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tv   New Day  CNN  June 9, 2015 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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bikini to the ground. >> demonstrators are calling him to be fired. he was placed on leave as the video surfaced. this as major developments in two other police-involved >> le's begin with nick in texas. what's the latest, nick? >> reporter: fesh calls from community residents for the officer to resign or be fired. we were there monday when hundreds took to the streets using excessive force and brutality. community reaction is mixed with many residents we spoke to in the subdivision defending the officer's actions. they are saying it was about race. >> i was one of the only white people in the area when that was happening. you can see in part of the video
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where he tells us to sit down. he kind of skips over me and tells all my african-american friends to go sit down. >> reporter: the 14-year-old is another girl in the video. she says when he unholstered his weapon it's a memory, she won't soon forgotet. >> he hit me in the face when i tried helping the girl. he pulled his firearm out. i did not run away. i was frozen. >> reporter: we heard last night from the police union in mckinney who released a statement saying the incident was not motivated by race. they said no one in the mckinney police department practices racially biased policing. chris? >> thank you. we'll stay on that. we want to take you to cleveland, a related case where
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community leaders are taking a case in their own hands following the shooting of a 14-year-old. they are trying to seek murder charges against the officers involved in the death. martin savidge joins us live with the latest. >> this is an interesting development in the case. the tamir rice case the 12-year-old shot by police officers after they arrived on scene. it was captured on surveillance video. the youth was playing with a gun that looked real. that happened last november. the family members of rice and the community is frustrated with how long it's taking for the investigation and the charges brought against the police officer. they are going to use a rare law in the state books in ohio that will allow anyone that knows the facts of this case to go to a judge, in this case a municipal
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judge and ask for charges to be brought. the charges, they are asking for murder and for attempted murder. they are going after the officer who fired the shot and also his partner in this particular incident. what makes this interesting is the fact, as you point out, there's a distrust of the grand jury process here. they see this as a way to circumvent it. you have the right to have the evidence heard in your case by a grand jury. it's likely going to go to the grand jury anyway despite this. let me give you the statement put out by the prosecutor. once the investigation is complete in the death of tamir rice all evidence will be presented to the grand jury. they ultimately make the charging decision in all deadly force cases that involve law
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enforcement officers. a news conference out of cleveland later this morning. we will have it later today. chris? >> i'll take it from here. thank you for bringing that to us. in south carolina a former police officer indicted for the murder of walter scott, the unarmed black man shot and killed after a traffic stop. the police officer seen firing eight times at walter scott as he ran away from his vehicle. he was fired almost immediately after the video surfaced. he faces life in prison if convicted. >> let's talk about the developments this morning in all three of these high profile cases of possible police excessive force. harry is a retired nypd detective and mark. great to have you here. we have developments on all three fronts. le's start in mckinney, texas. that's where the officer pulled his gun on the teenagers in
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bathing suits. we know his name and a bit of his professional history including a troubling incident in 2007 for which he was sued. here are the details. excessive force, racial profiling, failure to render aid, sexual assault all this in a traffic stop where he unnecessarily did a public body cavity search of the driver. the lawsuit was later dismissed. do you think all the things that came out are relative? >> it's all part of the conversation. cases go against officers. some are true. we don't want to assume every thing that comes out is true. what we saw on the video tape is true. we saw that with our own eyes. when a case is dismissed, that could be for several reasons, not necessarily because it didn't have merit. based on this video, i have no reason to believe it didn't. >> is it okay to dredge up
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incidents like this? >> like mark said we don't know if there was a stipulation in the law or the officer is found completely not guilty. so you know something like that we can't go back and look on. comparing this officer to actions -- >> the details that came out before it was dismissed, the lawsuit and there was more than one witness. he approached the driver in a car. the officer said he had seen marijuana seeds. the driver said there was no such thing, he was making it up to come harass him. then he did a public body cavity search. he pulled his pants down in public. more than one witness says that. >> those facts are disputed. the fact he pulled his pants down isn't in dispute, what is in dispute is whether it was unnecessary. >> it's odd, pulling the guy's
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pants down. >> it's highly unusual. >> i don't think you do that at all. i patted down a million people and never pulled somebody's pants down in the street. if there are two witnesses, i have to go with that. >> back to the teenagers and pulling the gun. there is a moment you think, it might have been justifiable for him to pull the gun. >> right. >> i believe we have a clip of the moment you think on the tape is where he threatened. walk us through it harry, now that you examined it. >> see the gentleman in the blue jacket or t-shirt? >> yep. >> you have to slow it down to see it. >> i wonder if we have it. there we go. >> he comes toward the police officer. the officer pulls back. i don't think at the time he had to draw it but put the weapon in his hand this way. this might be his defense in pulling the weapon. >> i'm waiting. >> i'm just saying this might
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be his defense. >> what was the defense. >> watch him coming over. see the kid in the blue. he comes closer toward the officer. the officer sees him coming this way. now, at the time i would have put my hand on my weapon and not pulled it okay? he's getting too close to the officer. people on this side people on this side. the kid is coming around like he was going to come around -- i don't know what the officer had going through his head at the time. maybe he thought the kid was going to get his gun. >> it's somewhat of a reach. the officer is looking this way. the kid comes over. maybe he has extraordinary vision. none of the other officers had the response he had. >> did you see the boy reach his hand around to his own back? he's sliding. the officer doesn't know what he's going for. the kid had his hand behind his waist for a second.
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>> that might be the defense. the officers can use that defense in defense of pulling the weapon. i can see that officer may be perceiving the threat at this moment. >> if he thinks a 16-year-old girl in a bathing suit is a threat he thinks he is a threat. he thinks everybody is a threat. >> is there another kind of dead when a 14-year-old kills you or a 25-year-old? is there two different kind of dead there? what i'm debating is the perception of that officer. >> you think he thought that 14-year-old girl was a threat? >> i'm not talking the 14-year-old girl. >> that's what i'm taunging about. you are missing my point. >> you are saying it should not have escalated. >> he may have had a fear that boy was a threat. what i'm saying is the fact he justified his behavior with the girl saying she was a threat makes me not trust his assessment of what a threat is
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at all. i don't trust the officer's judgment. i don't believe him. i don't want to believe it. a 14-year-old girl on the ground. i don't believe he has legitimate good judgment. >> that's fine. the 14-year-old girl i'm in agreement with you. he should not have treated her that way. i'm talking this officer's defense is the perception of when the gentleman came around. >> let's move on. there are other cases we need to talk about. tamir wright he was shot by police. community leaders there want to go directly to a judge, bypass the prosecutor and go to the judge because it's been six months and they have not seen justice. is it possible? >> it's possible. >> can they do that? >> legally, they can. that's not in dispute. the question is will it work
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and two, is it wise? first of all, i don't think it will work. >> why? >> it's an obscure law they are using to do this. the question is why are they doing it? these are smart people. they are doing it to keep the national spotlight on the issue. ask the question why haven't there been charges filed. >> harry, why haven't there been charges filed? >> the investigation is still ongoing. sometimes it takes a long time in an investigation like this. they are criminal investigations going on. they are going to have to take it to a grand jury either way. we have to wait to find out. the obscure law they are going to try to utilize to get him indicted their own way, it's not going to happen. >> it's not their own way. it's legal. >> it's not going to happen. >> on the flip side the north charleston south carolina case where immediately they took action after this ips dent where
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he shot walter scott. he was arrested and now indicted. he faszs 30 years to life in prison. mark your thoughts on this indictment? >> this was a no brainer. this has never been in dispute from just about anyone i know. you have a kid, a guy on the ground -- >> you don't dispute it. the officer says that michael scott, the victim there, they were wrestling over his taser. >> before he was running. he had his back to him. we see what looks like the officer tampering with the evidence after he shoots the guy. is this a clear cut murder case here? he's going to do 30 years. i'm interested to find out what kind of defense his attorneys can put forward in court. >> this is an important case for the national conversation. before this video tape came out, the same police department saying there's no problem here. the fact this pops up just
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because cops say it doesn't mean it's true. >> all cases different with different outcomes. thank you for walking through this. chris? new information on the story captivating the nation. massive manhunt for two convicted killers. an escape from a maximum security prison. the search is stretching from canada 20 miles north of where the prison is to mexico. the latest authorities questioning a female prison worker who knew the cold-blooded killers, quote, very well. we have polo sandoval outside the prison. what do we know now? >> reporter: the search really only intensified here in the town outside of the correction alpha till si. today, much of the focus will be on this woman who is believed to have helped the individuals escape. two questions remain. what was it like for the two individuals and how were they able to do this?
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we met a man on the streets giving perspective. take a listen. the intense manhunt is spreading. the fugitives could be anywhere from new york's north country up to canada or south to mexico where matt is said to have connections. >> we need the public to call in. >> reporter: a law enforcement source says an employee is being called in as a possible accomplice. she hasn't been charged. many think the dangerous duo could not have done it alone. >> they redid that wall twice since i have been working here. >> reporter: he worked behind the walls three and a half decades. he retired as maintenance supervisor. daily duties the hidden maze of walkways. >> there's so many tunnels, all the attics all the cat walks.
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it's a big maze. >> reporter: they used the maze. >> they used the maze. they knew exactly where to go. >> reporter: the escape plan took time and know-how to execute. >> inmates should not have that knowledge. >> reporter: cutting the wrong steam pipe at the wrong time could have been deadly. >> you have high pressure steam and low pressure. i believe they cut into a low pressure line because they couldn't cut into the other. >> reporter: they wait anxiously for the search to be over and the pair of criminals to be behind bars. despite that intense manhunt, really it's life back to normal for the individuals here in the small town. we have noticed people heading out to work. folks very much aware and very much alert trying to of course find any sign of the two individuals. the reality for law enforcement,
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this morning, they don't know exactly where the two guys could be. >> until they are found, people won't be breathing easier. thanks for that. the president is back from the g7 summit in germany and taking heat for publicly admitting the u.s. does not have a strategy to train iraqi forces. he's scrambling to clarify, insisting the pentagon is working on a plan to defeat the terrorists. we are live at the white house. >> reporter: the comments have thrown a lot more fuel on the fire for critics already questioning and concerned over the administration strategy especially after isis made serious gains in cities like ramadi questioning why the administration's strategy is still incomplete after nine months of fighting. here is john mccain blasting the administration on the senate floor. >> we say it again. we don't have a complete strategy about how to combat
3:17 am
isis. i'd like to see the incomplete strategy. i'd like to see something. >> reporter: the administration is on the defense trying to explain what the president meant. they say he was specifically talking about his request for the pentagon to come up with a new plan a new strategy to try to accelerate a training and equipping of iraqi security forces not working on the overall strategy they say, against isis. the pentagon's plan is not yet finalized. the president wants more commitments from the iraqi government to recruit more trainers and especially to bring more sunni fighters into the mix. >> sounds like we'll need more explanation today from the white house about what that all meant. thank you for that background. when an army delta force killed a top al qaeda operative, it raised an alarming question. could the wives of isis leaders
3:18 am
be playing a bigger role than previously thought. cnns pentagon correspondent. barbara. >> they captured his wife and they said she is offering up a lot of information. so it is raising a very key question are the isis wives, women who join isis or are threatened into cooperating into isis are they taking a bigger role than the u.s. thought? they don't gain so much attention being women, they can move around easier. there's another fascinating tidbit that's come to light. cnn learned the u.s. has had intelligence in recent months about possible locations for the leader of isis. it's never been good enough intelligence for them to launch an air strike or launch a special operations raid into syria, but it is something they
3:19 am
are watching very carefully. most of the intelligence hasn't been complete or timely enough. we now know they are getting tidbits. they believe he is alive, well and very much still in charge of isis. back to you guys. >> significant. thank you for that. there's a significant move for the jeb bush campaign. he's tapping republican strategist danny diaz as his campaign manager. he arrived in europe for a six-day trip. an official announcement is expected in miami on monday. >> all right. we will have more on the manhunt for the two escaped killers who broke out of the prison using power tools. we'll take a closer look next. a cnn exclusive for you. how is isis holding off an army? you are going to get the answer for yourself. rare access to iraqi forces as they prepare to battle isis. you'll go to the front lines
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here is the situation. you have a cop killer and a man who chopped up his boss on the loose after breaking out of a maximum security prison in new york. let's bring in right now, a man who understands how to catch bad guys like this. former commander of the u.s.
3:24 am
marshall service, fugitive task for, mr. lenny paul. what we now know to be a fact they couldn't have done this by themselves. they had a suitcase a guitar case full of power tools. that alone, tells you, who helped them. >> there was help from the inside. they are questioning folks. that's the "question of the day." if in fact this female did help them did she make phone calls, meet people on the outside? did she bring in money for them, cell phones? >> who gets the tools? who shows us how to use the tools? then the bigger question as we see over lenny's shoulder look this labyrinth of steam pipes and infrastructure under this old prison. you have to know where you are going. some tabloids going they followed the biggest pipe. i hear it's not that simple. they knew where to go and how to
3:25 am
use junction boxes to power their tools. they had enough confidence about themselves to leave a stupid note on their way out. what does that tell you? >> crazy. i don't think they woke up friday morning and said let's chop through two feet of brick wall and travel a mile to a manhole cover. it was well planned out. they have been friends since 2008. i believe matt was extradited back from mexico back then. sweat has been in since 2003. both brutal murders. charges in the homicides they are doing. matt dismembered a body and killed the sheriff and ran him over with a car. they are dangerous, dangerous guys. yeah it's hard to believe they didn't get some help. >> four days on the outside. what is time in your business? how does it work and as it grows, how does it change?
3:26 am
>> timing is everything. u.s. marshalls are assisting the new york state troopers. they hit the ground running. they are leaving no stones unturned. they are interviewing everybody, inside and out. timing is everything. information sharing is critical at this point. again, within the task force, within the department of corrections, all this intel is being gathered and utilized. what called these guys? who came to visit them. >> if they are doing their job right, you know who they speak to and correspond with. the first 24 hours is one set of questions you start searching. now, two, days three days four days a week. how does it start and expand? >> the manhunt is intense. from day one, the perimeter is set up. aviation support, canine.
3:27 am
they hit the ground running. again, they are not sure exactly when they got out, either. they may have been on the run a couple hours. >> nobody sighting them somebody has to be helping them or they did something immediately to keep themselves concealed. i keep saying them. more likely they are together or separate? >> that's a good question. again, they have been pretty close since they met back in '08. they did everything together they ate together in the yard together. if they stay together for us that's great, it's one manhunt. if they split up you get a lot of leads coming in. two different directions. they are not going to give up each other. it certainly brings or poses other questions for law enforcement. >> 100 grand incentive. that works two ways. you get a ton of information, not necessarily all of it usable. if they spent this much time
3:28 am
figuring out how to get out they must have spent time figuring out how to stay out. >> there's a plan b and c they have developed. getting out is one thing. some escapees make it out, they get out, now what do they do? they did their homework. >> the really bad guy chopped up his boss. he's broken out of a jail before. granted, way different level of security. he's got a little know how. given what they have done in the past how does it function with what they are capable of to stay to fight for freedom? >> that comes into play. we are looking at everything. as we say what interviews need to be done prior relations, friends, family ex-girlfriends whatever. whatever it takes, the interviews being done. they are working through the night and they are going around the clock.
3:29 am
they won't stop until they are in custody. that's the good thing. >> we are hearing the presumption is they will do what they need to to stay out. >> let law enforcement do their job. if you spot these guys they are dangerous. i don't know if they have their hands on weaponry or not, but they don't want to go back to jail. >> thank you very much. a government report says dozens of airport workers received security clearance even though they were on terrorist watch lists. we are going to look at what went wrong here.
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calls increasing for a texas police officer to be fired after he was caught on video slamming a 14-year-old girl the one in the bikini to the ground. it happened in mckinney, following a disturbance at a
3:34 am
pool party. the officer also pulled his gun during the incident. he's been placed on administrative leave. >> citizens plan to use an ohio law to sidestep prosecutors and go straight to the judge. the dragnet for the two convicted killers who escaped from a pris in new york stretching from canada to mexico. they are deciding whether they had help from inside or outside the prison. investigators questioning a female prison employee as a possible accomplice. >> after that we need a dose. this tiny dancer is full of sass. ♪
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>> come on, now. you can hear dad say that's my baby. this is joanna from oklahoma stealing the show at the dance resite l, channelling her inner aretha. >> she's got good feet. the magic is up top. >> oh right in the middle. >> the shimmy shake and the finger. come on now. >> the end is the best part i think. wait for it. come on now. the video was posted on sunday. clearly it's gone viral. 20 million views already. . >> there it is. >> that's what i'm saying. that's the part i love. i do like the finger. that helps. >> you got one of those at home don't you? >> i was helping you on that. i have a high bar.
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i got crazy kids dancing all over my house all the time. you have to do something to impress us. >> you both have a couple actors at your house. >> good interpretation at that dance. high marks. speaking of ruining things the weather is not going to be good. how do we know? severe thunderstorms and the man on the side of your screen tells us. meteorologist chad myers, what do you see? >> if you see me on the tv bad things are going to happen. i know i understand that. yesterday, we told you about the severe weather. it was 140 reports of wind damage yesterday. 143. hail 54. about the size of quarters all over the eastern half of the country. a lot of trees down this morning. if it's still dark in your area watch for limbs and trees on the ground. rainshowers in parts of the southwest from blanca the storm that moved across baja california. a few scattered storms today,
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mainly up state new york and the great lakes. other than that we look good. we are warming up. here comes summer. summer showers across the south. things warm up rapidly here 91 in raleigh wednesday and for you in new york city 90 degrees. that's hot in the city of all that asphalt and concrete. >> we'll take it over rain. thanks so much. iraqi forces are planning a major military offensive to retake ramadi from isis. cnn has rare access to their staging. we will bring you that exclusive inside look next. then an alert. the '70s, when greatness grew up. brown and patterns were everywhere. we are getting a sneak peek at the '70s. take a look. ♪ >> the '70s, awakened us and
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it's time now for a cnn exclusive. there's a lot of talk about the fight against isis but little chance to see what is happening until now. nick payton walsh made it to the front lines. here is the report. >> reporter: central to barack obama's meeting with the prime minister. we got as close as we could to the isis held city with the iraqi military. they took us to their stronghold military base. even though that is where the forces are supposed to be amassing they are still under great pressure from isis. along edgy road leads to the base the closest the military has taken western television to ramadi since it fell to isis. huge sprawling. it's meant to be where soldiers and militias, sunni and shia are
3:44 am
looking to retake ramadi from isis. they are mostly deployed outside. here it is the iraqi army along the northern edge of their base in a vicious front line with isis along the river. isis blocked a dam upstream to lower the tides and help them attack. minute by minute here. the situation can change and that river bed, very much the front line. they have been using water from the lake to keep the levels high. still, as you can hear, isis is very close. they see and watch isis daily, but say they are overlooked by coalition air strikes. they are supposed to give us some support now from warplanes.
3:45 am
we are in control of the ground. what we need is air support. here caught between the isis towns of ramadi and fallujah they face 1,000 isis, they think. here he sees only a few with long beards and a flag here. soon isis fire back. this is what happens when you poke that snake. [ gunfire ] e they speak of readiness and glory to come yet seem busied by an enemy, far too
3:46 am
close. an important thing we learned from that visit is exactly what the group of fighters who are supposed to be leading are. as military there are shia fighters too. we are also told there are some sunni fighters. anbar is a city. on paper, they are 2,000, but really only 500. they want a sunni force to take on isis there. doesn't look like they are going to get it. >> what an incredible look nick gave us. thank you for that. a bombshell report slamming the tsa. dozens of workers hired despite terrorist ties. does it need to be overhauled? we are going to discuss that next. printing. but did you know we also support hospitals using electronic health records for more than 30 million patients? or that our software helps over 20 million smartphone users remotely configure e-mail every month? or how about processing nearly $5 billion in electronic toll payments a year? in fact, today's
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well the tsa is taking it on the chin again. a new report revealing the agency failed to identify dozens of airport employees who somehow were able to get hired even though they have links to terrorism. joining us to weigh in on this report and other issues plaguing the tsa, former inspector
3:51 am
general, mary. it's a rarity to have you with us in person. what a delight. >> thank you. >> given what you have done you were up volinvolved in litigating 911 attacks. >> i was involved in litigation to investigate and sort out what happened. we would have thought we learned these lessons. we are repeating the same things again. this report shows tsa has to trust the airport to do the background checks, which is ridiculous ridiculous. they don't have the incentive to do it. that's why we have the failings. the tsa isn't doing the background checks the airports and airlines are. >> the fact is tsa doesn't have access to the terror watch list. that does not make any sense at all to me. >> it makes no sense and they don't have the right to collect social security numbers. they don't have that clearance
3:52 am
under the privacy act. once someone is cleared, until now, this is in the inspector general's report they didn't have the right to do a follow up check. if somebody got a job and then joined isis tsa couldn't go back and do checks. they are relying on self-reporting. we know how that works. >> was this one of those budget cut restraint situations? >> oh mikaela, how right you are. to do a full background check, $2,000 to $3,000 per employee. it's expensive. if you are going to find out about backgrounds, it's expensive to do that. the airlines were able to do it because it was much much cheaper. they resisted doing full background checks for workers. >> the details left. 1500 records contain first initials instead of the person's names.
3:53 am
75,000 no passport number. 87,000 no social security number. i don't understand how this would happen and be acceptable. >> it happens because the tsa was forced to trust the airlines and the aptirport. that's the situation we were in in 2011. 4,800 people were hired and they couldn't prove they were legally here at all. >> 95% of so-called red teams when an undercover agent tries to smuggle in weapons or explosives explosives they fail that by 95%. now that i have done my complaining, how do we fix it? is it time for a tsa overhaul do you think? >> a real scrub down. it's time to give tsa more power. one, they have to have the power to have the full backgrounds and social security information. >> that makes sense.
3:54 am
>> they have to have the power to site if necessary, close an airport or airline if they don't comply with security. it is important. the system is blinking red again. there's so many threats. the fbi asked for local police to help them catching terrorists. if they don't comply they have to shut them down. they do that once people fall in line. >> we looked at what happened with the secret service. we know the head of that was forced to resign. we see the acting chief of the tsa has been ousted. when the head goes you know things will change. is this a culture that also needs to change? >> it is a culture that needs to change and they need to support people who get tough on the lapses. they put us all at risk. americans go through tremendous things at check points that airport workers don't. >> i was going to say that. we are down to the bare minimum, yet, they -- that doesn't register to most of us.
3:55 am
>> when the tsa gets tough with an airport or airline, 400 airports get to do it themselves. if they have to close an airport, congress has to back them. we can't have members of congress and senators pressuring tsa to let it go. >> the airlines really are also responsible here. >> they are. remember, we have at almost all airports gates to work with. they don't have to go through security. that has to close, too. every person every time through security. >> do you think they are going to pay attention now? >> i hope so. there's every indication it is serious. >> i'm glad you walked us through all this. a delight to have you in person. isn't that great? >> thank you. >> tweet us #newdaycnn or post it on chris? >> a lot of news. let's get to it.
3:56 am
>> going crazy putting people in handcuffs, attacking people slinging them to the ground. >> i support him drawing his weapon. >> guys like this they have nothing to lose. >> officials questioning a female prison employee. >> i think they planned it for a long time. they know what they are doing. >> we are constantly evaluating how we are going to increase and ramp up the training and equipping of iraqi security forces. >> we don't have a complete strategy. >> i'd like to see the incomplete strategy. i'd like to see something. announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo. >> welcome back to your "new day." breaking overnight, hundreds of protesters taking to the streets, demanding a texas police officer be fired after he
3:57 am
was caught pulling a gun on a group of teenagers, slamming one girl to the ground following a pool party fight. >> the officer was placed on administrative leave. let's get started with nick valencia live in mckinney, texas. nick? >> reporter: good morning, chris. fresh calls from community residents outraged. they want the mckinney police officer from the pool scene to resign or be fired. we were there when hundreds took to the streets to protest police bu tallty. still, the majority of residents said they supported the officer's actions and that he was justified when he unholstered his weapon. i spoke to one teen who said it was not about race. others though including a young man that says it wouldn't
3:58 am
have happened if the teens were not black. >> i was one of the only white people in the area when it was happening. and you can see in part of the video where he tells us to sit down. he kind of skips over me and tells all my african-american friends to go sit down. >> reporter: today, one of the african-american teens at the party believes she was targeted. when he unholstered his weapon is a moment she will never forget. >> just because you say sorry, it can happen again. he hit me in the face when i tried helping the girl. when two guys tried helping the girl he pulled his firearm out. i was frozen. >> reporter: there are two competing narratives with some saying the teens got out of control. it's because of that that police were called. others believe race played a factor. others say the officer lost
3:59 am
control of the situation. the mckinney police union releasing a statement saying the officer's actions were not motivated by race. alisyn? >> so interesting to hear from the kids involved in that. now to developments out of cleveland. community activists are taking the tamir rice case in their own hands. they are planning to take a obscure law in ohio to bypass prosecutors and go straight to a judge. former south carolina police officer michael slager has been indicted for shooting an unarmed black man in the back. he's seen on video firing eight times at walter scott as scott was running away from him. the officer was fired almost immediately after that. this morning, the manhunt for two killers who escaped from a new york prison gets scarier.
4:00 am
the search extends from canada to mexico. it's clear they had help and authorities have a major lead in the department. let's get to polo sandoval in new york with the latest. they are talking to a civilian employee who they say knew the two men, quote, very well right? >> reporter: yeah chris. in fact much of the investigation today is expected to be on this woman. she has not been arrested. still, they are trying to find out what kind of story she can share with investigators. police believe she may have helped in this daring escape. while that continues, we are trying to get a better picture of what this escape was like. we encountered a man with unique insight. the intense manhunt is spreading. the fugitives could be anywhere from new york's north country up to canada or south into mexico


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