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tv   New Day  CNN  May 22, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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after a week long manhunt taking police from washington to new york and back again. >> u.s. marshals nabbing daron dylon wint in a late-night traffic stop along with five other people. their connections to wint are being examined very closely this morning. let's begin our coverage with senior cnn washington correspondent joe johns. quite a development, joe. >> reporter: that is for sure michaela. for the past 24 hours authorities have described what is essentially a cat and mouse game with this suspect starting here in the washington metropolitan area going all the way up to brooklyn and new york and then back here to the washington, d.c. area where he was taken into custody. >> we were able to take him down and arrest him. >> reporter: breaking overnight, the multi-state manhunt is over. police arresting six people including 34-year-old daron wint in what they call a great takedown in d.c. around 11:00 p.m. it's unknown who's being arrested here. wint on the run for a week
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charged for the slayings of a prominent ceo, his wife their young son and housekeeper. allegedly torturing the 10-year-old, killing all four of them before setting the house located in an upscale neighborhood on fire. >> new york police department did a fantastic job getting us vital information last night. >> reporter: u.s. marshal robert fernandez says investigators worked for 48 hours straight first tracking wint all the way up to new york city wednesday night. just barely missing him. police believe wint saw himself identified on the news and took off. investigators then located the suspect back in d.c. the following night at a howard johnson's hotel 20 miles north of the white house. >> when we were approaching we realized he was in a vehicle. they started going northbound on route 1. we followed them for about four or five miles. >> reporter: the task force including 20 vehicles and a county helicopter tailing two vehicles a sedan where wint was identified in the backseat and this small moving truck. sources told cnn affiliate wjla
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a large amount of cash was found inside. police arresting a total of four men and two women. >> they're the most amazing investigators i've ever seen. it's incredible what these guys are capable of doing. >> reporter: 46-year-old savvas savopoulos was the president and ceo of american iron works, a multimillion dollar building materials manufacturer. wint once worked for that same company and according to one source allegedly stole $40,000 that was delivered to the home before setting it ablaze. so now the question is whether any of those individuals who were taken into custody with daron wint had anything to do with the murder here at the house in upper northwest washington. authorities still mum on that as they try to sort it all out. back to you. >> okay joe. let's try to get some of those answers because joining us now is commander rob fernandez. he is with the u.s. marshals. he helped capture daron wint
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late last night. thank you so much for being on "new day." you must be exhausted. we understand that you and your fellow agents have been working this for 48 hours straight. >> yes. we started working it tuesday night once a suspect was identified. and we worked almost straight through for the last 48 hours until we had him in custody last night. >> so when many of us went to bed last night at about 8:00 p.m. the latest thinking was that he was in brooklyn new york. and in fact agents went there to the house where he was supposed to be and had learned that he had just left. then what happened? >> well we through investigation yesterday we determined that he was possibly in new york -- not yesterday. i'm sorry. wednesday. and we have a sister regional fugitive task force up in new york where we sent the lead to. we had investigators there go to the location but he had just left. but they did a fantastic job.
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all that night, the next day getting information and passing that information to us where we were able to combine that with the investigations that we were doing down here to be able to track him to that location in college park. >> right. so you tracked him to a howard johnson in college park maryland. and just as as i understand it the task force with about 20 vehicles is pulling into the parking lot, you spot him. and then what happens? well we believed he was in the howard johnson. we weren't sure where. we were formlating a plan to go locate which room he might have been in and then go into the room and take him down. as our advance teams were approaching the hotel they noticed two vehicles. and they suspected that he was in one of the vehicles. the vehicles then left the howard johnson and went up north of route 1. the rest of the teams that were there for the takedown joined in on the surveillance and we tailed the vehicles for about five miles before we finally
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took them down. >> and what was the takedown like? there were four other people he was with. what was that takedown like? >> well it was a moving truck as you showed on that graphic. and there was a small sedan following the moving truck. we could tell that they were together. they were going northbound. they did sort of a strange u-turn and we suspected that they may have thought they were being tailed. we were trying to get to a location where we could successfully take them down without putting anybody in danger. we also called the prince georges county maryland police department and they had a helicopter in the air in five minutes. once we reached the location in d.c. where we felt we could take them down then we did a vehicle pin maneuver on both vehicles and were able to arrest everyone. >> so who are these other people? do you think that they were involved in the original crime? >> i don't know who they are. that's up to the d.c. police
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homicide detectives who are handling the investigation. >> can we -- >> all we handle is the manhunt. >> okay. can we look at daron wint's rap sheet for a second? there are some interesting things on here. in 2005 the family filed a restraining order. i believe his family filed a restraining order. 2006 second degree assault, 2009 second degree assault with fourth degree sex offense, 2009 second degree assault, 2010 charged with burglary and property destruction. commander, you've been doing this for a long time. what kind of criminal murders a family and their housekeeper, tortures them tortures a 10-year-old boy, stops long enough to eat some pizza at the crime scene and then sets the house on fire? >> well i can't really comment on any of the specifics of the case. we don't really get involved in any part of the investigation as
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to the actual crime. but the allegations are heinous. and it really motivated and inspired our entire team who worked relentlessly to track him down. >> yeah. we can imagine. did he have cash on him? there have been reports that there was a bag of cash. the reports are that he took off with maybe $40,000 worth of cash from the crime scene. did you find cash last night? >> we didn't do any search on the vehicles. all we did was stop them take them down arrest the individuals. and then the scene was turned over to the d.c. police department and the homicide detectives and crime scene search was there. so i can't comment on anything that was located. i don't know. >> well commander, it sure looks like great police work. i mean just figuring out exactly where he was and then everyone descending on him without more bloodshed. you and your team have to feel good this morning. >> oh it was quite an
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investigation. it is a satisfaction to finally put hands on and get this guy in custody. i was -- i'm just in awe at the ability of the investigators on our task force. and we're a multi-agency task force. we have 40 just in the d.c. area the capital area regional fugitive task force has about 40 federal, state and local agencies that assign people full-time. we have about 200 total members. so these are just some of the best investigators i've seen. it's just amazing to see them get all this information, all of the different techniques that we were using to be able to figure out where this individual could be predict what his next move was going to be. and then we have to put on the other hat. we take off the investigative half and we have to put on the tactical hat and be able to you know effect an arrest like this and do a successful vehicle pin without firing a shot without hurting anybody, without the public being in danger. i'm just very proud to be part
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of this team. >> just such great police work. commander rob fernandez, go get some sleep. thanks so much for being on "new day." >> thank you very much. >> let's get to michaela. all right, alisyn. senators may be cutting into their week long memorial day recess as they scramble to save key provisions of the patriot act set toics peer june 1. showdown looms over competing surveillance proposals including one that would extend the nsa's controversial bulk collection of phone data. cnn's chief congressional correspondent dana bash live as the clock counts down. nothing like a deadline to get people talking. >> you know michaela the fact you say that is certainly note worthy because we have done this before when it comes to government funding, to keep the government open a potential shutdown a fiscal cliff. but when it comes to national security a program that people on both sides of the aisle say is crucial to keeping this country safe this is as a level of dysfunction even i haven't seen. i talked to a member of the intelligence committee in the
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senate angus kipg king and he said he was stunned. >> frankly it's disappointing to me. here we are at the deadline. i guess the only excuse is which among us who among us did our book report before sunday night. this is serious stuff. we've known about this deadline for years. and this should have been taken care of a long time ago. but here we are. >> so especially now when you have total republican control of congress republican leaders on both sides of the capital agree. they believe that this surveillance program is critical. so the obvious question is why are we here. and the answer is we talked about rand paul and his talkathon the day before yesterday. it's not just him on the republican side. the republicans as well as democrats are really split on the idea of whether or not these programs are appropriate whether they go too far into people's civil liberties or even necessary. as rand paul says what if it
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expires? oop, we'll just use the constitution to go ahead and deal with this. so the question is what now. the senate is all but sure to be in session tomorrow. and that is saturday. but they're probably at this point sources say not even going to be able to pass a house bill. so they might just do a patch. so alisyn what does that mean? that means that the house, which is gone already for their memorial day recess will come back on that deadline day june 1st in order to if they don't get things together pass that patch the day of this deadline. and you have law enforcement officials saying that this is absolutely terrible for the program and it worries them a lot as you can imagine. >> man, they sure like pushing it to the eleventh hour there at capitol hill. that seems to be a pattern. we're going to talk to senator john mccain about all this later in the program, dana. thanks so much. well, isis making advances taking over the last syria-iraq border crossing controlled by syrian troops. they continue to advance around
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the syrian town of palmyra just days after they seized the key iraqi city of ramadi sparking a mass exodus of civilians. cnn's senior international correspondent nick paton walsh is live in beirut for us. what do we know this morning, nick? >> reporter: we mentioned that border crossing. it's key now that it's in isis's hands because it's very symbolic for them. they've always been about trying to break down the borders in the current middle east and now they seem to control all of that between syria and iraq. and don't recognize it really because they consider it to be part of what they declare as their caliphate. another symbolic move for them. residents in palmyra and syria, they're bracing themselves for life under isis now. gruesome pictures emerging of those loyal to the syrian regime beheaded some isis going door-to-door looking for others. it begs the question really now some saying isis holds half of syria are we seeing a dramatic return in their fortunes? well in the past few months they have had to concede many
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losses. now it seems in the last 72 hours they're having victory after victory. i think to some degree that's always the information message they're always trying to give out. they're moving forward, they have the momentum. it seems irreversibly the case at this stage. back to you. >> we'll look at this closer with some of our military experts. nick, thanks so much for that. back here at home a grand jury indicted six police officers in the death of freddie gray. the list of charges evolving some charges have even been dropped. but all six officers, you see them on your screen they now face an additional charge of reckless endangerment. officer goodson driving the van with gray in the back still faces the most severe charge of second-degree depraved heart murder. new threats of retaliation after that biker shootout in texas, but this time police are said to be the target. cnn's alina following the
3:14 am
latest. >> reporter: the texas department of public safety issued a warning saying certain bandyidos are -- now, the bulletin is pretty specific. it names some locations as possible targets including the mcclennan county jail here in waco as well as several cities throughout texas, el paso houston, austin just to name a few. it also warns of plots targeting high ranking law enforcement officials and their families possibly with car bombs. now, this morning comes as the law enforcement community here in texas has already been on edge for days. they've been on alert. they've also been taking care of themselves to make sure they are protected. a spokesperson for the waco police department tells us that they are aware of this new threat. but they also would not elaborate on what if anything they are doing to protect themselves. alisyn. >> thanks so much alina. let's turn to california now where crews are working around the clock to clean up from that
3:15 am
massive crude oil spill near santa barbara. the epa's investigating the spill, the company as well at the center of it. that company plains all american pipeline has a history of infractions. in fact the epa and justice department ordered the company to pay out more than $40 million stemming from ten spills in four states during just a three-year period. >> so chris got a jump on his memorial day weekend. >> yeah he did. apparently he's gardening. >> is that right? >> uh-huh. >> okay. i'll look forward to an update on that. he's not alone. more than 37.2 million americans are expected to travel this weekend. and that's the most in ten years. >> isn't that interesting, chad myers, our meteorologist giving us a forecast of this holiday weekend. how does it look for people hitting the road? >> for the northeast i don't think it could be better. for the midwest flood warnings. it's a tale of a couple different countries here. the rain moving out of the northeast now it will be gone soon. but the rain not moving out of the midwest not until monday or tuesday. flash flood watches, warnings
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all the way through oklahoma texas and even into parts of kansas. look at this through sunday some spots from wichita to kansas city and oklahoma city will pick up 4 to 8 inches of rain. that's just in the next three days. and then look at the northeast. not a drop. sunshine the entire time. i know all sunshine and no rainfall makes a desert and i haven't even started planting my tomatoes yet. i don't know what chris is doing. but it's time to plant. sun is out, no more frost across the country and the rain will help you. but you don't need that kind of rain for your sunday picnic i'm afraid. it could be quite wet. nice days in new york d.c. boston for the weekend, little wet down here across parts of the deep south. midwest and west looking great from oklahoma city back through denver and salt lake city and even great for you i don't think you're traveling to l.a. michaela but a beautiful weekend in l.a. as well in the 60s. exactly where you should be with that cool coastal water. obviously warmer in the inland empire. >> now much like you i will be here on monday so it doesn't make time for travel this weekend. i think i'll do a staycation. >> we'll manage to have fun on
3:17 am
monday. >> yeah we will. tune in for that. >> thanks so much chad. >> you're welcome. here is an update to a much-anticipated story. the state department is set to release hillary clinton's e-mails includeing those about the deadly attack on americans in benghazi. our political panel weighs in on this next. and as we mentioned now that some charges have been changed against those six baltimore officers involved in freddie gray's death, how strong is the case against them? we'll put that question to our legal experts. appears buster's been busy. yeah, scott. i was about to use the uh. i've got a much better idea, lad! scotts ez seed uses the finest seed, fertilizer,... ...and natural mulch that holds water so you can grow grass anywhere. looking good, lad! thanks, scott. ez seed really works! so, how come haggis is so well behaved? 'cause he's a scotty. oh. get scotts ez seed.
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all right. the state department expected to release the first batch of hillary clinton's e-mails as soon as this morning. "new york times" got an early look at some of them so we can talk about that. let's bring in john avlon, editor and chief of daily beast and margaret hoover, senior political commentator and consultant. good morning. >> good morning. >> we're going to see what's in these long disputed e-mails. one of the things that is interesting that has come out already in the "new york times"
3:21 am
is that she had a whole series of communications all the time with sid blumenthal who is one of her top advisers. and the day after the benghazi attacks you know republicans have been waiting to see what she knew about benghazi. here is a clue. let me read to you what the exchange was with sid blumenthal. mr. blumenthal sent mrs. clinton a more thorough account of what had occurred. those militants had tied to al qaeda, had planned the attacks for a month. we should get this around asap. mrs. clinton said to one of her aides said we'll do. so she knew and -- she knew it was a terrorist, not just a demonstration. and she suggests we should let people know about this. isn't this the opposite of what the gop has been saying about her? that she tried to keep it secret? >> this is the problem with
3:22 am
conspiracy theories. they run into conflict with human beings basically trying to do their best in realtime. what you saw actually from the e-mails we now see and there will be more released later today is that blumenthal originally corroborated the whole idea this was a video. >> the first day. >> correct. and then all of a sudden fog of war recedes and you start to get actual intelligence. and his problem is his relationships with interest in libya at the time. you see a sense in realtime they're figuring this out and they were trying to get the story right piece by piece. like human beings doing. >> doesn't this dispute the narrative that has been around for two years that she was trying to cover something up? >> well what it does is it helps her for sort of any election. i mean the republican accusation and the problem it complicates the relationship with the obama administration because then susan rice went on tv and said this wasn't a video, this was a terror attack when other members of the administration wouldn't go on tv and say that. maybe there's a reason she wouldn't go on tv and say that. all of us are wondering why is susan rice on tv saying this
3:23 am
where is secretary of state. >> from this e-mail seems like she knew the truth and she didn't want to say the untruth. >> susan rice's comments come so many days after the fact. >> to the e-mails more have been leaked more are expected to be released today. it's interesting that some of these e-mails they're called sbu, sensitive but unclassified john. is that an issue to you? that's kind of a gray area. i e-mail you and margaret for an invitation to dinner we might actually talk about work. there's bleedover. >> there is bleedover. it's all the more reason to actually try to do things on consistent servers as opposed to private servers. the issue doesn't appear to be one of legality or even ethics, it's one of judgment. and for the clintons especially they know politics is perception. there's no way they could have set up that separate server and not understood that at the very least it would look bad. so while it appears no classified information was passed that's a relief because
3:24 am
these probably weren't secure servers at the end of the day. it is still a question of judgment. >> many are saying this was about control for her. >> yeah. >> a lot of us have two devices. i have two devices. >> she did too apparently. >> she did too. but this has been about control and that's one of the issues a lot of people have with this. >> and who's the arbiter? all these 55,000 pages of e-mails are e-mails she decided the public's going to have. if there's a smoking gun to be had, it's not going to be in the 55,000 pages she handed over for the public to see. so i don't know if there's going to be much to learn from them. >> okay. let's talk about another perception issue and that is what's happening this morning in "the washington post" with the clinton foundation. they're announcing there are yet another $26 million worth of revenue from foreign -- >> who among us has not displaced -- [ laughter ] >> love to have it misplaced. >> hillary clinton when she testified before the senate in 2009 said every single dollar of
3:25 am
funding that comes into the clinton foundation regardless of whether it needs to be disclosed or not will be disclosed just to avoid the appearance of impropriety. they wanted to get the optics right. so that's what they said. what they have done consistently shows that it's the opposite. the first time was with the canadian affiliate of the clinton foundation which had over $30 million undocumented. the second time the boston clinton health initiative. now you have these $26 million of revenues not donations. it's like three times the pattern of something. and you wonder why there is this inconsistency of being able to be fully transparent when that's what they have said all along is we aspire for full transparency. >> well it's easy to say. it's harder to do obviously. and in this case you can understand from an accounting perspective why this isn't a donation literally. it is revenue. speeches on behalf of the foundation. but given the sensitivity of secretary of state, given an upcoming presidential campaign you have to make a consistent effort to go above and beyond the call of duty. they did not in this case.
3:26 am
politics perception they should know better. >> quickly want to pivot to the deadline. wait we're here again another deadline for congress. imagine that. the potential expiration of a part of the patriot act june 1. it is looming. they're set to go on break today. do you think this is going to happen? will they have to extend their session? why is this such a sticking point? >> you know in my view i think rand paul is a real hero here along with ron white and all of these three republicans, eight democrats or about ten altogether elevating this issue as a real constitutional issue that effects americans. this shouldn't be voted on. they should not get a rubber stamp on the patriot act. the patriot act was passed in the days right after 9/11. there's reason to reform it if the second court of appeals says this is an unlawful act. then it has to be reformed. it's congress's job to do it. >> should it expire on june 1st? that's what's going to happen, right? >> unless congress writes a reform for sglit the house has already passed an amended version. you already had the federal court of appeals make this
3:27 am
judgment. you cannot simply extend it. the fact we're tricycling up to a cliff again, that's the frustration with this congress. you've got trade promotion, nsa, these are big deals. they deserve open debate. it needs to be done. do your job. >> i love the tricycle. >> that's how they roll. >> margaret and john we always appreciate it. have a great long weekend if you can have one. we're going to dig more into this very issue with gop senator john mccain. he joins us live on "new day" at 8:00 a.m. eastern. well the houston rockets coming up just short in game two. what am i doing sports? game two of their western conference final battle with golden state. >> oh i can't wait to talk about it. >> whoever that is. andy scholls -- >> that's the brown ball that's orange and bounces up and down. >> basketball? >> they toss it -- >> i like it. even i know that was bad what just happened. that was bad. >> see.
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breaking overnight. police in washington are able to arrest the man they say killed four people in an upscale washington home a week ago. daron dylon wint taken into custody late thursday in d.c. along with five others after
3:31 am
leaving a hotel. authorities say they narrowly missed capturing wint earlier in brooklyn. he is suspected of killing his former employer his wife their young son and the family housekeeper. isis making dramatic gains taking over the last syria-iraq border crossing that had been controlled by syrian troops. the terror group also tightening its grip on the ancient syrian town of palmyra seizing more territory around that city including a military station after syrian government forces fled the area. an alabama federal judge once again striking down the state's ban on same-sex marriage. the judge however has put the ruling on hold until the supreme court decides the issue this summer. u.s. district judge said thursday that alabama's gay marriage ban is illegal. the latest ruling came in a class action lawsuit by same-sex couples. and former defense secretary robert gates now president of the boy scouts of america says the ban on gay scout leaders is unsustainable and needs to end. gates telling scout leadership
3:32 am
"we must deal with the world as it is not as we might wish it to be." the defense secretary helped repeal the military's don't ask don't tell policy. so that's a real sea change right there. >> absolutely. >> what's your take on this? we'd love to hear it. tweet us using #newdaycnn. or post on facebook. >> times are a changing we see nsa, you getting into sports let's talk about your favorite subject. the golden state warriors 2 houston rockets nothing. >> andy scholls has more in this bleacher report. not that i need it. >> usually i say good morning at this point but i'm a rockets fan. >> sorry, buddy. you okay? >> not really. but this was just a brutal loss for houston. and it was the final play of the game last night that has everyone talking this morning. down one, the rockets got the rebound with eight seconds left. instead of calling a time out they let james hardin go for the
3:33 am
win, passes to dwight howard gets it back but then steph curry trap him. don't even get a shot off. the warriors escape with a 99-98 win. hardin he had an amazing game. 38 points. but afterwards he was clearly frustrated. game three of that series going to be saturday night in houston. tonight, game two of the eastern conference finals between the hawks and cavs. tipoff set for 8:30 eastern on tnt. brewers and braves last night in atlanta in the seventh inning braves manager freddie gonzalez comes out and tells the umps that brewers pitcher will smith has a mysterious substance on his arm. well they checked and sure enough smith did. that's a no-no. he was immediately ejected from the game. and smith not happy about it. he started yelling back towards the braves dugout. and after the game he said he had put rosin and sunscreen on his arm while warming up. and just forgot to wipe it off. quarterback jim kelly weighing
3:34 am
in on deflategate. he says tom brady definitely knew what was going on. >> there's no doubt. i mean you really think about it there's no way an equipment manager, national football league is going to do something to the football without the greatest quarterback ever to play knowing that hey, i did something to this football but he doesn't know about it. he knows. >> there you go guys. of course we're still waiting to hear from tom brady himself. and hear what he has to say what happened during the big deflategate. >> interesting perspective. the football guy i have at home says things don't happen in a vacuum. people know these things. they know what's going on right? >> yep. >> andy thanks so much. and we send our best regards to your rockets. ahead here a baltimore grand jury returning indictments for all six of the officers linked to freddie gray's death. what does it mean for the prosecution and for the defense going forward? we put that to our legal panel and we'll have a discussion.
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additional information has been discovered. and as is often the case during an ongoing investigation charges can and should be revised based upon the evidence. these past two weeks my team has been presenting evidence to a grand jury that returned indictments against all six officers. >> well that was baltimore state's attorney marilyn mosby announcing the indictment of all six police officers involved in the death of freddie gray. joining us to debate this is hln legal analyst and criminal defense attorney joey jackson and cnn legal analyst and criminal defense attorney danny savalos. does this put to rest the idea she overreached and went overboard in charging these officers with manslaughter? >> a trial will put it to rest but this goes a long way certainly corroborating what her theory of the case is although
3:39 am
there were some alterations on it. understand it's not a surprise really three reasons. one of course is the standard of proof here simply is there reasonable cause to believe there was a crime committed and b did these officers commit it. and certainly she controls the manner and method of the grand jury no judge in there. we have to remember with 23 members of the grand jury alisyn only 12 of which need to be you know really convinced that there was something amiss here. it's no surprise. but this certainly corroborates her theory to this poipt. a trial will certainly see whether or not she's correct. >> danny, do you agree this was no surprise? >> it's not a surprise because it is exceedingly easy as we have said many times in many other cases it is easy for a grand jury to indict if that's what the prosecutor wants. because it is as always a one-sided affair. the actual charges there is much information to be gleaned. we no longer have false imprisonment and now they've simply added reckless endangerment. why is that critical?
3:40 am
because the absence of false imprisonment now calls into question what was the original reason for the stop and the arrest. and as i've said from the beginning much of this case will turn on this mysterious knife whether it was illegal or whether it was legal under either maryland law or baltimore city code. and that will be much of this case in the end. if that initial arrest was in fact legal -- >> but i think what happened danny, in my view i think that that becomes less significant. why? because what the prosecutor's done is altered that debate. this is no longer about the legality or the basis of the arrest. that would have been predicated alisyn upon a false imprisonment charge. >> so the grand jury changed that. >> exactly. so now what happens is the issue becomes reckless endangerment. did you engage in behavior that caused an injury or that substantially was the basis for the injury to freddie gray. it changes the whole equation the whole dynamic and it avoids the issue of is the knife legal, is it illegal, irrelevant in
3:41 am
accordance with these charges. >> mr. jackson, i agree with you. mr. jackson, i agree with you, sir, but you're wrong. and here's why. >> okay. >> it absolutely depends on the knife because police officers are different than regular civilians. they are permitted to lay their hands on you and seize you during a lawful arrest. and constitutionally the burden that the plaintiff must show once a person is an arrestee and before they are convicted is a much higher standard. in other words while transporting him to the station there's a much higher standard that a plaintiff has to show to hold these officers liable. >> let's be clear the reality is if you have a false imprisonment charge the knife becomes critical because what the county attorney would be saying is is that the arrest was improper the arrest is illegal. >> yeah. >> now there is no such charge. so the issue concerning the knife is not debatable. we're not here. the prosecutor's going to remind that jury about the knife and
3:42 am
the legality of arrest we're here to talk about the treatment that the officers engaged in as to freddie gray when they did arrest him. ask that's why the knife issue in accordance with these new charges becomes insignificant. no matter how much the defense wants to pound the table, which i would do too. >> quickly, danny. >> i got to say in a case like this where the prosecutor said facts are evolving i don't know what facts have evolved, but they have yet to articulate what exactly the duty was that these officers failed to follow especially joey in the context of depraved heart murder which as you know from the case law requires that somebody did something so awful that even if they didn't intend someone to die those actions like shooting a gun into a crowd of people are just so substantially likely to cause death that they might as well have intended death. and that is such a high burden. they may have overcharged and bitten off more than they can chew. >> of course they articulated it because what they're suggesting is is that they knew he was in distress knew he needed medical attention, knew that he was in
3:43 am
dire straights and continued to ignore him. as to the issue of depravity, why is it significant as to the driver? because what they're suggesting is that the driver knowing that he was in a bad way and knowing he was likely to die took 40 minutes to get to a precinct that should have been taken two. and what did the driver do in accordance with the depraved murder charge? didn't stop to get him help. didn't go directly but stopped to get another passenger. that the prosecution will argue shows a depraved heart. shows you don't care. and shows knowing he's likely to die you ignored it anyway. and that's the articulateable facts. that's what she's pinning her hat on in terms of a conviction. >> danny, last word. >> i didn't think i'd even get a last word. as much as i agree with joey jackson in theory, in fact these defendants are going to call experts to say factually arrestees always complain of medical injuries. and again, joey yes, if there was some obvious need of medical
3:44 am
attention. but what was that? and can they articulate that any reasonable person would have said this individual arrestee needs medical attention and needs it immediately. as to each of these officers individually. >> that shouldn't be a cop's determination. it should be a medical determination. >> i said last word. >> we could go all day. >> joey -- >> turn off his mic. >> i have a lot of questions. but i just sat back and watched you guys do your thing. impressive. thanks gentlemen. >> thank you. >> y'all are in trouble. you made her tear up her notes. that is not good fellas. all right, isis continuing its push through syria and making major gains in iraq. now that the terror group has control of ramadi is baghdad next? we'll discuss that ahead.
3:45 am
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the fall of two key cities to isis this week palmyra and syria and ramadi in iraq raising big questions about the u.s. strategy and the resolve of the iraqi military. if the terrorists continue their move and go towards baghdad and take baghdad, can the iraqis protect it? we want to discuss this all with phillip mudd former cia counterterrorism official and james reese, retired u.s. delta force commander. gentlemen, thank you so much for joining us on this friday. certainly a lot for us to get to. this is such a concern i think for so many as we watch this
3:49 am
move in advancement of isis colonel reese. what happens if isis begins this serious advance towards the capital of baghdad? >> well michaela one thing people need to know is baghdad has a lot of police and military surrounding it. and internally throughout the city they call it the baghdad shield throughout all four areas, the cardinal directions come in. there are checkpoints all over the city. something interesting about two months ago you had a curfew in baghdad. there was actually lifted by the government so that curfew's been lifted. but i think it's a far stretch right now that isis thinks they're going to go after baghdad. >> do you agree, phil that social security a far stretch? are you concerned about baghdad? >> i am not concerned that baghdad will fall. i agree with colonel reese. let's not assume the adversary thinks like we do regardless of the fact they might get murdered by the thousands in baghdad. look there's a reason they want to see people die in baghdad. we got a lot of shia in baghdad as well so they're not moving
3:50 am
through a sunni province they're moving into a city with a huge shia population that will fight them. the more they create a divide between sunni and shia the more they can portray themselves as the defenders of the sunnis. we might think on the surface it makes no sense to go into a city that by definition because the shia population they cannot take. in their minds not only are they divinely inspired to fight but by killing more shia they're going to tell the villagers in sunni areas, hey, there's a fight between sunni and shia you can't side with the government shia more fighting is better for isis. >> do you think, phil we're going to have to change our policy, the u.s. policy's going to have to change? are we going to have to put boots on the ground? we saw senator graham calling for u.s. ground troops. >> first when you look at counterinsurgency theory you find over the course of many insurgencies that if the local government believes that a foreign government in this case
3:51 am
the united states will carry the weight the local government eventually pulls back and their ability to win the insurgency declines. the second thing, michaela this is not a military issue. we're talking about tactical military gains for isis in places like palmyra, ramadi it's political. does the iraqi government officer autonomy -- >> we'll explore that further. i want to drill in a little bit tora ma di and the fall of ramadi ramadi. colonel reese we've talked about this before. we heard from the president who told the atlantic that he doesn't think we're losing. i don't think we're losing quote, he also called the fall of ramadi a setback. but the fact is isis is on the offensive. you mentioned to me yesterday on the air that this is sort of the regular ebb and flow sadly of war. but they are gaining ground are they not? >> well they have made some advances in some locations, michaela. the problem is everyone's looking at this through a straw. they're just looking at ramadi.
3:52 am
iraq is a big country. if you look up north and mosul and look at the line of supplies that runs west out to syria, we have pretty much shut down that entire supply line. and mosul is surrounded in three areas. and just kind of waiting for the attack up there which will come who knows. then as you come down south you've got beji taken back by the iraqis tikrit taken. we're looking at this through a straw. yes, it was a setback but i think anbar will return. >> i like that looking through a straw. we know the president in the same article with the atlantic said he essentially blamed the poor training of the iraqi military phil. but then also called for increased training and commitment to the iraqi military that is going to be called onto protect the capital. do you think that's a fair assessment? and do you really feel the iraqis have it in them? >> i don't think training is a key aspect of this. i think it's important. i mentioned earlier kounlt
3:53 am
insurgencies fail when the local government feels they can depend on somebody else. on the flip side if you pull out foreign support for an army like the iraqis thattin creases the likelihood they will feel isolated and might lose more territory. i think training is fine but the question here at the end of the day i completely i hate to agree with the military but colonel reese is right. we're looking at gains week by week. the question here over the course of time is not only whether the iraqi government brings in sunnis. so far they have not been able to drain the swamp for isis by bringing in sunni villagers. but also whether the military has the will to fight. i'm not sure they do. so we can get around the margins with things like equipment, things like training provide modest support. but the real questions are a lot big. that's do they have the will to fight and do they have the stomach to offer political concessions to people that are sunnis they think are their opposition. >> when i look at the map something hard to stomach as we have about 30 seconds left in
3:54 am
our segment, look at places in the middle east and around the world that isis has a presence colonel reese. we know there's three dozen jihadist groups across several nations that have pledged allegiance. we hear of more cells popping up even as far as india, et cetera. most of these are small, but is there a concern that this is going to only grow and grow? >> sure. you know it's a philosophy that some of these other transnational elements have caught onto. and, yes, it becomes a problem because the information age goes the money starts flowing to these people. and if you take away one safe haven, we have -- and phil's talked about it for several weeks, you've got other hot spots whether it's libya, whether it's the horn of africa and somalia. it becomes a whack a mole piece and something we have to look at. >> colonel reese philip mudd mashing consensus. >> a rare day. we're following a whole lot
3:55 am
of news so let's get to it. the man suspected in the murders of four people at that upscale home in washington, d.c. was captured. >> we worked almost straight through for the last 48 hours until we had him in custody. >> does not appear that this was just a random crime. >> key provisions of the patriot act that is set to expire june 1. >> people working at the nsa right now have nothing but our best interests at heart. >> this is as a level of dysfunction even i haven't seen. >> isis making advances. >> they just recently managed to take over the last border crossing between iraq and syria. >> now they seem to control all of that between syria and iraq. good morning. welcome back to your "new day." our chris cuomo is off this morning. an accused killer off the streets of our nation's capital a week after police say he killed four people in an upscale washington home. >> daron dylon wint captured
3:56 am
last night after a manhunt that took police from d.c. to new york and back again. police arresting the suspect along with his brother. and now we're hearing from the victim's family for the first time. our coverage begins with cnn's senior washington correspondent joe johns. tell us the latest joe. >> reporter: over the last 48 hours it's been a real cat and mouse game for authorities to bring this suspect in to custody. they tracked him from here the washington, d.c. area all the way to brooklyn apparently by his cell phone. they lost the trail then picked him back up around college park maryland arresting him around 11:00 p.m. last night in northeast washington. >> we were able to take him down and arrest him. >> reporter: breaking overnight, the multi-state manhunt is over. police arresting six people including 34-year-old daron wint in what they call a great takedown in d.c. around 11:00 p.m. it's unknown who's being arrested here. wint on the run for a week
3:57 am
charged for the slayings of a prominent ceo, his wife their young son and housekeeper, allegedly torturing the 10-year-old, killing all four of them before setting the house located in an upscale d.c. neighborhood on fire. >> new york police department did a fantastic job getting us vital information last night. >> reporter: u.s. marshal robert fernandez says investigators worked 48 straight hours, first tracking wint all the way up to new york city wednesday night. just barely missing him. police believe wint saw himself identified on the news and took off. investigators then located the suspect back in maryland the following night at a howard johnson hotel 20 miles north of the white house. >> when we were approaching we realized he was in a vehicle. they started going northbound on route 1. we followed them for about four or five miles. >> reporter: the task force including 20 vehicles and a county helicopter tailing two vehicles a sedan where wint was identified in the backseat the small moving truck sources told
3:58 am
cnn affiliate wjla a large amount of cash was found inside. police arresting a total of four men and two women. >> they're the most amazing investigators i've ever seen. it's incredible what these guys are capable of doing. >> 46-year-old savvas savopoulos was the president and ceo of american iron works, a multi-million-dollar building materials manufacturer. wint once worked for that same company. and according to one source allegedly stole $40,000 that was delivered to the home before setting it afire. and the savopoulos family releasing a statement this morning thanking law enforcement for bringing about an arrest in this case. quoting now, while it does not abate our pain we hope that it begins to restore a sense of calm and security to our neighborhood and to our city. we are blessed to live in a community comprised of close circles of friends who have supported us and grieve with us.
3:59 am
so one of the big questions of course right now is whether any of those other individuals arrested with daron wint are in some way involved in this case. authorities have said they have not ruled out the possibility that there may have been accomplices. so far no word on any connection of any of the other individuals arrested to the murder here at the house in northwest washington. back to you in new york. >> okay joe, bring us all the developments as you get them. our next guest knows daron wint well, attorney rob if i canficker. >> thank you, i represented him in six cases in the past. he was not found guilty in any of those six cases. i know him to be a kind gentle nonaggressive person. someone you wouldn't mind your grandmother going to lunch with. he's not the guy that did this. his dna was found on pizza that
4:00 am
was delivered outside the home. and then later that pizza crust was found in a dumpster. but the murders were committed inside the home. they've got the wrong guy. it's a group grope a rush to judgment. there's a presumption of innocence which is not being mentioned by the police. >> mr. ficker we hear how strongly you feel about this and about daron wint. let's talk about his rap sheet. let's go through it so you can explain what the cases were. in 2005 a family files a restraining order. i assume it's his family against him. in 2006 charged with second-degree assault. 2009 charged with second-degree assault and fourth-degree sex offense. also in 2009 more second-degree assault. 2010 charged with fourth-degree burglary and property destruction. what can you tell us about those charges? >> i'm not hearing you mention the word conviction. charges are easily made and difficult to prove oftentimes.
4:01 am
he was being harassed by the police in 2005 and 2006. many people on the street know what harassment like that is. for instance in a case where supposedly he had weapons he pled guilty to possession of a container of alcohol. no prosecutor is going to diminish reputable charges in that way. >> sure but how about -- okay. but how about the assault? how about the sex offense? what do those stem from? >> was he convicted of a sex offense? >> you're right. he's not. but what were the charges stemming from? what was the incident? >> in what year you're talking? >> in 2006 when you represented him what was the second-degree assault? >> he was not convicted. >> yes, but what was the incident that brought the charge? >> well you're talking charges that were brought but not proven. there's a presumption of innocence that travels with him
4:02 am
until a conclusion of the case. and that presumption of innocence was upheld. >> mr. ficker even his relatives according to abc news last night his relatives describe him as he's very hostile, he's arrogant he doesn't listen you try to tell him and guide him the right way but he thinks he knows the law. you are the only person we have heard who considers him a gentle kind person. >> every mother's child at some point becomes angry, becomes hostile towards their parents. we know that. i'm a parent three times over. and i've seen it in my kids who are wonderful successes. i think we're nitpicking here trying to brand him in the public's eye -- in the court of public opinion. the police should take their case to court. there's no evidence of dna -- his dna on any of the victims, is there? no. >> we don't know. all we know that's been released so far, i mean obviously we're not privy to what the investigators have inside the
4:03 am
house, but that there was pizza as you say delivered to the home. that pizza was eaten. and his dna was found on it. so how do you explain that connection? >> i've had many cases where the dna findings have been thrown out of court. we don't know who conducted this dna and how it was done. it needs to be scrutinized. why are the police letting out piecemeal little bits of evidence in a chinese water torture method? they need to conduct themselves in court and not keep talking to the media trying to brand this guy. >> mr. ficker why do you feel so strongly about this? >> because i've met him many times, represented him in court. and there were no findings of guilt. although it started out as though he were the guilty one, it turned out he wasn't. >> okay. and describe to us -- >> you may be next. you may be next. someone may find another person's dna in your houses as i'm sure they could.
4:04 am
we need to protect the least of these in order to protect all of these. >> sure. fair enough. i mean you are a defense attorney. you do an important public service in this country. will you represent him in this case? >> it's possible. but i have not been contacted by the family or retained in the family to represent him in this particular case. although we've been successful in the past. >> when you say that he was kind and gentle can you give us some examples? >> i met with him many times. i've observed hundreds of thousands of people in my life completed 30,000 cases in court. when i'm sitting across from a person for hours at a time i can tell that they're kind and gentle. he was not a mean aggressive person at all. he was a young man finding his way, a student at prince georges community college. he tried to get into the marines. he was patriotic. he was well-meaning and he remains that way as far as i know. >> so how would you describe a
4:05 am
criminal whoever it is who tortures a family who tortures their 10-year-old son, who stays at the crime scene long enough to eat a pizza and then torches the house. how would you describe that criminal whoever it is? >> i would describe that as a heinous crime. and that person should be prosecuted. but it's not daron wint. he's not the one in the video. there are no facial features of daron wint in that video. they've got the wrong guy. they've made a big mistake here. >> how can you tell it's not him in the surveillance video we see? someone's back as we see right here running with a white bag. how can you tell that's not daron wint? >> the police are saying it is. how can they possibly say that that is daron wint based on that video? does he look like daron wint to you? be honest about it. you can't tell who that is. there's no facial features there. >> it's hard to tell. i mean to be honest it's hard to tell as you point out from that video. but it's also hard for you to tell that it's not him.
4:06 am
let me ask you this mr. ficker, why did he lead police on a 48-hour manhunt? if he is innocent why not just go surrender and say you've got the wrong guy, here's my alibi and not have them chase him from new york to d.c. and back? >> we're not saying that he actually knew that they were behind him chasing him. he was -- we have freedom of travel in this country. just because someone leaves a city where some crime was committed doesn't mean that he committed that crime. this is not a case where someone runs from a policeman that's right behind him. >> well his girlfriend reportedly told police that he was aware that they were looking for him. and she said he was going to turn himself in. but that's not what happened. >> well have you interviewed the girlfriend and heard her actually say that? some of these police statements about what other people say are hearsay and need to be taken with a very large grain of salt. >> mr. ficker again, you
4:07 am
believe that somehow he might have eaten the pizza that was outside and that that's the only connection. if the dna is true that you don't believe that daron wint was in the house and you don't believe he was capable of this. but the pizza is a sticking point. >> well why wouldn't the police mention dna in the house at the crime scene? we're told that the pizza was delivered outside the house and then the crust was found in a dumpster not in the house. why aren't the police coming out with some really damning evidence rather than this circumstantial evidence that doesn't come close to proving that he committed these murders? >> what was his relationship? do you know what his relationship was with his employer who he is now accused of killing? >> i don't. but i believe the police looked at the six companies owned by the deceased they looked at all the former employees and then pinpointed people that may have
4:08 am
been arrested. so these false arrests in the past have come back to haunt him, but that doesn't mean that he committed these crimes. it's a giant olympic size broad jump from a piece of pizza to four homicides. >> you say these false arrests in the past. in fact he was charged. it was more than an arrest. he wasn't convicted, but he was charged. and these are very serious charges. i mean prosecutors don't, you know lightly charge somebody with sex offense and assault. >> when you're not convicted -- you know i've had people who have been in jail for ten months and found not guilty on all charges. that's why we have the american system the jury system to provide a buffer between the king and his subjects. >> in 2005 did his family file a restraining order against him? >> was the restraining order pursued? did it go into effect? >> you tell me. you represented him.
4:09 am
>> as far as i know there was no finding of any guilt in that crime at all. >> well, restraining order doesn't have guilt. there's just a restraining order. was there a restraining order against him in 2005? >> as far as i know there was no restraining order in effect against mr. wint at all. >> mr. ficker are you reaching out to his family to volunteer your services to represent him? >> well i've known his family for a period of time. i met them when i represented him before. and i'd be willing to give him any help that he requires. and i think that he should talk to an attorney. he needs to come up with an explanation as to where he was at the time of these offenses. and he needs to talk about his future. >> mr. robin ficker we appreciate your perspective. it is always important to remind everyone that people are innocent until proven guilty. thanks so much for being on "new day." >> thank you. >> over to michaela. the senate still has unfinished business before a week long holiday break
4:10 am
including action on key parts of the patriot act set to expire june 1st. senators are sharply divided over extending the nsa's powers of mass phone data collection. cnn's data bash live in washington as the clock ticks on. >> reporter: hi michaela. ever since the public learned years back during the bush administration that the government secretly gathered its phone records and more it's been highly controversial. we know that. but that's why the republican-led house passed an extension of the program this week. [ technical difficulties ] >> okay. we lost dana there. meanwhile another story to tell you about. protests in olympia, washington last night over the shooting of two unarmed black men by a white police officer. some 400 people turned out for this demonstration. olympia's police chief says the two men were suspected of shoplifting and one assaulted an officer before the shooting. he says the incident is being investigated. both shooting victims expected to survive. new threats are emerging against police in the wake of that biker gang shootout in texas. a bulletin by the texas
4:11 am
department of public safety saying the bandidos are out for revenge. the gang members blaming police for shooting "their brothers." nine bikers were killed sunday. there are reports police may have killed some of those. and let's take a look at this georgia man taking matters into his own hands holding a would-be carjacker at gunpoint until police arrive. he says he had just pulled into a parking lot when the suspect slipped into the passenger seat attempting to steal his car. he says he wasn't having it. so he pulled out his own gun. he kept the suspect facedown in the parking lot for several minutes before police arrived. >> imagine that scene that police roll up on though? not knowing who the perpetrator, who the suspect is who the bad guy is somebody's on the ground another person's with a gun. >> wow. great point. >> good police work. made sure nobody got hurt in this situation. my goodness. >> that's incredible. meanwhile democratic presidential front runner hillary clinton's e-mails finally revealed at least some of them. what the first batch telling us particularly about benghazi.
4:12 am
>> and as dana was telling us it's the last day of the senate scheduled to be in session before parts of the patriot act expires, does that mean the nsa surveillance program is in its final hours? or will it be replaced? if you haven't heard about the latest sale at, then you haven't see n this commercial. book now and save during the memorial day sale at if your purse is starting to look more like a tissue box... you may be muddling through allergies.
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4:14 am
the state department is expected to release the first batch of hillary clinton's e-mails as soon as today, this morning we're even hearing. will these documents give a larger picture of what she knew what she didn't know immediately after the benghazi attack? michael smerconish. so glad you're here on this
4:15 am
friday. this is the day, the e-mails. >> the first day. >> and some 850 of the thousands that are supposed to be coming. >> right. >> are you sensing from what you've seen leaked released so far that there are smoking guns to you? >> no. >> we know you look at things a little differently. >> nor do i suspect there will be any smoking guns revealed during the whole course of this process. remember she blended together personal and professional e-mail. she was maintaining them on a private server. she then determined or someone at her behest determined what would be handed over to the state department. 55,000 were then handed over to the state department. if there were smoking guns i would think, michaela they were among those that weren't handed over to the state department. and so now 850 of the 55,000 have been given to a congressional committee, the "new york times" has seen a third of them. and we are now reading what the times has seen. thus far no smoking guns. >> okay. no smoking guns but fascinating nuggets. >> oh yeah. i love this stuff. i don't know that it's going to
4:16 am
move the needle. >> here's the one i'm fixated with is what she knew about benghazi and when she knew it. for the better part of two years saying she knew more than what she said. in fact the whole administration had this false narrative it was about a demonstration. on the second day after benghazi she gets an e-mail from her top aide sid blumenthal. >> right. >> who tells her it looks like my sources are telling me that this work was actually a terrorist attack. this is members of ansar al sharia. that had planned the attack for months he tells her. what does she do? does she try to hide it or bury it? no she tells her aide we should get this out asap. it's the opposite of what republicans have been saying about her. >> it is. first, the initial memo apparently from sid blumenthal bought into the narrative. so there's a little something in this for everybody. whatever you want to read into
4:17 am
these e-mails you might. what i thought was most significant about blumenthal's involvement and that's a name from the past and i'm sure it will be a name for the 2016 cycle again, i thought it was significant he was apparently writing memos she would read and then recirculate without reference to the fact he had authored them. >> yeah. >> i guess because he contained some baggage and for whatever reason they didn't want whatever the message was to be tarred by the individual who wrote them. >> do you think going forward then considering you think there's no smoking gun and that these are sort of being shown now piecemeal and they're going to be continued to be released, how do you think now the gop's going to pivot? or even just her critics saying transparency's an issue, she's obviously trying to keep things in control. how do you think they're going to use all of this? >> i think the b word benghazi continues to be a rallying cry for the base. and therefore i expect will continue through the 2016 cycle to hear a great deal about it. >> but does this exonerate her a little bit? that she wasn't the person who after that sid blumenthal interview -- sorry, e-mail ever
4:18 am
said again that it was a video? >> i think that it does. and what you haven't seen is anything to support some of the wild accusations that she single handedly denied security requests that were put forth by ambassador stevens. there's evidence to suggest it was the contrary. this sounds harsh but that stevens himself made decisions that put himself in harm's way. what i expect is that the partisan scrum will continue. but that this will not move the needle among independents and undecideds regarding hillary. >> let's talk about another issue that is going to be facing the clintons. >> right. >> as certainly hillary we are learning from "the washington post" that there was $26 million of undisclosed revenue, not donations, they're citing it as revenue, from speaking engagements. problematic the fact it was undisclosed? is this sort of par for the course for a politician? >> first of all, these are each complicated. it's very difficult for me no matter how closely i pay attention to each of them to try and condense them into 20-second
4:19 am
sound bites. i say that because i think it speaks to whether they resonate. watergate resonated because it was a burglary nobody wants their home broken into. >> we can relate to that. >> white water? what was that about? give me a couple minutes and i'll try to lay it out for you. i think this is a serious issue because there's this new book "clinton cash." the theory of the book is that foreigners who are precluded from making donations to domestic candidates here nevertheless tried to curry favor with the clintons by engaging him to speak or making contributions to the foundation and therefore got close to the clintons. this furthers that narrative. >> under the guise of a speaking engagement. >> correct. for big bucks, michaela. big dollars being paid. and not by business interests in the uk or germany or france. but a lot of rogue nations for a lack of a better descripter again, will you find a quid pro quo, a smoking gun where bill
4:20 am
gave this speech and consequent consequently this was proven you won't find something that clean. but there are a lot of inferences that don't bode well for either of them. >> can it just be unseemly that they're not disclosing it and that there's so much money and that they kept gobbling up these millions of dollars and obviously not wanting to let people know? >> i think that for many yes, that is enough. because it's a continuation of this cloud that in the eyes of some seems to always follow them. a different interpretation as to say the only thing new about this is there's a foreign entity and the donations were given to the foundation. this is the way it is in politics. usually the money is given to a super pac. >> i was just thinking that these things are going to follow her around for a while. and she's going to have to address them. and we know she's not been real eager to answer questions from folks like us so we'll have to see what happens. >> have a good weekend. >> you too. hopefully a long weekend question mark? maybe not so much. >> no. >> either will we. you can watch saturday 9:00 a.m. eastern on cnn and here on
4:21 am
weekdays on sirius xm also 9:00 a.m. eastern. good to have you. >> thanks rk michael. >> we're going to dig more into this and other big news in washington with senator john mccain. he joins us in our 8:00 hour. well, a gripping manhunt for the suspected killer went across several states but this morning happy to report police say they have their man. how they caught quadruple murder suspect daron dylon wint. we all eat foods that are acidic... we all have risk of acid erosion. there's only so much enamel, and everybody needs to do something about it now if they want to preserve their teeth. i recommend pronamel. it helps strengthen the tooth and makes it more resistant to acid breakdown. i'm louis, and i quit smoking with chantix. quitting smoking is a challenge and it's a lot easier to go into a fight when you've got somebody that's got your back. having chantix as a partner made it more successful. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix helped reduce my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some people had seizures while taking chantix.
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4:25 am
breaking news to tell you about. police have nabbed the suspect in last week's quadruple murder and arson at that upscale home in washington, d.c. it took a multistate manhunt to capture daron dylon wint arrested with others including his brother after leaving a hotel outside of washington, d.c. this was late thursday after authorities said they barely missed him in brooklyn. wint is suspected of killing his former employer. the employer's wife their 10-year-old son and the family's housekeeper. the victims' family now thanking their friends and law enforcement for all the support. let's bring in cnn law enforcement analyst and president of the national organization of black law enforcement executives cedric alexander. cedric great to have you here this morning. >> thank you. >> so when we went to bed last night at 8:00 p.m. it seemed as though the suspect the police were looking for him in
4:26 am
brooklyn. and then low and behold they found him at a howard johnson in college park maryland. just fascinating police work how quickly you guys can put these things together. >> yeah. well incredible job done by the police in and around the community in which this investigation was going on. but it's no doubt in my mind alisyn that for a number of days number of hours were put into this investigation and tracking and following information i'm quite certain it led to this arrest. but more importantly they were able to get this guy off the street. and i think as time go by we're going to learn more about this case in regards to what was the reason for it and what was some of the things led up to this and what occurred afterwards. >> let's talk about what we know about this suspect. i just had an interview with his attorney the attorney who had represented him in some 2006 cases. and that attorney said that he basically just has had a string of bad luck. the police are always targeting him. that he's charged with things but never convicted. that has turned out to be wrong.
4:27 am
we have now fact checked that and confirmed he was actually convicted in 2009 of second-degree assault which was a domestic battery case. but let's look at this rap sheet, cedric. i want you to tell me his family files a restraining order in 2005. in 2006 he's charged with second-degree assault but not convicted. in 2009 he's charged with second-degree assault and sex offense, not convicted of the sex offense but convicted of second-degree assault. 2010 charged with burglary and property destruction, not convicted. his attorney says there are usually not convicted. so are they just targeted him? >> no they're not targeting him. whatever led up to those arrests regardless whether he was found guilty or not there clearly had to be some probable cause. and of course the court system did what it's supposed to do. but i think what's important to remember here is that this particular case in and of itself regardless of what his history is if there's evidence to support the fact that he was involved in these heinous
4:28 am
crimes, in these deaths, in these murders, then of course he will -- the court will do what the court does. however, i think it's important to keep in mind here alisyn that yes, there's some people who have criminal history that would suggest that they're involved in other things beyond that. but we also know too you may not have ever had a past before at all, a criminal past at all and you also could be subject to a crime itself. >> this case is particularly heinous. i mean this case if the -- going into a family's home holding them hostage for hours on end, torturing them. >> right. >> torturing a 10-year-old. >> a horrible crime. >> a 10-year-old boy, eating pizza during the commission of this and then torching the house. i mean that is a crime that is in a different stratosphere. >> it comes from a whole different place. and of course over time and they have evidence i'm quite sure to effect their arrests made last night, and i think in this particular case here this was just absolute horrible the
4:29 am
way that that family was victimized and killed. and a 10-year-old child on top of that. and i'm quite sure that's what really drove law enforcement in this case the fact that you have a family here that was killed in such a violent way. and tortured on top of that as well as evidence suggests. so kudos to police in going after this subject and anyone who was involved in it anyone who planned it anyone who knew about it and didn't do anything about it at all. nopefully law enforcement bring them into that web as well. >> we just talked to his attorney who says he does not believe that the police have evidence linking this suspect to the crime. let me play for you what he says. >> why wouldn't the police mention dna in the house at the crime scene? we're told that the pizza was delivered outside the house and then the crust was found in a dumpster not in the house.
4:30 am
why aren't the police coming out with some really damning evidence rather than this circumstantial evidence that doesn't come close to proving that he committed these murders? >> why don't police mention dna inside the house? >> well let's think about it in this way, alisyn. in all fairness okay if the police have identified him as a subject, they're operating on a certain amount of information at this point. maybe we're not privy to. but i think as the days and weeks go by this case is going to reveal itself. those who were involved those who had any connection knew about this planned it whatever the case going to be it's going to come about too. so the police have done their job. they did a great job. they identified this subject after this heinous crime. they followed the evidence whatever that evidence may have been whether it was witness evidence physical evidence dna evidence. whatever it is. so to draw any conclusion like his attorney is drawing at this
4:31 am
point and you expect that from anyone's defense attorney. >> it was his previous defense attorney. >> who very well may represent him in this case as well too. but at this point police clearly have probable cause to effect that arrest. and as we go forward this case will reveal itself even more. here again my hat's off, kudos to law enforcement in that community and those that supported it as well too in being able to get this person off the street. >> we will learn more at 1:00 p.m. today eastern time during his first court appearance we've just learned the time of. cedric alexander, thank you so much for being on "new day." >> thanks for having me. >> over to michaela. hillary clinton sticking to her plan for a low key campaign. that could be about to change. we'll tell you more inside politics ahead. new flonase allergy relief nasal spray. this changes everything. flonase is the 24 hour relief that outperforms a leading allergy pill. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over-producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance, flonase controls six. and 6 is greater than 1.
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4:34 am
we do have some breaking news to tell you about. this just coming in to us at cnn. an explosion reported at a packed shiite mosque in eastern saudi arabia. the blast going off as worshippers were in the midst of friday prayers. there are reports of several people killed. we will bring you all the details as they come into our cnn newsroom. an historic vote happening
4:35 am
right now in ireland. that country deciding whether to change its constitution to allow for same-sex marriage. if the referendum passes ireland will become the first country in the world to adopt same-sex marriage through a popular vote. it would give gay and lesbian couples the right to civil marriage not the right to wed in a church. this is big. >> is it? >> big news. scrabble's official word list keeps growing. 6,500 new words now at your disposal. some straight from the mouths of cool kids, like twerking, emoji and ridic. if you're scoring at home bezy. >> i like shiz better. >> i think you might have just said a bad word on tv. >> i did not. >> that's next to snoop dogg, that's also worth 18 points. >> she's got the giggles.
4:36 am
>> means to sweat. >> bit of controversy brewing here because -- okay. maybe it's my controversy, bezi for best friend? isn't it bestie? >> yes. >> hello, scrabble. >> you're making me -- >> sound off on twitter. i think i've got a little controversy going. ask our inside politics host today sarah murray in for john king. it is bestie it is not bezi agree? >> it is. but also i thought abbreviations weren't allowed. all right. so we have a lot to get to today on inside politics. we have olivia knox joining us from yahoo news. hillary clinton has been holding small events she's been talking to voters. mostly she's been trying to look like she is not taking the democratic nomination for granted. that is all about to change. olivie why the change in
4:37 am
course? >> because she's been on this so-called listening tour where she's talking to low key events. she's going to give us a fuller explanation for the rationale why she should be president and why she wants the job. again, you're right, she wabt wants to make the point she's not taking nilg u anything for granted, hears americans and ready for the job. >> i didn't realize you get two campaign rollouts. but i guess if you're hillary clinton you do. you've heard some complaints her events might not be so authentic, they might have been a little staged. >> i was with hillary in iowa this week. the campaign is saying they're doing small events putting her in settings where she can have a conversation. but i think it's important for the public to understand what these conversations are. these are with pre-selected pre-screened supporters mainly. i was at a conversation she was having with small business owners. everyone around the table very supportive of her agenda. i think the challenge is if you want to do small events how do you do small events and get a
4:38 am
diversity of opinion? how do you make sure you're hearing from all voices not just those who support you. >> by the way this is not what it looks like when jeb bush is out on the campaign trail, even if he's having a town hall event it's normal voters who show up and ask him questions. does she miss out on something as a candidate by having whoever is around show up and ask her questions? >> i think so. if you're only talking to reporters you're only getting a certain look at politics, a certain attitude. you're not getting quite the same breadth of american concerns. and so yeah there's a concern there. also you know jeb bush taking a lot of questions interesting that also sends the message i'm not taking this for granted. >> one more quick thing. i think there are a lot of people watching this at home and saying this is just the press whining about how they don't get to talk to the candidate. you know they don't get their questions in. why does it matter for the process, julie? why does it matter for hillary to be taking questions on what's going on on a daily basis? >> i think this is an important point. a lot can cam across as the national press is complaining. this is how i look at it.
4:39 am
the point of the national press or the local press or voters who can ask her unfiltered questions is to actually try to understand what this person would do as president. and that means getting pressed on issues that aren't necessarily what you want to be talking about that day, getting asked about the situation in the middle east right now, how would you handle that getting asked about the patriot act debate on capitol hill. and unless we have an opportunity both the press and the public to press a candidate on these questions, we really don't know the answer. >> now, so far hillary clinton has been content to let her republican rivals struggle out there on her own. and for jeb bush the big struggle has been how do you deal with your brother president george w. bush, he offered his sharpest criticism of his brother yet at a campaign event in new hampshire. let's take a listen to that. >> i think that in washington during my brother's time republicans spent too much money. i think he could have used the veto power. he could have brought budget discipline to washington, d.c.
4:40 am
now, that seems kind of quaint right now given the fact that after he left budget deficits and spending just like went up astronomic astronomically. but having constraints on spending across the board during his time would have been a good thing. >> so olivier, jeb going after his brother about spending. how important will it be for him to draw specific differences between himself and president george w. bush? >> let's be totally clear he might have been able to use his veto power a little more isn't exactly a repudiation of his brother's time in office. it's going to be important, you know. and george w. bush had the same experience in 2008 when he was saying sometimes the best way to help john mccain is by taking the punches, by letting him break with me by letting him criticize me. that's a reality. in 2000 it was a similar dynamic where al gore famously with the key lines of his acceptance speech i stand before you tonight my own man. so there's a pattern to this. we forget we've only really had
4:41 am
a third term for a party i think once in the last 60 years. you know we've had -- it was the reagan to h.w. bush handover. this kind of break with the previous guy even when the previous guy's in the same party is really important. >> so the interesting now is we're going to have something like two dozen candidates on the republican side. we're trying to cram them onto a debate stage. the question is how do you do that? we're starting to get an inkling of that. so fox news says it's only going to be the top ten candidates in the polls going to be on the debate stage. cnn is doing it different. we'll have essentially two debates. one will have the top ten that will come after, debate earlier with people sort of lower in the polls all happening on the same night but everyone will get a shot at the stage. julie, what do you think? even with ten candidates on the stage do you get a good vigorous debate? >> this is really uncharted territory. i think it's fascinating to watch how we figure out who's going to be on the stage, who's not going to be on the stage. ten candidates is a lot. it just is. but i think that in a big wide open republican field it's
4:42 am
important to have a wide representation of candidates. because that just represents what the field is going to be. but a lot of these candidates who are in this lower tier of the party right now are going to be pretty unhappy. >> olivier, i'll give you one quick second. rick santorum is really upset he's not involved in the debates. quick rant i'll give it to you. >> i hate the giant cattle call debates. i don't know what voters get out of them. i realize some candidates who may have money and not any recognition like them because they can practice that one zinger they can deliver against the front runner. julie made a really important point about hillary clinton about this process is understanding what these people would be like if they got elected president. and i really don't think our current model of debates serves us well. primary debates serves us well. >> by the way rick santorum who has been very critical of the fox news plan tells national journal if you're a united states senator, if you're a governor, if you're a woman who ran a fortune 500 company and running a legitimate campaign
4:43 am
for president you have the right to be on stage with everybody else. i have the feeling this is not going to be the last we hear about jockeying to get on those debate stages. back to you, michaela. >> reminds me have you ever been to one of those weddings where there's ten bridesmaids and ten groomsmen always seems like a lot to look at. we're looking forward to it. it will be a robust series of debates. >> going to be fun. >> sarah, have a great weekend. be sure to tune in on this weekend to watch john king and his inside politics panel. they'll break down the very best political news of the week every sunday at 8:30 a.m. eastern. experts are saying it could take years to fix the problem with those takata airbags being recalled in millions of cars. we're going to tell you what you need to know about it.
4:44 am
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time for cnn "money now," and christine romans is in the money center. >> we are watching the exploding air bag problem, and it could take up to five years to fix,
4:48 am
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4:50 am
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4:52 am
murders of four people in the
4:53 am
upscale home in washington, d.c. was captured overnight. >> they have the wrong guy. i know him to be a kind nonaggressive person. >> california oil spill is worst than first thought. >> we deeply regret what has happened. the group of syrians that risk their lives every day to try and save their fellow citizens. >> they have all chosen to risk their lives to save others and that makes every single one of them a hero. this is cnn breaking news. >> welcome back to your "new day." it's friday may 22nd. 8:00 in the east. chris is off this morning. we have breaking news to tell you about because the suspect in the murders of the four people in an upscale home in washington, d.c. is waking up behind bars this morning. police capturing daron dylon wint after a long manhunt
4:54 am
stretching from washington, d.c. and new york and back again. >> they left a d.c. area hotel with five alleged accomplices, and now we are hearing from the victims' family for the first time. our coverage begins with senior washington correspondent, joe johns. such a difficult time for these families. >> reporter: that's right, alisyn and michaela. wint expected to make his first court appearance in this case in d.c. court sometime this afternoon, and he is facing first-degree murder charges, and this appearance follows a cat and mouse came that started here in the washington, d.c. area and extended all the way up to new york city and came back to d.c. >> we were able to take him down and arrest him. >> breaking overnight, the multistate manhunt is over. police arresting six people including 34-year-old wint in what they called a great
4:55 am
takedown in d.c. around 11:00 p.m., and it's unknown who is being arrested here. wint wanted for killing all four people before setting the house located in an upscale d.c. neighborhood on fire. >> new york police department did a fantastic job getting us vital information last night. the investigator said they tracked wint all the way up to new york city friday night and barely missing him, and police believe wint saw himself identified on the news and took off, and then they located the suspect back in maryland 20 miles north of the white house. >> when we approached we realized he was in a vehicle. they started going northbound on route 1 and we followed him for four or five miles. >> the task force identified
4:56 am
wint in the backseat and a large amount of cash was found inside the vehicle. police arresting a total of four men and two women. >> they are the most amazing investigators i have ever seen and it's amazing what these guys are capable of doing. >> mr. savopoulos he was a ceo, and wint worked for the same company and stole $40,000 that was delivered to the home before setting it on fire. the savopoulos family put out a statement this morning thanking police for bringing about an arrest in this case, and the arrest says in part while it does not abate our pain we hope it begins to restore a sense of calm and security in our neighborhood and to our city. we are blessed to live in a community comprised of close circles of friends who have
4:57 am
supported us and grieved with us. so far no word on whether those other individuals arrested with wint had anything to do with the murder that happened at this house in northwest washington. back to you, alisyn and michaela. >> much more coming up on that story. over to capitol hill. the senate may have to delay the start of its recess, and members scrambling to keep parts of the patriot acting to expire. cnn's dana bash is live for us in washington with the latest. what is going to happen? >> it's anybody's guess at this point. every since the public learned about the post 9/11 secret data collecting it has been very controversial. that's when the republican led house passed the extension this
4:58 am
weekend, there were changes and the problem is some republicans rendered it inadequate. these programs expire on june 1st and the house, they are gone, and they left town for the entire week of memorial day recess and won't be back until june 1st which is deadline day. this is what one independent senator told me about the latest congressional dysfunction. >> it's disappointing me to me here we are at the deadline, and which among us did our book report before sunday night, but this is serious stuff. we have known about this deadline for years, and this should have been taken care of a long time ago. >> the obama administration is begging congress to find compromise and the attorney general herself says this is really key to their ability
4:59 am
to -- it's a vital tool rather for national security in their arsenal, and the problem is republicans and democrats don't buy it and they say it's unconstitutional and last week a federal court and the appeals court agreed and that's why congress is trying to reform this before the deadline strikes june 1st. >> we will be watching and obviously you have a long day ahead of you. thank you so thatmuch. and isis taking over the last border controlled by syrian troops and senior international correspondent is live in beirut. >> reporter: we are looking at a devastating 72 hours of advance by isis and they are looking to
5:00 am
see if isis will destroy them and who in the population will continue to execute beheaded people. and fulfilling what isis sees as part of their mandate, destroying the old borders of the middle east to create their caliphate. the coalition led by the united states said they cleared a way to the oil refinery and that's a key part of iraq's energy infrastructure, and they are saying now iraqi forces can get in there and contest the areas around it and perhaps this is u.s. sounding like they are making progress on the battlefield, and the white house is struggling to explain how they viewed the responses. >> we want to bring in senator
5:01 am
john mccain, the republican chairman for the armed services committee which yesterday held a hearing on u.s. policy in iraq and syria. >> good morning. >> this has been a bad week in the fight against isis, and they captured ramadi and palmyra in syria, and let me read what president obama has said about the losses. he just gave an interview to the atlantic magazine yesterday, and he said no i don't think we are losing. there's no doubt there is a tactical setback. is that how you see these losses? >> it's just mind-boggling that the president to could saying and his spokesperson and others in the administration could keep saying what they are saying while thousands of people are being butchered, and burning bodies in the streets, and executions and beheadings and when you look at it it's in a
5:02 am
key area that connects different parts of syria. this is a disaster. it was predicted by me and senator lindsay graham and it's going to go on until we develop a strategy and a strategy that will be implemented to stop this advance of isis and of course the chaos and slaughter that is going on which is terrible. >> senator, we hear your frustration, but what is the u.s. role here? your colleague and friend lip lindsay graham he thinks it's time for u.s. ground troops to fight isis. do you agree with that? >> well we had a meeting, and there were two that convinced the president to reduce the
5:03 am
troops. >> how many troops? >> i would say 10,000. but they have to be on the ground. 75% of the flights, the combats are returning to the base without dropping a weapon. do you know why? because they don't have anybody on the ground to give them the targets that they need. this is an inae tpebg khau annual air campaign. if we don't have military presence with these units they will continue to disintegrate particularly the iraqi government army and the iraqi army which is now nonexistence. >> you agree with lindsay graham that there should be 10,000 troops on the ground. we had george pataki on "new day" this week and he also agreed and he said you go in quickly and take out the training facilities and you get out, and that sounds nice and
5:04 am
that's always the goal but we have seen how hard that is to accomplish. how long do you believe ground troops would have to be in iraq to fight isis? >> you keep saying ground troops are going to do. they are training and equipers and they are intelligence people, and they are people who can coordinate the military power and train and equipped and get it done. it's not as if we are sending in the 82nd airborne to fight and leave, and if we did that, as soon as we left it would be deteriorateing like it was before we came. it had to be a strategy that defeats isis and can take on bashir assad, and make sure we have a strategy in syria, which there is none, and that includes training a syria army which will
5:05 am
be harder and harder. >> this is devastation, senator, but is it our fight? is it up to the u.s. to try to squash whatever sorts of up rises and terror in the middle east? >> yeah that's a good idea let's leave it alone and let's let isis train and indoctrinate these people and send them back to the europe and the united states and their objective is not iraq and syria, and their objective is us and they are a cancer and that cancer will spread unless it is checked, and don't believe me listen to mr. baghdadi and listen to what their goal is and they are recruiting people over the internet and they are inspiring, and they are a direct threat according to the head of the fbi a direct threat to the united states of america. >> you and senator ground believe there should be ground troops. do you sense your idea taking root at all in the capital?
5:06 am
>> well 73% of the american people in a recent poll said they thought some american troops on the ground are necessary, and one thing is clear to the american people the president's strategy is not succeeding and in fact it's a failure, and beheading people is going to have an impact on the american people as it already has. >> and something else going on in the capital, and that's the patriot act. rand paul took to the floor for 10.5 hours to try to kill these provisions. let me play you a portion of what his argument was. >> the collection of the data is the infringement in itself. the whole idea that we could put one name on a warrant and collect 100 million records goes against everything we believe
5:07 am
in. >> does this nsa surveillance go against everything we believe in? >> what most of us believe in is that we won't want a reputation of 9/11 and we have to use means at our disposal to prevent that from happening and if we had the means we have today we may have been able to prevent 9/11, and the fact is that what senator paul did yesterday, in all due respect, is just delay what we are going to do for 11 hours while he was on the floor of the senate, and we have to come together and there may have to be changes, but to do away with the entire program that is being done being conducted by the nsa would put this nation at risk. >> there is a new research center poll from may of this year 65% of americans believe there are not adequate limits on the telephone and internet data that the government collects and people are not comfortable with
5:08 am
what the nsa is doing? >> i understand that and the snowden revelations obviously fed that cynicism and all of us particularly people like me are sincynical and suspicious of the role of government, and it has to be explained better to the american people, and that's a job for those of us in congress and it's also a job for the president of the united states. >> are you going to extend -- not take your recess and vote on this on saturday? >> you know one of the things i found out, as the weekend approaches particularly the beginning of a recess the spirit of conciliation and compromise rises to the surface. >> funny how that works. >> what is going to happen tomorrow? >> i think we're going to work out some agreements on votes and get out of town. >> but is it going to be extended? is the nsa phone collection going to be killed or extended? >> i think it's going to be -- i
5:09 am
would think it's probably going to be extended. remember the house is going to come in for a few hours, and when they come back it's a few hours before the expiration on june 1st. i think one thing that we are all in agreement in we can't shut down the entire operation, so that leads one to the conclusion that some kind of compromise will be reached, even if it's a short term extension. >> senator, have a nice memorial day and thank you for your service to this country. >> thanks and thanks for having me on. california crews are working tirelessly to clean up the mess left from the massive crude oil spill off the coast of santa barbara. the scope of the damage may not be realized for years to come. the accident is raising new questions about the pipeline operator. and we have more from santa barbara, and i understand it's worse than originally thought. >> reporter: when you take a look at the coast here as the sun is just starting to come up over the horizon here you can
5:10 am
see little spots of oil, but this is really not where we may be seeing most of the damage as the water is pushing some of the oil further west. the images are staggering wide swaths of oil slicks on the golden coast, and bucket after bucket of black goo in santa barbara county. more than 100,000 gallons of crude oil have leaked from a ruptured onshore pipeline and that's enough to fill up nine of the world's largest tanker trucks and 21,000 gallons of it estimated to have spilled in the pacific ocean. >> oil is going offshore and spreading out and it's going to make it more difficult to collect. >> the company responsible for the spill has been fined before for safety violations. stemming from 10 oil spills between 2004, and 2007 in texas,
5:11 am
louisiana, oklahoma and kansas. cnn's sara sidner pressured them on the issue. >> we deeply regret what has happened and we will continue to work with the federal state and local agencies to mitigate it. >> a sealion oil drenched, and all recovered from the oily waters and other wildlife not as fortunate. this stretch of coast widely regarded as one of california's ecological treasures. now replaced by slick oil and muck. >> it's heartbreaking for it to happen there, and it's extremely significant in the sense of what that could mean long term. >> reporter: just to give you some perspective here on how much oil is this is we're
5:12 am
talking about over 100,000 gallons in this spill that they believe have gone into the ocean and on the coastline here, and think back to 2010 with the bp spill, that was around 210 million gallons, and just the scope, and not that it makes it any better, alisyn. indictments handed down against six baltimore officers in connection with the death of freedie gray. the charges may have changed. the officer driving the van faces the most serious charge of second degree depraved heart murder. reports surface that josh dugger molested young tkpwurplz nine years ago. he posted facebook saying as a
5:13 am
young teenager i acted inexcusably for i am extremely sorry and regret. fans of the show are sounding off, and treat us using the #newdaycnn. major breaking news to tell you about in the d.c. murder case. the suspect is in custody this morning. what is next in the investigation? our experts weigh in. and then the u.s. is not backing down over the china sees, and what does it mean for china and u.s. relations? we'll discuss it ahead.
5:14 am
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5:17 am
we are following this breaking news that daron wint the suspect in the gruesome murder in washington, d.c. and he has been charged with first degree felony murder while armed. we want to discuss it with the cnn law enforcement analyst and former fbi director. hello, mr. fuentes. good to have you today. >> good morning michaela. >> he was taken into custody after amazing police work. what does it tell you that this guy was not alone at the time of his arrest? they were in two vehicles and a
5:18 am
box truck with them and a large amount of cash was found. what does that tell you? >> i want to congratulate the tremendous investigation in this case to get wint into custody. i think we should say that first and foremost and it was great law enforcement effort on everybody's part and great leadership on the part of the marshals to pull it off, and there is a great deal of investigation that has to be done in this. we have not heard what is the relationship of wint to mr. savopoulos at the company, and we know wint worked there and did he meet savopoulos at the time, and was he fired or is there a reason he would want revenge against him and use his family to do it torturing his child? killing his wife and housekeeper, and then him eventually and that part of
5:19 am
investigation is still, you know going to be requiring an extensive amount of work. they are still going to have extensive work in the house with the forensics to try and determine if anybody else was involved, and do they find other dna in the house that has not been identified? was it already in a database? when you are occupying somebody's house for 12 hours, and you are dropping dna off your skin and hair and fabric material all day, all the time and dna would be dropped. >> when you think of all the events that happened in the course of this commission of this crime, the crime scene will be a lot to go through, and then the fact that he has been on the run and was found with the sum of money on him, and we don't know how much money, and we know a sum of money was taken from
5:20 am
the home, and he was thereafter an assistant for mr. savopoulos dropped off the $40,000, and does that indicate there could have been an insider, somebody acting as an accomplice? >> it's possible. i think it's all possible and maybe a friend working in the company, and how that person would have access to the money, and it would be likely that he was torturing the son and i will keep doing this and your wife and the housekeeper until you get money, and that he made mr. savopoulos made a phone call, and he came up with the cash that might have saved the lives of his son and others, but it didn't. >> let's look at the guy's rap sheet. we had a former lawyer for mr. wint on earlier, and he said
5:21 am
despite all the charges against him, and the restraining order, and even the family asked for a restraining order, and this attorney said he was never convicted of anything and he was convicted of a domestic battery charge in 2009, and sometimes when there is smoke there is fire. this guy, there are a lot of red flags, and yet the attorney said he was a kind man and would trust him with my grandmother. >> yeah, consider the source. >> in terms of that were regular flags missed? >> what could you do with him? there is out free and no charges pending and he is not identified as being involved in a current crime until this event, so what could the authorities do? i am not sure what you are asking here? >> we have to run here and that's as much time as we have for this segment.
5:22 am
>> a lot of bad dudes out there, michaela. >> fair point. thank you so much. now to this story. could tension in the skies lead to hostilities on the ground between the u.s. and china? we'll address the concerns being raised after the chinese navy issued a stern warning to a u.s. surveillance plane with cnn onboard. >> foreign aircraft this is chinese navy. you are approaching our military alert zone. leave immediately. making a fist something we do to show resolve. to defend ourselves. to declare victory. so cvs health provides expert support and vital medicines. at our infusion centers or in patients homes. we help them fight the good fight.
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we are with the five things you need to know for your "new day." >> the murder of four men in an upscale home in washington was captured after a week-long manhunt that took police from washington to new york and back. >> an explosion reported in eastern saudi arabia and that going off as worshippers in the
5:26 am
midst of prayers. and then senate has a to do list to vote on phone records. and then the bandito gang blames police for shooting their brothers and nine bikers were killed in the sunday shoot-out. crews working 24 hours a day cleaning up after a massive oil spill in santa barbara and it could take years until the full extent of the damage is realized. for nearly three decades this cnn hero has been introducing a look at this. first, here is marilyn's story.
5:27 am
>> i am been riding since age 4. i always loved bicycling. it has changed my life. a lot of kids really never left the city and to them everything is concrete. i decided to take kids who have never had my kind of experience on mountain bike rides. >> okay guys let's hit the road. >> when we go on bike rides, i feel like it clears my mind. >> looking good. >> you bring them where there are no buildings. it is life. wow, i didn't know that this exists. and then we have our earn a bike program, where kids in the community come after school. >> so the chain is loose? >> they learn how to work on
5:28 am
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this is chinese navy. you are approaching our military alert zone. leave immediately. >> that was a warning from the chinese navy to a u.s. surveillance plane in the south china sea. our jim scuitto was aboard that flight exclusively, and china is apparently building man-made islands. we want to break it down with nicholas burns. thank you for joining us and i know it's a busy weekend and you are likely trying to get a break yourself. this is concerning and quite a lot of drama as we see our colleague aboard this aggressive reaction from the chinese. how concerned are you about this? >> this is a major problem for the united states and many
5:33 am
other countries have it with the chinese, and most of the airspace and waters are china international airspace and china doesn't own them, and china is claiming to 80% of the south china sea, and it's contesting other areas, and the united states is nate part of this but we are the major military in the region so we have a right to fly our aircraft through international airspace and we have a right for our naval and commercial vessels to be in international waters and we can't be in a situation where china believes they own everything. >> not only are they trying to say that it was a security alert zone and not over international waters but what about the man-made islands, and that's what they are trying to look
5:34 am
down at. what are they doing creating the islands? >> the chinese are calling it facts on the water, in the sense they are building up the isolated reefs, and possession is nine-tenth of the law, and they are going to take it when it's not theirs. so it's very important that china understand that it has isolated and all of its neighbors are upset about this and they are look tporg political protection from the united states and japan, and they are hoping eventually china will not try to resolve this by the use of force. >> the military out posts they are looking -- it's theorized they could be trying to build there, and they expanded in the last two years by 2,000 acres.
5:35 am
this is substantial. it's deeply concerning for the players in the region. what do you think the end game is? >> we see under ping that china is now pushing out to assert what it wants to have which is dominance in east asia. the problem with that is the united states has been the predominant military power there since the close of the second word war, and we have alliances there, and all of these countries, the southeast asian countries, they are smaller than china and can't compete militarily so they want the rest of the world to stand up their legal rights, and the united states interestingly enough they don't try to be the umpire here and it's important this be done in the legalist eubg way and not by the use of force and not by intimidation. we don't want to see an asia
5:36 am
where china uses its muscle to coerce neighbors. this is not china's legal territory. >> so what should the u.s. do about this? after that sort of ominous warning given to the plane, how does the u.s. respond? >> we have to continue to alert our right to sail and fly in this space, and president obama is going to have to appeal to president ping to get control over his military, and we have seen where the chinese military acts independently, and they are much more aggressive and we have seen threats in the past and it's clearly the responsibility of beijing to concert control over this aggressive military. >> you think of that area there
5:37 am
is a deep concern about trade and those ships getting through to the route. is there any concern -- i am just thinking about what we saw happen play out in such dramatic fashion, and is there any concern about commercial airliners going through the area? >> the united states government has warned the chinese in the past and the obama administration has been working hard on this to convince the chinese there will be the big losers if there is an incident and there are trillions dollars of trade that go from the inedden oweined en -- indian ocean up through the south china sea, and china has an interest in keeping it peaceful. china has too much respect for the power of the united states air force and navy to try and take us on. i don't believe that there is a probability, a high probability of conflict between us and china, but this was a very worry
5:38 am
some incident that jim scuitto, your correspondent, witnessed while he was onboard that airplane. >> it's an eye opening experience courtesy of jim scuitto's reporting. volunteers trying to save lives in a country where so many have been lost. up next, dr. sanjay gupta, with an exclusive takes us inside syria for a look at the heroic and very dangerous work. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch, with unique extended release technology helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq. yoplait greek 100. the protein-packed need something filling, taste bud loving, deliciously fruity, grab-and-go, take on the world with 100 calories, snack. yoplait greek 100. there are hundreds of reasons to snack on it.
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syria's civil war has dragged on for years, and amid the carnage there is heroism. cnn's dr. sanjay gupta getting an exclusive look of the heroes in action. >> reporter: syria has been in the middle of the civil war for five years and there are zones within syria that are fire-free zoned and they are getting bombed and shelled intkauduh
5:42 am
indiscriminately and there are the white helmets. i was there to experience it with them. for 12 hours these men have been digging and drilling and they are about to save the life of a 2-week-old baby. the baby's saviors known only by the wear on their heads, and they are the calvary, the white helmets. >> they have all chosen they have all chosen to risk their lives to save others and that makes every single one of them a hero that. >> the architect of the operation. >> in syria, there is no 911 system nobody you can call, and
5:43 am
you can't pick up a phone and call the fire service or the local police department, they don't exist. >> reporter: this group of ordinary syrian men and a few women organized themselves to fill that void. this man was once a black smith, and this man a barber, and one a detective detective. he is supposed to get married next week but for the time being they have left their previous jobs and lives and now volunteer to run toward when everybody else is running from. we're traveling along the border between turkey and syria, and we are with the white helmets. they just got a call and we want to see exactly what they do. this is all part of an intense training to become even better even faster. all of a sudden this area filled with smoke, and there is concern there may be another bomb or
5:44 am
another attack coming so they asked for all the lights to be turned off, and they tonight want to be a target themselves and you can see how challenging that makes their job. the concern is that that surveillance is a barrel bomb being hurdled by the syrian government. as you can see, they can be wildly inaccurate. as you hear they are incredibly vicious. >> a barrel bomb dropping on your house is like a 7.6-magnitude earthquake 50 times a day. >> reporter: these bombs are somaso malignant. maim and kill.
5:45 am
>> helicopters normally carry two barrel bombs x they drop the first barrel bomb which then explodes and the pilot remains in the sky circling where the explosion took place, waiting for a crowd to gather and waiting for rescuers to come to the scene. when a crowd gathers, they release the second bomb and that is a double tap. >> 84 white helmets have now been killed mostly by double taps. it's why syria is one of the most dangerous places in the world, and why being a white helmet might be the most dangerous job in the world. and yet they go on 2,600 have saved the lives of 18,000. how much longer does it go on do
5:46 am
you think? >> one day at a time. >> reporter: for the white helmets, another day is another chance to save a life. alisyn and michaela i should point out simply getting to the training and crossing the border from syria into southern turkey doing the training and getting back to their homes, that in itself is a potentially life-threatening journey, and they have to risk their lives to do that sort of thing, just to learn how to take care of others. there are no words for it. i have never seen anything quite like it but i can tell you, having seen it firsthand, many lives are saved because of the white helmets. back to you. >> sanjay so powerful. thank you so much for showing us
5:47 am
that reporting. >> there are angels among us aren't there? we need some good stuff, and that's next. hey, you forgot the milk! that's lactaid. right. 100% real milk, just without the lactose. so you can drink all you want... ...with no discomfort? exactly. here, try some... mmm, it is real milk. see? delicious. hoof bump! oh. right here girl, boom lactaid®. 100% real milk. no discomfort
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5:49 am
this is humira at work we brought you some good stuff. a determined homeless marine and he was tired of struggling,
5:50 am
and he enrolled in a technical college five years a week and he walked to school rain or shine, never missing, and now he can almost see the finish line. >> i didn't know if i could make it or do it so you have to put your fear behind you. you have got to want it. >> and, boy, did he want it. he is set to graduate in june with honors and a 4.0 gpa, and he said some of the problems that got him there were of his own doing and he was going to go ahead and get it done. >> and boy, we wanted to show you that somebody overcoming the odds. >> have a nice weekend. >> you, too. >> thank you. time for "newsroom" with carol costello. >> you three, carol. >> thank you, appreciate it. "newsroom" starts now. happening now in the news room,
5:51 am
a massive manhunt ends. a murder suspects nabbed. the chase stretching from washington to new york city. still, wint's former lawyer says he's a nice guy. >> they have got the wrong guy. it's not him. it's a witch hunt and it's a group grope and they are out to get him. it's not over yet. after the deadly biker shoot-out texas authorities say they are investigating new threats against officers. the difference this time? officials say the bikers are supplied with grenades and explosives. plus a scandal rocking reality tv's most conservative family. why josh
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