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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  June 15, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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let that 75-year-old woman let the city leave her alone. >> these are my favorite young men in the world right now. the brothers gesture left her speechless but she has plenty of words for the judge when she appears in court tomorrow. take it easy remember. it's wonderful that neighbors are helping neighbors. >> i love those boys. they're wonderful. time for newsroom with carol costello. >> good morning. i would say happy monday but i find that -- >> exactly. >> yeah. but anyway happy monday. have a great day! newsroom starts now. happening now a prison worker behind bars this morning. the two convicted killer she alleged helped escape still free. >> we don't know if they are still in the immediate area or if they are in mexico. >> new details about the abandoned get away plan and whether these two dangerous criminals had a plan b. also jeb jumps in.
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a new logo a slick campaign video. >> jeb is different than george. jeb is who he is. >> a push to define himself outside his famous last name. plus shark attack. not one but two children lose limbs in separate attacks on the same north carolina beach on the same day. let's talk live in the cnn newsroom. and good morning i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. any minute we're expecting to get new information about the double shark attack from oak island town officials. these two teens a 13-year-old girl and a 16-year-old boy each lost an arm in the same beach in attacks separated by less than out minutes. both teens are in fair conditions this morning. after being lifted to an
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hospital on sunday. shark attacks in her city are so rare she cannot remember one happening before yesterday, said the mayor. the press conference in north carolina is about to get underway. we expect to hear from the fire chief, the mayor herself, and also, martha harlan a hospital spokeswoman. let's listen. >> we'll begin in a few minutes. if everyone will again, turn your cell phones off or to vibrate. when everyone is ready we'll begin. tim holloman. >> chris hansen fire chief. >> i'm ryan watts. i'm the emergency services
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director. >> john ingram sheriff of rosen county. >> okay. good morning. this is about sunday's shark encounters. the first incident approximately 4:40 p.m. in the vicinity of ocean crest pier involved a young teenage girl approximately age 12 who was here vacationing with her family and approximately at 5:51 a gentleman 16 of winston-salem was missing as well. the second incident occurred just before 6:00. we are not releasing names at this time because we have not been able to speak to the families of these victims. the town has been coordinating with the sheriff's department the rescue ems, and other agencies and the response and
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attempting to locate the shark that may have been involved. late yesterday afternoon they warned people to get out of the water. the chief will give you a more detailed account of yesterday's incidents. >> late yesterday afternoon at approximately 4:40 p.m. we received a call for a traumatic injury in the area of the ocean crest pier on oak island. captain jack baker, firefighter paramedics arrived on the scene to find a 13-year-old female that had been attacked by what is believed to have been a shark. the ems and police department also responded and the u.s. coast guard was advised of the situation. at approximately 5:51 p.m. another call came in for a similar injury at the 55th street beach access. that incident involved a 16-year-old male. the same fire department crew responded to that call as well. when they arrived on scene, the
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16-year-old victim's friend had begun life-saving treatment on the beach. the police department and the water rescue responded to the second call. both victims were reported to be about 20 yards offshore waist deep water. both of the victims were transported by ems to a landing zone and air lifted with life-threatening injuries. as of last night, both victims were out of surgery and in stable condition. >> thank you, chief. now ems direct eror -- >> thank you. just to elaborate a little bit more on the injuries from yesterday. the first, a 13-year-old female she had injuries to her left upperextremity.
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the second 16-year-old male had a pretty significant left upper extremity. they were both life threatening injuries air lifted to our trauma center and as indicated, they are both out of surgery. they're both in stable condition this morning, but honestly they have a really long road ahead. the keys to the success yesterday was the fact that our bystanders were on the beach with both of these patients did very quick first aid the correct way. we had a very quick response from our 9-1-1 center who assisted with bleeding control over the phone, and things like that. and our first responders were very quick as well. also the patients were transported directly to the trauma center and certainly that makes a big difference as
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well. >> thank you. sheriff john aprogram is here as well. he's talk about the acts taken by the sheriff's department immediately after the incident and the actions for the next couple of days. >> the sheriff's office's role -- our boats and we're utilizing the resources to help monitor the coastline and watch for any sightings of sharks and if that occurs we'll report it to the town and take appropriate action. action. >> at this time it is time to make contact with the research institute. we're talking with them about potential ways to avoid future incidents, and also study what has happened here that is out of the norm for this area. we would like to remind people that the beaches are open and
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maybe some things to be advised if you're in the area. pay attention to fish swimming part earns. if they dart away -- >> we'll step away from the news conference right now. as you heard, just tragic news for the two teenagers. one a 12-year-old girl and the other a 16-year-old boy. i went ahead to atlantic and check with chad meyers. i think i heard officials say they're looking for the shark, am i right? >> absolutely. there are millions of sharks in the water, millions of people in the water and rarely do we have a story like this. most just swim by and don't do this kind of thing to people. when you have an aggressive shark like that they're going to try to find the shark, for sure. >> this is quite unusual in this area as well. there are only four shark attacks in north carolina all of last year. >> this is an east west oriented beach here. you don't expect and east coast
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beach to go east west. at this point it turns here into part of north carolina. there's the fishing pier. a lot of chum in the water, fisherman there trying to catch their prey trying to catch fish. i don't know if that anything to do with it. it's been happening for years and years. the same fishermen have been doing the same thing, and we haven't had this kind of attack. not that far to the west here 12 miles was the attack they were talking about a couple of weeks ago. now three actual attacks, two yesterday and then the one weeks ago. very very close within 12 miles of each other. >> all right. thank you so much. turning to new developments in the daring escaped of two convicted murders and the prison employee accused of helping them break out. joyce mitchell is due to appear in a new york courtroom this as the killers remain free. sara sara sara began man is outside the courthouse with more.
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>> good morning. joyce mitchell the seamstress from the prison arrived in court a few moments ago. she's meeting with her new attorney. before she was arrested and charged with bringing tools to those inmates, she talked to police about her plans to run off with the two of them. to meet them in the middle of the night, the night they escaped and to drive them up to 7 hours away. this morning joyce mitchell a former prison employee is waking up behind bars. >> you are joyce mitchell? >> charged with promoting prison contraband. this as new details emerging hatched by convicts richard matt and david sweat. inmates may have been sneaking out of their cells in the middle of the night to explore the prison's inner walls. any indication of how they knew how to get out? >> the extend of time period they could have been out of their cells at night down in the
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tunnels is a great question that we hope to get answered. >> mitchell told police she was to pick them up around midnight and drive to a location seven hours away. the local district attorney says the convicts had a specific destination in mind. sources indicated mitchell had befriended both men. the three were going to run off together. she told authorities richard matt made her feel special. however, mitchell got cold feet and never showed up. >> one of the reasons because she loved her husband and she didn't want to do this to him. >> her husband, lyle mitchell works at the prison and knows the men. he was questioned about the breakout. it was joyce mitchell who police say brought the men chisels, hacksaw blades a screwdriver bit, and lighted goggles. if convicted mitchell faces up to eight years behind bars as the two killers remain free. now, carol, that court hear has
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been delayed a little bit this morning while mitchell meets with her new attorney who was a pointed this morning. she was moved over the clinton county jail to a county jail about two milehours away. they didn't want her to be a distractions during the manhunt. >> stay there. we'll get back there to you as her formal arraignment begins momentarily. less than an hour ago new york's governor ordered a formal investigation into the prison break calling it important to figure out how they escaped in the first place. there are at least 800 law enforcement officers searching for the men scouring the woods around the prison and stopping vehicles on area roads. new york state police say they received 870 leads, and more stream in every single hour. but despite the resources and all those tips there have been no confirmed sights of the men. for new york's governor the frustration is showing.
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>> we don't know if they are still in the immediate area or if they are in mexico by now. enough time has transpired but we're following up every lead the best we can. >> with me now cnn legal analyst mel robins and gill alba a former nypd detective. welcome. so mel, if you were joyce mitchell mitchell's new attorney, what ed a vice would you give her now? >> keep your mouth shut is what i would be saying. the reason why is because she's actually got not a lot to gain i think, from cooperating, and my personal opinion, carol, is what we're going to find out is that she probably wasn't even plan a. i believe that they're nowhere near that prison and probably long gone and the mere fact they weren't even telling her where the destination was that she was supposedly driving them to tells me that they did not see her as
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an part of their plan as to helping them get to the final destination. i think she was a distractions. so the only chance of this 51-year-old grandmother who fell for a prison guard, this is a story that is as old as the history books for crying out. she was manipulated is sympathy and the governor saying he's going to throw the book at anybody that helped them. she's got to sit tight, until they find these guys it's a terrible case against her. >> wow. do you agree with mel's theory? is that why investigatorse ersors chose to charge her? >> they could still talk to her. she could still, you know, give a lot of information. i'm sure they're going look for that. when these guys are out, and she's the one that helped them plan this. so she has a lot of information. and these guys could go out there and kill and hurt and do anything to somebody else. so you really need her to get
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all this information out as much as possible. >> you need her but she's charged now. what, i mean why would she continue to cooperate? >> i'm not sure -- >> especially knowing that the governor is wants the court to throw the book at her? >> i'm not too sure at this particular point. when you have extenuating circumstances where you have the informations and the guys can go out and kill somebody so there's something that could happen there. that's why you may have her cooperating. >> the tantalizing new details keep coming out about the case. here is one, the plan may have been in the works for two years. how might that plan deal with joyce mitchell's deference? >> she's charged with criminal contraband and criminal facile facilitation facilitation. she's looking at collect uvively eight years.
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the more details they have it would simply go to sentencing. she's saying by the way, that these guys made her feel special. she's also saying she did not provide the power tools that were the tools that enabled them to cut through the walls and cut through the pipes, and i think her case is going to be more about how much she is sentenced to and less about whether or not she's guilty of the charges. it sounds like she's guilty of the charges based on the facts that we know already and she's already said to the police. what is going to be in play here is what is she sentenced to? sympathy will be a big factor. whether or not the guys are caught is a big factor and how much she was involved or whether or not she was just simply duped. she brought in a couple of things these guys made her feel special. they manipulated the heck out of her. if they can spin that story, she might be get less time than the eight years that are on the table. but she's certainly going to be convicted based on everything she's said to the police carol. >> all right. mel, gill stick around.
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all right. these pictures coming into cnn. that's joyce mitchell prison worker who allegegency allegedlied help the two prisoners escape. this is platsburg city court. we expect her to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty or maybe she won't enter any plea at all. that is possible. this court hearing has been delayed. we expected it to happen at 8:30 eastern this morning. but the court appointed her a new attorney and she had to conifer with the new attorney before the proceed ygs began. so if they get inside that courtroom and if cameras allowed
6:22 am
we'll take you back to the city court. we wanted to see the perp walk into the courtroom this morning. let's talk about the world of politics. this is jeb bush in his new campaign ad. watch. the barriers right now on people rising up is the great challenge of our time. so many people could do so much better if we fixed a few things. my core believes start with the premise that the most vulnerable in our society should be in the front of the line not the back. and as governor i had a chance to act on that core belief. >> okay. so in just a matter of hours the most anti-climatic thing will happen after dozens of campaign-like events jeb bush will declare he's running for president. that will happen later today in miami. perhaps we should put an exclamation point on that. take a look at the campaign logo. there you see it.
6:23 am
his first name with a exclamation point and no mention of his famous last name. how he'll fair listen what he told cnn over the weekend. >> there is double digits that's a very competitive field. it will take time. it always does. people make up their mind in the last weeks of these primaries, so my expectations is that we'll have slow steady progress. that's been the expectations all along. >> early polling indicates it could be a tough fight to the top. the latest cnn poll has bush just behind marco rubio and barely ahead of mike huckabee and scott walker. so bush will officially enter the race. hillary clinton already has. she rallied her supporters over the weekend in new york and then snubbed president obama on his failed trade bill while she was in iowa. >> the president should listen
6:24 am
to and work with his allies in congress starting nancy pelosi who have expressed their concerns that the impact it would have on our workers to make sure we get the best strongest deal possible and if we don't get it there should be no deal. there are some specifics in there that could and should be changed. so i am hoping that's what happens now. let's take the lemons and turn it into lemonade. >> congresswoman debby wasserman schultz joins me now. welcome. >> thank you, carol. great to be with you. >> thanks for being here. before we get into hillary clinton, i want to talk about jeb bush because you recently said we will dog you, jeb bush every day you're on the campaign
6:25 am
trail. he served in the legislature in florida. florida. >> i think there's some real irony in jeb bush's first campaign ad where he's talking about trying to clear away barriers for people who are struggling and who need an opportunity to succeed, because jeb bush as governor was all about making it harder not easier for people in the middle class or wanted to reach the middle class. he focussed almost exclusively on cutting taxes for the wealthiest americans when he was governor. he essentially ruled unilaterally when it came to college admissions. he unilaterally ended affirmative action and only after 10,000 people marched on the state capitol and a sit in was staged in his office did he finally agree to legislative hearings on that issue. he has labelled infamously in his book "profiles and
6:26 am
character" single mothers and singled them out to be shamed. that the person who should be ashamed is jeb bush. now we'll have an opportunity to show the entire country exactly what type of -- >> you're talking specifically -- about the scarlet letter law. jeb bush explained that. he said it was -- >> and -- >> -- and jeb bush's book and he personally explained it to reporters. he said that is a scarlet letter law was implemented in an effort to get absentee fathers to pay child support fop find. to find the fathers who didn't accept their responsibility as parents. what did you say? you voted against the scarlet letter law in florida. >> i did. first, jeb bush in his book said that women who are single mothers should be publicly shamed. then in the scarlet letter law, which i did vote against, what he signed into law was a law
6:27 am
that said that women should have to list their sexual partners in the newspaper in a publication if they wanted to give their children up for adoption. that is how we make sure that fathers are held accountable? this is the type of -- when i say extremism, this doesn't even begin to scratch the surface when it comes to jeb bush. he's talked about being his own man and being different than president george w. bush. we've already seen what a bush economy looks like. jeb would double down on the economy >>well mr. bush did -- going back just a second. governor bush did let the laws fire. he didn't fight to keep it on the books. >> look we're talking about someone who is going to announce his candidacy for the presidency of the united states of america who believes that we should publicly shame women who have children quote, out of wedlock. and the way we should do that
6:28 am
if they want to give the children up for adoption is by making them publicly list their sexual partners. i mean is this the mentality of someone who should be president of the united states? there are so many more extreme views that jeb bush has had. he's traded on his name throughout his career. he established offshore tax havens, you know he sat on the board of a company that defrauded investors out of millions of dollars. >> i would like to talk -- >> come to light, carol. >> i understand. i would like to turn the corner and talk about hillary clinton for a second on the subject of trade. you voted yes to the president's trade proposal. it went down to defeat. mrs. clinton samed to blame it on president obama's negotiating skills. is she right? was that the problem? >> well, i think what we have to do is spend some more time talking with members and really
6:29 am
going through the details both of the trade adjustment assistance legislation, which will -- which is the legislation that provides assistance to workers who are displaced as the result of trade agreements and the trade promotion authority legislation, which is the up or down vote law that delicates congress's authority to the president to negotiate trade agreements. there are some details that still need to be negotiated and discussed. i think we'll be doing it over the next several days and weeks. >> was it president obama's fault for not negotiating early with democrats. it was the inability to negotiate with the fellow democracies? >> carol, the president has been negotiating not only with democrats but with republicans as well. he's made, you know his cabinet officials available. all of us have had an opportunity to go in as members of congress and review the text of the agreement.
6:30 am
we've had classified briefings. we've had briefings in our caucus meetings. there's been a lot of opportunity for members to take a look at this and for members to interact with administrate officials and the president himself and ask questions. so we need to do more of that for sure. this is complex. it's not easy. we need to balance our need to make sure that we don't have china writing the rules for trade with making sure that we can protect our workers and environmental standards. that's the balance that democrats are trying to strike. unfortunately, republicans aren't giving us a lot of help. they don't care so much about those things. that's why it needs to take a little bit longer to sort through. >> i don't think some democrats are giving you any help either. debby wasserman-shulszchultz thank you. he might have ambushed cops in dallas over the weekend, but his parents say his violent act wasn't much of a surprise to them. so could this have been prevented? we'll talk about that next.
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we're learning new details about the crumbling mental state of james boulware the gunman who ambushed dallas police over the weekend hiding pipe bombs on the street and unlearning a barrage of gunfire at police headquarters before leading officers on a car chase that ended with his armored van in flames and a sniper taking him out when swath negotiations failed. james boulware's father tells cnn his son was boiling over with anger because of a custody battle and blamed cops for taking away his son. >> every one of us has a breaking point. every one of us. >> did your son hit his breaking point? >> he hit his breaking point. >> his mother paints a even more
6:36 am
disturbing picture telling us her son claimed he could see the future. he spoke about planning a school shooting and even choked his own mother and threatened to crucify her in the backyard. cnn nick valencia live in dallas with more. good morning. >> good morning, carol. this is the exact spot where 35-year-old james boulware carried out his attack on police. investigators spent the time digitally mapping the area to figure out how boulware coordinated the attack. we're learning more about his history. very troubled history. one haunted by mental illness. we spoke to his mother who told us about the struggle her son was going through. >> and then police came by to check to see if there were pipe bombs or bombs here and there were none. evidently he did not single us out. i would have thought i would have been the one he singled out since i got custody of his child. he had problems when he was
6:37 am
younger, when he began to 14 -- when he was 14 he began to start talking to just a chair or something like there was somebody in it. especially outside out back where we have a little table and chairs and he would laugh weirdly, and he would say that he had precognitive dreams such as back in 2011 when the japanese tsunami happened, he claimed eded afterwards he told his brother and me and others all about it and nobody would listen to. he had not. >> chilling details from the mother. we also spoke to the father in a very emotional interview who said his son was with him just three hours before carrying out this attack. he had mowed his father's lawn and promised to be back in a couple of weeks. officers' nerves have started to settle. many counting their blessings.
6:38 am
we were given a tour of the crime scene yesterday. showed one of the officer's vehicles first engaged by the suspect. it was a miracle anyone was able to survive this assault. today the medical examiner will continue their autopsy. we hope to learn more details about james boulware in the coming hours. >> nick valencia reporting live from dallas this morning. still to come under pressure to speak out about whether she's pretending to be an african-american. an naacp leader makes another controversial move. ♪i'm coming home now♪ ♪to your tender sweet loving♪ ♪you're my one and only woman♪ ♪ does your makeup remover take it all off? every kiss-proof cry-proof, stay-proof look? neutrogena® makeup remover does. it erases 99% of your most stubborn makeup with one towelette. need any more proof than that?
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new calls this morning for spokane's naacp leader to step
6:43 am
down and why she's been posing as a black woman. >> people want some type of culture. they want to hear us think it is not ambiguous it is clearly state what the problem is and what a potential solution should be. the spokane community is ready to forgive rachel. we just haven't heard anything. >> rachel dolezal was expected to answer questions today but the meeting has been postponed. for years dolezal prejted herself as an african-american but her said she was white. her parents released the picture of blond haired caulk indication teenager. they say her that's on the right. her brother compared her transformation to living in black face. one's racial identity is not a qualifying criteria or disqualifying standard for naacp
6:44 am
leadership. a seemingly funny headline at first glance. it is a sparking a conversation about race and social justice. i'm joined by author tim wise and political analyst goldy taylor. thank you for being with me this morning. i appreciate it. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> so what should rachel dolezal say when she finally comes out and talks about this? >> well, i think we ought to hear the truth from her. we ought to hear the truth about her history. we ought to hear, you know the narrative as it is in history. i don't think we should hear a lot about tepees and hunting for food with bows and arrows. what we ought to hear if she does in fact relate to or a feel a part of the frrmt african-american community. i agree with the north carolinaaacp in the broad tent of inclusiveness race
6:45 am
shouldn't be a criteria for leadership but integrity is. for that she should be judged. >> the naacp in spokane is treading lightly. they're not saying anything extremely negative about her just yet. they're in a tough place, aren't they? >> i suppose, but i think the tougher place that we all are in and i think that rh dolezal needs to acknowledge is there is a role for her as a white person in this work. those of us myself included who are trying to be allies working in solidarity with folks of color there's a long history. white folks throughout history who have said as white people we want to insist that we reject white supremacy. as white people we fight for justice. as white people we insist that black lives matter. the sad thing that rachel instead of joining that struggle which would have welcomed her, frankly, decided nah, i don't
6:46 am
want tomess with that. i want to go straight to being black. and rejecting that long and noble history of attemptive white solidarity. we have to figure out a way to create a positive authentic anti-race identity. that's not the way to do it. >> you wrote a letter to rachel. your first line quote, it's okay to be white. i want to read further. quote, you adopt what you believe was my language hair styles, fashion, and mannerism. speaking out of a love of sense and sister hood available to you. you altered your complex. expand on that. >> what i believe here and tim weiss is right about this. there is a level of space for people of all walks of life to come together under this tent of solidarity. i absolutely believe that. there is no more community more welcoming, more embracing of
6:47 am
difference than the african-american community. we believe in social adoption. i'm everybody's aunty, for instance. that would have been the same for someone like rachel dolezal. we would have welcomed her into our community and homes. we would have given her that safe share to be a lifelong ally. i think she forfeited that by become ing deciding to take the space of what may have been the african-american man or women in various leadership roles to lie about her background or ethnicity for scholarships to afford her positions as an buzzman in washington state. so those kinds of things call her into question. i've seen an instance i think tim can probably expound on this a little bit, where she actually pushed other white allies out of these spaces claiming that she was more i guess credible in terms of being a black woman and speaking on certain issues.
6:48 am
she said eminem is an appropriator of black music and maybe that is and maybe it is not. eminem is one thing he has never done is claimed to be a black man. >> i have to leave it there, unfortunately. we're awaiting to hear what this woman has to say. maybe she'll decide to speak in the coming days. we'll keep you posted. still to come the signs were there. james boulware was a violent man. the question now what, if anything could have been done to prevent him from going on the shooting rampage? meet the world's newest energy superpower. surprised? in fact, america is now the world's number one natural gas producer... and we could soon become number one in oil. because hydraulic fracturing technology is safely recovering lots more oil and natural gas. supporting millions of new jobs. billions in tax revenue... and a new century of american energy security. the new energy superpower? it's red, white and blue.
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the mother of the gunman who attacked dallas police over the weekend is revealing details about her son's mental state. around the age of 14 her once sweet son started showing signs of mental illness. he wanted to shoot up a school to prove schools need to be protected from people with guns. >> when the sandy hook thing came he just couldn't believe the kids were killed like that and about that time some people were advocating armed guards at schools, which i am for also for that very reason but anyway he thought that it would be a great idea to go shoot up a school not necessarily kill anybody i think, but not aim at kids for sure but just to make people aware that they needed to have an armeded guard at the school and the rest of us said no.
6:54 am
>> psychologist wendy walsh joins me now for more. good morning. >> good morning. >> so supposedly, you know this man was in a custody fight for his child, and his mother was awarded custody, and during the court proceedings, mr. boulware threatened the judge as well. could anything have been done to commit him or could anything have been done? >> you know every time a shooting like this happens, the conversation comes up again, carol, what were the warning signs? why didn't anybody do anything? but really what can they do? the law is pretty clear. you have to be an imminent danger to yourself or somebody else and you also can't just say this person needs to be in a mental hospital if you don't have the insurance to cover it or the wherewithal or the means to get him mental health services which are lacking in many places. so, you know the parents
6:55 am
obviously knew he had a mental illness just like the arizona shooter whose parents kept him and just tried to keep him safe but i don't know that a lot can be done unless he says i am going to commit this crime now. >> that's just -- you know he also dialed 911 and went on this rant against police because he blamed officers for him losing custody of his child. >> yeah. the first thought i had when i heard about this is almost like he was committing suicide by police that going to shoot up the police station, he knew he wouldn't make it. he knew he was suffering. he was trying to reach out for help in different kinds of ways but, again, in this country we don't treat our mentally ill very well unless you have a lot of health insurance and a lot of money to get the services that you need. i mean this guy could have probably been very -- functioning very well on medication. >> i don't know. you know it's just sad we let
6:56 am
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happening now in the "newsroom," a prison worker behind bars this morning. the two convicted killers she allegedly help escape still free. >> we don't know if they are still in the immediate area or if they are in mexico. >> new details about the abandoned getaway plan and whether these two dangerous criminals had a plan b. also jeb jumps in. a new logo a slick campaign video. >> jeb is different than george. jeb is who he is. >> and a push to define himself


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