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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  June 4, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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nd an iraq war veteran died at the age of 46. and i'm brooke baldwin. here in new york that does it for me on this thursday. see you back here tomorrow. meantime go to washington, d.c. and my colleague jake tapper. "the lead" starts right now. police today telling us that we may have just been hours away from another day of terror in boston. i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." the national lead, new information today about the man who police shot dead in a working lot, under 24/7 surveillance by the fbi and why police thought hethey could not wait another second to stop him. we'll talk to the woman who said he wanted to behead. also in national news. two dead another shot in the neck. police fearing they may have a serial sniper on the loose. and they claimed they were told to target black and hispanic customer, and consider all of them potential
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shoplifters. did cvs order employees to profile shoppers by their race? -- captions by vitac -- good afternoon, everybody. a plot to kill cops from isis. could have been a terrifying reality, we're told. today we found out that a father was called so he could say good-bye. the suspect may have been hours away from using military-style knife to murder "those boys in blue" as he described them. they believe he initially wanted to go out of state and cut the head off of conservative activist and commentator named pamela geller. you may remember her as the drawing muhammad contest in texas where two other would-be terrorists were killed. rahim ultimately changed his mind because he couldn't wait to
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carry out his murderous acts. joining us to react to this news pamela brown, who is live in boston. pamela another suspect in custody. police questioned someone else in the terror probe? >> that's right. this third person is believed to be part of this terrorism conspiracy according to law enforcement officials. so far, no other arrests made. meantime we're learning more about an ominous call he made to his father putting law enforcement on high alert right before the shooting. cnn has learned shortly before rahim allegedly pulled a knife on police officers tuesday morning he made a phone call to his father to say his good-byes. the call overheard by investigators, monitoring his e-mail and phone activity putting rahim, seen here in a high school photo, under around the clock surveillance about ten days ago. boston police commissioner william evans.
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>> what made you go from, okay, this guy could be aspirational to operational? >> the language we were picking up. you know let's get a boy in blue and we couldn't let him out of our sight. when it looked like he was going operational we stepped into action. >> reporter: law enforcement was fearful he was about to board a bus with military knives. they knew he'd ordered from amazon just last week and that's why officials approached him out of this cvs in boston. >> we didn't want to get him on the ntba bus, he could have acted out on the bus. we knew the urgency was there to get to him. >> reporter: he was allegedly planning to attack law enforcement after going to new york to behead controversial activist pamela geller. he met on a beach in rose island with a relative david wright to discuss the beheading plot. he was arrested and appeared in court wednesday. today law enforcement was still outside the rhode island home of a third person part of that beach discussion. authorities questioned that
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person already, but have not said who it is. >> you have him saying on these wiretaps allegedly what he wanted to go after the boys in blue that he warranted to go ed towanted to go to new york and behead pamela geller. why wasn't he r5e689ed before this? >> might be hearsay, small talk. the urgency came to light tuesday morning that this is real. when the knives got delivered, talk of a vacation which was code for violent jihad. >> reporter: the fbi says the men wa radicalized by isis and tonight we're learning the terrorist group encouraged the american to carry out an attack. -- the men to carry out an attack. we're learning more about that two u.s. officials with knowledge of the investigation say at least one of the men had been in touch online with an isis associate, but officials say this seemed more than aspirational not necessarily directed by isis. similar to what we saw with that attempted terrorist attack in
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garland, texas. jake? >> pamela brown, thanks. joining me mow, conservative blogger, activist pamela geller who authorities say was at least the target of the beheading plot. thanks for joining us. glad you're okay. what was your reaction finding out these extremists wanted to behead you? >> thank you, jake. my reaction was, it was chilling. not surprising, because this is what happens when you violate the blasphemy laws under the sharia. you will be targeted. so i'm not surprised, but one thing is clear. i isis is here. islamic terrorism is here painfully obvious in the wake of the jihad shooting and a lot of developments came out of that shooting. first, that they drove 1,000 miles to garland thank god they picked garland and not a softer target. clearly, my events which i've had security at for the past ten
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years because i've studied the gee jihadic dock trinhtrineneden and understand. they upped surveillance on high-profile suspects perhaps even boston. >> pamela what -- >> i want to thank the boston police department. they did a superb superb job. >> what did they tell you exactly when it came to how much you were a target? >> i had heard from cnn initially, and then upon their request, multiple agencies we had a meeting, but i'm clearly not at liberty to discuss what went -- what was said. >> fair enough. pamela are you afraid for your life? >> of course there's an element of fear. you know i would be silly to say that there isn't -- it's not fearful, but to me it is -- it's
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scarier, jake to do nothing. because complying with the sharia leads to more demands for sharia compliance and while it is very scary that an innocuous and clever cartoon would cause or warrant me to get my head chopped off, this is the state of freedom of speech in this country in 2015 and that i would be the object of attacks ss across the board, not you specifically but instead of the jihadists being the focus of the media, instead of the mosque. the same mosque as the boston the tsarnaev bombers, as anwar awlaki and here a security guard. i don't understand why the focus is on my work in defense of freedom, but, again, this is why we're so far down the rabbit hole. >> obviously, if anything violent were to happen to you it would be heinous, the fault of
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the people who committed the violent act. is this worth dying for, in your view? >> well what happened to the, give me liberty or give me death, america? you know, the founding fathers were you know pursuing this very dream, and through blood and toil and intellectual wrestling and a revolution we've got to this this -- this enlightenment, this period of enlightenment, the first government in human history based on individual rights. really the first moral government based on individual rights, and -- millions of americans will not refuse to throw it away with both hands. by saying we cannot draw a cartoon or allowing jihadists to dictate what the parameters of our speech is is surrender. is submission. >> all right. as i said we're waiting for the family of the boston suspect to give a statement. pamela geller if you'd stick
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around that would be great. we'd love to got your reaction and we will bring that family statement to tu live when it happens. meanwhile, the head of the nsa has said the ability of isis to recruit online is "a trend that is clearly increasing. the fbi has warned it needs help keeping up with all the would-be terrorists." what are we learning today about these close calls in garland, texas, perhaps in boston? the first muslim lawmaker will also visit with us on the intelligence agency, and that's next. leave early go roam sleep in sleep out star gaze dream big wander more care less beat sunrise chase sunset do it all. on us. get your first month's payment
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. any minute we're hear from the family of usaamah radio hemerahim. police shot and killed rahim
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just before authorities say, he made good on his threat to kill cops. over privacy versus security and the fbi says it needs help tracking the tech-savvy terrorists of isis. joining me now andre carson of indiana, the first muslim-american to serve on the house committee. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> you sit on the house intelligence committee. what are you told? another person questioned not arrested. do you think this is a terrorist cell we're dealing with? >> well i don't want to speak out of school but i will say that i do not want to get ahead of the investigators, and i'm very happy and pleased that video footage was shown to community leaders and faith leaders and the family so that their story can be corroborated. it is clear that radicalization is becoming more widespread in our country, and the greater question becomes -- if, in fact, law enforcement is monitoring muslims in particular in a case like this
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intervention should have happened and we need to have a larger discussion jake about mental health issues in our country. >> you think that these individuals had mental health problems no the that they were inspired by the violent islamic jihad movement and propaganda? >> i think there are a multiplicity of issues at play. mental health is clear. many of the so-called jihadist movements are tapping into big pockets of disillusionment with government and their own personal lives and we could bring in sociologists to talk about the new religious movements that emerged since the 20th century. having said that i still think we have serious threats to jeopardize our domestic and international security we have to empower or police departments and faith communities to come together to work out moving out these extremist elements. >> yesterday the fbi counterterror chief urnged congress to help the fbi track
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potential isis sympathizers saying that they were going dark in some instances. do you think that this week's changes to the nsa domestic spying program hurts the fbi in this effort? >> well i think in many ways it has helped to cut back on governmental overreach. i'm deeply concerned, while i sit on the intel committee, i'm a former police officer, i understand the need for law enforcement to be empowered and have the resources they need to prevent crimes and terroristic activities. there's a history in his country dating back to j. edgar hoover's program, we saw governmental overreach and we saw civil liberties encroached. i think there has to be a healthy balance. >> there is scary overseas news about isis today. apparently -- i'm sorry, sir. i have to cut you off. thanks for joining us. going to the family of usaamah rahim joining us now. >> let me give in the name of
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allah most merciful, i'm going to ask for a couple of things here for myself as a -- as a man who believes in god, that god has mercy on the young man. i don't know what his faults are were and i don't think whatever transpired warranted him being - killed and i want to pray for the officers involved. that god would guide them because they have families and i don't know how strongly they take it that they have murdered a young man that they well could have captured. i say that because you can -- they can capture elephants without killing them. you can capture wild dogs. you can capture tigers and lions and bears, oh my. you can capture all of them and i think if they had ample time and ample information, that if they wanted to really -- i think it was reckless that they would be out here in the parking loss shooting. porking lot shooting on the part of the officers.
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i think it was foolish on the part of the young man if he did wield a knife in front of five officers i think that was very foolish. my name's abdullah farouk froms muslim of a la. i'm concerned for our public safety as i saw in the film the other day there was a, a school bus going by. in the morning. 7:00 in the morning. a school bus, and there was a yellow car and it was 7:15 in the morning, when the children are going back and forth to school. so i think of their approach to this the planning for it was very reckless and led to the young man's death. i think that the young man might have put his head in the jar of a lion, and got it crushed. >> do you know where the family how long until they were join -- >> they said they are on their way from brighton trying 0 arranged tore burial arrangements we are hoping will be tomorrow and they just calm immediate and said was i here yet, i said i was struggling to get here.
1:19 pm
i had so many things to do. so forgive me for being late. >> we heard from ibrahim rahim calling for calm after prevently making statements -- >> he emotionally responded and responded to the information he received. heard that his -- when we hear about a young black man it's not unheard of he would be shot in the back in america. it's a climate of -- of racism. i'm not saying that america's racist but there are elements of racism in this country, and i think we have to be careful if we're going to uncover what is real and good about this situation, and some things are real and good and that we need to uncover what the young man did, how much he said. what were the circumstances of -- they say, i heard today that they were surveying him or surveilling him for some three years, and that for the last few weeks that they've been surveilling him and their surveillance going on for 24/7. >> where did you hear that sir? >> my wife said she heard that
1:20 pm
on some news report. i'm not sure how definite that is but -- we do know that he was being -- there was surveillance going on, and if they considered him as a a very dangerous person that means if they considered him al very dangerous person they should have took precautions in approaching him. i would. i wouldn't approach a wild animal anything i thought was dangerous without being fully prepared, especially if i wanted to capture and keep him alive. so i don't think that their intent was to capture him and keep him alive. >> you agree with ibrahim's brothers the time is for calm? >> the time is for calm. what are we going to do? the boy is gone. we have to move on. we have to find out more and i think if the boston police department and then the fbi do some more thorough investigation investigation, they were calling for transparency i looking for that transparency and want to know who orchestrated this incident. i mean i know that they can plan for capturing -- like i
1:21 pm
said -- wild animals or anybody they want to get. i think it was poorly constructed and i think it was ill kweev edconceivened and reckless. >> i understand the family wants to see the video as you have and it's now being arranged? >> right. i'm hoping so and hoping we can bring closure to the family. ask that god overlook the shortcomings of the people who continue to exist that murdered the young man. i know they -- that's not what they intended in their heaters but this is what they're trained. to shoot at the critical mass and in an open space. >> that was a local imam abdullah farouk, reacting to the shooting of terror suspect usaamah rahim. we are expecting the family of rahim to speak soon. they apparently have not shown up yet. pamela geller is still with us the target of one of rahim's plots. what do you make of what this imam had to say. >> well, who orchestrated the incident indeed? the fact is, the mosque that the
1:22 pm
jihadists belonged to was actually security guard, the islamic society of boston has known terror connections with the mosque of the boston marathon bombers. so the very mom, with anwar al lackie two days before 9/11. that mosque should be monitored and surveilled. interesting to me is that abdullah farouk i don't know what mosque he's affiliated with. i'd like to ask the good imam, what is he doing to institute programs against the jihad doctrine? what is he doing to make sure young, devout muslims don't wage jihad? the fact is the blame is all being put on the boston police. the man lunged at him with a gun, with a knife this long. the idea that they are somehow culpable until their own defense is outrageous and about seen. there is absolutely no questioning of the jihadic
1:23 pm
doctrine. there's about sluzsolutely no questioning on where and whom influenced this young man. these are the questions we need to ask and i think the police waited almost too long. they waited for the martyrdom call to the father. they waited until he called his father to say, i'm going to allah. i have to go and that's when they sprung into action but police know if they apprehended him earlier they would have come under intense scrutiny and criticism by terror-tied groups like the council of islamic-americans relations who has done everything to dismantle our counterterror and surveillance programs in new york as well. these programs are critical. without these programs this jihadist he's not meant to -- he's a -- >> i wanted to ask, congressman andre carson democrat of indiana on the house intelligence committee, we were speaking to him before that imam came to the microphone and mistakenly thought he was a member of the family or was going to introduce the family
1:24 pm
and congress mangman carson i don't want to speak to him, but he is saying there are mental health issues at play. what's your response to that? it does seem on its face that anybody who would want to cut your head off, pamela is mentally ill? >> on its face anyone that would want to cut your head off is mentally ill to the western mind. and with all due respect, congressman carson the fact is millions of muslims across the world who are waging preaching and advancing jihad, are not mentally ill's they are following the jihadic doctrine and so was this young man. and so it's disingenuous deeply troubling to me as an american who's very concerned about national security that a member of the intel committee would say that jihad is mental illness. it's just ridiculous on its face and, frankly, it's not true. you tell me why tens of
1:25 pm
thousands of muslims that are not -- what did he say? disaffected or illiterate? they're well edukate edcatededucated grew up in of a are fluent homes. they're flocking to the middle east not to fight the islamic state but fight for the islamic state. an ideological question people don't want to talk about, makes people uncomfortable. we have to talk about it. >> all right. pamela geller as always thanks for joining us. appreciate it. glad you're okay. in the politics lead today, governor rick perry. then governor jeb bush. an ever growing field of republican candidates. rick santorum is one who will join me live with his take on the competition and issues that divide americans. that's coming up. you probably know xerox as the company that's all about printing. but did you know we also support hospitals using electronic health records for more than 30 million patients? or that our software helps over 20 million smartphone users remotely configure e-mail every month? or how about processing nearly $5 billion in electronic toll payments a year?
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. our our national lead today, police investigating a cluster of shootings in colorado that they say they fear could be the work of a serial sniper. late last night police found the body of a 65-year-old man on the sidewalk shot and killed. now authorities say they are picking through evidence trying to see if there's a connection between that man's killer and the person police think murdered another man and fired a round into a woman's neck. i want to get trite our ana cabrera. you talked to a spokesman from the police department. what did he have to say? >> reporter: at this point they don't have a direct link from this last shooting that happened to the other shootings that they've been investigating in that same region but aren't ruling anything out. it's early in the investigation. we know the 65-year-old and the most recent shooting, was found
1:31 pm
about 11:00 last night in a neighborhood with businesses, some houses and a passerby spotted the man lying on the ground. he was bleeding and he calmed police. emergency responders realized he was shot and eventually succumbed to the injuries. the circumstances around his death are still very much unclear, but they have reached out. the local investigators have reached out to this traffic force that's already investigating the two other shootings you mentioned. the death of a windsor, colorado bicyclist shot and killed riding his bike to work one day about a month ago and just a fee weeks before that the shooting of corey ramiro driving on to interstate 25 the main north/south thurporoughfare here in colorado. all of these happening in the same region within about a six-week time period. of course in the two shootings they have linked through some kind of evidence they've gathered from both crime scenes
1:32 pm
there's definitely concern there may be a serial sniper out there, jake. >> ana cabrera in colorado. thank you. the politics lead. rick perry feeling the heat. now the tenth republican candidate to officially jump into the race for president. his second chance at a white house run. can he recover from his stumbling speeches in that big, oops moment of 2012? that's next. let's take a look at your credit. >>i know i have a 786 fico score, thanks to so what else are you going to throw in? leather seats? >>and this... get your credit swagger on.
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welcome back to "the lead." time now for the politics lead. forget about too many cooks. the republican presidential field is starting to look more plik an episode of "hell's kitchen." the latest to sharpen knives and join the commander cook-off, former texas governor rick perry. covering all the candidates dana bash. dana in 2012 perry's campaign was something of a gaffe oh olympicing he said because of
1:37 pm
painful back surgery and medication he took as result. what are does he say he needs to do differently this time around beyond not having back surgery again? >> he needs to show he is a different kind of person and he started doing that today. gave a pretty strong rousing speech to show on the fence voters and donors he's got it under control this time but you know that saying? don't let him see you sweat? whoever maids that up never gave a speech in the texas heat. >> i am running for the presidency of the united states of america! [ cheers ] >> reporter: rick perry's reason for running, leadership. his experience is the longest serving governor in texas history. >> i have dealt with crises ar crises from the disintegration of the space shuttle to hurricanes katrina, rita, ike, to the crisis at the border and the first diagnosis of ebola in america. >> reporter: on the economy, he struck a populist note. >> there's something wrong when the dow is near record highs and businesses on main street can't even get a loan. >> reporter: on national security criticism of the current president.
1:38 pm
>> no decision has done more harm than the president's withdrawal of american troops from iraq. >> reporter: perry's run is a true test of america's capacity for second chances. his late entry into the 2012 white house race went quickly from great hope to punchline. >> the education -- the -- the -- i -- commerce and let's see -- i can't, the third one. i can't. sorry. oops. >> reporter: he blames that and other embarrassing moments on medication for back pain and being unprepared. since then he's been studying hard both on policy and performance, even working with a former head of the royal shakespeare theater. >> why did you choose that? >> i guess so my hamlet would come out right when i decided to quote hamlet on the stage. >> i'm guessing also too, avoid an oops moment. >> preferable. >> reporter: today perry's oops moment wasn't what he forgot to say but what his staff forgot 20 bring. air conditioning. perry was sweating profusely
1:39 pm
inside this sweltering airplane hangar which stole the show on social media. >> welcome and thank you to a hot hang r on june the 4th. >> reporter: flanking perry throughout his speech texas military heroes like lone survivor neal s.e.a.l. marcus latrell and his twin brother, not to mention of widow of american sniper chris kyle. >> when i think of taya kyle i think of a brave woman who carries not just the lofty burden of chris' legacy. >> reporter: perry invited those guests not only because they're friends also to highlight his own military service. he was a pilot in the air force, and perry brings something unusual to the presidential field. he's a candidate with a pending indictment against him for abuse of power. once his aides and even some democrats call purely political, but it is unresolved. jake it's sitting in a texas court of appeals waiting for a decision on whether or not it's going to be thrown out as of course his lawyers want it to be. >> your guest on sunday on
1:40 pm
"state of the union." thank you so much. like governor perry and secretary clinton, another contender taking a second bite at the presidential apple, this time former republican senator from the great keystone state, rick santorum. senator, thanks as always for being here. i've asked during the break and ask you again so everybody can hear, how is your daughter doing? >> well she's doing great. thank you. she just celebrated her seventh birthday and got a great clean bill of health from doctors this month. we're feeling really great. thank you for asking and thank everybody for their prayers for her. >> she's 0 a miracle child. >> she is thank you. >> always thinking about her. and you appeared in a magazine showing a picture under the label, catholic crusader along with a quote. there was earlier this week you know an apparent isis-inspired plot to behead pamela geller this week. are you taking any extra security steps? >> we always have security with us on our -- you know all of the campaign events. i mean we -- we take isis as a
1:41 pm
serious threat to this country and to anybody that stands up against them and so you know one of the things i've said from the very beginning, that this these jihadists mean business, and they want to destroy this country. they are -- they are recruiting people because we are not defeating them. as they continue to expand ground they can call for more and more recruits, saying that they are being successful and in taking on the great satan of the united states. so one of the things that's very high on my agenda is to try to speak loudly to try to convince this president and the congress to take this threat more seriously, and do something to stop isis from expanding and winning territory and start pushing them back and defeating them. >> to do what sir? what should the u.s. do to defeat is that we're not doing right now? >> well if you look at the reports that came out of centcom, 14 to 25 missions
1:42 pm
dropping ordinance in only about a therpd ofird of the cases. doing almost nothing by air anymore. compare that to the gulf war flying 800 to 1,000 sorties a day. barely enough troop there's to provide support for that air campaign. we're not arming the kurds. we're not helping the jordanians. heck the egyptians would like to enter into the fray and help more and we're not eving providing them the aircraft and other types of materials we promised under existing treaties. it's not like we're doing a heck of a lot to help those who want to fight and we aren't doing much of ourselves to bring the phoo it to isis. we have a lot to do if we decide to get serious about this war. >> let's talk about presidential politics if you would. i know you say you're not higher in the polls now because you've been out earning aive willing the last three years instead of being on tv all the time and you note in january 2012 you were at only 4% in national polls went on to win the iowa caulkcuses.
1:43 pm
analysis, you were doing fine in the january 2014 poll with constituencies to your victory, white evan 1ye8velickals and now much more competition among white evangelical, tied for 12th. what about there's more competition for those groups? >> if the election were tomorrow i'd be concerned. the election isn't tomorrow. it's in eight months. we're going to have a lot of campaigning in between then. most of the folks who are getting into the field have that new car smell if you will. people are interested in the new models on the showroom and getting a lot of attention. but like everything else wungs you start looking at the sticker and looking at all of the things that are in these models you say, well now that one's not for me. the folks, folks in iowa and across this country looking are in that kind of mode now. you're seeing too many people committed, a lot of movement and not very many people -- look
1:44 pm
90% of the republican voters aren't for any one candidate, telling you this is a pretty fluid situation with 16 people in and feel confident that our strategy of spending a lot of time in the early primary states we have a great message that talks about the importance of having someone with leader on national security experience and ideas to be able to make our country safer and experience in that area and secondly, someone who's going to put people back to work. particularly those in america who have not seen the opportunities under this president, fraevgnkly for quite some time. announced on a factory floor a week ago, creating jobs for the 74% of americans without a college degree and want to live the american dream like everybody else. that's what we're focus on. >> you were asked by philadelphia radio host about pope francis expected encyclical climate change. you said the church has gotten it wrong a few times. leave science to the scientists and focus on what we're really good on the church theology and morality.
1:45 pm
in terms it of leaving science to the scientists a lot of people agree. why not take the overwhelming majority of scientists at their word and take seriously humans are contributing with climbed change with potentially disastrous results? >> well, i would say this -- that there are a lot of scientists who believe that. there's a lot of scientists who don't. and i think it's important that we take very measured responses and some of the responses are being proposed actually do very very little to combat the problem, and exact an enormous cost on american citizens particularly for those who would like to see manufacturing come forward again and be a major source of wealth and opportunities for the folks in america who are not succeeding right now, any type of additional restrictions based on co2 emission wos have a devastating effect on the two industries essential for that our energy and manufacturing industry.
1:46 pm
so there are real consequences to stepping forward and doing something when number one, the question, there's still a question about the science, and even more, even if you follow through with some of these proposals being put forward, they have a devastating impact but very -- devastating impact on jobs but very little benefit to the climate. that's -- that's the balancing act we have to look at. >> all right. former senator rick santorum thank you. appreciate you coming on. i'll be taking over on "state of the union" on the 14th. hope to have you on the show and see you on the campaign trail i. look forward to it. thanks so much. did one of the countries largest drug store chains have a system of discrimination? four zvs ex-employees say, you bet and hope to prove it in court. and what if the u.s. finally switched to the metric system? a huge economic benefit, or a miscalculated headache? america has a history of fighting the masses on this one, but a presidential candidate sn pushing it. that is impactful?"
1:47 pm
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. topping our money lead allegations of systemic racial discrimination made against the pharmacy giant cvs. a class action lawsuit filed in new york four former store detectives who worked in the cvs loss prevention in manhattan and queens claim they were told by supervisors to profile black and latino shoppers because, in their view they were more likely to steal. when the store detectives complained to management at cvs they say they were subjected to "unlawful retaliation" and eventually left the company. joining me to talk about this their attorney. >> let me start, thank you for having me on jake. we represent four store detectives at cvs and they
1:52 pm
allege that during the course of their employment they were instructed they were directed expressly and in no uncertain terms to target and profile black and hispanic shoppers. >> now you allege in the complaint that cvs intentionally targets and racially profiles black and hispanic shoppers based on highly discriminatory belief these minority customers are criminals and thieves. that sentence in the lawsuit suggests this is a pattern of practices at cvs stores across the country. do you have evidence to suggest that? >> yes, jake. so our clients worked at various stores throughout new york city. mostly in manhattan and queens, and what's important to understand about this case is that our clients were directed to racially profile not by one or not by two rogue actors. this was -- this policy was perpetrated by multiple managers and supervisors, not only until their loss prevention
1:53 pm
department but also by many store managers at the particular stores where they might be stationed for any particular day. so there were many many people across cvs up and down management who were perpetrating this racial profiling agenda. >> how were your clients retaliated against? >> well another thing that's important to understand is that not only are our clients claiming that they and all loss prevention agents in the new york area were forced to engage in racial profiling, but that they themselves were discriminated against. the same people who were instructing them and directing them to racially profile were calling them racial slurs, using discriminatory and offensive language towards them. all of our clients complained to h.r. complained to their managers to a variety of different places and after that the discriminatory treatment only increased. there was increased scrutiny on their work and most important is that nothing was done to change
1:54 pm
the situation. these practices were not remedied in any way. >> leetch read this from cvs, denying the allegations telling cnn, cvs health has firm non-discrimination policies it rigorously enforces and serve all communities and do not tolerate any policy or practice that discriminates against any group." what evidence do you have to prove your case beyond the testimony of your clients? >> i'm happy you raised that quote, jake, because one thing that's interesting about it is, you know, cvs certainly has you know the best p.r. firm money can by, i'm sure and even though they may have a policy not to discriminate and a policy to tolerate people of all races, cvs has not deny the allegations of the complaint. at least as far as i've seen. and they may have a policy a written policy not to discriminate and not to engage in racial profiling, but all four of our clients worked in loss prevention. they have direct knowledge of the policies and practices that
1:55 pm
were in place. all four of them corroborate the same thing going on. the racial profiling taking place within cvs' stores and we believe additional people will come forward, both enemployees and witnesses will come forward andcorroborate. >> and an agreement includeing reforms for eliminating racial profiling. is that the goal? >> our firm is involved in the macy's case as well but there are two components of what we're trying to accomplish here. one is injunctive relief. with this lawsuit we can have a court order that cvs change its practices, change its policies so that racial frophiling and sdrim profiles is eradicated from the way they conduct their business. that's one component. the other component is monetary damps. we would be asking a jury in
1:56 pm
this case to award punitive damages. damages to send a message not only to cvs but really to all employers and all retailers throughout the country that racial profiling and discrimination is not acceptable. >> all right, david gottlieb thank you very much. appreciate your time. the national lead chandra levy's disappearance gripped the nation. now a doover. serving a 60 year sentence for killing the 24-year-old government intern. defenders pushing for a retile since 2013. they claim a key witness, a former cellmate gave false testimony to prosecutors. her disappearance held the nation's attention the week before the 9/11 attacks when she was linked to a congressman, a democrat from california. he was ultimately ruled out as a suspect. and there are a lot of hot button issues in the race for the white house. immigration, isis obamacare, to
1:57 pm
name a few off the top of my head. last night former rhode island senator lincoln chafee seeking the democratic presidential nomination added a new and surprising issue to the mix. >> here's a bold and abrasive internationalism. let's join the rest of the world and go metric. >> going metric. miles become kilometers gallons of gasoline could be measured in liters. is this idea really all that farfetched? right to cnn's tom foreman. chafee suggested there might be an economic benefit for the u.s. in this. how? >> nobody's ever able to comprehensively nail down the numbers. a study in the '90s that suggested going metric would cost a lot of money. changing traffic sign ace loan cost $420 million. nasa once estimated changing a single space shuttle to metric cost $370 million, yet whatever the cost some insimpt thest the change
1:58 pm
would be totally worth it. >> reporter: if pepeminem was a fan of the metric 12.9 kilometers for his song and some poke wosfolks would love that they think making america metric is is a great idea. >> earlier i said let'sen bold. a bold internationalism. let's join the rest of the world and go metric. >> reporter: to be sure only the united states liberia and myanmar have not officially adopted the metric standard and the u.s. metric association, yes, there is such a thing, says being among the outliers costs real money. we have to convert, repackage and relabel products for trade. research and technology are constantly straddling the metric american fence, and, well, it's just confusing. in 1999 nasa literally lost a $125 million mars orbiter in
1:59 pm
space, because of a mismatch between american units of measurement and the more commonly used metric standards. >> change the world -- >> reporter: of course we've tried to change. in the '70s, the white house starting with president ford pushed to a makeover under the metric conversion act and president carter championed the system. it didn't hurt he was a runner since road races are routinely meshrd in kilometers. >> running to win this morning? >> i'm running to finish. >> reporter: and soon soda gasoline and more was being sold by the liter. federal contracts went metric too, but commerce was trumped by culture. some people were clearly not ready to watch football on a 91 meter field, or measure american babies in centimeters, and although president reagan signed an act designating the metric system as the preferred system of measurement, he later shut the program down unwilling to touch it with a ten-foot pole.
2:00 pm
you can convert that ten-foot pole to metric on your own because we're in america. we don't do that here. >> tom foreman, thanks so much. that's it for "the lead." i am jake tapper turning you over to wolf blitzer in "the situation room." just a few meters awaythanks for watch aring. watching. happening now -- isis in america. dramatic new details on an alleged plot to kill police and behead a conservative blogger. we're learning about the suspect's final phone calls and alleged eng alleged encouragement from isis. and isis sympathizers in this country, can the fbi keep up? under siege. isis has a powerful new weapon. water. the terror group controls a major dam and has cut the flow to pro-government towns. and it can now easily launch attacks across the strategic river reduced to a stream. plus -- new clues revealed in the washington mansion murders.