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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  June 15, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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happening now in the "newsroom," a prison worker behind bars this morning. the two convicted killers she allegedly help escape still free. >> we don't know if they are still in the immediate area or if they are in mexico. >> new details about the abandoned getaway plan and whether these two dangerous criminals had a plan b. also jeb jumps in. a new logo a slick campaign video. >> jeb is different than george. jeb is who he is. >> and a push to define himself outside his famous last name. and chaos, fear and panic
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in georgia. more than 1 million people urged to stay inside as lions, tigers and bears and even a hippo roam the streets after a zoo was flooded. let's talk live in the cnn "newsroom." and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. reversal of fortunes. two prison inmates are roaming free and the prison employee who befriended them is locked up. this is joyce mitchell in shackles and on her way into court on charges that she helped those convicted murderers escape. right now there are at least 800 law enforcement officers searching for those men, scouring the woods around the new york prison and stopping vehicles on area roads. state police say they've received 870 leads, and more stream in every hour. yet despite all the resources and the public's help there have been no confirmed sightings
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of these men. cnn's sara ganim and polo sandoval are in plattsberg york. sara tell us about the court delay. why it happened? >> reporter: joyce mitchell arrived here an hour ago but she hasn't appeared in court yet. she got a new attorney this morning. the court appointed her a new attorney. her last one had to stop representing her because of a previous conflict with a previous case. she's here this morning for a pretty routine proceeding on the criminal complaint against her. you will recall on friday she was arrested, charged with bringing contraband into the prison. remember she's the prison seamstress who had a relationship with both of these men who have escaped. she's been charged now with bringing them tools that police say they used to get their way out of prison to sneak out that night. now, we expect her to be in court at some point this morning. however, that hasn't happened yet. as we said she has a new attorney. they've been meeting for the
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past hour or so presumably talking about this case. we do expect to hear more but over the weekend i talked to the district attorney we learned new details about what the plan was supposed to be before joyce mitchell got cold feet. the d.a. told me a couple things. he said first, he believes that these men were rehearsing their escape in the nights leading up to the night that they broke out of prison going into the walls in the middle of the night, possibly planning out their route of escape. he also told me that joyce mitchell had planned to pick them up in the middle of the night at a specific location in town and then drive them to a new destination. that the two convicts had picked. a destination, he said was up to seven hours away but that joyce mitchell didn't know where it was. he also told me that joyce mitchell planned to run off with the two of them. there are reports that joyce mitchell said that richard matt made her feel special, but in the end she got cold feet and the d.a. told me that part of the reason why was because she decided that she still loved her
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husband. carol? >> i know you're keeping an eye on that court hearing and when it begins we'll get back to you. i want to turn to polo sandoval right now. this morning the new york governor andrew cuomo announced a new investigation into the prison escape. tell us more about that. >> reporter: that's right, carol. this was an expected development here. new york governor andrew cuomo ordering the state's office of inspector general basically come into the equation and initiate their own investigation. they will be tasked with taking a hard look at the clinton correctional facility which is where these individuals escaped from ten days ago. this investigation will include bringing in an outside expert somebody that would be able to offer some perspective and a fresh look at the facility's security their infrastructure and policies and procedures. that individual would then provide feedback to see if there are any change that is need to happen at that facility to make sure that this does not happen again and most importantly if
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any further charges have to be filed against any other individuals. >> i also understand schools are reopening where you are despite this manhunt. are there precautions being taken? >> reporter: yeah. well school is back in session for this part of upstate new york. we do know that outdoor activities have been suspended for now. officials want to keep the students inside. we also know that parents and students can expect a heavy police presence on some of those campuses and it's really what we see throughout upstate new york carol, even at this particular checkpoint here. you see that detour and that checkpoint still in place right now, that road block as well. police here heavily armored as well and heavily armed police rather keeping a close eye on the public because at this point what's interesting though, carol, is that investigators still don't have a solid indication as to where david sweat and richard matt could be. just yesterday we heard from governor cuomo from new york who said at this point they could be as far as mexico and as you may
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imagine, hearing that update could potentially be very disheartening for the nearly 800 men and women that continue trying to track these individuals down which again at this point no positive sightings of either one of these dangerous men. >> all right, polo sandoval reporting live in upstate new york for us. thank you. let's talk about this further. with me now cnn legal analyst mel robbins and gil alba a former nypd detective. mel, i want to start with you. so this hearing has been postponed. this is just what they're calling it a formal arraignment. what is that? >> that's basically where she'll appear in court carol, with her attorney. the charges will be read. she will enter a plea. you can be certain it will be a plea of not guilty. the reason why is there's probably absolutely no offer on the table in terms of some kind of a deal. i personally don't think that this lady has much information at all. if you look at the big grand scheme of things she's a 51-year-old grandmother with no criminal record going through a
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mid-life crisis who was a pawn and was played and manipulated by these guys. i highly doubt that they were even planning on using her as the getaway driver. she had absolutely no information about where they were going to be headed. on top of that they didn't need her. they needed her car, carol. so it will be interesting to see if we can even find these guys because i suspect that they're long gone by now. >> so gil, do you agree that in the end these two guys didn't need joyce mitchell? >> i think that even if they used her, i think they would have gotten rid of her somehow. i'm not sure if they were going to go to her house first and do something to her husband or something and then have her drive them some place, but i think eventually they would have gotten rid of her meaning they probably would have killed her some place along the lines. >> so mel, if you were her attorney and she's gotten a new attorney what would your advice to her be? >> well it depends on how much information she has, carol, because her only shot right now is getting what we call a really good disposition or plea bargain
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in this case. if she has a lot of information she can share that would help in apprehending these two escaped convicts then that helps her get a better deal. on the other hand i agree with gil. i think she was a pawn. i don't think that she was central to the narrative. she didn't even provide them with the power tools that allowed them to cut through the walls, and you've got the governor saying that he's going to throw the book at anybody else that's found that helped them escape. so basically what you want to do is cooperate as much as possible so that at the end of the day these guys are caught and you can get a better sentence than eight years in prison for this grandmother of 51. >> so there is tantalizing new information coming out about how these men planned their escape. gil, supposedly this was two years in the making. >> yeah. >> there had to be other people involved. why is it taking authorities so long to figure out who those people are? >> i'm sure the other persons are not going to come out and
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say, you know, they helped because they will be in trouble. i sort of agree, if i was involved in there to talking to her, i can -- we can give her, the law enforcement can give her a better deal if she talks because she need all the information to find these guys because it's really dangerous. that's why we have 800 police looking for them. that's how dangerous these guys are. personally i believe they will find them and get them. are they in mexico? that's not easy to get to from -- >> but they gave joyce -- i guess joyce mitchell gave towards this little bit of information that supposedly they were going to meet her at the car and she was going to drive them somewhere that would take seven hours, and i think we have a map there that shows the radius of the huge area that that might entail. okay. we don't have that, i'm sorry, but if you draw a circle seven hours, that's a lot of territory. how do you search for guys in that much territory? >> there's a lot of background check to be done. why are they picking this location? who do they know?
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just like they have the information about her, you know using a cell phone. that's how they actually caught her, because she had connections to their families and all that. so the same thing here. find out everything you can about them and why would they go to this certain location. so everything could be at some point, you know, brought down focused a little bit. right now it's all over the place, but personally i feel like they're going to have these guys and you know how the tips come in? they come in i just saw these two guys and all those other tips, you can tell right away but when the tip comes in it's going to be right on. >> i hope you're right, gil and mel, thanks to both of you. still to come in the "newsroom," the gop field getting even more crowded, but with jeb bushas jeb bush's leap a little too late?
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finally, jeb bush will do what we've known all along he was going to do, he's going to declare his run for the president of the united states. hours from now he will officially launch his bid for the white house making him the 11th gop contender. over the weekend mr. bush released a new campaign ad. >> the barriers right now on people rising up is the great challenge of our time. so many people could do so much better if we fixed a few things. my core beliefs start with the premise that the most vulnerable in our society should be in the front of the line not the back. this is what leadership is about. it's not just about yapping about things. there's a lot of people talking,
7:16 am
and they're pretty good at it but we need to start fixing things. >> mr. bush's goal to try to appeal to nontraditional republicans. cnn's alina ma cha da was on the ground in miami where mr. bush's announcement will take place. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. he'll be making his announcement here on the campus of the largest college in the country and it comes after months of talk about his presidential ambitions. now, those preannouncement videos you mentioned revealed the campaign logo which consists simply of the word jeb followed by an exclamation point. there is no mention made of the bush last name. dana bash had the opportunity to interview bush over the weekend, and she asked him, who is jeb bush and what is it about him that people should think about when they vote? this is what he had to say. >> i've lived overseas i've worked overseas i have been in business i have served as governor.
7:17 am
i give back to my community. i have a great relationship with my wife and family and i'll get to share all that part of that that's important. it's something that took a little getting used to personally to be able to show my heart because i'm kind of introverted but it's important to do. >> now, the latest cnn/orc poll show that is deb bush is trailing florida senator marco rubio and only slightly ahead of mike huckabee and scott walker and marco rubio just released a statement moments ago basically calling jeb bush his friend and welcoming him into this race carol. >> all right, alina machado reporting live from miami. i found it intriguing that jeb bush admitted he's an invo trert because i, too, am an inveryin introvert. i don't enjoy being the center of attention. i don't like small talk. i like to debate big challenging topics. needless to say my friends are often very frustrated with me.
7:18 am
so i wonder about governor bush and his admission and joining me now, cnn political commentator anna navarro. she's a jeb bush supporter and also his friend. were you surprised that he admitted he was an introvert? >> i'm surprised you just admitted you're anintrovert. i tell you, both you and jeb picked a heck of a career for introverts. you on tv and he on the mage stage in politics. you know i think he's a very thoughtful guy, and he does like to think. he does like to be alone with his thoughts. he likes to read a lot. but i also think he's very socially adept. i see him say hello and chitchat with so many people and he does it in a very natural way. you know thsnotice funny because he's lived in miami since 1980 as have i. so he's lived with so many hispanics and in the hispanic culture we're very touven ychy-feely. we hug, we kiss. we kind of claim him as one of
7:19 am
our own. >> i understand. it's interesting his logo. it just is jeb with an exclamation point. you don't see his last name. i'm sure that was by design and i'm sure also that maybe his admitting he's an introvert is also by design. when you think of george w. bush e not an introvert, he's charismatic, he's friendly. people say you could sit down and have a beer with him. i don't know that you would think about jubeb bush in exactly the same way. >> i can tell you you can sit down with jeb bush and have a drink. he's a very natural, grounded guy. on the logo carol, it's funny because i have heard so much psycho analysis of this logo. sometimes a logo is just a logo and, you know, that is basically the same logo he's had his entire life. i live in florida. that's pretty much the same logo jeb with an exclamation point that he had in '94 for his first campaign which he lost. in '98, in 2002.
7:20 am
i have a bumper sticker from 2002 with that logo on my car right now which i still have saved because, yeah i admit, i'm a hooshdarder. i think that logo may have been designed in 1994 when alex castellanos was running his campaign. >> so it has nothing to do with the last name bush at all? >> i hate to disappoint but there's no psycho basketball going on -- babble going on. >> this is a statement from marco rubio because supposedly jeb bush is marco rubio's mentor. rubio put out this statement. he said, quote, in politics people throw around the world friend so much it often has little real meaning. this is not one of those times. when i call jeb bush my friend i mean he is someone that i like care for, and respect. he and i have worked closely together for many years on issues big and small.
7:21 am
he is a passionate advocate for what he believes and i welcome him to the race. why do you suppose marco rubio felt he had to put out that statement? >> i think it's classy. i think -- you know i think it's genuine. i think there is an authentic relationship that goes back many many years. they have been through many fights together and, you know, i think marco and jeb don't see it as competing against each other. i know everybody in the national media see it is that way -- >> anna i'm going to have to interrupt you because i have to take our viewers to plattsburgh city court. this is joyce mitchell, the prison worker accused of helping those inmates escape. let's listen. >> had time to discuss it with her, and what we're doing to do right now judge, is we're going to waive a preliminary felony hearing. >> all right. you're waiving then the matter will be transferred to county court, and your next court date will come from the county court.
7:22 am
anything to add, mr. wily? >> no your honor. >> anything to add? >> no. >> okay. then we're adjourned for today. thank you for appearing on such short notice. >> bail continues, your honor? >> bail continues. >> all right. i want to bring in brian claypool he is a defense attorney and he joins me live now. we didn't see very much of that hearing, brian. so what can you tell us about, you know the average formal arraignment? >> well this is different than average, carol. what the lawyer for joyce mitchell did is he waived preliminary findings. it's really a jurisdictional issue. he wanted the case transferred over to county court, so there will be a new date set for county court in a county courthouse where she will be arraigned at that point in time and she's going to have to answer to the findings and plead
7:23 am
either guilty and likely she'll plead not guilty at that point in time. this was just a jurisdictional decision on the part of her lawyer. >> i'm just looking at the way she's dressed. is that a bulletproof vest? i don't know what that is. i'm just guessing. >> well it might be a vest she wears for one of those life saving vests, too, in case somebody throws her in the water and she's drowning. but, yeah it looks like it is a life jacket. >> what? >> but she -- i was kid being that. i'm like what? >> i said she was probably wearing a life jacket in case somebody tries to throw her in the ocean when she leaves court. >> oh brian, brian, brian. >> she looks pretty somber. carol, i'm a little more outgoing than you are, right? >> i know but this is serious stuff and she does she looks scared to death as a matter of
7:24 am
fact and she probably should rightly be scared to death because she's possibly looking at eight years in prison. >> well carol, on a serious note one thing that joyce mitch 'em has going in her favor, and this happens a lot with females who commit crimes like this it's much different than men who commit crimes like this. they don't have any remorse at all, and they're doing it because they're angry or because they're violent people. most women who commit crimes are not necessarily violent folks. women who do this are doing it because they have some kind of manipulation that they're subjected to sometimes an abusive relationship. here she was manipulated by one of these convicted killers, and what happens, carol, is women will sell their soul to -- here a convicted killer but once they're caught, the difference is they will cleanse their soul and that's exactly what she's done here. she has opened up and she has given a plethora of information to law enforcement to help them try to piece this together to
7:25 am
find these two convicted killers. >> but when you have the governor of the state of new york saying he wants the book thrown at anybody who was involved in helping these two men escape i don't think she has much of a chance even if she shared lots and lots of information with authorities. do you? >> well i think she does carol, and i think here is what's happening behind the scenes. i think law enforcement is doing a masterful job of dangling a possible plea bargain with her if she cooperates and gives them additional information, which is what she's been doing. because if you look at the charges right now, carol, i know she could possibly go to jail for eight years, but i've done a little research and she could also be charged, for example, with accessory before the fact in new york and that would add additional -- an additional six to eight years and also she could possibly be charged with conspiracy. so there are two additional charges they are probably hanging over her head and they're probably working with her behind the scenes and saying hey, look you keep
7:26 am
cooperating, we won't charge you with this these additional crimes and maybe we'll seen cut you a deal down the road but you have to help us. >> we'll see. brian claypool thanks for being with me. i appreciate it. i'll be right back. crimes, and maybe we'll seen cut so this beauty can be yours with a down payment and 10% financing.
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bring your gift to any sleep train and help make a foster child's day a little brighter. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child. the u.s. launches air strikes targeting this key terrorist in libya, but there are now conflicting reports about whether he lived or died. barbara starr is at the pentagon she's following this story for us. good morning barbara. >> reporter: good morning, carol. just really too soon to say. this was the guy the u.s. was going after, a man named mukhtar bell mukhtar. the head of the al qaeda affiliate in north africa. they launched air strikes at a site in libya where they had intelligence that he was there. but just too soon to get that confirming information from the ground about whether he was actually killed in the air
7:31 am
strike. he is somebody the u.s. has wanted very badly as the head of that al qaeda affiliate in north africa. he is said to have been behind the 2013 attack on a gas plant in next door algeria. several hostages taken and killed in that attack and then the u.s. in federal court charged him with a number of offenses including hostage taking kidnapping conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction. it just goes to the seriousarriousness of how badly they wanted him. they've been watching him for a long time. we don't know what intelligence they got, but they got some sort of intelligence that he was on the move and he was going to cross the border into libya and be in this area. they launched the air strikes, still waiting for that confirmation from the ground. carol? >> all right, barbara starr reporting live for us from the pentagon. thanks so much. still to come in the "newsroom," the mother of the suspect in the dallas police attacks speaks out. why she says her son, james
7:32 am
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the parents of the gunman who attacked dallas cops are opening up about their son's violent and troubled past. james boulware's father tells cnn his son was roiling with anger before the shooting rampage because of a custody battle. he blamed police officers for taking away his son. >> i knew he was angry at police. he blamed them for taking his son. i tried to tell him the police didn't do it the police were
7:37 am
doing their job, to enforce the laws. >> boulware's mother paints a more disturbing picture of her son telling cnn she thought james would go after her, not the police because she was the one who was awarded custody of his son. >> i got to talk to the detective who was in charge of the thing, and he said he would call me back. he did not know whether james was alive or not. they were sending a robot to see and all that, and in the meantime we of course looked it up on the internet looked at videos and then police came by to check to see if there were pipe bombs or bombs here, and there were none. evidently he did not single us out. i would have thought that i would have been the one he singled out sips i got custody of his child. >> cnn's nick valencia is following the story live in dallas. good morning, nick. >> reporter: good morning, carol. this is the exact spot where
7:38 am
35-year-old james boulware carried out his attack just after midnight on saturday at dallas police headquarters. it is a miracle no one was injured other than the suspect. we were given a tour of this crime scene on saturday shown the police car that was shot up. two officers were inside at the time of the shooting. they were uninjured. we have also been digging into bour ware boulware's history. it is a troubled history, one haunted by mental illness. he spoke to his mother, and she told us the struggle her son was going through. >> he had been going downhill for a while mentally and he couldn't hold a job, so he was stressed out, and in 2013 my brother came to live here i guess at the end of 2012 and he -- james began to get more and more irate. if anything disagreed with him
7:39 am
on anything, he just couldn't stand it. >> reporter: a chilling account of an individual who was clearly disturbed and intent on taking lives here. 14 police officers from the dallas police department have been put on administrative leave because they were engaged in that shootout. that's standard operating procedure, but here many still counting their blessings. they're lucky to be alive, carol. >> nick valencia reporting live from dallas this morning. so the signs were there. james boulware was a violent man. the question now, should someone have known he would target police? with me now judge alex ferrare, the former florida 11th judicial circuit judge and host of "judge alex." welcome judge alex. >> thank you, carol. great to be here. >> thanks for being here. >> judge kim cook stripped boulware of his custody rights to his son. he threatened that judge.
7:40 am
could he have been locked up for those threats? >> if you threaten a judge, yeah it's a federal offense. i'm not sure what his threat was. typically you won't get away with that in a courtroom. typically if you were to mouth off to a judge or threaten a judge, you'd be held in contempt on the spot. as far as volatile individuals, like i heard the judge say that you looked into his eyes in the courtroom and you saw the hatred. judges especially in family court, we see violent individuals, aggressive people who are furious. remember in every family court case there's generally a winner and a loser. sometimes there's two losers and they are less than happy. to see people who are furious with the system furious with the judge that's an everyday occurrence over and over again throughout the country. i have done it myself. it's not unusual for a judge to get off the bench and stay to their staff or to another judge or think in their head you know one day that guy is going
7:41 am
to snap. you know that but there's no crime that has occurred. there's nothing you can do. i used to be a police officer and i would see people who were violent on the street and you knew they were going to snap. there was nothing you could do to protect anybody because they hadn't committed an offense. you can't just take them into custody and say, you know -- it's not like the movie "minority report" where you go in the future you're going to commit a crime so we're going to take knew custody now. unfortunately, that's just the way it is. >> interestingly, judge cook was afraid of this guy. so afraid she told cnn she asked for extra security after she he came to her courtroom. here is what she had to say. >> when he had a court appearance or when we thought he would be in court the security was always heightened in the building in my courtroom i had extra security put in place because he was always a threat to us. so we just didn't know what he would do or when he would do it or, you know, what was going to happen. >> also take this into account, his mother was so afraid of her
7:42 am
son she slept with a gun. she said her son talked to empty chairs he talked about shooting rampages at schools. she said she could not get him the help he needed. is she right? was it just impossible to find this man help? >> that's a very difficult question. i mean obviously i think the largest fault that we have is the way we treat people with mental illness. most of the problems that we see whether it's a shooting at a school or something like this it involves people who are mentally ill and our mental health system really does fail them. we don't have enough sfor for that. we have plenty of support for looking people up after they commit a crime, but, you know, the preventative work just isn't there. and she's probably right about that. there's just not much you can do especially when you have an individual who doesn't want help. there's only so much you can do to take somebody into custody involuntarily. they have to be an immediate danger to themselves or an immediate danger to somebody
7:43 am
else. somebody could threaten you and say i'm going to kill you, and in most places that's not a crime until they take some step whether it's pulling their arm back to hit you or whether it's something in furtherance of that threat that actually makes it a crime. so when you have an individual who is uncooperative about getting the mental help they need everybody around them can know this person is about to blow, and there's just nothing the judicial system can do about it. look at the flip side. if you give the power to police and judges to lock up people who they think are going to commit a crime, i think we would end up with a much worse situation than these isolated incidents. >> judge alex thanks for your insight. i appreciate it. still to come in the "newsroom," two kids lose arms in separate shark attacks on the same stretch of beach on the same day. we'll talk about that next.
7:44 am
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ten days nearly 1,000 leads, and still no sign of two cold-blooded killers on the loose. we're also learning stunning new details about the brazen prison escape by inmates richard matt and david sweat. according to authorities, the inmates may have been sneaking out of their cells in the middle of the night to rehearse their break away. we've also learned that the inmates planned to drive to a destination seven hours away. earlier this morning joyce mitchell the prison employee accused of giving escape tools to the men appeared in court. she's charged with promoting prison contraband and criminal facilitation. she faces up to eight years behind bars if she is convicted. joining me now, clinton county
7:49 am
district attorney andrew wily. welcome, sir, and thank you so much for being with me. >> thank you for having me. >> you were inside that courtroom. can you tell us the mood? >> well there was obviously somewhat of an adjournment. there was an application by keith bruno, the attorney who advised the court that he appeared that he had a conflict of interest. based upon that application, the court reviewed it made a determination that there was a conflict or a potential conflict that could occur later on in the proceedings, so he contacted steven johnson, another local attorney here in plattsburgh, who has extensive criminal defense background and mr. johnson agreed to represent mrs. mitchell. >> we were wondering since miss mitchell has now been charged, do you think she'll continue to
7:50 am
cooperate with authorities? >> well we're certainly open to that. it's obviously subject to her attorney's approval and her consent to do that. we've left the door open for her continued cooperation. >> how deeply do you think she was involved in this? >> she has told us that she's provided hacksaw blades provided other contraband to both matt and sweat, and she was aware of the time frame of the escape. she had been provided information on the period of time that they had been working on cutting the backs of the cell walls out, going down into the tunnel system of the facility and working their escape plan. so i think she was relatively involved. >> relatively involved. we're just wondering how many
7:51 am
other people you think was involved in this. >> as far as other people that are involved the investigators are continuing to follow up every lead that we have coming in in relation to that. we have -- right now we have no future arrests scheduled or pending in the matter while we're conducting the investigation. >> i mean is there a number that you could put on the number of people you suspect had something to do with this? >> i can't comment on that. sorry. >> the albany times union is reporting there was a plot by the inmates and mitchell to possibly kill mitchell's husband. can you confirm that? >> i received that report. many of the reporting agencies have asked me about that and i have no comment relative to that at this time. >> did you ask miss mitchell
7:52 am
about that? >> i have not spoken with miss mitchell. >> i understand her husband is also a prison worker. have you cleared him of suspicion or wrongdoing? >> we have not cleared anyone at this point in time. mr. mitchell is still being investigated. we are open to speaking with him if he chooses to do that. we are continuing any leads that relate to mr. mitchell and his potential involvement in this matter. or at least his knowledge of any involvement in this matter. >> is it as simple as that that he had knowledge of it and not actually physically helped these guys? >> joyce mitchell has informed us that she has spoken to him prior to her arrest of her involvement. that's information that i have but i don't have the details of
7:53 am
what that information was. >> and just some of the details about how these guys were able to get the kind of equipment they needed to break out of this prison. we understand that there was construction going on inside the prison and at times these prisoners borrowed tools from the contractors and replaced them when they had to. is that your understanding? >> no that's not my understanding. what my understanding is is that you're accurate in that there was construction going on throughout the facility. there was construction going on in the blocks which the inmates had access to and when i say inmates i'm talking about sweat and matt. that they had access once they got out of their cells, once they were able to get into the tunnel system, they located a toolbox, and within that toolbox there could have been some power tools in that toolbox that they utilized to assist them in furthering their escape route.
7:54 am
>> there are also reports out there that governor cuomo and he had to cut costs and he eliminated some overtime and perhaps there wasn't sufficient employees in place inside that prison to prevent something like this. can you comment on that? >> well i'm aware that the ig's office in working with the governor is going to conduct a very thorough investigation relative to that. we want to make every effort that we can to avoid anything of this nature ever occurring again not only at clinton correctional facility but throughout each department -- each of the facilities within the department of corrections of new york. >> i mean i have read that some of the watch towers weren't manned at night because of the cutting costs of the prison. >> that's an issue that you'll have to speak with the governor about or the superintendent of
7:55 am
department of corrections. >> and just another question about joyce mitchell and what she told you. supposedly she said that she was supposed to drive these two guys to a location seven hours away. do you know where they wanted to go specifically? >> we do not. we've made several inquiries of joyce mitchell relative to establishing a location in attempts that if they are not in the area any longer, that we would be able to localize that location seven hours away and she's consistent in each and every interview that she's discussed the seven-hour trip but not given any type of a formal destination, whether it's outside of new york whether it's outside of the united states. >> and just a last question about joyce mitchell. i know she said that one of the inmates made her feel special,
7:56 am
but what caused her when all was said and done to back out of this plan? >> only from reviewing her statements she indicated that, you know she loved her husband, that she didn't want to throw her life away and those were some of the reasons why she possibly backed out and caused her to have that panic attack on friday afternoon. >> how would you characterize her? >> i'm not going to comment on my characterization of her at this time. >> all right. andrew wylie, thank you so much for being with me this morning. i appreciate it. i'll be right back. it wouldn't make sense if you turned on something in one room and it turned on everywhere else. but that's exactly how traditional cooling and heating systems work. so you pay more than you should. but mitsubishi electric systems give you a better way...
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7:59 am
what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern. checking some of the top stories for you at $2 billion deal could impact who is filling your prescriptions. cvs is taking over target's pharmacies rebranding them as cvs. the sale effects 1600 pharmacies in 47 states. in addition target's 80 clinics will be rebranded as minute clinics clinics. and two young swimmers each lost an arm in separate shark attacks less than 90 minutes apart. a 14-year-old girl was attacked on sunday afternoon. while she was still getting treatment, a 16-year-old boy was attacked nearby. both had surgery and have been
8:00 am
upgraded to fair condition. officials say they're not sure if the same shark attacked both teenagers but it appears likely. and a wedding party at one of the world's most famous hotels interrupted by gunfire. a gun accidentally went off at the event inside the waldorf-astoria hotel. four people taken to the hospital with injuries. they were later released. thank you so much for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts now. are more arrests on the way? as the prison worker linked to the daring escape appears in court, the prosecutor suggests more may be involved. and the inmates are still nowhere to be found. two shark attacks on one stretch of beach in less than two hours. a real life shark hunt now under way, but swimmers told they can go back into the water if they


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