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tv   CNN International  CNN  May 30, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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of thing. i feel the weight of the state deciding to take someone's life. but if the death penalty is appropriate for any case, it's appropriate for this case. because of what he did to teresa mcabee. >> god forbid if he got death row and was a serial sex killer, how many more victims would there be before they caught duckett again? >> grant a new trial. i'm not asking to walk out the door. grant me a new trial. let's put everything on the table and do it right and see what happens. >> ready? >> all right. >> thank you. y'all take care. i'm not perfect. nobody is perfect. >> he may not be perfect. sepp blatter is, re-elected fifa president despite a global corruption scandal. >> in the middle east, isis extends its reach and takes credit for a deadly bombing at this saudi mosque. >> and in the united states, former house speaker dennis hastert faces allegations of sexual misconduct. you're watching "cnn newsroom." i'm natalie allen.
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thank you to our viewers in the u.s. and around the world for joining us. sepp blatter clinched his fifth term as president of the international soccer organization friday. his sole rival, jordan's prince ali conceded after the first round of voting at the fifa conference. blatter's victory comes after two corruption allegations in the organization. blalter promised delegates he will do his best to clean up fifa with their help. >> i told you at the beginning, or when we started for, for this election. i like you. i like my job. and i am not perfect. nobody is perfect.
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but we will do a good job together, i am sure. so i thank you so much. i thank you for the trust and confidence, trust and confidence. together we go. let's go, fifa. let's go, fifa. thank you. >> so there is some cheering there. some applause. blatter and his allies are celebrating his victory. but his critics are in mourning. here is a sample. luis figo, who ran for the fifa presidency said this vote has only served to endorse the election of a man who can't remain in charge of world futbol to. day was another dark day in zurich. fifa has lost but above everything futbol has lost and everyone who truly cares about it has lost too. >> chairman of the english, the idea blatter could reform fifa is suspect. i would be very surprised if he was still in this job in two year's time. >> michel platini, applauded
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prince ali's effort. i am proud that uefa has defended and support aid movement for change at fifa. change, which in my opinion is crucial if this organization is to regain its credibility. so, how now does it goes about that? let's turn to cnn world sport anchor alex thomas. he jones us from zurich with more on the developing story. bla blatter is black in the driving seat, alex. the question will be, what happens next? >> reporter: hello, natalie. welcome to zurich. picturesque part. in the hills above it where the multimillion dollar state of the art building phone as fifa house is, world headquarters, one built under sepp blatter's watch. now he will be in charge for another four years, from the age of 79, elected. re-elected for a fifth term in
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office. as i speak you might occasionally catch a glimpse of the black tinted windowed luxury cars taking the fifa executive committee members in for a meeting that starts in less than half an hour. that should be interesting. many of the people will have voted for sepp blatteren yesterday's election. but many will not have done certainly the uefa president would not have done. and the question now is will sepp blatter take out being challenged son some one like the head of europe's governing body. there is a suggestion he could threaten europe with having fewer places for their countries at future world cups. will be a very interesting meeting. then after that. 11:30 in the morning local time here. in abuout 2 1/2 hours. sepp blatter will hold a news conference. should have heard friday. it was delayed. everything went on so long friday. >> that's right.
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we were wondering why it was delay fried daed on friday. now that the dust is settling. where did it go wrong for prince ali who gave blatter his biggest challenge. >> i think he gave it his best shot, thatly. the the way he delivered his 15 minute speech. any candidate allowed before the vote is given. many of the 209 national futbol association chiefs will probably have made up their mind before they got into the hole. the fact that he got 73 votes. could have taken it to a second round, the election, but chose to quit, to spare us all after a long week, frankly. it would have taken us to 9:00, 10:00 at night at that stage. thought the writing was on the wall. thought it was a credit to prince ali, he got that far really. at least, futbol had a debate. blatter had such a stronghold on power for so many years. not only once before in four previous elections was he challenged for it since winning from the uefa president, in
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1998. so, prince ali did his best. he wasn't quite the figure that, that made people unite behind him. blatter has got a lot of supporters. i think he is actually on a real high, blalter th eblatter. saw it arrive before any one else this morning. and hear what he has to say later. >> wait and hear from him. alex thomas, thank you. >> as we have been reporting. fifa's election was closely watched around the world. nic robertson also in zurich where he went behind the scenes to see how the election and drama surrounding it unfolded on friday. >> inside the vast hall, fifa delegates gathering. mired in controversy. meanwhile, outside. >> then there were other smaller protests popping up. take a look at this. looking over the shoulders here. game over for blatter. big blatter head on his head. how about that for a move?
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>> it was never going to be a dull day. protesters busting the peace wanting israel to be suspended for allegedly restriction movement to palestinian players. this is where most of the protesters are about 100 or so outside. they're actually being held across the road from the hall. that's the stadium where the voting is going on right now. and take a look across the road here. this gives you an idea of how far the protesters are being held back. crossing over the road. right over here, you can see the police. maybe a dozen or so. maybe 20 police. there are a couple of policemen out here that are ready for more action. we see them. the policeman over here who has got a smoke gun. >> then, there was the bomb threat, the delegates had lunch. all remain calm. this is the place to get the best view of what is happening. a live shot position overlooking all of the events here. down there, that's where the protesters are.
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right across the street, a few policemen. and over there -- the big conference hall. that's where all of the actions really happening. after lunch, the drama. palestinian futbol association dropping calls for israel to be kicked out. >> i decided to, to drop the suspension. >> and the drama building even hyper. >> i am putting first afghanistan. please proceed to voting booth number one. >> next, the vote for president. >> so these, the famous cow bells. these might have come here to ring their bells. for fifa. not allowed to go in and ring them, it is too noisy. now they're telling me, they're not even going to be allowed to ring them anyway. everybody is waiting. taxis are lining up here. cameras are lining up, the voting is still going on. but everyone is waiting to see what the outcome is. so, inside the voting. in a few minutes we might actually know who is going to
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be -- the new president of fifa. the man with the cowbells will be disappointed by the way. they're not allowed to ring them. >> inside the battle, truly under way. >> you know me. i don't need to introduce myself. >> beoth blatter and challenger prince ali. >> today is taking the first step towards change. >> vying for votes. meanwhile. just spotted rement the represe of the israeli futbol assess yags. excuse me. can we ask you a quick question? no questions. can i just, how did today go? >> go well. very well. >> it went well? >> first of all, they withdrew a, after that we go to a process. from my point of view. our point of view. a process that could contribute to futbol. man to peace. thank you.
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>> one happy delegation. >> not at all. thank you. >> well, there we have it. some success. out of today. but, the big answer, the big question. they're still inside. they're still voting. >> the drama unfolding slowly now. a secret ballot. country by country. 209 delegates. with fifa, nothing seems to happen fast. the blue carpet is out. these are the doors that the delegates are going to come out when they finish voting. sorry, friend. up here you can see, all of the journalists leaned up. waiting to catch them. coming from all around the world. capetown, south africa. welcomes the world cup. take a look here. it's a bit like the line at an airport. where you wait for your relatives to come through. everyone waiting. lined up along here. waiting for dell glts egates. waiting to pop the questions. the question is though, what
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happens next. it's been a wonderful journey. closer than expected. but the story is not done yet. in the next few hours. all of the bunting will be coming down. the fifaer to is far from over. uefa threatened to pull out of the fifa organization. sepp blatter is he off the hook. the fbi began their investigation. could he be arrested soon as well? nic robertson, cnn, zurich, switzerland. yes, the future is of in the air. even with sepp blatter back at the helm. i will talk with columnist in london, "inside world futbol." more in 20 minutes. we turn to other news -- isis appearing to be expanding its reach beyond the borders of iraq and syria. militants have taken over a
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libyan air base and civilian airport and claimed responsibility for another mosque attack in saudi arabia. chief u.s. security correspondent take is a look at advances of isis. >> reporter: this is isis on the offensive. in saudi arabia the terror group claimed responsibility for deadly bombing on a shiite mosque. the second attack in the kingdom in the last week. in libya, growing base of isis support. the group says it captured part of the civilian airport. and in baghdad, two massive suicide bombs on two prominent hotels. a shocking strike inside iraq's highly protected capital. leaving shattered windows, and ape rattled government. >> the regime in baghdad is -- is very much on the defensive. because of the gains that isis has made. in ramadi and anbar province. and in syria. in damascus.
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it has been a very important shift in the last couple of weeks. >> isis attacks both inside and outside its bases in iraq and syria. are a worrying sign for the u.s.-led anti-isis coalition. islamic militants have taken over one of the last cities under control of the syrian president, bashir al assad. the government now teetering. >> they believe they are the army of islam coming to save islam. and, you know, in fact, that explains their violence and brutality. anybody who stand in our way this is what we will do. >> reporter: with iraqi forces overwhelmed the u.s. is kidding arming sunni tribes in anbar directly. >> arming the sunnis, the kurds, arming the army, any in iraq who will fight against isis will be welcome. >> meantime, shia fighters
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facing challenges as they try to retake territory from isis. senior international correspondent nick paton walsh took a drive and shows us what they're up against. >> reporter: shia fighters isaiah they have taken the town ahead of us. look to the right of the black smoke here. >> ooh. where was that? >> it's not that simple. >> reporter: mines are at the roadside past the tree line. the blasts could be them being cleared away by engineers. or taking more lives. we have now heard in the distance two, one substantial. we're told that's a controlled explosion of mines in the area they just cleared. and they seem quite calm here. but it could also be that one of their cars has hit one of the mines laid by isis. this is what they videoed, the fight for this town. close to a vital highway north.
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isis would just pushed out to its edges. as we move closer, it gets messier. we think a mortar lands nearby. and stay in the car. >> since we have literally been waiting on the road, there have been three or four substantial explosions which may well be their fighters still coming across, boobytraps in the area. shows you how incredibly hard it is going to be to retake land here. for people to come back to living. >> as we move out, shia fighters pour north up the road. this is what victory against isis looks like. little to savor. the impression you get from seeing that is really how chaotic some times those front lines can be. different militia groups, working alongside each other. potentially disagreeing on territory. they say, advancing substantially along the main highway routes here and pushing isis back and in fact they claimed in the area you just saw there, that isis were encircled
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nearby. but those explosions consistent. a since of volatility on the highway as well. and i think you see -- in areas like that. how long it could go on for. territory may change hands. isis, for years, many of them. even when the americans had a presence in militarieny ein ira. sending bombs into an area where they don't have a presence. hard to stop and see, how peace and a since of society getting back to normal can rain here in the years ahead in iraq. nick paton walsh, cnn, baghdad. >> a former u.s. house speaker is accused of sixabexual miscon with a minor and paying hush money to cover it up. the story next here. with next month's looming deadline, the next rounds of talks over iran's nook leuclear program set to be in just a few hours.
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welcome back. you are watching "cnn newsroom," i'm natalie allen. a washington insider once second in line to the u.s. presidency now faces federal charges.
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former house speaker dennis hastert was paying a former male student to keep quiet about allegations of sexual misconduct. but then lied to the fbi about it. we learn more from cnn's pamela brown. federal sources tell cnn dennis hastert, longest serving republican u.s. house speaker was paying hush money to the student at the illinois high school where he once taught. more than $1 million to the former student to keep allegations hastert sexually abused him quiet. hastert has not commented but abruptly resend from this d.c. lobbying firm and a chicago derivatives firm. and it does not discuss sexual abuse instead focuses on how the 73-year-old former wrestling coach moved the money he allegedly was paying the former student. prosecutors say he agreed to pay an unnamed individual, $3.5 million to cover up his past misconduct. according to court record the
12:22 am
investigation started two years ago. when the fbi started investigating mystery transactions made by hastert. bank withdrawals of more than $950,000. the fbi alleges several of the withdrawals were less than $10 t he could evade irs detection. >> banks have an on li gaegs bl record removing $10,000. a pattern, structuring. they would be looking into this. >> reporter: when the fbi asked hastert about the pattern of large withdrawals he said he was keeping the cash for himself. pamela brown reporting there. investigators have decided not to pursue a possible k toextort case. the high school released a statement denying any knowledge of the alleged incident. >> with one month to go before the deadline, u.s. secretary of state john kerry and iranian foreign minister will resume negotiations over iran's
12:23 am
controversial nuclear program today. the u.s. and five other world powers want to prevent iran from developing nuclear weapons in exchange for easing economic sanctions. the final dead loon line is jun. >> the united states officially removed cuba from its terror list. the move is sure to warm relations between the countries. it is also the last major road block to opening embassies in each country. from havana a report on other changes still to come. >> reporter: in a major shiften u.s. policy, cuba will no longer be included on the united states list of countries that support state terrorism. for over 30 years, cuba had essentially been black listed. according to the united states, cuba's support of revolutionary and terrorist groups around the world, warranted scuba being included on the list that with the involves some pretty serious
12:24 am
financial sanctions. this had a major impact on cuba's already struggling economy. be removed off the list. officials are hopeful it will lead to economic benefits and allow international scum pagtioo begin joint ventures with the cuban government. being on the list it scared away international companies from doing. it will half a major impact on cuba. u.s. relations. president raul castro said he didn't foresee the reopening of the u.s. embassy while cuba remained on the list. it wouldn't be until after cuba was removed from the state sponsor terror list he would allow a u.s. ambassador to be named to havana. and the u.s. embassy to be reopened and a cuba embassy to be reopened. this will have a major impact on the pace of relations now and we expect in the coming weeks, cuban u.s. relations, after 54 years to once again be restored
12:25 am
between the long time cold warren mes. war enemies. >> anti-islam rally outside of phoenix, arizona mosque has ended without violence. organizers called it a free speech rally with a contest to draw cartoons of the prophet muhammad. they were met by counterprotestors. two gunmen who attacked another cartoon contest in dallas earlier this month had attended that phoenix mosque. >> despite a tearful plea for leniency, the creator of an underground website will spend the rest of his life in prison. 31-year-old ross olbrit convicted in february of money laundering and drug trafficking. he was sentenced friday to life in prison without parole. he created the website which allowed users to make anonymous purchases using virtual curre y
12:26 am
currency. the judge paid to have people who threatened silk road murdered even though those charges were dropped and there is no evidence any murders actually happened. his lawyer plans to appeal. futbol's most powerful man will hold on to his job. but a global corruption scandal will present a lot of challenges for sepp blatter moving forward. coming out what is next for fifa? we'll talk about that. also another daring rescue. off the coast of libya. this time, nearly 900 migrants trying to seek a better life. to tripping over a rug, to just losing their balance. and not being able to get up from a fall can have serious lifetime consequences. being prepared is important. philips lifeline with autoalert is more than just a medical alert button. it's an advanced fall-detection system, designed to get you help quickly. if you fall and you're unable to push your button, the fall detection technology within autoalert can trigger the button to automatically place a call for help.
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and welcome back, you are watching cnn newsroom. we appreciate you joining us. i'm natalie allen. here is an update of the top stories, we are following this hour. another victory for sepp blatter. scandal ridden fifa. he clinched his fifth term as president of the organization on friday. his sole rival, jordan prince ali conceded after the first round of voting at the world congress in zurich. isis xis expanding its reach. it seized an air base and adjoining civilian airport near the libyan city. the terror group claims responsibility for this right here, a deadly attack on a shiite mosque in saudi arabia. this the second attack, such attack in two weeks. sources tell cnn former house speaker dennis hastert paying a former male student to keep kauai's t aquiet.
12:31 am
hastert faces federal charges about lying about $3.5 million he paid as hush money. >> u.s. secretary of state john kerry and the iranian foreign minister will be back at the table. the u.s. and five world powers hope to strike a deal with iran by the june 30th deadline. we want to return to our top story out of zishuof zurich. won a fifth term as president of fifa. sepp blatter defeated jordan's prince ali, his sole challenger friday. blatter promised delegates that he will do his best to clean up the organization with their help. with more on this developing story. turn to matt scott in london. columnist with inside world futbol. he joins me via skype. matt, thank you for joining uh.
12:32 am
i want to start with your reaction to sepp blatter being voted back in. why is fifa sticking by him? >> well, i think we have seen -- among the, from the indictment, the allegations that the fbi and u.s. department of justice have made. they talked about rampant systemic, endemic corruption. among a number of fifa delegates. and that's happened on under sepp blatter's watch. this is something, an organization where there is little account built team. the traces of money that leave fifa. there is no requirement for transparency how the money is spent. if you look at facilities the money is paid to the national associations, to deliver, and very many jurisdictions. the facilities just don't hold up to, to the value of what fifa is paying for. this has been an opportunity. a channel for embezzlement for
12:33 am
very many people. though fifa isn't -- isn't itself systemically -- making, you know, enforcing corruption. it is enabling corruption by turning a blind eye to the way that people, the activities of the people on the ground. and that's where the votes come from. it allows the political, people will know -- that they will not be challenged under sepp blatter. when prince ali stand there and talks about reform and a day for change. not what they want to hear. they want more of the same. that's the way that very many people around that table have been enriching themselves. >> that's interesting. i was going to ask you, we were talking about a few bad eggs, or a systemic -- corrupt way of doing business period. that's, what it sound like. so there has been no requirement for transparency. is there any way that -- that can be changed with, with sepp
12:34 am
blatter knowing he has got a big problem on his hand now? >> well, fifa have introduced one or two. measures and controls. what we have seen in the indictment is an allegation that a high ranking official from within fifa paid -- on three separate occasions, bribes totaling $10 million to a, to accounts controlled by vice president of fifa. now there are so many red flags within that issue. that you would demand, the auditors to pay attention to it. and, it seems that there has been very little attention paid to that. and itch it is fouf it is found, allegations proven against jack warner the president in question, and indicted, if that is proven it does raise questions about elsewhere around the word and the way that people have acted. now, reforms have been sought in
12:35 am
the past by very many members associations and fifa. but they have been blocked by blatter. not least term limits. one of the things that, that, that the independent governance committee headed by professor mark pete, a very -- respected government expert. had that been introduced there would be no question on sepp blatter being on election day yesterday. instead he blocked that reform. and many others. the demand for very clear accountability of, of cash, how it is spent. proper oversight of the billion dollars and mr. that get spent every four years has been blocked and it's not a reforeign minister that will be minister -- reform that will be introduced. >> sepp blatter. lots of kissing, hugging, well wishing from supporters. interesting to see what happens next. we really appreciate your thought and perspectives, matt
12:36 am
scott in london, thank you, matt. talk with you again about it. >> look forward to tip. >> thank you. more controversy surrounding fifa and qatar. workers are dying on the job in a race to get things done for the 2022 world cup in the gulf country. so far more than 1,000 deaths are estimated. we learn more from cnn's becky anderson from abu dhabi. >> since qatar won the bid to host the world cup in 2022, the tournament has been mired in controversy. first it was the heat. then the extensive allegations of bribery. but what is most worrisome is the human cost associated with this event. workers are dying on the job in the race to complete these multibillion dollar sites associated with the world cup. the numbers are difficult to pin down. but a report by the international trade union confederation for example, has estimated 1,200 death ses so fa.
12:37 am
with 4,000 additional worker deaths by 20-22. many experts say those numbers vastly underplay the reality. well in the face of stinging criticism about working conditions and aabuse, the labo ministry pledged reform. those helping to build the country deserve to be protected against exploitation. the migrant workers as we speak are toiling behind the scenes in the heat and dust of the desert. even as this entire project has once again in the spotlight after the swiss authorities announced a criminal investigation into the awarding of the tournament to both qatar and to russia in 2018. and the first statement since the probe was announced on wednesday. qatar's world cup committee says, i will quote, our aim through hosting the fifa world cup is to utilize the positive
12:38 am
power of sport. to unify people and to show the region's passion for soccer and they go on to say we fully complied with every investigation that is being initiated concerning the 2018, 2022 bidding process. and we'll continue to do so. we conducted our bid. they say with integrity. becky anderson, cnn, abu dhabi. >> at german navy rescued nearly 900 migrants off the coast of libya. they just keep coming. many of the refugees including 27 children were found abarred six boats as you can see from the video. just a second ago. others were struggling to stay afloat in the water they were wearing life vests. meantime, the italian coast guard saved the lives of more than 4,200 people in the mediterranean. officials say 17 people died trying to make the journey to europe as i mentioned. they just keep coming.
12:39 am
southeast asian nations agreed on friday to step up search-and-rescue efforts to help stranded might ranlt eed m. myanmar's navy intercepted a bet friday. lack at that. that's what they're dealing with. that bolt was carrying more tha. more than 3,000 landed in indonesia and malaysia since the start of may when thailand launched a crackdown on human trafficking gangs. the u.n. estimates 2,500 people are still stuck, stranded at sea. >> well, promising change, as first day as nigeria's new president. buhari inherits a country with fuel shortages. >>en front of the cameras, two men stand for an historic
12:40 am
moment. the swearing in of a new president and first peaceful unseating of nigeria's ruling party. >> mohamed buhari is president of africa's biggest economy and largest oil producer. it is difficult to overestimate the significance of the scene you are seeing behind me. nigeria has gone from coup to coup to counter coup to attempts at democracy since independence in 1960. but this man, buhari has unseated the ruling party. and is president of nigeriniger. nigerians hope he will use his democrating mandate to bring change, to a country beset by corruption and insecurity. >> elated.
12:41 am
excited. out of the world. this is great. one of the grapte egrayest -- g things. >> today is in their hand. >> the priorities here, and what is bothering all of us, issues about security, and of course, you know, about unemployment, and issues, you know about poverty. >> reporter: but no one cares about the challenges today. they have a victory to celebrate. flooding, ravages the u.s. state of texas. next hear what is being done to help. and when residents might be able to start drying out. look at that. also, another candidate is set to enter the already overcrowded u.s. presidential race.
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welcome back. you are watching "cnn newsroom." one of hillary clinton's biggest support ears but to go head-to-head against her for the same position. former maryland governor martin o'malley expected to nu eed to his candidacy later today. despite endorsing the former secretary of state in 2007 during her first presidential run, o'malley now says it is time to pass the torch. eight republicans have officially declared their intention to run for president. the u.s. president barack obama has declared a flood disaster in texas. paving the way for federal aid to arrive. severe weather has killed at least 21 people in the state over the past six days. storms battered several cities on thursday and friday. causing roads, as you can see there, to be completely impassible. even the police had to be rescued from rising waters in
12:46 am
dallas. so far, 70 of the 254 counties in texas have been declared disaster areas. meteorologist derek van dam has more on this from world weather center for us. >> according to climatologists at texas a & m university this has been the wettest recorded may in all of texas history. we're talking on average over 7 1/2 inches of rainfall across the entire state. so far this month. that's roughly 200 millimeters spread across this entire massive, massive u.s. state. now look at some of the individual rainfall totals, exceeding 15 inches, even approaching 20 inches in some locations. roughly, 500 mill merlimetermil. in liberty, we are seeing scenes like this. unbelievable stuff. houses inundated. heavy rain just drenching this area. between 4 and 7 inches fell in some locations.
12:47 am
just on friday afternoon alone. this is -- a significantly impacted community. not only for people's homes, but also, the agricultural factor, coming out of all of this flooding rain as well. heading back to the graphics. you can see some of the hardest hit areas, the red river, border of oklahoma/texas. and in fact we have five locations that have recorded their wettest may ever. but it is oklahoma city, fort smith, arkansas, wichita falls have had their wettest month ever recorded. astounding statistics out of this area. even dallas-fort worth. exceeding 5 to 7 inches of rainfall friday. there was flooding out of the region. here is more rain in the forecast. the next 24 hours, specifically north central, texas, arkansas, louisiana, national weather service continued with flood watches, warnings and flash flood warnings for some locations including oklahoma city and dallas, texas. hopefully the images become few and far between. going forward into the first
12:48 am
half of next week. because there is some good news here. we have a cold front that is going to sweep through. that is going to help dry things out and give us a respite from all of the heavy rainfall. just up quick note, i want to show you, we have had some relief from the excessive drought conditions that has plagued this region for the past several years. if the went from 10% drought covering texas to 5% just yesterday. back to you. >> unreal for texas. i think he said that is the most recorded rain in one month in texas history. well united nations group stopped short of placing australia's great barrier reef on an endangered list. but it warns the outlook for the reef is poor. the u.n.'s world heritage committee says australia must carry out its commitments to protect the world's largest collection of coral reefs. look at that beauty. the group cites climate change and pollution as key, use
12:49 am
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many people who need face transplants, many people who have been in terrible accidents, or burned, are so disfigured they never leave home. they live in the shadows. but 39-year-old richard norris underwent a face transplant in 2012 and it changed his life. look at him. from left to right, you will see norris, in high school, then after a gunshot injury, that's what it did to his face. and then after transplant surgery, first happened before he started to heal. the family of 21-year-old joshua aversano donated his face for a transplant after he was killed in a car accident. now his sister has met norris for the first time.
12:54 am
here it is from "60 minutes australia." >> reporter: donated her dead brother's face so ammnother man could live. on 60 minutes. >> do you mind if i touch it? >> for the first time, seeing, touching, feeling. her brother's face. >> this is the face that i grew up with. >> what an experience that must have been for her. a gun accident left norris with severe facial trauma. the surgery involved replacing both jaws, as well as his tongue, his skin, nerve, muscle tissue, and entire set of teeth. norris is the fifth person, just the fifth in the world to have a full face transplant. it lasted 36 hours. it was one of the longest and most extensive facial transplants ever.
12:55 am
let's hear it from the doctors who did that for him. worldwide, surgeons have performed just three dozen, full or partial face transplants since 2005. we were him well. >> nba finals start thursday in oakland, california. steph curry and the golden state warriors versus lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers. the game is also about the fans, of course. this is sweetie. she is the warriors' 105-year-old fan. she says she is ready and waiting for her team to bring home the title. >> they seem like a family. and they get together and they play some ball. >> after clinching the western conference, coach steve kerr didn't forget about his team's oldest fan. >> i'm happy for all of our, all of our fans, and especially sweetie if you are watching out
12:56 am
there. congratulations. >> i couldn't believe it. i had to hear it again. >> i love it. he said her name. the warriors and catch leers will face each other for the first time ever. in the best of seven series. it has been 200 years since one napoleon's most famous defeats. and city leaders in waterloo, belgium, have found a unique way to mark that anniversary. they depicted napoleon's life with legos, yes, you are looking at legos. the exhibit's designer tells reuters news service it took thousand of hours and hundred of thousand of lego blocks to create this modular feat. the city hopes the event will help capture a younger generation of history buffs. maybe if they make an app for it. they will. thank you for joining us this hour. i'm natalie allen. george howell will be with you in just a couple of moments.
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keep it here. you are watching cnn.
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critics slam sepp blatter's re-election as a step back for fifa. more on the promise for football's most powerful man to clean up corruption in his organization. the tentacles for isis reach farther into libya. militants claim they seize an airport as they claim responsibility for bombings in the middle east. and the u.s. takes a step for normalizing relations with cuba. i'm george howell, this is "cnn newsroom." welcome t


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