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tv   CNN International  CNN  May 21, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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sea. and welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm natalie allen. you're watching "cnn newsroom." the manhunt is over in washington, d.c. police have arrested the person wanted in connection with that quadruple murder, 34-year-old darren wint was taken into custody a few hours ago. he is charged with felony murder. last hour we heard new details about how police tracked the suspect down. >> i spoke to rod fernandez, he is with the capitol area regional task force, he said they were able to track the suspect, wint, to new york city and they just missed him last night but they continued to track him all wait to a howard johnson's hotel in college park maryland tonight and the task force rolled up to the hotel
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with about 20 vehicles and they spotted a car and a moving truck leaving the hotel parking lot. so they started following the two vehicles. and they were actually able to identify the suspect, wint, in the car as they were following them. so they followed him for about 10 minutes and got a police chopper from prince george's county maryland involved at one point and they followed the two vehicles into washington, d.c. and they got a spot that the task force thought was pretty safe and they pinned the two vehicles and were able to pull everyone out. six people were four men, including wint, and two women also. wint apparently was in the car with a man and two women and then there were two men in the moving truck and captain fernandez said this was a great take down. there were no injuries. no incidents or anything with the arrest. they were able to arrest all six of them and d.c. homicide
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investigators took those six and now have them in custody. >> that manhunt started after wint's dna was discovered at the scene of the crime. a scorched mansion in washington, d.c. it was found on a pizza crust at the murder scene of a business executive, his wife, amy, and their 10-year-oldson, phillip. their housekeeper seen there was also killed. this won't stop the skreep felt in washington for the family and their housekeeper. cnn joe johns has more on what we are learning about the family. >> 46-year-old save app louse was the president and ceo of american iron works, a multimillion dollar building materials manufacturer but runnin running that company, he was also involved in martial arts
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company. the $40,000 his murderer is believed to have gotten away with was earmarked for that martial arts project but his business and property ventures went far beyond the beltway. and he had another company here in puerto rico. an office in this building is the headquarters after services firm. according to the company he found firm in 2030. was its ceo and regularly traveled here to san juan. a close business associate said he was working on making puerto rico the permanent residence for himself and his family. he also owned a second home in the virgin island of st. thomas and owned land in saint krou according to local news reports. here in d.c., the family seemed to live a charmed life. savos and wife, amy, listed in the so-called green book. a who's who of washington's elite. their 10-year-old son, phillip,
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attended a prestigious all boys school. . they were if i lin tlo pists giving at least $100,000 to the school. sadly it is where the funerals for savos, amy and phillip will be held. they are survived by two teenaged daughters who were away at boarding school when tragedy came to their home. joe john, cnn, washington. >> also in the u.s. bb texas officials are investigating what they say are new threats from biker gangs against law enforcement. this follows the deadly shootout involving motorcycle gangs in waco, texas sunday. the state department of public safety says a hit had been ordered against texas troopers for shooting those, the boikers call, their brothers. it warns that gangs are arming themselves with grenades and explosives. nine bikers were killed during sun di's shootout.
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officials say it is too early to tell if police bullets struck any of them. we turn now to syria where isis made a number of significant advances on the battlefield. the syrian observatory for human rights says the terror group controls more than half the country from the border with turkey in the north down into central iraq. the main isis strong holds are the syrian city of raqqa and mosul. there is a major gas build in homes in syria. the terror group gets a large amount of funding from oil and gas sales on the black market. activists say the group also captured the last border crossing into iraq that was held by syrian soldiers. one of the group's richest new prizes is the ancient syrian city of palmyra. the ruins date back to millennia and soon could be levelled by
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isis. ivan watson shows us what's at stake. >> reporter: a 2,000-year-old city remarkably preserved in the middle of the desert and now in the hands of isis. the agonysyria's three-year war just got worse. many of its residence will likely flee interer to escape the public executions that the group directs against its opponent. in addition to the human cost of this conflict, there are now fears isis may unleash its wrath on the nearby ruins of palmyra. i viced in 2007 as a tourist on a bus. it is ancient greco roman columns, arches, temples an an amphitheater. this caravan town had been an important stop on trade routes that once linked rome to east asia.
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seeing it left me humbled. it was a reminder that we're but small chapters in a much larger longer human story. and now this treasure stands at the mercy of an army of anilists. isis revelled in the destruction of sue marian strat us in mosul. dynamiting a 9th century palace. isis aren't the only group that have committed sins against world heritage in syria. in their battle for power, rebels and regime forces damaged the ancient bizarre in aleppo fought over the crusader castle. both rebels an black matt marketers looted and sold off other ancient treasures. but isis takes this destruction to an entirely new level. another piece of our collective history may be on the verge of being irrevocably lost.
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and senior international correspondent ivan watson joins us live from hong kong to bring us more perspective. i think it is interesting, ivan, all of the reporting you've done in the middle east and you actually went to palmyra as a tourist. that's interesting to me. i wanted to ask you, you said earlier on cnn, the significance that isis was able to take this significant city and significant for the region now that they have move need in syria. >> well, they've succeeded in capturing palmyra and at the same time moving in another direction which is to capture the last of the border crossings that was still controlled by the syrian government between the border of iraq and syria. this is the border crossing known as the tunef border crossing. so it shows we are able to move
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in two directions in syria at once. even as they've continued to push on the iraqi front. i mean, this is a cross border phenomenon, isis, with the capture of ramadi within the last week and continuing to push against iraqi security forces who have been forced to pull back. so this is an organization that has survived air strikes by a u.s.-led coalition and is fighting on multiple fronts in sir why and iraq against multiple enemies at the same time. they've today give ground and have been pushed back in a few locations, notably in the iraqi city of tikrit. kurdish fighters defended with the help of u.s. air strikes but they he have also managed to mount attacks and gain ground. in the words of a u.s. state department official, quote, we
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have never seen a terrorist organization with 22,000 fighters from 100 countries around the world. before. natalie? >> so it is going to have to be a new day perhaps in strategy. because nothing seems to be working at this point. and meantime, where are -- where are syria's fighters? >> we have seen the syrian government suffer some big blows. and throughout now, four years of carnage in syria that start with a predominantly peaceful protest movement that the syrian government attacked again and again and again. throughout a conflict that then morphed into this civil war and then into this awful thing that we're watching right now. so most of that the syrian government focused its energy attacking rebel groups. and wasn't really dealing with isis. isis also focused on syrian opposition groups. but now we've seen in last
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couple of weeks it starts to target syrian government held towns and cities. and the syrian government has been forced to pull back now as i mentioned from two locations just in the last couple of days. suffering defeat. the syrian government has been accused by human rights organizations, by governments condemned for its indiscriminate attacks against population centers. and now there is some really just some evidence showing some of the methods used. these are suspected barrel bombs. something we've heard about a lot. videos showing what appear to be syrian soldiers in a helicopters lighting fuses on these crude explosive devices with cigarettes and dropping them out at the back of helicopters on to syrian towns thousands, tens of thousands of feet, below. this is something we've heard
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about from eyewitnesss. that human rights organizations have documented. and now this video evidence apparently filmed by syrian regime troops themselves showing this indiscriminate of bombing of population centers. and perhaps suggesting part of why the syrian government has lost the support of significant portions of its own population. >> dropping barrel bombs on the citizens and the citizens also threatened by isis. what is terrible, terrible time it is to be stuck in syria. thank you. ivan watson, for joining us. the obama administration is facing growing criticism especially from congressional republicans over its anti-isis strategy. senior white house correspondent jim acosta has that for us. >> god bless all our coast guardsmen -- >> oz president obama sounded the alarm on climate change in a speech to coast guard graduates,
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the environment was heating up in washington for the white house plan for beating isis. >> where is our morality? where is our decency? where's our concern about these thousands of people that are being slaughtered. >> john mccain slam slammed the president for allowing the key city of ramadi to be taken. >> are we going to light our hair on fire every time there's a setback. >> we are a dark chapter of history and it is getting darker. despite the slaughter in ramadi, the answer seems to be let's not set our hair on fire. >> some presidential candidates are floating the idea of sending u.s. troops into combat in iraq, something the white house ruled out. >> i don't want to see us put in
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a million soldiers, ten years, $1 trillion, trying to create a democracy where one hasn't existed. but to destroy the recruitment areas, destroy the area, destroy where they plan to attack us, and get out. >> mishandling be he is making the case the country was better off under george bush. >> isis didn't exist when my brother was president. al qaeda was wiped out when my brother was president. there were mistakes made for sure but the surge created a stable iraq that president could have built on. >> on his speech on climate change he stayed clear of the strategy and argued that global warming is a national security threat contributing to the area in syria where isis took root. >> syria descended into civil
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war in the heart of the middle east. >> the white house is backing an iraqi plan into the sunni prove ns to help retake ramadi. a risky move for the prime minister but one the white house said it supports along as the shia forces are under the control of the iraqi military. jim acosta, cnn, the white house. >> a grand jury in baltimore maryland indicted six police officers in the death of freddie gray. gray died last month in police custody after suffering a severe spinal cord injury. there were protests and riots on the streets. >> reporter: this is a corner in west baltimore. one of the places that has seen some of the violence that erupted here in recent weeks and months. there's now some hundred homicides in this can city. out here tonight are the 300 men marched.
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instrumental in recent years and certainly in recent weeks in trying to keep the level of anger and frustration and the deaths of young black men in the city down. the news of what they heard today from marilyn mosby is starting to seep in and people are supportive of what they heard. the fact that a grand jury heard evidence in this case and decided to indict all those officers is seen as a supporting, their claim that mr. gray was treated improperly and that they deserve to go to jail over this. 28 charges filed the first time around. 28 chargers by the grand jury including second degree murder. nine misconduct charges and six reckless endangerment charges. the only difference from the original charges to now is that there was false imprisonment charges previously but now those have been removed in favor of
11:17 pm
reckless endangerment charges. now on july 2nd those officers will head to their preliminary hearing. that short circuits an effort by the police union here and defense lawyers to have ms. mosby recuse herself from this case and removed from trying this case. because what they said were conflicts of interest. miguel marcus, cnn, baltimore. >> cnn just witnessed the dramatic rescue of nearly 300 migrants in the mediterranean. coming up, we will take out to scene of what is becoming an all too common situation. many times ending in death. plus, crude oil covered parts of california's coast after thousands of gallons leaked into the ocean. what is the damage and how long will it take to clean it up? we'll talk with someone next. we all enter this world with a shout,
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refugees by the thousands are fleeing africa to cross the mediterranean to you'europe for better life.
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cnn's christiane amanpour just went 24 hours on board an italian navy ship and witnessed the difficult challenge of rescuing refugees. here is her exclusive report. report it's a sunny day, so the pilots of this navy helicopters expect it to be a busy day in the central mediterranean. not far from the libyan coast. and barely 30 minutes into our flight, the pilot's tell us they've spotted a boat. possibly full of migrants. and there it is, miles away, steaming towards italy, they hope. the warship takes off to rescue them. now they've all been given those distinctive orange life vests. we return to the task force and join the crews there preparing to assist the sea born rescue under way.
11:23 pm
the crews dressed in masks and hazard suites in case there is disease. a boat like that, not big, crammed with 209 people. out of that, 21 are children. now the italian navy off loaded them all own now the last batch that's been unloaded by the italian navy is ready to get on one of these warships and safety. but this human drama also includes one death and three very sick migrants transported to be choppered to hospital on land. the very lucky ones make it up the stairs. they are all sat in rows on the deck top under the broiling sun. most are from east africa, escaping a decker toal regime
11:24 pm
and a military that pays almost nothing. this man says they fled what is close to savery back home. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: even yet you know you take the risk even though a lot of people died. >> because i can -- >> reporter: what do you think of the italians that save you? >> a nice country. we know that before when we are coming. we know that. >> reporter: then we walk over to the other side where women and children are sleeping seeking shade where they could. getting water for her travel companions and kids, saying they all waited for a long time for this, with cruel conditions in
11:25 pm
libya. >> were you afraid on the sea? >> yes. but we pray to god also. they save our lives. >> reporter: so god came in the form of the italians? >> yes. >> yes. >> yes, i'm happy. >> reporter: back on the ridge, the commander operates the rescues. they takes hours even on calm waters. there are up to 1,000 crew at sea all the time. task force commander admiral has won special mission aside from saving lives, stopping these merchants of death by keeping emptied fishing boats out of the traffickers hands. you called these boats weapons of mass destruction. >> yeah, they are. of course it is quite provocative but in terms of human loss they have been
11:26 pm
causing just one journey is extremely fruitful for a criminal organization. we are talking about 1 million euro per journey. >>. >> reporter: really? 1 million euros per journey? >> yes. >> reporter: marines take off at top speed. soaking us but making sure no trafficker was coming back for this wooden boat. and while they all await further orders and renew eu military mission, the toll on young crews and even experienced naval commanders is immense. >> i think that italy and europe in the next future will do the right thing. so i'm proud of that. >> reporter: i can see it makes you emotional. >> i would say yes. because confronting yourself
11:27 pm
with people is quite heart breaking sometimes. >> reporter: and rewarding at times, too. after all, on just this mission, they have saved 289 lives. these migrants are safe and free at least but still they sail on into an uncertain future. christiane amanpour, cnn, aboard the virginia fizan in the mediterranean sea. >> hopefully it will be better than what they left behind. texas investigators try to unravel a biker brawl that left nine dead. a witness has come forward with new informing in the case. hear her story ahead here. plus, ireland could make history as people head to the polls. coming up in about 30 minutes to decide whether same-sex marriage should be level in this very conservative catholic country.
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here in the united states and around the world. syrian rights activists say isis controls more than half of that country. one source says militant forces are everywhere in palmyra. they also caught major gas field and the last border crossing into iraq. police in washington, d.c. arrested this man 34-year-old
11:32 pm
daron wint wanted in connection with the quadruple murder after a huge manhunt. he is charged with felony murder. expected in the may 14th killings of a prominent business man, his wife, and young son and their housekeeper at the family's home in the u.s. capit capitol. there are new threats from biker gangs towards law enforcement. nine bikers were killed sunday. officials say it is too early to tell if police bullets struck any of them. a waitress inside that restaurant during the shootout is speaking out for the first time. here is our cnn's gary tuchman in waco. >> reporter: two womened who worked at the twin peaks restaura restaurant. one of them there when the shots rang out. amy, who doesn't want us using her real name, doesn't want her
11:33 pm
face shown for safety. >> at first it seemed like a fistfight. you couldn't hear exactly what they were saying but you could hear a little bit. >> amy said most of the bikers were on a patio outside of twin peaks. it fits about a hundred with standing room only. >> you just hear the first gunshot go off and couple fired off after that. >> reporter: what are you thinking? >> i honestly didn't know what the hell was happening. i didn't know if gunshots were going to go between the buildings. there was a lot of screaming. oh, my god, what's going on. just start screaming an taking off run together back. some people were down squatting and like squatting and running at the same time or crawling to the back. >> reporter: employees and some customers hid in a walk-in ridge freighter and freezer. >> you walked into the refrigerator and how many people were in there with you? >> seven waitresses and one customer and like six or seven
11:34 pm
maybe eight of the kitchen staff and back of house staff. it was pretty scary. we were like -- and we were trying -- the refrigerator where we were, we had the racks to move in front of the door to barricade ourselves. so if anyone were trying to come in get after everybody, we at least were protected. . >> reporter: what were you discussing with anyone while in the refrigeratorefrigerator. >> just if we were going to make it out. >> you walked out of the refrigerator in a line. >> yes. >> your hands up. who told you to put your hands up? >> the police did. someone up in front was told to put their hand up so it was passed back to each other. >> reporter: so you were relieved? >> kind of. but it is nerve-racking to have
11:35 pm
guns pointing at you. >> it is your opinion the police gave your bosses the fair warning of big time trouble with these guys. >> yes. >> reporter: veronica said she was at work when the cop came to talk to the managers. >> yes. >> reporter: tell me what your boss was told. >> that there were motorcycle clubs and it would be in their best interest to not have biker events. >> reporter: but the events were held. the manager of the twin peaks did not speak with us. >> an oil spill left santa barbara's scenic route a mess. >> reporter: the efd of the
11:36 pm
havoc the oil spill caused shown all over the bodies of several pelicans and sea lion rescued so far. the magnitude yet to be assessed for the mess to the ocean's other beautiful creatures. the company responsible, plains all-american pipeline. >> skimming vessels recovered 7,770 gallons of an oily water mixture. >> reporter: turns out the company has a checkered history when it comes to its infrastructure. in 2010 the company and subsidiaries decided to spend $41 million to replace 10,000 miles of pipeline. there were 10 crude oil spills in texas, louisiana, oklahoma and kansas. and just last year, a rupture sent 10,000 gallons of oil flowing on to a los angeles street. its record in the top five worse
11:37 pm
he et for instraks. the still affecting one of santa barbara's coastline, one of those here. what does the company say about all this? we asked. >> can you just answer one more question that the public may want to know. 500 barrels, how much is that? >> 42 gallons to the barrel so 105,000 gallons. >> initially you said 21,000. why the jump in the amount? >> well at first it was worse case scenario. >> what do you say to the public that's angry about this spill and your record when it comes to problems? >> again, we deeply regret what has happened and again we will continue to work with the federal, state and local agencies. >>. >> reporter: the governor of cal deemed it a state of emergency to assist with the clen clean-up. the reaction is loud and clear.. the reaction is loud and clear. >> what are your thoughts?
11:38 pm
what does that do to you? >> it is heart breaking. coast an ecological treasure. for it to happen there is elf treemly significant in the sense of what that could mean long-term in terms of impact. >>. >> reporter: the clean-up continues. we can still smell the putrid smell of the crude oil and you can see it splashed all over the rocks. clean-up will take some time. at least a week. cnn, santa barbara county. >> earlier i talked with the nrdc, the director of the southern california ecosystems project. here is what he had to say about the magnitude of the spill and history of the company behind it. >> we think this is a fairly big spill. authorities classified it as a medium spill. a few days ago but that's when we thought we were talking about 20,000 gallons or so.
11:39 pm
now that we know it is a hundred thousand gallons i think they upgraded this a little bit. we me to do there is an oil slick in the ocean that is now nine miles long. >> let's talk about this pipeline company. according to the "l.a. times" they are one of the worst as far as track records go. accumulating 175 maintenance and safety instrakss since 2006. >> that's right. the operator of the pipeline this burst, we are talking about a repeat offender here. this cap has had multiple violations and intractions. not just in california, but with connecticut. they today settle with the other states. for those of us in southern california, it is critical to take a look at this company
11:40 pm
because they he have this extensive network of pipelines that run throughout southern california. i'm not confident of the track record that this company has based on this spill that we're hearing about this week as well as another spill that happened one year ago in los angeles with 10,000 gallons of oil spilled out of a pipeline in los angeles that sprayed crude oil 20 feet in the air and covered a half mile radius. this is a company that i don't have a lot of faith in. >> damon nagami with the natural resources defense council. an earthquake hitting northeast britain. the 3.7 magnitude quake was felt as far as france, across the british channel. britain averages around 100 earthquakes a year but only 20%
11:41 pm
are felt by people. a man who says he was a spy for north korea is speaking out to cnn for the first time. what he said about agents that could be in the u.s. right now. we'll have that in a moment. out of 42 vehicles, based on 6 different criteria, why did a panel of 11 automotive experts, name the volkswagen golf motor trend's 2015 car of the year? we'll give you four good reasons. the volkswagen golf. starting at $19,295, there's an award-winning golf for everyone. padvil pm gives you the healingu at nsleep you need, it. helping you fall asleep and stay asleep so your body can heal as you rest. advil pm. for a healing night's sleep.
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the polls are now open in ireland as voters decide whether to change the constitution to allow same-sex marriage. voters have been told not to wear shirts or emblems supporting either side of the debate when they go to cast their ballots. that hasn't stopped groups from putting up signs all around. if the measure passes and at last check it was expected that it would, ireland would be the first country in the world to adopt same-sex marriage through a popular vote. we will have live reports from there as we push on in this day. a former korean air executive
11:45 pm
has been released from prison in the so-called nut rage case. i love saying the nut rage case. an appeals court suspended the sentence right after reducing it from 1 year to 10 months. she demanded her airplane be turned around because her macadamia nuts were not served in a bowl. she was an executive in the airlines. if there is no objection from the prosecutor she will serve two years probation. >> school children in northern bolivia were rushed to the hospital. health officials suspect they had food poisoning after eating at school. 317 children were discharged from the hospital. 159 remain under medical observation. none are at risk of dying. authorities say they will conduct an investigation to find out just how the children were sickened. >> they are trained to kill and
11:46 pm
talk to commit suicide if captured. spies for north korea are held to the highest standard. now one of them is speaking with cnn about agents he says are in the united states right now. here is cnn's paul why hancocks from seoul. 1983 an assassination attempt. 1987 a korean air flight explodes in midair killing everyone on board. the bomb planted in the overhead locker. both attacks carried out by north korean spy wloes confessed but this is not simply a tactic of the past this man tells me agents are operating right now in south korea, united states and many other countries. he should know, he says he was one of them. i went to special university for four years says kim dom schick then went to something similar
11:47 pm
to navy s.e.a.l.straining in the u.s. cross country, swimming, scuba diving, ex explosives, so many skills, too many to mention, he says. cut off completely from society and family, kim says the training is also psychological. you learn to be happy to give up your life for the regime. to show loyalty you should commit suicide if caught. kim was shot while capture owned a mission in 1995 so was unable it fulfill his destiny. he said he later learned his entire family was executed back home in north korea as punishment. a few years ago this man was caught attempting to assassinate a well known defector in south korea officials found a number of weapons on him including guns disguised as ball point pens and torches. equipped with poison filled bullets. it may sound very james bond. but kim says they are with generals in north korea, a sign
11:48 pm
of how highly valued their work is. dough worked in the advancement division in the '80s and was involved in sending agents to the u.s., south cree wkorea and. there could be hundreds of agents in the united states at any time. they concentrate on americans who lean towards supporting north korea. then they try to recruit them by offering free visas to pyongyang, and using women to entice them. it may sound like a throw back to the cold war era but north korea hasn't really moved on from that time and with limited resourceets and ways of gathering intelligence on what it considers to be enemy states, human intel is vital. paula hancocks, cnn, seoul. >> o next here on cnn, meet a new york cab driver who also acts on one of tv's most popular shows. why he decided to keep both jobs.
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[announcer] this is my business. [music throughout] ♪because i love you♪ i believe in it. i live it and breathe it. i put my heart and soul... ...blood,sweat and tears into it. i run on quickbooks. that's how i own it. here's one for you from the land of television in the united states.
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an actor on one of tv's hot of the shows knowes a thing or two about balancing multiple roles. in addition to acting on "house of cards", everyone's favorite, mine included, alexander is also a new york city cab driver. cnn's richard roth has his unusual story. >> the embassy sent for me. i'm being recalled. >> reporter: from the back seat starring in "house of cards" as russian u.n. ambassador. . but to survive, actor alexander must survive a cab. >> i think this job is much better for beginning actor than waiting on tables, honestly. >> you don't like being ambassador any more than i like
11:54 pm
being first lady. >> how many people recognize you getting in your car from "house of cards." >> nobody so far. >> do you watch "house of cards"? >> this driver is the actor of house of cards. >> can you see? >> did you watch season three? >> yes i did. >> the ambassador. >> you've been on house of cards. >> he has been in the first scene with robin wright. >> are you naked? >> no, she's makeed. >> you're completely dressed. >> yes. >> okay. >> it was the most challenging scene, honestly. >> in what way some. >> as a gentleman, you would just walk out, right? >> this is april 13, 2015. >> this being his first major role, he takes diction lessons to expand his hiring possibilities. >> so the tip of the tong, nothing in the back.
11:55 pm
not the russian sound. >> i decided to see what happened when i introduce the russian actor to the ambassador. >> i would like to introduce to you the russian ambassador. he play he the russian ambassador on the tv show "house of cards." >> how do the writers of the show perceive you? >> solid as a rock. >> fantastic p. never had a better compliment. thank you very much. >> have you been taught to be more diplomatic on the hectic streets of new york in the cab. >> it is hard for me to keep my temper with idiots on the road. but i'm better sns since the show. i would like everyone to know i'm a solid and professional actor. whether i'm talented or genius, let time decide. >> i love that. look for him when you jump into
11:56 pm
a new york city cab. i know i will. maybe get more scoop on the show. for the next season. thank you for watching this hour. i'm natalie allen. any colleague george is here with me for another hour of cnn newsroom. don't go anywhere. this is good, mom. "good"? (chuckles) it's delicious! and this new kibble blend is so healthy. thank you. no, nancy, thank you. kibbles 'n bits. because every bit matters. e kibbles 'n bits. financial noise financial noise financial noise
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comcast business. built for business. deadly advance. activists say half of syria's territory is now under isis control. >> under arrest, the suspect in a gruesome crime in the heart of washington, d.c. now in police custody after a massive manhunt. >> and ireland's choice. voters right now are deciding whether to legalize same-sex marriage. from world headquarters in atlanta, welcome to our viewers in the united states an around the world. >> i'm george howell. >> and i'm natalie allen. you're watching cnn newsroom. it is 10:00 a.m. in syria where isis militants are


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