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tv   CNN International  CNN  May 26, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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comcast business. built for business. as many as 14 fifa officials could be slapped with corruption charges by the u.s. after arrests were made in switzerland. >> plus iraqi officials claim isis fighters are surrounded in ramadi. >> and a sweltering heat wave in india claims the lives of more than 1,100 people. >> hello there, everyone, i'm errol barnett. a big welcome to our viewers in the u.s. and around the world. >> and i'm rosemary church. thank you for joining us. this is "cnn newsroom." after a three-year fbi investigation, the u.s. is making arrests in a corruption
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case involving fifa. 14 officials of world football's governing authority will be charged. and some are being arrested overnight in zurich and elsewhere. officials have gathered in the swiss city for an election that could give sepp blatter a fifth term as the leader. >> officials point out blatter is not among those being charged but he was investigated and that part of the probe in fact is ongoing. >> we spoke with cnn's alex thomas to get details what is known about these charges right now. >> very sketchy details right now. potentially this is something that could blow wide open the fifa presidential election happening this friday which deter men mines who will be hea the governi ining body. it has been sepp blatter, since 1988, when he succeeded the head
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of fifa before that. and a nice stroll through zurich. gathering opinion ahead of blatter's term as president. he has one challenger. blatter is the overwhelming favorite to be re-elected as president of fifa. we hear that swiss police in plain clothes overnight raided the hotel where all of the top officials,'s governing body were staying. all connected to fbi investigation of corruption at highest level of the game. cnn understands from swiss police they were ordered to conduct the raid at request of federal authorities. there is cooperation between the swiss and u.s. authorities. there is a particular extradition treaty between the two nations.
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"the new york times" reporting that although people can't be extradited from switzerland to america, on tax charges, common criminal charges do work in that case. we are yet to find out which of the fifa official have been amongst the 14 arrested. although we understand, sepp blatter its not one of them. nonetheless, accused of cronyism having those closest to him help him maintain power. interesting to see later today as names eemerge, later wednesday, the we believe the fbi will hold a news conference and establish mr. then. >> this is quite an explosive development. joining us from zurich with reaction, kay radnitch, executive editor of "world soccer." there you have it. justice department set to announce charges very soon. tell us what you make of the scale of this case. 14 people charged. all among fifa leadership. and days now before leadership
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election. >> well, obviously the timing is particularly deliberate. because all here, are here in spirit. also this has a potential to be the greatest crisis of all of the crisis in fifa history. >> we can alpoint out fifa has faced allegations of corruption before. they have done some internal probes. many people curious at the lack of the findings of those. sepp blatter not among those being charged. but from what we can see here, essentially everyone within his inner circle is charged in some way. how then, considering the potential of this coming from the fbi, coming from the u.s., how could this impact his chances, at a fifth term, in these upcoming elections here. is, would you expect him to still win? >> well i really think what
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depend comes out late tire day frday -- later today. [ indiscernible ] >> now we are awaiting the news conference in brooklyn, from the fbi offices there. what details then are you interested to find out because as i mention fifa's reputation before this was pretty lackluster, what do you think will be crucial details we'll want to know? >> well i think the most important thing obviously is know the evidence against the people being arrested. that will lead specifically to the issues. [ indiscernible ]
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fifa did hire an american attorney to investigate it all. but he quit last autumn in frustration basicly. the report he produced have been buried. >> what do you make of this, the fbi with is according to you deliberate timing, making this announcement ahead of the elections, this hotel in zurich raided, where the officials were located. what do you think this means as far as the level of corruption at fifa and its inability to, to stamp it out? >> well, obviously the details of the allegations of corruption we're still waiting to hear specifics of that. but the emphasize -- fifa's inability to govern itself. to run its own business, in a straight forward, clear, transparent way. and, and, this -- really, it's -- possibly, the culmination of all of the criticism and all of it directed
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at fifa. >> the difference around this time. we will see substantial punishments. again waiting to hear exact details and confirmation from the fbi kay radnitch, executive editor of "world soccer" thank you for your time from zurich this morning. rosemary. >> we are watching that story. another one in iraq. 9:00 a.m. in iraq where the defense ministry says sunni tribal fighters and shia militia have isis surrounded in ramadi. the government launched a major offensive to retake the capital of anbar province. shia militias working to cut isis supply routes from the city in the province. >> isis captured ramadi a week ago after government forces retreated. tens of thousands have fled to baghdad. tuesday's military
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complicated by this massive sandstorm, 330 feet, and reduced visibility to almost senior international correspondent arwa day mmon has more on the operation. >> reporter: a mass mobilization across multiple fronts. in two key iraqi provinces. fueled by the fall of ramadi, in anbar which borders where we are. this territory was recaptured hours before we arrived. when the force moved in here, earlier in the day, there were a number of i.e.d.s that isis fighters had buried. right along this route. a number of them exploding on -- on some of these uniits. and -- there were at least 11 casualties. used to move with e transporting fighters and weapons through areas they
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controlled. >> anbar province is in that direction. their main aim here right now is to make sure that they hold the defensive position to keep isis from recapturing this territory as -- as other elements of their u unit advance further that way. >> reporter: within the shia paramilitary force leading this joint operation with iraq's forces. we cut off their supply routes into anbar and we surrounded the enemy in this area. it is a critical line of defense between the regions that also runs along a vital south to north oil pipeline. throughout the battlefield is a patchwork of isis strong holds and logistical lines. we see but are not allowed to film or speak to iranian advisers. iraq's powerful neighbor, a much more reliable ally, in the war
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against isis. >> anyone who depend on american support is depending on a shadow, the dependence by the central government on the united states is one of the reasons we lost ramadi. that won't happen here all of the men vow. more forces and reinforcements arrive. through a scope one fighter can point to suspected isis vehicles inn't distance a long the berm, others watch and wait. preparing for isis to strike back. arwa damon, cnn, iraq. >> let's get the very latest now on this iraqi offensive. ian lee following developments from cairo, egypt. he joins us now live. ian, iraqi officials claim isis fighters are surrounded in ramadi. now if that is the case, this happened very quickly. what are you hearing about that? >> that's right.
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they're moving pieces into position. we haven't heard of any major fighting taking place yet. but it does appear that -- every piece of this operation is being moved into position. before the real push to retake ramadi commences. we have seen that they have cut off the supply routes from one province to ramadi. as we heard as well that they have surrounded the city. but they are positioning with multiple forces. you have the iraqi military. you have the shiite militias. iraqi police, you also have roughly 4,000 local sunni tribal fighters. this is a broad coalition. a lot of different pieces to get together before -- what we're seeing. this final battle for ra maddy maddy -- ramadi to take place. we know iraqi forces, shiite militias and fighters are trying
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to work together to crush isis. but there has been criticism from the u.s. as we reported. regarding the will of the iraqi forces. we don't know what portion of this fighting force is made up of the army, do we. but how much of this counter attack is about showing the world that the iraqi army is capable of fighting off isis? there has been a war of word, american and iraqi officials. really a lot of finger pointing what really caused the fall of ramadi to isis in the first place. we heard from an arwa damon piece. one soldier in ramadi saying they didn't hatch the support from the central government in terms of backup. or they didn't have the weapons, the ammunition, to keep the fighting going, as well. so -- this is a very significant push for the iraqis to take back control of ramadi. but we have to remember that isis was still on the offensive only a few days ago. trying to complete the corridor
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between the two cities they hold of ramadi and falluja. important for the iraqi government to stop that advance and to slowly push it back. and, as you said, we have seen these shiite militias very controversial. we have claims of rights abuses. in the past, they're also heavily backed by iran, and something that the united states doesn't want to get entangled with to be seen as helping them. because they do have that sectarian nature. but on, the other side. they have been the ones that have proven themselves time after time of being able to stand up to isis. and to take them on. and actually, defeat them. >> yeah. they certainly aper pear to hav the will to fight unlike iraqi army is the criticism of course. ian lee reporting live from cairo, egypt, many thanks to you. >> the capture of ramadi followed by the fall of palmyra.
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for now the ancient any cities artifacts are intact, according to staff members still there. >> unesco world heritage site is home to greek, roman, persian ruins, the kind isis has a record of destroying. but isis has the not spared the city's people. reportedly murdering hundred since seizing control there. >> and to another story now that we are covering. 31 people are dead after destructive storms hit the southern u.s. and northern mexico. several others are missing. >> houston, texas was just swamped by flash floods, caused by massive rainfall. about 11 inches of rain, 27 centimeters fell. >> hundred of homes have been washed off their foundations. cnn's anna cabrera has late nois from the town of wimberly. >> the devastation here is
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remarkable. hearing from residents the water rose so fast and with such force it was look a tsunami hit. the house behind me buckled. now that the water has receded you realize just how high up the water game. the blanco river lies beyond the trees. at the peak of the storm. the river rose more than 30 feeten jufeet feeten just two hours. we got a chance to visit the heart of the deaf station. we saw home after home, torn to bits and pieces. some homes gone, nothing left but the concrete slab foundation. in all, more than 1,400 homes destroyed in hayes county alone. we talked to one man who lost his home. he said he was there with eight other people when the river started rising. many of them were asleep. it was dark. they rushed to higher ground. while they couldn't see much, what they heard, was horrific. >> just loud, cracking, breaking, you can imagine probably houses breaking apart. and flowing down the river.
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>> must have been terrifying. >> it was. it was. but we all got out. that's good. >> the water was so powerful. it ripped trees out of the ground. some of the trees, 500, 600 years old, we are told. they endured, past floods. this one was just too much. >> anna cabrera there for us in texas. later this hour, more on some people still missing as the search continues. >> absolutely. all right, well, extreme heat kills more than 1,000 people in india. >> and searing temperatures could last much longer. we'll bring you that story next. when "cnn newsroom" continues. making a fist something we do to show resolve. to defend ourselves. to declare victory. so cvs health provides expert support and vital medicines. at our infusion centers or in patients homes.
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to plan, compare & book the perfect trip, visit today. overnight arrests are made in a corruption investigation of fifa. swiss justice officials say, six fifa officials have been taken into custody in zurich. >> the u.s. justice department is expected to announce charges for up to 14 officials of world futbol's governing body in the coming hours. investigated on suspicion of accepting bribes and kick backs between the early '90s and
11:21 pm
current day. fifa officials have gathered in zurich for an election that could give sepp blatter a fifth term as leader. this complicates all that. law enforcement officials say he is not among those being charged but he was investigated. >> there is not much relief in sight as india swelters. >> at least 1,054 people have died in the soaring temperatures. in three southern states. according to indian disaster management officials. malika kapur reports that the poor seem to be suffering the most. >> reporter: an extreme heat wave is sweeping across india. hundreds of people have died. either from a sun stroke or dehydration. temperatures are soaring. in some places, touching 48 degrees celsius. that's 118 degrees fahrenheit. the states in the south are the
11:22 pm
worst hit. the capital new delhi and central india are affected too. most vulnerable, people who didn't have access to shelter. the homeless, construction workers, beggars, migrant laborers who often live on the streets, and, the elderly. >> it is very severe. due to that people are getting dehydrated and facing so much feeling like fainting. and they're feeling very sick. the early morning by 8:00 very severe heat. losing all of their energy. >> reporter: local disaster management officials in some states are urging people to stay indoors between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. to wear cotton clothes and use caps and umbrellas. they're also distributing water and buttermilk to help people stay hydrated.
11:23 pm
still, many are falling sick. local hospitals are filling up. >> my brother is admitted here. he suffered sun stroke going to work yesterday morning. his condition became serious. >> the heat wave exposes india's weak spot. power. a third of india's 1.2 billion people don't have reliable access to electricity. that means, they don't even have a fan to cool off under. it also means those who can afford air conditioners are using them for longer. this surge in demand for power often lead to power cuts in many parts of the country. making a terrible situation worse. >> joining us now from new delhi, the program quality manager for catholic relief services and can give us an update on how efforts to help people are going. great to see you.
11:24 pm
more people are succumbing to the heat unfortunately. just wondering based on what your team has been doing, what steps you are seeing the government take, to help people, and of course you can let us know how your group is assisting others as well. >> thank you. so where i live in delhi there are quite a few homeless people. i have seen the government and locals over the past few weeks assisting with water stations and that area. also, the state government has taken on several educational programs through media and social media. basically asking people to stay indoors, wear cotton clothing. and be sure to hydrate. currently, crs is checking in with our local partners, both government and the local organizations that we work with to make sure that everyone is looking out for those most vulnerable people. i think the most important way to do that -- >> sorry go ahead.
11:25 pm
>> sorry, that neighbors, neighbors and family members are really those who are in the best position to recognize when some one is recovering from extreme heat. and we want to make sure they have the information on how to help. >> usually. these extreme, extreme weather conditions it is the most vulnerable, the sensitive. the younger. elderly susceptible to fluctuations. in this situation we are seeing people in the south of the country who didn't have a lot of money. don't have access to air conditioners or working as laborers. i know that you also do work to help new mothers. how precarious does this, is this heat wave, and high humidity, for those young mothers and their babies? >> yeah. so pregnant women certainly face greater risks during, during summer in india. in particular, a woman's pregnant woman's core temperature, is about 100 degrees fahrenheit.
11:26 pm
that can have serious implications for the fetus. and may in fact, increase the risk of miscarriage. so one way of working is working through community health support structures in rural communities. and getting out with the correct information to pregnant women. to stay indoors. be drinking, keeping electrolyte, and drinking, silt russ water and continuing to breast-feed their children so they do not suffer from dehydration. >> as you mention, it's important for neighbors to take care of one another and to essentially have each other's backs during what is a very difficult time for so many people there in india. thank you so much for your time. the program quality manager for catholic resef slief services. appreciate your time today. >> we'll take a very short break now. still to come, parts of texas
11:27 pm
are swamped after powerful and deadly storms in the region. the latest on rescue and recovery efforts. still to come. when you set out to find new roads, you build the car of tomorrow, today. introducing the next generation chevrolet volt. ♪
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i'm a lineman for pg&e out of mythe concord service center. i have lived here pretty much my whole life. i have been married for 12 years. i have three kids. i love living here and i love working in my hometown. at pg&e we are always working to upgrade reliability to meet
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the demands of the customers. i'm there to do the safest job possible not only for them, but everybody, myself included, that lives in the community. i'm very proud to do the work that i do and say that i am a lineman for pg&e. it's a rewarding feeling. together, we're building a better california. welcome back to viewers here in the u.s. and around the world. i'm errol barnett. >> i'm rosemary church. we want to update you on the top stories. iraqi forces, sunni, tribal, fighters and shia militias, staging an offensive against isis in two key provinces. the prime minister says on iraqi tv the lib raegs eration of anb imminent, his word. and shia militias working to cut
11:31 pm
isis supply routes in the province. >> no relief in sight for the searing heat in india. the hardest hit area is the southeast. authorities are advising people to stay indoors and drink water. >> swiss police arrested six fifa officials as part unfortunate a u.s. corruption investigation, involving the governing body. the u.s. justice department plans to announce corruption charges against 14 senior fifa officials. swiss officials say they're being investigated on suspicion of accepting bribes and kickbacks between the early 1990s and the present day crimes that were prepared in the united states. >> and for the latest on this story, let's bring in senior international correspondent nic robertson, joins us from london. nic, we know 14 fifa officials are charged. six of them were arrested overnight. what information do you have on
11:32 pm
the arrests? >> well this is something we are told that was announced by -- in the united states, late yesterday. that the fbi had been investigating fifa for the past three years for bribery and kickbacks that date back to the early 1990s. there were 14 people that they, plan to charge. this doesn't include the fifa president, sepp blatter but believed off to include senior-level officials close to him. that's, that's what we understand from u.s. officials. and the reason that the united states believes it can take jurisdiction in this matter of alleged bribery and corruption inside fifa whose headquarters are in switzerland is because, u.s. officials believe that some of these crimes were planned and agreed inside the united states. and the money transferred through u.s. banks. which through u.s. banking regulations and laws would give them jurisdiction. what we are hearing from the swiss, officials, involved in the six arrests this morning.
11:33 pm
they say that the sums totaled involved in bribery and corruption going on now for the better part of 20 years it appears they say, over 100 million dollars. involve payments between media organizations and fifa officials. that would allow the media organizations to -- to get access to -- to fifa events in latin america. and again, u.s. officials say, that the money and the deals, these illegal deals were perpetrated inside the united states. so it does seem that at the moment, these six arrests are, the first of what u.s. officials are planning could be a total of 14 rosemary. >> that's how it is looking. of course, nic, fifa presidential election is due to be held friday. sepp blatter is expecting to, to step up, for his fifth term. now, as you mentioned, no charges against him, but what
11:34 pm
impact will this likely have on those elections. could they possibly be delayed. postponed. >> well it ser tcertainly the f time, the public is hearing charges, allegations of corruption. within, within fifa, fifa itself had an investigation. that ended in december, last year. when they decided there weren't ground to move ahead with questions over payments made involving -- bid for the 2018 and 2022 russia and qatar world cups. they decide to end the investigation. however a senior level qataree official was sanctioned in 2011. so these -- these claims -- these allegations have been swirling for a long time. and it does -- appear to tarnish the image of sepp blatter internationally on the public forum. if you will. however, within fifa, sepp blatter running for his fifth term in office as president.
11:35 pm
has not had any of those allegations speak to him so far. so, this would be a further tarnishing of fifa's reputation by implication, of his own reputation. but so far -- as we understand, he isn't one of the 14 expected to be charged. and at the moment, this would put his reputation as president of fifa not beyond reproach or d doubt. >> in the hours ahead we'll hear more perhaps the names of the 14 fifa officials. the fbi holding a news conference in the hours ahead in brooklyn. many thanks to nic robertson joining us live there from london. >> let's turn now to the southern u.s. and northern mexico. where relentless storms have killed 31 people since the weekend. several others have not been accounted for. >> a mother and two young children are among the missing.
11:36 pm
but their families not giving up hope. gary tuchman reports on the search-and-rescue efforts. >> many people are missing in texas after the river went over its banks and caused catastrophic flooding. the magnitude of which has never been seen here before. along the banks of the blanco river in hayes county, texas, a sad, solemn sight. members of the military searching for people missing, after last being seen swept into the river. the river flooding catastrophically after huge amounts of rain and there is still a vif leolent and dangero current. >> our community have been devastated by a tsunami of water, historic tsunami of waltwalter that came down the blanco river. quickly in a powerful way. >> reporter: in this small county people have lost their lives. many are missing. among the missing, a mother and two children. laura macomb, 6-year-old son
11:37 pm
andrew and 4-year-old leyton. her husband, the father, john, survived but was seriously hurt and us in the hospital. joe macomb is john's father. >> it is difficult for him right now, obviously. he is heavily sedated in the hospital. >> reporter: john was tossed in the river with his family. >> we really don't know how long he was in the water being tossed around. slammed up against trees and rocks and things. >> john's wife actually called her sister when the house was uprooted and started floating on the river. >> from what i understand and just basically said -- the house is floating. i just wanted to tell y'all i love you. i don't know what is going to happen. i just want you'd to know i love you and i am with my kids and husband. that was the last of the phone call. >> so far, no scenes at all of the mother and children. about 70 homes have been destroyed in the county. 1400 houses damaged.
11:38 pm
this home owned by a woman who says in 40 years of coming here she has never even had minor flooding. could you ever imagined this much destruction from this river? >> no. but i respect it now, i tell you that. >> reporter: the fury of the waters tossed vehicles look they were toys. this was a vw jetta. police and emergency officials say they're hoping for miracles. they still consider this a search-and-rescue mission. the blanco river well above flood stage, a great concern because the extended forecast is a lot more rain. in addition the concern is the current. this is normally a placid river. give you an idea. illustrate how strong this current is. just go up to my shins. once i get close on the tree, i have to avoid tumbling. that's the west. this is the east. the searchers are behind me right now looking for the
11:39 pm
missing. it was 89 years ago they had the record flood stage here. this past weekend, they broke that by a lot. this is gary tuchman, cnn, hayes county, texas. >> meteorologist pedram javaheri joins us to talk more about this. we had a chat during the story. stunned how quickly this happens. the family uprooted and torn apart now. they had time to make a fen cph call. wasn't enough time to get help. >> the amount of force the water xerts. 3 inches of moving water, 20 pound on your legs. 6 inches goes up to 80 pound. four times as much. think of an earthquake. the scale going from 5 to 6, not one magnitude, it is exponential. much the same, walter and the speed at which the water moves. really is artbreaking to see this region. so densely populated. where the heaviest rainfall has come down. going to show you. because flooding still going to
11:40 pm
be a major concern. pulled up some rain gauges. river gauges i should say. 186 rivers across texas. portions of arkansas. into oklahoma. experiencing at or above flooding stage at this point. any amount of water, 1 to 2 inches will do damage. look at perspective. officials out in harris county. by the way the county. city of houston is in. third largest county in the united states, by population. average 5.3% of rainfall monday night. you do the math with the land area. that is 1262 billion gallons of water. how much water released in six hours over texas. 600 billion, 600 billion liters of water for international audience. take a look. this water would fill a stadium. 500 times over. over a densely populated city. biggest cities in the united states. major problems. tur the sun came up on houston.
11:41 pm
thouz santd of vehicles stranded over the region. the steering currents in the atmosphere, in prime condition. drawing the gulf moisture in texas. this is what you dent want few see. models bring in 1, 2 inches. 50 millimeters. in houston. get up toward dallas, oklahoma city. pick up 4 to 6 inches of rainfall in the coming couple of days. next week. above average rainfall possible in portions of the southern united states. especially around eastern texas. so this is something that we are very concerned about because of the levels of waters sitting out over the region. that is what we are dealing with here. this is something you would see in the estimations we have from national oceanic and atmospheric. one in a 50 to 75 year event to get this much rainfall in this particular area in 12 hours, what occurred monday. >> yeah. we talk so much about all of this rain and the inability for the ground to absorb it. and of course the impact of that. >> yes all run-off now.
11:42 pm
the ground water reached maximum. all run-off at any point. >> pedram javaheri thank you. >> there is talk in south africa about legalizing the rhino horn trade. >> coming up -- why one man says this could save the species. we're back in a moment. from centrum. a complete, and tasty new way to support... your energy... immunity... and metabolism like never before. centrum multigummies. see gummies in a whole new light. visit tripadvisor orlandondo tripadvisor not only has millions of real travelers reviews and opinions but checks hundreds of websites so people can get the best hotel prices to plan, compare and book the perfect trip visit today
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boy: once upon a time, there was a nice house that lived with a family. one day, it started to rain and rain. water got inside and ruined everybody's everythings. the house thought she let the family down. but the family just didn't think a flood could ever happen. the reality is, floods do happen. protect what matters. get flood insurance. visit to learn more.
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right now arrests are being made in a corruption investigation of fifa. swiss justice officials say six fifa officials have been taken into custody in zurich. >> the u.s. justice department is expected to announce charges against up to 14 officials of world football's governing body. swiss officials say they're being investigated on suspicion of accepting bribes and kickbacks between the early 1990s and the present day. crimes that were allegedly prepared in the united states. swiss police say the illegal payments total more than 100 million dollars.
11:46 pm
incredible. >> woole'll hear from correspondents and experts over the next few hours on cnn. once kid aid safe haven for rhinos, poaching has become too common in south africa. >> to help save the species the government is considering legalizing the horn trade. we must warn you some of the pictures here are graphic and disturbing. >> reporter: we have to get around into the right position so we can. >> reporter: this is the legal way to dehorn a rhino. a dart stuffed with sedatives, the nervous calf shooed away so the team can do their work. >> how is the leg looking. >> get her up on the back leg. both horns are off in minutes. marked and registered. this piece of horn they removed is two year's growth.
11:47 pm
you can see they have shaved it off, trimmed it. so the rhino feels nothing. and here's the day's harvest. marked and microchipped. pack add way for storage in a secure vault miles from this farm. >> imagine then the stockpile this man has there. the crop of 1,000 plus rhinos he breeds. which is why john hume, south africa's largest private rhino owner wants to legalize the sale of horn. >> i will take my stockpile, turn into it money. turn it into rhinos and breed more rhinos. and so will everybody else. >> reporter: it is not quite as easy as that. rhino horn sells for around $65,000 per kilogram on the black market. thanks to demand from asia and vietnam. it is seen there as the a status symbol, a health elixir though it is proven that rhino horn
11:48 pm
does nothing for your health. >> a lot of people who feel they can't afford rhino horn. >> reporter: lynn johnson has done extensive reser. on the vietnam market and the wealthy individuals who typically use rhino horn. >> everything that we have heard those typical users have genuine rhino horn don't see a farm product as a substitute product. they like a wild animal because it is wild food, has to fight for survival. >> reporter: it is a fight for survival. last year in south africa, 1,215 rhinos were slaughtered for their horn. the south african government set up a panel to look into the pros and cons of legalized trade. but anti-trade lobbyists say legal trade may grow the market and fuel demand. illegal horn can be landered through the legal market. plus no consumer state seems interested in putting the necessary laws in place to manage a legal trade.
11:49 pm
>> we are perpetuating a demand in country where we are trying to stop demand. we keep sending out the wrong message all the time. >> reporter: the last rhino in vietnam killed in 2010, single bullet to the leg. its horn removed. there is own one male northern white rhino left, guarded day and night by rangersen a park in ken day. south africa has by far the largest rhino population in the world. but they're being killed off fast. guardian of the diminishing species, the imperative to do or die complicated by the simple sad fact that a rhino is worth more dead than alive. >> very disturbing images there. we are going to take a very short break. we'll be back in a moment.
11:50 pm
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11:54 pm
white house. and he is running as a democrat. >> i am proud to announce my candidacy for president of the united states of america. >> no one expects him to beat democratic front-runner hillary clinton in the primaries. most polls, sanders trails her by 50 percentage points. >> quite a space to catch up with. as a candidate though, 73-year-old fire brand is out to really influence the issues. and the tone of the presidential race. >> -- who has never run a negative political ad in my life. [ applause ] my campaign will not be driven by political gossip or reckless personal attacks. >> now sanders describes himself as a democratic socialist with a platform to the left of hillary
11:55 pm
clinton. so he will be a candidate to watch in the next year. speaking of hillary clinton. hillary clinton campaign store made its debut tuesday. yea. you can buy hillary themed, everyday pant suit tee. pokes fun at her look. >> clinton criticized in the past for her fashion sense. now it seems the self proclaimed pant suit expert is embracing the look and even urging supporters to put pantsuit up on twitter. >> good to be able to laugh at yourself. >> indeed. >> from democratic pantsuits to republican sweater vests. rick san toutorum plans to anno today whether he well run. >> he may be a familiar face, the conservative sweater vest fan run unsuccessfully for the republican nomination four years ago. >> all right. we want to update you on the top breaking story this hour. swiss justice officials say six
11:56 pm
fifa official have been taken into custody in zurich as part of a u.s. investigation following world football's governing authority. >> the u.s. justice department expected to announce charges up to 14 fifa official. swiss officials say they're being investigated on sus pegs of accepting bribes -- on sus pegs of accepting bribes and kick backs, from the 90s until today. crimes allegedly prepared in the united states. >> swiss police say the illegal payments total more than $100 million for marketing, media, sponsorship rites in connection with the soccer tournaments. a fifa spokesman said they're seeking clarity on the issue and would not make any further comment. >> we will have more on this. you have been watching "cnn newsroom." i'm rosemary church. >> i'm errol barnett. please do stay with us. we never thought we'd be farming wind out here. it's not just building jobs here,
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