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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  June 4, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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by chat that allows mothers to see and hear and talk about their newborns in the nicu and babies are responding to their mother's voices in a big way. >> i needed that. so happy, and thank you for telling us. time for "newsroom" with carol costello. >> have a great day. "newsroom" starts right now. a planned beheading stopped in its tracks and the target is the outspoken activist behind a mohammed cartoon test. >> they mean to kill everybody that doesn't abide by their law voluntarily. >> details about the suspect and the weapons he ordered off amazon. >> also the duggers stand up for their son after admitting he improperly touched young girls. >> one of our children made some really bad choices, and i think
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as a parent we were just devastated. >> why didn't they go to the cops earlier? plus the gop field gets even more crowded. >> a lot of candidates will say the right things. we need a president that has done the right thing. >> rick perry throws his hat into the ring and will voters give him a second chance? >> i think america is seeing what a promising person he can be. >> let's talk live in the cnn "newsroom." good morning. i am carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. we are learning chilling tphanew details about a gruesome plot. rahim was killed after lunging at officials with a combat knife. rahim, who was under constant surveillance changed his plans
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hours before he was killed. the new target the boys in blue a reference to law enforcement. now this man, 25-year-old david wright who police say is an associate is facing terror related charges, and we are hearing from pamela geller the target of the initial plan. geller recently made headlines herself after she organized a controversial cartoon prophet contest. >> drawing an ainnocuous cartoon warrants chopping my head off? they are going to come for you, too, chris. the media should be standing with me particularly in light of foley, by submitting to islamic law, that's what you are doing. people need to understand the jihadic doctrine and it's coming for you, and mainstream muslims
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should be standing with me shoulder to shoulder in defense of free speech. >> and tell us more alexandra. >> reporter: that big question about why police intervened in front of the cvs has been answered. authorities said they noted changes in the behavior of the man they had been following 24 hours a day, and court documents reveal his plans also changed. not only had he switched targets, he accelerated the timetable. he planned an attack that would have unfolded on tuesday or wednesday of this week. the original plot was allegedly sinister and gruesome according to law enforcement officials. the fbi believes boston terror suspect, rahim's original plan was to behead pamela geller a activist and conserveative
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blogger. rahim purchased this knife on amazon and then he makes a phone call to 25-year-old, david wright. wright is now being charged with destroying evidence on rahim's smartphone. the fbi says rahim told his nephew about the knife over the phone and wright later responded with a reference, investigators say, to terrorists beheadings. the next day on may 27th the fbi intercepts the amazon package and x-rays it and finds a knife and sharpen you are, and abruptly on this week tuesday, the fbi says rahim calls his nephew and says he is changing the plan because he can't wait that long instead he is going to go after the boys in blue and rahim reveals his plan to randomly kill police officers in massachusetts on tuesday or wednesday. this supposed escalation investigators say, is what
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prompted them to approach rahim at the shopping center on wednesday. >> the video clearly shows the four or five officers backtracking away from the suspect as he is coming at them. >> this morning, we are learning more about rahim. he went to college in florida, a former guidance counselor remembers him as a bright student. we no back in the area he had some work in security and beyond that carol, i was able to speak two imams at a mosque and they say they knew him since he was a young boy and they describe his family as being devout and they say he was observant but never expressed any thinking they considered radical or extreme. >> reporting live from boston this morning. after rahim was shot and
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killed by police his brother posted that authorities shot him in the back. and that's not what happened. my next guest was one of the clergy members in that room reverend mark scott joins me live from boston. welcome, sir. >> good morning. thank you. >> thank you for being here. can you describe what you saw on that video? >> well the video displays actually clearly -- it answers the question of was he shot in the back or in the front. when you watch the video, what you see is the officers in a fairly calm way are walking towards him, and then he comes back towards them, and the officers begin to back up in a crouching position and they appear to call for support from two other officers that are there with them, and as he approached them they fire and you see him go down.
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the video makes it very clear that he was shot in the front and not shot in the back. >> did you see the knife? >> the video camera is some distance -- it's a parking lot, and so the video camera is coming across the parking lot, and there is some distance it was raining that morning, so what you can see are the figures, and you can't see the weapon itself the knife itself but you can see that he is approaching the officers. >> you were in that room with people and clergy from the muslim community and others from the african-american community, and what was their reaction to watching this video? >> one of the things that was important about this conversation is that the police commissioner it has been his habit now when these things happen in our community, reached out to christian ministers and the muslim community, and
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present was the fbi and the district attorney and what we are in the habit when these things happened in boston we get together and talk about it. i reached out to the muslim community, and their feeling was one of surprise shock and grief. they are struggling to understand what has happened here why it has happened and how we are going to be able to talk with one another to move forward beyond it. i would say that the community is grieving itself, and certainly we feel for the mother who is grieving, and they are working hard to support that mother who has lost a son. >> reverend i don't know if you got a chance to watch chris cuomo's interview with pamela geller because supposedly she was the initial target rahim wanted to behead her. what do you make of that? >> well the idea of beheading
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somebody or attacking somebody for them exercising their free speech rights is clearly wrong. we need to have a deeper understanding of one another. why is it that it's important for the islamic community not to have a physical depiction of the prophet mohammed? that's where the dialogue needs to go. we want to avoid, even though we have the right to do it and certainly you have the free speech right to do it but taunting one another, and egging one another on we are facing a serious challenge in our city and around the world, and if we are going to solve it we have to do a better job of trying to understand one another, engaging in some dialogue so that we are able to use our free speech rights for good things. >> i am getting that you don't think pamela geller is actually
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doing that? she said in the interview, quote, this is a showdown for american freedom and that's why she held the prophet mohammed contest. do you believe what she is doing is a showdown for american freedom? >> no. we need to use our freedom and our free speech rights to build communities, and that's the responsibility. with freedom comes responsibility. we have to use our freedom in ways that are responsible, and there is a very rich diverse vibrant muslim community here in boston, and we need to get to know each other and we don't do that by poking sticks in each other's eyes. >> thank you for your insight. appreciate it. the fbi is scrambling to keep up with isis' new social media strategy of having direct contact with the americans. 2,000 core isis supporters put
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out a message, and then it's retreated, and 200,000 people receiving that particular message. >> this has become a very big problem for law enforcement because isis doesn't care who it reaches, they are throwing a very broad net to try and catch anybody that might be converted to their ideology and carry out an attack. >> in boston an alleged plot to attack police officers by a man suspected of being a homegrown extremist is part of what national security officials describe as a surge in u.s.-based isis sympathizers. a surge driven by twitter and social media, say law enforcement, making the threat of attacks more and more likely. >> there are thousands and thousands of messages being put out into the eitherer tpaer.
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>> the u.s. estimates there are 180 americans that have joined or tried to join terror groups overseas and now isis' strategy is evolving and not only is the terror group using social media to recruit and inspire, they are also using social media to make direct contact with people like garland, texas, terror suspect, elton simpson, shot dead when plotting to open fire on a cartoon event. >> they will try to directly communicate with the individual to give them coaching and guidance on how to do an attack inside the united states. >> the fbi is using more resources tracking potential suspects. boston terror suspect, rahim, had been put under 24/7 surveillance because of information police called alarming. fbi director james comey, says
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isis recruitment efforts are becoming difficult to detect because of encrypted information. >> i can't tell you i have it all covered. >> the out reach, carol, is really global because they are not only putting their messages out in english but in french and in german, and they are just trying to find those lone wolf attacks or people that can communicate with each other to do these kinds of assaults. it's all about terror. still to come in the "newsroom," the dugger family defending their actions as son josh confessed molestation. more than a month after the looting of pharmacies, baltimore finds itself desperate for help. new flonase allergy relief nasal spray. this changes everything. flonase is the 24 hour relief that outperforms a leading allergy pill. when we breathe in allergens
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breaking its silence speaking out about their oldest son's josh's molestation of a young sister and babysitter. last night they sat down with fox news trying to explain their actions when their son confessed to touching four girls. >> he said he was curious about girls, and he touched them over their clothes while they were sleeping. >> the girls all sleep together? >> yeah the girls had two bedrooms at the time. >> how many girls are we talking about? >> five girls at the time, and so anyway he went in and said he had done this and so we first off, of course really talked to him and then we went and talked to all the girls and children. >> it was so important for us as parents to talk to our girls and make sure that nothing else had
6:19 am
happened. one by one, as we talked with them none of them were aware of josh's wrong doings. >> they learned about it from you? >> yes. >> at that point he said he had done this to how many of the girls? >> two. >> but neither had any recollection? >> they did not know. >> what was their reaction when they learned it from you? >> they really didn't know. what happened was, we asked them at first if anything happened, and then it was after some other things happened that we actually shared with them and we took a lot of steps. first we tried to deal with this in house as parents. we were in shock and we were trying to figure out what was the next step. really looking back we did the best we could under the circumstances. >> part of their plan involved a stern talking to by a police officer, and sending josh away to do construction work as rehabilitation for a couple
6:20 am
months. let's talk about this. we are joined by hln legal analyst joey action and a psychologist and author. welcome to both of you. >> thank you. >> good morning, carol. >> dr. gayle, did the duggers sound like reasonable parents to you? >> i think to many parents they will sound like reasonable parents because they obviously deeply cared and they tried to do things to correct the situation, if you will. so i think there was a lot of -- i think it's heartfelt and there was a lot of reasonableness on their part. unfortunately, i think they also said things that viewers need to understand may not be the best thing to do. counselor is a meaningless term. it does not mean a professional who is experienced in the area of treating children and adolescence who are having an issue like this and is it a
6:21 am
psychologist or psychiatrist. >> they called it a christian counselor. >> for religious purposes that may be great, but a behaveior that is defiant, and a desire to do it to somebody so much younger than you, and having an interest in somebody much younger than you is very arbitrary and protective on the parents' part but not true. all those things matter and people need to understand what defines getting professional help. a counselor who has no degree of particular sort of experience in this area can hurt more than help. >> what i found interesting, the duggers kept saying what happened to their daughters was a mistake. you are in the field of law, was it a mistake? >> listen just talking about the statute itself if you look at the statute, that is the law
6:22 am
in some duh strictareas, and so if somebody is touching somebody else in various areas as there appears to have been here it would have been a violation of the statute. based on how it was reported carol, it exceeded the three-year statute of limitation for which he could have been prosecuted and that never happened. >> how do most families deal with this? >> going back to the law, carol, what i found very interesting is there are over 30 -- there 36 mandatory reporters in arkansas and parents are not mandatory reporters. you have a household that is full of children and interestingly enough the statute talks about force to parents, but not parents themselves being reporters mental facilities -- >> that means your child can go out and rape somebody and you
6:23 am
don't have to report the rape? >> you have no affirmative obligation to report as a parent and that's a statutory issue, and -- >> pedonteed pediatricians and emergency room physicians. >> i want to talk to the girls them selves, and they say they have forgiven their brother. they did not know they had been touched inappropriately because they were asleep and in a police report it says one time the touching happened in the laundry room and one time while one was sitting on josh's lap, which means she was not asleep. what do you make of that? >> any parent that loves all of
6:24 am
their children would want to minimize things as much as possible to spare all of them the pain, and they may not do that consciously. unconsciously, they didn't really get it or understand. it's also partially true. they may not have understood what was happening to them at the time. they were little kids. so it's an understandable thing to do but when you are trying to teach your child to protect themselves it's better not to do that right? that's how children end up being abused because they don't exactly understand or they want to deny that something terrible is happening to them so they minimize it. when you are trying to teach children -- i think that's what we can all gain from this. we should stay away from the young ladies now, and protecting your children in general you need to be up front about what constitutes this. >> the only reasonable way to conclude if there is a
6:25 am
reasonable way, the chief police consulted the county attorney, and it's sealed and cannot be released if you are arrested or if you were detained or proceedings consistent with juvenile proceedings, and it could have gone to juvenile court, and their reading was it doesn't fall within any of the required exceptions so as a result they released them and whether or not they will fly is another issue. >> the duggers are taking issue with that. we will see. >> absolutely. still to come in the "newsroom," jeb bush finally announces -- well not exactly yet, but he will announce soon i promise you, and we will tell you the date. today is the date for rick perry, and he is hours away from formerly announcing his bid for the white house. >> reporter: we're in addison, texas right now where rick perry will try to make his mark in an increasingly crowded gop fold,
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good morning. i am carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. the race for the white house, this morning we learn the date of jeb bush will formerly announce his candidacy. it is june 15th. another republican's announcement is just a few hours away however. former texas governor rick perry, becomes the tenth candidate to enter the gop field. four years ago he saw his status plummet from frontrunner to flameout in large part because of the infamous gaffe known as
6:31 am
his oops moment. >> i will tell you, it's three agencies of government when i get there that are gone commerce education, and the -- what is the third one, there? let's see. commerce education, and the -- the, ah -- >> it lasted for nearly a minute. let's talk about a perry candidacy this time around with our guests. welcome to both of you. >> thank you, carol. >> hi carol. >> sarah, you sat down with perry's wife anita, and she is pitching rick perry 2.0, right? >> i don't know anybody knows how last run the was and how hard rick perry has been preparing. take a look at what anita perry
6:32 am
was going through her mind when that oops moment happened. >> that wasn't the rick perry that i knew, that i know now up on that stage. to be honest with you, he is different, so much different now than he was then, and i think america is seeing what a promising person he can be, and i think america is a great place for a second chance. >> you can see there, she really does her believe is a totally different guy this time around. he is working harder and healthy and prepared, and i think we are going to get a sense of that when he announces today. >> definitely rick perry rolled out a couple campaign ads, and they sound reaganesque. let's listen. >> we have the power to make our country new again. we don't have to accept the
6:33 am
weakness abroad we are seeing today or the slow recovery economically we see here at home. >> will voters give perry a second chance? >> that is mourning in america right now. i think voters may give rick perry a second chance. the fact that he is healthy now, and he was not healthy when he did this before. he spent the last two years studying up on foreign policy for this moment and a lot of conservative activist and strategist in the party will tell you, keep your eye on him. he clearly has baggage from the bad 2012 run, the oops moment that you played but he is spending a ton of time in iowa and he is a very personable guy, and he has a good record in texas to run on and he has a story to tell and he is more physically fit to tell this time around. i think he can have a real impact in the race. >> sarah, i like when you asked
6:34 am
about rick perry's glasses, and his wife well she kind of took you to task actually? >> well a lot of people say rick perry got those glasses because he wanted to look smart and prove he was a different guy this time around, and anita perry is having none of that, and she said he needs the glasses to see and everybody is making a big fuss out of this for no reason and her husband is smart and has been studying. he is going to prove he is not just a nice and attractive guy, but somebody that they can see as their next president. >> so he is fighting his way through. the debate august 16th do you think he will make it rick perry, do you think he will make it david? >> the fox debate you are talking about on august 6th it will be the first ten people in the polls. he is right in there right now so i imagine rick perry will be on the stage. i would add another note about his announcement today, he is doing it under indictment, and
6:35 am
he has a texas lawsuit hanging over his head that his aides dismiss as partisan, and it's still there and we have to go through the process, and that's an unusual position for a candidate to be in when they announce. >> is that a first? we were trying to figure it out to morning, and is that a first? >> politicians have a history of being underestimate indictment, so i can't swear it's a first. and next the wife of chris kyle will be here to tell us why he is supporting rick perry. former rhode island governor lincoln chafee formerly announcing his presidential bid. chafee served in the senate as a republican and becomes the fourth candidate to seek the democratic nomination and he became the first to attack the
6:36 am
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for us the most important thing is to keep it in the eye of the administration and the american public because in this day and age, this is a great hearing and it's going to generate news and we need that, but in a few days people may forget about it and then we are back to where we were. >> a desperate's son's plea to make his father's release in the forefront of the conversation with iran.
6:41 am
there is concern the country could be trusted with its stockpile of fuel a stockpile iran is on track to get rid of. >> the very stockpiles that prime minister netanyahu had gone before the united nations with his picture of the bomb and said that was proof of how dangerous this was, all that stockpile is gone. >> as you know four americans are being held captive right now, including robert levinson and his son, dan, is the man you heard from just a minute ago, and dan joins me live from washington. good morning. e >> thank you for having me. >> i heard what you said in washington today is great but tomorrow everybody will forget. why do you think that? >> this day and age we have a short attention span especially with the media reports, and it has been over eight years and we
6:42 am
have seen my dad's case in the news and then it will die down and then people forget about it for a long time. that's why i am grateful you are having me on here because it has been a couple days now, and we are already worried people will drop the ball and the pressure is going to be off. i think it's really important to keep this message out there, and keep letting people know that he is out there, and he is suffering the most unimaginable nightmare and he wants to get home to his family and people need to understand that and people need to demand action. >> he was also working on behalf of his country, correct? >> yes. >> the fbi is offering the $5 million reward. is that enough? >> well we hope that kind of money gets people to come forward from over in iran and if they have information, and that's a lot of money to a lot of people over there, and we're very grateful the u.s. government is offering that but we obviously need so much more action on this and we're
6:43 am
pushing the negotiators that are involved in this to really bring up the case and use the leverage we have right now. time is running out with these negotiations and there is only a few weeks left and we think -- my family believes this is our best chance to get my dad home. >> do you think the united states' negotiation over iran's nukes is helping or hurting in this case? >> we always have been in favor of engagement and after several years of my dad's captivity, there was no discussions whatsoever. so we are very happy there is a channel of communication, and i don't know if you remember a couple years ago, president obama and rouhani had a phone call when the president came to the united states and during that call it was a short call but president obama did note his concern for my dad's well-being and i think that kind of talk
6:44 am
and engagement at the highest level is very important. >> thank you so much for being with us. i appreciate it. dan levinson. thank you. still to come in the "newsroom," first isis drove out the iraqi armyand out of ramadi, and now it shut off water supplies to thousands of people. we will take you to baghdad, next. when broker chris hill stays at laquinta he fires up the free wifi with a network that's now up to 5 times faster than before! so he can rapidly prepare his presentation. and when he perfects his pitch, do you know what chris can do? and that is my recommendation. let's see if he's ready. he can swim with the sharks! he's ready.
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happening right now in china, teams are trying to turn this capsized cruise ship upright along the yangtze river.
6:49 am
that should make it easier to recover the bodies of hundreds trapped inside. earlier they tried cutting holes in the ship's hull but found no signs of life. the ship went down when hit by a cyclone. 14 have been found alive, 77 others dead hundreds missing. isis cutting off vital life line to thousands of people. militants shut down most of the gates to a dam in the iraqi city of ramadi. that's right along the euphrates river. the move by isis could make it easier for it to attack towns downstream. cnn international correspondent nick peyton walsh alive in baghdad to tell us more. hi nick. >> two real signs as you mentioned. seems isis definitively all states outside ramadi two or three open occasionally we understand to let water flow down fra that river, uflats
6:50 am
river from ramadi all the way to fallujah which they already col. they want to make sure some water flows to their people there. the vast majority of the water. social media pictures uploaded shows how downstream river beds exposed, upstream overflowing, all the fish they have caught. clearly a bit by isis to say to those caught up in fighting we have the one thing you need agriculture, basic daily life in this punishing climate out in the desert here water. now, another element, of course exposing itself to we're hearing reports potentially some of the areas, may actually be 1 meter, three feet closer than it was before. the river has dropped, we understand make it easier to take positions defended by shia fighting groups there. that makes them much more vulnerable to attack because isis could simply walk across the mote effectively, they have
6:51 am
been held back by. two substantial issues in the months ahead, it's going to be the humanitarian crisis that plays harder in this region as the population expands, the climate worsens at times, water is a threat. now we're finally seeing this emerging on a day when united nations called for nearly a billion dollars immediately to assist the 8 to 10 million people urgently in need of assistance right now, just in iraq. that's how bad the crisis is. this water crisis unfolding around ramadi a part of that picture. carol. >> all right. nick peyton walsh from baghdad. prosecutors deciding how they want to proceed in the shooting death of 12-year-old tamir wright. prosecutors handed over findings yesterday. the case expected to go to a grand jury. rice playing with a pellet again unnovember when police officer shot him responding to a 911
6:52 am
call. ukraine is accusing separatist rebels of violating an already fragile cease-fire. there's been heavy artillery fire around rebel held city of donetsk in ukraine. a major highway leads west and capital kiev. ukraine's defense ministry said forces held back separatists after hours of fighting. facebook executive sheryl sandberg says she lived 30 years and 30 days. hear her candid and emotional tribute to her late husband. new flonase allergy relief nasal spray. this changes everything. flonase is the 24 hour relief that outperforms a leading allergy pill. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over-producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance, flonase controls six. and 6 is greater than 1. so go ahead, inhale life, excite your senses, seize the day and the night. new flonase. 6 is greater than 1.
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it's an incredibly raw and emotional account of loss and grief. facebook executive sheryl sandberg writing openly about the sudden death of her husband david goldberg her public post
6:57 am
revealing a personal experience with sadness, grief, even anger and the void our loved ones leave behind. >> a very personal post on facebook from company coo sheryl sandberg. a childhood friend of mine a rabbi, the most powerful one-line prayer he has ever read is let me not die while i am still alive. i would have never understood that prayer before losing dave. now i do. sandberg's husband, dave goldberg unexpectedly died in a family vacation leaving sandberg a single mother and grieving widow. i think when tragedy occurs it presents a choice. you can get into the void the emptiness that fills your heart, your lungs, constricts your ability to think or even breathe or you can try to find meaning. i have lived 30 years in these 30 days. i am 30 years sadder i feel like i'm 30 years wiser. i have gained a more profound
6:58 am
understanding of what it is to be a mother barack obama the depth of the agony i feel when my children scream and cry and from the connection my mother has to my pain. she's tried to fill the empty space in my bed, holding me each night until i cry myself to sleep. she has fought to hold back her own tears to make room for mine. sandberg doesn't hold back on what not to say to someone experiencing the pain of loss. real empathy is sometimes not insisting that it will be okay but acknowledging it is not. when people say to me you and your children will find happiness again, my heart tells me yes, i believe that. but i know i will never feel pure joy again. even a simple, how are you almost always asked with the best of intentions is better rplaced with how are you today. sandberg shares wisdom on life in the office after death at home. i realize to restore that closeness with my colleagues that has always been so important to me i needed to let
6:59 am
them in. that meant being more open and vulnerable than i have ever wanted to be. lastly she says good-bye to her husband, marking the end of the jewish mourning period. as heart broken as i am i look at my children each day and rejoice they are alive. i appreciate every smile, every hug. i no longer take each day for granted. i was talking to one of my friends about a father-child activity that dave is not here to do. we came up with a plan to fill in for dave. i cried to him, but i want dave. i want option a. he put his arm around me and said option a is not available, so let's just kick the [ bleep ] out of option b. dave to honor your memory and raise your children as they deserve to be raised i promise to do all i can to kick the [ bleep ] out of option b. i will always mourn for option a, as bono says there is no end to grief and there is no end to
7:00 am
love. i love you, dave. the next hour of newsroom starts now. happening now on the newsroom a planned beheading stopped in its track. the target outspoken activist behind a mohammed cartoon contest. >> they mean to do everyone who doesn't do their bidding and abide by their law voluntarily. >> this morning new details about the suspect and the weapons he ordered off amazon. also -- >> we're not going to give up on josh. >> duggars stand up for their son after he admitted touching young girls. a high-profile endorsement, the wife of the "american sniper" joins me live. why taya kyle is standing by what she calls one of the greatest leaders texas


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