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tv   New Day Sunday  CNN  June 14, 2015 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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back to normal. shattered glass, bullet holes. now hear from the man who says his son was behind this shooting attack. nine days on the run. yes, we are on nine. police in new york still trying to find these two escaped prison inmates. what these convicted planned to do once they escape, that's what we have learned. 18 months after police shot and killed 12-year-old tamir rice, we're now learning more about what happened the the contradictions between officers and eyewitnesss. and what were officers told in the minutes leading up to that shooting? we are so grateful for your company. it's 7:00 on a sunday morning. let's talk about investigators in dallas, first of all. they're trying to piece together all of this evidence, hoping to understand how exactly suspect james boulware, a man with a long and violent criminal past, was able to pull off a violent attack on the police department with guns, pipe bombs and an
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armored van. we do know that the father of the suspect in the attack on dallas police is giving us a sense of who his son was. he tells us he was angry and desperate, but this is not a domestic terrorist act. >> he's been called a lot of different names after what's happened. and one of the names is domestic terrorist. is he? >> no, no. he told me he didn't care. anarchy would be better. i said no, no, you don't want anarchy. you don't want it. >> cnn's sara sidner live in dallas with more of this emotional interview. when you sat down with this man, what stuck with you the most? >> reporter: one minute he'd be laughing and the next absolutely
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in the depths of despair. he says he does not blame police. they did what they had to do. >> every one of us has a breaking point. every one of us. >> reporter: did your son hit his breaking point? >> he did his breaking point. >> reporter: jim boulware is teetering on the edge himself, filled with grief after his son james attacked police and was killed for it. he says james was the man behind the attack on the dallas police headquarters. three hours before the attack he was sitting right here with his dad. >> he told me he loved me and he was going back to west texas. i told him, have a safe trip. >> reporter: but that is not what happened. before the sun came up, james boulware was dead, killed by a police sniper after threatening to blow police up for taking his child. he could have.
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his van was laden with explosives that police eventually detonated. >> he left from here. he mowed my yard yesterday, edged it. told me he was going to be back in ten days to mow it again. >> reporter: did you have any idea when he left? >> no. no. i knew he was angry at police. he blamed them for taking his son. i tried to tell him the police didn't do it. the police were doing their job to enforce the laws. if you want to get to that, you've got to go back to the liberal people who put the laws in place to where cps can grab kids out of their place. they were just enforcing the laws. >> reporter: he had lost custody of his son to the boy's grandmoth grandmother.
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>> his mother, her half brother and james had a fight in her house. >> reporter: james boulware was arrested in paris, texas, for multiple assault charges on family members. the charges were eventually dropped. >> when he was here, he said, dad, i've lost my house, my tools, my son. i'm going through every dime i've got. i can't find a job because i've got domestic violence on my record. he said i've lost everything. and then you have hopelessness. >> reporter: why didn't he get some help? >> where? where does a white male get help? >> reporter: and those were the very strong word of the father of james boulware. he also talked about the van in which james was able to pull this all off and where he stored these explosives.
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he had no idea his son even had a gun, never mind explosives. it was always a big shock to him, but he did understand what police had to do. >> poor man has a lot to reconcile. thank you so much. >> some answers and reflection from james boulware's father. but investigators have some questions they need answers to, the main question why. they're now combing through dispatch recordings and cell phone video they have to get some answers to how can they prevent something like this from happening again? we heard from the chief that they're reviewing and reconsidering security measures at the headquarters and seven substations. let's see what we can learn about this growing investigation from nick valencia. nick, what are your learning? >> reporter: what we saw happen last night and is continuing is the fbi, atf and local law enforcement here, dallas police
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department, digitally mapping the crime scene trying to figure out how this all played out. they want to know where the suspect was before, how he was able to lay down these four suspicious bags containing small scale pipe bombs. there was a lot of people out here on a friday night, early saturday morning. a lot of amateur video, amateur cameras. they want all of that video in order to understand the details of how this was carried out. they're actually pretty shocked he was able to pull it off. >> nick, thank you so much. let's try to learn more about james boulware. we've got with us criminal profiler pat brown. pat, after hearing the interview with boulware's father, jim boulware, what's your take away? >> i really feel for the father. you can see he's completely distraught. i have the problem with
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minimizing. we see this with families when somebody has a mental health problem. i do believe james boulware has a mental health problem. i read some of his writings. sounds delusional and psychotic to me. he has behaviors over a long period of time. he's not in control. and the family is trying to deal with him. but a lot of times these things get minimized. he probably really needed institutionalization if this was his history. i read one part about the judge being threatened. at some point, when you have a person in this situation, you don't know what he's willing to do. in this case, i think it's a little bit of suicide by cop along with rage. he's picking any target and going after it because he is paranoid and delusional and he
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needed mental health help. >> let's listen to more about this threat against the judge. >> when he had a court appearance and when we thought he could be in court, the security was always heightened in the building. in my courtroom i had extra security put in place, because he was always a threat to us. we just didn't know what he would do or when he would do it. or you know, what was going to happen. >> that was judge kim cooks who over saw the custody case back in april. she said there had been several threats against her. you made a point about the family and minimizing. no one ever wants to believe that it is his or her child who will do something like this. >> yeah. well, i'm sure they never believed he'd go this far. they knew he had problems. that's the thing, in minimizing things, he'll be okay, he just
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need this or that. he needed a lot more. unfortunately they didn't pay attention to that. they didn't get him help. they said they didn't know where to get him help. if he's got such a criminal history, why is he out there? the when somebody does show severe psychotic problems, we're all at risk. >> let's bring in scedric alexander. is it realistic to expect there would have been some surveillance considering the stretched and strained resources of local departments? >> well, you know, in a case like this, victor, it's very, very difficult to do more than oftentimes we know that needs to be done. but i just want to touch on one thing here fnor a moment. i'm a trained psychologist. we go back and look at cases
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where these subjects, there was very early information that there might have been some mental health condition. and then we later learn they go out and do something that's harm to someone else or to themselves. so we're really going to have to look at ways in which we're going to have to be able to intervene a lot earlier when we see people struggling with mental health illnesses. it appears to be too many signs and symptoms here that suggested that this subject could have used some help even before all of this took place. what i'm really disturbed about is that the shooting in and of itself could have got officers right here in dallas hurt because somewhere along the way things were not dealt with with him the way they should have been. that's not placing blame on anyone. but i think in our system we're really going to have to start paying more attention with those who may be crying out for help in some way so we don't get our police officers hurt, we don't get our citizens hurt.
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that is going to be an ongoing issue which we have to deal with as a nation. >> let's hope that this re-examination extends beyond just the police department to look at the mental health element there in dallas. >> absolutely correct. >> thank you both. we'll continue the conversations throughout the morning. police are expanding the search area this morning for those two new york escaped inmates. we have new details about what they planned to do, those inmates, once they escaped. plus, a murder mystery in ohio this morning. four people are dead inside a columbus home. that shooter could be anywhere this morning. we'll give you the latest. steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady, clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead. you can now use freeze it to prevent new purchases on your account in seconds.
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. 14 minutes after the hour now. and we have new details in the hunt for convicted killers richard matt and david sweat. the search is now in its ninth day.
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it's shifting to the east. also, the district attorney reveals to cnn new details about the escape plan and the seven-hour drive that matt and sweat planned to take with their alleged accomplice joyce mitchell, according to mitchell. she'll be moved to a jail where she won't have any contact with people she knew or worked with. sarah, what's the latest on the manhunt for sweat and matt? >> reporter: good morning, victor. still a very active search here this morning. you see the road is closed behind me. no vehicle gets through this intersection without going through a vehicle check. like you mentioned, they have expanded the search area to move further east away from the prison. you mentioned that seven-hour drive they were planning on taking. i asked him what was the plan a?
4:16 am
where were they going to end up if joyce mitchell picked them up as planned? he said that information came from interviews mitchell did with authorities before she was arrested. she told authorities it was the two convicts who picked that destination. all she knew was where to pick them up and to be prepared for a long drive. take a listen. >> the information that we have looking at the statement is that they were going to meet down by the power plant, drive -- i'm not going to say into the sunset because it was after midnight and it was dark out. but they were going to drive to an area that was about seven hours away. she never indicated where that was. that was the information she was told by matt and sweat, that it was about seven hours away. she indicated one of the reasons she didn't show up was because she did love her husband and she
4:17 am
didn't want to do this to him. >> reporter: obviously, this is where the active search is for these two men. but i did have the district attorney have they been in contact with relatives and acquaintances of those two who may live within that seven-hour driving distance. he said that they had but none of those people reported back that they heard from either matt or sweat since they escaped. i asked the district attorney if these two had cell phones, if he believed that. he said they had no indication that they do right now, however, there were inmates inside the clinton correctional facility who remember seeing those two with cell phones before they escaped. we also talked about planning. this was obviously a very elaborate plan. the district attorney said they crawled through the walls, going
4:18 am
through those spaces, cloimbing potentially around the pipes to see where they could go to get out of the prison. they may have been doing that in the middle of the night for possibly weeks leading up to their escape. they're also not ruling out that they may have had help from additional people besides mitchell. he said there was some technology available to them. they had access to computers inside, to a library. and there are certain places inside that prison where you can see over the wall if you're an inmate, into the community. and they may have been able to scope out where they wanted to go. >> if they planned as meticulously the time out of prison as the plan to get out of prison. >> let's bring in cnn law enforcement analyst harry. they're wondering if they had
4:19 am
help outside the prison once they got out even though apparently joyce mitchell ditched her part of the plan. do you believe that they are being aided? >> well, there's got to be a question here, was there a plan b in the event she didn't show up? this break was so well planned out, for them not to think of a plan b might be a little bit ludicrous. maybe those guys aren't anywhere near that search area. we're on nine days now with no supplies, no food, nothing's been stoelen that we're aware o, no cars have been stolen. when they came out of the prison, did they make a phone call with one of those cell phones they had and have a plan b go into effect. state police are talking about they have law enforcement in texas looking for the one guy. so there is a good chance these guys are nowhere in the area. because i don't know how they
4:20 am
survive for nine days. >> right. pat brown earlier today said she doesn't even believe mitchell is telling the truth because she obviously has committed a crime here as well. do you think she could be lying about that seven-hour drive perhaps to protect them? >> that's a possibility. they've got to try and verify this informing that she gave them. listen, they didn't break out with just a hacksaw and a couple little tools. they had to have other power tools. where did they get them? maybe she's trying to think maybe these guys shoot it out with the skcops, they get kille. therefore, her story is the only story they're going to have. so maybe she's trying to aid herself in a possible progression do prosecution down the road. it was supposed to be a celebration, a joyous occasion.
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the wedding happens, then a great reception. people were taking photos inside a famous new york landmark, a great hotel. then the gun went off. the latest in a bizarre shooting, next. and we finally get new insight into the shooting of a 12-year-old boy in cleveland. a detailed report on 12-year-old tamir rice's death in a moment. put your hand over your heart. is it beating? good! then my nutrition heart health mix is for you. it's a wholesome blend of peanuts, pecans and other delicious nuts specially mixed for people with hearts. planters. nutrition starts with nut.
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. in columbus, ohio, police have a murder mystery on their hands this morning as they
4:25 am
search for the person who shot and killed two men and two women in a home there. >> and outside a 16-year-old girl was found. she had also been shot. columbus police say it may have been a robbery. so far no suspects and police are asking for the public's help. the pentagon says it will store tanks and other heavy weapons in eastern european countries that used to be part of the old soviet union. the new york someti"new york ti it's the first time since the cold war. the move is aimed at deterring further aggression in the region. a wedding reception at the waldorf astoria ended with a gunshot. police say people were taking pictures in the lobby when a gun in a guest's pocket accidentally discharged. a bullet grazed a woman's head. she was not seriously injured
4:26 am
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. bottom of the hour now. we're starting this half with new details in the death of tamir rice. he was the 12-year-old boy shot and killed by a cleveland police officer. this is surveillance video from the incident. that was last november. and investigators have now compiled this report of the
4:30 am
shooting. it's just now been handed over a grand jury. they will now study the report and decide whether or not to indict the officers. this comes days after a judge says that he believes there is enough evidence to move forward the charges. back to the report. martin savage delves deep into the findings. >> reporter: the investigation seems to confirm the story most people know, but delivers greater detail. in a key finding the report cannot confirm a police officer's statement he shouted ordered to rice before shooting him. according to interviews, it is unclear whether officer lohman shouted verbal commands to rice. investigators found lohman shot one to two seconds after getting out of his far, firing two shots, one that hit the boy who was standing four and a half to seven feet away. the documents also reveal moments after the shooting, the officer requested ems, then
4:31 am
asked for ems again, telling them, to quote, step it up. then in a third request asks for cleveland fire to respond. it would take eight minutes for them to arrive. the report does say rice was given cpr by an fbi agent who was trained as a paramedic who arrived four minutes after the shooting. he says rice turned over and looked at me and like reached for my hand. the sheriff's department also investigated the 911 call reporting a male on the playground threatening with an apparent gun. the report reveals the caller was drinking a beer in the park waiting on a bus. he said the gunman could be a juvenile and the gun was probably fake. critical information never given to the responding police officers. when asked why that information wasn't passed along, she went
4:32 am
silent and refused to answer questions per her attorney. the investigation says rice got the pellet gun from his best friend, trading a cell phone for it. the orange ring identifying the gun is not real had been removed during a repair and he couldn't get it back on. officers and emergency responders who saw the weapon next to rice say they thought it was real. they also say rice appeared much older and larger than a child, offering age estimates between 16 and 20. and that he looked about 200 pounds. it's only when rice's sister arrives on the scene they learn he is 12. they also described lohman's demeanor as upset and distraught. one officer said lohman told him, quote, he gave me no choice, he reached for the gun and there was nothing i could do. there are some things absent in the report responding police
4:33 am
officers declined to be interviewed and so did rice's family. there's nothing in the report that draws a specific conclusion as to whether the shooting was justified or not. >> on the phone with us at attorney for tamir rice's family, walter madison. and we have cnn legal analyst joey jackson. that piece that martin was just talking about, in the findings the family did not want to be interviewed. is that correct? >> caller: christie, as you know the investigation took some time. and apparently the mother of tamir rice just had much reservation and she chose not to. >> i'm sorry. is walter still with us? we're having a hard time. >> caller: i'm here. can you hear me? >> yes. go ahead. you said that it took some time. certainly it did take some time for interviews to start. why did she not want to talk to
4:34 am
investigators? >> caller: only she has the answers to her reasons. we're left to infer that she just was not comfortable. >> okay. joey, let me get to you, because he brings up a very good point. there was a gap. this is one of the findings of this report. there was a gap between the shooting and the interviews. and this is a big gap. apparently there were interviewed conducted in march, that was more than three months after the investigation had shifted from the police officers to the cuyahoga police department in january. why that gap? >> a couple of things to keep in mind. good morning to you. good morning to walter. that is that there was an evident to ensure that the investigation would be independent, so it was shifted to the cleveland department to the actual sheriff's department. >> right. in january. >> exactly. there was a time lapse. it's important to understand as we look at this report, very
4:35 am
important to talk about the process. because there is something in the report really for everyone. what i mean by that, if you're supportive of the police officer, you could point to the fact that it was never conveyed to him it could have been a toy gun, that this person was a juvenile, the fact is that the gun did look real. there's a number of things you could point to the you're supportive of tamir rice. the fact is it's unclear whether or not there was an indication to drop anything. he wasn't given my time. it happened in two seconds. a grand jury will evaluate this. they're not looking to find whether there's proof of guilty beyond a reasonable doubt as a trial jury would. that's not the standard. is there reasonable cause to believe that a crime was committed and these officers could have committed it? 12 of the 14 jurors could say by
4:36 am
that standard, we conclude the matter should move to trial. so you know what, one thing supports the other. but the charge of that grand jury, to be clear, is, is there enough evidence to just reasonably believe that a trial jury could go forward? and at that time you better believe that both sides are going to pick out things that support their cause. >> walter, i'm assuming that you believe there's enough evidence for charges to come forward. do you think when we talk about this 911 call, that that 911 operator is liable in some way? >> caller: clearly we think that. most importantly what the world should know is that this transparency release was not happenstance just this week on tuesday. the cleveland eight made an extraordinary move. the judge agrees that the same jury the officers would depend upon to sign a search warrant recommended strongly that there be an arrest warrant issued.
4:37 am
and now we have this response, but the active transparency or the report, that's the important part. for all those who support justice, this should be a very large encouragement to them that it is working. lastly, these city prosecutors should respect the public. the public servants that they are, there should be warrants for arrestwalter madison and jo jackson, thank you so much. lihillary clinton is holdin her first iowa rally today after giving a really emotional speech in new york. and two republicans jumping into the race in just the next 48 hours. americans. we're living longer than ever.
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. 19 minutes until the top of the hour now. jeb bush is officially expected to announce his candidacy for president tomorrow. we're looking forward to that announcement. we'll have that for you on cnn. also, donald trump is expected to announce if he will run for president on tuesday. already on the campaign trail, hillary clinton. she'll hold her first official iowa rally today. she's focusing on equality, the chance to make history.
4:42 am
she also spoke about her mother. listen. >> my mother told me that everybody kneadsneeds a chance champion. she knew what it was like in the to have either one. her own parents abandoned her. and by 14, she was out on her own working as a house maid. and because some people believed in her, she believed in me. that's why -- [ applause ]. >> let's talk about it. let's bring in democratic strategy maria cardona. and lisa booth. maria, i want to start with you. clearly the most personal tone and context we've heard from hillary clinton arguably in some time. will this work to change the trend in the slide of the trust worthy, cares about people like me, polls that we've seen
4:43 am
recent? >> i don't think that hillary is worried about those polls on a day to day basis. i think she wants to think about what she said yesterday, which is a reason to give voters a reason to trust that she will be the one that will wake up every single day, roll up her sleeves, go to the grind and work for them. and that she's going to be the one who will be their champion and their advocate when there are so many people in the world and in the united states who need one right now. i actually think it was incredibly compelling when she talked about her mother. and as the mother of an eight-year-old daughter myself, it really connected. and i'm sure that is the case for many voters out there who think they know her so well, victor. yesterday she really gave them a
4:44 am
glimpse as somebody who's going to work really hard, harder than anybody else to make sure everyone gets the chance they need to get ahead in life. >> lisa, will it resonate? >> i don't think so. i think what we saw from hillary clinton is she's doing everything she can to soften her image. it's out of necessity. her numbers have taken a hit. her unfavorables are nearly 60%. nearly 60% of americans don't trust her. you hit the nail on the head talking about income equality. she lacks credibility on the topic. she's going to have a very difficult time talking about this issue toppling the 1% when she's part of the 1%. this is someone who's admittedly hasn't driven a car in 1 ye8 ye.
4:45 am
aside from every liberal buzz poll tested word, i didn't hear her differentiate her policies from president obama, whose policies we've seen middle class families get squeezed out of the economy. we've seen them get punished under president obama's administration. >> i've got to talk about donald trump. he's got an announcement coming up on tuesday. there have been fake me outs for decades now that donald trump is going to run for president. he says i think a lot of people are going to be very happy that . they're tired of watching american go down. he's got staffers who are working. if he jumps in and this isn't one of those fake me outs, how does he impact this race? >> i don't think he does at all. aside from being incredibly
4:46 am
entertaining, donald trump lacks the seriousness of the kind of candidate date that america desperately needs right now. this attempt at running for president again is about as real as his toupee. >> maybe he doesn't impact it in any major way. there are the debates in which the top ten who are above 1% will get in on name recognition alone. you ever to imagine that donald tru trump gets in and possibly bumps out a rick santorum or a lindsey gr graham. >> i as a democratic strategist i say bring it on. it's going to be very entertaining to speee. and frankly, having donald trump in the race is going to be amusing when voter after voter
4:47 am
looks every single candidate in the eyes including the republican nominee and tells them you're fired. >> thank you so much. good to have you. also be sure to watch bill clinton on state of the union later this morning. encrypted edward snowden files -- our intelligence agents may be in danger now. we have some new details for you. the international court is calling for the arrest of a world leader wanted for war crimes. we have a live report for you next.
4:48 am
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you'll know cuz sleep iq™ tells you. only at a sleep number store where you'll find the best buy rated mattress with sleepiq technology. know better sleep with sleep number. british intelligence agents had been removed from live operations in hostile countries after russia and china were able to decrypt files stolen by nsa leaker edward snowden. senior british officials tell the sunday times more than 1 million classified files were crashed. that information could jeopardize the identities of american and british spies. snowden, meanwhile, is currently living in russia, which granted him asylum. just in to cnn, a south african judge has barred sudanese president omar barbir from leaving south africa while an international court tries to arrest him on war crimes. cnn correspondent is live in johannesburg. this is all unfolding in just the last couple of minutes.
4:52 am
>> that's right. the african union summit is happening in johannesburg right now. and various heads of state have come to south africa to attend this, including sudan's president omar al bashir who is wanted by the international criminal court for various charges. crimes against humanity, war crimes, and genocide for his supposed role in the conflict in darfur, in which at least 300,000 people lost their lives. the icc has had this arrest warrant out since 2009. and south africa is a signatory to the rome statute which underlines the international criminal court. so it is obliged, as soon as al bashir sets foot, the president sets foot on south african soil, supposedly, to arrest him and surrender him to the icc. the thing is, the african union, as an organization, has always been very, very vocally opposed
4:53 am
to the international criminal court. they accuse the icc of unfairly targeting african leaders. and as he's here on the invitation of the au, it puts south africa in a very complicated legal situation. the president of south africa jacob zuma said in 2009 that if he did set foot on south african soil he would be arrested. but we await to see what high court judge here will decide. in an hour's time about whether this case can proceed, about whether south africa will do what it's obliged to do. or whether the au will hold force on this one and he'll be allowed to leave again. victor? >> again, this is all happening right now, and as you say, in an hour we'll have the next development in this case. diana magnay, thank you so much. well, it's taken a bite out of the box office, "jurassic world" is already breaking records in its opening weekend. but there's a lot going on this weekend. and some people are wondering, the numbers going to stay on track?
4:54 am
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a whole new frontier has opened up. we have our first genetically modified hybrid. >> one of the most talked-about movies of the summer out thus weekend, "jurassic world" taking a big bite out of the box office. i mean this could reach about $200 million just in its opening weekend. let's talk to cnn's senior media correspondent brian stelter. big numbers friday got it on track to be the second biggest opening of all time behind the avengers we understand. you've got the nba finals tonight. i don't know. do you think it's going to make it? >> it looks like it is. because these hollywood experts are very good at projecting exactly how well the movie's going to do all weekend. they've factored in that saturday dip. i actually saw it last night the theater was still sold out. i recommend it in 3-d by the way when those dinosaurs are coming at you. this is going to be a remarkable performance. just a few days ago those experts in hollywood thought it would make $120 million. but it has exceeded everybody's expectations, even chris pratt's expectations. now it's looking like almost
4:59 am
$200 million. like you said the only movie to ever have a better opening weekend is "the avengers." so universal the studio that made big hit in april now has another big hit out. >> all righty. and what else do you have in store coming up? >> we're talking about the big media news of the week. rupert murdoch beginning to step down from his fox company. also all the weekend's politics news. hillary clinton yesterday. jeb bush tomorrow. feels like the campaign is now in full steam. so we'll talk about that at 11:00 a.m. >> it sure does. brian stelter thank you so much. remember, reliable sources airs today right here at 11:00 a.m. on cnn. thank you so much for starting your morning with us. >> your "new day" continues right now. did you have any idea when he left? >> no. i knew he was angry. he blamed them for taking his son.
5:00 am
>> the father there of james boulware was with his son just hours before he attacked the dallas police department. insight into that man that only a father could give. >> nine days on the run now. are police in new york any closer to finding the two escaped prison inmates? well this morning, what these convicts had reportedly planned to do once they escaped. and destination iowa. hillary clinton and bernie sanders making a strong push today as primary season kicks into high gear. good morning. we are so grateful for your company as always. i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell always a pleasure to be with you. let's start with the investigation and the investigators who in dallas are digitally mapping the crime scene where suspect james boulware allegedly unleashed his violent attack on police officers this weekend. before he was shot and killed in his van during a standoff that followed. you see the end of it here. officials are expected to hold a press conference with new


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