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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  May 22, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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you that somebody overcoming the odds. >> have a nice weekend. >> you, too. >> thank you. time for "newsroom" with carol costello. >> you three, carol. >> thank you, appreciate it. "newsroom" starts now. happening now in the news room, a massive manhunt ends. a murder suspects nabbed. the chase stretching from washington to new york city. still, wint's former lawyer says he's a nice guy. >> they have got the wrong guy. it's not him. it's a witch hunt and it's a group grope and they are out to get him. it's not over yet. after the deadly biker shoot-out texas authorities say they are investigating new threats against officers. the difference this time? officials say the bikers are supplied with grenades and explosives. plus a scandal rocking reality tv's most conservative family. why josh dugger is apologizing.
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will this force the family off the air? let's talk live in the cnn "newsroom"s. good morning. i i am carol costello. thank you for joining me. we begin in the nation's capital where a massive manhunt is over for a killer. daron dylon wint arrested as well as five other accomplices after a gruesome slaying of a d.c. family. dna on a pizza crust inside the family's mansion tying wint to the crime. authorities tracked him to new york and when police got there he was already on the run, and it was in washington where the gruesome crime was committed where authorities were able to
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close in on the suspect. >> we called prince george's county maryland police department and they had a helicopter in the air is five minutes, and once we reached the location in d.c. where we felt we could take him down we did a vehicle maneuver to both vehicles and were able the arrest everybody. >> joe johns has more for you this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. daron wint is expected to make his first appearance in court in this case sometime after 1:00 eastern time. he is facing first-degree murder charges, and this appearance will come after 48 hours of a cat and house game with authorities that led them from here in the washington, d.c. area all the way to new york and back here to d.c. >> we were able to take him down and arrest him. >> reporter: breaking overnight, the multi-state manhunt is over
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and police arrested six people, including 34-year-old daron wint around 11:00 p.m. it's none known who is being arrested here. wint on the run for a week charged with the playings of a prominent ceo and his wife and son and housekeeper, killing all four of them before setting the home in a upscale d.c. neighbor on fire. u.s. marshal fernandez said investigators worked 48 straight hours tracking wint all the way up to new york city wednesday night, just barely missing him. police believe wint saw himself identified on the news and took off. investigators then located the suspects back in maryland the following night at a howard johnson's hotel 20 miles north of the white house. >> when we were approaching, we realized he was in a vehicle, and we followed him for four or five miles.
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>> the task force including 20 vehicles and a helicopter tailing two vehicles a sedan where wint was identified in the backseat, and a small moving truck, and a large a cash was found inside. police arresting four men and two women. >> the most amazing investigators i have seen. it's incredible what these guys are capable of doing. >> according to one source wint allegedly sold $40,000 that was delivered to the home before setting it afire. the savopoulos family put out a statement this morning thanking law enforcement to bringing an arrest in the case, and while it does not abate our pain we hope it begins to restore a sense of
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calm to the neighborhood and to the city and we are blessed to live of a community comprised of close circles of friends that supported us and grieved with us. the question going forward, carol, is whether any of the other individuals who were arrested last night with daron wint turned out to have anything to the with the murder in the house behind me. >> joe johns reporting live from washington, d.c. this morning. an attorney for wint says police have the wrong guy, and he said the wint he knows is so nice it's somebody you would want your grandmother to have lunch with. listen. >> i represented him in six cases in the past. he was not found guilty in any of those six cases. i know him to be a kind gentle nonaggressive person somebody
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you wouldn't mind your grandmother going to lunch with. he is not the guy that did this. his dna was found on pizza delivered outside the home, and then later that pizza crust was found in a dumpster but the murders were committed inside the home, and they have got the wrong guy. it's a group grope, a rush to judgement, and there's a presumption of innocence which is not being mentioned by the police. >> his relatives describe him as he is very hostile, and arrogant and he doesn't listen and you try to tell him and guide him the right way but he thinks he knows the law. you are the only person we have heard that considers him a gentle and kind person? >> every mother's child at some point becomes angry and hostile towards their parents. we know that. i am a parent three times over and i have seen it in my kids who are wonderful successes. i think we are nitpicking here
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trying to brand him in the court of public opinion, and the police should take their case to court. there is no evidence of his dna on any of the victims, is there? no. >> we don't know. all we know that has been released -- obviously we are not privy to what the investigators inside the house, and there was pizza delivered to the home and that pizza was eaten and his dna was found on that? >> i have had many cases where dna was thrown out of court. it needs to be scrutinized. why are the police letting out piecemeal, little pieces of evidence in a chinese water torture method. >> why do you feel so strongly about this? >> because i have met him many
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times, represented him in court, and there were no findings of guilt, although it started out as though he was the guilty one, and it concerned out he was pbn'twasn't. >> okay describe -- >> you may be next and somebody may find somebody's dna in your house, which i am sure they could. we need to protect the least of these in order to protect all of these. >> fair enough. you are a defense attorney and you play an important part in this country, and will you represent him in this case? >> it's possible. i have not been contacted to represent him in this particular case. >> when you say he was kind and gentle could you give us examples? >> i met with him plenty of times and observed hundreds of thousands of people in my life, and completed 30,000 cases in court. when i am sitting across from a
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person hours at a time i can tell they are kind and gentle. he was not a mean and aggressive person at all, and he was a young man finding his way, and he tried to get into the marines, and he was patriotic, and he was well meaning and he remains that way as far as i know. >> so kind of a contention interview, and alisyn joins me now and after this interview you fact checked what he said. >> yeah we had to. he said there was no findings of guilty and that was wrong. in 2009 daron wint was found guilty of assaulting one of his girlfriends in maryland, and in 2010 he actually pleaded guilty to malicious destruction of property after he threatened to kill a woman and her infant daughter breaking into her apartment and stealing a television and vandalizing her car, and the rosy picture that his attorney his previous attorney paints is not the full
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picture of this person. >> i don't know. i just can't believe that this -- i don't know why the lawyer would say all of these nice things about this man? surely he knew that about this man? >> he was trying to leave the impression that basically police were over charging him, and he was a victim of police sort of excessive law enforcement. >> for all we know, that could be true. >> perhaps in the cases that he represented him, perhaps that was true, however, what he was conveniently not mentioning there are other chapters of daren went's life and he did plead guilty to violent crimes. he is not the boy scout his previous attorney was depicting him as. >> thank you for stopping by. we appreciate it. i also would like to bring in a former fbi profiler and agent to
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talk about this. how are you? >> fine thank you. >> you heard what alisyn says. there are black marks in this guy's background and yet his attorney says he is a gentle giant. what do you make of that? >> we hear that a lot, that there is a conflict between how one person will characterize an individual and how somebody else will characterize a person. frankly, at this point that has to take a backseat because with a case like this there will be more forensic evidence that will come out, and the forensic evidence will tell the story. all the characterizations good or bad will not have a louder voice than the forensic evidence. we only heard about one piece of the evidence which is dna on the crust of the pizza, and i am very sure there will be more very convincing forensics to either point in this man's
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direction, and or point to somebody else. >> let's talk a little bit more about the dna on the pizza. it was found nearby, and we do know that wint worked for the family so it's possible maybe toke sphraeupb it to explain it away that way, right? >> if you are just looking at one item of evidence but in a case like that you never do that. you have to look at the totality. you can't just pull out one piece, one behavioral piece or one forensic piece. one piece by itself may not be able to stand alone, but in the end it's all the pieces together and what they show us. >> just the profile of somebody that would be capable of this type of heinous crime, does wint fit that profile in any way? we do know he had violent episodes in his fast and that includes violent episodes against his family and according to the "washington post," his own father had to
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take out a restraining order against him. >> even with that i don't know enough about him to say this person is a good fit or not, and in the fbi we don't do it that way. what we do is look at the crime scene. often times, you may have an offender who committed, say, a series of murders without any criminal record so i have to -- when i am analyzing a case i have to really set that aside and really analyze the crime scene itself, and then i can bring in the background of the offender, and often times we don't have all the criminal behavior they were involved in and we would have to look at that criminal history, the former criminal history and say is this the complete picture? >> thank you for your insight. appreciate it. >> you are welcome. still to come in the "newsroom," growing concerns as isis claims another big victory
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other allergy symptoms. so you can breathe easier all day. zyrtec®-d. find it at the pharmacy counter. isis militants gobble up more territory and an international watchdog says the group now controls more than half of syria, and the gains capture the city of palmyra and the iraqi city of ramadi, and hours ago we learned isis fighters seized the crossing of syria into iraq. arwa is in baghdad for you. >> reporter: we that just at a
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bridge that is that the only safe main cross eupblg for people trying to flee that crossing in and around ramadi, and the bridge today was closed. on the other side of it we met hundreds of refugees stuck in the most horrific conditions with no shelter during a sizeable sand storm. it's the gust of sand that sticks to the back of your throat and gets back in your throat. stuck were babies and elderly, women and children. many of them were absolutely infuriated. they were desperate because they can't understand why it is after everything they have been through and after having survived isis taking over their cities and towns and the now the central government is not allowing them to cross over into baghdad. they say they need water, and
6:19 am
they are thirsty and water, and children don't have powdered milk and mothers nursing are unable to do so and we asked the soldiers why the gate was closed and they could not give us an answer. the iraqi government in the past has opened up this particular bridge yet only to individuals that have a sponsor in baghdad, but these are horrific conditions that the refugees are finding themselves in. >> why isn't the iraqi government helping these people? >> well this is what they say. they say because of the security situation, if you are going to cross from province to here you have to have a sponsor. for some reason today, this bridge was closed. we heard various murmurs that maybe it was due to the security
6:20 am
situation and some saying it was closing for a few hours and others said it was for a few days and that's the question so many refugees were asking. why is the government abandoning us once again. they are so infuriated and aggravated that one man went as far to say, if i die here i don't want to be buried in iraq because a country that treats me like this i cannot call it my own. >> the snowballing momentum of isis in the capture of two key cities stokes the concern over a u.s. strategy or lack of one. let's bring in a former counter counterterrorism official with the cia, and he is on the board of the national counterterrorism center. welcome, phillip >> good morning. >> this is from the king of jordan. listen.
6:21 am
>> i want people to understand this focus should not just be on syria or iraq, and we have the same problems with africa and asia and elsewhere, and so what we need to do is have this as holistic approach, and it is a fight that brings all countries and relynn religions together and they are altogether inside of this fight. it should be led by us because this is a problem inside our of our religion. >> who should ride to iraq's rescue then? >> one of the lessons you have encounter encounter insurgency operations if the home team overt course of years doesn't have the capability and will to carry the fight to the enemy, no amount of foreign support is going to help
6:22 am
them succeed. people talk about a lack of u.s. skwrat strategy and isis gains, and the king is right, do iraqis themselves with some support bring the fight to the enemy? the same holds true in places like northern nigeria, and that's a group of african countries, and somalia, that is a group of african countries with u.s. support. the local guys have to bring the fight home or they are going to fail. >> i am a little confused about what some lawmakers want. they say the obama strategy is not working and i think many people would agree with that. >> yep. >> should the united states take more of a lead? what do they want? >> there is two questions we have to separate out. one is syria where it appears the opposition is growing in momentum. we have been slow and either side of the i will you areaisle you
6:23 am
are on republican or democrat, we can't figure out how to support people in such disarray and the acceleration with the gains by isis is remarkable, and somebody has to ask the question what happens afterward. we were there with 150,000 plus in iraq, and we didn't succeed in training and equipping the iraqi military then, and there are people talking about making changes around the margins, and should we accelerate training? i think those are fair questions. should we have an independent avenue to arm the kurds in the north, for example, which would infuriate baghdad, but it's a good idea baghdad has not been effective here. at the core people are struggling because there is no answer to the central question. when is the iraqi government going to bring sunnis in and you just heard that report from arwa and it's the villagers
6:24 am
that have to defend against isis, and until they do this war will not be won regardless of how much support the americans give the iraqis. >> and the reason that the iraqi government won't help these refugees from ramadi is because they are sunnis and they are afraid the sunnis will somehow take over the government is that true? >> that's right. this is a pretty simple story. remember saddam hussein, we think of him as a dictator and put another lens on the story, and he was a sunni, and sunnis are a fast minority in iraq. and they felt oppressed over saddam, and so fast-forward in a democratic society when you own 60 to 65% of the population you win. the iraqi leadership and they are saying we don't like isis but if we start to arm sunni tribals, what do you think will happen? they might turn against us. there's a calculation that says with the support of the iranians
6:25 am
in baghdad, they say they want the regime to stay on top, and we are worried about giving too much power, weaponry or authority to the sunni tribes. new charges for six baltimore police officers now indicted in the death of freddie gray. we will talk about that next. new flonase allergy relief nasal spray. this changes everything. flonase is the 24 hour relief that outperforms a leading allergy pill. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over-producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance, flonase controls six. and 6 is greater than 1. so go ahead, inhale life, excite your senses, seize the day and the night. new flonase. 6 is greater than 1. this changes everything. [ female announcer ] when you're serious about fighting wrinkles,
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♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] he doesn't need your help. until he does. three cylinders, 50 horsepower. go bold. go powerful. go gator. in baltimore a grand jury now indicted six police officers
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in the death of freddie gray. they will be arraigned on july 2nd. they are facing a new charge in addition to the ones already filed against them. gray died one week after arrested and suffered a spinal company while being transported in a police van. a grand jury in baltimore has indicted the six officers and new charges have been filed against some of them. we will head to washington now, or baltimore, i think, and cnn national correspondent, suzanne malveaux, and suzanne is in washington. >> reporter: the attorneys for the gray family are satisfied and the family is relieved and the community of west baltimore finally feels the fears and frustrations with the police department is going to be heard through the case against the six police officers. the number of charges against all six remain the same but the most serious one, second degree depraved heart murder for the officer, caesar goodson.
6:29 am
what is interesting about this, carol, some of the lesser charges have been dropped. second degree saw salt, and false imprisonment for three officers were dropped and replaced with counts of reckless endangerment. the prosecution is less focussed on whether the police officers on their bikes who initially chased gray and tackled him, and it has much more to do with how gray was treated in the police van between stops and the fact that nobody gave him medical aid when he was clearly suffering. >> additional information has been discovered and is often the case during an on going investigation, charges can and should be revised based on the evidence, and we have been presenting evidence to a grand jury that today returned
6:30 am
indictments against all six officers. >> carol, what she said there was new information that came to light. she did not say what the evidence was, but it could have been the concealed knife the attorneys representing at least two of the police officers filed a motion to actually see that was found on gray when he was initially apprehended. there was a lot of debate over whether or not that knife was legal to carry understate or city law and was kind of knife it was, and it's possible the grand jury saw that knife and determined it was not possible for the officers too figure it out during the altercation with gray, and the problem is they failed to respond to gray's suffering, and that could be the focus of what the prosecution is saying now. >> help us to understand does this weaken mosby's case or strengthen it or what happened?
6:31 am
>> it's unclear whether it weakens or strengthens her case here, and the attorneys representing the police they still say they believe these officers are innocent until proven guilty and she has a weak case and the reason they say this is because they believe she is over charging that she has ulterior motives and should recuse herself because she has conflict and she becomes less relevant and it bolsters the case because she has the grand jury behind her and agreeing with the charges. and we should let you know there are other things happening in baltimore. everybody is paying attention to the case, and the bigger case for the residents, the justice department investigating whether the there is a pattern of practice with the baltimore
6:32 am
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two years after edward snowden blew the lid off the secret surveillance programs there could be a showdown today
6:36 am
in congress over key parts of the program. they are bumping up the june 1st deadline to extend the nsa's massive phone data records of millions of americans. dana bash is following this for us. good morning. >> every since the public learned about the post 9/11 program, secretly gathering phone records, and when the republican-led house passed an extension of the program this week there were major changes and reforms to programs and the problem is republicans who control the senate many of them think the reforms go too far and render it inadequate for the main mission, and these programs expire a little more than a week from now, and the house passed their bill yesterday and they left down for an entire week for all of memorial day recess which is through next week and
6:37 am
up until the actual deadline for the programs to expire which is june 1st and that's the day it comes back. >> i thought we were not going to deal with this when both houses are controlled. >> the deadlines that you and i have talked about for years sort of careening crisis to crisis have been about fiscal issues and government shutdowns and spending, and this is different, and i think a main reason is because there are very different opinions on whether or not these programs are necessary for national security and when you ask the administration they say absolutely. listen to what the attorney said on cbs. >> our ability to track the electronic communications of terrorists and to obtain the records of terrorists we will lose important eyes on people who have made it clear that
6:38 am
their mission is to harm american people here and abroad. >> carol, you have others in congress elsewhere, democrats and republicans, and we of course heard it most loudly from rand paul earlier in the week they just don't buy it. they think there are other ways to gather information, to keep americans safe without, from their point of view breaking the law, which is putting these programs in that are unconstitutional. there in lies the divide and that's why there is such -- we're down to the wire on this and you sort of hit the nail on the head, and this deadline has been out there for sometime and the question is why they waited until the last minute to find compromise. >> let's talk more about this with the senator from utah mike leigh. >> you are working on legislation to keep track of all the phone calls made in the
6:39 am
united states, and your bill is coming at a time when isis is recruiting in the united states and the senate has to vote on the bill, so why do this now? >> well why do this anytime? we need to do it now because it's consistent with things that are important to the american people with the understanding the american people have that our privacy and security don't have to be in conflict with each other. our privacy is part of our security. what we do in the usa freedom act which was passed with a bipartisan super majority in the house last week it would say instead of collecting everybody's phone records because they exist the nsa ought to be interested in collecting those phone numbers involved in a terrorism ring or some other bad activity that triggers the attention of the nsa. it's wrong for the nsa to go out and collect phone records on 300
6:40 am
many americans in america. >> you can't -- john mccain said this earlier. >> we may have been able to prevent 9/11 and the fact is that what senator paul did yesterday in all due respect is delay what we are going to do for 11 hours while he was on the floor of the senate. we have to come together and there may have to be changes, but to do away with the entire program that is being conducted by the nsa would put the security of this nation at risk. >> so i will ask you pointblank, are you putting american lives in danger by fighting these provisions? >> absolutely not. let me address both of those statements. senator mccain's statement first, and he is responding there that want to seat patriot
6:41 am
act expire altogether, and i am fought saying that and there is a middle ground and the usa freedom act accomplishes. the statement from christie i think mr. christie should be ashamed of himself saying we have to choose our right or a coffin, and if mr. christie wants to play a part regarding the private security he should choose his words more carefully. >> has this information collection saved lives. has it? >> i would ask him how many acts of terrorism has been thwarted because the nsa is collecting
6:42 am
data on what your grandma calls or receives? i think it's difficult to make the case this is necessary, and it's easy to make the case that this program of collecting everybody's calling data is incompatible at least with the spirit of the fourth amendment. i explained this at length in our book, and i explained this program in particular and why we need the usa prefreedom act. >> you think there is no evidence that this data collection saved lives or presented major acts of terrorism? >> what i am saying is that at a minimum, any security benefit that can be achieved through this program could be also achieved through the type of program that the usa freedom act would be put in place, and that's to say the nsa could go to the phone calls and say this number is up to no good and
6:43 am
it's involved in a terrorists ring and we need to collect information connected to this number and that would do so that is respectful of the american people. >> i appreciate it. thank you for joining me. >> thank you. still to come in the "newsroom," grenades and explosives? texas police are worried about a new threat from that biker gang. we'll talk about that next.
6:44 am
6:45 am
members of the banditos one of the biker gangs involved in the deadly brawl in waco are looking at retaliation for the
6:46 am
shoot-out. >> reporter: the texas department of public safety issued a warning saying certain bandito members have given the group explosives and grenades to be tallied against the police for the deadly shoot-out over the weekend. they target some of the locations, and houston, austin and el paso and it warns of plots possibly targeting high ranking law enforcement official officials with car bombs, and it mentions targeting the officials' family members. the bulletin is based on unsubstantiated information from an informant that claims to have gotten it from the banditos and another group called the black widows. officers are on high alert and say they are aware of the new
6:47 am
threat but have not said what they are going to be doing differently in light of the new one. carol? >> thank you. a man accused in a gruesome attack against a d.c. family will be in court at 1:00 p.m. eastern time today. police say daron wint's dna was found on a pizza, and my guest says wint is a nice guy, and he represented wint during six previous cases and joins me now over the phone from washington. good morning, sir. >> good morning. i might point out he was not found guilty in any of those cases. there has been a rush to judgment and a group grope, and he is presumed innocent. it's important to remember that. >> are you going to represent mr. wint in his initial appearance in court today?
6:48 am
>> i have not been retained in the case. i know his family is financially challenged. as far as i know the public >> a lot of people are saying really he's a nice guy? the same guy that you're talking about, his father his own father had to get a restraining order against him because he feared violence from his son. >> he's had a problem with his father. i've got three kids that have all had a problem with me at some point. they didn't seek a restraining order but we've had discussions. you don't want a wuss for a child who doesn't argue with you. you want someone whoto think on their own. there may have been disagreements but his family loved him. >> most people do not threaten their father with violence to the point the father has to go to police and get a restraining order. >> i agree. i agree with that.
6:49 am
also in custody matters everyone knows that these restraining orders are used as a weapon in custody battles and that may have been involved in this. >> i don't think it was somehow. in 2009 this man was convicted of assault by the way. he was convicted of a violent act. >> i have an office down the street from a major university in the state of maryland and i have represented hundreds of young men that have got into a tussle at some point or another. that doesn't mean they are bad people. that doesn't mean they killed four people. keep in mind the pizza was delivered outside the house. the dna on the pizza crust was found -- if it really was his dna -- found in a dumpster outside the house. there's no dna on any victim. there's no dna inside the house. the money was not found in his car.
6:50 am
there were no weapons on him or anyone else arrested even though the police said he was armed and dangerous. >> let me challenge you on those things. first of all, we don't know what police got out of that house because they're not releasing any information. for all i know his fingerprints are all over the house. we just don't know that yet, sir. for another reason if you're an innocent man why didn't he turn himself over to police? >> why would they release information about dna on a pizza crust and not dna in the house where the crime occurred? >> i guess my final question to you is why didn't he just turn himself over to police if he's completely innocent of this crime? >> i think he's presumed innocent and everyone should believe that because you never know when your listeners might be charged and they want a presumption of innocence. >> thank you for being with me. i appreciate it.
6:51 am
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don't just visit new york. visit tripadvisor new york. tripadvisor not only has millions of real traveler's reviews and opinions, but checks hundreds of websites, so people can get the best hotel prices. to plan, compare & book the perfect trip, visit today. >> a scandal for one of tv's most conservative reality tv shows. as a teenager he was investigated for molesting girls. forceable fondling and sexual assault were the charges. he calls his actions inexcusable today. the duggars are well known for
6:55 am
being devout christians and no kissing or hand holding before marriage. a staunch republican josh has recently hit the campaign trail. here he is seenalongside rick santorum and ted cruz. he even spoke at the high profile conservative conference back in february. tmz canned honey boo-boo after finding out mama june was dating a child molester. brian stelter is following this controversy for us. good morning. >> good morning. >> tell us more. >> you mentioned mama june and that reality show. he's actually come out to say this is not fair. she says there's a different treatment happening for the duggars in this case. what's interesting to me is that tlc is just totally ignoring this story publicly and not commenting at all and not answering our questions about what will happen to the show "19 kids and counting" which is one of the most valuable franchises. lots of tv shows have been
6:56 am
embroiled in controversy before. not like this but other big controversy inies in the past. the network continues to show the program and in some cases incorporate the story or drama into the reality show. last night they ran a marathon of these episodes and that got people angry online. people saying it was inappropriate to be showing a marathon of all of these episodes when this was becoming a big story. at the heart of this a number of families that were affected by this person's behavior a number of years ago. we haven't really heard from the victims in this case yet. >> i guess one of the differences between the honey boo boo saga and this is josh dugger came out and admitted this happened and that it was wrong and he underwent counseling. will that matter? >> it very well may matter. the show may address this in future episodes. tlc depends on shows like these, depends on reality franchises
6:57 am
like this and believes that the cast members are really well known to the viewers at home and viewers at home want to see cast members when they have to go through family crisis and things like that. we saw josh dugger leave a conservative group in washington known for social conservative stances and a lot of people online are calling this man a hypocrite for his positions against gay marriage for example, and yet keeping this part of his life a secret and not sharing what had happened in his past. there's a lot of commentary online that will continue in the days to come even as tlc and the family decline to comment beyond the family's apology yesterday. >> all right. i'm sure you'll keep an eye on it. brian stelter reporting live from washington this morning. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts now. good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining
6:58 am
me. we begin in the nation's capital where a suspected killer linked to the horrific slaying of a prominent d.c. family is behind bars. a massive manhunt ending where it began. overnight police arrested 34-year-old daron wint along with five suspected accomplices. wint is accused of torturing and killing a husband and wife their 10-year-old son and the family's housekeeper. authorities were able to track him down in new york but when they got to new york he was already on the run. it was back in washington where that crime was committed that police closed in on the suspect. >> we also called the prince george's county maryland police department and they had a helicopter in the air in five minutes. once we reached the location in d.c. where we felt we could take him down we did a vehicle pin maneuver on both vehicles and were able
6:59 am
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