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tv   New Day  CNN  June 15, 2015 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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is different than george. jeb is who he is. my life story is different. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> good morning. it is monday june 15th 6:00 in the east. chris is minutes apart. both victims, one, a 13-year-old girl and a 16-year-old boy suffering serious injuries and loozen limbs. >> the beaches will be open today, however, they are encouraging people not to go in the water. let's begin with chad myers in the weather center in atlanta. my goodness what a story, chad. >> it's a fishing pier. people fishing around it here on the coast of north carolina ocean crest fishing pier, a very treacherous and dangerous place this weekend.
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a frightening scene at a north carolina beach. two swimmers losing an arm each in separate attacks a short time apart. a 13-year-old girl attacked then less than 90 minutes later, a 16-year-old boy suffers another attack. officials are not certain if both attacks were by the same shark. >> coming over with the whitewash. coherent took it clean off. i saw what was left of what he had. >> reporter: helicopters air lifting both victims to the hospital both critical. >> they sustained life-threatening injuries. >> each having an arm amputated. >> the girl sustaining damage to her leg. they are in fair condition. >> i have been here 16 years. this is the first time something as major as this happened. >> both happening at high tide near ocean crest pier a popular
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destination. officials say the beaches will be open today with the sheriff's department monitoring the coastline. >> it's still a safe place. we monitor the situation. this is highly unusual. maybe be a little more beach oriented until we get a better handle on the situation. >> no life guards on duty and there haven't been for many many years. ocean crest fishing pier. the other attack 12 miles away. i know they say the beaches are open but stay on the sand today until their figure this out. >> so scary, chad. thanks for all that information. >> turning to the manhunt for the escaped convicts. 800 law enforcement officers are involved. the prison worker who helped them is in court, again. our coverage begins with polo
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sandoval. polo any clues? >> reporter: alisyn, no clues as the search enters week two. investigators will not be slowing down. many of them manning check points in and around the area. really alisyn if you look at the numbers, much of the story is there. 800 state, local, federal law enforcement officers following up on 870 leads. the search is only a few miles from the prison facility. we heard from new york governor andrew cuomo. he says the reality is we don't have any idea. >> we don't know if they are in the immediaimmediatemediate area or in mexico by now. enough time has transpired.
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we are following up every lead the best we can. >> reporter: back out live in up state new york about a seven mile stretch of a highway remains closed. they don't plan to open it until at least this evening. people that are expected to head to work schools are open again today. everybody will have to go through the check points. at this point, with the weather conditions worsening, this is becoming a test of endurance for hundreds of officers on the ground. >> sure it is. tensions are running high. thank you. the prison worker who helped the two inmates escape is due back in court this morning. new details about the plot she's accused of helping to hatch before getting cold feet. we are live at the courthouse with more. sarah? >> reporter: good morning, michaela. yeah joyce mitchell is here expected in court for a routine appearance on charges she helped
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them escape from prison. before she was arrested she said her plan was to run off with them meet them in the middle of the night, pick them up and drive to a location they picked almost seven hours away. this morning, joyce mitchell a former prison employee is waking up behind bars. >> you are joyce e. mitchell? >> yes. >> reporter: charged with promoting contraband. new details are on the brazen plan of richard matt and david sweat. authorities tell cnn the inmates may have been sneaking out of their cell in the middle of the night to explore the prison's inner walls. any indication how they knew how to get out? >> the extent of time period they could have been out of their cells at night, it's a great question. >> reporter: mitchell said she was to pick them up around midnight and drive to a location seven hours away.
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the local district attorney said they had a specific destination in mind. mitchell befriended both men. the three were going to run off together. she said richard matt made her feel special. however, mitchell got cold feet and never showed up. >> one of the reasons she never showed up is she did love her husband and didn't want to do this to him. >> reporter: her husband works at the prison and knows the men. he was questioned. joyce mitchell brought them chisels, hacksaw blades and lighted goggles to help them break out. if convicted faces up to eight years behind bars as the killers remain free. now, over the weekend, joyce mitchell was moveed from a facility here to another facility in a different county two hours away. the sheriff didn't want her to
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be a distraction. alisyn? >> thanks for that reporting. here is former parole officer, neil. he worked at the facility 16 years and knows it well. thank you for being here. >> nice to be here. >> are you surprised to hear authorities believe that joyce mitchell was somehow able to sneak into that prison hacksaw blades and chisels, among other things? >> well hacksaw blades and chisels are small items. they could be brought in. all the staff brings their lunch in every day in lunchboxes and different things. not all of it is gone through. they don't check it out that well, i'm sure. >> they don't check it out? in other words, the prison workers are not going through a metal detector of some kind every day? >> no. no. when i worked there, they had no metal detectors. you had 150 years where there's
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no escape from this prison. it was normal business to bring your lunch in. they don't have to calffeteria to go to eat. it's part of every day work. i'm sure people could bring those types of things in. those are small items. she must have needed something bigger to bring in to cut through that steel. >> one theory is there was a construction crew there were construction crews working in the prison. one of the theories is the inmates would go and take the tools from the construction workers, use them at night, then return them. but, of course the big question for that is how could people not have heard them using power tools of some kind? what is the answer? >> well there would be no answer thato that. they would have to do the cutting with the daytime noise going on with the construction. at night, you would have heard
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that all over the cell block. correctional officers in the cell block. that couldn't happen that way. it would make a lot of noise z. >> one former inmate told us the way it would be covered is there was so much noise in that prison even at night, the prisoners play music, they had boom boxes and it was a loud scenario. let me play what he told us and get your response. >> they have things they attach to their boom boxes that make them very loud. they are so loud they would rattle the gates on the cells. the first night you spend in prison that's the first thing you notice what is going on. it's like new year's eve every night. >> is that true? is it very noisy? >> i was a parole officer. i worked during the daytime. i went to the cell blocks and interviewed the inmates. i wasn't there during the night.
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even in the daytime, when they would have tvs going and different music, you would be able to hear construction equipment going. so i think that they probably did it during the daytime when that other construction and then when they got through those walls, then maybe at night they could do a lot of work. that was muffled because of where they were doing the work maybe. that is going to be brought out in the investigation. nobody knows for sure. i'm sure the authorities in the prison would know how it happened. >> do you think there were other people involved besides joyce mitchell? >> i would say that -- necessarily not. if they got bigger equipment in there, they probably could have done it through what she offered. i wouldn't think it would be a
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conspiracy with more than one person. >> having worked there as you did and known many of these people as you did, who work in the prison what do you think should happen to her? >> it's pretty serious. if anything happens to civilians on the outside now, i don't think anybody would have any mercy on her. that's a very serious thing she did. there's been trouble in the past but nothing to this magnitude and nobody escaped. people have been fired for getting too close to inmates. not at this level where two dangerous people -- i have heard people say, they were in ona block. that doesn't mean they are honorable people. they are good inmates serving 20 to life. they get along well in prison. they get along well with the
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staff. and to have something like this is just beyond pale. this never happened before. it's all new to us. >> maybe they will rethink that law. >> prison has been very successful in 150 years. so this is just one thing out of a million that happened. >> you are right. go ahead. >> yes. they will make some initial changes but i don't think it will change the big process, you know? it seems to work mostly. >> neil thank you so much. >> yes. thank you for all your information. great to get your insight. we return to dallas and we are learning about the attacker who unleashed a barrage of gunfire outside dallas police headquarters. he reached a breaking point after a bitter custody battle blaming police for taking his
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son away. we are live in dallas with the latest. nick? >> reporter: good morning. investigators spent the weekend mapping the crime scene. this is the exact spot where 34-year-old james carried out his attack. he has a troubled history. we spoke to his mother who talked to us about her son as well as how police handled the situation. >> i think they handled it wonderfully well until at the very end. i think they burned him up. i don't know whether he was still alive or not. i resent that. if he was dead i understand why they did it because i wouldn't want to touch a booby trapped car, either. >> reporter: 14 police officers with the dallas police department are on administrative leave. that's standard operating procedure. many of them thankful to be
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alive. the medical examiner will continue their autopsy on the suspect this morning. alisyn? >> thanks so much for that. jeb bush set to make official what we have known for some time he will be running for president. we are live on the campus of miami-dade college where bush will make his announcement this afternoon. what do we know? >> reporter: no surprise but jeb bush is expected to officially launch his campaign for president right here in just a few hours on the campus of the largest college in the country. he will be joining a crowded field of gop candidates and leading up to today, his campaign released a couple videos basically introducing bush to voters and talking about his accomplishment as florida governor. in those videos the campaign unveiled the campaign logo which interestingly enough consists of just jeb's first
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name. it's jeb an exclamation point and makes no mention of the bush last name. it's the same logo he used when he ran for governor in the '90s. here is some of what he had to say in the videos. >> i'm proud of what we accomplished in florida. proud we were able to make a dimps, to change lives. we led, we reformed we got results. that's what's missing from washington. the d.c. crowd talks about what's wrong with america. i see what's right. they talk about problems. i see solutions. >> reporter: now, the latest cnn orc poll has jeb bush just behind marco rubio and just ahead of mike huckabee and scott walker. he's not going to have an easy path to the republican nomination. michaela? >> thank you so much for that. there are conflicting
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reports about the fate of a key terrorist. the libyan government says he was killed. u.s. officials have not confirmed that yet. the islamist terrorist was charged in 2013 in a glass facility killing some 37 hostages including three americans. let's talk entertainment. "jurassic world" taking a bite out of the box office. breaking a record, $511.8 million globally making it the first film to ever top half a billion in its opening weekend. here in the u.s. it earned $204 million. that's the second biggest domestic opening. the first was "the avengers" in 2012. will you go see -- do you like seeing scary dinosaur movies. >> you like the nice cute barney.
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>> exactly. >> the father of the dallas gunman says his son was pushed to the breaking point. what caused him to snap and why was his anger directed at police. a psychiatrist offers her perspective next.
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son. i tried to tell him, the police were doing their job to enforce the laws. >> that was the father of the dallas gunman killed outside police headquarters saturday. his parents tell cnn he had a history of violence and mental illness. he reached his breaking point when he lost custody of his son. dr. jody gold is with us. great to have you here. do you see this as another sad case of someone's mental illness leading to violence? >> i do but i'm struck by how it was triggered in this case. often we see people falling through the system but they are in the system. in this case it doesn't seem like he got much mental health help. >> let's look at the history. he suffered hallucinations according to his parents. he talked about the fbi in a paranoid way. he talked about the sandy hook
3:22 am
shootings, made references to shootings. he believed he dreamed things before they happened. his parents said it was after things happened but he believed he was dreaming them before they happened. what are parents supposed to do when you stee symptoms? >> he was clearly psychotic. he hat altered -- he had illusions where he thought he could see the future and he was prone to violence that we know. his parents tried to get him help. our system is not set up to help people who we know are mentally ill and violent, but don't seek to help themselves. >> what does that mean? if our system isn't set up to help people who are mentally ill and violent and keep them from hurting other people and themselves what is the point of the system? >> in this case more could have been done. the evaluations were cursory and
3:23 am
short. i think it is the responsibility of those who know to get him more of an evaluation. you would want a real psychiatric evaluation over a period of time. >> he had some classification because when he was 14 years old, his mather says he was hospitalized for a brief time and possibly identified as schizophrenic. that presents in teenagers. then what? how do people manage it so they don't become violent? >> it's a difficult illness because it's lifelong. we know the more involvement you have with your family and parents, the better outcome it is for kits fren ya. the more alienated you become the less likely to get care. >> can you be medicated? >> yes. had he got the treatment, had he been medicated, this could have been treated and prevented.
3:24 am
>> james holmes the aurora movie theater shooter, newtown, obviously. we hate to give the impression that mental illness leads to violence but does it? >> not always. there's lots of schizophrenics who are engaged with their family and who live very normal lives. however, when they become alienated and unable to engage them i know the family knew he was ill, but didn't have much treatment. >> what could they have done? >> i think they were frustrated and tried. sometimes if people are a threat to themselves and others. in some states we have law that is you can medicate them. >> they have to have coping skills then what? >> in our ideal world, we take a
3:25 am
psycho social approach. address the medical needs. he needed social needs met. he was unemployed didn't have a caseworker wasn't on medication or treatment. to treat chronic, mental illness, you need a comprehensive approach. >> is that happening in this country? >> it does if you have a very involved family and able to get into a system that can mandate it. in this case the judicial system knew it was a threat to others and he was mentally ill, there was no mandated program for him. there weren't caseworkers. there's more that could have been done. >> dr. jodi gold it's tragic to see another face like this. let's hope the system can accommodate people like this. >> thank you. >> let's get to michaela. his name is bush but is that enough to stand out in a crowd of republican presidential candidates? our political panel weighs in on what jeb bush needs to do going forward.
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good to have you back on this monday. hoef vi rain is pounding the east coast as a tropical system in the gulf of mexico is expected to add insult to injure in parts of texas recently hit by flooding. let's get to meteorologist chad myers. >> we have a system now that refuses to move a low and high parked over the u.s. rainshowers over new york philadelphia and laguardia in philadelphia. airport delays at this hour. we are going to have this set up. here is the tropical system down here coming up and around. that's the area that is going to see so much rainfall for the next seven days. rainfall enhanced by the tropical system that could get a name. right now, we are not expecting it to do too much in the way of wind. more tropical moisture around the same area that picked up so much rainfall. this is what we are expecting
3:31 am
across texas and oklahoma that have already flash flooded and we are going to see more. this is what it looked like last month with spots over 20 inches they could see six to ten inches in the next six days. that rain goes all the way to the northeast. >> we sure felt it here this morning and continue to. thank you, chad. here is one of our top stories, very scary. two teenagers attacked off the north carolina coast sunday in separate shark attacks about 90 minutes apart. this is the same stretch of beach in oak island north carolina. the victims were a 13-year-old girl and 16-year-old boy. a third teenager was bitten by a shark at a nearby beach. she was not seriously injured. is search for the escaped convicts is up to 800 officers. we have also learned that richard matt and david sweat may
3:32 am
have rehearsed the get away and more arrests could be on the way. joyce mitchell is due in court around 8:30 eastern. stay tuned for coverage of that. a south african court considering arresting the president for alleged war crimes and genocide. he is attending a summit in johannesburg. a judge ruled him to stay in south africa. intense flooding turning deadly and wild in georgia. the raging water killing at least 12 people. in the capital, look at this wolves bears, big cats and a hippo wondering the streets after the floods damaged the zoo. the police had to use a helicopter to evacuate some 16 people after heavy rain damaged roads there. >> yes, just incredible to see the hippo me andmeandering down the
3:33 am
street. another epic performance by lebron james. >> tell me more. >> i know you love when i talk sports. they beat the cavs. golden state is one win away. >> continue using the nicknames for the teams. incredible. >> andy tell us more. >> i'm sure there were long nights watching the nba finals. the games have been great to watch. we had another awesome one last night. lebron james and curry going toe toe-to-toe. this three from way downtown in the fourth gave cleveland a one-point lead. curry was in mvp form in this one. he was hitting ridiculous threes. he hit seven from downtown on the way to 37 points in the game. warriors win. they are one win away from a
3:34 am
title. lebron says he's still confident because -- >> i feel confident because i'm the best player in the world. simple. we fought hard all year and put ourselves in good position to go to cleveland and hopefully close it out. >> game six is back in cleveland tomorrow night. tip-offset for 9:00 eastern. chicago blackhawks can win the stanley cup tonight as they host game six of the series. if they win, it would be their third stanley cup in the past six years. nobody has done that since the late '90s and early 2000s. they clinched it on the road. guys fans in chicago would love to celebrate a championship at home tonight. guess what? they are paying big bucks to get into the united center. the cheapest ticket going for 750 bucks right now. >> wow!
3:35 am
>> you are a black hawk girl right? >> no i like the one where you get a free pizza if they get six goals. is that what they are called? >> yes. >> i think they are the washington flyers. >> she's learned a lot. she's really coming along. >> forced education. >> good to talk to you. jeb bush is ready for his presidential close up. the former florida governor officially entering the race today. who you is he going to stand out in the jam packed field of republicans? we'll discuss that with the panel, next. seriously? you're not at all concerned? about what now? oh, i don't know. the apocalypse? we're fine. i bundled renter's with my car insurance through progressive for just six bucks more a month. word. there's looters running wild out there. covered for theft. okay. that's a tidal wave of fire. covered for fire. what, what? all right. fine. i'm gonna get something to eat.
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how many people running. last count, there were double digits. it's a very competitive field.
3:40 am
it will take time it always does. people make up their minds in the last weeks of the primaries. my expectation is we'll have slow steady progress. that's been the expectation all along. >> that was jeb bush talking about his plans to break out in the field of republicans. he is expected to declare his candidacy today. how will he distinguish himself? >> we have the editor and chief of daily beast and margaret hoover. >> great to see you guys. >> good morning. >> how will he distinguish himself? >> look this is the classic example of advantage turned liability in the terms of his last name. the reason he led the pack is because of his last name. now the reason he will be behind is because of his last name in the republican primary. he's going to have to jog it
3:41 am
out. he will emphasize executive experience. women. what he did with domestic violence minorities, helped the minorities in florida. this is reaching out to the demographics republicans must win. he will do it in a refreshing way. >> interesting to see the talking points leaked and to hear and see what the logo is said to look like. do we have that? i find this fascinating. >> wow! >> there's something missing in this logo john. his last name. clearly he thinks it's a liability if the logo is to emphasize the jebness. >> the jebness, that's great. we knew if this is a bush/clinton race it will be a jeb/hillary race. they want little recognition to the last name.
3:42 am
here is what's interesting. it's the logo he used in the past. not a fan of the exclamation. nobody is voting for him because he's excited about jeb. >> is he excited? that's the question. >> he's got the best ideas and can seemingly be president in a fractured field of people who there are serious doubts. >> yet, he had mitts he may have a personality drawback that keeps him from tooting his own horn successfully. listen to what he says. >> maybe that's why he needs the exclamation point. >> listen to how he describes his personality. >> it took me a lot to get used to. >> can an introvert be president? >> can an introvert be a bush? >> that exclamation point stands for extrovert.
3:43 am
we know he is an introvert. that exclamation point is part of his first campaign in 1994 he lost. they brought back a similar logo. look of course an introvert can be president but you have to be able to speak broadly and everything depends on the circumstances. he can do it. he's bringing important messages and policy proposals to a republican field. that's his contribution. now he has to duke it out. >> here is the real talk. now, there will be a field of 11. that's a sports team. >> you got a bench, at that point. you can field the team and a bench. >> you really have to stand out. >> in that fractured field, 15% can make a winner. 15%, normally you are distant third and fourth place. that can put you in poll position. it's a calculus making the race.
3:44 am
>> let's talk hillary clinton. she has her first big official campaign event this weekend, had a big crowd. what did you think of her messages? >> was it her first event? seems like there were four. she announced six weeks ago, talked to people and announced again. it's hard to feel like this is a brand-new announcement. authentic authentically, she looks older, attractive better version of the same person that's been around. this is what you are hearing on the left and right about her. marco rubio had the same analysis. i was shocked she walked into it by referencing the beatles in her announcement. that is her fundamental flaw. she's been around. >> wasn't she saying that's what the republicans were about? they are saying they are all old. who has been around for 25 years, she has. not marco rubio or jeb bush.
3:45 am
>> one of the things we were talking about with bush was the legacy issue. we are going to ask it with him, we are going to about her. we don't need another bush do we need another clinton? >> this is a gut check for the electorate. already, i have seen t-shirts saying bush/clinton bush/clinton question mark. there's a degree of population. it's questionable. they have to run on their ideas. they are going to disassociate their last names. i think the best thing you can say about hillary's re-rollout is focusing on the four fights. those have to do with immigration reform domestic security economy, they are both focusing on the economy with the target or jobs. jeb going to commit to raising 19 million new jobs. that's policy specific. even if there are unintended
3:46 am
ironies, hillary on campaign finance. you have to give them credit to put policy first. >> who knows if she's an extrovert. compared to her husband she's not. we might have two introverts. >> compared to what? the main thing with hillary is we have to see if she's able to be compelling enough. >> bill's the greatest politician of our era and the second george w. the contrast is good. >> let's pull up the countdown clock. how many days? it's only 511 days 18 hours, 13 minutes and 40 seconds. >> with that much time i can have a baby and still be on the presidential campaign trail. >> your baby might be walking, if you were to have one by then. >> i could have a new child by the time that happened. >> you could. let's see what happens. >> margaret johnson, thank you
3:47 am
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the naacp chapter in spokane, washington postponed a meeting in which their president rachel dolezal was expected to discuss this controversy of her race and identity. she represented herself as african-american. her parents say she is caucasian. let's discuss this. i was flying back from canada
3:52 am
when this broke and i thought this is going to make an incredible segment with someone like yourself. first blush, what do you make of it? >> it's so layers and so bizarre. one sister said only a white woman can get this much attention for being a black woman. it's triggering from being angry to funny. >> you don't think it's triggering for black people? >> i care about what black women feel. that's why we are here. there's an individual story that is heard, that is weird and complicated. i think there's family things and mental things. what's interesting to me is what thousands of black women are feeling. i was engaged on the ground. i had a snap poll in my box. >> my experience is our experience is very -- one would
3:53 am
think the opinions vary equally. >> there's diversity in feelings like in our character. overall, generally, women are not here are transracial. they are not ready have this conversation on whether there's transracial white identity and fluidity. not when blacks are being thrown to the ground by police officers are black girls are being shot in the face through locked doors. it's not time to have that kind of conversation when we are under attack. so many black women are doing race work and on the front lines. i think, also what started the story was investigating her hate crimes. they may be fraudulent. hate crimes are very real. >> they are. >> this isn't a weird human interest story. there's layers to it. >> black women cannot escape their blackness. this is a white woman who could
3:54 am
easily have we don't know if she did or wanted to, she could leave her blackness she acquired and go back to her life. that's not something african-americans can do. >> she can perform her whiteness in authenticity. that's what i think is one of the things for black women. we can't choose to be white. look i understand my proximity to whiteness makes people more comfortable. i could be a blond black woman. i'm not naive to the fact who i present. but, my daughter can't. my aunt could nltn't. my family member who were strung up couldn't. >> this woman, as the leader of the spokane chapter did a lot of work on behalf of african-americans. we understand she was doing a lot in terms of black lives
3:55 am
matter. should this matter and affect her legacy or the advocacy she has done? >> yes. here is why. now her creditability is totally challenged. why couldn't she celebrate us as an ally? why couldn't she do great race work as a white woman? also there are complexities inside her work. there are stories coming out about students saying she would let them represent spanish heritage. now, stories about tim weiss not able to come to the school because, as a white man, he can't talk about the black experience. stories of her saying black lives matter should be led by black people. there's three black women that started it. >> what do you think of the fact the naacp is saying they support her? does that surprise you? they say your identity and
3:56 am
racial make up should not matter to the leadership of the naacp. many white people and people of other ethnicities have advanced the cause. >> it has always been a multiracial organization looking for social justice. right? i don't think your racial identity should matter if you are honest about it. i think the naacp's response is challenging to me because of the deceit part not because she could be white and a leader in this heritage organization. that's also layering this in terms of how do we feel. how do we feel about the naacp's positioning on somebody who lied about this. being black is not something you borrow. >> it's not like a pair of shoes. it's a pleasure to have you here. this conversation will continue online. we are following lot of news this morning.
3:57 am
let's get to it. two teenagers attacked by sharks just 90 minutes apart on the same stretch of beach. >> just came up and took his arm. >> blood in the water coming over with the whitewash. >> $100,000 cash. >> mitchell gave the men eyeglasses. >> she befriended both men. the three were going to run off together. >> we heard someone saying they are shooting at police. >> we believe this suspect missed the field officers. >> we are confirming the truth. we are her birth parents. >> are you african-american? i don't -- i don't understand the question. >> this is new day with chris cuomo, alisyn camerota and
3:58 am
michaela peralta. >> chris is off this morning. after two terrifying attacks on the same stretch of beach saturday. a 13-year-old girl and 16-year-old boy, each of them lost an arm. >> this is the third reported shark attack in several days. this morning, the popular north carolina beach area remains open. authorities are telling people not to go in the water. chad myers is live for us. what do we know? >> thousands of miles of beach up and down the coast, but focusing on that part right there. the east and west part of this north carolina beach. supposed to be fun, but not this weekend. a frightening scene at a north carolina beach. two teenage swimmers losing an arm each in separate shark attacks a short time apart. at 4:15 p.m. a 13-year-old girl was attacked first. less than 90 minutes later, a
3:59 am
16-year-old boy suffers another attack. officials are not certain if both were by the same shark. >> blood in the water, coming over with the white watch. he was in shock. he was still coherent. took it clean off. i saw what was left of what he had. >> reporter: helicopters air lifting them to the hospital, both critical. each having an arm amputated. the 13-year-old girl sustaining damage to one of her legs. both are out of surgery and in fair condition. >> i have been here 16 years. this is the first time something as major as this has happened. >> reporter: both incidents happening at high tide at a popular destination for beach goers and fishermen. the beach will be open with the sheriff's department monitoring the coastline. >> it's a safe place. it is highly unusual. be a little more beach oriented tomorrow until we get a better
4:00 am
handle on the situation. >> each of these attacks happened at high tide, a time you want to stay out of the water in general. this could be a dangerous couple days until they figure out if it was one shark or more. my advice stay on the sand. >> we didn't know you were supposed to stay out of the water at high tide. why is that in. >> the baitfish come in. lots of fishermen throwing bait in. this is the deepest part of the water, when the water is out and you are in a low sandbar, there's little depth for the sharks to get in that low tide. six to eight inches there, out to the sandbar that is offshore. when the high tide comes in you have three to four feet. it's enough water for them to get up to the shore. >> thanks so much for that information. now, we want to get to the other top story. the search for two murderers


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