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tv   New Day  CNN  May 29, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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started investigating mysterious transactions made by former speaker dennis hastert they wanted to know if he was paying someone off, if he perhaps been the victim of a crime or even if there was some innocent excuse for big cash withdrawals from his bank account. the federal indictment however tells only part of the story. >> the president of the united states. >> the former speaker of the house once second in line to the presidency now facing federal charges. accused of making false statements to the fbi and trying to hide large financial transactions that the government alleges was hush money. according to the indictment dennis hastert agreed to pay $3.5 million to someone only identified as individual a after meetings between the two five years ago. payments meant to compensate for and conceal hastert's "prior misconduct." the indictment does not describe what that misconduct was, but
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does say individual a knew hastert most of individual a's life and was a resident of the illinois town where the former speaker of the house was high school teacher and coach for years. >> in consultation with the white house -- >> reporter: in december of last year the fbi launched an investigation on the payments and whether hastert was trying to avoid currency transaction reporting requirements as well as using the cash to cover up past misconduct. >> that's why they would be looking into this. if there was a pattern of withdrawing around $10,000 from the bank without another explanation. >> reporter: hastert told fbi agents that the withdrawals were because he did not trust the bank system. the government alleges that was a false statement. it's a stunning turn for the former republican leader who was house speaker from 1999 until he stepped down in 2007. since then he's been a lobbyist at this washington firm which quickly removed hastert's biography from its website after the indictment was announced. hastert will have to stand in
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front of a federal judge at some point for his initial court appearance. our attempts to get a statement from him through his former law and lobbying firm have so far been unsuccessful. chris. >> all right, joe, a lot of questions here. let's bring in cnn political analyst and editor and chief at the daily beast john avlon and cnn political commentator and sirius xm host margaret hoover. this is one of those tricky ones where you don't want to get ahead of the story. an indictment is provided actionable information, but it tells you everything except what you want to know most margaret hoover it's why. we don't know why. but what we do know is that they believe, the authorities, that dennis hastert was playing with money in a way that violates the law. and they believe they got him two different ways. what's your suspicions? >> i'm not going to take the bait chris cuomo. >> you must. >> honestly -- >> this is your person. >> denny hastert was considered
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by republicans a real savior when he came into the speakership and really steady handle on the tiller at the time he was speaker of the house. he's respected by his colleagues both on the house of representatives and k street where he's been a lobbyist for several years. nobody should get ahead of themselves on this. >> hand on the tiller but skimming from the till john avlon. >> this is incredibly disapointing. >> just an indictment. >> any time you're taking that much cash out and trying to hide it and then if they're right seems like he was not cooperating with the fbi, that also makes them angry at you. clearly something is awry here. it seems to go out of character, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. there are a lot of people swirling about how awful this could be. let's wait until we know what it is. >> let's talk about money we do know. he made payments of $50,000 to this individual every six weeks. when that aroused suspicion he started taking out just $10,000.
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>> how do we know it's because aroused suspicion? >> because it says somebody asked him why he was doing that and then he started doing $10,000, which he then bundled for drops of $100,000 every three months. >> what we do know according to this indictment is denny hastert was apparently being subject to some sort of blackmail or extortion and it was worth $3.5 million over the last few years since he left the speakership and the indictment indicates it is for covering up bad acts misdeeds that went possibly back in denny hastert's history. those are the outlines of the accusations. your mind can go a lot of ugly places with that little bit of information. >> your mind can. >> i think frankly we don't need to get into the rumor mill. >> alisyn's right also. i think it's material to the analysis that it's not just someone, it's even better than that. you're even more right. it's bank representatives came to him and said what's up with the $50,000 in cash. and then he changed. what does that show? that shows knowledge of
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potential regulation. if you just changed for some other reason maybe he didn't know about the wire transaction. >> yeah. look this is political intrigue this is fbi, this is the language of indictments, but this is also some pretty ugly accusations that could get uglier. the reason it's been such a bombshell in washington is denny hastert has been considered mr. clean by his colleagues. he came in after gingrich after bob livingston had to step down before he even became speaker because of accusations of adultery. this is not only personally shaking to people in the republican establishment and washington establishment, it has a sense of a trap door in which case it could get much worse. >> you don't need to speculate, margaret, just to take one step back. he lied to the fbi according to the indictment. that's it in terms of saying if this is fair or not to dennis hastert. if the indictment is provable you don't need to know anymore. >> resigned from his lobbying firm last night. >> the rest is political intrigue. however, what is fueling intrigue and it's not we're introducing new ground here is
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that at times material to this indictment point one the first thing they quote is from approximately 1965 to 1981 defendant john dennis hastert was a high school teacher in illinois. why would they put that in? >> the reason they say he put that in he was a high school teacher and wrestling coach is because the individual to whom he was paying money he supposedly knew from that time. >> and the individual seems to be from yorkville, illinois. so likely related, it seems. >> the land of lincoln or blagojevich or both. >> both. >> i mean, that's why it has this whiff of scandal. it wasn't just malfeasance in congress. it was something before that maybe. >> so more to come on this story, but a major political bombshell in washington. >> they're also looking at whether or not he was extorted by the way. you can be guilty of the wire transactions but you were doing it because somebody else was doing criminal activity to you. >> that is the strong implication in this indictment. >> all right. more to come on that story we're afraid. john margaret have a great weekend. >> you too. >> over to michaela.
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now the only scandal we're following, we're following fifa's congress convening in zurich ahead of today's vote. show you a live look. president of soccer's world governingsepp blatter is up for re-election -- i'm sorry, we need to head to sunlen serfaty at the white house. >> reporter: here at the white house we're looking forward to a weekend session by congress by the senate to try to get these nsa reforms in place. the senate needs to act to extend the patriot act. the white house has been ratcheting up the warnings saying there would be dangerous interruptions in their ability to track terrorists if the senate does not act this weekend. now the deadline to act is midnight on sunday. but the wheels actually do start turning much earlier than that according to administration officials at 4:00 p.m. on sunday the nsa will need to start
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winding down the surveillance programs informing phone companies, shutting down servers on their end. officials say if the senate approves the house-passed measure and president obama does sign the piece of legislation before 8:00 p.m. on sunday night they say the process can be reversed. so the white house here has been increasing their pressure on capitol hill saying that the house passed reform bill is the only way forward. here's the white house communications director. >> there isn't a plan b. there's no magic bullet. there's no switch here. this is really an issue that the senate needs to work through. the question is why can't the senate move forward? can the republicans work through their family feud to get to an agreement over the next couple of days? >> reporter: and republican senators have been working throughout the recess this past week trying to strike a deal but alisyn, there's no breakthrough yet. >> sunlen thanks so much for that. get to chris. we have more news to discuss this morning. we want to get to nick paton
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walsh because there's an evolving situation going on overseas. so we're going to go to nic robertson right now, excuse me senior international correspondent with more from switzerland. nic, what is the latest? >> reporter: well the congress the fifa congress has gathered they've already voted on one issue, the fifa budget. 200 out of the 209 members voted to pass the fifa budget which given all the allegations of corruption that are abounding right now that in itself shows you majority of delegates here don't seem to be too concerned about precisely how the money within the organization is being handled $5.9 billion they raised over the last four years. but of course the key thing is that vote on who's going to be president. and right now acceptsepp blatter, the incumbent, tarnished with allegations of many individuals close to him does seem to be the lead candidate.
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prince ali bin hussein of jordan is the contender. he's offering to increase the number of teams from 32 to 36. he's offering to increase funding for football associations around the world from a quarter of a million dollars to $1 million, substantial increase. but the reality is sepp blatter has a strong following in africa, in asia, south america tends to go with him as well. the europeans have come out strongly for the contender prince ali, but at this time it does look like sepp blatter is going to be the one who continues to lead fifa. alisyn. >> oh so fascinating. thanks so much for that development, nic. we'll check back with you. breaking news moments ago a flash flood emergency issued for northeast dallas and neighboring areas after more than 5 inches of rain slammed the region overnight. creeks overflowing their banks contributing to dangerous flash flooding. this as houston and other storm-battered parts of texas brace for five more days of rain. at least 35 people have died from severe weather, nine people
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remain missing this morning. all right. big headline for you, two people are in custody and there's a manhunt in kansas for a third suspect. why? well a police officer was shot across the border in oklahoma during a chase. authorities say the officer tried to pull over an suv, there were three people inside they sped off firing shots at the police cruiser and hit the officer in the head. his condition is unknown. we'll stay on the story. for the second straight year two teenage wordsmiths are sharing the title of national spelling bee champs. >> if you spell this word correctly, the scripps national spelling bee will declare you and vanya co-champions. [ applause ] nunataka. >> n-u-n-t-a-k. >> how does he know that? it's not a word. >> it's a word. use it in a sentence. 14-year-old gokul and
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13-year-old vanya are your new spelling bee winners. they had to spell sthe last word. they're going to be here this morning. >> oh my gosh. >> we're going to ask them to spell new day, no i'm kidding. they're joining us fresh off their win. they're both veterans of the spelling beaconeacone contest. >> what did their parents do right that we can take a page from? >> a lot. >> i'll tell you it's not as simple -- they rarely know the words. it's about understanding the -- >> etymology. >> the phonetics. >> the reason it was a tie is they ran out of words. >> they started making them up. that's not a word. that's exactly what my mother does when she sneezes. it's the same thing. you remember what happened last year? we had a tie last year. the kids were nervous when they
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came on. odd not nervous spelling these words but nervous on the show. so i suggest what are you going to do to figure it out, there can only be one. we wanted to loosen them up go get pizza, take it out back figure it out, maybe a video game. and john oliver crushed me for being mean to the kids. >> are you suggesting an arm wrestle? >> i'm not going to suggest they do anything. i don't care how tight they are on the show. >> i think we should still play a practical prank on them now accepting suggestions. >> pranking teenagers, nah. >> that was a nun-attack. >> going to be a fun day. so ahead we have some big news for you. there is a shift in strategy going on in the middle east. the question is what is it and why. and why is the u.s. now considering sending weapons directly to iraq's sunni tribes? will that help the situation or make sectarian violence more intense? that's what we're going to talk about. when cigarette cravings hit, all i can think about
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arming sunni tribal fighters. at the moment all u.s. weapon shipments go through the iraqi government. so is this a smart move or is it a risky one? let's turn to lieutenant general mark hurtling cnn military analyst and former commanding general of the u.s. army europe and seventh army. general, thanks so much for being here. >> yeah good morning, alisyn. >> what do you think of the plan if the u.s. were to arm sunnis? >> well first of all, it isn't a new strategy. it's part of a line of operation that's been ongoing for a while. it's the arm and equip line. and i think what we're attempting to do is say how do we help the iraqis move faster. and i think what we're doing in the pentagon what elements are doing in the pentagon is saying how do we move this along, how do we help the iraqi government get a national guard in anbar province or get some type of control over the sunni tribal leaders. arming them directly i got to tell you, alisyn that will never work. first of all logistically impossible. how do you get arms to the sunni
3:19 am
tribes or even to the peshmerga? it would be very challenging. secondly it would be a slap in the face to the iraqi government. the real key is how to get the government to develop more trust with its people. if we do something like this it would be contrary to gaining trust and not going to help the long-term strategy of the war effort. >> this is not just philosophical on your part. you were in iraq during the anbar awakening. and you saw how arms played out there. what was the lesson learned? >> well the key lesson to me i was not in anbar, i was in multinational division north. so we had all the five provinces north of baghdad. and it was the same thing. it was the solemn movement it was the awakening, it was the sons of iraq. but what the difference was is there was a u.s. military control cooperating with the iraqi government. they didn't even want to do it at the time under mr. maliki. he did not want the sunni tribes or even the citizens armed because he was concerned about
3:20 am
uprising. but we made the promise to him, hey, we'll control this and we'll watch for closely the leaders of these groups. because those are the ones you put in charge and you give them weapons, but you've got to control them. and on a daily basis my subordinate commanders were meeting with the chiefs of these tribes the leaders of these movements to make sure they were leading arms correctly. if you just dump a bunch of guns to a bunch of tribal members you don't know what they're going to do with them. i would suggest that would scare the heck out of any government. >> help us understand how complicated this is. because as we've understood it isis is predominantly sunni. it's made up of disgruntled former saddam accolades. so how does arming the sunnis help fight isis? >> well there are different groups alisyn. when we're talking about isis we're talking an extremist arm of the sunni religion. and they are attempting to foemt
3:21 am
challenges and disasters for the shia-led government in any way they can as well as take over the government. what you have in the anbar provinces are sunni tribes. there are in fact 62 different tribes in anbar. there were 127 in the north area where i was located. all different tribal names. and they generate a lot of loyalty with their people. in fact the iraqi people put religion tribal affiliations and then government in that order as the way they look at patriotism. so when you're talking about arming sunni tribes to fight this extremist group, the majority of the members of these tribes do not want to live under this extremist ideology. they don't want them controlling their land. they want to get -- kick them out. but truthfully giving arms directly to them could cause problems which many people in congress have said how do we arm people without -- without ensuring the enemy takes those arms over. in this region especially in anbar you're really not sure who is for the government who is for protecting the land and who
3:22 am
are the covert elements that might be contributing to isis. that's the concern. >> yeah. that is. thanks so much for trying to explain -- helping to explain all the complications, general mark hurtling great to see you. over to michaela. trouble brewing in arizona. another prophet muhammad cartoon drawing contest is scheduled to take place outside an islamic community center today. the organizers are telling everyone who participates to bring their guns. we'll have details ahead.
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he says she's an undisciplined overwaterer. she claims he's a cruel underwaterer. with miracle-gro moisture control potting mix, plants only get water when they need it. fight ended. or shifted? miracle-gro. life starts here. breaking news this morning. a flash flooding emergency in effect in texas. this time it's dallas not houston, that's bearing the brunt of mother nature's wrath.
3:27 am
let's get right to meteorologist chad myers. we know that the storm front was going to move but what is happening right now? >> i know it's only 5:26 in dallas right now, but if you're heading out the door know many roadways are flooded today, this morning from garland back to plano. and still a flash flood warning for most of dallas and ft. worth. i know i-20 was closed for a while. many roads around dallas this morning are covered in water. a lot of rainfall still happening now. there's dallas. here's ft. worth. there's the area that rained so hard. this is rainfall accumulation so from garland to plano up to about allen, texas over six inches of rainfall. and it is still raining in some spots. this is a storm that developed overnight in west texas, rolled through the eastern part of the state and right over dallas. it's exactly what we expect to happen again tonight. another mass of clouds will develop right over here. and it will come right back into
3:28 am
dallas for about 5:00 tomorrow morning. we'll be talking about the exact same thing tomorrow morning with another round of storms alisyn. >> oh just what they don't need. chad thanks so much for that. >> you're welcome. former house speaker dennis hastert accused of paying hush money to someone and lying to the fbi about it. according to the federal indictment hastert agreed to pay $3.5 million to a person identified as only individual a. the nature of the alleged misconduct still unclear. the d.c. metro system is pulling all issue ads, religious and more from trains and buses for at least the rest of the year. why? well the suggestion is that it's a reaction to a group trying to place ads featuring the winning muhammad cartoon from a contest in texas. that's where two deranged men opened fire in the name of isis and got gunned down for their efforts. now, despite that near disaster speaking on "new day" thursday the group's head warned against censoring the cartoons. >> the media and the political
3:29 am
academic elites are censoring this cartoon. and we think the american people should see that you are self-enforcing the sharia. >> no one is questioning the right to show the cartoon, it's just about whether or not morally it's the right thing to do. the group went onto call the washington metro board cowards because of their decision. >> meantime there's concern in arizona that a repeat of that texas shooting could happen tonight. hundreds of people are expected for another draw muhammad cartoon contest, a protest outside an islamic community center is being organized. the organizer is a former marine. and he's not mincing words. cnn's sara sidner has more. >> reporter: the words on john's shirt make his stance very clear. the former marine is against islam. he and more than 450 others have signed up to do something about that. they're going to hold a prophet muhammad cartoon drawing contest. >> the cartoon contest especially i think it's stupid and ridiculous but it's what needs to take place in order to
3:30 am
expose the true colors of islam. true islam is terrorism, yes, the ones that are out committing these atrocities and stuff, they're following the book as it's written. >> reporter: after the contest he says they'll hold a peaceful protest where the depiction of the prophet are held up for the world to see. and just in case there's trouble, the facebook page says people are also encouraged to utilize their second amendment right at this event just in case our first amendment comes under the much-anticipated attack. in other words, they're telling folks to bring their guns. they say their protest is in response to the recent attack in garland, texas where police say two armed men tried to go on a rampage against another group holding a prophet muhammad cartoon drawing contest. those two men were killed by police. both lived in phoenix, and at least one attended the mosque he's planning to protest. they call it free speech. muslim leaders call it hate speech saying it's caused fear in their community. >> recently the mosques here in
3:31 am
phoenix actually received threatening letters, very specific threats saying we are going to massacre your congregations. this is all happened within the last week. so this adds to that intersection of islamophobia and gun culture. >> reporter: the reaction they're telling con gre inging them to steer clear. cnn, phoenix, arizona. >> so what's your take? tweet us newdaycnn post comments on >> what's your gut reaction as a canadian? >> this is hard to watch. this is really hard to watch. i don't believe that any of our faiths any of our faiths are about hatred. and to react with hatred about somebody's belief i find this so upsetting and so unsettling. >> people need a kindness pill. doesn't matter what faith you are, just act with kindness and love towards people.
3:32 am
>> now, what they say, right? because you now have this emerging division in the culture. and one, by the way, men like the one involved here who served and often are only confronted with the worst aspect of islam chrks are the extremists sometimes it's understandable because of their exposure they see it in a very limited way. but few people benefit from that definition. they say it's a first amendment issue. i should be able to do this. nobody is arguing that you don't have the right to show a muhammad cartoon. this is exclusively a moral issue. why don't we like effigies of religion? why don't we like the n word that's a moral question not a legal one. i think it's falsely elevating this dialogue. and to be sure the first and second amendment weren't put together to defend each other. that's not what you should be doing. >> i think it's an interesting debate about where's the line. we were trying to ask pamela geller that but she doesn't even like that question because there should be no line she says. >> she says where do you draw the line. the question is draw wherever you want. nobody's going to argue you don't have the right to draw the
3:33 am
line the way you want as long as you don't hurt me with where you draw the line. >> this is a hurtful conversation to begin with. we're going to carry on the conversation online. but we want to move forward with the show. fifa is moving forward with its presidential election today in the midst of a widening bribery scandal. there's a lot more at stake than just the future of world soccer. how the outcome could impact global politics. (mom) when our little girl was born we got a subaru. it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up. what? (announcer) the 2015 subaru forester (girl) what? (announcer) built to be there for your family. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. i'm angela and i quit smoking with chantix. my children always wanted me to quit smoking but i resigned myself to the fact that it wasn't going to work. but chantix helped me do it.
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well delegates from over 200 countries are casting their votes right now for the president of soccer's organizing body fifa. current president sepp blatter worked closely with 14 officials indicted in a huge racketeering conspiracy. he is likely to get re-elected. but the soccer scandal has spilled into international politics. we want to take a look at how the scandal could effect global relations. christine brennan usa today
3:38 am
columnist, bobby gauche. we'll get to geopolitics in a second. but i think, christine, we have to talk to you first. i think there are so many of us here in north america struggling to understand how on earth could a man at the head of an organization being indicted on bribery and corruption how, a, he's not being investigated and b, how he could possibly get re-elected. because it's widely considered he will be re-elected as president. >> michaela, first of all we don't know he's not being investigated as the justice department said as loretta lynch said there are ongoing investigations. this is only the beginning. sepp blatter could end up being in trouble, big trouble. i wouldn't be the surprise if that's the case. he's going for a fifth term since 1998. i would be shocked to find out that he did not know about this. so that's number one. and number two, how is he going to be re-elected? it's all about all of the fact that he has done so much for these individual countries, 209 nations, so many of these
3:39 am
nations are beholden to him. they look to him. they say they owe him. and this is international politics 101. we've seen in the olympics we've seen it with these different countries, it's such a close world for us in a democratic society like the united states it's just stunning. but this is the way business is run old school 19th century, not even 20th century, 19th century ways of leadership. >> well look we look at what's gone on here in the united states with our sporting issues of late. we've seen what's gone on with the nfl. we've seen deflategate, the issue of safety of our players on the field with those hard hits and their helmets. we've talked about even domestic violence. we've seen what the nfl, the scrutiny the nfl has been under and what has subsequently happened. that is so different from how this world operates internationally. >> oh completely different. it is a closed society. often the journalists are part of the government. they're cheering. i can't tell you the number of
3:40 am
olympics i've been to where you hear cheering from all of these reporters, quote/unquote reporters. they're not independent journalists. they're part of the team. you also have to consider how much they don't like the united states of america. they love our money, but they don't like us. and going back to the 2009 president obama flew over to copenhagen to try to help chicago win for the 2016 olympic games. those were the ioc meetings there. when he went there it was seen as a good thing for chicago turned out to be a terrible thing. one ioc member french ioc member complained about having to get up early and go through extra security. >> because the president being there. >> because the president being there. that's what they think about the united states. that's why they're so angry with the investigation that's going on. >> that's a perfect time to pit it to you, bobby, to talk about the anti-american sort of feeling that there could be. first of all, this is the biggest sport in the world. it isn't the biggest sport here in the united states. do you think there's going to be ill-will that the country who it isn't our thing is delving into
3:41 am
a world that arguably we don't really know that much about. >> opinion is quite divided on this. of course the officials who are beholden to blatter who are part of this incredibly corrupt system they will hold a grudge against the u.s. however, in the soccer world at large i've just returned from europe and every newspaper you open you're seeing words that i've not seen in many years which is thank god for america. >> really? >> people are saying only america, they're making jokes about it takes a child to see that the emperor has no clothes. but the jokes aside a lot of people in the sporting world are grateful someone is finally putting the bell on this cat. someone's finally taking on fifa because no other country in the world has dared to do this. perhaps because the u.s. does not have as much skin in this game. >> fair enough. >> to use an american sporting metaphor perhaps because the u.s. is not that much into soccer only the u.s. could pull this off. >> okay. so let's talk about putin. he said yesterday not only does he standby sepp blatter, the
3:42 am
head of the fifa organization but he implied that the arrests are meant to throw into question russia's getting the 2018 world cup. >> absolutely. >> first of all, is this more about his foreign policy thought process? he compared the u.s. arrest to the prosecution of julian assange and edward snowden. let's be honest. >> putin is going to criticize the u.s. for almost anything. he'll probably complain we're observing halloween. that's a whole different thing. but, yes, he's absolutely worried about 2018 the soccer world cup there. anybody who's got -- who has had sort of success dealing with fifa is now going to have that success, that sort of box opened and examined very closely. did they give bribes? we know that bribe-giving -- this investigation suggests that bribe giving and bribe taking was rampant throughout the body. so it's not unreasonable for people to now start looking into the russian thing and he's basically trying to avoid that kind of skrut sni. >> we have to watch to see what happens. and of course the election today
3:43 am
to find out who else comes under investigation and what this does to existing bids and hosting opportunities for these cities. we'll be watching. always a pleasure. thanks so much. chris, over to you. have you seen this? it's the latest test case for police potential excessive force. this is body cam video from an officer, obviously. this is an 8-month pregnant woman being arrested in california. no crime was committed. how does this not go too far? we will test. you decide. wow. and on this week's "parts unknown," anthony bourdain explores his home the best state in the union, new jersey. take a look. >> as some of you may or may not know i was born in new york city. but immediately after my birth i
3:44 am
was whisked off to what would become my happy home for 17, 18 years. that would be new jersey. now, as a long-time resident of new york i happen to think new york is the greatest city in the world. but if you're asking my what is the greatest state in the union the greatest state of all 50 states states -- it's new jersey.
3:45 am
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3:49 am
here's the situation. michelle cooks is very pregnant and says a police officer knew that and still treated her like an animal forcing her to the ground and making an arrest for nothing. the city defends the police action. so let's start with the facts and then test this use of force. cnn's kyung lah sets the table for us. >> what are you doing? i'm pregnant! >> reporter: how did dropping off children at school suddenly escalate to this? >> please i'm pregnant! >> reporter: police body cam video captures the entire incident. >> what's going on ma'am? >> reporter: the first contact the barstow police officer has is with this blonde woman who says she calls police to school. no damage to the woman's car. the barstow police officer then
3:50 am
clearly says this. >> i don't see right now -- >> i was scared. >> i don't see a crime that has been committed. if there was damage that would give you the opportunity to place her under citizens arrest if you wanted to. i don't see any crime. >> reporter: the officer walks over to the other woman, michelle cooks, who had just dropped off her second grade daughter at school. she's upset after the confrontation with the other woman. >> she was honking and honking, so i asked her what she wants. she was like you cannot drive out here. this is a one-lane thing. >> reporter: the officer then asks for cooks' name. >> okay. what is your name, ma'am? >> i'm not giving you my name. >> reporter: cooks gets on -- >> two minutes. >> reporter: he gives her about 20 seconds. >> don't touch me. don't touch me. >> ma'am, please. >> do not touch me. i'm pregnant. do not touch me. >> reporter: cooks is eight months pregnant and never stops screaming. >> what are you doing? stop! let me arm go! >> reporter: she is arrested.
3:51 am
in your opinion how did the officers treat you? >> like an animal. like a monster. >> reporter: this is michelle cooks today. cooks says police charged her with resisting arrest but a judge dismissed the charges. she gave birth to her daughter olive, two months after the arrest. she was healthy at birth. her mother though remains traumatized. >> you just looked at me and said oh she must be this way. and i'm not that way. you made me feel that i'm a way that i'm not. and i work so hard to provide for my family. >> reporter: kyung lah, cnn, los angeles. >> now, in a statement the city of barstow says "it is apparent that miss cooks actively resisted arrest." the barstow police department continues to be proactive in training its officers to assess and handle interactions with emotionally charged individuals. this incident was in no way racially motivated." now, let's test all that because it is certainly a controversial arrest to say the least. we bring in cnn law enforcement
3:52 am
analyst and retired nypd detective mr. harry houck and cnn legal analyst mel robins. thank you to you both. harry, take it from the top. i didn't hear the officer on the tape his body camera running, i didn't hear him ask the white lady for her identification. did you? let's start from there. what do you think about this arrest? >> first of all, i wouldn't have treated these people the same way this officer did. if i were -- you got a verbal altercation between two people. you got no crime committed here. >> which he recognizes. he says i don't see a crime. >> so i would have said to both of them listen this is over. go on your merry way. but apparently that didn't happen. >> so now he walks up to the second woman. >> now he walks up to the second woman, asks her for her name all right. any individual would you have given your name? i would have given my name. >> maybe, maybe not. >> i don't have the right, i have the right to or not but given him the name and see where it went from there. >> california as you know under their state's criminal procedure took the time to pass a law that
3:53 am
says i don't have to give you my identification. >> unless the officer believes a crime may have been committed. >> which he obviously did not. >> which he did not. did the officer act properly here? it's already been thrown out of court. my issue with this whole thing here is that you must by law and mel will back me up on this submit to a police officer when he places you under arrest. you cannot resist arrest. all she had to do was put her hands behind her back and get handcuffed. and she wouldn't have been involved in an altercation. >> you are putting it on her when he is the one who did the wrong thing. he knew there was no crime. >> but it's still the law. >> he goes up to a lady she's obviously pregnant. she's giving him a little attitude. she's angry. you arrest that lady? >> i would not have. but i'm saying still whether the police officer is right or wrong, you must submit to that officer. and then after you're arrested then you take it through the courts. >> mel, look harry's arguing the law here. usually he argues the facts of the practice. the law isn't what the issue is
3:54 am
here right? it's what the officer initiates. what's your take? >> my take is i completely agree with you, chris. good morning, harry. and, yes, i will back you up with this exception though harry. the police cannot engage in behavior where they escalate a situation, arrest people without any grounds whatsoever and then after the fact when a citizen is fully within her rights to say wait a minute what are you doing say, hey, you're the one that is the problem. i've got a couple issues with this chris. and this tape is not only disturbing to watch, but i think it's actually extremely educational. and, chris, you've already pointed out a bunch of the things that struck me. here we know michelle cooks name. we don't even know the white lady's name. we still don't know her name. she wasn't asked for her name. she wasn't asked for her identification. and while i agree that this is not a situation of explicit racial bias i do believe that this is one of these examples of what people keep talking about
3:55 am
of implicit bias. he shows up finds a woman upset, admits there's no crime. walks over to michelle cooks, treats her completely differently. she's upset. but one of the things that happens is he asks for her name. she actually gives him her name. she says my name's michelle. and then she says i want to call my boyfriend and see if i have to give you my id. within 20 seconds he's grabbing her for absolutely no reason. he treats her completely differently. >> now, harry -- >> people talk about implicit -- >> i agree it's a bad arrest -- >> i'm moving a step past it. you say once you decide to place me under arrest i have to submit. >> yes. >> now, i often see the value in that proposition when there are situations where it's a man and another man and, you know there's some dispute about it now you're going to put me under arrest and now my behavior toward you as the officer is going to determine the outcome
3:56 am
of that situation. >> exactly. >> even if it were a traffic stop for a broken taillight, once i give you tude everything changes in that dynamic. i get it. but it's not a man. it's a very pregnant woman. and it's a situation where he has no reason for suspicion except arguably the color of her skin. >> but the officer thought he was acting in good faith. >> where? where's the good faith? >> i can't read his mind. >> you just said -- >> he thought -- i'm assuming he thought -- >> so you are actually reading his mind. >> i guess i am. sorry. what i'm seeing is the officer thought he was acting properly. the officer's got a cam on so he knows everything he's doing is being recorded. so he believes what he's doing is right. now, whether or not they have interpreted that law correctly in california on when you can show somebody id and when you can't show somebody id. now, that article by the aclu yesterday that came out, all right, is a little bit misleading.
3:57 am
>> why? >> because it basically says you don't have to show your id to a police officer when he asks for it. you do. >> you do under certain circumstances. >> but those circumstances -- >> were not in play here. >> no but the fact is you have to -- you should do that. any level headed person would show id. i would have. and the reason why that woman wasn't spoke to mel, is because she was the complaint. >> harry, no no harry -- >> responded to the police and they responded to her. >> yeah except even though she's the 911 complain nant. he had just as much reason to question her as he did the other lady because he decided this was just two people fighting and no real crime. >> and he did question her. >> mel, what about the aspect of the police department taking the officer's back and saying they believe the arrest was justified? do you think that's the right posture for them to have here? >> well, i think that that's the only posture they're going to take because of course they knew
3:58 am
this was likely going to go to a lawsuit. let's back up a minute. look at the context. this isn't a suspected drug deal this is an elementary school parking lot where both women have grounds to be there. and the police are there not only to get the facts, guys but to de-escalate the situation. >> i agree. >> if you're a trained police officer and you show up to an elementary school and there's no crime that's committed and you have two women that are a little upset because of some verbal issue that happened the police shouldn't be the one escalating the situation. that's exactly what happened in this case. and it was wrong, chris. >> mel robbins, harry houck, thank you very much. more discussion on this you get online with us after as always. there's lots of news let's get to it. the fifa congress has gathered. >> going ahead with an election for its next president despite a
3:59 am
growing corruption crisis. >> we -- or i, cannot monitor everyone all of the time. [ gunfire ] >> the obama administration is considering a new strategy to fight isis. >> how do we help the iraqis move faster? >> ten years since natalee holloway vanished in aruba, you were the last person to see natalee holloway alive. >> yes. >> so where have you been? >> i read the statement and thought, my gosh. this is "new day" with chris cuomo, alisyn camerota and michaela pereira. good morning everyone. welcome back to your "new day." we are following breaking news this morning. two separate scandals in the first in the sports world, the other on capitol hill. this morning in switzerland soccer's governing body fifa deciding whether to re-elect its president in the midst of a huge corruption investigation. we'll get to that story shortly. but first, an indictment involving a man who was once second in line to the
4:00 am
presidency former house speaker dennis hastert. he's accused of paying $3.5 million in hush money and lying to the fbi about it. the question is why. so cnn is going to take on both of these stories fully. we begin with senior washington correspondent joe johns live in d.c. this morning. joe, what do we know? >> reporter: well chris, when fbi agents started investigating mystery transactions involving the former speaker, they wanted to know among other things if he was paying someone off as a cover-up if he'd been a victim of a crime, perhaps extortion. or even if there was some innocent excuse for big cash withdrawals from four different bank accounts. the federal indictment however tells only part of the story. >> president of the united states. [ applause ] >> reporter: the former speaker of the house, once second in line to the presidency now facing federal charges. accused of making false statements to the fbi and trying
4:01 am
to hide large financial transactions that the government alleges was hush money. according to the indictment dennis hastert agreed to pay $3.5 million to someone only identified as individual a. after meetings between the two five years ago. payments meant to compensate for and conceal hastert's "prior misconduct." the indictment does not describe what that misconduct was but does say individual a knew hastert most of individual a's life and was a resident of the illinois town where the former speaker of the house was high school teacher and coach for years. >> in consultation with the white house -- >> reporter: in december of last year the fbi launched an investigation on the payments and whether hastert was trying to avoid currency transaction reporting requirements as well as using the cash to cover up past misconduct. >> that's why they would be looking into this. if there was a pattern of withdraws around $10,000 from the bank without another explanation. >> reporter: hastert told fbi
4:02 am
agents that the withdrawals were because he did not trust the bank system. the government alleges that was a false statement. it's a stunning turn for the former republican leader who was house speaker from 1999 until he stepped down in 2007. since then he's been a lobbyist at this washington firm which quickly removed hastert's biography from its website after the indictment was announced. hastert is expected to have to stand in front of a federal judge at some point for his initial court appearance likely next week. our attempts to get a statement from him through his former law and lobbying firm have so far been unsuccessful alisyn. >> still so mysterious what the origin of all that is. joe, thanks for that. now to that sports scandal overseas. the president of fifa the world's soccer governing body making a pitch to keep his job after vast corruption charges brought by u.s. authorities. cnn's senior international correspondent nic robertson has more from switzerland. what's the latest there?
4:03 am
>> reporter: alisyn yeah 209 people to vote on whether sepp blatter or his challenger prince ali bin hussein of jordan will be the new fifa president. right now the money is on sepp blatter. he is campaigning on transparency. he says it is the action of only a few individuals of wrongdoing that it shouldn't tarnish the whole organization that he alone cannot look out for the 1.6 billion people who play football all around the world. and, you know it is he alone would like to be leader but he will need support to do that. what prince ali is campaigning on he has said he'll increase funding for some of the football associations around the world, up to $1 million. that's up from a quarter of a million each for them. that there will be 36 not 32 teams taking part in the world cup. but of course this is a huge scandal that's engulfing fifa right now. $150 million worth of bribes and kickbacks over the past 24 years. that's what the u.s. department of justice is accusing and has
4:04 am
indicted 14 people for. nine of them current members of the fifa executive committee here. seven arrests here so far. and of course the sponsors as well concerned about it. the sponsors visa hyundai, coca-cola, very concerned about the tarnishing of fifa's image. visa perhaps voicing their concerns most strongly that something needs to be done here. michaela. >> and everybody around the world watching this story because the effects so many different nations. nic, thanks so much for that. we'll keep on top of that story. meanwhile, the white house is fine tuning its isis strategy that could mean bringing sunni tribes into the fight with the pentagon arming them directly. let's get the latest from barbara starr. >> good morning, michaela. the words you just used arming them directly those are the words to watch for. defense secretary ash carter is looking at western iraq. let's look at the map for a minute. anbar province to the west of baghdad, fallujah ramadi the sunni heartland. you have to get the sunni tribes
4:05 am
in the fight against isis if you're going to hold onto anbar. if you're going to keep isis from going to baghdad. so a lot of focus out there. we saw ramadi fall just several days ago to isis. now what carter is saying and i want to quote his most recent comments about trying to arm the sunnis carter's saying "we can enhance, hasten, train and equip, i think one particular way that's extremely important is to involve the sunni tribes in the fight. that means training and equipping them." what he is talking about is how can you get the arms to the sunnis faster. right now they go through the iraqi government in baghdad. the sunnis feel they're not getting them. could the u.s. possibly arm the sunnis directly? it's a big problem if you do that. are you sort of beginning to incentivize a new sectarian fight against the shia government? no answers yet, no decisions made we are told. chris. >> but to be sure barbara, that is the question and the concern. let's discuss.
4:06 am
we have senator ben carden a top democrat on the senate foreign relations committee. senator, thank you for joining us. let's deal with all the big headlines this morning. you were in the senate since 2007 before that you were in the house. that's when dennis hastert was there. you know him. what is your reaction to the indictment? >> well chris, obviously we don't know the details. all we know is what we see in the report which leaves more questions than answers. i think we're going to give mr. hastert an opportunity to defend himself. but quite frankly it raises a lot of questions. >> absolutely. do you agree by reputation this is a surprise from those who knew mr. hastert? >> yes. dennis hastert and i were elected at the same time to the united states house of representatives in 1987. i've known him for a long time. i think we're all surprised by this. >> thank you very much for your comment on that. now we go to the headline about whether or not to arm the sunnis. do you agree with ash carter that it is time to be more active in helping the sunnis and
4:07 am
maybe even arming them? >> there's no question that the sunni tribal organizations need to be able to defend their communities against isis. they have to have a better opportunity to actually engage isis. they have to be better trained and better equipped. however, you really need to do this with the cooperation of the iraqi government. the success of iraq depends on a central government that has the confidence of all of the different ethnic communities. so if you start to work around the central government in the long run that's going to cause a real problem in stability in iraq. yes, we do need the sunnis engaged in the fight against isis but we also need to do it and work through the iraqi government. >> here's the rub i need you to help me understand. a big reason we have isis is because of the bathists, the sunnis disenfranchised or felt that way under the reconstituted government with maliki after the
4:08 am
u.s. did the war battles there. and they left they wound up joining isis. they feel disenfranchised, the sunnis are there fueling the sectarian violence. why is that being ignored to the extent that it is by the coalition efforts? clearly the sunnis being disenfranchised is at the root of all this. isn't that a good reason to either force the hand of the iraqi government or to exactly go around them? >> there's no question that isis gets support when there's a vacuum when people feel like they're not being treated fairly by their government the sunni population. there's no question they get support from that. but isis does not represents the sunnis in iraq. it's an extreme element that is extreme terrorist organization. the majority of sunnis want to defend themselves against isis. we need now to get a government in iraq that's sensitive to the needs of the sunni tribes that understands that they have to be able to defend themselves. you also need the sunnis to have
4:09 am
confidence that the iraqi military will work to protect their communities. that trust level is not where it needs to be today. >> if you're going to talk about dealing with terrorism over there, we might as well talk about it back over here. the nsa deadline looming. you are a supporter of the usa freedom act. it seems that section 215 is overshadowing the entire act. do you think you'll get something passed? >> well i sure hope we will. these tools are important in order to keep us safe. we know that. we want to balance it with our civil liberties. that's exactly what the house bill does. it passed the house by an overwhelming majority. we have a majority in the senate that supports this. it's supported by all the stakeholders. this should be an easy decision for the united states senate. we should get it done we should have gotten it done well before now. we're coming in on sunday. i hope we can get it done on
4:10 am
sunday. again, we should not put americans at risk. we have the right balance. the democratic process should go forward. i would just urge leader mcconnell to allow us to vote on the house compromise. let's get it to the president and let's get it signed. let's not put americans at risk. >> quick take do you believe that 215 is being painted wrongly by people like senator rand paul saying look the courts just said it's unconstitutional? no they didn't. they said that the program is illegal because it exceeds the boundaries set out by the statute present in 215. which means it can be corrected by law, it's not unconstitutional. do you think it's been unfairly smeared and that both data should be considered? >> well you're exactly right. the court did not hold it to be unconstitutional. they said congress had to be clearer in giving the authority for data collections. and that's exactly what the house bill does the compromise does it makes it clearer.
4:11 am
yes, i do think that it's important to have tools available so that we can discover what terrorists are up to and keep america safe but it needs to be balanced with civil liberties. and that's exactly why the compromise bill is what we need to do. it reforms the patriot act. it is sensitive to the concerns that we have oversight, that we have court supervision, that we comply with all of the not only constitutional tests but reasonable tests to protect the privacy and rights of americans. but it does give the tools necessary for the intelligence agencies to collect information that could be very important in stopping terrorists from acting here in the united states. >> people want privacy but they also want government a step ahead of the bad guys. senator cardin thank you very much for being with us this morning. alisyn. chris, we have more breaking news to tell you about this morning. another round of massive flooding in texas. this time dallas is under water. several inches of rain in and around the city are prompting a
4:12 am
flash flood emergency. and houston is trying to recover this morning, but the city faces even more rain. cnn's dan simon is on the ground for us just outside of houston. wow, look at that dan. >> reporter: well hi alisyn. we're in an area known as the banana bin where you've got several subdivisions under water. about the only way you can get around is by boat. now, the homes are on stilts. they're used to flooding in this area but you really can't get in and out of some of these houses. that as authorities are continuing to keep a close eye on the town of wharton, which is southwest of houston. about 300 people there under a voluntary evacuation order as the colorado river continues to rise. and also more rain could cause even more problems for the town of wimberley, which saw so much tragedy earlier in the week as crews there continue to look for some of the bodies. we know about 12 people still missing in the wimberley area. the rain now continuing to fall in the houston area. we're also as you talked about
4:13 am
seeing a lot of rain in dallas. so it appears all of this misery we've been seeing over the past several days in texas still not over. michaela back to you. >> all right. we're glad you're there to show us what is happening right now. thanks so much dan. we have breaking news just coming in to us here at cnn. at least four people reportedly been killed in an explosion outside a shiite mosque in saudi arabia. this is the second attack of a shiite mosque in the span of a week. last friday the suicide bombing attack killed 21 worshippers. isis claimed responsibility for that attack. a volcano erupting without warning on a luckily sparsely populated island in southern japan. still, about 140 people forced to evacuate when it let loose overnight. no injuries or damage being reported at this hour. but several people are still unaccounted for. well the search for the missing malaysia airlines flight 370 is facing new criticism this morning. what's wrong with the australian-led search? that's next.
4:14 am
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4:17 am
this morning australia's search for missing malaysia airlines flight 370 is under scrutiny. critics pointing to inappropriate technology and inexperienced personnel. let's bring in sea operation specialist and president of tiberon research tim taylor and cnn analyst and pbs science correspondent o'brien. tim, i want to start with you.
4:18 am
what's wrong with the search equipment? >> there's nothing exactly wrong with the equipment. they seem to be according to the critics here stretching it. stretching the resolution trying to push the machines to do more than they actually can. >> so the equipment is not as sophisticated as they need. >> correct. if you want a quick analogy, if you said go out and comb the desert with a fine tooth comb their teeth in their combs are much wider apart as the beams of their sonar extend so there are gaps they could miss. >> wait a second. i thought this big piece of equipment, the go phoenix, is like the best in the industry. >> best if you stretch it and try to get as much out of it as you can there could be possible errors in the data. if there's errors in the data all the work you're doing could be for not. you could be missing it. >> miles, is the fear here that the team that was hired is using shoddy practices in order to save money? >> well they are the low bidder. let's not forget that. this is a company that made its bones in oil and gas exploration
4:19 am
technology looking for places for people to put underwater cables. that sort of thing. they don't have a lot of experience doing just this. a lot of companies that specialize in this area were underbid by this company. so a lot of the criticism happens to come from these companies that didn't get the bid. so we should take that with a bit of a grain of salt. i think the most important thing like everything in the case of mh-370 is some transparency. how accurate has this search been to date? let's open the books. they've looked at 60,000 square kilometers. we need to know one way or another whether we can check that box off and say that part of the ocean has been searched. >> well we have one little bit of information this morning. this just came out late last night from the australian version of the ntsb. their atsb. and here's the statement, we are continuously reviewing the search data as it comes in and we are satisfied that the coverage and detection standards we have specified are being met
4:20 am
or exceeded. this is why we remain very confident that we will find mh-370 if it is in our search area." that sounds pretty definitive, tim. >> well they're going to stand behind their work i would imagine. but if there's a better way of doing it, as miles said shouldn't there be more transparency. >> why did they go with the lowest bidder? just to save money. >> i would imagine. >> but there were other bidders more qualified with better equipment. >> right. i believe these guys are using some as contractors or some of the equipment as contractors. but your guess is as good as mine. this could be very political. the united states a lot of these companies are u.s.-based. maybe china plays a role in this and sort of big contributors to the cost of this expedition. >> miles, how do they know they're even looking in the right place now? >> well i think we can pretty much agree that the mrsat data sends us to that region.
4:21 am
you have to remember the communication satellite it was some amazingly clever engineering which allowed them to even figure out roughly where this plane might be. it's not very accurate. so the assumption that this 60,000-square-mile box is the place where the aircraft is is not a good one. it's going to take some time. it took two years to find air france 447 and we had wreckage on the surface within five days. now, one of the things that's interesting is what if this aircraft what if there had been some sort of hacking attempt on this aircraft what if they got into the electronics bay and spoofed the satellite data somehow. this is all information that could have changed significantly where the aircraft might be. and makes it all the more important that we find this aircraft to see if there's some sort of breach. >> absolutely. i mean it's such an enduring mystery. everyone wants to find it and yet the clock is ticking, tim, because some of the equipment's going to pull out. >> right. and that's really the big question. i know miles believes this should be found no matter what
4:22 am
but there is a point of diminishing return or return on investment if you're a business person. >> how much have they spent looking for this? >> i have no idea but it's in the millions and millions of dollars. families want answers but there are lots of incidents in the world from like world war ii where families never know what happens. this could be a mystery that goes on for generations. >> oh, my gosh let's hope not. tim, miles, thanks so much for the information. over to michaela. new jersey governor chris christie taking on the educational standards known as common core. what does it mean for christie's 2016 plans? john king will look inside politics. when cigarette cravings hit, all i can think about is getting relief. only nicorette mini has a patented fast-dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll need relief.
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bills manage service appointments and find answers to your questions. you can even check your connection status on your phone. now it's easier than ever to manage your account. get started at former house speaker dennis hastert accused of paying hush money to an unidentified person and lying to the fbi. according to the federal indictment hastert agreed to pay $3.5 million to a person identified only as individual a. the nature of the alleged misconduct is unclear. another huge scandal brewing this morning, fifa president joseph sepp blatter facing an uphill battle today as he runs
4:27 am
for a fifth term. the vote at the fifa conference is about two hours away. and it's going forward despite corruption charges against 14 people. many of them top aides to blatter. now, prince ali bin al hussein of jordan is blatter's only challenger. he already has support from several countries including the u.s. jurors in the murder trial of aurora movie theater shooter james holmes see him on video describing his thoughts and feelings as the debate rages over whether he was insane at the time of the rampage. in the 2014 video, a psychiatrist asks holmes about his parents' emotions during visits and then his. >> brings tears to your eyes sometimes. >> just regrets. >> regrets? can you tell me a little more? >> um usually it's before i go to sleep.
4:28 am
>> regrets about? >> about the shooting. >> well that same psychiatrist testified that holmes was sane that he knew what he was doing and the consequences for it when he went on the 2012 killing spree. an iowa couple whose proposal photo has gone viral and sparked major criticism is setting the record straight. follow the bouncing ball with me. this photo posted on reddit with the headline any girl's wedding nightmare. it seems like the best man was stealing the bride's thunder proposing to his girlfriend. >> oh. >> but the wedding apparently it was the bride's idea the new fiancee is the bride's sister. more pictures provide more context, interesting how that works out. the newly married couple group hugged the bride-to-be after she said yes and they all celebrated. apparently guys celebrated with a fist bump. >> still behind the back of the bride though. >> oh look holding hands.
4:29 am
>> i like that. >> i know. so great. >> we're okay with it. >> we're good. >> something we're just okay with today, right? >> more love more better. >> yes, more love more better. >> no one personifies that better than the next man to come on your screen. >> really? more love? >> john amore king. >> happy friday. >> now that we got the cute out of the way, let's get to king in washington. that's how we do that. >> no no quite the contrary. >> happy friday all. busy day to go inside politics. let's get started. with me to share reporting and insights john man morton of the "new york times." in today's politics we call this an evolution, we used to call it a flip-flop. chris christie is the governor of new jersey. if you needed any proof he's planning to run for republican nomination of president, as governor he's implemented the common core educational standards. yesterday chris christie says it's time for new jersey to pull the plug. >> it's now been five years since common core was adopted.
4:30 am
and the truth is that it's simply not working. it's brought confusion and frustration to parents. i've heard it every day. it's brought distance between our teachers and the communities where they work. and instead of solving problems in our classrooms it's creating morale problems in those classrooms and at home. and when we aren't getting the job done for our children we need to do something different. >> he says sara he's heard it every day. i'm going to edit a bit and apparently every day since 2013 when he said in 2013 just two years ago a little less than two years ago it's one of those areas where i've agreed more with the president than not, meaning president obama. i think part of the republican opposition you see in some corners in congress is a reaction a knee-jerk reaction that's happening in washington right now that if the president likes something the republicans in congress don't. what happened here? >> he has seen the light. chris christie has seen the light. no, reality is these standards are not very popular with a lot of republican voters and this does give him another way to
4:31 am
contrast with jeb bush who of course has been a big proponent of common core and even john kasich a proponent of these things. but basically everyone else running for the republican nomination or looking at running for the republican nomination has run away from these standards and now he's jumping on board. >> two things let's stipulate first that parents do have some real grumbles about the common core standards. so his point in that clip you played is actually real. but look from a political standpoint candidates for the presidency on either side are basically to have a certain amount of deviation and christie probably already has his share. and this is one of those issues where, you know it's not something near and dear to his heart. so if you can take this rock out of your bag along the way to lighten your load politically then it makes some sense. >> rick santorum got into the race officially earlier this week. he's a guest on "new day" here in the next hour. he's a big critic of "new day." might be interesting to see if he applauds governor christie
4:32 am
here or maybe a johnny come lately. we'll see how that one plays out. let's move on to the aforementioned jeb bush. common core yes, might need to tweak it but national education standards are a good idea as long as most control at the state level. disagrees with his base -- you might disagree with me on a few issues but the next president you want someone with a deep resume like me. >> the challenge i think in america today is that experience is somewhat discounted. and given a mighty fight speech is somewhat elevated. look there's going to be all sorts of disasters that take place whether they're natural disasters, attack on the homeland it's a certainty in an uncertain world that this president, the next president is going to have to confront all sorts of challenges where his leadership or her leadership is going to matter. >> take that marco rubio and scott walker. >> maybe ted cruz too. mighty fine speech is that where
4:33 am
he's going there. >> it's not very subtle. he recognizes that he's got to step it up here. he's trying to make the case to primary voters who have real concerns about president obama's leadership to put it mildly that the answer to obama is not obama. and that they need a steady hand at the tiller at a very tumultuous time. whether or not that's going to be him or not is obviously up for debate. but you start to see him in that clip framing what is going to be a contrast i think will come into a sharper focus in the months to come. >> he also said the next president, him or her, was that his way of saying you need a bush to beat a clinton? >> well, i think it does -- it is his response to the argument that we need a young fresh face. a lot of republicans are probably going to throw that at hillary clinton. this is his way out of it. we had a young fresh face with president obama and if you're a republican voter look where that got us. you're not very happy with that. instead, let's not overcorrect here. let's still bring in someone with a deep bench of experience like he's saying. >> and remember folks, jeb bush
4:34 am
has not officially announced yet but he's running, chris christie not officially announced but most likely running. some big names in this republican field, john kasich of ohio, now two-term governor of ohio, more proof he's running. number one, he's hired good help in new hampshire. number two, his home state, the republican legislature, just changed the primary hohum, they moved the date back a little bit now winner take all. if john kasich can win his home state of ohio gets a good basket of delegates. >> it is a big prize for john kasich now assuming he signs this into law. >> coincidence, right? >> coincidence i'm sure. this makes ohio even more important i think because it does become winner takes all and makes it a big prize for john kasich who let's be honest has an uphill battle if he is going to have a shot at differentiating himself from everyone else in the race. you know he's not the most popular guy in this field. most people don't know who he is. he's polling at something like
4:35 am
1% or 2%. he needs a big win like this if he wants to land on the map. >> it's remarkable how few folks have turned down the chance to run. there have been a couple ochbl, but much more you have seen the answer being yes, not no. which i think speaks to the perceived vulnerability of jeb bush but also john the notion that the white house this time around is very much winnable. if you're a republican. >> four hands, four hands to count the republican candidates by the time they're all in. there's no clear front runner right now so why not? if you're a credible candidate why not get involved if you can raise the money. maybe this is too cynical, but hit double digits in the polls your past comes back to haunt you. bernie sanders, the independent now democrat he says senator from vermont who declared his candidacy is one of hillary clinton's only. in an essay he wrote in 1972
4:36 am
first revealed where he talked about women fantasizing about rape and some other things. it's the morning. there might be children watching. i'm going to stop right there. but it's pretty heinous and pretty beyond the pale what bernie sanders was writing about. his staff says a statement from his spokesman, it was a dumb attempt at dark satire in an alternative publication and in no way reflects his views or record on women. it was intended to attack gender stereotypes of the '70s, but here's the key part it looks as stupid today as it was then. >> yeah i think you see they basically have no excuse for it. and you don't have any excuse for writing that kind of thing. whether you're a politician or not a politician here's what you should say about rape. it's terrible. it's awful. we should do everything we can to prevent it. end of commentary. >> no satire no humor. >> no. you don't need to go beyond that. and, you know now bernie sanders is having his past come back up because he's sort of having his moment and we'll see how he -- how they deal with it going forward.
4:37 am
>> our friend and colleague has made this point, it's true. there are areas between ron paul and bernie sanders and one of those similarities is apparently when you've got a sort of well defined ideological viewpoint in the past you've either said stuff or written stuff that's over the top or can be perceived as offensive. and i think that's what you're seeing here. there's a reason why protest candidates are just that. >> when you run for president, alisyn everything you said back to whenever especially in the social media age but all this stuff bernie sanders pre-internet people still find it. it exists sdpl that's why i'm not running for president, john. happy friday. have a great weekend. >> thank you, you too. >> make sure to watch john king and his inside politics panel break down all the best political news of the week every sunday at 8:30 a.m. eastern. meanwhile, a new possible lead in the disappearance of natalee holloway coming almost
4:38 am
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tomorrow marks ten years since natalee holloway disappeared during a high school trip to aruba. now a possible new lead surfacing from a man who claims to have been an eyewitness all along. cnn correspondent martin savidge spoke with him one-on-one. and martin joins us live from aruba. tell us what you've learned, martin. >> reporter: good morning, alisyn. you know i think it's pretty clear that authorities here the holloway family and a ton of other people have always believed ten years ago natalee holloway either met with foul play or some kind of accident but her body ended up in the ocean. it's an island afterall. however, we ran across a man who says you know what they'r wrong. and they've been wrong for ten years and they're looking in the wrong place. here's what he said. he says he's something the natalee holloway case has never had, an eyewitness. you were the last person to see
4:43 am
natalee holloway alive? >> yes. >> reporter: so where have you been? because it's been ten years. actually dejong isn't new. he's been speaking out for years. in 2008 he even called natalee's father and said. >> she's on land and i know where her body is hidden. and my initial thought was, oh this is another crazy. >> reporter: he's gone to the police numerous times, even given a sworn statement. what happened? >> nothing. >> reporter: here's his version. on the night natalee holloway vanished dejong says he was doing something illegal at a construction site. he won't say what. but around 2:00 a.m. he says he sees a young man who later he identifies as joran vander sloot chasing a young woman on to the site. >> i thought first a playful way like i'm going to get you. >> reporter: he says the couple disappeared into a small section of construction. >> after five minutes he came out with her in his arms. >> reporter: and it was what he saw the man do that told dei don't think the woman was dead.
4:44 am
>> he slammed her. and then you don't start hiding this person in the crawl space. >> reporter: joran van der sloot is serving time in prison for the murder of a young woman in peru. he's never been charged in the holloway case. now dejong's testimony practically solves the mystery of what happened to natalee and nearly ten years after she disappeared authorities have finally got around to investigating it. >> i don't know if he's lying. i can only say that his statement can't be true. >> reporter: that construction site in 2005 is now a 12-story vacation property owned by marriott. and the prosecutor says marriott informed him at the time natalee vanished there was no construction. >> because when there's no construction natalee holloway can't be buried in the crawl space under the foundation. >> reporter: that certainly seems true. but dave holloway believes
4:45 am
marriott may be possibly wrong about those construction dates. holloway led a number of searches for his daughter on aruba, and he remembers the place. >> i was there on june 1st and there was definitely construction in that area. june 1st 2005. >> reporter: and this google earth view from june 2005 a short time after natalee vanished appears to show a construction site and the fuzzy shapes of structures. we asked marriott for clarification, but in a statement the company made no mention of the building saying only as we have done all along we cooperate fully with authorities whenever they are conducting an official investigation. >> what he's describing in his story matches what's physically there at the time. so i'm thinking man, this could be something. it's something that really needs to be looked at closely. >> reporter: holloway wants a search but authorities say that's not going to happen.
4:46 am
>> it's useless to search there with a cadaver dog or drilling or whatever. one thing will be sure she's not lying there. she can't be lying there. >> reporter: and the real question here is why wouldn't the prosecutors just check it out? it seems relatively simple. dave holloway says all they would have to do is bring in a specialized cadaver dog and drill a few holes in the foundation. no demolition work would be needed. so why not do it? the prosecutor says because it would give false hope. it would give false hope to the family it would give false hope to a lot of people. they say they know she can't be there. i said they're always going to doubt you if you don't do it. he said yep, i know. back to you guys. >> wow. >> that's shocking. if there's any doubt, any shred of hope that it could possibly lead to the answer you think they would. >> particularly something so easy as a cadaver dog. you don't have to dismantle anything. >> what an interesting
4:47 am
development. thanks. >> martin was asking the right questions. >> absolutely. >> i covered van der sloot since this happened at abc, we were the first ones to interview him. and this has always been out there. and it is not unlike several times that the family's come forward and said what about this and lead wasn't followed up on. obviously that's what gives you the false hope is that it's not resolved. >> then it gives the air that something's being covered up. >> right. or missed. >> marriott should do it. >> that would actually be really great if they did that. >> that's right. the nba finals are set, but the star of the show has already been crowned. and you know who it is? no you don't. there she is steph curry's daughter riley. jm jeanne moos is going to introduce you to her. she deserves the introduction. coming up.
4:48 am
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4:51 am
♪ we all know that kids do the darnedest things right? one daughter getting a whole lot of attention for her postgame
4:52 am
interviews and not everybody is smitten. here is jeanne moos. >> curry may be one of the best shooters in basketball, but when his 2-year-old got her shot at the spotlight, riley curry dominated the postgame presser, and she was on a tear. she just didn't take a curtain call she wrapped herself up in one, not once but three times. >> everybody has got to be determined to whatever comes our way. >> sometimes he tried to sh her, and sometimes she tries to sh him, and riley was not quiet about quoting the rapper, drake. whatever she said the internet
4:53 am
spooned. some of the press would have been happy to help her, help her right off the stage, and this was actually riley's second postgame presser after her first one, some journalist braved popular opinion to say it makes asking tough questions difficult. >> it was cute and last night was a little less cute, and do that about 38 more times. >> riley is adorable but i have seen enough because i am trying to listen to what he is saying and i can't follow it. >> i would prefer personally if they wouldn't bring their kids. >> it has become a thing for players immortphoertmortizedimmortized and not the way guiliani was, and it became fodder for "snl."
4:54 am
but when riley gave her wad of game to an attendant waiting in the wings, that's an image that stuck. >> it was interesting to hear some of the players and the guys that cover the game and i have been hearing from girlfriends who are moms, and they are like if i was that mama you need to sit your butt down. >> those press conferences never reveal anything and the only time he is not excite something when he is behind the mic, so i will take her. and then paying somebody off for past misconduct. what does that mean he is hiding?
4:55 am
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bombshell. a top republican indicted. >> for dying to the fbi. >> and hush money is being paid to somebody. flash flooding in texas. this time it's dallas. >> more than five inches of rain slammed the region overnight. >> many of the roads around
4:59 am
dallas this morning are covered in water. >> they are calling it the freedom of speech rally round two. >> aren't you playing into isis. >> i am running for the president of the united states. rick santorum joins us live. >> announcer: this is new day, with criscohris cuomo, and alisyn camerota and michaela pereira. good morning and welcome to your new day. it's friday may 29th 8:00 in the east. we are following the latest in a washington stunner. it's involving former house speaker, dennis haster. he is said to be lying to the
5:00 am
fbi. joe johns is live in d.c. with the latest. what do we know? >> when the fbi got into this they wanted to know among other things if he was paying somebody off as a cover-up or had been a victim of a crime, perhaps extortion, or if there was an innocent excuse for four large withdrawals. the former speaker of the house, once second in line to the presidency now facing federal charges, accused of making false statements to the fbi and trying to hide large financial transactions that the government alleges was hush money. he agreed to pay $3.5 million to somebody only identified as individual a after meetings between the two five years ago. payments meant to compensate for and conceal his quote, prior
5:01 am
misconduct. the indictment does not describe what that misconduct was, and only to say individual a knew him most of his life and where the former speaker of the house was high school teacher and coach for years. >> in consultation with the white house -- >> the fbi launched an investigation on the payments. >> that's why it would be looking into this if there was a pattern of withdrawing around $10,000 from the bank without another explanation. >> he said the with draws were because he did not trust the bank system and the government alleges that was a false statement. it's a stunning turn for the republican leader until he stepped down in 2007, and since then he has been a lobbyist at this washington firm who
5:02 am
removed his information from the website. >> he will have to stand in front of a judge for his hearing next week and attempts to get a statement from him have not been successful. another top story. the obama administration reevaluating its strategy against isis and arming sunni tribes to fight the terrorists. barbara starr has that story. >> the pentagon would like to call it fine-tuning the strategy rather than reevaluating it be that as it may, one of the things they are looking at. let's go to the map. falu jaw, ramadi. they are trying to get the
5:03 am
tribes more directly involved in the fight, and could they give the arms directly rather than going through baghdad. and this is what carter said yesterday, we can enhance, hasten and equipped and one way is to involve the sunni tribes in the fight and that means training and equipping them, but, and it's a huge but, if the pentagon and white house decides to give sunnis arms directly and even in coordination with the government in baghdad but district to them directly it could cause more problems. >> it leads to the suggestion of how iraqi officials feel about the possibility of sunni fighters being armed by the u.s. arwa damon is monitoring those
5:04 am
and other developments live from baghdad. arwa? >> reporter: hi chris. the concerns the sunnis have though, in all of this is that at the end of the day it is those iranian-backed shia military forces that are involved in the fight in am bar, and their argument is that they know the lay of the land and they have a vested interest in wanting to drive isis out of their territories and they have been begging and pleading with anybody to give them weapons. the iraqi government has promised to do so but it has yet to make good to the pledge to truly arm the sunni tribes and that's one of the many sources of the ongoing grievances key to arming the sunni tribes when it comes to leading the shia government and the trust is vital moving forward.
5:05 am
as for the u.s. arming the sunnis they will take those weapons, if that's all that they have. remember america has worked with the tribes before back when it was the u.s. military that was here and was trying to defeat al qaeda. america knows how important the sunnis are to the fight against isis but the big question is will america make good on its promise, or will the slowness to come to actual action aggravate the sunnis at a very critical junction. >> thank you. nsa programs are set to expire over the weekend. we're following the ticking clock live from the white house. >> the white house has been ratcheting up the warnings claiming the expiration of the programs will provide dangerous enter rupptions in their ability
5:06 am
to track terrorists and also at the same time having a hard time explaining and pointing to one case where this program has helped prevent a terror attack. and on sunday phone comes will have to stop collecting the information, and then if it is signed by 8:00 p.m. on sunday that can be reversed. the white house is saying the house passed a measure is the only viable option going forward, and the white house communications director says there is no backup plan. >> there isn't a plan b. no magic bullet or switch here and it's an issue the senate has to work through. the question is why can't the
5:07 am
senate move forward? can the republicans work through the family feud to get through the agreement over the next couple days. >> there are no signs of a break through yet. joining us to talk about this and so much more, newly declared presidential candidate, rick santorum. good morning, senator. >> good morning and thank you for having me on. >> here is the breaking news the charges against haser. >> i am very disappointed obviously, in what i have heard, and i want to find out more about it. it's very disturbing. >> he was seen as a standup guy in congress, and he was seen as a conciliatory voice, and for
5:08 am
years he may have been paying hush money and it takes me back. >> yeah again, it certainly seems very much out of character. he was a coach, a wrestling coach, and you are right, somebody that was elected the speaker to try and create more conciliatory atmosphere in the house, and to see this kind of revelation is really upsetting. i feel bad for everybody involved. >> yeah. senator, let's talk about the news in terms of the fight against isis today, and that's the white house is considering arming the sunni tribeal leaders to try to take the fight to isis. what do you think of that plan? >> i have been an advocate of arming the kurds for a long time to give them military aid, and there has been a resistant of going through the iraqi
5:09 am
government and they are willing to fight and they are effective fighters and they are very strong in support of our ideals and they can be a great front against the islamic state. we have to look at that as an option to get the kind of support that we need to push back. isis is winning this war, contrary to what the administration says and if we don't do something to change our tactics, they will continue to win the war. >> some have suggested adding u.s. ground troops of about 10,000. what do you think of that plan? >> i have been calling for that for several months now and saying we need to step up our air strikes. we are flying about 14 to 20 air strikes a day and most of them are not dropping ordinance. this is a public relations campaign and not a real campaign for trying to win the war, and if we are going to win and say we are going to fight, we can't
5:10 am
fight and lose. not really fight and then lose and that's worse. putting the troops on the ground and not in front line positions but for the jordanians and others who want to fight the fight but don't have the resources to do it and the americans can be there to help and we can step up the bombing campaigns and change the rules of engagement in the bombing campaigns, and we have delays and trying to get approvals for coordinates. what is going to be different this time around now that you are back in the race? >> announced outside of butler, pennsylvania, and that's where i grew up outside of pittsburgh and we talked about the importance of the last four years, a lot has changed and we have seen wages continuing to
5:11 am
flat even though we had a modest recovery, and wages for working men and women have not gone up and median income continues to go down and flat line, and i laid out a proposal even as i was announcing to dramatically help those that were the 74% of americans that don't have a college degree and being the most impacted by this economy, and laying out a tax plan and energy plan and immigration plan to try and make sure that we can increase wages and create better opportunities for people to rise in this country. >> yesterday, and on wednesday you were asked why your poll numbers are not better at the moment and you are currently at the back of the pack of the republican contenders in the poll and i want to say what you said it's interesting, i have seven kids and i had to go to work and i had to provide food for my family and was not in front of your tv and i had responsibilities to my family
5:12 am
and that may have something to do with it and that doesn't matter. why are you getting back into the presidential race? that is one thing that takes you away from your family for the next year and also drains your bank account? >> no it's absolutely true and we had to think long and hard about that. i said during my speech on wednesday, we are doing this for the family and country. i think as you heard, we have a different message than anybody else in the republican field and than anybody in the field, period. we have experience that nobody has on national security and that is something that is critically important and going up the former secretary of state with a candidate with no national experience it's a prescription for disaster for the republican party when the national security issues are going to be very important. i looked at the field, good people a. lot of good people, and i felt weered offered something
5:13 am
different, and if you care about your family and raised in a country that will be free and safe and prosperous. we are excited about the message and what we could do for the country. >> everybody was touched by your daughter bella. he was 3 years old and was struggling with health problems and how is bella today. >> thank you for asking and i want to thank everybody for their prayers over that time. she is doing great. she has not been seriously ill since the campaign and we started a new treatment which has been life changing for her, and she just celebrated her 7th birthday and her doctors said she is doing so well we don't have to go back for a year. people are saying what were you waiting for? we had the medical appointments
5:14 am
and i needed a runway to say i am not concerned about the health of my family and we felt very good about that. bella and everybody is raring to go. she was up onstage with us on wednesday, and we had a great time as a fireman lyamily. the family is looking forward to this and they come out on the road with me, and it's a family -- it's like everything else like the family business if you will, to go out and help dad and there is excitement in the ranks. >> so happy to hear that and hear that bella is doing well. we would love to have you in the studio on "new day" as soon as possible. >> i look forward to it. if people want to help go to i would appreciate it. we are dealing with the scandal and you are looking live
5:15 am
at the fifa vote and sepp blatter still the favorite and he was just indicted. nic robertson has more from switzerland. nic? >> reporter: yeah he says there is no place for wrong doing inside fifa that he cannot alone be the eyes and ears of is1.6 million people and delegates will be voting for or against his presidency later today, and he says it's time to move forward, move toward together, and the khalchallenger is campaigning on bringing more teams to the world cup, up from
5:16 am
32 to 36. the wind is not in sepp blatter's sails, and he seems to be the most likely person to win the challenge, and that despite the massive allegations of corruption. seven arrests of senior fifa suetives here in the last few days and $150 million in fraudulent bribery back payments that according to the department of justice over the past 24 years, sepp blatter withstanding that and all the advertisers in the world cup, they have their concerns and want to see a clean house at fifa. right now it looks like they are voting in the incumbent.
5:17 am
>> we will be watching that vote here on cnn. meanwhile in texas, rescues underway at this hour in garland. i think we have video of a person being pulled from their stranded car in rushing floodwaters. many cities are now facing even more rain exactly what they don't need. dan simon is on the groundout side of houston, and conditions are worsening as we speak, dan. >> reporter: yeah michaela the rain really starting to come down in highland, texas. as you can see, it's pounding. we are in the middle of a storm cell and this is a area known as the banana bend and the water came up a foot in about 24 hours and it will continue to rise as the rain is coming down. the homes here are on stilts so they are not going to flood, and the only way around the subdivisions by boat. this is not what houston needs right now. we were going through some of
5:18 am
the neighborhoods yesterday as people were putting sort of their trash and wet couches and mattresses on the front curbs hoping the items will be collected today, and that cleanup effort is going to be stalled, and crews are keeping a close eye a little ways from here as the colorado river continues to rise and also in wimberley texas, where we saw so much devastation and loss of life having the rain come down complicating search efforts. >> yeah the weather deteriorate deteriorated since we last saw you, dan. and congress had 45 days to override the president's recommendation but that deadline passes today and lawmakers will not oppose it.
5:19 am
just another step towards full renewal ties between the u.s. and cuba. and the faa, 8,000 feet over long island with lasers. it's coming from beth page state park. here is sound from one of the cockpits as it happens. >> it was aiming for us a couple times. >> i have two aircraft right over where you are, getting hit >> be careful. a green laser might be in your vicinity right now. >>. >> all the planes landed safely and laser strike may sound overly dramatic but how stupid do you have to be to do something like that. it can make a difference. you can threaten the people
5:20 am
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5:23 am
welcome back to "new day" on this friday. one of the big headlines, the obama administration considering
5:24 am
arming sunni tribal fighters against isis and critics say there is no guarantee they will use the weapons against the bad guys and could they wind up in the wrong hands and is that the right thing to do given all the sectarian trouble there. the ambassador joins us now. let's have you deal with some of the headlines. the idea of arming the sunnis to help in the fight against isis. yes, no good bad? what do you say? >> thank you for having me to start with. obviously arming the sunnis and kurds and arming the army and any side of iraq to fight isis will be welcomed and we need to coordinate this by the central government and we need to make sure they will get there. >> and the problem is you are not arming the sunnis and that's why the u.s. is thinking
5:25 am
about doing it directly and is that a fair criticism and what do you think of the united states's thought to do it unilaterally. >> the u.s. is consistently saying it has to work through the central government and certainly for the sovereignty of the country, and the government is a formation of all parties, including sunnis and the minister of defense is a sunni, and we have been providing arms however we have limited amount of them anyway. we have limited ammunitions. whatever we have been getting, whatever we have been able to buy, we have been giving a fair share, and we know everybody has to deal with their own issues and we have to work with each other. >> what is your quick response to the notion of whether or not the iraqi army has the will to fight? >> well everyday if you look
5:26 am
at the news back home every day we are having fighting in anbar, and all other fronts that we have. the army is doing it and the people of sunni tribes all doing it together. yesterday more than 1,000 joined the anbar tribes in the fight. we are all having this fight. this is our fight and we need help but this is our fight. >> it is criticism to say it's not the men on the field fighting but the heads of the men leading them that are in question, and the direction to the fighting men on the ground needs to be better? >> this is since last june when the whole isis situation came up and the prime minister has since made tremendous changes, even two weeks ago, the situation in ramadi they had a change and we need to look at
5:27 am
the structure, and the decision making and so on and these are operational issues and we need to have a reflection of what is taking place on the ground however as a theme of our prime minister leading the charge and making sure that all parties work together for the unity and for the success of our fight against isis each party on their own will not be able to do that. the united states on its own will not be able to do that. we have to all pull our weight together. it's a serious threat to the region. we need to work with each other. >> there is no question what needs to change will not end on the battlefield, that it's much about what happens in your society and specifically your government as it does what happens in terms of combat. do you believe your government is making the strides it needs to to embrace the sunni part of the population? >> reputation in the government reflective of all societies we
5:28 am
don't have democracy opposition parties, and they are all part of the government, and this is a reflection of the whole society and our politics need to improve to reflect the seriousness of the situation and nobody is denying that and at the same time the amount of challenge we have is tremendous, and natalie there is polarization. iraq is the forefront of the fight. this is not a pure domestic issue in iraq by the way, and if anybody tells you that they are misreading the situation. this is an international fight. iraqi is the forefront of it. we need support and we need you and you need us and we need to help each other here. >> thank you for joining us on "new day"." appreciate it. >> thank you for having me sir. mohammed cartoons and guns. sounds like a recipe for trouble, right? it's going down in phoenix tonight. details ahead. the life behind it.
5:29 am
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my name is tony sartorio. i'm a lineman for pg&e out of the concord service center. i have lived here pretty much my whole life. i have been married for 12 years. i have three kids. i love living here and i love working in my hometown. at pg&e we are always working to upgrade reliability to meet the demands of the customers. i'm there to do the safest job possible not only for them but everybody, myself included, that lives in the community. i'm very proud to do the work that i do and say that i am a lineman for pg&e. it's a rewarding feeling. together, we're building a better california. here we are with the five things to know. number one, former house speaker, dennis hastert paying
5:33 am
money and lying about it. and then the pentagon wants to train and directly arm sunni tribes in order to bring them to the battlefields in iraq. nsa programs are set to come to an end on sunday night. failure to act would be playing russian roulette with national security is what the white house says. and sepp blatter looking for a fifth term as president of fifa. the observatory at one world center opens today to the public. visitors can see panoramic views of the city. this week cnn hero is putting paint brushes into the
5:34 am
hands of needy children around new york city. >> art has a power to let children discover who they are. when i moved to new york city i noticed that access to art education was lacking and i decided we needed to be the ones to put paint brushes in the hands of kids. the open art classes in public libraries are near the schools that need us most. i do look forward to coming here every week and on most occasions i persuade them to let us stay longer. after we bring art into their lives, they become a more confident, and the changes are remarkable. at the end of every semester we showcase the student's artwork
5:35 am
in galleries in new york's art district. >> make it darker. >> when i saw my artwork in a real gallery, i feel proud of myself. >> i hope it sets a spark that it's okay to chase after your dreams, and go after it fearlessly and anything is possible. >> tapping into the creativity of kids, and do you know anybody deserving of being called a cnn? go to and tell us about them. and law enforcement say they are onguard for a similar event as in texas tonight in arizona. we'll tell you about it. (mom) when our little girl was born
5:36 am
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5:40 am
the media and the political and academic elites are censoring this cartoon, and we think the people should see you are self enforcing the shary aia. >> that was pamela geller and she lost a battle overnight with the metro suspending all ads, and now there is another something planned outside of mosque in phoenix. does pamela geller have a right to put up a cartoon of mohammed? >> of course. and every muslim organization
5:41 am
defended it. draw all you want. we are not offended by somebody drawing the prophet mowhammedmohammed and we have been making fun of it. >> why did those two guys show up and try to kill them? why is there so much hate that comes out of the muslim community whenever it is done, and they say don't do that it's an insult to it? >> the two people came at her and wanted to attack them and were killed thankfully before they inflicted any injuries and one leader radicalized in 2010 and he plead guilty about lying to the fbi about wanting to join a terror group. he was a guy that was looking for a chance to get media attention to go out in a blaze of glory. in america, we have enough problems in the world where somebody drawing something is not offensive. does it bother somebody?
5:42 am
maybe, but we don't care. >> many will fight to the death against anybody that shows any representation of muhammad is that true? >> not worldwide. there are places outside of america, in those countries, they are outraged and they must get revenge. >> is it part of sharia law? >> it's an overused and misused term. there is not one sharia law. we have a constitution but it's not like that hey, there is sharia law. there is nothing in the koran that says you can't draw the prophet mohammed. there are some people that get offended and obviously some are ginned up for a political agenda, and they will say this is offensive and go get them. >> i will give you that
5:43 am
trumpeting this as a first amendment issue, and you don't have a guaranteed venue for your speech but what about other effigyies of religion it's out there, and then you have something effigies. >> let's not play games. we have the metropolitan opera, and we have the right to draw something and we have the right to use speech civilly, and peacefully to say that's wrong. >> but we showed the dung and the piss christ and we won't
5:44 am
show the prophet mohammed. double standard? >> i have employed the media to show it. i am not as popular in the media to do that. i tweeted it out and we made fun of it. and muslims in the other part of the world, they retreated the picture. we are having fun with it and i think that's important thing. >> what do you make of the new guy that says we are going to do it in phoenix, and i encourage people to use their second amendment right and come armed. do you think it's a step towards progress progress? >> it's a step towards a mass biker gang. what could go wrong with a group of bikers with weapons. >> biker gangs will support him,
5:45 am
and i am not sure if that's true or not. i talked to the local president of the mosque there, and this man is known to them a little bit, and he is proudly an atious, and he is against all faiths and hostile towards islam, and that bothers me because he hates all, especially muslims. >> there's a tendency to get distracted by a lot of the noise surrounding this. the way the united states culture perceives islam is a growing concern. would you agree with that? while we think we are trying to teach tolerance and understanding of what you are saying in part about how don't paint all 1.6 billion muslims with the same brush, don't do that to christians and don't do that to them either and it's not getting the purchase here one might think it would?
5:46 am
>> isis and al qaeda, and boko haram, they are real and they are committing horrible acts and on tv and they are defining us more than i can define us and more than mainstream muslims can define us. 32% of americans had a muslim friend, and a new poll 24% of americans have a muslim friend and people have less and less human counter narrative, and that's part of it. if we were a big population everybody would have a muslim friend. if i see a christian guy do something crazy, i have so many christian friends to know that guy is crazy. >> on one side you have muslim and then on the other side italian. thank you for being on. >> thank you. the best spellers in the country, so good they couldn't even beat each other.
5:47 am
the co-winners of the national spelling bee are here and we will do our best to stump them.
5:48 am
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5:50 am
if you spell this word correctly, the scipps national
5:51 am
spelling bee will crown you both champions. there was the moment they became last night's national spelling bee co-champions. and welcome to the show. congratulations. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> how do you feel about sharing this trophy though? >> it's pretty cool. >> yeah it's cool. >> almost never happens. >> i know that is really remarkable. neither of you are novices, and you both have been champions before. was it as nerve-racking as the first time? >> you try to have fun each time and enjoy the experience.
5:52 am
it's a great experience. you have so much fun meeting everybody and competing. >> you word that you won or tied with was nunatak, do you know what the means? >> no. >> it's a hill or mountain surrounded by ice. if you didn't know the definition how did you know the spelling? >> it was a eskimo word and they have a pattern to them. >> if i didn't know the word i could use the language pattern and roots to put them together. >> i don't know how to pronounce it. how did you know how to spell
5:53 am
that word? >> i studied it before but it's a german word so i could put it together even i had not seen it. >> this is what is amazing, the amount of studying you each have to do is it like training for a marathon you have to do drills? is it like exercising your brain? >> yeah, it is. >> uh-huh. >> well michaela was saying how easy it must be to spell the words, it was like a piece of cake, so give us a couple challenges with some of the words, because we think we can do it. what is the word you have for us to spell? >> well for alisyn i have milk toast. >> piece of cake. >> milk toast? >> milk --
5:54 am
>> somebody told her. did she spell it right? if there is food involved in the root of the word i got it. >> what is my word? do you have a word for me? yeah i do. it's the word to the two of you.
5:55 am
i am sure you will get lots of congratulations for your pals and friends. >> thank you. thank you for being on. you guys are great. >> they are impressive. >> we don't have what it takes, and we knew that. >> i think people told both of you, and you, alisyn i have seen you read, and i sit next to them all the time. i am not buying these two kids don't embrace how good they are. "the good stuff" is coming up. when cigarette cravings hit, all i can think about is getting relief. only nicorette mini has a patented fast-dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll need relief.
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5:59 am
very good sweety, how do you feel? good. yeah? you did a really good job, okay? [ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere, thank you from johnson & johnson. these two young buddies love football. one gets into the football camp but does not have the $50 admission, and the other friend says let's go door to door doing odd jobs to earn the cash. >> we would have picked toys up even if they were not ours. >> i don't know what he just said. one woman was so touched by what they were doing, and she puts the story on facebook, and
6:00 am
within minutes they had 50 bucks many times over, and the post got back to the camp, and now both boys going for free and they are giving the money to dis disadvantaged kids. happening now in the "newsroom," a call for armed bikers. drawings of the prophet muhammad, and a phoenix mosque. the organizer saying he is not to blame for whatever happens. >> i would feel horrible but, no i am not responsible for that violence. >> are we about to see another garland, texas? houston under a flash flood watch this morning, and bill nye's


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