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tv   New Day  CNN  June 9, 2015 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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ork prison gets scarier. the search extends from canada to mexico. it's clear they had help and authorities have a major lead in the department. let's get to polo sandoval in new york with the latest. they are talking to a civilian employee who they say knew the two men, quote, very well right? >> reporter: yeah chris. in fact much of the investigation today is expected to be on this woman. she has not been arrested. still, they are trying to find out what kind of story she can share with investigators. police believe she may have helped in this daring escape. while that continues, we are trying to get a better picture of what this escape was like. we encountered a man with unique insight. the intense manhunt is spreading. the fugitives could be anywhere from new york's north country up to canada or south into mexico where a 49-year-old fugitive
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richard matt is believed to have connections. >> anything is possible. we need the public to call in. >> reporter: an employee is being questioned as a possible accomplice. she knew richard and sweat. she hasn't been charged. a man who claims to have seen them in his backyard talks to abc news. >> they were looking around. they ran out of my yard. >> many think the dangerous duo could not have done it alone. >> they redid that wall twice since i have been working here. >> reporter: he worked on the walls for three and a half decades. he retired from his job as maintenance supervisor. his duties were working in the hidden maze that led to their freedom. >> there's so many tunnels, all the attics all the cat walks. it's a big maze.
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>> they used the maze? >> they used the maze. they knew exactly where to go. >> reporter: they expect the escape plan took time. >> inmates should never get that knowledge. >> reporter: cutting at the wrong steam pipe at the wrong time could have been deadly. >> high pressure steam, low pressure. i believe they cut into a low pressure line. they couldn't cut into a live. >> reporter: like his neighbors, he waits anxiously for the search to be over and a pair of cunning criminals to be behind bars. back out live in up state new york where you may imagine police have their work cut out for them. they are telling us they have at least 300 leads now. many coming from the surrounding area. others from parts of canada and parts of mexico. investigators are promising they will follow up on every bit of information they can get their hands on. >> that's going to be a
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herculean task. joininging us former fbi assistant director tom. good morning, tom. >> good morning. >> you think they had an inside job, they had help from the inside. as you heard our correspondent talk about, there is a woman who worked in the prison. they were apparently prison taylors. they had access to them and knew them well. how will they figure out if she is involved? >> they will interview her. if they are treating her as a suspect and given her her rights she doesn't have to talk. she can accept employment somewhere else i guess. when you hear the complexity of getting out of the prison the cat walks and six stories high and not cutting the wrong pipe and all that. you wonder what this woman, even if she helped them what she would now and how she got tools to them. to me there had to be a lot of
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help more than one or two people at the prison that provided help to them. maybe somebody on the maintenance department provided help and came in and led them out and told them how to get out of that place through the maze z. it's amazing in the dark they would be able to do this by themselves hit or miss. to me most people in that infrastructure would be still in the maze days later, trying to figure out where to go next and how to get out. >> sure that leads you to believe they had help from the outside. once they popped out, they would have needed somebody to bring them a car, money, change of clothes, to pick them up. if they did have help from the outside, how can prisoners, while on the inside in a maximum security prison orchestrate an escape like that? >> they would have to be looking at who came to visit them. who did they talk to by telephone? what kind of mail?
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did they adequately search all communications that came to them? normally in a prison setting, there's no right to privacy. if somebody comes to visit, they can record the conversation on the telephone. read the mail. whether they did, whether they had the manpower and resources in the prison to do all of that we don't know. or with this woman, if she's cooperative with them or some other employee when they were having the session, making clothes or doing other activities under supervision, they could communicate through that person. that person could be the con due it to arrange for everything they need when they got out of the manhole cover. >> abc news reporting a scary moment for two residents in this up state new york town. they saw the two guys they believe. they stumbled upon in basically, their backyard
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richard matt and david sweat. saw them roaming around with a guitar case. they said what are you doing? they said sorry, we are lost we don't know our way around and took off running. those guys the residents believe they are lucky to be alive. do you believe they are still together? >> i don't know. it's a good possibility either way. they have known each other many years now, since 2008. they are reported to have been inseparable in prison ate together activities together cells add downing one another. in terms of making it harder to get caught if they separated, had a separate way of getting out of there and each one didn't know where the other was going, for their benefit, it would be better in the long run. we don't know that. we don't know if you know they decided to team up and would be better staying together or not. the other main leads in this are
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going to be do they have girlfriends, wives, brothers sisters, immediate friends and family outside that prison. who came on a regular basis to visit them then go to those residents and see, are they missing? is their car missing? have they left town? it might indicate they picked them up and drove out together. >> you have been involved in scores of fugitive cases like this. these guys in general, they are going to get caught. we see their picture. we know what they look like. you know how to find their relatives. how long do you think it will take for them to be captured? >> it's another good question. it varies because of the nature of the escape. when you are talking about a fugitive. if you have somebody that spent years preparing for being on the run, prepositioned money in other places false identities you could have a whitey bulger being on the loose 19 years.
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in the case where somebody has an unlocked door outside the prison yard then scratching their head what do i do now, where do i go no money, no food no clothing. that's an easier catch. in that case you have the dogs the aircraft the searchers that might stand a better chance to get them. in the case of the pennsylvania killer of the state trooper, where he determined he was going to stay in the woods near that location and kill more people. so in that case they had an idea and he left clues he had not left the area. for these two, as you reported they had such a head start, so much help they could be in canada or mexico by now. they could be anywhere in the united states. this is going to be a much more difficult catch. >> we'll see what today brings. tom, thank you. >> you're welcome. former house speaker is expected to appear in an illinois court today. he's accused of breaking banking laws to hide past misconduct.
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misconduct that includes allegation of child sex abuse. we are outside the federal court with the latest for us in chicago. >> reporter: behind the courthouse this afternoon when the former speaker arrives here. he's facing charges of bank fraud and money he paid to one of the abuse victims. now, the sexual misconduct scandal swirling around him has grown. two people are accusing him of sexual abuse as a high school wrestling coach in illinois. so far, he hasn't spoken. he's hired a powerful attorney to represent him. around 2:00 this afternoon, the charges should be heard in court chicago time. we know of course there was one victim's sister who came forward to say her brother was abused in high school. >> thank you. we are learning isis has a
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new tacktictactic. they are selling items. let's bring in ben. what do we know, ben? >> reporter: going back quite some time isis as it gained territory here in iraq and syria has not only been taking over archaeological site that is total 4,500 between syria and iraq. now, we have all seen the videos that isis posted of them destroying things like the winged bull dating back to almost 1,000 b.c. what they have been doing away from the cameras, chris, is systematically looting and selling antiques smaller ones that are easily smuggled and selling them on the black market. at this point, there is a department within the so-called
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government of isis that issues licenses to individuals, basically giving them free reign to excavate whatever artifacts they can find and they eventually make it to the black market. a few weeks ago in italy, i spoke to an official involved in monitoring the trade in smuggled antiques. he said much of this or a lot of these end up in the united states, which, of course is he said the biggest market for stolen antiques. >> thanks so much for that. meanwhile, an urgent health alert from the center for disease control. they are tracing the path of a woman with a rare and deadly form of tuberculosis. she's at the national institute of health. they are trying to track down people with prolonged contact with her. she spent time in illinois
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missouri and tennessee since arrivingeing from india in april. >> sounds familiar. >> i think, hopefully, the lesson learned is let the cdc do what they do and investigate it. you have one case, it doesn't mean a million cases. two cases is not 20 million cases. take it one step at a time. the fear outflies the risk. let's take a break, then come back and talk about what problem said. he said the u.s. doesn't have a complete strategy to defeat isis. is that a nod to the complicated challenge or a nod that everything is terrible? we are going to cut through the politics and give you the reality, next. new york state is reinventing how we do business by leading the way on tax cuts. we cut the rates on personal income taxes. we enacted the lowest corporate tax rate since 1968. we eliminated the income tax on manufacturers altogether. with startup-ny, qualified businesses that start, expand or relocate to new york state pay no taxes for 10 years.
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we don't yet have a complete strategy because it requires commitments on the part of the iraqis as well about how recruitment takes place, how
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that training takes place. the details of that are not yet worked out. >> taken in context makes sense doesn't it? nope. not to president obama's critics. they say it is a sign of weakness. we have no plan. is it a sign of a new plan? we are going to discuss it with people who understand the situation stripped away from the political hype. retired colonel james reese, former delta force commander. and co-author of "going to tehran." let's give a nod, my good friends, to the political blowback we are talking about. politics will drive the progress here. this is what the speaker offered up himself as pushback. >> what i hope to hear from the president today is a strategy. it's time for him to come up with a real overarching
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strategy. we must have a strategy. what we need is a strategy. >> now, here is the funny part. the music, it looks like a parody. the speaker just released that video. it's his take on what he wants you to know. let's discuss. we have eyes on the ground with you. jim, you have been down there, you know what's going on on the ground right now. you have what's going through the heads of the policymakers. let's start with the ground. when the president says we don't have a complete strategy we need commitment from the iraqis as well. is that a fair statement? >> chris, it is. i think the real key factor the president said there is the strategy's got to be holistic. does our military does the pentagon have a strategy? yes, they do. what i see we are missing, where is the diplomatic advise and assist strategy?
4:19 am
where are we helping the iraqis get their government up. remember we left them in 2011. we worked to get them up spent billions of dollars to advice and assist and then we left. the model is look what we have done in afghanistan, politically, militarily economically. we have a model that works. we have to get back into that in iraq. that's what the president has to look at the other elements than just the military. >> you can dismiss what the speaker is doing. doesn't it have a corrosive effect in building out the parts of the strategy? >> the constant criticism could have a corrosive effect or become a wake-up moment for the president that he does need to have a strategy not only to tell the american people and talk to the world about, but to get something done on the ground in iraq and with the neighbors. the key focus is the need for a diplomatic strategy. it's not within iraq. the iraqis are not to blame.
4:20 am
they are not like the defense secretary said have the will to fight and ran away. we invaded in 2003 a blender of historic proportions. the iraqis are not going to able to put humpty dumpty back together again. we need governments like iran and syria and have a discussion with allies like the saudis and the turks that facilitate the entry of foreign jihadi fighters in iraq and syria. >> doesn't that assume the reality of a state of play in american politics? where is the will to do that when it takes to long may or may not work? >> it is tough to do. we have certainly seen failure both on president obama's watch and president bush's watch. we have seen others do it.
4:21 am
nixon getting us out of vietnam, reordered the balance of power in asia. world war ii we worked with stalling in world war ii. we can work with groups and figures we don't like to achieve our objectives. somehow, we think we are too good for that. >> we are not making friends with the right people and not doing enough to get them involved in the fight. that's hillary's point. on the ground, colonel, what seems to be working and not working. >> sunni, shia christian, they have one enemy and they want to fight and protect their country. that is working. we have to push that way forward and continue on. what is not working is the effects of the higher leadership. a leadership aspects. logistics to go in to support the young people the new
4:22 am
soldiers on the ground. keep this in mind we are training iraqi soldiers in 13 weeks, sending them out against a formidable force. we do the same here. young men and women join the military 13 weeks of basic training. they are not ready after 13 weeks. it takes longer. plus the leadership training. this is a systemic and long term piece we have to help on the ground. right now, the iraqi people want to defeat them. >> the colonel is saying the ground is the easy part. what you do after that to help them run the place better than the last time is going to be a bigger challenge and take more than the u.s. thanks for the perspective, appreciate it. a major shake up in the jeb bush camp. does that signal trouble for the campaign before it officially starts? john king has that ideas politics. you probably know xerox as the company that's all about printing. but did you know we also support hospitals
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calls growing for a texas police officer to be fired after he was caught on this tape slamming a 14-year-old girl in a bikini to the ground and pulling his gun an unarmed teenagers.
4:27 am
it happened in the town of mckinney at a pool party. the officer is now on administrative leave. citizens in cleveland taking the tamir rice case in their own hands. they plan on using an obscure ohio law and go straight to the judge to seek murder charges in the officers involved in the 12-year-old's death. the u.s. is back online after a prosyrian group hacked it. it's not the 4 million one they blame the chinese for, this is a different one where the army took down their site ar prosyrian propaganda on monday. the electronic army loyal to bashar al assad is claiming responsibility. last night, cnn anchors inclouding me battled it out over '70s trivia. check out the gracious winners
4:28 am
who won charity for their choice. >> that is correct. >> yeah! >> how much did you wager? 371 points. that brings you up to 1181. you win the game. congratulations. nicely done. >> you know i support your efforts. >> you have one point? >> we bet a lot. >> we should have bet and left yourselves two points to come in second. we tied. >> we have an issue at cnn. john berman he's dominating. >> no greater proof -- no greater proof. he very well could have won. to win with don lemon is a testament to greatness that cannot be underestimated. >> i sense bitterness. >> this was way easier than the
4:29 am
last one. hey, the answer is maude. >> we can debate it all day. let us flee to inside politics. much less controversy in your realm. >> my eyes are telling me to go to vegas with berman. my heart tells me i would rather go with alisyn. >> thank you. >> a lot to do with politics this morning. a busy day. to share the reporting, sar ra and jonathan. a shake up in jeb bush's campaign before he's a candidate. that comes next week. he's making his way around the country for months and raising a lot of money. what do we make of the fact they brought in david cokeland. he was going to be the big guy. now, they are saying he is going to be important, but not the campaign manager. danny diaz gets that job. what is the problem here?
4:30 am
>> i think dave and david bring different skill sets. when you look at it it makes sense. dave didn't make sense as a campaign manager. he's a bigger thinking a key strategist from iowa. he did a lot there for romney. diaz sleeps five hours a night, reads everything when he gets up in the morning. he knows how to drive a message and work the facts. none of these were dave's strong points. >> does this change anything? jeb bush is still out of step on immigration. he's out of base on education. jeb bush is the candidate and for all the shake ups in the world, candidates. >> the larger issue is campaigns are going well don't have staff shake ups before they launch. the fact is there is obviously a need to make a change in the precampaign season here because the first six months of jeb
4:31 am
bush's de facto campaign have been mixed. >> mixed? he is supposed to be the front-runner. you are being kind this morning, i appreciate that. >> on one hand he's going to raise $100 million, which is serious money. he's got a problem with actual voters. that is going to be his challenge. the larger issue here is why was this needed in the first place? because jeb bush was supposed to be forced in the race. financially, he is a force. otherwise, he had challenges. >> do you believe, this is the hard part for me in terms of the structure of a campaign. murphy is his long-time strategist. he's a whisperer to his candidates. he's always in touch, texting and e-mailing candidates talking all the time. he's going to go to the superpac and run that. by law, he's not supposed to
4:32 am
talk to the campaign including the candidate about strategy. sorry, i have a hard time believing murphy is going to stay over here and when jeb bush does something right or wrong. >> have the handcuffs on and not grab the spoon and call or text jeb. they have him there because they want somebody who knows the candidate well and is perusing the ads and driving the message of the campaign on the superpac side. there's no question it is going to be difficult for jeb not to have his top strategist when it comes to his political approach. if things don't improve on the campaign and jeb does not show real strength in the months to come if the debates don't go well is there going to be a temptation to pull murphy back on the other side? >> campaigns do have shake ups. i remember it was later, but
4:33 am
bill clinton's campaign got shaken up. hillary clinton orchestrated that one. >> john mccain. >> john mccain did as well. the official announcement from jeb bush next week. i want this to be under the headline of revision is history. award of the day goes to donald rumsfeld. he is saying he was skeptical when george w. bush was invading iraq and said we would have a democracy. rumsfeld telling the times of london i'm not one who thinks our template is appropriate for other countries at every moment of their histories. the idea we could fashion in iraq seemed unrealistic. i was concerned about it when i heard those words. >> i think he could have fooled me. this is not what we were hearing from him at the time we invaded iraq. i think you are seeing more people taper to the iraq war. this is a discussion we have been having in the republican party as the candidates are
4:34 am
forced to answer what would you have done in iraq. it's easier to say, wow, this is harder than we thought it would be. we should have done something different. >> or send in more troops. if you believe it's unrealistic, wouldn't you ask your friend the vice president to dial it back? wouldn't you ask the top deputy to dial back? a great civil society, as soon as saddam is gone back up and running and everything is going to be great. >> hindsight is 20/20. >> why give the interviews? >> it's fascinating. to me it shows the fact that the republican party has an impulse, certainly, the projection on the american force. there's a distaste for nation building too. the latter is what you see in the interview. it's not really in their dna. in hindsight, rumsfeld and other folks would say it tilted more
4:35 am
toward that. it's not who they are. >> harshly critical of president obama's strategy in that interview. we have to have a big debate about the strategy of isis. i'm not sure i want to listen to somebody who was there in the iraq war saying i was concerned all along. we'll see how that goes. president obama at the g7 talking about a big supreme court case we are waiting to hear. a challenge. the supreme court rules it unconstitutional a big piece of obamacare gets pulled out or he says congress could fix it in a nano nanosecond. >> this should be an easy case and probably shouldn't have been taken up. it's a bad idea. it shouldn't be done based on a twisted interpretation of four words in as we were reminded repeatedly a couple thousand
4:36 am
page piece of legislation. >> the president laughing about it there because the big debate was how can we pass this big piece of legislation now the case is about four or five words. he said twice on health care and immigration, congress can fix it in a minute. this congress is not going to fix it if the supreme court does that. >> i think that's a huge challenge that everyone is looking at. the reality is, if the supreme court decides they are unconstitutional it is huge for president obama and the republican party. they have the controlled congress. they have to come up with something to replace it with. it is a difficult position to be in. it's easier to run against something than to say here is a plan we are in favor of instead of it. >> yeah it's fascinating. i have no doubt president obama and democrats broadly, don't want to see this case win out. but, i got an e-mail from a
4:37 am
democratic operative who is very much interested in those who would lose their health care if this case does win out. they want to know exactly who the votes are, where they live their voting history. there is a political story to this decision coming out. >> we are waiting as the month of june kicks on. big legal decisions, likely to spill over into campaign 2016 and keep us busy. >> it often works that way. legal leads to political. thanks so much. see you tomorrow. demonstrators demanding a police officer be fired after slamming a teenage girl to the ground. we will speak to one of the critics, the head of the naacp. we'll be right back.
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anger and frustration spilling into the streets of mckinney, texas. people are demanding the officer be fired. he was seen throwing 14-year-old girl in a bikini to the ground
4:42 am
and drawing his gun at a pool party in fact neighborhood. the officer is now on administrative leave. joinings is the president and coe of naacp. i understand you have had the opportunity to meet with the chief of police of mckinney yesterday, you had conversation with some of the people involved. with the police chief, can you tell us what you spoke of? >> sure. our texas state conference and local branch leadership had an opportunity to meet with the chief of police yesterday. i think the conversation was fruitful. our naacp met and impressed upon the chief the need to do a thorough and complete investigation, to look not merely at this officer, but to look at the whole of the police department and to assure accountability. the fact of the matter is we
4:43 am
have parents who watch this video, americans all across the country watch this video and who have seen a child treated like property thrown to the ground grabbed by her hair having a full grown man clad in a uniform, badge and gun put his knee into her back like a jockey. this is extraordinarily offensive. based upon that we are calling for a thorough investigation, not just of the officer, but the police department itself. >> we are hearing varied accounts of what precipitated this. i want to play this bit of sound quickly. >> he deserves a medal for what he did. >> this guy was out of control. he was be fired. >> i'm curious as to your reaction and how you think civil leaders can cut through the noise. there's a lot of emotion there
4:44 am
in mckinney, texas. cut through the noise, then proceed forward to what needs to be done. >> well here is what we know. it is our intent based on the facts thus far, there was some kind of incident or fight among adults. we then have a second set of adults show up clad in guns badges and uniforms mainly police officers. we have a police officer brutalizing teenagers. we need to be clear on this. it is the police officers conduct at the heart of this legal narrative. in terms of cutting through the noise, what we have to do here is follow what we have laid out in the naacp's report called born suspect. that is to say we have to look at racial profiling. where we see a group of teenagers of color directed to sit on the ground being mishandled curse, being
4:45 am
mistreated and white counter parts not getting the same treatment. we see what appears to be racial profiling by assumption. we have to address that. >> it's interesting. we spent a little bit of time looking into this. apparently this officer had done some cultural diversity training in racial profiling in 2009. clearly, it needs to go beyond that. if you will allow me to i want to go to the tamir rice case. an unusual step is happening. the community leaders are not going to wait for the prosecution to file charges. they are going to go directly to the judge themselves and request the officer be charged with murder. really unusual. what are your thoughts on this? why bypass the prosecution? >> sure. this may be unusual as a matter of law, it is a statement of the normalcy i should say, of the distrust the common place distrust in this country of
4:46 am
prosecutors in general and the criminal justice system in particular when it comes to police misconduct. where we see the president's police and task force indicated, prosecutors that are not independent, that do not have the critical distance necessary from the police in order to prosecute them or investigate them in cases like this we have the citizens who want to go directly to a judge to issue accountability accountability. it's a rational process. it is a thoughtful move based upon the tools people believe they have available to them. >> cornell williams brooks always a pleasure. thanks for joining us on "new day." we have apple's new thing. a streaming music service. will it be music to your ears? facts ahead.
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in our money center. apple is about to change the world of music, you say? >> it's sure going to try. apple music will take on the business of music streaming. apple's not the first of course but it wants to be the best with suggestions based on user habtd habits integration with suri. it will be starting in june $9.99 a month. drowning in student loan debt from debt. some students took out loans to attend this for profit college. they will be forced to sell its 100 campuses across the country. the government says they were preying on low income people. the biggest game in the nba finals. to be sure game three is heavy
4:52 am
with expectation. you've got lebron driving to be the greatest ever arguably especially if he pulls this off. golden state looking for its first title ever. >> no one's had it worse over the years than these fans here in cleveland. they haven't won a championship professional sports championship in 51 years. and they hav those famous names for all the bad things the shot the fumble the drive. you'd think they expect the worst when they get in these championship type situations. but when we got on the ground in cleveland, that's not what we found. we talked to fans and they were actually optimistic about these finals because of one man, lebron james. >> people are hopelessly optimistic and loving oh of their teams and fiercely loyal. >> do you always fear the worst, but you hope for the best. >> cleveland, it's now.
4:53 am
it's our time. not just as a team but as a city. >> that optimism probably stems from the cavs winning game two. set for 9:00 p.m. eastern. the stanley cup, the black hawks grab the lead with a goal in the third period. but just 13 second later off the face off lightning scored to tie the game back up. tampa bay would score again to shock the black hawks 3-2 to take a 2-1 lead in this series. u.s. women -- hope solo despite dealing with her domestic violence arrest was on her game coming up with some
4:54 am
big time saves. team usa wins 3-1. they're looking for their first world cup since 1999. they'll play friday against sweden. they were swept by the spurs. so they've never actually seen a win in the nba finals here in cleveland. everyone very excited. >> golden state is all i'm going to say. thank you so much. there's a lot of questions about our top story, the escape of two convicted killers from a maximum security prison in upstate new york. was it an inside job? a woman who works in the prison may hold the answer. ♪ ♪ [ radio chatter ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] andrew. rita. sandy.
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. i think he deserved a medal for what he did. >> he hit me in the face when i tried helping the girl. when two guys tried to help he pulled his firearm. >> major developments in two other police involved shootings. >> indictment for murder in the death of walker scott. >> they're taking the tamir rice case into their own hands. >> there are killers on the loose. officials questioning a female prison employee. >> they had to have the assistance of someone. comedian joan rivers would have been 82 years old this week. melissa rivers is going to join us live. >> this is "new day" with chris
5:00 am
cuomo. good morning. welcome to your new day. it's 8:00 in the east. we do have breaking news for you this morning. overnight hundreds of protesters demanding a police officer in texas be fired. why? because he did this. he was pulling a gun on some teens, slamming a 14-year-old girl to the ground all on video all because of a pool party. >> and that officer is now on administrative leave. but there are other major developments in two other high profile cases in ss in possible use of excessive force. >> reporter: good morning. many in this community calling for the resignation or firing of mckinney police officer. hundreds showed up to protest against police brutality and excessive


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