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tv   CNN International  CNN  June 8, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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-- captions by vitac -- a year after isis took over iraq's second largest city, the u.s. president says a new strategy is needed to defeat the militants. cnn has a report. a manhunt in upstate new york for two convicted killers who made a prison escape. and cnn chases down a south african organizer to answer questions about the fifa scandal.
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thanks for joining us. this is "cnn newsroom." and we begin the latest in the fight against isis. it has now been one year since the iraqi city of mosul fell to the extremist group causing hundreds of thousands a flee their homes. but so far any plans to recapture iraq's second largest city have stalled. an estimated 1 million residents remain under isis rule there. on monday, president barack obama sat down with the prime minister on the sidelines of the g-7 summit. >> when a finalized plan is presented to me by the pentagon, then i will share it with the american people. we don't yet have a complete
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strategy because it requires commitments on the part of the iraqis as well about how recruitment takes place, about how that strange takes place. the details of that are not yet worked out. >> there are new details on information learned by u.s. officials during a raid in syria last month include the possibility that isis wives may play a greater role in the terrorist group operations than previously thought because they attract less attention. the raid led to the capture of the isis leader's wife. she has given significant information and intelligent helping the u.s. better understand isis communications and organization. and the united states had intelligence for months on probable locations for abubakar
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baghdady, but the u.s. could not launch raids to capture him. he stays in populated areas knowing the u.s. won't risk killing civilians. iraqi troops are now closing in on ramadi in anbar province. isis captured that city last month. the terror group is threatening a key military base nearby where iraqi forces are said to be preparing an all-out assault on the extremists. andy peyton-walsh was with the troops on the front lines. >> reporter: a road leads to the iraqi base, the closest the media has been taken since it fell to isis. it is meant to be where the soldiers are amassing to retake ramadi from isis but it's they
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are mostly deployed outside. and here, is it the iraqi army, along the northern edge of their base in a vicious front line with isis, along the river. isis have blocked a dam upstream to lower the tides and help them attack. is it minute by minute here. the situation can change and that river bed, very much the front line. they have been using the water from the lake to keep its levels high. but still, as you can hear, isis are very close. they see and watch isis daily. but say they are overlooked by coalition air strikes. they're supposed to give us some support from war planes he says we're in control of the ground. all we need is air support.
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here, caught between the isis towns of ramadi and fallujah they face a thousand isis, they think but he cease only a few with long beards and a flag here. but, soon, isis fire back. this is what happens when you poke that snake. >> moving out? >> yep. [ gunshots ]. >> reporter: they lead us out. this the iraqi army stronghold where they speak of the readiness and gloer yry to come.
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an urgent manhunt is underway right now in new york where two killers escaped from a maximum security prison in upstate new york close to the canadian border. police say the convicts used power tools to cut through steel and cement walls. now the question is who might have helped them. jason carole has more. >> reporter: cars stopped at check points on roads leading to and from the clinton correctional facility, police looking for looks to the location of the two convicts. the investigators are trying to find out if the two had help breaking out of the maximum security prison. a woman inside the prison has been questioned as a possible accomplice. matt and sweat discovered missing early saturday morning. >> leaving no stone unturned. they could be out of state but
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they could be holed up here in dannemora. >> reporter: they escaped from the upstate prison, both in side by side cells. they used power tools to cut through steel walls, crawled through two foot wide underground pipes emerging through a manhole to freedom. look right up here on barker street, you can see there are a few prison guards standing next to the manhole which is located a block or so from the outer wall of the correctional facility. matt and sweat stuffed their bunk with clothes as a decoy and leaving behind a racist cartoon with the words "have a nice day" the governor given a tour of the escape route. >> they needed equipment they wouldn't have help. >> reporter: jack rugar agrees.
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he used to be a guard and inside the facilities machine shop for nearly four decades. >> got to have a lot of help. >> reporter: do you think they had help from the inside or outside or a combination of both? >> a combination of both. you don't cut through a steel wall without someone hearing you. >> reporter: one point is clear, the inmates are extremely dangerous. the search stretching from canada, 20 miles north of the prison all the way to mexico. 300 members of law enforcement in the manhunt which includes search dogs and going door to door. tessa had her home and garage searched this weekend. >> some people said we were crazy for living up here. i never felt in danger. i felt safer. >> reporter: and your thoughts now? >> i'm with all the added security, police, corrections officers, everyone look everywhere i feel safer than we
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ever felt even with them at large. yes, is it a concern but i don't think they are anywhere around here right now. jason carole reporting from dannemora, new york. what makes this manhunt so urgent is that these men are extremely violent. one is described as psychotic, fearless and doesn't respond to pain. brian todd has the details. >> reporter: 49-year-old richard matt is by all accounts very distinguishable. his front teeth are reported to be metal. he has a marine corps insignia on his shoulder, hearts on his chest and left shoulder. david sweat may blend in a little more. but both are stone-cold killers. >> how dangerous and desperate are these guys? >> they are most dangerous. and clearly, the activity clearly indicates they are
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desperate. both of them callously killed people one dismembered his victim. >> reporter: richard matt is serving 25 years to life for kidnapping and beating to death his former boss whose body was found dismembered. the murder happened in 1997. matt fled to mexico to get away. served nine years there for killing a man in a bar fight and was extradited to the u.s. to face charges in the other case. he has cut himself, broke his call color bone and not seek treatment. he is totally totally fearless and doesn't respond to pain. this is not matt's first escape. in 1986 he broke out of a jail in erie county, new york. the knowledge of sweat's escape is chilling. >> an event like this tears open
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old wounds, tugs on people's emotional strings. >> reporter: sweat was killing a life sentence for killing kevin t tarsia in 2002. arnett gaston a former officer at riker's prison say that family could be in danger. >> you don't escape just to escape. freedom is sweet. but once you're out, then you start thinking about it's payback time. >> reporter: one former detective who worked on richard matt's case told me that police contacted him and warned of matt's escape. and another is prepared defend himself if matt comes after him. the state of new york is
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offering a $100,000 reward for the capture of these two killers. officials have gotten more than 150 tips. if you have information you are urged to call the u.s. marshals at 1-800-give-tip. we want to turn to the growing fifa scandal. the statement comes after fifa's compliance chief says the 2018 and 2022 bids could be voided if there was evidence of bribery. russia and qatar deny all bribery claims. >> bribery laws would not with a surprise. >> reporter: it's that simple. can you elaborate more? can you tell us more? what else do you know? >> so far every speculation was
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permitted regarding fifa and we know some people were already ready to sell votes for cash before the vote took place. but it's not -- we have to wait. now you have the department of justice investigating. we have the swiss justice -- the swiss general attorney investigating. we see what they find out. if everything is clean, there is a small chance that everything was clean then everybody can be relieved and fifa will be more than happy. >> and there is growing pressure on the organizer of the 2010 world cup in south africa to break his silence about his country's bid. we tried to get a word with him at his new job. >> reporter: for a man just weeks in the job, the mayor of port elizabeth is keeping a low profile. >> of course you can. >> this is a police space. >> i'm in the public space.
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>> reporter: that's because the new mayor is the president of south africa's football association and the man who ran south africa's bid to host the 2010 world cup. now drawn into the fifa scandal himself after a letter emerged from december 2007 where he acknowledges the $10 million sum at the heart of the fbi investigation and suggests it be deducted by fifa from funds to go to the organizing committee. south africa's minister of sports has denied any form of bribery. >> the fed got a payment of 10 million dollars u.s. was made to an approved program above board, does not equate to bribery. >> reporter: but the man who suggested how that payment should be made has not shown up to answer questions. in the run up to the world cup,
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he was the face of south africa's bid but it is a very different story now. it will be the ministry of sports dealing with all issues pertaining to the fifa affair because s. south africans have had scandals that reach right to the top. >> the scandals from the president to everybody. everybody they have just got their hands dirty. >> reporter: but there is also national pride at stake and the pride of port elizabeth locals about their mayor. >> nothing has been proven yet. >> and the fbi will come knocking on his door. >> they are not allowed to come here. >> it's -- from cnn. >> reporter: knocking on the door of city hall proved problematic for us pushed back by security as we tried to ask
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questions. begging the question why port elizabeth's new mayor is being so cagey. cnn, port elizabeth, south africa. i spoke with a professor of sports management at the university of michigan and the author of "money and soccer." i spoke about the challenges of reforming fifa. >> one of the difficult things about this is that really everybody has known for more or less 20 years that bribery and corruption has been a systematic part of fifa's organization. nothing that comes out is any news to anybody. the fact is now that the justice department in the u.s. is acting upon it and the question is just how far fifa is prepared to go internally in reforming itself. >> so i want to ask you this,
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how inevitable is bribery and corruption in an organization where you have a select group of officials with few checks and balances determining which country throughout the globe should host the world cup? >> well, i think the first point to make is that wherever you have large sums of money changing hands you are inefbtably going to get an incentive for bribery and corruption. the question is how you can minimize the bribery and corruption that might take place. and i think, clearly, fifa needs to do more. it needs to engage in a reform process. but bear many mind that two thirds of the members of the fifa congress voted for sepp blatter who oversaw the regime who has been exposed as corrupt. >> what systems and reforms need to be put in place to prevent a situation where bribes are paid in exchange for hosting the
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world cup do. you think it's possible to stop that from happening going forward? >> i think it is possible. and i think reform is possible. my proposal is there should be a separation of the world cup as a commercial organization from the administration of the game and the redistribution of indication generated by the world cup. and this has already happens in other sports organizations, for example in automotive sports, the fia is the governing body of motorsports but it is separate from formula one, the main championship. the fia redis buttes the funds but don't run the formula one. >> after being tainted so completely is it possible to overhaul and reform fifa particularly with sepp blatter still at the helm until the end
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of the year when another vote takes place? >> i think this is going to require a lot of restraint on all sides. i mean, clearly, many in europe and north america are calling for heads to roll and a complete clearing out of the organization. and that's unrealistic. it's just not going to happen given the structure of the fifa and the balance of power. but also, you know, the majority of fifa who have backed blatter need to accept the need for reform. ultimately the risk is if these two sides cannot reach agreement, the organization will disintegrate and move into separate blocks with europe and north america on one side, asia, and south america on the outside. another country takes action as a deadly virus spreads in south korea. we are live in seoul with the
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welcome back, everyone. the world health organization is in south korea to help investigate the middle east respiratory syndrome outbreak. seven people infected with mers have died. the number of cases stands at 95. that includes one person in china. more than 2500 people are quarantined and more than 2,000 schools are closed. and hong kong is asking citizens not to travel to south korea. kathy novak is in seoul following this story. since you and i talked 24 hours ago, another person has died from mers and eight more people are confirmed to have the virus. a w.h.o. team has arrived to help south korea deal with the outbreak. how do they plan to do that?
11:25 pm
>> reporter: the team from the world health organization is working to try to retrace the steps of transmission and figure out exactly how it spread and what measures to put in place to stop it spreading further. it is still contained in hospitals. authorities want to keep it that way and make sure it doesn't spread into the public. that is what is causing hong kong to raise this alert you mentioned. authorities in hong kong say there's a significantly increased risk that the virus could spread into the public although there is no evidence that is likely to happen. schools closed as a precaution. and many of the recently confirmed cases can be traced to one emergency room at a hospital here in seoul and one thing the government is doing now is opening more than 200 preliminary testing centers and calling on people who may be experiencing any symptoms to report to those centers first so
11:26 pm
they don't expose any other emergency rooms to the virus. >> and the south korean government was criticized for the perceived lack of transparency in the initial handling of the virus, particularly with the first mers patient. what are authorities doing to win back the trust of citizens there and to contain this outbreak? >> well, one thing that the government did in the past couple of days was release a list of the hospitals that are affected and authorities are now promising to be transparent going forward and that is something that the world health organization and the south korean experts referred to in their opening remarks as they began to work together here today. and another thing that the government is saying that they are appealing to the public to trust them. i don't know if it can be said that the public is willing to trust the government but the health authorities are certainly calling on them to do just that. it's a matter of making sure
11:27 pm
that people have the correct information to protect themselves in the early stages especially. there are quite a number of rumors flowing and now people are being told to listen to the experts' advice and that remains to avoid large crowds and washing their hands. and one governor of a province that was effected by mers put it aptly. he said that south koreans are now battling two battles, one against the virus itself and the other gust fear. >> that is a very good point and good tips for people in seoul and across south korean. thanks to kathy novak bringing us up to date on the mers outbreak. malaysia airlines new ceo is taking action to save the company from a worsening financial state. he says that the airline was in bad shape when flight 370
11:28 pm
disappeared in march and flight 317 was shot down last july in ukraine. he has cut 6,000 jobs. richard quest sat down with him to discuss the challenges ahead as he tries to turn the company around. >> the most important thing is to bring the cost down. the cost disadvantage is approximately 20% to our main competitors. and that has been much rooming over the years. so we have to reset the system, with regard to our effective cost and with regard to our processes. so we will create a completely new company september 1st and start with a clean sheet of paper. >> when you start, will you change the name? will you change the name? >> that is a very interesting question. because since the tragedies of 2014, the loyalty to our brand has increased in our home
11:29 pm
market, malaysia. it's something we have to maintain because it's precious. the loyalty of our customer has increased. but this is unfortunately not the case in foreign markets where our brand and certain flight number combinations remind people of a very tragic event and insofar as we are discussing that we our employees and our customers domestically and abroad. >> mueller led aerlingus through a restructuring. but decades of mismanagement present a unique challenge. this just in to cnn, there is word that europe's largest bank, hsbc is planning to cut as many as 25,000 jobs. and also sell its operations in
11:30 pm
turkey and brazil. the changes are part of a major restructuring plan meant to save the bank as much as $5 billion over the next two years. the job cuts would represent 10% of the bank's work force worldwide. hundreds of migrants are pouring into europe after crossing the mediterranean, startling new numbers in the crisis as thousands of desperate people seek refuge in italy after being rescued at sea. we're back in a moment. you probably know xerox as the company that's all about printing. but did you know we also support hospitals using electronic health records for more than 30 million patients? or that our software helps over 20 million smartphone users remotely configure e-mail every month? or how about processing nearly $5 billion in electronic toll payments a year? in fact, today's xerox is working in surprising ways to help companies simplify the way work gets done and life gets lived.
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here in the united states and all around the world. i'm rosemary church. i want to update you on the top stories this hour. new york officials say two killers who escaped from a maximum security prison must have been helped. they used power tools to cut through steel walls. a law enforcement source says a female employee has been questioned as a possible accomplice. she apparently worked with them inside the facility and knows them well. reeva steenkamp's parents are asking a parole board to keep oscar pistorius in prison. he was sentenced to five years in prison. but after south african law he could be released in august after serving 1/6 of his sentence. former speaker of the u.s. house dennis hastert will be in court today. is it the first time since he
11:35 pm
was indicted two weeks ago. he has hired a top defense attorney to represent him against federal charges that he tried to hide hush money payments. sources familiar with the case say that hastert made the payments to a former male student he had allegedly sexually abused. rescuers saved 6,000 migrants over the weekend as they tried to cross the mediterranean into europe. some of them are now in sicily being processed and receiving medical treatment. nic robertson reports. >> reporter: barely 24 hours earlier, these migrants were plucked from the sea. more than 1100 saved by the british navy from certain death off the coast of libya. >> i have no doubt with heightened winds and heightened sea states that the 1100 plus people we picked up yesterday might not be here today. >> reporter: now safely stepping ashore in italy.
11:36 pm
part of the biggest wave of mediterranean migrants in a single weekend this year, close to 6,000. ten were pregnant women. >> there is one happy story. one woman's water broke as she was being recovered. so i took the decision to fly her ashore. and she gave birth to a little boy. >> reporter: first health screening and immigration processing. many escaping war in syria. others from kenya, either openyeah, libya, mauly, nigeria even pakistan. this ship, one of several from european navies ramping up rescue efforts, italians, germans, spanish, swedish and independent operators struggling to keep pace with the exodus.
11:37 pm
>> ram don is coming up. that might have an impact. with you don't know. the best thing we can do is make sure we are in the right place at the right time with the right number of assets. >> reporter: so far this year, close to 100,000 migrants have made it across the mediterranean. by this time last year, the number was a little more than half that. with libya less stable and capable to stem this human tide, the concern is the numbers are only going to grow. nic robertson, cnn, italy. a new report shows the migration crisis really is worsening. 91,000 migrants crossed the mediterranean sea into europe from january up until june this year. that is according to provisional numbers from the united nations refugee agency. compare that to last year during the same period. the number has jumped by 85%. just extraordinary.
11:38 pm
it is time to turn to the weather. we are seeing severe flooding in china turn deadly. i mean, the pictures, the images are extraordinary coming out of there. people wading through very deep water. >> i would compare this to what we saw in texas and oklahoma in the month of may. it was the wettest they have ever seen. and in this part of china this is the wettest since 1970. you look at the footage and the images and the perspective looking like that. the rivers burst their banks. rescues taking place. we know of 52 fatalities over the past several weeks in this region. a nine-story building collapsing. 16 people dying in this region as the rainfall was so heavy at time. you look at the satellite depiction of this. it's a front that sets up this time of year outside towards
11:39 pm
tokyo. you see the line of active weather. over the united states, this front would stretch from l.a. to new york. it's an expansive area with the cool air coming out of mongolia and the warm, moist air out of the seas of china and not just china but japan, taiwan, southern portions of south korea get in on the action as well. a quarter of a meter to half a meter of rainfall has come down. the single wettest may in southern china, hong kong has seen the rainfall as well. this pattern looks to continue. this is the wettest time of the year and it stretches through tokyo. but want to turned around and bring it to the northwestern united states. eastern washington, 103 to 105 in yakima, the single hottest temperature in the month of june
11:40 pm
ever two weeks previous to the record. the winds are coming off the cascades and warming by compression. temperatures warm 5 degrees fair height for every,000 fe thousan. i talk about taking a bicycle pump. when you pump your bike tires you feel the pump and the tire begin to warm up. you are compressing air into the tire and that's why it warms up and that is what is happening in the western united states as the air is compressed and warming up. >> i love the way you explain things. >> i try. >> many thanks, we will talk with you again a little later. the u.s. women's soccer team is off to a winning start in the world cup. with the american outlaws
11:41 pm
watching, the u.s. defeated australia 3-1 on monday. they rose to the top of group "d" nicknamed the group of death. the u.s. plays sweden next on friday. protests in a u.s. city after a controversial encounter between police and teenagers is caught on tape. >> we are here. we are here. we are here. >> we will hear from one of the teens involved after the short break. do stay with us. beautiful day in baltimore where most people probably know that geico could save them money on car insurance, right? you see the thing is geico, well, could help them save on boat insurance too. hey! okay...i'm ready to come in now. hello? i'm trying my best. seriously, i'm...i'm serious. request to come ashore.
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11:45 pm
african-americans. at the center of the controversy, corporal eric casebolt seen in this video. he was on administrative leave after this video surfaced. you see him there with that young girl. people are shocked by that image. one of the teens was brandon brooks who recorded the video you are looking at right now. he describes what he saw while filming the incident. take a listen. >> he was going crazy, putting people in handcuffs, tackling people, slinging them to the ground. i was one of the only white people in the area when that was happening. and you can see in part of the video where he tells us to sit down and he kind of skips over me and tells all my african-american friends to sit down. when he pulled his gun my heart dropped. i thought he was going to shoot that kid. >> unbelievable.
11:46 pm
cnn correspondent nick valencia traveled to mckinney and spoke to one of the girls involved. >> reporter: so this is where you got hit? >> yes. >> reporter: what happened? this 14-year-old is emotional about what happened to her. seen her on cell phone video. she was won it have teens at a pool party in this dallas suburb. she says the officer struck her in the arm and face. what do you want to see happen to the police officer? >> i really want -- i honestly think he should be -- it shouldn't be a suspension. he should get fired -- >> reporter: a sorry isn't good enough? >> just because you say sorry it can happen again. he hit me in the face when i tried to help the girl and when two guys tried to help he pulled out his firearm. when he pulled that out it was kind of like -- that's the only reason i did not run away. i was not sure.
11:47 pm
i was just, like -- >> reporter: you thought you were about to be shot. he was one of a dozen officers who responded to a fight at the community pool. her father says that there is only one reason why it happened? >> because they were black. >> reporter: her cousin was at the party. >> do you think this has to do with race? >> this has nothing to do with race. >> reporter: what is it then? >> a group of teens getting together and having a good time. >> on the ground. i told you to stay, [ bleep ] on the ground. >> reporter: not everyone in the community is angry at the police officer. some are defending him. >> i think he deserves a medal. >> reporter: this resident witnessed friday's incident and says she is afraid to go on camera after neighbors who supported the officer received death threats.
11:48 pm
>> that police officer along with everyone else, they were completely in the right and protecting everyone. he was not out of line. i completely support him drawing his weapon or a taser or whatever it was he did pull because he was being attacked from behind. >> reporter: nick valencia, cnn, mckinney, texas. a u.s. grand jury has charged a former police officer with murder in south carolina. in april, michael slager shot walter scott as he ran away. moments before, he pulled scott over, reportedly for a traffic stop. the video of the deadly shooting sparked outrage and renewed national debate on race and policing. a lawyer representing walter scott's family says they have waited for this trial and will continue to wait for justice. >> and today was just an example that if you just keep the faith even in the darkest times you will see the light.
11:49 pm
but this is just step one. we're going to patiently wait for the criminal trial in this case. and the family's going to patiently wait to see if the city and the police department and the chief is going to accept responsibility in the civil suit. this entire situation never should have occurred with officer slager. >> and michael slager's attorney says he won't comment on any aspect of the case until he has seen the prosecutor's investigative materials. if convicted he could face life in prison. we're going to take a short break and have more of your global news when we come back. do stay with us. ♪ eenie. meenie. miney. go.
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long ago in a library archive far, far away, a librarian from a university in canada discovered what looks like an original shooting script from "star wars." >> reporter: luke star killer -- >> when christian brown was hired to digitize a collection
11:54 pm
of science fiction zines he had no idea he would find a piece of history. >> it looked like a manuscript. >> reporter: it looks like the real deal. a copy of the 1976 shooting script for "star wars." >> it was a huge find. it was just a kind of piece of the puzzle that i was missing. >> reporter: what is curious about the script is that no one knows how it became a part of the collection. take a close look and you can spot major differences between it and the film that fans are familiar with. >> the character's name is different. the protagonist's name is luke starkiller in stead of luke skywalker. >> this has stamp marks on it. that looks pretty legit. i would love to know its journey
11:55 pm
and how it ended up here. >> reporter: chris duffield, for him the discovery is as big as the death star. >> i'm curious as to the comic as well is what -- i mean, that's right down my alley. so to know, i would say it's probably a first printing of it. >> reporter: for christian brown, looking over the original text is enough to satisfy a major beef with an altered scene in the 1997 rerelease. >> i can tell you 100% han shot first. the library is considering putting the manuscript on display. you have been watching "cnn newsroom." i'm rosemary church. next hour i will be joined by
11:56 pm
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11:59 pm a pair of convicted killers on the loose after a daring
12:00 am
escape. a cnn exclusive. the view from the front lines as iraqi troops face off against isis militants. and we track down a world cup organizer to answer questions about the fifa scandal. >> welcome to viewers around the united states and around the world. >> i'm errol barnett. your last hour of the day with all of us, this is "cnn newsroom." we begin with the latest in the fight against isis and new information now on the terror group's leader. a senior u.s. official says the united states had possible loelgs location for months of abu baa cu abu


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