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tv   New Day  CNN  June 8, 2015 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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dangerous. >> a $100,000 reward is offered to find the convicted murderers. richard matt and david sweat. did they have let's begin our coverage in up state new york. what do we know? >> good morning. the people living in the shadow of this maximum security prison are waking up to a massive police presence. check points throughout the community here. the priorities for law enforcement are two-fold. track down the killers before they hurt anybody, then try to find out how they were able to pull off such an elaborate escape this weekend. >> we are leaving no stone unturned. they could be anywhere. >> reporter: two convicted murderers escaping this prison for the first time in the 170 year history. officers are scouring up state
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new york this morning. >> these are dangerous people. >> reporter: a man sentenced to life for a 2002 killing for a sheriff's deputy and richard matt who beat a man to death. >> when you look at how it was done it was extraordinary. >> reporter: andrew cuomo taking a tour of the elaborate escape route discovered at 5:30 saturday morning. after stuffing makeshift dumbies in their bed, the inmates obtained poor tools to cut this hole in their cell. they exited out to a cat walk. from the cat walk they had to shimmy down into a tunnel below. once there, they had to breakthrough a 24-inch wall then cut through a 24-inch steel vertical pipe which they shimmied into until cutting
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another hole making their way to the city sewer. they had to cut through a steel lock and chain, disappearing into a neighborhood a block away from the prison. not before leaving this racially offensive drawing saying "have a nice day." it's clear they had help. power tools don't just materialize inside a prison cell. this has been planned for a very long time. >> reporter: with the canadian border less than 25 miles from here there's serious concerns they have already left the country. i can tell you, i have spoken to several law enforcement officials and they are confident they will track them down. the concern is what will they be willing to do to not end up back behind the walls of prison. >> very worrisome. thanks so much. we want to get expert analysis on this prison break and the
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manhunt with cnn law enforcement analyst with tom and joseph a professor at john jay college. great to see both of you guys. joe, i want to start with you. you show add graphic illustration of what they had to saw through and breakthrough to make it out of prison. they had power tools. does that mean they had help from the inside? >> this is a bad situation going on here. there's no way to get the tools and smuggle these things in. they are not using power cords, either. they are using battery powered ones. they had to charge them. this is a big concern. >> one theory is there was construction work being done at the prison. maybe they lifted and stole some of the power tools from the construction crew. however, to saw through things makes a lot of noise. how could the prison not have known what was going on here?
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>> alisyn if they were having other projects going on in the middle of the day and they were on lockdown and in the tunnel drilling and sawing they could have it done while the other construction is going on. if they are not sawing holes in walls at 3:00 in the morning, people wouldn't notice the sound of another saw operating. >> good point. they used one of the oldest tricks in the book. they put dumbies in their beds. that went undetected for something like seven or eight hours. does that tell you that something needs to change in terms of prison head count policy? >> this is a vision. what are the guards doing? where are they? what are the supervisors doing? >> when inmates are sleeping guards let them sleep, right? you don't wake them up every two hours to take a head count. >> most people move in their sleep. maybe stay at the cell a few minutes, observe to make sure
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they are moving or breathing. >> tom, what do you think all this says? what are you gleaming from this story? >> obviously, it says they didn't have adequate supervision in that prison. the bigger story is what are they capable of now that they are out? they are both convicted murderers looking at life to 25 or more years in the case of one of them. they are likely they could do a home invasion to steal a car, hijacking, hold a family hostage, kill them to get money, weapons, cars. all of those are concerns of the police. i'm sure they are checking the local town to make sure every residence is okay all the people are safe and sound and accounted for. but, the amount of time and the amount of head starts they had, they could have walked to canada 20 miles away. montreal 70 miles away a very short distance. one was already a fugitive
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escaping and ending up in mexico and brought back. right away the suspicion they could have left the country by the time anybody knew they were missing. therefore, you have the u.s. marshalls and the fbi with the international reach also attempting to find them. >> joe, they are the worst of the worst. one of them is a police officer killer. one of them tortured and dismembered his victim. they are just as dangerous as they get. what are police doing around that neighborhood to make sure people are safe? >> they are going to have to go door-to-door house-to-house to make sure everyone is accounted for. somebody that is supposed to show up for work and didn't. every minor crime, burglary call every theft. they need the money. they need cars. they need all kind of stuff to get out. this is going to provide the leads the investigators need. >> tom, you have worked on escape cases and fugitive cases.
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yes, they were close to canada. in general, don't they go to family or a girlfriend's house, a safe haven they are familiar with? >> sometimes. it depends on how the escape went. you often have an escape where they jump a guard, run out the door taken to a hospital because they claim they are sick and make an escape on a sudden opportunity basis where they haven't been able to plan. they haven't preplanned they have money, clothes arranged for. in this case this took a long time to drill and saw and all the effort they made inside the prison itself. they could easily have had a wife a girlfriend another friend brother, sister somebody already prearranged to pick them up once they got out, have clothes, have money, have transportation. that's something the authorities are going to be looking at also. account for every member of their family and friend they can
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identify and see if they are still around or is one of them missing along with a vehicle or two vehicles. there's a lot of other things that will be going on mainly outside that prison that matter right now because they are so dangerous. >> they have their hands full. let's hope the $100,000 reward helps. thank you for your expertise. new york governor andrew cuomo will join us live on "new day" next hour. he toured the escape route. can't wait to get his thoughts. chris? >> president obama is meeting with leaders of the g7. the focus is on russia and vladimir putin. the war on isis is a focus. set to meet with iraq's prime minister on the summit sidelines. we have jim live on the sidelines in austria. what do we know? >> reporter: the most critical meeting is not a leader of the g7 it's the iraqi prime
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minister who wrapped up a face-to-face talk. here to seek more military assistance in the battle against isis. they say don't expect big announcements on the front. the president has a diplomatic goal in mind for the meeting. that is to ease tensions with the prime minister after defense secretary questioned their will to fight. administration officials know that deeply upset the iraqis. there's more than iraq on the agenda. the president hopes to leave with the g7 leaders showing a united front and maintaining sanctions on russia. german chancellor angela merkel the most powerful leader in europe and the most powerful woman in the world. doesn't hurt when you are serving beer and pretzels to the president. that went over well as well. >> i can't imagine that wouldn't go over well. back to isis. the u.s. is getting credit for helping iraqi forces to retake
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the town of baiji. fleeing the city to mosul while under attack by air. jim is live in jordan with the latest for us. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, michaela. according to iraqi officials the military and the shia officials, the main fighting force on the ground there, sunday say they have managed to regain control of baiji. focused u.s. air strikes taking place there. they say they have regained control of the city center a government complex and the main mosque. they say isis fighters have withdrawn toward the city of mosul. what remains, they describe it as pockets of resistance and areas they are trying to clear of boobie traps. all eyes on the strategic oil refinery. the baiji oil refinery changed
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hands several times over the past year. in recent weeks, we saw isis gain control of the majority of that complex. now, iraqi forces are going to try to regain that from isis. a very tough task ahead. of course a lot of concern, if isis were to withdrawal from this strategic area they have focused a lot of resources and fighters to keep control of they might destroy the refinery on the way out. back to you, alisyn. >> i'll take it. thank you for the reporting. the british royal navy rescued 1200 refugees off the coast. this is part of an effort to save migrants that are stranded in the mediterranean see. we have nic robertson live with more. nic? >> reporter: good morning.
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there are ten pregnant women aboard that ship. what happened this week the biggest wave of migrant flooding across the mediterranean occurred putting the italian coast guard close to 6,000 people picked up. the italian navy spanish navy british navy swedish and germans involved as well bringing them to multiple ports. we are in sicily they are bringing them to mainland italy as well. people will come off the boat processed by red cross officials, health processing before they are handed over to immigration officials here. but, this wave of migrants that are coming across a great concern. the reason officials believe it is happening in big numbers is because it's good weather, calm seas. the staggering statistics so far this year really tell you the biggest story. almost 100,000 migrants have come across the see.
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so many crossing from libya. this is double the number last year. there are syrians, egyptians, pakistanis people from nigeria as well. this is becoming a very very big issue for europe right now. >> nic, thanks so much for that reporting. a united airlines flight skidding off the line in new york. it landed on a slick runway, sending the jet and 69 passengers sliding into a grass safety area. the plane's pilot said a strong gust of wind was to blame. no one was hurt. several waking up behind bars after a concert in new jersey. riot gear dispursing them with tear gas at metlife stadium. some tried to jump the gate to get into the sold-out event. slow security screening, pushing
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and shoving, bottles thrown at officers. the scene in front of you is what played out. >> that's a terrible scene. >> just thinking of going to a concert on a sunday night. >> a summer sunday. >> people waited so long in line everybody was getting frustrated. >> it is a frustrating thing. >> it is. >> very hard situations. people are angry. you see something happen to some. you get mob mentality going on. they are angry the cops are there in riot gear. you are not thinking of that. >> riot gear for a concert? i mean -- >> they will say good thing we had it. look what we dealt with. back and forth we go. >> we'll update you on that. meanwhile, new video with tension over police force. a texas officer caught on camera dragging a girl in a swimsuit. also drawing his gun. was all this force warranted? we debate it, you decide. lilly baker is preparing for college.
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unfortunately, we have another situation where police are urnds fire. this time a texas cop is on administrative leave about teens using a community pool without permission. what happened next is disturbing. here is the set up. >> get on the ground. i told you to stay. [ bleep ]. down on the ground. >> kids having fun or chaos?
3:19 am
this scene has some calling for this officer to be disciplined for using excessive force. the seven minute video shows a situation out of control. the officer seen wrestling a 14-year-old girl in a swimsuit to the ground. he then pulls his firearm on two unarmed boys before turning his attention back to the girl. >> on your face. >> the officer has both knees on her back. >> the officer was overzealous. these are children. they have to be able to handle things in a better manner than this. >> reporter: in response to the video, mckinney police said -- >> a formal investigation into the incident is beginning. the officer is on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. >> that's the video. that's the background. let's bring in cnn law
3:20 am
enforcement analyst. now, one unknown. we do not know the exact information, yet that was communicated in the 911 call. let's assume it was the kind of information we expect was communicated. people have seen them a lot of kids they are making noise. that's what's going on. harry, how do you justify as what he characterized as overzealous, do better when dealing with kids? >> here is a news flash. i'm probably going to agree with mark on this one. that officer was way out of control. i cannot see why that officer had to -- you can see, when you are watching the video, he's the only officer acting like he's out of his mind. the others seem lefl headed. te kids don't seem like they are doing much against the police officers here. when you approach a crowd of kids like this you go in calmly. he pulls his gun. you see the other officers run
3:21 am
over like what the [ muted ] are you doing here? i think this officer being suspended, maybe losing his job for the way he's acting here. i can't defend this at all. >> you have no idea how happy you made me dude. all morning i was ready to be mad at harry. >> this brings you together. at least we are moving in the right direction. >> one of the things we have to do here is not get obsessed with the obvious and get to the question of how do you fix a situation like this? right? because, look the kids are going to be traumatized. you have this added layer. was it only the black kids he was going after like this? there were lots of different types of kids. these were kids running around not gang activity. the important question is now what? say you punish the guy. is that the, you know where do
3:22 am
we go? >> it's part of it. for so long it's happening. just doing that is a step forward. the other thing is we are beginning to shift national conscious. with all due respect, the only time people can see this is bad is when they have video tape. if we have a series of tapes of this happening all the time -- >> do you then move too fast and far the other way saying this is what happens every time? >> no. absolutely not. >> that's the concern. >> we can use it as training video for police officers on whatnot to do in a situation like that. you come up to kids. it's a pool party going on. nine cars that show up. walk over say listen do me a favor, we got a call. can you move on here? you are not welcome? >> kids are going to scramble. >> exactly. >> that's what you do. >> in albany playing basketball we found a way to
3:23 am
turn the lights on. the cops come and you run. that's the other part. >> when you get a call that some kids are acting wild they are 17 end of the school year party. it happens in neighborhoods all over the country. poor people don't have pools. black kids respond differently than when it's white kids. that comes from training. it comes from firing folks. reimagine what the possibilities are. that's a bigger project. it starts with raising the consciousness. this really does happen. stories the last 100 years are true. >> i'd like to take you know i like to take this one case at a time here. there isn't a large, giant conspiracy of police officers acting like this. >> yes, there is. >> this is the point i'm getting to. >> doesn't this prove the rule or the exception. that's what you get. >> we have a lot of exceptions this year. >> you have stops, also.
3:24 am
you have a million interactions a day with police officers country wide. >> right. >> you are a statistic guy. find out what the statistics are on something like this happening. it's probably not even .1%. >> here is the difficulty in determining it. one, if we only go by video tape we are limited. if we only go through police accounts they rarely say i kicked that guy's butt. we have video tape. they are severe challenges that we have to say this is a representative case. >> people make false allegations against police officers all the time. all the time. >> the numbers do matter. let me go down this road with you a step. we do know. if you multiply the number that is are known by ten, a factor of ten, you would only get to 10% of interactions with police. i'm saying give you ten times.
3:25 am
i'm saying again, perspective, one in ten stops is something you need to address if it goes the wrong way. the feeling is when you see this is it eight out of ten, nine out of ten? are all cops like this? >> the cops feel threatened they can't do their jobs more people get aggressive with them. at the concert, coming out in riot gear. you can be too zealous. >> i disagree. in the suburbs -- >> which is kind of where you were. >> black kids in the suburbs. >> and other kids. >> i'm talking the ones getting body slammed. if one out of 100 or one out of 1,000, it would be a national crisis. at some point we have to say one life matters. this is not one, this is one times 100. >> balancing it with we are not
3:26 am
saying it is epidemic or every time. >> it is epidemic. >> it is not, come on. >> i can't help but think of two cases -- >> this is an every day occurrence. >> it's not an every day occurrence come on. >> it is. >> i'm sorry. with the millions and millions of transactions with police officers every day or interactions with police officers every day, i can't say this is epidemic proportions. >> there are a series of tapes that come out. studies in states about black people being pulled over and arrested. >> which means nothing, really. >> if we combine all this stuff, look at the likelihood of people getting pulled over, there's so much evidence that says this is an epidemic. >> can we agree, tape is good? >> oh yeah. >> it's a battle right now. a lot of departments don't want
3:27 am
to use the body cams. >> if i was a police officer today, i would buy my own body cam. i would because the way things are today. i know that there are so many false allegations out there against police officers. when i was on the police department there are so many false ones. probably five out of ten are false. >> every other one is true. five out of ten, that's a problem. >> that's at least. >> i give you eight out of ten. i think because they are police officers -- >> you are always going to have problems. there's always a bad cop somewhere. there's no way we can make it 100%. >> but we can make it better. >> we can always make it better. >> we have never tried. >> we have tried. >> no no no. as a society, never been committed to addressing this is a fundmental problem. >> this is the latest one.
3:28 am
tweet us #newdaycnn or post on what do you do going forward? now that you know what the problem is what are you doing to do about it? >> we started the segment with a hug. we'll take it. thanks gentlemen. >> you have to be open harry, you have to be open. >> baby steps. all right. what's on the president's agenda today? can he and the iraq prime minister make headway? take a look at that ahead. steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead.
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it's our developing story this morning. police in up state new york searching for two convicted killers missing more than two days. they staged a daring get away, cutting through a steel wall and sledging through tunnels and
3:33 am
pipes escaping through a manhole cover. $100,000 reward leading to information to their catch. a hack for millions of government employees may affect private citizens too. citing unnamed sources, personal information belonging to the people who the federal workers know. their friends, family phone numbers, social security numbers, e-mail could be included on the security clearance forms that may have been compromise zed. south korean officials working to contain a deadly outbreak of mers. there are 80,000 cases or mers. the largest outbreak outside the middle east. 2500 people remain in quarantine. officials closed nearly 2,000 schools as a precaution. >> listen up. i'm about to do a sports story. cleveland strong.
3:34 am
>> nice. >> the undermanned cavaliers led by the king himself, lebron james, beating the golden state warriors 95-93 in overtime to even the nba finals at a game a piece. lebron had a triple double whatever that means. 39 points, 16 rebounds whatever those are and 11 assists. >> that makes sense, the assists. >> this is the first time the first two games of an nba final ser series went into overtime. >> you know so much. >> i do. >> thank you for filling me in. >> what a game it was. the warriors should have won the game. their star curry, had the first lapse under the spotlight. done. >> that after belmont on saturday night. i mean come on. >> triple crown. >> great.
3:35 am
now, from the up to the not so up. severe weather is definitely heading to the east coast. chad myers is taking a look for us. what do you see, my brother? >> storms in places that have people. i talk about storms in texas and oklahoma all the time where there are hundreds of thousands of square acres. here when we run storms into populated places like cleveland, columbus chicago, memphis, up to the northeast, that's when we begin to worry. smaller storms can do more damage because there are millions in the way, not hundreds in the way. we will focus on this today. by noon storms fired from pittsburgh to columbus and cincinnati. by later on this afternoon, making a run for new york city. probably overnight in new york. very big storms from charleston to west virginia and arkansas. part of a storm system that will bring the potential for a few tornadoes. we have to watch that for you. get the app on your phone. it is easy to get and could save
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your life. >> good advice. we hope people take heed. the isis fight front and center as president obama and iraq's prime minister sit down in germany. what tactics can they try to take down the terrorist group once and for all? out of 42 vehicles based on 6 different criteria, why did a panel of 11 automotive experts name the volkswagen golf motor trend's 2015 car of the year? we'll give you four good reasons. the volkswagen golf. starting at $19,295,
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good to have you back on this monday on "new day." president obama meets with the iraqi prime minister at the g7 summit in germany. only one item on the agenda stopping isis a formidable challenge with the terrorists getting a new stronghold thousands of miles from iraq. we want to discuss it with an
3:41 am
analyst. good to see you. i want to talk to you about what he is saying. he is saying the prime minister of iraq is saying that isis is getting stronger better equipped more organized, more lethal. the u.s. air campaign is not enough. is he right? and is he going to be able to convince president obama of such? >> i think it's clear from everything we have learned from isis the past six months, he is right. the question president obama has to ask him is what are you doing about it? the u.s. has a large coalition of countries providing quite a lot of material on the ground. you know more and more advanced weapons. what are the iraqi military forces doing about it? >> the problem is he is turning the question around on president obama as though this were his problem to fix. have they become too reliant on the western coalition and the u.s.? >> i think that's probably true.
3:42 am
they are getting a little pushback from their own soldiers who don't want to go out and have this fight. we have this situation a couple weeks ago and the iraqis were not standing and fighting. it has become easy to pass the buck a little bit, to blame the u.s. as they often do. the iraqi government said the u.s. is not doing enough. then to use that as a sort of plausible deniability saying you know if they had more u.s. support, our soldiers would be able to do better. they have not been able to demonstrate. that is something. they have some elite units that are up for the fight. the vast majority of the iraqi army still has not demonstrated the ability and willingness to fight against isis. president obama has to put his feet to the fire. >> one of the things about this isis is they are adaptable. we have been hearing reports,
3:43 am
the australian foreign minister believes they are recruiting scientists highly skilled, highly knowledgeable scientists. they have used attacks on isis or in some of those areas. do you think, first of all, do you think it's likely? do you think they have the capability because of this threat are the forces that we have is the u.s. coalition ready to combat this kind of threat? >> well for isis to want chemical weapons makes perfect sense. it's the continuum of atrocityies atrocities. >> a great threat. >> it is a great threat. they have a lot of senior officers from saddam hussein's army. they have deployed chemical weapons in the past. i don't know what intelligence they have. just using common sense, if they
3:44 am
are looking for chemical weapons, they are looking to grab some from assad. they have chemical weapons and uses it very very frequently particularly chlorine. they would be trying to get their hands, if that's what they wanted trying to get their hands on syria's chemical weapons. is the u.s. ready for it? is if they are conducting only an air operation. the question is are the iraqis ready? we can show that isis has chemical weapons, the iraqi military is going to need a different set of tools. first of all, protective gear and soldiers. also a superior kind of intelligence to spot where the chemical weapons are and take them out before they are deployed. >> a huge up tick in the number of boats of migrants fleeing and arriving on the shores of asia
3:45 am
and europe. we know that isis is known in some refugee camps to melt in with the refugees. is that not a concern with the migrants trying to flee from the fighting that isis could be among their ranks? >> yes, they could. i just arrived from a trip from south africa and met some from the northern africa. so many north africans are escaping. there's conversation about people coming from syria and iraq into north africa and the fear some of those people may be joining up with al qaeda in libya or in morocco or egypt. that's a different kind of fear. if they are fighting the battle if they are seriously concerned about it we should be as well. >> humanitarian crisis and the threat of isis that is very concerning. we will be watching. good to have you back with us. a pleasure to have you here.
3:46 am
alisyn? >> let's talk politics. jeb bush making a surprise stop in new hampshire where he gave his opponents some advice. we'll tell you what he said.
3:47 am
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i'll make my announcement. in all likelihood i'll be in new hampshire that night. it's a great place to campaign for someone like me. >> that's presidential hopeful, jeb bush. he skipped the all big and important roast ride in iowa over the weekend. the former florida governor heads to europe next that is a week before he's expected to formally launch his campaign. there were moments made in iowa. let's discuss it with maggie. you hear roast and ride. so what? it's important for one candidate. >> that would be scott walker of wisconsin who road in on a harley. he has his harley gloves and wallet. he is every man. he is from the midwest. this was relatable,
3:51 am
identifiable. this is not something we could see jeb bush doing. to be fair to him, it wouldn't be natural. it was an amazing contrast for all the candidates who went particularly walker trying to strike with jeb bush. >> is it a big deal that he skipped iowa? >> it increases the perception he's not going to play aggress aggressive aggressively. he's going to do what mitt romney did, see if there's an opening. if there is get in. his numbers are in fifth place. he is not moving. >> he made it sound as though new hampshire was more important. he had advice for his opponents about that. listen to this. >> i have a passion for service. i get to tell my story. people can challenge it. this is the way to campaign get outside your comfort zone. i don't think we should be campaigning in little protective bubbles. in new hampshire, you can't do that. >> going on a harley to the
3:52 am
roast and ride would have been outside his comfort zone too. new hampshire, first of all, he was up in maine because of his mother's 90th birthday. he was at his family's compound before he went to europe, that would not be great. this is important for him. he is very good on the stump when he is one-on-one with people. he can get testy, but he is trying. >> the bubble is a shock, hillary, right? it is touching on something he and all of them are guilty is a complete disconnect to regular people. they are talking to each other and fighting for a small slice of their party. with walker, harley aside he was about gay marriage. hey, if the court finds, the supreme court finds the definition of marriage is not just a man and woman, think about a constitutional amendment. is that a strategy for winning an election? >> it is going to be difficult
3:53 am
when you see where the polls are moving on gay marriage. one thing about scott walker he is protective of his political brand. when he was in his political fight, he aired an ad that went on abortion. he moved off that once he got elected. he doesn't necessarily play well. flip-flopping. >> let's look at the latest cnn poll about same-sex marriage. now, 63% say same-sex couples have the constitutional right to marry. what's interesting is in the past four to five years, that has gone up that support by 14%. is it okay for scott walker and others to play against public opinion polls? >> it's a risk. he can't get to the general election unless he wins the nomination. he is not going to win by saying something different than he said on this. a slim number is going to determine this.
3:54 am
>> governor pataki he gave the best answer i have heard so far. he said you don't break the law. you work within the law. if the supreme court says equal protection extends in marriage to the lgbt community, if they say it's a protected class, which not many expect then that's the law. all you have as recourse is the constitutional amendment. it seems on that side of the fence, it is a culture war. >> that is true. to you point, what governor pataki was saying is what many republicans would say. it's the law of the land. i'm not going to take it on. it takes the issue off the table. what scott walker is doing is different. i don't know if it can hold. whether they agree with the issue or not, they have never seen such a fast moving issue in their lifetime and opinion change so quickly. >> why not play to the basend
3:55 am
evolve his position for the general? that's what barack obama and hillary clinton have done on the issue. we are used to politicians doing something for political expediency. >> this is an issue people are not going to get hit on flip-flopping because they are following the trend. i don't think you will see scott walker do that but if you see him as the nominee, you are not going to hear him repeat that again. >> the over all concern is it shows disconnect with people. there's no question you have an emerging part of the christians saying this is a defining issue. it feels like the old abortion fights you had ten, 15 years ago. it shows a disconnect from where people are beyond the poll. sometimes you can get caught on that. if you move too much on the wrong issue, people won't do it. >> you have to play to the base. >> or you have to lead and tell the base why you are doing something different than they
3:56 am
think they like at the time. >> could that work? >> walker has authenticity going. for him to suddenly change on this issue now would be problematic. again, the harley the jacket the gloves this was very believable because he's very into this. watching him switch from something that is a core belief would be a problem. again, people did see him do not quite that but a bit of movement on the abortion issue last year. >> wow, he does look rad. >> it's not subtle. macho there behind that helmet shield. thank you. >> thank you. >> that was good. we are following a lot of news this morning and a lot of it is rad. let's get to it. we have a serious manhunt under way for two dangerous inmates. >> we are leaving no stone unturned. they could be literally anywhere. >> this is the first escape from the maximum security portion,
3:57 am
ever. >> flying into the seats. >> they brought a stretcher over in that direction. >> the woman seriously injured by a broken bat at fenway park is in serious condition. >> i want to speak up. i can say this. i was one of the victims. >> we want to come out and set the record straight. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo, alisyn and michaela pereira. >> they are murderers and dangerous and could be anywhere. police in up state new york searching for two men who took a page out of hollywood. richard matt and david sweat cut through a steel wall and navigated through tunnels and pipes escaping to freedom. >> there's a $100,000 reward offered now. they just vanished once they got
3:58 am
to the outside. investigators say all that taken together reeks of help inside and/or outside the prison walls. polo sandoval is outside the site from the prison in new york. polo? >> reporter: good morning to you. there is a heavy police presence in and around the prison itself. we had to go through several check points to get to this location. vehicles coming in and out getting checked out. the priorities for law enforcement are two-fold. track down the killers before they can hurt anybody and try to figure out how they were able to orchestrate such an elaborate escape plan. >> we are leaving no stone unturned. they could be literally anywhere. >> reporter: two convicted murderers escaping for the first time in this 170 year history. >> these are dangerous people.
3:59 am
>> reporter: the massive manhunt is on for 35-year-old david sweat who was sentenced to life with no parole for a 2002 killing of a sheriff's deputy and richard matt spending 25 to life for beating a man to death and dismembering him. >> it was extraordinary how it was done. >> reporter: andrew cuomo going through the escape route discovered at 5:30 saturday morning. after stuffing makeshift dumbies into their beds the inmates somehow obtained power tools to cut this hole in the back of their cell. cutting through solid steel, they exited from a cat walk. from there, they had to shimmy down to a tunnel below. once there, they had to breakthrough a 24-inch break wall then cut through a 24-inch steel vertical pipe which they shimmies into continuing for a
4:00 am
significant distance before cutting another hole. when they reached a manhole, they had to cut through a steel rock and chain, finally disappearing into a neighborhood a block away from the prison. not before leaving this racially explicit drawing reading "have a nice day." >> it's clear they had help. power tools don't just materialize inside prison cells. this has been planned for a very long time. >> reporter: back out live this morning, again, reminders are everywhere. the search shows no signs of slowing even in the local headlines. reminders for people who live in the shadow of this prison complex. trying to track down matt and sweat. i should mention, i have been speaking to law enforcement officials who are confident they will track down the two guys. the real concern is what are two desperate fugitives on the run willing to do s


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