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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  May 24, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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our morning with. >> inside politics starts right now. in new hampshire, the pitch. >> it's time we make the words middle class mean something. >> but will new e-mails bring questions. >> i will keep talking to my old friends, whoever they are. >> and president obama says we are not losing the war against isis. republican contenders all disagree but are at odds what to do about it. >> the longer isil is allowed to survive in iraq and syria -- >> jeb bush says he has righted the ship. >> during my brother's time,
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republicans spent too much money. is he better able to handle the "w" questions now? khrr hrr welcome to inside politics. joining us is our guests. security issues dominated the political conversation here in washington this past week, including a quite interesting debate about whether it will take a newest mission in iraq to beat isis. first, hillary clinton's way to frame the question in politics. >> it's not just enough for people to get by, and it's important that we draw the
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contrast between what will enable more people to get ahead and what would hold us back or even turn the clock back? >> as you can see, she is looking down and reading the notes there, and these events are carefully scripted, whatever the issue, secretary clinton looks for ways to make her case in a way that also exposes the republican divide, like supporting the export and import bank. and in fact it seems as though they would rather threaten the lively hoods of those 164,000 jobs. >> it shows a confidence that she will be the democratic nominee. she is running against the republicans, and as robert was
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talking about it before we came on the air, running against the republican congress, and she doesn't seem concerned about others. >> yeah, a lot of the positions she is taking including what she said friday in new hampshire about the x embank is not going to hurt her in the general elections. yes, she seems comfortable, and it's not as hard this time around as before because in 2008 one adviser was consumed for preserving her electability for the general election, and now on social issues and emigration, she is able to say these things and expose where the base of the republican party is divided from the establishment. >> and perhaps to get us in the immediate wrau when we encounter the republicans, and let's ask them about same-sex marriage,
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and poof, the firing squad. >> i was on the campaign trail, and you see her targeting the republican congress. if you are speaker boehner, she does not want to run against somebody who is a fresh-face contender, she wants to run against a party she can define and define through the policies on capitol hill. >> the policies she is not taking a position, which are the policies the democrats are divided. trade, for example, the huge one will be the policy going forward against the islamic state. >> elizabeth warren says i will be for hillary clinton probably, but i would like to hear her talk about trade. let's see what happens, and the debate has to move on through the house, still.
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listen to what she says. >> i have been for trade agreements and voted for some and against others, so i want to judge it when i see what is it in and whether or not i think it meets my standards. >> a straddle. >> those are the exact same words she used on tuesday and on friday. that's a planned straddle. why does she need to come out? some democrats are saying she needs to be more precise on this, but if you are hillary clinton you have the luxury of not having to cast a vote on this in running, and the whole thing that dogged her so many in '08 was that she had a voting record, and she does not have a voting record on this, and if these starts stacking up, she will have to make herself clear. the problem is when they start to call her out. >> she is not taking a position
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on trade, but she sounds like a populist in almost every other economic issue. >> she appeared at an event in california, and you are not seeing labor pushing her hard, right? i think labor saw her silence on this as a win to some extent. and in real time, she is not supporting the president's concern the bill, and i think that would be a huge problem. once this is done in the senate, what i think you will see is labor crank up an effort to hold her before she becomes president. >> confident on the trail, and confident against her opponents. there is nothing in there that changes what happened in benghazi. there was at least one e-mail we know that ended up being classified. it was not classified at the time, and it was classified later, but it was on her private
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server, and you had very sensitive information that was on a private e-mail server and all for we know could have been hacked. is this a problem? >> she said i didn't send classified information, and that's what she said at that u.n. press conference. and this is an issue that she received something, and a perfect example, it's not classified when she got it and now it is, and the world changes. it's a problem i think because there are so many other e-mails on the private server we will not be able to see, and i am struck by the two parallel campaigns she is running and she wants to focus on small economy and business, and then back in brooklyn, all this other stuff is going on and at some point these collide. >> the issue with the e-mails is we are now going to have e-mails coming up perhaps every couple weeks and months, and in each batch it's probable you will have e-mails classified, and not at the time she received them or sent them, but because of
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current events. this is something that is going to trail her basically through the iowa caucuses. >> the republicans will say it was a violation of security on economic issues, and the washington post story, within 24 hours of saying we were dead broke to justify making some money. the clintons combined made $700,000 in speeches. >> what you just said, i suspect will have more residence than the e-mails. everybody understands e-mails, and if the explanation is she had a private server and deleted them, and then people are also hearing here is the information in her e-mails, and try to make those two things work together and on the 100 hand, she is deleting e-mails. what you just said about dead broke and those speeches, it's almost a year to the day, and
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it's fresh, and there will be a great ad. >> somebody is saying i want to be the candidate of small business and middle class. >> yeah, she keeps doing the roundtable events, and she comes with her secret service and motorcade and it's hard for regular people to get in the events, and it's a difficult one to make. >> another question on the e-mail release, and she is trying to have a new campaign and she brought in a new team and she was clear when you were out with her in iowa that she is going to talk to her friends and not stopping to her friends, and one of her friends is a guy that i remember well from covering the clinton administration, he is the one, if you look at the e-mails that was sent on september 12th, the morning after the benghazi attack, he had information that the attacks were inspired by the infamous internet video, and she says i
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have tprepbtdz friends and i am not going to push them away. a problem? >> she said i have friends and i am going to stick with them, and that's the whole question of who would have access to the president's ear, and she could have new advisers and young aides, and it races the point they have a long network of people and she is sticking with them. >> it makes the point i think what it's going to be potentially used -- the main argument republicans are making against her are character and can we trust her, and it's a judgment issue, and so the sidney issue goes to both, goes to who you surround yourself with, and who has your ear, and then are you -- the main criticism i heard about the e-mails that he was sending her was that she was forwarding them to her aides, and it was not that she looked at them and hit
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delete, but again, it's hard to break down the 30-second sound bite, but it could hurt. again, the recent gains by isis, and first, politicians say the darnedest thing and they set aside party loyalties to say farewell to a great night light -- >> fellow americans, our long national nightmare is over. >> our long national nightmare is over. >> our long national nightmare is over. >> our long national nightmare is over. >> our long national nightmare is over, letterman is retiring. >> he's just kidding, right? financial noise
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we now see what happens when we lead from behind. we leave behind our credibility. we leave behind our blood and treasure. we leave behind security. welcome back. jeb bush making the case that president obama in his view is losing the battle with isis. and president obama says we don't think we are losing. and so let's just take a look at the maps. this is december 2014, the red is areas, and here is syria, and red is areas fully controlled by isis, and yellow where isis has significant support. here is now, may 2015, a lot
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more yellow and a little more red, and the president makes the case there are other gains you wouldn't see on the maps, and this is proof at a minimum isis is not in retreat and probably at gain. the president clearly is defensive to all the republican criticism that he is losing. my question was, why not just let it go, and why does the president feel compelled to answer the republicans? >> he takes it personally as a president that took office to get the country out of iraq and then made a difficult decision to go back in in a smaller way, and still about 4,000 american troops on the ground in iraq right now, and he said it's a military campaign that will go on past his presidency, so he will leave a legacy in iraq to whoever becomes president, and he firmly believes this is a choice between the type of campaign he is running now and the type of campaign that some republicans are talking about where you have combat troops and he doesn't think the country
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wants to go back there. >> for jeb bush this was great in his view, because he talk to about president obama and there is a fascinating debate among and between the republican candidates about what you would do about it. here is a sample on the question if you need ground troops in iraq to push isis back? >> it will take thousands of americans soldiers over there to protect millions of here at home. >> if they want somebody that is not likely to have an iraq war and will only go to war when we have to when it's the last resort, when we have to defend america or american interests, there are going to be other alternativ alternatives. >> the republicans, who are we, and never mind who leads us but who are we? >> the issue with the iraq question in terms of jeb bush, he got focused on his brother for obvious reasons, and he clearly has issues talking about
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his brother, and the broader question, iraq is a stand in for how you would view the u.s. role in the world and what you would do in the terms of the u.s. force, and there are republican party in the middle of the huge debate, and deciding what kind of party they want to be in terms of use of force, and rand paul said we were better off with saddam hussein in power, and he is not totally wrong, and then you have donors who do not feel that way at all that are much more conservative. on the flip side of that question for hillary clinton, who did get asked that on friday, and questions about that and libya. >> you asked her about would you put ground troops back in, and let's remember it was her support in the iraq war that got her in so much trouble and probably helped barack obama get the nomination and become president, and robert costa said
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would you put ground troops in now? >> this has to be fought by and won by iraqis. there is no role whatsoever for american soldiers on the ground to go back other than in the capacity as trainers and advisers. >> we asked, have we learned the lessons of 2008, or what she perceives to be the lesson of 2008, no role whatsoever. >> it's interesting because, again, whoever becomes president whether it's hillary clinton or a republican is going to inherit some type of presence in iraq, and clinton administration's was more hawkish than president obama, and that's where the democratic party is, but what would she do? a lot think she would be more aggressive if she was in office. >> i made a mistake, and she was so free flowing to admit that, and i am not sure how that plays
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in an election. if she wins the nomination how is that going to be used in the election? we never know what presidential campaigns are going to be about in the end. there is war weariness on all sides so it's fascinating what rand paul would say about how it plays out in the convention. >> given that this is playing out in the campaign, we are going to watch it as the debate season plays out. we will see if it ends up being a debate among the republicans. we will get you out ahead of the big political news.
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let's head around the inside politics table. maggi, what do you have? >> hillary clinton on monday is going to be marching in the memorial day parade in her neighborhood, and that's what we are told to expect. this is a parade she marched in in recent years and got a great reception. there has not been a great sense of urgency around her candidacy so far, and that's one thing to keep an eye on, the big kickoff rally. so far keeping the events small and doing it for a reason, but you lose something when you do it that way and they need to galvanize and mobilize people. >> keep an eye on the parade. >> this is going to be a good reminder it's not just hillary clinton.
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bernie sanders will have a big rally, and probably reminiscent of howard dean's entry into the race. he is already getting a lot of online support and a lot of interests from that side, but by the end of the week martin o'malley will also be in, the former governor of maryland. she does not have the field totally to herself technically. we will see how much space they occupied. >> how much movement, yes or no. spent most of the last week in iowa, and rick perry, spending a ton of time in iowa, and he went to the eagle scout dedication of a local activist. he is doing the things people in iowa want to see candidates do, and he is trying to eplg yao nate the strategy rick santorum
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used. >> rick perry has great retail politics skills. i sat down with a lot of republican officials and donors in those states, and i said, you know, really give me a sense of what is on your mind behind the scenes, and the topic almost all of them brought up was angst about jeb bush, and they are not sure how he is going to get it, and they think he fumbled the answers on george w. bush and they are watching to see if he can navigate. i will close. at a dinner thursday night celebrating the remarkable community organization, i found enthusiasm, and as we have seen in public opinion polling a number of the bright young people do tend to lean conservative.
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now my informal focus included my two older children, and on wednesday we drove back with boston with all of his stuff, and we don't talk politics much in the family because that's dad's job and to them it's boring, and we did, though, for an hour of the drive, and both like many of the young people said nothing gets done with the big stuff anyway, so why bother. that's the depressing part. whether or not you agree with the results the energy with the young voters in the obama campaign was good, and many think it's a waste of time to get involved and even vote, and i told them i thought it was a mistake.
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that's it for "inside politics." thank you for sharing your sunday morning, especially on this memorial weekend. we will see you soon. "state of the union" starts right now. good morning from washington. i am jim acosta. we are waiting for a news conference out of cleveland ohio right now, after a largely peaceful night of protest following an acquittal of the shooting deaths of unarmed people. we expect to hear from the mayor of cleveland and the police chief there. what can we expect from the news conference? i guess it's fortunate last night was basically peaceful. what do we expect to hear? >> well, it's likely we will get some sort of update on how things went overnight, judging from a number of riot police on the streets of cleveland and things seemed to have gone better than expected. yesterday there were small protests that


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