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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  May 22, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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mostly by double taps. it's why syria is one of the most dangerous places in the world and why being a white helmet may be the most dangerous job in the world. >> sanjay gupta reporting. thanks so much for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour" starts now. out for blood. bikers declaring war on police after the shootout in waco. gang members across texas supplied with bombs and grenades. we'll tell you how police are preparing. dramatic takedown. a multistate pursuit ends with the capture of the suspect in the d.c. murders. are there others out there and on the run? a new isis advance. terrorists getting closer and closer to baghdad overrunning key towns but president obama says the u.s. is not losing. the u.s. strategy at a crossroads.
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>> hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. >> i'm john berman. the suspect believed to have killed a washington, d.c. businessman, his wife, his son, their housekeeper and then burned the house down, the suspect in court this afternoon. the search spanned two states with 20 task force vehicles and a helicopter before daron wint was arrested along with five ear others. >> he was caught when he returned to d.c. they call this whole thing a great takedown. let's bring in tom foreman in washington for us. what more are we learning about this great takedown according to marshals? >> reporter: it really went very much like the book for police here. they got off to this guy. they were sort of one step behind him up to new york, back down here. they say as they approached this hotel in northeast d.c. where
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they thought he was, they realized that he was already outside with some other people in vehicles preparing to move down the road. they shadowed him down the road according to police. a peculiar u-turn of the two vehicles which made them think they were together and they boxed them in and made the arrest and no shots fired, no trouble in that regard. it really was very much by the book by police and a great relief to the neighborhood around here where people have been on edge and talking about this for days since it happened. >> any word about the others involved? the others arrested alongside him and possibility there may be more people out there? >> reporter: well, we don't really know much about these other people arrested alongside him. the big question is were they simply with him now or were any of them involved here at the home where he's suspected to have been involved in these murders. that's the real big question. was somebody else involved? there were two vehicles here.
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four people in the vehicle where wint was and two people in a truck that was with it. obviously people will have to establish there's a connection between all six of these people and then figure out what that connection might be. so we don't know much about those folks right now although they were men and women and the police are trying to figure out more about them. >> a lot of attention on them right now. tom, thank you very much. great to see you as always. in just a few minutes we'll hear from the lawyer, a lawyer who once defended this suspect and he says that the pizza dna case against him that really is what helped investigators i.d. him, he says that case is weak. we'll discuss. >> he's lashing out at the media right now. also new this morning, flat out shocking threats against police in texas. members of biker gangs called on to hit cops with grenades, molotov cocktails and run them over at traffic stops and target their families and there are fears that bikers in the military might be supplying the
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arsenal. >> amazing. this bulletin not only startling because of the nature of the threats but also the detail it goes into that law enforcement officials have in texas and how much they know about this threat. let's get over to evan perez. you uncovered a lot of details from this bulletin. how serious are they taking this? >> they're taking it very, very seriously kate. this is the law enforcement bulletin sent out by the texas department of public safety. it has to do with the aftereffects of this shootout that occurred at the twin peaks restaurant there in waco last weekend. according to this bulletin that was issued to law enforcement, the bandidos gang and another one called the black widows motorcycle gang are all out for blood. according to information they received, intelligence they received from an informant, these gangs are now putting a hit out on law enforcement for
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them shooting and killing their brothers last weekend. information that we received indicate that four of the nine deaths were caused by gunshots from police. that's something now that's on the mind of law enforcement. this is a weekend that we're about to launch into the memorial day weekend that's a big gathering time for motorcycle clubs and there's some specific cities mentioned in this law enforcement bulletin including some of texas's largest cities including austin, el paso, dallas, and corpus christi. so law enforcement is definitely on edge taking it very seriously. they haven't corroborated this information from this informant but it's something they are taking very, very seriously. >> absolutely. evan perez, thank you so much for your great reporting. let's continue this. let's talk about this with william smith. the attorney for one of the men that is now behind bars facing charges in this shootout we talked so much about in waco. mr. smith also provides legal
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advice to several biker groups in texas. thanks for joining us so much. i want to get to that really startling bulletin that evan perez was laying out in just a second. first, to your client and what happened in waco. what does your client say went down? >> well, he was in the parking lot and the meeting hadn't started. he heard a gunshot, fell to the ground and then the melee grobr out. he was just there to attend the meeting. >> no involvement according to your client. let me ask you about this bulletin that just went out. law enforcement in texas concerned they're now the targets and they could be called on to be hit by molotov cocktails, grenades, families targeted as well. you had a lot of contact with these biker gangs over the years. do you think police have reason to be worried today? >> i can understand their concern. i'm highly skeptical.
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your previous reporter said that they had not corroborated much of the information. i'm highly skeptical that these groups would mount an attack on law enforcement. >> are they capable of this? >> no. having dealt with them for years, i don't think they're capable of that. >> they're capable of shooting each other. nine people just died at a huge shootout with some 300 plus weapons recovered last weekend. if they're capable of that, why wouldn't they be capable of targeting police officers? >> we don't know who shot the motorcycle enthusiasts that were there. all we know is that nine are dead and 18 injured is a horrific tragedy. someone fired a shot. we don't know who fired the first shot. shots were fired. as i understand it, it will take months for the police to finish a report outlining the series of
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events. >> i've read that you have been to meetings like this in the past. you were not at this meeting of course. we should point out. in all of the time, 18 years you said that you've been involved with working with these biker groups, you've never seen any violence at these types of meetings, these gatherings. what do you suspect -- what are you hearing now went so wrong here? >> well, we don't know. i've been going to meetings across texas for almost 18 years. we've never had a physical altercation. we've never had a verbal confrontation at any of these meetings. we start meetings with the prayer, the pledge of allegiance and the chairman always says any issues between individual members or clubs, this is not the place. take it elsewhere. so i can't explain it. i don't know if anyone can truly explain it. >> but this didn't seem to happen in a vacuum, sir. i mean, police had been concerned about this meeting.
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so concerned that they were on hand for it. there was a notion that something could go wrong, correct? >> that's what they say. however, they never reached out to the texas confederation of clubs and independents who scheduled this meeting. this was a regular scheduled meeting. we meet every two months. this was the venue that they chose. they had reserved the patio. if they had suspected such violence, why didn't they reach out to the group that was holding the meeting and let us know that so we could change venue or make other arrangements. we never heard from them. >> mr. smith, it sounds to me as we've been talking to you that you're really skeptical of not only the police's account but of the police and how they've acted here. do you not believe them? >> i'm skeptical. >> what gives you reason to be skeptical? >> well, for example, the affidavits they filed in this
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case contradict the initial reports. there's a lot of unanswered questions so at this point we just have to wait and see until all of the evidence is gathered and the reports are prepared. >> what's next for your client? he's one of 170 people now behind bars. >> 177, yes. well, we'll begin the legal process and see if we can't get him out on bail and/or have charges dismissed. >> all right. william smith, we appreciate your time giving us the point of view from the side of the bikers who were gathered that day. really appreciate it, sir. >> thank you for having me. >> ten minutes after the hour right now. a classic friday before memorial day news dump. the state department is set to release some of hillary clinton's e-mails. the one from her personal account. any bombshells? you're about to find out. isis takeover and american
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any minute now the state department is set to release the first batch of e-mails from hillary clinton's private e-mail account. clinton turned over some 55,000 e-mails to the department for review following a flood of criticism that she exclusively used her private e-mail account to do government business during her time as the nation's top diplomat. >> the e-mails capture concerns expressed by the former secretary of state to advisers
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following attacks in benghazi and libya which claimed the lives of our people including the american ambassador. joining us now, chris, waiting for the official release on this friday before memorial day. let's not get that go unnoticed. >> you are right. we're learning news they will in fact be released today until just a few moments ago we knew that they would do it soon. we're now learning they're going to come today. as you point out, not a surprise here. friday before a long holiday weekend. you guys both worked in d.c. you know there is tradition of dumping big news on a friday. in these e-mails we're not expecting any bombshells. this is the first batch of e-mails we're getting from clinton so that gives us our first peek behind the curtain at how clinton ran her state department. and most of the e-mails we're told are short. they are logistical. she doesn't give inside thoughts
8:16 am
on policies or how to proceed on issues. it's also important to note this is the first batch of e-mails and it will contain libya and benghazi e-mails. and they will show that clinton and her inner circle closely followed the fallout from the attacks on the u.s. diplomatic mission in libya and benghazi and they were concerned about how that would impact the state department and clinton's own image. the e-mails that are coming out today. only about 300 of the 30,000 she's turned over to the state department. as you guys remember, these e-mails became an issue after it was revealed that clinton did business on a personal server. that was important because it gave her total control over her e-mails and republicans have cr criticized she was the one alone that decided wasn't what public record and there's no way to double-check her decision. this e-mail we're getting today is just a small look in
8:17 am
particular at benghazi at libya. 300 e-mails of the 30,000 e-mails so this e-mail story is far from over. we're going to have many more e-mails being released over the coming months. today is important. we're getting our first look at how she ran the state department. >> the first part of this very large amount of e-mails, clinton and her advisers picked these e-mails to give over to the state department that the state department is now reviewing. >> and picking to give over. important all of this context very important. and also important for chris frates to stand by to bring us those e-mails when they come out. reality check for you right now. isis is now reportedly controlling some 50% of syrian territory. it is also taking over more key cities in iraq. so is the u.s. now losing this war? we'll speak live with one lawmaker who recently said the u.s. strategy is working. police across texas right
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all right. this morning isis is advancing in the direction of baghdad. this of course is after taking it ramadi. it's now pushing east and has captured a little town on the way to a major military base. >> all of this as president obama in a new interview says the terror group is not winning in iraq and syria.
8:22 am
his exact words were i don't think we are losing. congressman, it's great to see you. thank you so much for taking the time. you, yourself, you have president obama saying you don't think we're losing. you, yourself, have stronger words as recent as march. listen to this. >> this strategy is making a real difference. isis is losing ground. much of its top leadership is being taken out. thanks to training iraqi security forces are improving so they can better deal with the isis threat. >> a lot has happened since march. do you still believe that, that the strategy is working? >> well, it's not working 100% and it's not not working 100%. this is a long, tough battle. isis is resilient. they are on the move. and i'm not happy with what i see. i think we're doing the best we
8:23 am
can. i don't think that the american public or anybody wants us to get bogged down in another long war like we had in iraq and afghanistan and so i think that the policy of air strikes and trying to train and equip free syria army, well vetted rebels, is something that we should move toward. i was in favor three years ago -- i put in a bill of aiding and equipping the free syria army. i think we made a mistake by not doing it three years ago. when the free syria army withered on the vine because we didn't help them, isis moved into the opening. and we have a very, very difficult situation. you have assad who is murderer of hundreds of thousands of his own people and civilians and you have isis. you have two forces that are just terrible and then you've
8:24 am
got the fledging force of the free syrian army and we have to figure out a way to build them up so they can ultimately win. it's not going to be easy. >> it's not going well. ramadi in iraq just fell to isis. iraqi forces which in march you said you were depending on and were getting better fell to isis and crumbled away from ramadi. my question is, if this isn't losing, what is losing? >> well, look, i don't think we should get involved in semantical discussion of winning or losing. we have to do the best we can with what we have. we don't have many cards left. we made a mistake -- >> what card do we have? what's a card we have now? >> first of all, we have to work with other states in the region. other arab states in the region, which we're trying to do. we're trying to identify and vet rebels that can work with us
8:25 am
from the free syria army or other groups. they are already fighting and having some success. not great success. some success in the south and in the north of syria. and we've got to keep doing that. the alternative of course is getting america sucked in to another ground war. >> is that the only alternative though? i understand you don't want to do that. many americans don't want to get suck eed into another war. is there something in between there? john mccain as recently as this morning said -- i know you and he have very different views on foreign policy, but he and many others are now pushing saying they want some 10,000 troops on the ground not necessarily it being the 82nd airborne but something in terms of to help with more training and to help with intelligence and to help target those air strikes more correctly and more directly. is it time to offer that
8:26 am
assessment? >> well, look, i have a lot of respect for john mccain. he knows this backwards and forward and we often agree on a lot of things. we have to be very careful before we send troops on the ground in any large capacity because quicker than you can blink an eye, we can get sucked into another ground war. we don't want to do that. truth of the matter is that we have to have help from other countries. it can't be the united states doing it alone and getting involved in another ground war. i am in favor of the united states involvement. i think the united states -- we have to stop isis at any cost. they're on the move. no doubt about it. but there are things that we can do. i think we're trying to kind of thread the needle and find that point. it's not easy. you mention ped palmyra.
8:27 am
artifacts date back to b.c. isis marches in and destroys all kinds of cultural relics of cultures that preceded islam and we're afraid they're going to do that. >> they are also killing people. >> yes. of course. but it's not an either/or situation. we have to care about people but there are other things we have to care about as well. isis is an unlawful organization. they are killers. they are brutal. we have to stop them. it's easier said than done. >> congressman, i know you don't want a lot of troops there. there are 3,000 on the ground in iraq. the former defense secretary robert gates suggested at least changing rules of engagement and letting 3,000 troops there already do more. would you at least support that? >> i would support that. and i'm not for no troops on the
8:28 am
ground. i think we have to have some forces to help with the air strikes and with other things we're doing. i think we need to be very, very careful before we're sucked into another war. i'm not saying that they should never be troops on the ground. we need special forces -- >> are you open to the proposition with john mccain and lindsey graham putting forth 10,000 troops if they have specific kind of mission of training and intelligence? >> i'm not opposed to that. i just think we have to be very, very careful. 10,000 could rapidly become 20,000 and then 50,000 and then 100,000. we have to be very careful. john mccain and lindsey graham, i have a lot of respect for both of them. they know the situation. i have discussed this with them. we have a responsibility. we can't walk away. we have to be the center of it because we have the know-how. i agree with that. i just think we have to be very, very careful not to get sucked into another land war with tens
8:29 am
of thousands of troops in a situation where we can't get out. >> congressman, thank you so much for being with us. please enjoy your weekend. i know you'll be remembering the troops like so many of us. tensions are so high right now in texas. there's a new warning that biker bangs are out for blood and they are armed apparently with bombs and grenades. hear who was funneling the weapons and just how police are now preparing. the lawyer who once defended the man now a suspect in the d.c. mansion murders insists that this guy is a good person. he also says that the dna evidence linking him to a pizza crust is bogus. we'll hear from that attorney next. this memorial day weekend only t-mobile has the samsung galaxy s6 edge with double the memory for free. that's right. pay for 32 gigs, and get 64 when you get samsung's hottest new phone. yep, that's twice the gigs. and zero down.
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8:34 am
seriously do you take this. this reads like a declaration of war here. >> they have to take this very seriously. this is the equivalent of domestic terrorism. everyone is worried about isis but we have more americans killing more americans than isis could ever do. that's a sad state of affairs that we're currently in in this country. police across the nation have to take this seriously because there are biker gangs and biker clubs across the nation. not to disparage all biker clubs, i know people in biker clubs. there's a biker club of police officers current, active and former police officers called the blue knights. there are a lot of different biker clubs and the overwhelming majority of them are nonviolent people. they get together and have common bond about being motorcyclists and that's their thing. these guys here are part of a gang and there's a gang war and that gang war will continue at some point probably after all
8:35 am
the dust has settled and everything has calmed down there. i don't see a boss of a motorcycle gang allowing their members to go after police officers. i would be surprised about that. you may have rogue members of those groups that will be off their rocker and do it. >> when you read this bulletin, i was surprised not only just the fact that they're going to go after police but the amount of detail that's provided in this bulletin to officers. c-4 explosives. grenades. car bombs. molotov cocktails and target not only texas troopers but also their families. from your knowledge of the gang element of biker groups, are they capable of that? >> i wouldn't put it past them to have those types of weapons. we saw in this case down in texas they recovered hundreds of weapons. a cache of weapons spinning all kinds of people's heads around. i'm a second amendment guy. i believe we have a right to
8:36 am
bear arms. i don't think i would have a need for an ak-47 or hand grenades. they have the ability to get their hands on these weapons so that's not out of the realm of reality. so something officials have to be aware of they could be armed to the teeth and they'll confront them in an appropriate way. >> officers are investigating this situation at the same time they've been now targeted at least according to their own documents right now. what do you do when you're working on an investigation like that and you hear that these gangs may be trying to hit your family? >> well, the problem with a lot of police departments in texas is they don't have the manpower to supply each officer with an armed guard at their house, right? the threat is levied toward chiefs and what not of these respective police departments. i have friends in austin and houston so i'm very concerned myself about that. so certainly i would imagine
8:37 am
there is extra protection. they are calling in additional resources on a state and federal level having to deal with this. and so they will be on guard for quite a while. one thing we talked about is that biker gangs were concerned about their reputation and branded as outlaws. this isn't really helping their cause. if they want to kind of untarnish their reputation, they may want to stay away from going after the police. >> still going to be a tense weekend regardless in light of this bulletin. tom, thank you very much. >> god bless our troops. thank you for your service. >> thank you for saying that. still ahead for us, a tragic story. it tears me up to talk about it. a police officer shot to death just hours before she was going on maternity leave. you'll hear from someone who knew her very well. you don't want to miss this conversation. i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c.
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we have a heart wrenching story from nebraska. an omaha police officer was killed in the line of duty just hours before she was set to start maternity leave. kerrie orozco was part of a unit looking to arrest a man. there was shootout and officer orozco was shot and killed. >> she gave birth in february and was born prematurely and was set to go home this week. joining us on the phone is detective ken fox who worked with officer orozco on the same gang unit. thank you for coming on the phone. i don't think we can begin to
8:42 am
express our sympathies to you, the department, and kerrie's family. can you tell us a little bit about her. >> yes, i can. it's really easy to talk about committ kerrie. she was an angel. she was all about the betterment of this community in any way, shape or form and it didn't stop at just working on the job. didn't stop at 5:00 when she got off of work. she continued to touch at-risk youth and just her ability to create and make relationships with anybody, any walk of life, is just amazing. something that you can't teach. something that you can't learn. you have to be anointed by god to be able to do those things and have the desire and want to do those things. she was amazing. no color or race boundaries with her. didn't matter who you were. she cared about you and i mean she just is awesome.
8:43 am
one of the last things she did before she gave the ultimate sacrifice with her life for this community was she donated hours before she was taken from us, she donated to an organization called black police officers association of omaha. she found time during her shift to donate money to an organization that she's already belonged to. she's one of our most hardest workers and volunteers and she pays her dues already but she still found time to open her wallet to give an additional donation to an organization and cause that she believed in hours before she was taken from us. >> she gave so much. she did so much. just remarkable helping kids after work translating to bridge gaps between communities. i wonder if you can talk to me about her daughter. we know that after her child was born prematurely, she went back
8:44 am
to work because she wanted to spend more time with the baby when the baby finally got out of the nicu. that's happening this week. talk to me about her feelings for her child. >> she was so proud of olivia. i mean, it was a really scary event to have her child that early. and i remember after she had her child, i want to say about a week later she was at work and me and her worked together on a robbery task force unit together briefly and i asked her, i said, kerrie, what are you doing here? she's so smart. i didn't get it. she's in the nicu being taken care of. i want to save my maternity leave so i can have as much time with measuher as possible when gets home.
8:45 am
just hearing the ability to her to not have so much emotion to think about the future and understand that she's going to have to be there for her child when that child gets out of the hospital was just amazing to me. i went home and told my wife that. my wife was just amazed. that's the smartest thing i ever heard. she couldn't believe a mom was able to think that clearly about the situation. i mean, she loved her daughter d dearly. she loved her husband, hector, dearly. you talk about here being a spanish speaker. i remember when she learned spanish. i remember when walking by her desk and she was going over it and i remember those things. that's how driven she was. this is not something she just picked up when she was growing up. she set her mind to learn spanish and she purchased a program to learn spanish and she learned it and became a spanish speaker on our department. that's how driven that lady was.
8:46 am
it's devastating to know what she had waiting for her an hour before she was taken from us. one hour before she was taken from us. >> it seems too cruel to even be true. as any parent, as a new mother and any parent will say -- >> that's an awful thing. >> it's an awful thing. she gave so much. she cared for so many people and detective ken fox, i think her family now is lucky they have people like you to care for people left behind. they'll need that love and help. >> her funeral is set for tuesday. >> ken fox, thanks so much for being with us. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back. introducing new downy fresh protect,
8:47 am
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it is memorial day weekend which, of course, is a time to honor the men and women who have fallen serving this country. >> for the 26th year that's the purpose of the national memorial day concert. it's going to be airing sunday night on pbs from the west lawn of the capitol. the iconic event benefits living disabled vets as well as gold star kids, support group for children of fallen soldiers. joining us from washington, is the concert co-host and tony award winner joe montana and
8:51 am
stephanie, whose husband was killed in iraq in 2005, the mother of two gold star children. great to see both of you. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> of course, so stephanie, why is it so important for you to have your kids have your -- now they're grown kids, have your kids be part of this concert? >> basically to put out there what a gold star child is and to highlight them and understand what they've sacrificed as a child or children of a fallen soldier. >> and joe, it's a spectacular, wonderful event every year. you just can't seem to get enough of it. you've been the host, what, ten years, you've been involved since 2002. what keeps bringing you back? >> well, i tell you, when i first did the concert 13 years ago, not really knowing what to expect, my dear friend charles got me involved and when i
8:52 am
finished walking off that stage 13 years ago, it was -- it's hard to describe the emotions that were going through mes because it -- that whole concert brought into focus for me how important memorial day is. how this holiday among all others was most important because it's the holiday that allows us to celebrate all the other holidays due to the sacrifices men and women and families like stephanie has made during the countless years this country has been in existence. that's what keeps bringing me back. i get more from this concert than i could possibly give because it's just a constant reminder how lucky i am to have been born and been able to live in this great country. >> absolutely. you talk about -- you both talk about the sacrifice and what our country's troops and soldiers and families, what they stand for and what they sacrifice. it kind of dawned on really both of us today as we were heading into the memorial day weekend,
8:53 am
coming to speak to you, and stephanie, it's almost ten years now since you've lost your husband in iraq. and we also spent a large part of our show today talking about iraq and the problems there still. how do you feel personally when you see the news that places, some of the places that the united states has fought to sustain and fought for in iraq, when you see those places now falling? >> it's hard to watch. you know, something that these soldiers have fought for, fought to make better and like my husband fallen for, you know, there are no words to describe it. i don't want to feel like his death was for nothing, but i know as a country, you know, we're going to stick together and we're going to keep fighting and we're going to still try and make things better over there. >> i can tell you, it's not for
8:54 am
nothing. it's never for nothing. he was doing his job, doing his duty, serving his country and i know he was doing it proudly and you can be so proud of him. stephanie and joe, thank you so much for being with us. thank you for doing this concert again every year, joe. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back. ♪
8:55 am
8:56 am
the 88th southern parallel.
8:57 am
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three decades marilyn price has been using moup tain biking to bring nature to city kids used to living in a world of concrete. >> it's all an effort for this cnn hero to help those kids sees the potential in themselves. >> a lot of kids have never really left the city. to them, everything is concrete. is everybody excited? i decided to take kids who never had my kind of experience on these mountain bike rides. okay. . you guys, let's hit the road. >> i wasn't trying at school. i was getting straight fs. i got expelled.
8:59 am
you go on bike rides i kind of feel like it clears my mind. >> looking good. >> i've been doing this almost 30 years you bring them where there are no buildings. it is like wow. i didn't know that this exists. >> and we have our earn a bike program where kids in the community come after school. weight wrong with it? >> chain. >> the chain is loose? >> yes. >> they learn how to work on bikes and earn points towards bikes of their own. >> that looks great. they learn good job skills. this bike is getting quite an overhaul. >> now i have as and bs. they're like my guide to a better life. >> to nominate a hero and a lot of them out there, please go to to give them recognition. >> yeah. subject heros have a wonderful memorial day weekend. >> thank you all for your service, all of our men and
9:00 am
women and their families. thank you all for your service and thank you for joining us "at this hour". >> "legal view with ashleigh banfield" starts right now. hello, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield. welcome to this friday edition of "legal view." i cannot say it better than the commander of the capitol regional area task force did, quote great takedown, end quote. taken down, locked away and on the docket for an afternoon hearing today in a washington, d.c., courtroom. the person behind all of this, daron dylon wint the prime suspect in the murder of a business man, the man's wife, that couple's 10-year-old son and the family housekeeper which happened a week ago yesterday. less than 12 hours after the d.c. police announced that wint was


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