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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  June 5, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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ing. >> i learned more from first-round. i have a feeling it will be this way next monday. thank you both for being here i would say. brooke i'll end your show for you. the quiz show we're talking about monday 9:00 eastern time. now down d.c. the"the lead with jake tapper" starts now. >> one chinese agency could have stopped the hackers if they only updated the software. jake tapper. the national lead the u.s. saying 4 million government employees across nearly every federal agency some with high yearance levels had their personal data stolen. china is to blame. if that's true how long will it be before beijing gets the goods on someone and uses it to steal american secrets. dennis hastert still in hiding as a woman steps forward saying
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the house speaker molested her brother what he was young boy in high school. the fbi is interviewing another survivor of child abuse. and the money lead. american pharaoh could become a racing god if he brakes the triple crown curse tomorrow. course the last time that happened i was 9 years old. good afternoon, everyone to the lead. i'm jake tapper. it's very clear the united states is fully engaged in cyber war and the reality just hit home with news according to the u.s. government chinese digital soldiers launched an online assault hacking in to an american database and stealing the personal information of some 4 million current and former federal employees working for nearly every government agency. the hack brought up names, addresses, social security numbers, job details including things such as assignments and
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training. employees are freaking out but beyond the fear of ruined credit ratings and cyber theft monetarily law enforcement officials seem primarily concerned that this hack is more about espionage. hard to remember because so much of what they do is in the shadows. but the u.s. infrastructure is built on people people who have secrets whether medical, professional or personal people who can be blackmailed and bribed. now the chinese or whoever has all this data. is that much closer to stealing this country's secrets. i'll get to jim sciutto. china firmly denying involvement in the cyber attack but it sounds the pentagon is not buying it. >> they are not. it's believed to be sourced by the government of china. 4 million federal employees compromised including personal information and security clearances and the latest in a series of hacks appeared to be
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aimed at building a huge database of data on americans. it only took one government agency that had not taken the simple step of updating its server software to open the door to an unprecedented and alarming cyber attack believed to be by the government of china. the white house has not publicly named the culprit it's acknowledging the growing threat. >> we have seen our adversaries using innovative technique and to learn from their previous efforts to find vulnerabilityies in our system. >> reporter: this laz the ground work for future attacks using the stolen information to fool government employees in spear fishing attacks and to impersonate them to carry out insider attacks. and crucially by revealing who has security clearances and at what level they can now identify expose and blackmail u.s. officials around the world. targeting the personal
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information of federal employees is new. chinese hackers had previously focused on stealing military and government secrets to enhance national security. and corporate data for financial gain. >> i didn't think that stopped. but this is just a new attack which is typically been used by organized crime for monetizing that data and now nation states are clearly seeing it has some use for them as well. >> reporter: security analysts say some agencies are not following the government guidelines to update operating systems with the latest protections. the office of personnel management discovered the breach by using new software but the detection came after the system had been compromised. after years of cyber attacks by china the obama administration has tried raising the issue president to president. it even issued criminal charges against an elite group of chinese hackers believed housed
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at this shanghai building and known as unit 61398. >> let's face it cyber as we're all waking up to again this morning is the newest domain of warfare. traditionally we've looked at sea and land and space and now cyber is the fourth domain of warfare. >> reporter: now there is a debate about the wisdom of hacking back against china and other countries in retaliation. the private-sector is legally barred of doing so. the government is worried about spark a civil retaliation. the president issued a executive order authorizing sankss on individuals. like sarngsnctions on russia. >> jim sciutto, thank you so much. let's talk more about this with the former executive assistant director of the fbi and president of the cyber security firm crowd strike sean henry and
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federal prosecutor and our china expert. thanks to all of you for joining me. sean let me start with you. what's the big fear. there are now 4 million government employees and former employees who can potentially be black mailed >> well that certainly is a concern. it's going take a little bit of time through the course of the investigation to do a full damage assessment to determine what in fact was stolen what databases were touched, how much data was actually taken. the biggest concern for me is the ubiquity of the attack and lack of urgency of agencies and governments to go back and draw the red line president to president to get this resolved. >> you have a top secret clearance when you worked for the u.s. government. do you worry your information has been stolen? >> from what we're hearing it goes really really far down the rabbit hole. it's something like 80% of existing and former federal employees that are affected so
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possibly both sean and i are in that bucket. what's more important right now in going along with what sean just said is if the federal government through its counter intelligence activities is attacking countries like china it can't do it if it's living in a glass house. right now that's how you should be looking at what we're living inside of is a glass house. these government systems are not protected well enough. they are not protected by basic security just like updating. i'm always saying never hit remind me later to the viewer when they hit that button to not update something. the government ought to ban that word from its entire dictionary. >> gordon who is doing this and what is the long term goal? >> well i think forensics will take quite some time but if it's china we shouldn't be surprised because they have been involved in a very long term campaign going back at least two decades, maybe 25 years in attacking u.s.
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networks. they had this so-called grains of sand approach where they just sort of ask chinese who returned from the u.s. to tell them all sorts of things that they learned. now they are able to do that through cyber means and i suspect that once they do all the forensics it's going beijing that's the culprit. >> what's their long term goal gordon >> well of course they want to undermine the united states. their new fighter looks exactly like our f-35 maybe even better than our plane. so clearly they want to learn this information. they want to be able to turn former federal officials maybe even current officials, they want to know who is the cia's black ops. all of these things are important to china. >> sean the former cia director leon panetta warned in 2012 of a cyber pearl harbor he was referring to lives lost electrical grid shut down transportation derailed. how close to achieving that kind
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of chaos these chinese hackers if they wanted to do such a thing. >> it goes beyond china. we're talking russia iran and terrorist groups that are currently developing these capabilities to not only access networks but to actually destroy networks to disrupt networks. we saw this recently at sony. emails were stolen that were incriminating or embarrassing but parts of the network were physically destroyed. we have electronic communications destroying physical capabilities. this is something we have to be concerned about and what the cascading effects of that kind of attack would be. >> the dod, the pentagon get hit with 10 million cyber attacks each day we're told. the nsa ranched up their internet surveillance. why wasn't the pentagon or whatever cyber apparatus guarding the infrastructure why couldn't they detect this attack until some time in april? >> that's the most surprising part here. the intrusion detection system
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was not even implemented until april which means if you look at it from a pure security perspective they were about ten years behind where they should be on security protections. and in addition to that when you're looking at employees, federal government employees the chinese government right now is probably making a profile of individuals who are compromisable, individuals who have nothing to worry about and there's no reason to even bother them and stack rank that and then next thing you know you'll start get targeted of who can turn who can disclose certain kinds of information and that's why this warfare, this digital warfare is not just war between people in uniform, it's now becoming personal. it's becoming personal through civilian employees and that's very dangerous for the american public. >> gordon president obama has been working hard on this relationship with president xi jinping of china. they have been talking about
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letting china coming in to the tpp, the trade agreement. president xi is coming to the united states in sep. he wants to talk to congress. how does this help better relation? >> we need a re-assessment of our relation with china. for four decades we had this idea to integrate the chinese into international system. but we have not taken measures to protect ourselves on cyber and other things. so should xi jinping have the privilege of addressing congress. we should even think about whether this should be a state visit with all the pomp and ceremony on the south lawn. all of these things are important because these issues are now becoming so critical to the united states and it's not just here it's in the south china sea, north korea, all the rest of it our diplomacy with china is producing the wrong results and we need to rethink and reassess what we're doing. >> thank you to all of you.
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go to welcome back to the lead. a new video from the terrorists of isis released overnight appears to be narrated by a man with an american accent. yet another sign that isis terrorists are aiming their propaganda machine at westerners in hopes that those westerners may join the fight in syria and iraq or try to carry out their own personal jihad at home as we saw in boston this week and garland, texas last month. let's go to barbara starr.
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barbara, what are your sources saying about this latest video? >> reporter: isis continues to grow in sophistication online in social media with its approach. if you hear a voice speaking fluent english, isn't that a voice that you might more likely relate to? do they want to recruit westerners and americans? you bet. that fluent english voice just might be the trick to make somebody tune into them. >> now there have been critics who have been calling for the west and specifically the pentagon to do more to shut down isis' presence online. i heard the counter argument that the west the government the u.s. gains tactical advantage from allowing isis to remain online. is that true? >> reporter: you know, it's a trade off. if they are online you can track where they are, perhaps. see what they are up to. but the air force had a little surprise for at least some isis
1:18 pm
operatives. apparently in the last several days perhaps, the air force saw an isis posting, some operative posted in front of a command and control facility. they used geo locating tech's to find it and a top general told reporters they were able to strike within 22 hours, found the place, launched the bombs and dealt with the isis operatives there. so maybe a message for isis not so good to be online. >> talk about muting someone on twitter. barbara starr thank you so much. the influence or potential influence ever isis is also in our national lead today. how much did that terror group encourage a man in boston and his associates to carry out an attack to plan attack. the fbi said usaama rahim had plans to kill officer before they reached him on tuesday. a surveillance video should show that confrontation.
1:19 pm
the release is expected after usaama rahim's burial which is happening right now. let's go pamela brown. the fbi arrest ad second person david wright who is a relative of usaama rahim but a third person met with the two of them on a beach. what else can you tell us about him? >> reporter: that's right. that third person is listed in the criminal complaints. we're learning more about him. at this point there haven't been any charges filed against him but the fbi has been outside of his home for several days the fbi searched his home as well and the investigation into what role he may have played in the alleged terror plot is still very active. law enforcement officials are trying to unravel what happened on a rhode island beach where usaama rahim tried to set into motion a terrorist attack. law enforcement officials say rahim who police shot and killed in boston tuesday, met on the beach with his nephew david wright and an unnamed 24-year-old man.
1:20 pm
that man lives here in rhode island with his parents. police searched the home wednesday and law enforcement source tells coroner nn agents have spoken with him but he's not been arrested. the three allegedly plotted to behead activist pamela geller in new york. but then he changed his plan and planned to attack police officers in massachusetts on tuesday according to the fbi. >> the trick of this is frankly, let the person get close enough so that they are taking a substantial step forward that their efforts, their actions are prosecutable. >> reporter: cnn communicated with the third individual through twitter back in march as part of reporting on americans who foley haddists. he indicated he was in touch with terrorists online including with isis. he claimed that alleged isis fighter was telling him to come to syria to fight with the terrorist group. this as cnn is learning known isis members were communicating through peer to peer communication with at least one of the three men, encouraging a terrorist attack of the u.s.
1:21 pm
court records should rahim bought three military knives on amazon that were delivered to him in the last week. boston police commissioner believes he intended to behead officers. >> when they have the knives and what happened across the country and across the world, the beheading of military and police officers that's why they had the knives and based on their comment that's what they believed they were up to. >> reporter: rahim has been on the fbi radar for several years. he became suspicious the fbi bugged his phone in 2012. on facebook under an ali as he wrote i heard some clicking noises on my phone. an fbi agent called him and said sir, i have some allegations regarding you. i came by your house a few times but kept missing you. we have learned the family of usaama rahim has viewed that surveillance video of the shooting that happened on tuesday when the five officers
1:22 pm
approached rahim and then shot and killed him. also the family spoke to their attorney yesterday, jake and disputed the allegations that he had anything to do with isis. jake >> pamela brown, thank you so much for that report from boston. joe biden says good-bye to his first born son, a son he almost lost years ago in that horrific car accidents when he lost his daughter. a heartbreaking moment for a family that's already suffered so much loss. we'll have some of those emotional images. josh duggar's sisters are coming forward saying they are 2005 his victims. what they are saying and the pain they are feeling now that this has all come public. that's ahead.
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. welcome back to the lead. i'm jake tapper. in our national lead an emotional farewell to joe biden's eldest son beau biden who died of brain cancer. he had served as attorney general of delaware and had served in the national guard and served his country in iraq. and he was devoted husband to wife haley and father to two young children. for so many of us who were lucky enough to have known him beau was a fine and serious man for whom words like honor and duty were not plaitudes they were principles. he has been taken from this world way too soon. we go outside to the church where his funeral will be held. incredible painful time for the
1:28 pm
whole country but also for the biden family who has experienced so much grief. >> reporter: that's right. especially vice president joe biden who was very close to his oldest son. he was by his bedside when he passed away last week and over the last two days thousands of people have come out from this community, the vice president saying that support is what's holding him up right now. as beau biden's casket arrived at the church the line of mourners stretched around the block. >> the biden family is an icon here. we're here to pay our respects. >> anybody thatted to talk to beau he took time to talk to you and listened to you. >> reporter: as the communities remembers beau biden in three days of ceremonies for the family thing weight of the loss heavy in each moment. beau's widow comforting their young son. the vice president wiping a tear from his granddaughter's cheek. on thursday beau biden's casket
1:29 pm
cloaked in red, white and blue laid in honor at the state capitol. >> beau had an extraordinary heart and from that heart he lived a life that is a model for us all. >> reporter: the vice president's heartbreak. >> his attachments to his parents part of history. never have a son's love been so genuine and so deep. >> reporter: last month as his son lay dying, the vice president warned yale graduates that life has a way of changing in a heart beat. >> reality has a way of intruding. >> reporter: the pain of this reality struck the vice president before. his first wife and daughter were killed in a car accident in the '70s a tragedy he's been open about over the years. >> no parent should be predeceased by a son or daughter. i unfortunately had that experience too.
1:30 pm
you know what? i don't know about you guys. but i was angry. man, i was angry. >> reporter: giving advice he may not need to listen to himself once again. >> there will come a day, i promise you, and you parents as well when the thought of your son or daughter your husband or wife brings a smile to your lips before it brings a tear to your eye. >> reporter: here at this church the public part of this wake continues this afternoon and tomorrow at this very church president obama will deliver the eulogy at the funeral and said to be taking this loss very personally as well. jake. >> thank you so much. she said her brother never told anyone because he figured no one would believe him. the sister of an alleged victim of dennis hastert said he
1:31 pm
sexually abused her brother decades ago and he once confronted hastert about it. what was his reaction? that story is next.
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welcome back to the lead. some shocking revelations in the scandal involving former house speaker dennis hastert. in an abc news interview a woman said has certain sexually abused her brother while he was in high school. this is the first time an alleged victim or survivor has been named since hastert was indicted in that $3.5 million hush money case. jeff a shocking turn of events but i guess you have to expect it. >> reporter: it is shocking. ate story more than four decades-old. here in washington we knew of dennis hastert as the longest serving speaker of the republican house.
1:36 pm
as a high school teacher in the 1960s and '70s. >> thank you -- >> after the shocking revelations in the indictment another accusation against former house speaker dennis hastert. lelged abuse of four decades ago. >> he damaged steve, i think more than any of us will ever know. >> this is the woman who accused hastert of sexually abusing her brother back in high school in illinois while hastert was a wrestling coach. she told abc news that her brother confided in her years ago when he revealed he was gay. he's now deceased. >> i asked him steve when was your first same-sex experience? i mean he just looked at me and said it was with dennis hastert. and i just -- i know i was stunned. i said why didn't you ever tell anybody? he just looked at me and said who is ever going to believe me? >> she was approached by the fbi
1:37 pm
in recent weeks about hastert before his indictment became public. he faces charges of bank fraud and lying to the fbi about hush money paid to another former student who was also abused. the justice department says he agreed to pay $3.5 million to cover up his past misconduct. but she said she's not the one who got thush money. cnn learned the fbi has spoken to a second person as part of the investigation. not birch who is alleged to have been a victim. hastert was a wrestling technology coach and boy scot leader before coming to washington in 1987. he became the longest serving republican speaker leaving congress in 2007 after democrats won control of the house. he's been in hiding since the charges were made public last week. the woman said she confronted hastert when he tried to attend her brother's funeral. >> i looked at him and i said i
1:38 pm
want to know what you did to my brother. >> she didn't respond to messages from cnn. on her facebook page she wrote about hastert. i can say with certainty there's so much more to the story. final tlit. his former colleagues say they are stunned about the charges against hastert. >> i was shocked and dismayed by the reports i read as anyone else around here. >> now hastert and his attorney have not responded to our request for comments but he did deny the allegations to abc back when they first arose in 2006. they were never reported at the time but given the new federal investigation that's why his sister came forward this week. he has a court appearance in chicago next week. >> let's talk more about this with the director of child trauma center. thank you for joining us. before he died the alleged survivor of child abuse here
1:39 pm
told his sister he didn't come forward because he didn't think anyone would believe him. is that usually why survivors of these types of things stay quiet? >> well obviously i can't comment on the specifics of this case but it is actually very common that people who have been the victims of sexual abuse remain quiet for a variety of reasons. the experience of helplessness and loss of control and humiliation leaves people with an experience of isolation that is in part because of shame and in part because it is so difficult as we all can experience with the shock that you described that anybody could tolerate hearing such a story and often the individual's experience is they will be met with condemnation and not feel the support and acceptance that
1:40 pm
leads to keeping such an experience buried and leaves so many victims of sexual abuse as isolated as they so often are. >> when victims have the courage to come forward, are they often met with skepticism. does society discourage them from coming forward? >> well look there's a reality of a legal process and this is part of our country is based on a constitution and that legal process can be an are aduous one. but there's a way in which the experience itself is one that's characterized by such intense feelings and often leading to a kind of self-condemnation that the expectation of receiving no support, or the absence of empathy is unfortunately often met by our silence and i think that this spot on your show is
1:41 pm
an opportunity to begin to perhaps move our country in a different direction because the problem of sexual abuse is actually really quite disturbing and prevalent in our country. >> let's hope so. i also want to get your take on the duggar family scandal. the family spoke about josh molesting two sisters and a babysitter. two were around 9 and 11. i want you to take a listen to the parents describing some of what happened. >> when we went to bed at night during that time frame, were you scared were you worried, he's 14 he's having this problem, what's going to happen when we go to sleep? >> right. nothing ever happened like that again in the girls' bedrooms after that. we had safe guards that protected them from that. but there was another incident where, two different incidents where girls were laying on the couch and he had touched like over the couch and actually
1:42 pm
touched the breast while they were asleep and so over the clothes. >> i don't know how much of the entire interview you listened to but the father there has been criticized for the way he described what happened between his son and the daughters as they slept in terms of describing what a 7-year-old's chest as breasts and also saying things along the lines of it was stupid saying things along the lines of it was over the shirt. how would you describe what he did. was it child molestation? >> well again, i really can't comment on the specifics of the case. but i do think that we often because these are such understandably emotionally laid issues for good reason contact, sexual contact between siblings and the abuse of children between strangers and children who are not yet of age of
1:43 pm
consent does stir up a tremendous amount of feeling. however, i think that we need to get beyond simply our emotional response and actually take advantage of what we know is needed. that is that children who are potential victims because the impacts of sexual abuse of a variety of kinds can have such long term effects need to be identified and protected. but there's another part of this which is really taking the signs of this kind of behavior on the part of an adolescent as more than simply a reflection of under developed brain functioning and judgment but rather a symptom of struggles that a kid is needing help with. and so in any situation such as this there are two issues that need to be addressed. number one, the protection of potential victims. number two, the assessment of
1:44 pm
the impact to determine whether or not they need help with well proven treatments and interventions. and actually third an understanding of what's driving the adolescent's behavior in the first place in order to ensure it's not repeated and in order to then provide the appropriate treatment so that the underlying causes of the symptoms are addressed. >> all right. thank you so much. great having you on the show. the video shown around the world a florida teen beaten by israeli police happening last summer. now he's explaining why this story needs to stay in the headlines and fearing retribution. stay with us.
1:45 pm
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the xfinity tv go app. now with live tv on the go. enjoy over wifi or on verizon wireless 4g lte. plus enjoy special savings when you purchase any new verizon wireless smartphone or tablet from comcast. visit to learn more. welcome back to the lead. i'm jake tapper. an narj brutally beaten by israel's police force is speaking out. he was then a 15-year-old from tampa of palestinian descent was visiting family in jerusalem when he was brutally beaten by police. it came when he was watching protests related to the murder of his cousin.
1:49 pm
israeli authorities later cleared tariq of all charges. his family is heading back to israel. joining me now are tariq and director of legislative affairs for the council on american-islamic relations of florida. thank you both for being here. i know it's difficult to talk about a painful experiences. israely forces said you were part of a violent protest. bring us back to that day. you were cleared of all wrongdoing ultimately. what happened that day? >> that day my cousin he was in front of his house and i passed by him. i was on my way to the bakery and i came back and i saw police. nobody was there. and there was maybe one or two of my cousin there's.
1:50 pm
and that's when i -- that's when the whole family came out and we were asking what was going on what happened and then we found out muhammed was kidnapped and we like we were scared for his life. and two hours later we found out he was murdered stabbed and burnt alive. to even make worse, later on i was chased and -- >> by israeli police? >> by israeli police. yes. i was chased tackled and zip tied and beaten until i was unconscious. even when i was unconscious they kept on beating me. i was in an alley watching from a distance. >> this is in east jerusalem? >> yes. i was in an alley watching from a distance of the protest of the police and they are shooting at the whole village. >> ultimately you were cleared of doing anything wrong. one of the police officers involved in this has been charged with assaulting a minor.
1:51 pm
but you and your organization and the family are pushing for there to be punishment against the others as well. >> the one officer was charged and indicted but his name was not released. this is very common. we don't know if that charge ever went anywhere or if ultimately that police officer that beat tariq was ever held accountable for what he did. it's very clear by the video footage played all over the world there were two other officers involved taken rick's beating. so we do believe all three officers should be held account able. >> do you think we would be sitting here right now if it weren't for fact that tariq is an american citizen and living in florida. >> absolutely not. every single year 500 to 700 palestinian children are tried in israeli military detention centers and military courts. so tariq's case is very unique. and tariq understands this himself that because he's a u.s.
1:52 pm
citizen he's granted rights and visibility that other palestinian children are not. >> i have spoken with your mother and she says she thinks you have post traumatic stress you have bad dreams that this has been really rough on you not just the physical pain but also the emotional pain and the emotional scars. >> until i go back i'll be traumatized because when i go back i'll feel i'm back to a place where i've been here and something bad has happened to me here. i just want to be sure i'm safe when i go there and when i come back and, yes, i do i am having problems as in like not able to control because i feel i remember all the times with my cousin and how we used to go out and have so much fun and then there he's just murdered. it's like easily like to them it's so easy another life lost
1:53 pm
another palestinian life lost. >> there are a lot of people throughout the world including in israel who think what happened to you was unanimous justice and should not happen to anyone israeli, palestinian or whatever. we're glad you're here and we wish you the best with your trip. there's a lot of people rooting for you. thanks for being here. when we come back a 37-year-old curse about to be broken? big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice.
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. we're back with the money lead. no horse has managed to within a triple crown since 1978. 37 years ago. could tomorrow's race end the drought? tomorrow the world will find out if american pharaoh has what it takes to break the triple crown curse. yes, curse. no horse has won the triple
1:58 pm
crown, the biggest prize in horse racing in the last 37 years. but now another chance. american pharaoh has already won the kentucky derby and the preakness. all that's left between the horse and history is the belmont stakes the third and longest race in the series. >> a great test of stamina in american racing and mile and a half on the dirt. it's a tough race for any horse particularly a 3-year-old to win. >> even tougher to win all three races, only 11 horses have accomplished the feat in 140 years. affirm was the one who won it back in 1978. the disco years. last year a jockey came close riding california chrome. but it was not meant to be. >> he was just a little bit
1:59 pm
empty. >> tomorrow he'll be riding american pharaoh with high hopes to capture the $1.5 million purse and a spell breaking victory. >> i'm trying to do something different this time. >> like what >> winning. it won't come easy. >> the belmont is an extra quarter mile longer than the derby. you have fresh horses taking a shot who has been through the first two legs of the triple crown. hard to do. >> 20 million viewers are expected to tune in with attendance at the track itself capped at 90,000. but fans will miss what's really at stake at the stakes. the money that comes afterwards. if he takes top prize american pharaoh will be an even greater draw for breeders who bid just for the chance at a foal like its father. >> rumors are in the range between $15 and $20 million for breeding reits. there's additional incentives built in.
2:00 pm
>> the offspring could get up to $100,000 each. the last triple crown victor fathered 808 foals. >> that's it for the lead. turning it over to wolf blitzer in "the situation room". have a great weekend. happening now massive cyber attack new details about an extraordinary data breach cut ago cross the u.s. government. china is believed to have targeted government secrets and the personal information of millions of americans. could it now carry out an insider attack? isis releases a new video presented in fluent english. is the terror group trying to gain new recuts in the united states? accusations a woman comes forward to say dennis hastert abused her late brother back when has certain was a high school wrestling coach. has someone else been black mailing the former house