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tv   The Situation Room  CNN  May 22, 2015 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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this memorial day weekend as you are enjoying spending time with your family take a moment if you would, to reflect on those men and women who gave everything so that we could have the freedoms we so enjoy. that's it for "the lead." i'm jake tapper turning you over to wolf blitzer in "the situation room." happening now -- mansion murder after an overnight arrest of the suspect in the killing of a prominent washington family charged with murder and makes his first court appearance. as gruesome new detail ease merge about the crime, prosecutors say others were involved. terror expansion. isis on the move. grinding out new battlefield victories in syria and iraq. as the terrorist move closer to baghdad, will they try to take the iraqi capital? and rocking out. while north korea's dictator cracks down on rivals at home his older brother is spotted singing along in an eric clapton concert in london.
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i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." following two breaking stories now. prosecutors just now revealing shocking new details about the brute's murders of four people whose bodies were discovered in inside a burning mansion right here in washington. the murder suspect, daron wint was arrested last night and made his first court appearance this afternoon. in newly unsealed court papers police say he had help from others and they accused at least one important witness of lying. also breaking now -- we have new evidence of isis on the move. reports say its fighters have taken control of another iraqi town and are getting closer to the capital of baghdad. isis also taking credit for a pair of deadly bombings today at mosques in yepmen and inside the home of a vital u.s. ally saudi arabia. our correspondents analysts and guests are standing by with the latest on all the breaking news. we begin with a surprising new
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revelations in these washington mansion murders. our justice correspondent pamela brown has been going through the court documents. pamela authorities think daron wint the man arrested overnight, may have had significant help? >> reporter: absolutely right. the court documents we've been looking at suggest that wint who was arrested overnight in a massive police takedown could not have acted alone allegedly kidnapping and holding the savopoulos family and their housekeeper hostage 17 hours before brutally stabbing them and setting their house on fire. others were involved in the elaborate shakedown of the family one involving asking the family's assistant to go to a nearby bank withdraws 40ds,000 in cash and deliver to the cash. key language out of the affidavit we've been looking at saying believes all four victims held captive by mr. wint and others until the $40,000 was delivered to the residence. we know at this point wint is
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the only one who has been arrested. no charges filed against anyone else at this stage. >> what about what happened inside the house? >> reporter: up in grisly horrifying details, wolf. we have learned that the adults the three adults were in one bedroom on the second floor of the house and the little boy, 10-year-old boy philip in his bedroom where the fire started. we can see it here in the video. matches and be gasoline found in the house, wolf. the little boy according to court documents was stabbed and burned. the other adults were brutally beaten. it shows. also in the court documents, wolf it says that the housekeeper may have been alive, by the time the firefighters got there and then she died at the hospital. really disturbing stuff here and it talks about the pizza ordered to the house. mrs. savopoulos apparently ordered the pizza over the phone, paid by credit card and told the delivery driver to leave it on the front porch because she had a sick child.
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>> the people in the car when captured what do we know about the other people? >> reporter: we just learned from the police chief, cathy lanier one was a brother and possibly a cousin. relatives were with him at the time. the five people are no longer in police custody, we should note. having faced charges or anything like that. this is still an active investigation and the big question why are these five people with a wanted fugitive on the run? >> good question, pamela. thanks. more from cnn correspondent tom foreman at the courthouse where the murder suspect daron wint made his first court appearance before the judge a little while ago. what did we learn there, tom? >> reporter: wolf it was a really astonishing day, to start at the crime scene as i did today, where you knew these hoar risk crimes occurred and to be where i was 157 feet a15 feet away from the man charged. 5'7" 155 pounds.
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not that big. kept his head down much of the time. his lawyer walked over to him, tried to calm him down, it seemed though he showed no signs of agitation. he said two words the whole time we were there. just his name. that was it. despite the fact that his defense attorneys tried over and over to say all of this stuff, all the material in here is circle. really doesn't pin it on him and even the prosecution says a lot of other people could be involved, despite all of that the judge says yeah but it's a lot of circle evidence and i think this man cannot go free even if other people get picked up later on. even if some of the evidence pointing to him isn't quite right, they've got to keep him in custody. that's what it felt like in court, wolf and it was really interesting at the house and here today to be that close to the crime scene and the man suspected of it. >> reporter: we'll see if there are more arrests coming down. he's the only one now.
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more on the story later. tom, thanks. another story is breaking now. isis. seizing an iraqi town east of ramadi meeving closer and closer to an important military base. what's next? maybe some fear baghdad. in syria, the terror group is consolidating its hold on an ancient city and gaining more ground and isis is claiming for bloody mosque bombings in saudi arabia and yemen. under withinering criticism from lawmakers, president obama says he doesn't think the united states and its allies are losing this war against isis, but his administration is stepping up its foreign policy damage control. go to our senior white house correspondent jim acosta with more. what's the latest there, jim? >> reporter: wolf a big gamble for the president as he may be forced to rely on iranian-backed shia militias to take the fight to isis in iraq president obama tried to reassure jewish-americans today he could keep iran's nuclear program contained. the president is on that
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tightrope as the second guessing in washington is growing louder every day. it's another alarming isis conquest. the city of joseba outside ramadi where isis forces may have sites set on a key military base on the road to baghdad. more ammunition for criticing of the president's strategy. >> it's mind-boggling that the president could keep saying and his spokesperson and others in the administration could keep saying what they're saying. >> reporter: gop senators john mccain and linltdsdsey graham proposing an additional 10,000 troops for the fight against isis mainly to gather intelligence and train iraqi security forces. an idea that makes democrats nervous. >> we need to be very very careful before we start sending troops on the ground. >> reporter: earlier this year the president claimed success against isis. >> american leadership including our military power is stopping isil's advance. >> reporter: now the would us is
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leaving the door open just a crack to more u.s. forces. though aides insist not in a combat role. >> are you saying under no circumstances will that ever be considered? >> the president has clearly ruled out the use of u.s. military personnel in a ground combat role in iraq. >> reporter: the president is doing foreign policy damage control on multiple fronts. >> my commitment to israel's security is and always will be unshakable. >> reporter: at a synagogue in washington he vowed to jewish-americans that his nuclear deal with iran will keep the bomb out of tehran. >> i will not accept a bad deal. this deal will have my name on it. so nobody has a bigger personal stake in making sure that it delivers on its promise. >> reporter: but analysts note this is the same iran that's backing shia militias in iraq
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that will do battle with isis now with the blessing of the white house. >> it's a policy fraught with contradictions and anomalies, but the reality is iran is being empowered. >> reporter: just this afternoon the president signed into law the bill that will give congress the ability to block a potential nuclear deal with iran. another piece of the president's foreign policy that is hanging in the balance tonight. wolf? >> jim acosta, thanks very much. digging deeper senator of utah and senator thanks very much for joining us. isis seems to be on the move not only in syria but in iraq. they're now in control of ramadi. this major city in the anbar province seem top have control of the baiji oil refinery in iraq and syria, you know now in control of an half 50% of country. the question -- is the u.s. losing this war with isis? >> i certainly hope not and hope to see leadership from the president as commander in chief he's got the power to come up
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with a plan. a plan he should deliver to congress how he'll resist the threat of isis. >> is the u.s. based on everything you've heard, is baghdad itself the capital of iraq, in trouble? >> i think there is a potential it could be. and if we ever get to that point, that's definitely cause for concern, but they're close enough now we are understandably very justifiably concerned. >> several of your colleagues republican senators john mccain, lindsey graham among others think the u.s. should deploy combat troops. there are about 3,000 u.s. troops in iraq right now but both saying that number should go up to about 10,000. do doey-of-you doey-of-you -- do you agree? >> i'm waiting for the commander in chief, if he think that needs to happen he needs to come to congress and give us a plan to consider. >> are you in favor of boots on the ground? >> anytime the president of the united states wants to come to congress and come up with a plan to make americans safer, i think
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it's our duty as members of congress to consider that. >> do you believe the iraqi military is capable of fighting and winning this war to protect the people of iraq? >> well so far it -- we have reason to doubt that. so far we have reason to be very concerned that they're not. but, again, this is not my determination to make. this is the determination that needs to be made by the president, and his military advisers. >> you're saying wah leadership from the administration and willing to consider what they propose, but you're not ready to tell them what you think is necessary, is that right? >> that's accurate. >> all right. stand my senator. we have more questions. a lot more to discuss. there's a lot going on. lots of news that's breaking right now. a quick break. more with mike lee right after this. ♪ take me into your darkest hour ♪ ♪ and i'll never desert you ♪ ♪ i'll stand by you ♪
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following two breaking stories. the first court appearance of the suspect of the murders of four people in washington. he had accomplices. more on that coming up. also isis in both iraq and syria. back with republican senator mike lee of utah, a member of the armed services committee. congress you know senator, is up against a deadline june 1st to reap new a part of the patriot act recalling the bulk collection of phone data. you oppose the program but your critics say that the u.s. will be a lot less safe if you don't renew this program. what do you say to those critics? >> what i say to those critics is that the bill i've introduced in the senate bipartisan bill i've introduced with my co-sponsor democratic senator
2:17 pm
pat leahy would accommodate both the privacy concerns the american people have concerns that are rooted in the fourth amendment and the security concerns that the american people understandably have. i don't think our privacy and our security have to be in conflict with each other. i actually think privacy is part of our security. the usa freedom act passed overwhelmingly by the house of representatives last week 338-88 is now in front of the senate. wep have the opportunity to take it up put it on the floor giving us our best chance at maintaining security and privacy. >> as you know we've seen a lot of dozens of americans, arrested. not in recent months and weeks on charges they've been working with isis at least sympathetic with isis trying to become martyrs for isis. the criticism what you want to do senator rand paul and senator leahy and others say letting this program expire would hinder their efforts to track these kinds of isis
2:18 pm
sympathizers right here in the united states. not around the world but in the united states. i want to get your reaction to that criticism. >> sure. first of all, the bill that senator leahy and i introduced in the senate and passed with this overwhelming bipartisan majority in the house last week would accommodate privacy and security. we don't have to choose between the two. we can make them consistent. as i explained in an entire chapter of my new book that came out a few weeks ago called "our lost constitution." a program that can be made to work in a manner reflecting the spirit and letter of the fourth amendment. currently i don't think it does. currently the nsa's operating under a framework in which it goes out and tells all the telephone companies send all your records. we want records on everyone regardless whether they've been taking calls to terrorists or people affiliated with terrorists. send all your records. the american people aren't comfortable with this and the truth, we don't need all that data can find a better way and have with the usa freedom act. >> how do you think it will play
2:19 pm
out in the coming days? this deadline you well know june 1st is quickly approaching. what's going to happen? >> unfortunate we've withheld consideration of this bill so long. i've argued turn to the bimll now, passed by the house last week. it hasn't come up yet. we've been stuck on a different bill but i want to turn to this before we leave. we need to get it on the floor and have it considered so we don't have to run up against this deadline. this is the absolute worst way to govern where we're up against a cliff, and we pass something on a rushed basis. we're looking to file an extension, when the existing extension has been in place four years. we have had four years, wolf to deal with this. it's high time we deal with it now and that we do so before we recess. >> it's -- we'll see what happens, and it's a fascinating development, critically importants as i'm sure you agree, as it's divided not only
2:20 pm
democrats and republican but divided republicans and divided democrats. a lot of democrats on one side. a lot on the other side same with the republicans. it's highly unusual that both parties have been so split on this. you would agree with that? >> yes. it certainly is unusual, but i would point out we have a super majority in the house of representatives consisting of 338 republicans and democrats. we do have a majority of the senators also supporting it. we're not yet sure how close we are to 60. we're getting closer and closer every day. i think there is is a plausible path sfoerdforward to get the 60 voetsz needed. >> we'll see what happens. senator lee, thanks for joining us. mike lee, member of the armed services committee. >> thank you. coming up did the hostage kayla mueller pass up a chance to escape before dying in captivity? standing by with new information. and while north korea's dictator cracks down on rivals at home his older brother is spotted rocking out at an eric clapton concert in london.
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there's a stunning new report that an american hostage passed up an opportunity to escape before dying in captivity. let's discuss what's going on. joining us our cnn counter terrorism correspondent phil mudd and a chief military spokesman in iraq, the key post in the defense department and thanks to you for joining us. phil foreign policy reporting kayla mueller, young american aid worker killed by isis had a
2:26 pm
chance to escape but didn't escape because they was trying to protect, wantsed to stay with another aid worker held by isis. i don't nope if you can elaborate or tell us about this. what do you think? >> i heard the story the same time you did, wolf. especially after 9/11 the responsibility of the intelligence community, military services what we call in the business fine fix and finish the target. you feel like you get jaded over time. once in a while you step back and realize there is honor in the world, and if there's a memory for this woman that will live on obviously i never met her, we're learning this today. what a story. makes people like me reflect there are still lessons to learn. >> trying to do good and a foreign policy didn't want to leave behind a colleague. another female aid worker. peter, to we know who this other woman that was there, know anything about her? >> what we know about her isn't public. she's a westerner and she was working or ngo.
2:27 pm
>> that's about all we know. still alive? >> i don't know. >> that's all we know. general, isis now in control of 50% of syria. >> right. >> and moving from ramadi no taking steps moving closer and closer towards baghdad. what's going on here? >> well first in syria, i don't think they're a con testfrtcontested regime. concentrated around damascus and the heartland. far worst situation in syria than it is inside of iraq. inside of iraq i hear these stories about marching on baghdad. i don't think we're going to see them in baghdad anytime soon in a conventional sense. i would expect to see in baghdad more car bombs, more ieds, suicide bombers but they're not able to take baghdad. it's too far of a pull for them. they don't have the forces and that's a heavily fortified city. >> most of the 3,000 u.s. military personnel in iraq are
2:28 pm
still in baghdad. right? >> they're in baghdad and they're in what we call the building partnership sites out there training the iraqi security forces. >> there used to be a green zone. i assume still there in baghdad, phil all the american diplomats, civilians, military personnel, basically hunker down there. i suspect that's the most secure part still. right? >> sure. there are parts in baghdad that will remain secure like the green zone. i think the general is right. if you think isis moving on baghdad is is a mistake for isis because there's a large shia population in baghdad and can't take it this is a mistake. >> by isis? >> by us. get in the mind of the add verify vary. they might go in with car bombs because they want to accelerate the divide between sunni and shia to go to sunni populations and say, look there's a civil war afoot. there's our side and we'll defend you and their side. don't side with them. >> exactly what they did in mosul. they went's in with suicide bombers, car bombs. did all sorts of explosives and
2:29 pm
the iraqi military ran away left their military behind and that's what they did in ra maupdy as well. all of the suicide bombings and attacks. went in with improvised devices and the iraqi military ran away. they might try something like that in baghdad, i assume? >> the general is quite familiar with al qaeda and iraq's strategy al qaeda, the parent organization of isis had a strategy to try and strangle baghdad, and my guess is that's something they would like to replicate if they can. >> can they do that? >> i think they can hold off parts of baghdad, but i think in the main baghdad is a bridge too far for them to take. >> are the americans in baghdad, you think now the u.s. embassy is not as huge as it was when you were there, with thousands -- the largest u.s. embassy in the world but still impressive? >> stilt pretty impressive. >> of the americans there, are they re tivlgly safe?
2:30 pm
>> i think in the main they are safe. at this point foreigners haven't become a target for isil. it is still shia and others but most americans that can operate inside and outside the green zone the international zone they call it with relative impunity and very little security needed. >> phil fbi arrested two men in california charges of being isis recruits. we keep hearing this over and over and over again. give me your analysis of what's going on here. >> what we're seeing here is that the power of social media. we keep talking about this but i raise it because it came out again in this instance. guys talking on social media. looking at tweets of the shooter in texas. that power of social media means that terror organizations don't have to have face-to-face communications with a potential recruit. they're recruiting people without even trying. kids saying i see what happened in texas. let me get out there and fight. bought a ticket to go to
2:31 pm
istanbul turkey go fight with isil. unbelievable. >> what's your analysis of renewal of the patriot act that expires june 1st? you heard the senate saying change it. infringes op america's privacy. >> first a political question not for a security professional. what do politicians and white house and the congress want in terms of how we collect as the government data on the american people? let me give you the professional question here and that is if you walked into my office tomorrow at the fbi, wolf if i were still there said we went up on john doe, a new extremist in atlanta, chicago, los angeles. the first thing i say, give me all the information we have in a data pool about who he's calmed and called in previous years. if it doesn't get renewed, not saying it's right or wrong, not renewed the capability to draw a picture around a life somebody we just picked up on an american city starts to decline. >> stand by.
2:32 pm
we'll continue the breaking news. what's going on. there's other stories we're following that are breaking now as well including new details about the horrifying murders of four people right here in the nation's capital. in a major mansion. also, a rare sighting of the older brother of the north korean strongman king jong-un. why is he attending rock concerts instead of trying to help run his country? it's part adrenaline and part adventure. it's part geek and part chic. it's part relaxation and part exhilaration. it's part sports car and part suv. and the best part? the 2015 gla. it's 100% mercedes-benz. the promise of the cloud is that every organization has unlimited access to information, no matter where they are. the microsoft cloud gives our team the power to instantly
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we have more on this hour's
2:37 pm
breaking news. prosecutors releasing shocking new details about the murders of four people here in washington, d.c. the man accused 6 invading their home holding them and ultimately killing them was arrested overnight, appeared in a court here in d.c. this afternoon. police say daron wint had accomplices and one important witness changed the story. cnn's tom foreman is at the courthouse for us. update viewers on what you know tom. >> reporter: wolf standing outside the house where these brood's murders occurred today and then standing 15 feet away from daron wint the man accused of it today, the one thing that was the biggest, clear surprise was just that. prosecutors saying they believe he had to have help. they don't think he did it alone. why do they think that? for example, a person you mentioned the a moment ago. somebody who worked for this company and ran money and basically did around for mr.
2:38 pm
savopoulos. a sense he changed his story how he took money to drop it off at the house, left it in a car for somebody in the house and the money disappeared later. two very different versions of that story from this witness according to prosecutors. that's a problem. frankly, daron wint's size 0 is a problem. 5'7" 155 pounds. yes somebody that size could terrorize three adults and a child a long time absolutely could do it but it suggests maybe somebody else was part of the chain here and ultimately the fact authorities picked up five other people with him in two vehicles and some of the people in the vehicles are clearly talking about having big stacks of hundreds and buying money orders. money odor money orders found in the car with daron wint all of it as the judge said is circle but it creates a lot of circumstances that point to possible
2:39 pm
involvement and not just by daron wint. wolf tell you once again. at the murder scene, 15 feet away from the man accused of it today, the one thing that was the biggest, clearest new fact is that authorities are convinced somebody else had to be involved. >> tom foreman, thanks very much. let's get more now of what's going on. joining us here in "the situation room" are justice reporter evan perez, also joining us cedric alexander, president of the national organization of black law enforcement executives a member of president obama's task force on 21st century policing and former fbi assistant tom fuentes. evan what happens next? >> wolf i think the investigation continues. we know from talking to law enforcement that they know there are other suspects in this case and that they're going to have to keep working at it to try to capture the people who were helping this suspect that's now in custody in this torture and murder of these people. >> cedric based on what we know it's a pecially if the read the
2:40 pm
court documents. could one person have done all of this brutality, killing four individuals, burning the home and go through the grisly details? could one person have done all of this? >> it is possible wolf but highly improbable that that is wa occurred. if you look at the circle evidence that's been gathered to this point, i would probably believe not. and i'm feeling quite certain that there was other individuals who were involved either there at the scene, hedged in the planning helped in certainly taking some of that money, it sounds like and doing whatever they need to do with it. if you got a friend that all of a sudden showed up one day with $40,000 and started passing out of $100 bills, that's very suspicious. the individuals that he was caught with last night, i would imagine are probably going to provide real clear information as to what occurred and who wall was involved once they can work their way through a lot of the lying that appears to be going on, but it won't be long before
2:41 pm
the police get to the bottom of this. >> i assume, tom, you a agree, savopoulos' assistant dropped off $4,000 of cash at the house. the assistant will be important? >> i think so but the more important work forensic work at the house. apomp polices, that means they would have dropped skin particles, hair fibers other material for an analysis and linkage to having them in that residence. that's, in order to do that they need the dna samples of every member of that family even the daughters who were away at school, to cross-reference against strange dna in that house and check that against other suspects later. >> wolf you can see in the, even up to the last couple of days you see people with white lab suits going in there and taking things out. clearly, that's what tom is describing what's going on. interesting in this affidavit that is filed in court, you can
2:42 pm
see that the prosecutor spent two pages describing what this witness, this witness described as an employee. somebody who drove mr. savopoulos to and from orkwork and his or her involvement in getting the money to the house, that's clearly the center of the investigation. >> the $40,000 dropped off at the house. was it there? there's a question about all of this? >> that is very much in question because we can see that this witness that's described in this the driver of mr. savopoulos changing his or her story. so now that's the question. whether or not that money was ever dropped off and whether or not that's the money that was found in the car in which the suspect was arrested in. >> the suspect did have a connection with the company that mr. savopoulos owned. right? >> that's right. he worked according to police he worked at american iron works about ten years ago.
2:43 pm
there is is a tie. not clear that there's a current tie, and that they had any reason for him to be in the house. as a matter of fact it says there would be no reason for him to be in the house. >> you've investigated cases, cedric like this over the years, and we're talking about a motive. obviously, one motive could just be money. right? there may be some other motives as well? >> right? >> clearly, money is is a motive. i think as the investigation continues to unfold and more information is gathered from this scene, from witness statements those that may or may not have been involved i think it's going to reveal to us very clearly, wolf what was the motive behind this, but right now i'm certain that we can say that money certainly appeared to have been a motivator, but my sense is there may be some other things involved in this case as well too. >> i think a lot of people are going to agree with you, cedric. i want all of you to stand by. more on this story coming up. also another major development we're following right now involving north korea.
2:44 pm
there is a rather surprising spectator at an eric clapton concert in london. why isn't kim jong-un's older brother back home helping one north korea? and we've also made contact with some of the american women in a delegation of women planning a risky peace walk across the border between north and south korea. we're going to check in with them in pyongyang. that's coming up. we all enter this world with a shout and we see no reason to stop. so cvs health is creating industry-leading programs and tools that help people stay on medicines as their doctors prescribed. it could help save tens of thousands of lives every year. and that would be something worth shouting about. cvs health, because health is everything.
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2:48 pm
breaking now in north korea. a group of prominent women from around the world preparing to make a daring potentially risky demonstration for peace. joining us on the phone from
2:49 pm
pyongyang, filmmaker gay dillingham and lana buoy won the nobel peace prize in 2011 for herping stop the 149-year sieve149-year -- 14-year civil war in liberia. how's it going? planning to make the peace walk from the dmz to south korea in the coming days? >> yes, we're very much planning to walk across, and we will be this morning, having a peace walk with the north korean women, and we'll be met by the south korean women tomorrow. first i just want to thank you, woman, for giving the opportunity to speak directly to the audience and the people we're fully aware both sides are spinning our words and actions dramatically in the press for their own purposes. so you know we came here to really listen to the women and hear the stories, which we have and i think it's been very successful. and the reason i want the lana
2:50 pm
to speak with you today, she's not an american not a . she does speak for all of us this san international concern, the peninsula, they haven't been able to speak and, and be able to resolve this war for seven decades. and -- we have made some real strides. and leima, i would like to have her speak with you. i'm going to put her on now, okay? and ask her a question. >> leima, tell us what you hope to achieve. >> well thank you, wolf for having us on your show. when we decided to embark on this journey there were two things that we wanted to engage with. firstly we were hoping to have the opportunity to do a process
2:51 pm
of sitcitizen-to-citizen diplomacy and we've been to engage with them and listen to their story. like gail said what i can say to you is that it has been successful. in terms of the citizen citizen-to-citizen diplomacy. the second thing we were hoping to achieve was to get north and south korea to agree on a crossing point for our walk and for, yes, these two countries have been unable to communicate, we were able to get them to communicate directly with each other. saying that the one point of understanding, maybe after 70 years is that we cross at a certain place. and i think the last thing we've been able to achieve is going over the dmz on sunday and meeting with south korea women to also engage in that kind of citizen-to-citizen diplomacy. >> be careful over there, leymah
2:52 pm
bowie, gail dillingham we know this is is a risky peace walk, we'll stay on top of this. we're getting a rare look at the relative of the north korea's strongman. his brother surfaced at an eric clapton concert in london. >> we're getting more information about kim jong-un's brother weemplt told recently that kim has grown more isolated. after purging top military leaders and his own uncle. analysts say his siblings may be the only people that kim can trust. there's new questions tonight about which of his siblings is the real power behind the throne. his aide brushes his hand over the camera he's treated like a rock star. this is believed to be kim jeong chul older brother of north korean dictator kim jong-un.
2:53 pm
he enjoyance eric clapton concert at london's royal albert hall. he's gone to eric clapton concerts all over the world. he's plenty of time and money on his hands, since he was passed over for the leadership position in favor of his younger brother. >> kim jong chul was not capable of being seen as able to deal with the politics. he was seen as being potentially too weak. >> now, analysts say kim jong chul is in a network of children of the elites who allegedly bring in money for the regime from black market deals. another brother who was passed over the oldest who embarrassed the family in 2001 when he was caught trying to get to tokyo's disneyland on a fake dominican passport. which sibling has real influence? analyst ken gaus says it's not
2:54 pm
kim jong-un's younger sister, who is rising. he says there's another shadowy older sister who is the quote purest of the pure because she's the only one among kim and his siblings ever officially recognized by their grandfather, north korea's founder. kim il song. >> she has her finger on the pulse of the regime. and she's possibly helping kim jong-un jong-un. and to consolidate kim and his family run a ruthless network of spy, one former spy just told cnn north korea's got legions of operatives inside the u.s. and south korea to keep them from defecting, kim's regime is said to use what they call an anchor children. >> an agent who would be operating by him or herself in south korea would have their family left behind and north
2:55 pm
korea would use that as leverage. >> another former north korean spy told cnn his entire family was executed in north korea to punish him for not fulfilling his mission. agent who is have defected have consistently said if they're caught they're under strict orders to commit suicide rather than fall into enemy hands. we'll have more on breaking news we're following. the suspect in the killing of a prominent washington family now charged with murder making his first court appearance today. why prosecutors also now say he did not act alone. why are we so committed to keeping you connected? why combine performance with a conscience? why innovate for a future without accidents? why do any of it? why do all of it? because if it matters to you it's everything to us. the xc60 crossover. from volvo. lease the well equiped volvo xc60 today. visit your local volvo showroom for details.
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happening now, deepening
3:00 pm
mystery, the prime suspect in a brutal quadruple murder appears in court hours after being nabbed in a massive manhunt. tonight, dramatic new details in the case and others ma may have played a role in the killings. isis everywhere. is the iraqi capital, baghdad, the next target? new charges -- we're digging deep near the indictments against six baltimore police officers accused of the death of freddie gray. is the prosecutor tweaking her case because of new information about gray's knife? we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer, you're in "the situation room." breaking news prosecutors say the prime suspect in a mysterious and gruesome quadruple murder could not have acted alone. after his arrest overnight here in washington darron wint appeared in court for the first time a little while ago. he's charged with first-degree murder in the killings of a
3:01 pm
prominent d.c. couple their 10-year-old son and their housekeeper. the bodies discovered in the family's home after the mansion had been set on fire. stand by for all the new details on this unfolding case. also breaking now -- isis conquers more ground and spreads death and terror across several countries. and thousands of miles at once. now the group's killers may have their sights set on the iraqi capital. i'll talk about isis and its gains with congressman elliott engel. the top democrat in the house foreign affairs committee and our correspondents are analysts are standing by as we cover all the news breaking now. first, let's go to our justice correspondent pamela brown, she has the latest on the murders here in d.c. >> wolf newly released court documents suggest darron wint had accomplices in the quadruple homicide and that multiple witnesses played a part in delivering $40,000 to the family's home before all four victims were killed. the newly released documents
3:02 pm
suggest darron wint arrested overnight in a massive police takedown could not have acted alone. allegedly kidnapping and holding the savopoulos family and and their housekeeper for 18 hours before brutally beating them stabbing them and setting their house on fire. tonight cnn has learned police believe wint and others were involved in an alab rat shakedown of the family. one that involved savvas savopoulos asking the family's assistance to go to a nearby bank to withdraw $40,000 in cash and deliver to the house. >> we tracked them up to new york city and we barely missed him. >> sources tell cnn wint had been hiding out in his girlfriend's new york city apartment, possibly since sunday. and made his way back toward washington where he was arrested overnight. police say wint was spotted getting into a white chevy kruze outside of a maryland howard johnson's hotel along with three other women. police spotted a moving truck traveling ahead of wint's car. inside was wint's brother and
3:03 pm
another man. >> we followed them for about four five miles and they did a wacky u-turn we thought maybe they thought they were being tailed. we continued to follow them. we called pg county police and they sent up a helicopter. >> inside the box truck police found at least $10,000. tonight, investigators are looking at what role the group may have played in the brutal killings of the savopoulos family especially in light of the complexity of holding them hostage, extorting them and burning down the house. >> you don't have to spend multiple hours, eight, nine ten hours in someone's home to extort money. and in this case i'm very certain that the father would have given the offender ten times $40,000. just to get them out of the house. >> new court documents including autopsies released tonight show just how brutal the 18-hour ordeal was. 10-year-old phillip savopoulos was found burned with stab wounds in an upstairs bedroom. the fire allegedly fuelled by gasoline poured throughout the house. the other adults were found in
3:04 pm
another room with blunt-force wounds. firefighters tried to save the housekeeper, but she died at the hospital. tonight investigators appear to be questioning the story told by one key witness who police say was a frequent driver for the family and was asked by savopoulos to pick up the $40,000 ramsome at the bank of america and deliver it to the family. that witness changed his or her story about the cash drop-off to the home. >> we've learned that the five people who were with darron wint when he was take noon custody last night are no long anywhere police custody and no additional arrests have been made in this case. but it is still a very active investigation. wolf? >> as you point out, lots of unanswered questions still. let's go to cnn's tom foreman outside the courthouse where the suspect was made an appearance a little while ago. how did that go tom? >> it seemed to go well wolf. in the sense that he walked in
3:05 pm
you could feel the tension in the room of everybody as they watched this man walk in after having heard about these horrific crimes and here's the man charged with it. they went through the procedure here. the defense tried to say in fact that all of this evidence the prosecution has, that points to somebody connected to the payments maybe not being truthful about what they did. that points to other people in the car. that point to other connections, the defense tried to say all of that is the reason why maybe this guy is not the right guy. maybe wint isn't the guy. maybe it's all of these other people. the court was not buying it though. they simply said look it is a lot of circumstantial evidence, but as i stood 15 feet away from this guy, they said but it's enough to keep him in the leg shackles keep him in those wrist shackles and keep him behind bars until they can find out more. i was the first reporter to talk to the prosecution as they started to walk out. they didn't want to say much. but i said how do you feel about it and they said it went pretty
3:06 pm
well. that's how they feel about the case right now. even as they go through all of this new information. >> they've got a lot of work to do thanks very much tom. we'll have more on the story coming up late they are hour. other major news we're following involving isis. new gains tonight the terror group is extending its grip around two new prizes the historic syrian city of palmyra and the strategically important city of ramadi. isis claiming responsibility for two deadly attacks, of shiite mosques during friday prayers, one in saudi arabia and the other in yemen. plus isis making its first direct appeal for a merger with another brutal terrorist group. releasing a video urging al shabab fighters in somalia to join the isis rasknks. where is isis heading next barbara? >> tonight isis has its sights on a major iraqi military base on the road to baghdad. if they get it, that will be a
3:07 pm
significant gain for them in already a week of gains. isis solidified its control around the an shen syrian city of palmyra on friday. in iraq it pushed east of ramadi taking the town of husaiba. iraqi security officials tell cnn. desperate situation as residents continue to flee ramadi and other towns in anbar province. and for the u.s. presidential rhetoric may be sorely outdated. >> in iraq, in and syria, american leadership including our military power is stopping isil's advance. >> president obama says the u.s. isn't losing to isis but senior u.s. military officials privately acknowledge the terror group's takeover of ramadi is showing a key flaw the pentagon had long worried about. air strikes alone can't defeat
3:08 pm
isis unless iraqi forces step up and fight. and in ramadi that did not happen and there could be political fallout. >> they've had a fairly serious defeat in ramadi for which the prime minister and the defense minister are taking the blame. this was not a particularly stable government before that. we should be concerned about our allies in baghdad. >> critics say it's the pentagon that needs to step up. >> 75% of the flights that combat sorties are lurng to the base without dropping a weapon do you know why? because they don't have anybody on the ground to give them the targets they need this is an ineffectual air campaign. >> as cnn reported this week top u.s. commanders privately again rejected recommending to the president u.s. troops on the ground to help find those isis targets to bomb. the only change? more arms for the iraqi government and sunni tribes the
3:09 pm
white house worry now is that prime minister al abadhi running out of time to deal isis a decisive blow. isis released they pictures showing destruction at the baiji oil refinery. but the u.s.-led coalition said iraqi security forces were making steady progress regaining in some areas here. now if u.s. troops were to go back into iraq pentagon officials will tell you one of their concerns is congress or the american people potentially ready to see a new round of wounded warriors a new round of american fallen. isis' major weapon today on the ground? improvised explosive devices. >> and they have a lot of them as we now know. thanks very much barbara for that. with each day, each new victory. isis is widening its base of power, proving its ability to attack on multiple fronts. let's check with our senior
3:10 pm
international correspondent arwa damon. how much concern is there where you are in the iraqi capital about the most recent isis gains? and do people where you are believe isis could actually make it into baghdad? >> >> that fear for them is very real wolf. people don't necessarily believe that isis is going to take over the capital the way it took over mosul. but as it does continue to get closer and as we do continue to see the iraqi security forces and the other fighting forces incapable of pushing isis back. the fear that the terrorist organization is going to begin wrecking havoc on the capital is one that many here are very concerned about. understandably so. as well especially given that the iraqi government seems to be lacking according to some senior officials that we've been speaking to here. a sense of urgency when it comes to trying 0 to take on isis.
3:11 pm
especially in anbar province because if all of anbar falls, wolf isis will pose a real threat to baghdad. >> arwa you visited hundreds of these iraqi refugees trapped at a key bridge unable to make their way to baghdad. i know about 120,000 people have fled ramadi over the past few weeks. the city of just more than a half a million. how urgent is the situation, the humanitarian plight that you eye-witnessed today? >> we saw what was unconscionable. a lot of the refugees that fled did make it to safer areas. they were able to cross the bridge between anbar and baghdad province. because they had a sponsor. but for some reason the bridge was closed today. what made it worse was a massive sandstorm that was beating down on these refugees relentless gusts of wind. the sand making it very difficult to breathe and they
3:12 pm
had nowhere to go for shelter. they needed water, they needed food and they needed to just be allowed to cross into baghdad province. but no one could give us a concrete explain as to why the bridge was closed. the government does have security concerns that there are perhaps isis infiltrators sympathizers amongst the refugees. we saw children the elderly, the ill, women, gathered there and so many of them angry. one man we spoke to wolf so enraged at the government if he dies he says he doesn't want to be buried in iraq. a country that treats its citizens like this he said he could not consider his own. >> as you know arwa most refugees are iraqi sunnis they don't like the shiite-led government. is the fact that is there a fear that the iraqi shiite leadership simply doesn't care about these iraqi citizens, who happen to be sunni muslims? >> well that's a key part of the problem here. is that that is the very message
3:13 pm
that something sent and that is the very message that those refugees we spoke to today say is a clear indication of how this shia-led government plans on dealing with the sunni population. they feel abandoned. they feel betrayed. they feel as if they're being deliberately pushnished because they happen to be from anbar province from ramadi from areas where isis was able to move in and does perhaps yes have a certain degree of sympathy of the population. they say they are innocent victims caught up in all of this. paying the violence paying the price for the violence that is being carried out by the terrorist organization. and it is especially key at this point in time. that the shia-led government in baghdad not send that message out to the sunni population. wolf? >> arwa damon on the scene. please be careful over there. let's bring in congressman elliott engel, the top democrat on the house foreign affairs committee. congressman thanks for coming
3:14 pm
in. is baghdad next? >> i was going to ask you if you had any good news. it's a dire situation. we hope it's not next and no one of course can say for sure. this is all caught up in the sunni/shia divide. it takes me back to what i was saying three years ago when i thought we missed the boat at that time by not aiding the well-vetted moderate syrian army. i believe because we didn't hem them they withered on the vine and isis moved into the void and the sunni mace feel that isis is the only game in town. the government in baghdad has been too tilted towards the shias and too aligned with iran. >> president obama says the u.s. is not losing this war against isis. i'll ask you the reverse question. is the u.s. winning this war? >> i don't think we know. i think that's the truth. i think we're doing all we can. look i don't think the american public is ready for another
3:15 pm
full-fledged war in iraq with tens of thousands of american troops on the ground. i mean i think we we look at what happened. and the whole controversy about whether we should have invaded iraq in the first place, it was the presidential debates. i think it was a mistake, if we look back and i think we have to look very hard before we commit troops. now it doesn't mean there can't be some special forces it doesn't mean that we're going to turn the other way, we have to lead. but i think sending troops back on a large basis is not something i think most americans would want to see again. >> congressman, i want you to stand by because we have more to discuss. there's a lot going on involving isis including right here in the united states. much more with elliott engel after this. dear stranger, when i booked this trip, my friends said i was crazy. why would i stay in someone else's house? but this morning a city i've never been to felt like one i already knew.
3:16 pm
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3:20 pm
we're back with iraqi democrat of the house foreign affairs committee. congressman elliott engel of new york. as isis makes new victory enters syria, they now control 50% of syria. new victories in iraq. the u.s. is thinking of stepping up the training of the iraqi military. the u.s. tried that for a decade. didn't exactly work out great, did it? >> it didn't work out great. but we really didn't do what we should have done in my opinion, three years ago we had a real opportunity. think it's better late than never. i think there have only bad choices left. and in syria and the worst choice i think is to do nothing.
3:21 pm
they have been making some progress. there have been some battles in the south and the north of syria. against assad and so i think we have to stay that course. but of course we're playing this game. we talk about isis on the one hand and assad on the other hand. and they're mortal enemies and we have no use for either one of them. we're looking for a third alternative, it's very difficult to find the third alternative. >> i know you work closely with the republican chairman of your committee, ed royce of california. the isis threat in california today alone, two people in california were arrested on suspicion of being involved with isis. this is seems to be happening almost every week. how big of a deal is this right now that more and more people are being arrested in the united states for collaborating with isis? >> well it is a big deal and it's something we have to watch. now it's less of a problem in the united states than it is in let's say europe. but it's still a problem. you know we have to try to
3:22 pm
wonder what is the allure for these people who want to come and fight with a crazy group like isis that destroys people destroys everything? it's not simply a matter of people growing up in poverty who have no place to turn. these are by and large people who grow up in middle class families who leave to want to fight. i don't understand it it is a problem. >> you want the nsa to continue the bulk data collection because that's going to be voted on in the coming days. >> it's like anything else do you throw the baby out with the bathwater? we have to be careful, we're suspicious of it. but on the other hand we want to be safe. so it's a balance. >> where were you stand entitle end? >> i'm still deciding. >> i haven't decided yet? >> yeah. >> congressman, thanks for coming in. just ahead, cash clues and possible accomplices is the motive in the d.c. mansion murder becoming clear centre our experts are going over new information, court documents just released. we're taking a closer look at the new indictments released
3:23 pm
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3:27 pm
we're following breaking news the suspect in a gruesome quadruple murder appears in court, as prosecutors make the case that darron wint could not have acted alone. he's accused of holding a prominent washington, d.c. family and their housekeeper hostage for 18 hours, before brutally stabbing them and setting fire to the mansion. let's get back to cnn's tom foreman, he's just outside the courthouse here in washington. what happened today over there, tom? >> you know wolf i think the
3:28 pm
prosecutors in court beyond what's in the paper, beyond what's in the document. the way they spoke in court, with wint standing there, 15 feet away from him, shackled hand and foot the way they spoke in so many ways suggested it wasn't just a matter of more than one person working on this. but that maybe there was something of an inside job at work here. that there's somebody who knew a good deal about the savopoulos family. had some reason to believe that this plan would work. that it wasn't something that was hatched overnight. that's what it sounds like. now whether or not they can prove that is is a different matter matter. kbu i will say that today they laid out a lot of groundwork here beyond darron wint to point to people who helped carry money to the scene. to at least raise questions about them. to point to all of these other people five other people they picked up who might in some way have something else to do with it nobody else has been charged. nobody else is being held right now, but there's absolutely no doubt that they're pointing to more than one person being
3:29 pm
involved and some sort of hint here of it being an inside job. wolf? >> tom, thank you, let's get more on the case now with matthew horace a former atf agent here in the "situation room." also joining us our cnn law enforcement analyst, tom fuentes, former fbi assistant director and cedric alexander, president of the national association of black law enforcement agents. and our justice reporter evan perez is here. and evan what are police looking for right now if where does the case next move? >> wolf i think the center of the case now is on the driver of mr. savopoulos. this is a person that's referred to in this affidavit that was filed in federal court. as witness one. this is a key person to this entire mystery. because this is a person who knows the family very closely. has obviously been to the house. multiple times. and is the person who is described as allegedly bringing this money to the house,
3:30 pm
delivery of $40,000. whether or not that money actually made it there, whether or not the money went somewhere else is something that the police are now going to try to find out and obviously that is going to help describe to the police whether or not there was, how many other people were involved in this. they clearly believe it had to take more than one person to do this. >> that's the strong impression you get, matthew from reading the court documents that this heinous crime, this mass murder if you will right here in the prominent part of washington, d.c. would require more than just one person. you've investigated cases like this you agree? >> absolutely. there were four victims here and a very engulfed fire. we were god-awful lucky we had certified fire investigators there from atf to look at the scene exactly as it existed when it was hot. and subsequently they were able to locate evidence dna evidence which they do often in arson cases. >> we see they're still going through the burned-out wreckage of that once-multimillion-dollar
3:31 pm
home not far away from the vice president's resolution dense in northwest washington. what are they looking for now, the atf experts and others going through the rubble if you will over there? >> arson cases and arson scenes are very complex. it may take days and even weeks, oftentimes to sift through the rubble and look for the very critical crucial link. the to link the suspect back to the crime. and let's remember this is not the first time that we've been able to recover trace amounts of dna to link a suspect to an arson. >> even though it was heavily, the fire was very intense, they did find allegedly some dna from the suspect on some of the pizza crust that was there. >> i've seen cases, wolf where dna has been found on glasses, cups cigarette butts and other things suspects don't think about when they're committing these crimes. >> so cedric when they find that kind of dna, obviously this individual this suspect had a pretty extensive criminal record. that doesn't take very long to link that dna to a suspect like this right? >> no it does not.
3:32 pm
in many states what you will find wolf any time someone has been arrested, particularly on a felony their dna is taken. and for later on it is certainly when that dna showed up, as it did in this particular case it's matched against those persons and there you are. so that was great work done by atf and along with local police in and around the metro d.c. area who got in there right away. collected the evidence which i'm quite sure was a pretty horrific crime scene and great work done by all the men and women involved in getting to the case to where it is right now. >> tom, what does it say to you in your former assistant director of the fbi, only one person so far has been arrested but they're looking at prooi presumably a whole bunch of others what does it say to you that some witnesses, apparently read the court documents, changed their eye witness accounts and their testimony. >> it happens all the time. it's typical that witnesses
3:33 pm
would change statements and not be correct depending on whether it's on purpose or they make a mistake and change their story later. so that's not uncommon at all. >> is it out of just you know a natural thing? or is it deliberate? >> it can be either or both. >> i thought i remembered this but i really remembered that. what are you hearing? >> i think it's key here that you know in this affidavit. a couple of pages that the prosecutors spend, describing the changing of the story. and i think that's not an accident. i think -- that is in this case i believe there's something here that they're spending a lot more time on and wolf this person is still walking the streets and i bet thaw right now the police are looking closely at them watching what they're doing, any phone calls they're making throwing away. a last few days they're looking at the garbage that came out of the house to try to match anybody else that they've been looking at. >> you're a former atf agent that garbage could be significant, right? >> garbage comes into play oftentimes because people
3:34 pm
discard it and don't think about it i know for sure that the agents and the police officers on the ground are going to take their time they're going to look for everything look for every single bit of evidence. they're going to collect it process it and hopefully they may recover more dna from this suspect or other suspects in this case. >> matthew, is it your sense that the fire was deliberately that they torched, whoever did it that person torched that home to try to destroy evidence? is that the theory that you work under? >> i think our experience collectively tells us that that's what criminals do oftentimes to try 0 cover their tracks but some things we'll find no matter what you do and in this case atf cfis were embedded with the washington, d.c. fire department. they were able to come to the scene, look at the fire at very hot spot. look at the flame, smoke and over things. >> a canine, a dog was able to detect detect there was an accelerant that was used. the kid was still alive when he
3:35 pm
was set on fire. >> wint was previously charged with a sex crime. other suspects that come up may not have had their dna taken yet. after they're developed as suspects they would be a subpoena for dna sample. they're still collecting evidence that hasn't been matched to people yet. >> one interesting point that comes up $40,000 was brought over by a driver for savvas savopoulos but only $10,000 was found in the vehicle when they arrested the suspect, darron wint. what do you make of that? >> well it's very clear, and i think we can all pretty much draw the same conclusion that $10,000 probably very much part of that $40,000. and i believe there's some circumstantial evidence that suggests that some of this money had been passed out both in cash and money orders. so i think at the, as they continue this investigation, wolf we're going to find that without a doubt in my mind that $10,000 is very much part of
3:36 pm
that 40. and that may have been part of the m.o. involved in this whole case. >> cedric can they get fingerprints off of dollar off of currency like that? >> well i'm not really certain. that's probably more of a question which maybe may be able to answer for you. >> what's can they get fingerprints off of currency like that? >> absolutely. i've seen fingerprints drawn from firearms, currency, plastic bags kugs, they can retrieve fingerprints and dna off of almost anything that has the right surface. >> obviously those dollars have probably been handled by other people. that makes it a little more complicated. but as matthew says, it's possible. >> potentially, tom, it could be significant, right? >> very. to link other people to the crime scene who would have no business being in that house. at all is very significant. >> in your experience matthew, where is the case moving? >> well i think you're going to see the investigators complete the scene search. they're going to continue to process evidence. they're going to submit it to the atf laboratory. they're going to look for other
3:37 pm
trace amounts of dna. they're going to look for fingerprints throughout the home. they're going to continue to press and someone out there is going to give up information to law enforcement and someone else will be in custody very soon. >> are you surprised, evan that the five people who were in the vehicle when the suspect was arrested they're now free they're out? >> i really was, actually. because you would think everybody in this region knew this was a fugitive and they would have known that they were harboring a fugitive. what this tells me wolf is that now the investigators are going to be looking at all of these people to see if they had any involvement. >> the case got a lot of unanswered questions. we're going to stay on top of it with all of you. thanks to all of you for joining us. the baltimore prosecutor says she has new information in the freddie gray case. is that why the new indictments against six police officers are different than the original charges she announced? we're going to talk about her strategy, whether it's changing and more. 40% of the streetlights in detroit, at one point, did not work. you had some blocks and you had major thoroughfares and corridors that were just totally pitch black. those things had to change.
3:38 pm
we wanted to restore our lighting system in the city. you can have the greatest dreams in the world, but unless you can finance those dreams, it doesn't happen. at the time that the bankruptcy filing was done, the public lighting authority had a hard time of finding a bank. citi did not run away from the table like some other bankers did. citi had the strength to help us go to the credit markets and raise the money. it's a brighter day in detroit. people can see better when they're out doing their tasks, young people are moving back in town the kids are feeling safer while they walk to school. and folks are making investments and the community is moving forward. 40% of the lights were out, but they're not out for long.they're coming back.
3:39 pm
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tonight new questions about the prosecutor's case against six baltimore police officers who now stand formally charge by a grand jury in the death of freddie gray. the new indictments are somewhat different than the original charges announced by the state's attorney marilyn mosby. cnn's miguel marquez is in baltimore, he joins us with more. what are they looking for right now? >> well look in announcing the charges, the state's attorney said the new evidence had come to light and though the charges are slightly different from when she initially indicted those officers the fact that members of this community chose to indict them as well puts her case in a much stronger place. as supporters take to the
3:43 pm
streets, tonight new questions in the freddie gray case. baltimore state's attorney marilyn mosby announced a grand jury indicted all six officers in the death of freddie gray. still, after two weeks of testimony, the charges slightly different. none of the officers indicted on false imprisonment. >> as our investigation has continued, additional information has been discovered and as is often the case during an ongoing investigation charges can and should be revised based upon the evidence. >> mosby didn't say why the charges were dropped regarding the legality of the knife gray was carrying. but now all six officers face a charge of reckless endangerment. some analysts see a shift in strategy. >> it's an approach that speaks to what was the specific conduct of the officers did your conduct endanger the party who was ultimately killed? and that's freddie gray it's going to all be about how he died. were you acting negligently?
3:44 pm
were you acting recklessly? and what specifically did you do that led to his death. that's going to be the equation. not the knife. it's a big change. >> the police van driver faces the most serious charge. second-degree depraved heart murder. investigators say gray's neck was broken during the ride following his arrest. he died after a week in a coma. the medical examiner called gray's death a homicide. many of the charges i think will not stand under the weight of its own merit. >> in a plea to the public from baltimore's fraternal order of police president gene ryan stated all citizens are innocent until proven guilty including these six officers. attorneys for the officers say mosby should be replaced because her husband sits on the baltimore city council. still, the young prosecutor insists the evidence is strong enough to prove her case. >> the people of baltimore voted
3:45 pm
for me to do my job and to carry out justice and that's what i'm going to do as a state's attorney for baltimore city. >> the officers are due to be arraigned, in july. now there is a great support for what the state's attorney has done among many in the african-american community here. but they are not letting go. there's another rally scheduled for tomorrow that will march from the area where freddie gray was arrested to here at city hall. and there may even be a counter rally supporting police at the same time. wolf? >> miguel, thanks very much. let's bring back our law enforcement analyst tom fuentes and our justice reporter evan perez, critics of marilyn mosby say she's going too far. what are you hearing from the people you're talking to? >> i think she made a significant change in her case and i think it's on purpose. she knows the chances of her succeeding in this case rely frankly on her being able to flip some of these officers to be able to go after the driver.
3:46 pm
the driver faces the most serious charges, second-degree murder. and i think she knows what she wants to do is to flip the officers who face the lesser charges, and what she was doing with the false imprisonment charge was posing problems for herself, which is whether or not the officers even had the right to stop freddie gray. now she's taken that away. you have a greater chance she'll be able to do that. >> where is this moving tom? >> i think the false imprisonment issue is very important. the reason is that if those officers arrested him and the knife he had was legal. that would help prove that they had malice they were mistreating him. they were making a false arrest and everything that bad happened was almost intentional on all of their parts, when you find out that the knife in fact was illegal and they had a reason to arrest him based on the illegality of the knife, that changes it. and i think it changes it significantly in terms of those officers are making a lawful arrest at that point. and if they don't brutalize him
3:47 pm
and take him to the van, then how do they get charged with all the bad things that happened? they weren't driving the van. they didn't have anything to do with at that point with what happens in the van, if his neck gets broken on the ride to the police station. so i think that knife -- >> this brings it back to the van and the treatment of freddie gray in that period. >> the knife issue, i think a lot of people are downplaying the knife issue, i think it's very important. >> tom fuentes, thanks very much. evan perez, thanks to you as well. we're continuing to follow the terror the war that's raging right now inside syria and iraq. our own dr. sanjay gupta has teamed one volunteers who risk their lives to rescue syrians trapped in the rubble of bomb attacks, including babies the humanitarian organization white helmets has saved 18,000 lives in three years. for more information on ways you can impact your world, go to more on the mansion murder mystery, our correspondents are digging in through the court documents, working their sources
3:48 pm
much more on this. and other news, when we come back.
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state department today releases the first batch of e-mail from hillary clinton's time as secretary of state giving a new look at how she handledty a tack on benghazi. the roughly 300 e-mails are among the 30,000 that the former secretary turned over to the department. our senior political correspondent brianna keilar has been digging through the e-mails. >> one of the more concerning e-mails that pops up in this initial output of e-mails from hillary clinton's time at the state department shows that hillary clinton received now classify information about the attack on the diplomatic compound in benghazi on her personal e-mail account. this is an e-mail that one of her aides forwarded two months after the americans were killed in libya. a top aid forward secretary clinton an e-mail about libyan police arresting potential suspects in the benghazi attack.
3:54 pm
much of the e-mail from 2012 is redacted. the hidden information classified as today >> i'm aware that the fbi has asked for a portion of one e-mail be held back. that happens in the process of freedom of information act responses. but that doesn't change the fact that all of the information in the e-mails was handled appropriately. >> a more nuance view than her assurances in march. >> i did not e-mail any classified material to anyone on my e-mail. there is no classified material. >> the state department backing clinton up. >> the e-mail and the information in this e-mail you're referring to was not classified at the time it was sent. >> still it brings more criticism over the use of private e-mail housed on a server at her home in new york. most of the 296 e-mails released today by the state department revealed the inner workings of
3:55 pm
clinton and her confident. many referring to her as h. requesting e-mails be printed. the day after the benghazi attack a grim update saying we recovered both bodies overnight and are looking at getting a statement out at 7:00 a.m. as clinton as the obama administration struggled with their initial assessment protest of an internet video of the prophet mohamed morphed into the attack clinton's deputy chief of staff assured her you never said spontaneous or characterized the motives. in december 2012 clinton thanked her deputies for testifying on the hill while a concussion kept her from doing so. and in a later response what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. as i have rationalized for years. so just survive and you'll have triumphed triumphed. >> so some funny e-mails there but there are also some
3:56 pm
embarrassing ones, specifically one where top clinton aides are joking about a reporter interviewed secretary clinton saying she invaded her space. a nice way i'm putting it there. hillary clinton did not participate in the e-mail but another aid looped her into it. >> interesting reading. stand by. i want to bring in our senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny also dana bash. what's your takeaway jeff from the initial e-mails that have been release? >> there's nothing incriminating. but her lawyers picked the e-mails, her staff hand picked the e-mail. the republicans say i may not be the full pick schurture here. but it offers a window into what they were thinking. there was sensitive information and now we know that information right now is classified.
3:57 pm
it wasn't at the time. but one e-mail is classified. so it does not clear up the question of if she should have been using that private e-mail server was any sensitive e-mails leaked on that. i don't think it does anything to clear up questions. it probably raises a few more that will be answered at the benghazi committee. >> where are the republicans focusing their attention. >> the questions that it raises for them those i've spoken to is the idea that she received several e-mails about security on the ground. but it doesn't appear that she sent any responses. so the question that republicans, particularly those who are looking into it on the committee, benghazi committee on capitol hill are saying wait a minute she was getting updated about security. what did she do about snit why didn't she do anything about it? obviously we all sometimes get e-mails and sometimes when you get an e-mail you call and respond that way. just because there isn't a response by e-mails, it doesn't mean she didn't respond. >> the first 300 have been
3:58 pm
released out of the 30,000. what's the time frame for the next 30 thousand or so? >> we don't know the time line but we should know soon. you have a journalist who filed suit against a state department. the state department said we're not going to have the e-mails out until january of 2016. the judge in the case said what about releasing these on a rolling basis and asked for a schedule of how that's going to operate. hopefully we'll find out next week what we're looking at. >> she keeps saying she wants them all out. >> she does. she does not want this hanging over her presidential campaign. the reality is it's going to be hanging over her presidential campaign. important to keep in mind that she started this because she made the decision in '09 when she became secretary to use this private e-mail server. so i believe her when she says he wants them out but it's not going to happen that fast. >> on that note you asked me about republicans. when it comes to her potential republican presidential opponents, they're actually kind of quiet about this.
3:59 pm
mike huckabee put out a statement saying we expect charades and massacre raids in the us rks r and not the usa. she can't be trusted. i want to leave owl of our viewers tonight with a word of appreciation for ted turner the founder of cnn. i was with him yesterday in austin texas where he received the lady bitter johnson environmental award at the lbj presidential library, a well-deserved honor for someone who's devoted so much of his work over many years to planet people and animals. thank you very much ted for that. by the way, as you know ted started cnn on june 1st, 198037. and this coming tuesday cnn will air a one-hour documentary called "breaking news 35 years of cnn." it airs at 9:00 p.m. eastern. all of you will enjoy "breaking
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news, 35 years of cnn." please tweet me at wolf blitzer. please be sure to join us again on monday right here in "the situation room." erin burnett outfront starts right now. out flont next breaking news police on the hunt for more accomplices in the d.c. mansion murder. this as a key witness tonight changes his story. plus the duggar family bombshell. tlc now pulling the hit show" 19 kids and counting" after the oldest son admits he molested girls, including his own siblings. kim jong-un's broth spotted at an eric clapton's concert singing "i shot the sheriff." let's go outfront. good evening, i'm erin burnett. we begin with