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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  May 27, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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graduating and didn't feel right about doing it without her savior so tracked him down. >> it was the story, she always told me about the man saving my life. >> it was a day that makes your life worldth while. >> look at that hug. with that we hand it over to carol costello. >> have a great day. "newsroom" starts now. good morning. i am carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. we begin this morning in flood-ravaged houston, and a threat of more flash floods hanging over the fourth largest city. another three inches possible just this morning. this is a live picture from the south of dallas and emergency
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crews say this dam will likely give way at anytime. that likely means flash flooding downstream 25 homes have already been evacuated and across texas and oklahoma and the search for the missing grows more urgent. national guard troops scour piles of debris along a riverbank searching for victims swept away by floodwaters. soldiers and emergency crews and neighbors using city utility vehicles and heavy equipment to pull people from the floodwaters that swallowed cars and homes in minutes. the relentless search taking a grim toll. 18 people confirmed dead and 13 missing, and each hour of hope fades hope for those that vanished in the chaos. the aftermath of deadly breaking floodwaters in houston, texas, revealed this morning. more than 11 inches of rain fell
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in a matter of hours monday night into tuesday. a wall of water rising with frightening speed, leaving thousands traveling in their vehicles racing to escape. >> turn around don't drown. >> rows of vehicle left abandon on a houston highway, and some cars almost completely submerged underwater and emergency crews scrambling to pull people from the floodwaters, but for some it was too late. one woman says she witnessed the discovery of a body in a flooded truck. >> it was a woman, and it was dead by the time we got there. >> thousands of people now without power. the flash floods rushing through thousands of homes, and houston's mayor says at least 4,000 residents may have suffered significant damage. >> we first were on the couches and then on the table and then on the counters.
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>> one houston resident her family narrowly escaping the flood shows me the devastation, the rapidly rising tide left behind. >> the water got up to the lip on the counter. >> over a dozen people including children are still missing and the death toll in texas and oklahoma continues to rise. now, there is more bad news. this area of houston is under a flash flood warning, one to three inches of rain are expected in the next few hours, and it's already raining. i want to show you around because this is one of the most impassive areas, and you can see the water rushing at a big clip and the big worry how quickly the water can rise. i want to show you over here because you will be able to see in a matter of hours how the
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situation changes. i stand just under 6'0" and 24 hours ago that is where the water was, and beyond the banks of this bayou or homes, and 200 feet from the banks are homes and i talked to those people and they said three feet of water rushed into their homes, carol, and they had to jump on the kitchen counters in order for them to stay dry, and they were trying to keep their dogs safe as well. >> rosa flores reporting live this morning from houston, thank you. and a storm slamming already-flooded areas now, and this is flooding that spans across four states and the scale of devastation is staggering. good morning. >> good morning, carol. yeah 11 people missing and three dead and all three bodies that were found dead were found
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along the blanco river, and one adult female and two adult mails. they have not been identified yet. it was a frightening scene over the weekend, and you can see the blanco river behind me raging and if you see the water coming over the hump that's a bridge and that gives you perspective of how high the water is and it's remarkable how high the water rose. the water rose so quickly, the people staying here 450 people staying here and they were full to capacity, and they all evacuated ahead of the floodwaters when they saw the waters rising they got everybody out of here, and everybody is safe and that is such a nugget of good news here in all of the tragedy. the water rose so fast all of the empty slabs in front of me were once cabins and a lot of them pushed out of the way on the other side of the street, and some of them completely gone. you can see all the trees
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littering around. follow me over here because i want to put this into perspective. we showed you the river, and all of this was water, and my head would have been completely submerged during the weekend, and at the highest point, look here is the watermark on this cabin. this river rose more than 44 feet carol. we talked to the owners a couple minutes ago of the resort, and they said they built this place back in the '40s, and they never had to evacuate before and it gives you an idea of the tragedy, how high the water rose and how thankful they are when they took the measures to get everybody out and everybody is safe here. >> thank you. just as search and rescue efforts resuming for the missing, more bad weather could be on the way. carly smith, good morning.
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>> good morning, carol. >> thank you so much for talking with me. tell me your biggest challenge right now? >> right now is the impeding weather. we are conducting a briefing with our emergency response crews now on altering our response activity for the next coming day or two, and it's starting to pour down rain right now, and we have to suspend our air evac operations and our boat evac operations so we are changing our operational plan as we speak, but continuing our planning efforts for the recovery side of those flood victims. >> and we understand there are still people missing, including members of the mccolm family. >> we are thankful to our law enforcement in the investigative work enable to identify and
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make contact for all the unaccounted for on the list yesterday, and we still have 11 confirmed missing and will stay confirmed missing because there are eyewitness accounts of individuals going into the water and being swept away by the water. >> and they were inside their home and it started to flow down the river, right? it came off of its foundation and flowed down the river. the father was found. can you describe how he was found? >> the information that i received was the entire family all the occupants of the residents went up on to the roof of the residence itself, and when it started to shift, he grab fell off the roof and he grabbed a tree. >> of course there is still an active search for the rest of this man's family? >> yes, ma'am. >> how challenging is it for
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workers to search for the missing? >> it's very challenging, especially with the freak additional rain forms that we have had, and we have had a substantial amount of rain the day before yesterday and then expected today and tomorrow, and as the rain comes in the river rises again and shifts the debris piles they previously searched so they are starting their search over back over again every time it rains to make sure they have not missed anything with the shifting in the piles. >> thank you for joining me this morning. i appreciate it. still to come in the "newsroom," on the frontlines with iraqi troops, and cnn on the ground in an attempts to drive out militants from two key provinces. does your makeup remover take it all off? every kiss-proof cry-proof, stay-proof look? neutrogena® makeup remover does. it erases 99% of your most stubborn makeup with one towelette. need any more proof than that? neutrogena.
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snipers, suicide bombs and secret underground tunnel is some of the what the iraqi forces are up against as they try to drive forces out of two key providences. three suicide bombers targeted a combat out post near falluja. cnn's senior international correspondent, arwa damon, was on the frontlines and got a first hand look at how troops were trying to maintain their positions. >> we see but are not allowed to film or speak to iranian advisers. iraq's powerful neighbor a much more reliable ally in the war against isis.
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anybody who depends on american support is depending on a shadow and the dependance on the central government by the united states is one of the reasons we lost ramadi. that won't happen here all the men vow. more reinforcements arrive. they can spot a vehicle in the distance, and they watch and wait preparing for isis to strike back. >> arwa damon joins me with more from baghdad. tell us more about the fight and being on the frontlines. >> reporter: carol, at this stage it seems as though the patchwork force, and i say patchwork because it's iraqi police and the military and
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they have managed to make some progress in the battle for ramadi clearing a substantial amount of territory we hear from government officials around that critical city and also managing to capture upl bar university and there's an attempt to try and win back territory that isis has controlled but key and perhaps more important than that is making sure they block off the isis logistical supply routes to make sure the terrorists organization does not continue to maintain that ability that it has in the past to strike back and it's still a very fluid situation, and there are still battle lines constantly shifting and despite what the government hopes, the time it will take them to recapture ramadi it does
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promise to be a fairly lengthy battle. >> another challenge is the weather. tell us about the incredible sand storm. >> reporter: yeah that blew over yesterday into the area that we were in and also at the oil refinery and it allows isis to inch closer to the iraqi force. the sand is so thick you can barely see in front of you, and it lasts for a couple hours, and isis has not managed to capitalize on it too much but yesterday certainly it was of the utmost concern. and isis is a foe like nobody has faced here before, and they come at their frontlines relentlessly, and they are not afraid of death and they are not afraid to die in battle. they believe that that is their
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main aim, which is why trying to defeat them using conventional military tactics has proved to be so challenging, carol. >> arwa damon reporting live from baghdad this morning. in the meantime the white house is responding to scathing criticism by a top iranian general that the u.s. has not done enough on the ground to help iraqi forces. >> the fact is the proof is in the pudding. we have done thousands of air strikes along with the coalition forces and we have trained and equipped the iraqi security forces and have taken steps to support them and their needs on the ground and we're going to stay at that but the actions speak louder than words there, so we are fought going to worry about the iranian accusations, but we will focus on what we need to do to help support the iraqi security forces on the ground. >> let's talk more about this with cnn military analyst, james
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spider marks. >> good morning. >> and he said anybody that depends on the united states is depepding on a shadow. and on the other hand the u.s. has american advisers on the ground and america is conducting air strikes. is it kras to blame the fall on the united states? >> yes, and this is the same nation we are trying to strike a nuclear deal with us and i find it strange they would be poking us in the eye. more importantly, to the fight in ramadi the challenge is that most significantly the government in baghdad is shia run, and ramadi is in sunni anbar province. you have a fundamental disconnect in terms of what the baghdad government considers a priority and what is important to them. clearly the united states has
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demonstrated they will help the iraqi air forces as best they can, and we limited ourselves in terms of what we will put on the ground and if the iraqi forces don't have the capability to step up and lost ramadi we have to give them time to re-create the ability to go back in and that's what we are clearing seeing right now. >> you can't miss the point the iranians are closer to the action as in boots on the ground and the americans are not willing to do at time. >> arming the ally sunni tribes and sometimes led by iranian officers this is giving iran too much reach into the region, and it's complicating the effort to defeat isis frankly. >> so is iran slowly taking over
6:20 am
america's role in iraq? >> it is carol. absolutely. you know any part of the storm, the isf is turning around and can't handle the combat they are confronted with and shia militia are there to help. they are getting tapped out, if you will and tehran's support is coming through. the united states is providing strategic support, and tactical support in terms of air strikes, and trainers on the ground to get the isf up and running. clearly that's the risk we run, and it's enhanced reliance between baghdad and tehran and it's a new alliance that may be formal in some sense going forward but clearly that's what baghdad -- when baghdad is turning around and tehran is there to help. >> and bigger picture, when all is said and done what will that mean in iran does in the end have major influence of what happens in baghdad? >> that's a discussion point.
6:21 am
what we are seeing is the bulkization in iraq, and you will end up with a kurdish peace, and baghdad will have some type of an arrangement that exists and then a sunni peace now defined sadly by the isis caliphate, the emerging caliphate, which is what they are trying to create and that becomes the enter generational fight. it's a very vicious and bar baric conflict. >> general, thank you for your insight. appreciate it. still to come in the "newsroom," a pay to play scandal rocking the world cup soccer. top officials accused of corruption. >> reporter: from across the globe to pick a new president,
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6:26 am
mafia transcript money laundering and racketeering and bribes and kickbacks totaling $150 million. for now fifa says they welcome the investigation, and the group addressed the raid at a news conference. >> for us it's a hard time and not nice to be here in front of you and try to explain something that is not nice, but in the same time and i can confirm for us for fifa this is good this is good what happens, and it's confirms we are on the right track. it hurts and it's not easy and it's the only way to go. >> cnn international anchor is in zurich. tell us more. >> reporter: carol although the list of charges does read like some sort of hollywood mob movie, this was not a case of swiss officers smashing down
6:27 am
doors and dragging officials out of their beds and instead we are told from eyewitnesses it was civilized as the half of dozen officials were led out of where they were staying, and it's a busy week for the popular sport, and more than 200 global soccer officials will vote for the next president, and it's expected to be joseph sepp blatter, and his only competition is expected to be a second and we will see if this scandal has any bearing on the election on friday. >> why is the u.s. heading up this investigation? >> reporter: this all dates back to the new initiative really the first time it has ever been done the choosing of the soccer world cup host. this was done at the end of 2010
6:28 am
just after the first ever world cup in south africa, and they chose the host for the 2018 and 2022 tournaments at the same time, and russia and the small nation of cutter was picked and eye brows were raised at those picks, and cutter has no soccer pedigree there. and the united states along with australia, england and others were among those nations to miss out on hosting this hugely lucrative sporting event, and that's when a year later the fbi started an investigation into the process, and there have been two investigations today, carol, the u.s. department of justice one that reads like the mafia
6:29 am
mob script and then blatter's reign as the head of world soccer many feel it's ruining the game. >> alex thomas reporting live from zurich this morning. thank you so much. still to come in the "newsroom," the searches intensify and the death toll climbs. we will have the latest from texas, next.
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something potentially catastrophic happening near dallas right now. this is a dam southwest of the city of dallas and the dam has been breached and the water is flowing downstream. 25 homes are located downstream from this dam, and those homes have been evacuated. of course this leaking water could further kind of weaken the structure of the entire dam, and as you can see, there's a whole lot of water behind that wall so we are going to keep our eye on this and keep you posted. this is in mid-loathen, and it's currently under construction but as you can see, it could be catastrophic consequences this morning. it's the individual stories that are so heartbreaking. >> many people are still missing
6:34 am
here in hays county texas. after the blanco river went over its banks and caused catastrophic flooding and the magnitude of which has never been seen here before. along the banks of the blanco river in texas, and members of the military searching for people missing after last being seen swept into the river, and after huge amounts of rain there is still a violent and dangerous current. >> our community has been devastated by a tsunami of water, a historic tsunami of water that came down the blanco river very quickly in a very powerful way. >> and in this small county people have lost their lives and many are missing. among the missing, a mother and her two children. her husband, the children's father john survived but was seriously hurt and is in the
6:35 am
hospital. joe mccomb is john's father. >> it's difficult for him right now. he is heavily sedated in the hospital. >> john was tossed in the river with his family. >> we don't know how long he was in the water being tossed around and slammed up against trees and rocks and things. >> john's wife actually called her sister when the house was uprooted and started floating on the river. >> from what i understand she basically said the house is floating i just wanted to tell y'all i love you, and i don't know what is going to happen but i just wanted you to know i love you and i am with my kids and husband and that was the last of the phone call. >> so far no signs at all of the mother and children. about 70 homes destroyed in the county and 1,400 houses damaged, and this home owned by a woman who says 40 years of coming here she never even had minor
6:36 am
flooding. >> could you have imagined this much destruction from this river? >> no but i respect it now. i will tell you that. >> the fury of these waters tossed vehicles like they were toys, and this was a volkswagen jetta. police and rescue groups are hoping for miracles. the extended forecast has a lot more rain. in addition the concern is the current. i want to go up to my shins, and once i get close to the tree i have to hold on to it to avoid tumbling, and this is the west and this is the east, and the searchers are behind me right now looking for the missing. it was 89 years ago they had their record flood stage here, and this past weekend they broke that by a lot. this is carry tuckman, cnn, hays
6:37 am
county texas. still to come in the "newsroom," could a controversial ad featuring the prophet mohammed soon end up on buses in the nation's capital? we will talk about that next. ♪ ♪virgin islands nice♪ ♪so nice♪ ♪so nice, so nice♪
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posturepedic vs. beautyrest with up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head with three years interest-free financing. mattress price wars ends sunday at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ the woman behind a texas cartoon contest that featured
6:41 am
the prophet mohammed now turned her attention to washington, d.c. pamela geller submitted the winning cartoon of the contest to be put on buses in washington. in a fiery exchange on fox news geller addressed grit kwreubgz that say her fight is not about free speech but about hatred. >> the political culture are sepbnsoring the cartoon, and we are showing the american people what is being kept from them. >> nobody is saying that you can't see this ad or cartoon if you want to see it but i think she is doing it intentionally to provoke a controversy. >> it's fierce bullies that want to impose the sharia. where are you going to stop? are you going to stop drinking beer? are you going to stop girls from
6:42 am
wearing short skirts? it's not to be provocative. i did not make the cartoons a flash point, the jihadies made it a flash point, and what is next? >> with me now is the director of relidgice action of reformed judaism. thank you for being here rabbi. i appreciate it. the winning cartoon shows him growling "you can't draw me." so let me play devil's advocate. that's much more tame than what appeared on "charlie hebdo," right? >> i think juan williams got it right for fox news it's about provocation and fear mongering and spewing hate, and frankly, we the jews there are the
6:43 am
children of the holocaust knows something about what happens when bigotry spaouz. we are obligated as people of faith and leaders to condemn those bigoted views, and call for civil and thoughtful dialogue that did not cast duh supertion on an entire people. >> the transit is reviewing the question. what do you think the decision will be? >> i can't read their minds, and can you probably see in the background here i am in the religious action center in the center of washington, d.c. dupont circle, and there are buses going by in the background. whatever they decide the american society and the first amendment are strong enough to withstand hateful rhetoric and speech, and i call on all people of goodwill christians and
6:44 am
muslims and jews to come around civil discourse about what brings us together. by the way, in omaha nebraska a synagogue joined together with a mosque and church to build one building to inhibit together and be a light of justice, and so i know what is possible in american society. >> that's impressive. let me pose this question to you, and geller had a message that read, islamic jew hatred it's in the koran. do you think people really notice this? people will hate already in their heart might notice it but people go whatever? >> i am glad you point that out. most americans have bigger problems that we are up against, and economic disparities, and the struggle for the middle
6:45 am
class and working families and people are trying to get to work and live their lives. it's on us and the faith community to rise and the more important issues of the day, how we are going to deal with civil rights and economic justice and working families across the u.s. u.s. and let's get muslims and christians and jews all working together to make america a better country, and that's our job. >> thank you so much fore for your insight. carly farina shows up to stomp on hillary clinton's parade, and how do these two from opposite sides of the aisle fit into today's feminist movement? we will talk about that next.
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tripadvisor not only has millions of real traveler's reviews and opinions, but checks hundreds of websites, so people can get the best hotel prices. to plan, compare & book the perfect trip, visit today. i want to take you out to a city southwest of dallas and this is a dam, and as you can see it clearly has been breached and pouring over the sides, and this situation could turn catastrophic because the leaking water could cause more breaches in that dam or a total break down. we will continue to take you
6:50 am
back here throughout the next hour and a half here on cnn. in the world of politics this morning, two very different women will hit south carolina today to convince voters they would make a fantastic president. carly fiorina will try to that will take place right outside of a hotel where hillary clinton is hosting a campaign roundtable. it's an attempt to illustrate what fiorina's camp calls clinton's lack of transparency. you may have an impression of what these women think of feminism. the truth is conservative women rarely come to mind when we think about feminist leaders. i talked with a former media strategist for the rnc who wants today's feminist movement to represent republicans as much as it represents democrats. her name is mindy finn. she launched the nonprofit
6:51 am
empowered women to do just that. >> just because some people are not necessarily aligning with the feminist label, doesn't mean they aren't advocates for women's equality and success. >> what is it they don't like about that feminist label? >> in our research there was a breakdown across party lines. democratic women felt much more favorably toward it. independent women were quite split. republican women felt most alienated or turned off from that term. i think part of it is that feminism unfortunately has been entangled with being a democrat or being a liberal. it doesn't necessarily have to be that. what we found is we appeal to women who aren't quite sure if today's feminism is in line with their values. >> you attract center right women, is that fair? >> we're a home for center right women. i don't think we have to exclusively be there. women's organizations that came out of feminist movement in the '60s and '70s was a narrow
6:52 am
conversation. political power may have been limited to talking about reproductive rates for example. or even some of the women who are most featured as kind of the role models for women tend to be democratic women. i think that's changing. i know it's changing. >> what's the biggest misconception that liberal women have about conservative women? >> a lot of liberal women assume conserveative women have been brainwashed to be conservative. that's just not my experience. that's not my personal experience and experience of my peers. >> what do you think the biggest misconception that conservative women have about liberal women? >> that they just want the government to take care of them. they really perpetuate the nanny state because they are looking for help in all areas of life. >> when you look at the republican field right now and
6:53 am
it's 16 people and counting one woman and not many people think she has much of a chance to actually be a force in running for president. so is that something that concerns you? >> that does concern me. you know it's really quite unfortunate. there are a lot of strong women. some people may say they're on the bench who are republican governors across the country. i'm hopeful in the future they'll be presidential candidates because i would love to see a woman president. >> so ultimately what do you want to achieve by your new venture? >> that they can have more of a voice in whatever sphere that they operate. whether it's in politics or in business in their communities or even their home. >> is feminism outdated? >> the concept isn't outdated. we're in a different place. women have many many more choices in front of them. we're no longer fighting for some of the same things that
6:54 am
some of the initial feminist waves were fighting for. >> is that word feminism sort of deepening the chasm between conservative women and liberal women? >> data shows it may be just because the nature of it being tangled up considering yourself a democrat. we need to get past all of the judgment and labels if we're going to move forward and i hope that we can get to a place where we can do that. >> love to know what you think. do you think the word feminism divides liberal and conservative women? tweet me at carol cnn or go to facebook facebook/carolcnn. i would love to hear what you think.
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you can even check your connection status on your phone. now it's easier than ever to manage your account. get started at ever wonder what it feels like to be on top of the world? now you can experience. nearly 14 years after 9/11 the observatory opens up. there will be an early look from 102 stories up if the clouds allow it. chad myers is there. chad, i'm so jealous. >> clouds have burned away. we didn't have much of a view earlier but we do now. >> awesome. show us.
6:59 am
>> it truly is a reverent place. you think of what was here last time i was this high was on top of the world trade center july 5th, 1986. outdoor observatory. we're inside here. three stories. three levels. so much more space for people to really enjoy the space and enjoy what happened here and how this is the rebirth of phoenix, the we will never quit attitude of usa. it's an amazing place with all of the adults in here today. i can imagine when there are screaming kids it won't be quite as reverent. your hair stands up on your arms. it's doing it to me. you walk in and you see the marble and the same marble that came from the same quarry that built the original towers and you see a shadowbox of what skinny windows used to look like and it feels like you're in the same building for a while and then you realize where you're standing. >> so in the end it's kind of
7:00 am
bittersweet. let's focus on the happy, cool things this morning. it takes 47 seconds to go up 102 stories. does that mean your ears don't pop or do they have one massive popping? >> it feels like you're coming up from about a 60-foot dive and you're swallowing swallowing all of the way up here. absolutely. in that elevator there's a video screen three of them you see new york city being built from 1500s to 1600s and 1700s and where we are now. it's worth the 32 bucks to get in just to watch that. beautiful exhibit. >> thank you for sharing, chad. i appreciate it. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts now. happening now in the "newsroom," a desperate search for a mother and her two young children swept away in deadly flooding. >> tell mom and dad that i love them.


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