worse than thought. a popular beach is shut down just before the memorial holiday weekend and there are questions about the operator of the pipeline in question. all of it ahead. but this morning a city i've never been to felt like one i already knew. i just wanted to thank you for sharing your world with me. it felt like home. airbnb. belong anywhere.
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california oil spill is worse than first thought. and clean up crews are working 24 hours a day, as they desperately try to rescue birds drenched in oil. and california's governor has declared a state of emergency with officials now estimating over 100,000 gallons of oil spilled from the pipeline. simply put, it is a big mess. and it turns out the pipeline operator has a long list of problems. >> reporter: the long list of the havoc the oil spill has caused are all over the bodies of pelicans and birds rescued so
8:50 pm
far. the company responsible for this mess plains, all american pipeline. >> vessels have uncovered an oily water mixture. >> reporter: in 2010 the company and some of its subsid yares agreed to spend $41,000,000 to upgrade 10,000 miles of pipeline as part of a settlement. this after violations for 10 crude oil spills in texas, indiana and texas. and just last year a rupture sent 10,000 gallons flowing onto a los angeles street. it's record in the top five worse for infractions. the spill is one of the worst here. what does the company say about
8:51 pm
all that? we asked. 500 barrels. how much oil is that? >> that's approximately 42,000 to a barrel. >> reporter: why the huge jump in the amount? >> again, that was a worse case scenario. >> reporter: and what do you say to the public that's angry about this spill and your record? >> again, we deeply regret what has happened and we'll continue to work with the federal, state and local agencies to try to mitigate this as quick lay as possible. >> reporter: in the lush city of santa barbara, the reaction is clear. >> get oil out. get oil out. >> the coast is a global ecological treasure. there's not many places like it throughout the globe and for it to happen there is extremely
8:52 pm
significant in the sense of what that could mean long term in terms of impact. >> so, did company representatives ever directly answer questions about their prier record? >> reporter: we asked three or four different times. they never really answered the question. and kept coming back to that same nonanswer. i just want to let you know right now, you can really smell this. it's giving me a little bit of a head ache. and you can see it. it's very clearly, still on the beach. that caution tape keeping people from going to the beach. this beach is going to be closed for seven days. a beautiful slice of life here in santa barbara. it's a lovely place people like to visit but they won't be anytime this week. >> when they have nonanswers it makes it seem like everybody else thinks they're stupid.
8:53 pm
i'd rather them say, i'm not going to answer questions, at least that is honest. this is ridiculous. we want to keep you updated on the man hunt for daron wint. police believe he's the one seen here fleeing from the quadruple murder in washington d.c. mr. wint is about 5'7" 34 years old. he worked for one of the victims. they believe he may have fled from washington d.c. to brooklyn. and the ridiculist is next p. just stay calm and move as quietly as possible. no sudden movements.
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welcome to our viewers. >> thank you for joining us. we want to bring you breaking news in cnn. the suspect wanted for that quadruple murder in washington d.c. has been arrested. >> 34-year-old daron went was taken into custody a short time
8:58 pm
ago. there has been a huge man hunt to find him after his dna was found. >> it was found on pizza crust at the murder scene of 11-year-old philip savopoulos and savvas savopoulos amy savopoulos and their house keep er er verali cia fig rowau. >> and we're still trying to learn those details because we had learned initially that he may have been in new york city but now we're learning from law noforcement official that 34-year-old daron went was captured and arrested in washington d.c. sometime after 11:00 eastern time. there are reports he was arrested in northeast d.c.
8:59 pm
so this is just unfolding and we're hoping to learn more about it. we know that there has been this massive man hunt underway to find him. there have been various law enforcement agencies up and down the east coast looking for him as we know his picture was sent out last night and his name and there's been a big push to find him. his girlfriend was interviewed by police and she told police according to sources, that he told her he was going to turn himself in. again, we don't know the circumstances around the fact that he was arrested tonight but that is what the girlfriend had apparently told police. also there is the question of whether there are more suspects today police chief chief said she's not ruling out the possibility that more people may have been involved in the brutal killings at that d.c. mansion. >> it was a gruesome gruesome killing. we thank you pamela brown for
9:00 pm
bringing us the latest. we'll have more developments on the story. >> for those of you watching in the u.s. "some of us got to do it" is up next. and then i think i ended up throwing it out the talk show window. >> yes, you did. >> so you never know what you're going to get with that guy. one day he's chucking your book out the window, next he's mastering the art of the fitting farewell on the re-dick ridiculist. mike rowe's "somebody's got to do it" starts now. i'm mike rowe and i'm on a mission to find people on a mission. boom. a scale of 1 to 10 how much do you like what you do? >> 25. >> there we go.. what are they doing? >> freaking me out. >> how are they doing it? and why?