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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  May 29, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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in one of america's busiest airspaces, someone is aiming a laser at pilots. this happened to four passenger jets already. a disturbing trend with deadly consequences. >> once one of the most powerful men in the country now accused of using hush money to hide something in his past but what? the scandal that has washington buzzing. guns welcome. a former marine says he hates islam and he wants protesters to bring guns tonight when they hold a cartoon contest and rally outside a mosque. hundreds are expected just as evening prayers begin. >> hello, everyone. i'm john berman. >> i'm kate bolduan. hello, everyone. right now authorities in new york are searching for the person who aimed a laser at four commercial jets. commercial passenger jets. the planes all left jfk last night between 9:30 and 10:00.
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they say it happened while the planes were about 8,000 feet up flying over long island. >> all flights made it to their destinations without any reported injuries. obviously police are eager to find out whoever did this. the lacer can be blinding for a pilot. you get an idea from this fbi video. it could trigger a catastrophe for people onboard the plane or on the ground. let's get to aviation correspondent rene marsh. rene? >> reporter: this is a dangerous mid air distraction. lasers can disorientate and even temporarily blind the pilot. as you mentioned, four commercial passenger planes struck with these lasers last night near farmingdale, new york. aircraft at 8,000 feet. they are either coming in for landing or recently taken off and that's one of the most dangerous points of flight where the pilot has to be extremely focused. take a listen to one of the pilots at the moment his
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aircraft was struck. >> i thought it was just a rogue laser. they were aiming for us a couple times. we saw it a couple times into the cockpit. >> you see the green laser might be in your vicinity right now. >> american 185 we just had a laser strike left side. >> reporter: imagine this. imagine you're in a car, it's pitch black and a camera flash goes off. that's what it's like in the cockpit and consequences could be deadly. the lasers can even cause damage to the pilot's eyes and in some cases pilots have been hospitalized with burned corneas. sadly though, we see thousands of these laser strikes nationwide. just last year alone nearly 4,000 cases were reported to the faa. so now in this case the fbi is investigating who is responsible. it really is tough to track these individuals down but police have had success in the
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past and if caught, you could face up to five years behind bars in addition to thousands of dollars in fines. >> rene, you would hope arrests gets as much publicity as the incidents themselves. maybe that would deter them in the future. >> hard to track them down is the biggest problem. a big question, what was the money for? intriguing and mysterious questions this morning coming from the indictment of former house speaker dennis hastert. once second in line to the presidency, the longest serving republican house speaker, he now stands accused of lying to the fbi and trying to skirt bank reporting requirements all as part of a plan to pay out $3.5 million in hush money. >> hastert allegedly used money to pay an unknown person to "cover up a past misconduct." those are loaded words and it's a serious amount of money and has a lot of people talking.
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joe johns joins us now. >> reporter: bits and pieces of the story coming in today. dennis hastert is free on his own rec own. no date set for an initial appearance on these charges. we learn the law firm where he works is now saying he has resigned from the firm but that is the extent of the information coming out of the firm. there are simply huge questions here especially about why dennis hastert was paying an individual for alleged misconduct specifically we don't know what misconduct was. when fbi agents started investigating mystery transactions made by the former speaker, they wanted to know among other things if he was paying someone off as a coverup, if he had been a victim of a crime, perhaps extortion or even if there was some innocent excuse for these big cash withdraws from four different
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bank accounts. a federal indictment, however, only tells us part of the story. now, according to the indictment, dennis hastert agreed to pay $3.5 million to someone only identified as individual a after meetings between the two five years ago. payments meant to compensate for and conceal hastert's prior misconduct. this was someone he knew a long time ago, the indictment says, from approximately 1965 to 1981 hastert was a high school teacher and coach in yorkville, illinois, as we know. individual a has been a resident of
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>> do you think there's a chance we'll never know what the
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misconduct is. >> certainly the government will never tell you. i guess if the case goes to trial, which i doubt, i imagine a 73-year-old man is going to work this out in some sort of plea. if it went to trial, we would see it in a trial. if there's a plea, the government will never disclose it. i have a lot of confidence in american journalism. i would say within inside 24 hours an aggressive press corps and internet and buzz feed all over this story and they do excellent work, we'll know. >> politics are fascinating. there's no retroactive harm that can come to him but what would have happened to his career had the world known of this past misconduct? >> and a side issue, dennis hastert spent his entire professional career as a teacher and as a modestly salaried politician. he goes to work as a washington lobbyist and suddenly he has
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$3.5 million to pay somebody off. it tells you a little bit about how washington works that you can make -- that a former official can cash in to that extent. >> amazing. >> very interesting story. >> stunning headline. >> especially in what so many people say about dennis hastert and how he's viewed in washington and what he did especially coming in after newt gingrich and pulled everyone together and known as a unifying figure and then this. it seems obviously just the beginning. thanks, jeffrey. >> weird. a former marine telling folks to come armed tonight when they protest islam outside a mosque. you'll hear from him and also how the muslim community is responding. plus, what do you get when your organization is accused of being riddled with corruption, if you guessed re-elected, you may be right. it could be the most baffling conclusion to a sports scandal ever.
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new controversy about the line between freedom of speech and flash out provocation. hundreds will rally outside a mosque in phoenix tonight and take part in a contest to draw cartoons of the prophet muhammad. the organizer of this is a former marine who fought in iraq and now asking people to bring guns in case they come under attack there. he wears a t-shirt that says f-islam. >> he says the rally is in response to the attack on another cartoon contest earlier this month where two men with ties to the terror group isis tried to attack the contest going on inside. this rally tonight is set to take place outside the very same mosque that those gunmen
8:15 am
attended at one time. here's what the organizer says about the planned rally. >> they need to learn tolerance. we're not the ones out committing these acts. we're not the one threatening anybody. the cartoon contest especially is stupid and ridiculous. it's what needs to take place in order to expose the true colors of islam. >> the rally is scheduled to start about the same time of evening prayer taking place inside that mosque. joining us to discuss, the executive director of the council on american islamic relations. thank you very much for coming in to discuss. it goes without saying that you absolutely disagree with what the organizer stands for and what he's saying and what he says about islam. that goes without saying. with that in mind, what are you expecting to happen tonight at this rally? >> i hope that everything will go smoothly and will go calmly and peacefully. we all support the right of
8:16 am
people to express themselves even i support the right of the protesters to do anything they like. this is not about free speech. what they're about to do to take their arms and maybe brandish them in front of the mosque, this is intimidation of a local religious community that is going about worshipping god. i can imagine what's going on in the minds of the children. men and women who frequent this mosque and they go on a weekly manner to worship god and they're faced with armed protesters outside. area they doing this? this is not about free speech. it's about intimidating worshippers and harassing them and we believe all americans should be able to worship without having to face armed protesters. >> i think freedom of worship is something anyone can agree to
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here. they're not here to present this case here. let me ask you this. what's the right way in your mind or what is a permissible way to protest against radical islam? >> you know, there's no such thing called radical islam. there are radicals within muslims. there are very few. unfortunately these armed protesters are sending the very wrong message about americans themselves and about america and even about the marines themselves who have been honorably serving around the world to protect all of us. so these protesters have misconception about islam and muslims and i think it's more about the rising level of islamophobia in our society that requires national leaders attention and condemnation. >> i want to ask you, this is happening at the same time that there is something very similarly related happening in washington where you are. i want to get your thoughts. what do you make of the
8:18 am
washington metro system's decision just this week, they're not going to allow any issue ads as they're known to be posted in the metro system. this comes after activists want to put up ads with cartoon depictions of the prophet muhammad. washington metro system responded saying they won't allow any issue ads now because of that. what do you say? >> it's unfortunate. i'm saddened that the likes of pamela geller are causing hysteria in our society and dividing americans along ethnic and religious lines. >> you support what washington metro is doing now not allowing any ads? >> because of her behavior she's depriving other people to put up their ads. i'm against preventing her from expressing herself but she's becoming irresponsible. she's trying to turn people. i think she's been condemned by
8:19 am
even her colleagues in the right-wing camp. >> what do you make of this continuing debate over cartoons of the prophet muhammad? in the abstract, separate it from people outside this mosque in phoenix today, separate it from pamela geller but back to "charlie hebdo" and idea that people think that you shouldn't feel threatened to draw a cartoon, what do you say to that? >> well, i don't feel threatened. i feel offended but i should also be tolerant of people's rights to express themselves. let me just remind you and remind everyone who knows something about islam or who are muslims that we expect offense from other people. we expect mockery from those who don't know us or hate us. they have the right to express themselves. our response as muslims as we are instructed by the koran itself, we have to avoid the ignorant and not sink to their level and our response should be
8:20 am
peace. the response is always peace. mockery, offensive speech and cartoons are not alien to us. our response we have been instructed for hundreds of years is ignore them and never use violence and should not prevent them from speaking their minds and expressing their opinions. in other words, free speech is not the threat to my nafaith. there's a clear verse in the koran that says let be there no compulsion of religion. you can express yourself and you can believe or not believe if you wish, and you have the right to do so even if it's offensive to me i should avoid -- i should not fall in the trap of just being drawn into confrontation because this is not islamic way and this is not the way prophet muhammad defended himself and how he dealt with opposition and those who protested and opposed
8:21 am
him. >> now the big question is will there be as you talk about -- will there be confrontation at this rally tonight and what will those say as they head in for prayer. thank you for coming in. we appreciate it. in just moments we're going to learn the fate of the man in charge of the world's largest sport and most popular sport. that's at the center of a massive corruption scandal. will he be reelected? we'll hear what he just promised voters. >> we should all have job security like that. plus, the artist responsible, the man who created this art. this famous poster now says he had so much hope then but now he's really disappointed in president obama. we'll talk about the political implications in our first ever "at this hour" quiz.
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this is a live look inside a big vote happening right now. the soccer world's governing body fifa is holding their vote for president. they're deciding whether to re-elect its current leader or his only rival. blatter is expected to keep his job despite the u.s. and others coming out to vow to support his opponent. >> the reason this is significant is because there's an unprecedented scandal in this sport right now. a whole bunch of people who work for sepp blatter are accused of an enormous amount of corruption to the tune of $150 million and this guy is about to get
8:26 am
re-elected. let's bring in grant. sepp blatter we think will get re-elected properly fairly comfortably right now. my question to you is how can i get that kind of job security? how can i have everyone who works for me almost accused of gross malfeasance, epic malfeasance and then cruise to re-election? >> if you ask the question how is sepp blatter going to win this election, which we think he will today and who are voters in today's election? the 209 nations, those soccer federations around the world, and fifa brings in a lot of money. nearly $5 billion in revenue just from the 2014 world cup and a lot of that money goes back out to each of these countries for soccer projects, not all ends up in the right place. you never know. not a ton of oversight on this stuff. this keeps the voters happy and that's why as long as money is coming in, these guys will vote
8:27 am
for sepp blatter. >> let's assume he gets re-elected for a fifth term. there are calls from top soccer officials saying he should step down and he should resign. he's remained defiant saying absolutely not. can he be forced and what would need to happen for him to get there? >> i'm of the opinion for fifa to change it can't come from inside fifa. and now if blatter were to lose today's election, i might have hope on that front. i don't see that happening. the only power that really scares people like sepp blatter doesn't come from inside fifa but inside the u.s. department of justice. >> or sponsors. >> we haven't seen sponsors or the people who live fifa tons of money including tv networks around the world, we haven't seen them put pressure on blatter. it has to come from the u.s. department of justice. >> an english soccer official says if blatter wins that england will continue not going to the next world cup. we don't know they'll qualify
8:28 am
but no country is going to say i'm not going. >> it's interesting. we've seen olympics be boycotted in the past but we've not seen that in soccer with the world cup and i don't think we will. there's a lot of talk that happens in moments like this. not a lot of action. >> real quick question though. a lot of the focus is on obviously 2018 and 2022 and russia and qatar. any chance those are in jeopardy? >> potentially. this week maybe under covered the swiss government announced they would conduct their own investigation into the bids for 2018 and '22. that will have subpoena power which could really put some teeth into what they're looking into potentially put people in jail like this investigation from the u.s. department of justice. we might actually get results out of that. >> that would be amazing. >> grant to have yeat to have y us. new candidates, new controversies and new attacks. an unprecedented week in u.s. politics raises serious questions for our experts. test your knowledge against
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new today. an unprecedented week in presidential politics. two more candidates officially in the race. the first head-on name calling and a disgruntled artist. we have never seen this in may as far as we know. >> as far as we're going to say for this week. what a week it was. let's run some of the big stories of the week by our political experts chief political analyst gloria borger is here along with our senior political reporter. hello. both looking fabulous in yellow. i clearly missed the memo. >> we called each other this morning and decided to wear the same thing. >> the way this will work is we'll give you a question and multiple choice for answers. you pick the answer.
8:35 am
gloria borger, the first question to you. the five-way tie in recent polling means the race will go to the convention, b, republicans are in disarray, three, republicans are on the rise, or d, a lot of consultants are going to get very rich. >> do i get to answer what i wish would happen or what i think it means? i wish it would go all of the way to the convention. that would be such an interesting race and given the way delegates are chosen this time and size of the field which could be 15, could do that. i would have to say the correct answer is probably d, a lot of consultants are going to get very, very rich. it's always about the consultants. and you have so many candidates here, each of them competing for a little sliver of the pie because that's all they really need at this point. so consultants are jumping in. >> all right.
8:36 am
>> and i think local media stations also are going to get very rich as well. i think what might cause some problems at least for big media organizations is covering this thing. you have to cover all of these candidates. who can really keep track of them? you need four hands to count all of the candidates that will eventually get in this thing. one thing that i think will happen is we'll have a weeding out process when these debates come and they have these rules where the top ten or so. i think the oxygen is going to get that much more sparse for these candidates who really only have debates in media coverage to continue living off the land. >> at the least these debates are going to be more important than ever. >> let's do this question. rand paul emerged as a punching bag for gop candidates. this means -- you decide -- a, he's in danger of losing support of his party. b, he's carving out a niche in a
8:37 am
crowded field. c, he might consider running as an independent. d, a lot of consultants are going to get very rich. >> i'm going to go with -- i think it's a and it's b. i think he's shrewdly carving out this niche. you saw film with a filibuster of the patriot act. he may have if not derailed it, delayed it. we'll see what happens on sunday when folks take this up on the hill. he's also alienating people in his party and this has been a continuous theme with rand paul. you had jindal come out and say he's unqualified to lead the free world. he's doing a little of both. the problem is if he ends up being not rand paul but much like ron paul who did have a specific niche in the party. >> if you have people saying that you're unsuitable to be president, is that problematic? >> think of it this way. it's like the hunger games
8:38 am
without the fun right now. okay. >> ouch. >> these folks are competing on two levels. the first level is large field competing for some oxygen in states like iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, early states on some level but because of debates they are competing on a national playing field because they get chosen to be in that top tier in our debate or just play it all in the fox debate which is in august by national polling. we political types always say national polls don't matter this early in the campaign. well, they do this time around if you want to get into those debates. what rand paul is trying to do is differentiate himself. all he needs is a slight 7 to 8 percentage to get in that top tier to participate in the first debate, which does provide the
8:39 am
oxygen for these candidates and that's why you have bobby jindal out there who is by the way at 1% in the polls saying you're unsuited to be president of the united states because he's got to get in this mix. >> question number three will be a quick one here. rapid fire round. the guy who drove the hope poster about president obama in 2007 says he's disappointed in the president. this indicates, a, the president has lost whatever cool factor he had. b, there were unrealistic expect aces for him. c, lame duck. or d, the artist perhaps thinks a republican could win and he's thinking about his future. >> i'm going to go with b. this is a recurring theme with this president. you heard republicans talk about this. i think it was paul ryan said people had this poster on their wall and they were rough at the edges. i think everybody had unrealistic expectations that obama would rescue everyone and everything would be fine and
8:40 am
dandy and in some ways those were unrealistic expectations. >> i think he should just keep creating art. okay. that's it he's done well with that obama poster. >> indeed he has. >> consultants will keep getting rich. >> maybe he wants to be a consultant. >> that's the answer to it all. >> you bet. >> great to see you guys. thank you so much. >> what are we wearing next time? >> don't forget to clue us in next time too. seriously. we'll try it next week. coming up for us, isis takeover. breaking word the terrorist captured major airport in libya as they claim responsibility for attacks in baghdad now. we'll take you there live. plus, the clock is ticking if congress does not act within the next 48 hours, the white house says the united states will be less safe. so what happens if the patriot act goes away? cats like to eat.
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just sign into my account to pay bills, manage service appointments and find answers to your questions. you can even check your connection status on your phone. now it's easier than ever to manage your account. get started at all right. the clock is ticking. with the white house saying the senate is playing russian roulette now with the nation's security. the controversial bulk data collection program is set to expire monday. it's a rare weekend ahead for the senate. the senate scheduled to debate a bill to extend this act sunday afternoon. you know how much these senators love working on a sunday
8:45 am
afternoon. this issue has already faced serious opposition and there are few signs at this point of an imminent deal. >> you know what that means when they are brought back on a sunday how things can change but there have been holdouts and this can have a big impact. that's what many key supporters say if it expired. a key part john was just laying out is a key part of the patriot act program that president obama has supported to fight terrorism saying recently it's needed to keep the american people safe and secure. let's get the latest on where this whole thing stands with cnn national correspondent sunlen serfaty who is live outside the white house right now. where do things stand at this moment, 11:45 in the east on a friday heading into the weekend? >> reporter: the white house has been ratcheting up their rhetoric and their language warning of what will happen potentially sunday night at midnight if congress does not extent or pass this reform bill from the house.
8:46 am
they claim it would be a dangerous interruption into their ability to track terrorists but at the same time we should note they're having trouble really pointing to one specific case where these provisions have helped to thwart a terror attack. the white house is pushing on sunday for the senate to take up and pass the bill which includes some reforms. they are casting this as the only viable way forward. here's the white house communications director. >> there isn't plan b. there's no magic bullet or switch here. this is really an issue that the senate needs to work through. the question is why can't the senate move forward? can the republicans work through their family feud to get to an agreement over the next couple of days? >> reporter: republican senators have been working through the week-long recess to try to strike a deal but as of now there's no breakthrough yet. >> it can change so quickly. we have to stick close with
8:47 am
cameras. great to see you. thank you so much. coming up for us, isis takeover. breaking word that terrorists have captured a major airport in libya. this is also as they claim responsibility for attacks in baghdad. we're going to take you to baghdad live. plus, we really are one big happy family. my cousin, kate, and me. if you go back far enough, we're all related. hollywood stars, heads of state, they're all family and they're all invited to a family reunion. we'll explain. he says she's an undisciplined overwaterer. she claims he's a cruel underwaterer. with miracle-gro moisture control potting mix, plants only get water when they need it. fight ended. or shifted? miracle-gro. life starts here.
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in baghdad, isis is now claiming responsibility for overnight car bombings at two luxury hotels. >> at least nine people now confirmed dead and more than a dozen. a blast at the five-star facilities popular with v.i.p.s and foreigners. joining us is arwa damon. what can you tell us? >> well, isis posted a statement on one of its social media accounts boasting of how it was able to easily breach security at both of these hotels, talking and describing how one of its fighters, an iraqi man, according to this statement, managed to easily drive into the parking lot of the hotel, best and formerly known as the sheraton, park a vehicle inside the parking lot there, leave, pick up another car and drive that second vehicle to the babylon hotel, both of them exploding near simultaneously around midnight. isis saying this is in revenge
8:52 am
for the operations that are being carried out in sunni areas and it is a warning to the country's shia population and to the shia dominated government. now, for quite some time now, residents in baghdad had been worried not that isis was going to take over the capital the way that it took over mosul but exactly because of attacks like this one. this is a city that has been bracing itself for isis to retaliate for quite some time now. and then, of course, there is the concern of the security breach. these are two of the better fortified hotels in baghdad. they both have checkpoints that vehicles have to go through where they are supposed to be thoroughly searched. how did this breach of security take place? was there some sort of insider involvement as we have seen in some of the attacks that have taken place over the years. so a lot of questions that the population has and it's going to be needing a lot of reassurance from the government that its own forces are going to be able to keep this city safe. >> all right.
8:53 am
arwa damon in baghdad, thanks so much. 52 minutes after the hour. so are you coming to the family reunion? everyone is invited. hollywood celebrities, tv anchors, former presidents, we are all related folks, and one man you see him there, the one not named bush, he wants to bring us together. that's next. ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. ♪ those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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so, did you get the invitation? not you, but you over there. did you get the invitation? just kidding. you should have because you are all invited to our family reunion. >> my cousin kate might be there, our cousin david blaine, morgan sperlock, cousin john legend invited as well. >> and we sure hope he comes the global family reunion because you know, we're all family. really, we really, really are all family. >> that is what this gentle malpractice says. he is according to him at least, our cousin, aj jacobs who came up essentially saying that all of us here are related. >> that's right. hi cousin john, cousin kate, nice to see you. this started two years ago because i got an e-mail from a man who says you don't know me, but i'm your 12th cousin. i figure he's going to say here's my nigerian bank account. turns out he's part of this breed of researchers and
8:58 am
scientists who are building the biggest family tree ever and it's not a tree anymore, it is forest. it is huge. in 160 countries, 240 million people. all connected on a single tree. all connected by blood and marriage. i'm on this tree, barack obama, lady gaga is on it, so it's really mind boggling. >> it's one thing to get a call from somebody or get an e-mail from somebody say we're related, that's fun, i need to go back to writing my other e-mail, but you took this to another level and doing it for a really good cause. >> i was so fascinated i thought, why not throw a festival, a party for all of my cousins so that's what i'm doing on june 6th, week from now, in new york, there is going to be a party and it is everyone's invited. if you're not on the tree we have a team of genealogists on-site who will try to connect you and see how you're connected to george clooney and we got 50 speakers and we've got -- we were just talking about sister
8:59 am
sledge, singing "we are family". >> a reason to hold a party to begin with. related to george clooney, obvio obvious, there's the resemblance there, but you traced us, the three of us. >> how are we connect sfds. >> oh, yes. you and i are connected through -- you aren't related to a very famous philosopher as you know. >> please. >> but we're connected through the tattlebound family. >> how close custens are we? >> you are my second cousin's husband first cousin three times removed great nephew sister's nephew. practically brothers. >> practically brother. >> kate you andry mere 28 steps away. through the flood family. >> sounds so close. i guess that means a marriage and children are out for us. >> that makes it awkward. >> what's been happening in commercials i have to say that. >> exactly. >> aj jacobs, good luck. the global family reunion what day? >> june 6th, a week from saturday. global family
9:00 am
please come. >> everyone is related. i mean everyone because -- >> everyone. >> we're all related. >> we are. >> it's great. >> thanks so much for joining us "at this hour". >> absolutely. thanks, cousins. "legal view with ashleigh banfield" starts right now. hello, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield. welcome to "legal view." texas, we have live pictures we want to bring you from liberty, texas. we're going to show you what's been going on. a really remarkable. if you've been following the flooding this is another day and another bad story of cars backed up. this is our shot courtesy of our affiliate in texas, kvtv if you know dallas in the northeast portion of dallas and the metroplex there, it's garland, texas. and the flooding is so bad in some of the underpasses, this is


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