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tv   Wolf  CNN  June 15, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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that meets the standards of an american trial? >> keep us updated. there's two things here -- he's either not retried and let go or he is retried with a weak case. will you come back and tell us. >> we will. >> carrine, thank you for being with us. brianna keilar is here next she's stepping in for wolf. see you tomorrow. hi, there i'm brianna keilar in for wolf blitzer. it's 1:00 p.m. here in washington 6:00 p.m. in london and 7:00 p.m. in tripoli. wherever you're watching from around the world, thanks so much for joining us. we start with the latest on the search for two killers who escaped last week from an upstate new york prison. this morning, the former prison employee at the center of the break was back in court. a new attorney was at joyce mitchell's side to ask the case be moved to county court, which it was. and the prosecutor tells cnn of mitchell's alleged role in the
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escape. >> she has told us that she's provided by hacksaw blades provided by other contraband to both matt and sweat and she was aware of the time frame of the escape. she had been provided by information on the period of time that they had been working on cutting the backs of the cell walls out, going down into the tunnel system of the facility and working their escape plan. so i think she was relatively involved. >> the search for two escaped murderers is now in its tenth day. there are no fresh clues at this point as to their whereabouts and the prevailing assumption that they are in an area east of the town of dannemora where the clinton correctional facility is located. more than 800 officers are now involved in the manhunt. this includes canine and aviation units pursuing more than 900 tips. there's a $100,000 reward offered for the men's capture.
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new york governor andrew cuomo has ordered a formal investigation into how the two convicted killers were able to escape. for the latest let's go to sara ganim in plattsburgh not far from the correctional facility there. sara tell us what is next for joyce mitchell especially as we now understand just how much she was involved in this. >> well what's next for her today is that she's going back to jail. she was not able to post that $110,000 cash bail as of now. her attorney says he's going to spend the day talking to her. he was just appointed today and the district attorney tells us that this case now moves -- he'll go to a grand jury to try to secure an indictment on it. he has six more days to do that before she could potentially be released if he does not get that indictment in that amount of time but her case moves on to county court. she moves out from this level and from there we'll await the indictment in hopefully more detail brianna. >> her husband, sara, worked at
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this prison as well in quite close proximity to her. have authorities learned anything from him? >> they did talk to him. i spoke to the district attorney over the weekend. we asked him about lyle mitchell, who is her husband, who also knew these two men, richard matt and david sweat. all four of them knew each other. so he was a person that authorities very quickly wanted to speak to. however, the district attorney told me a lot of interesting detail about these relationships between these four. obviously joyce and lyle were married and the d.a. told me not necessarily -- they believe him when he says that joyce didn't necessarily share with him, her husband, the details of her wanting to run off with these two convicted murderers. now, the d.a. did say that even though joyce was in court today and did not say a word brianna, really just stared at the court during the proceedings, she was pretty chatty with investigators before her arrest. she shared some details about what the plan was.
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she told them that richard made her feel "special," and they had some sort of relationship all three of them going back to 2013 when they met. she was going to pick them up at a location in the middle of the night and they were going to drive up to seven hours away to a destination that the two convicted murderers picked. that joyce mitchell told authorities she wasn't aware of. she got cold feet and she told the district attorney that -- sorry, she told police and the d.a. then told us part of the reason that she got cold feet was because she still loves her husband. brianna? >> sara ganim with the latest there in new york. thank you. what can we expect to happen now in the search? it's been ten days right? let's bring in our panel. we have lenny depaul, the former commander of the u.s. marshal service task force, former fbi assistant director and current cnn law enforcement analyst tom fuentes. so tom, to you, where might
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these guys be? because it seemed like a few days ago local authorities were a little more confident they were nearby. now it seems like it could be anyone's guess. >> a few days ago, brianna, they had the dogs hit the scent and find candy wrappers and all that. i think now they're looking at -- that may not have been accurate and as you heard the governor of new york this morning say, they could nearby or they could be in mexico. so i think the searchers are starting to worry that maybe they slip there had the net that they had and maybe some of these leads weren't as positive. everybody in the county practically works at that prison. it would be bound to find candy wrappers and other trash that came from that prison. that might not have come from them but just people that work there. >> what do you think, lenny? >> i mean there's certainly an intense manhunt still ongoing, brianna. all weekend they were searching over 500 home, there were a lot of summer homes that haven't been unlocked but thinking outside the box with respect to joyce mitchell hopefully she's
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completely on board and giving law enforcement what they need with cooperation. however, you know and, again, it's my opinion, i have a gut feeling that was plan "b" and they -- you know they used joyce pretty good and she didn't even realize it and someone else picked these guys up. so tom's right. there are wrappers consistent with what's out of 2 jail. then again 7-eleven had the same wrappings. anything could be happening. we have leads throughout the country from canada down to mexico. >> it's interesting that you say there might be a plan "b" because, tom, you've long said this that joyce mitchell could have just been one piece of this puzzle for these guys. >> right, they could have been playing her from the beginning. we have the statements made from joyce mitchell to the police telling them everything that was going to happen and what they intended. but was she being honest? we don't know that yet. then you have what they told joyce mitchell. were they being honest with her? so this is a lot to assume that everything she said is exactly what was going to happen in their minds.
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we don't know that. >> lenny, what do you think about this investigation that governor cuomo is saying now needs to be undertaken? even without knowing where these guys are at this point. what needs to come out of this? >> absolutely. there has to be a full-fledged investigation on what went on on the inside and, you know it's always after the fact but taken into consideration dannemora, there's never been an escape from there in a hundred years. that's pretty good. >> lenny depaul tom fuentes, thank you for joining me to talk about this. we have some breaking news. a stunning development in the story about rachel dolezal, she is the leader of the spokane chapter of the naacp whose own family exposed her as a white woman and not an african-american woman that she was portraying herself to be. we now know she is stepping down as president of that chapter. in a statement, dolezal said "please know i will never stop fighting for human rights and will do everything in my power to help and assist whether it means stepping up or stepping
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down because this is not about me, it's about justice." cnn's stephanie elam joining me on the phone from spokane. stephanie, this was a very sudden development. did this come as a surprise from where you are there in spokane? >> it feels like things were bubbling up over the weekend, brianna. i've been here all weekend long and you could hear people talking about it on the street stores restaurants, people were definitely talking about it. but there was definitely a change. the last thing we knew is that there was going to be a meeting monday night, a regularly scheduled meeting for the spokane chapter of the naacp and she told me she was going to speak there and she was going to say something there but up until then she was going to let the national chapter -- sorry, the national headquarters of naacp take the lead. then we found out that the meeting was canceled. then we found out that one of the committee members, one of the chairman of the education committee sent a letter to her saying it was not in their bylaws that one person could cancel this meeting.
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so we know there was some disagreement going on inside of the chapter of the naacp. we know there was a protest planned for tonight and now we've got this letter from her just saying that she's stepping down. it's a very long letter and it's involved and there's some interesting sentences in it brianna. for one she says "while challenging the construct of race is at the core of evolving human consciousness, we can not afford to lose sight of the five game changers." so that's an interesting sentence there but she doesn't address the one thing everyone wants to know -- is she or is she not black or is she white? >> tell me, where do things change here? because at the end of last week the northwest chapter of the naacp was saying we stand behind her, racial identity can be whatever it is. it really doesn't matter to be a part of the naacp. "where was the change? when did people start saying "no, this is not whook she did."
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>> i gather from some of the conversations she had is that she was seen as a good leader. that she was seen as somebody who really does care about what she's talking about. i've also heard a lot of people saying that she could have done a few things had she just done it as a white woman. so all of that seems to be the same. in her letter she also thanked the headquarters of the naacp for their unwaivering support. i think it's more of an issue of does this become more distracting to the cause of what they're trying to do for the naacp here in spokane than it does to help. and that's what she addresses in the letter. but obviously, you know it became an interesting topic around the world. people still talking about that and it's obviously a huge distraction. i don't know if it takes away the spotlight on her but at least now the naacp in spokane can move forward in a different way, i think, is the idea. >> all right, stephanie elam there on the ground in spokane. thanks for your report. coming up jeb bush is just hours away from announcing his
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plans to run for president. we'll speak with one of his early supporters about what's really become an uphill battle now that bush can be facing. also ahead, reports a key al qaeda leader was killed by a u.s. air strike in libya. we'll take a closer look at the man who's been called a legend among jihadists. ♪ ♪ mike fincham was diagnosed with colorectal cancer 2 years ago. it was a priority for mike that he continue to be there for his family throughout his treatment continuing to live the life he loves. that's why he chose cancer treatment centers of america. there he found a comprehensive array of therapeutic options all under the same roof designed to fight his cancer boost his energy and help him maintain his strength during treatment.
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jeb bush is finally ready to make it official. the former florida governor is ready to announce his run for the white house two hours frau from now. bush will join a crowded republican field. he'll be the 11th gop candidate to jump into this race and advisors say bush is going to portray himself as a compassionate conservative who
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can get things done. correspondent dana bash is covering the announcement at miami-dade university. so i hear some noise behind you, the crowds are gathering, dana, this is a couple hours away. set the scene as we await this announcement. announcement. >> this is the largest secondary universities in the state. it's one of the reasons why jeb bush chose it, because edgeucation is his big theme and has been for a long time. he is going to hit the idea that he did a lot here for better or worse as governor. he's somebody who led and got things done. but what you talk -- when you talk to advisors inside his campaign and even some really close to him and people who have been so for years, what they say is that his big challenge is to get -- come across as somebody who is just himself and not just another bush.
10:16 am
i was just traveling with him in europe. i've had a chance to speak with the former governor in estonia and asked him that very question. listen to this. >> well jeb is different than george. jeb is who he is. my life story is different. i got to do that when i ran as governor. i got to share my passion for service when i was governor and telling that story is going to be part of this. i don't have to dissociate myself or my family. i love them but i know that i'm on -- for me to be successful i have to show my heart, tell my story. story. >> can you give one example of who jeb bush is that makes you feel you are the guy who can make decisions? >> i've made tough decisions. i have a life experience that's full of works and successes. >> bri, at this event not only will we hear jeb bush speak but
10:17 am
we'll see and hear some members of the bush family his mother, the former first lady we are told barbara bush, is going to be in attendance. she'll be in the audience one of his son, george p. who is an elected official in texas is going to be speaking as well. so we'll see some of the bush clan but as you can imagine neither of the former presidents will be here. >> all right, dana we'll be hanging around with you all day as we await this announcement. thanks dana bash, in florida for us. he isn't in the race officially for another couple hours but jeb bush already has endorsements from more than half of florida's congressional delegation. that includes congressman john mica joining us from orlando. congressman, you see this republican field. it's getting big, getting bigger than big, huge right now. tell us why you endorsed jeb bush early. >> well, the field is big and we've got some great candidates but i can tell you, i've been in the state since 1956.
10:18 am
we've never had the opportunity in florida or in the nation to elect a more qualified individual to take us out of sort of the doldrums that we've had the past number of years with this administration into a positive future. and i saw jeb bush right here in our community in our state take us from some very tough times after 9/11 back to prosperity. getting good jobs. it's so exciting. i'm a graduate of miami-dade. to have him down there to announce at a college, those kids want to have a job. their parents want to have a future. and jeb bush is the one candidate i believe that can make that happen. >> why, congressman, especially marco rubio is in the florida delegation as well he's certainly a newer face. he's very charismatic. why jeb bush and not marco rubio? >> well again, a very fine
10:19 am
gentleman running, mr. rubio, and the others but nobody can compare the record. again, he was in business successfully. he was our florida secretary of commerce. when he was governor in orlando we have biotech industry we have high paying jobs. jeb bush led the way. education, just got reports back that some of the reforms he instituted making government and education responsible, that's what the country needs. not just a lot of rhetoric he knows how to get things done. he'll do them for the country. that's what's so exciting. people want a brighter future. they don't want to just be bashing folks and giving rhetoric. they want results for their future and their kids. >> you heard from bush himself. he basically says he needs show who he is and in an interview with dana bash he described
10:20 am
himself as an introvert. >> i've lived oversea, i've worked overseas. i've been in business i've served as governor. i have a great relationship with my wife and family and i'll share all of that. that's important. it's something that took a little getting used to for me personally to be able to show my heart because i'm introverted because it's important to do. >> can he do that congressman? can he connect with voters? why has he struggled to so far? he hasn't broken out of the pack as we might expected he would do in the polls. >> well people have focused on the two other bushes but this is a totally different bush. i worked with both of them in different capacities. the other family members, his father and his brother, but i'm telling you, you've got one of the most brilliant people i've ever worked with. he listens to people he cares about people. talk about a compassionate
10:21 am
conservative that wants to make people's lives better. that's jeb bush. he'll define himself. i know there's a way to go in this election where he's taking it slow and that's the way it should be. >> sorry to interrupt you congressman, but some donors are already concerned. you'll say there's time and certainly there is but the time may be now for bush to really connect and to show donors that he can really do this. that he can break out. what do you say to that? >> i think you take it step by step. right now people are blowing things up on everybody's campaign and trying to magnify the anything they see. but people are paying attention to who has the positive message and who can take us to that next step forward. again, we have been in some dire straits with this administration.
10:22 am
you look at the whole range of republican candidates, there's no one better respected internationally. there's no one with a resume that can do the job and has also done the job and proven in the job. so there's no question jeb bush is my candidate. two-thirds of the republican congressional delegation in florida support him. we've seen him in action and he's what america needs right now. >> we'll be waiting to see if more voters are agreeing with you, congressman, thanks so much for being on today. >> thank you. up next u.s. air strikes target a terror leader in libya. we'll talk about how the plan came together and why he is such a key target. stay with us. ♪ ♪ want to survive a crazy busy day? start with a positive attitude and positively radiant skin. aveeno® positively radiant moisturizer... with active naturals® soy. to help reduce the look of brown spots in just four weeks. and another positively brilliant idea...
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the u.s. launch mud air strikes in libya. the pentagon confirming it was targeting mokhtar belmokhtar. libyan officials say he was killed but the u.s. is waiting on forensic proof before officially declaring him dead. belmokhtar is believed to have been the masser mind of a gas attack in algeria where 37 americans were killed. that was a big attack so once this is confirmed or even now unconfirmed this is a big deal. >> it's a big get for the u.s. military brianna, no question about this. this is a guy they have wanted for some time especially after that attack in algeria. the way the attack unfolded two
10:27 am
u.s. air force f-15s had their eye on a compound. there was a building at the center of the compound. all the intelligence in the last several days pointed to the fact that belmokhtar was there. the f-15 firing off their 500 pound bombs against that building. belmokhtar is someone they wanted as the head of the al qaeda affiliate in north africa said to be responsible for that attack against the gas plant in 2013. gent subsequently charged in u.s. federal court with everything from kidnapping conspiracy, to use of weapons of mass destruction. very serious charges. they say the justification, the military and legal justification for the air strike inside libya was that he was involved with al qaeda and was plotting and had plotted against u.s. citizens. but it's a surprise one must say. libya, i don't think there was a lot of expectation that belmokhtar who traditionally
10:28 am
operated further into algeria and even mali his associates, that he would have gone into libya. clearly had reason to go there, speculation he was joining a meeting of other operatives but they do feel that they got him even as they are waiting that final confirmation. brianna? >> the libyan government barbara, cooperated hear what this u.s. air strike. but for the most part the libyan government isn't controlling much of libya. how much of a base has it become for terror group is? >> well libya is a big problem because you are seeing isis elements or said to be isis elements operating there. al qaeda, other groups ansar al sharia ever since the attack of the u.s. compound at benghazi it has been increasingly clear that libya without a strong central government virtually no government at some times, is
10:29 am
just a soup of these militant groups able to operate fairly freely. and once the u.s. closed its embassy in tripoli some months back it reduced the u.s. ability to have on-the-ground understanding of what was going on there. what we've learned from the motion of this air strike is the u.s. certainly does have some intelligence from the ground whether it's electronic intercepts operatives on the ground essentially snitches. u.s. intelligence personnel moving in and out this showed us their hand that they do have an ability to have some understanding of what is going on there. brianna? >> intriguing. barbara starr for us at the pentagon. thank you. it's been ten days since that brazen prison break and a massive dragnet has failed to turn up any sign of the two escaped killers in recent days. a live update on the manhunt just ahead. ooooh, check out the edge of the samsung galaxy s6 edge. it displays colors when your
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10:34 am
andrew cuomo has ordered a full investigation into how the two men were able to break out of the maximum security prison. more than 800 officers are now involved in this manhunt. much of the focus is in the community of katyiville, a few miles east of the prison. and part of the dragnet for these two dangerous fugitives involves multiple police roadblocks throughout the region. that's where we find cnn's polo sandoval at one of the roadblocks in west plattsburgh. police polo at this point they've received more than 900 tips. do they think they have credible information from those tips the men are still in the area? >> much of that information they would keep close to the vest but based on what we've seen the last ten days now, it doesn't seem to show at least we don't believe there is a solid lead investigators are chasing. we took a drive just past this police barricade and drove about a seven mile segment that remains closed here not far from
10:35 am
the clinton correctional facility and we see officers standing out there at times in the rain keeping a solid eye on the wooded area around here because at this point the predominant theory here is that these two individuals, david sweat and richard matt, are in the woods not far from the prison but as we've reported already, brianna, there's other ideas. speculation these individuals may have slipped through net. so they're also -- authorities are taking a hard look at the neighboring state of vermont. over the weekend, law enforcement sources telling me they've been able to identify a relative that one of these dangerous fugitives, richard matt has on the u.s./mexico border in south texas in the city of mcallen only a few miles from the u.s./mexico border. investigators believe he also has tied to human smuggling operations so while this plays out up here in upstate new york there's still the very real possibility that they slipped out of the country already. >> all right. polo sandoval with the latest
10:36 am
from plattsburgh. thank you so much. i want to get now to north carolina. two shark attacks within 90 minutes of each other at the same beach. they may have been from a single shark. two swimmers each lost an arm while swimming in the ocean on sunday. they are now in fair condition, that's good news. now we're hearing that 911 operators had to deal with so much. this happened as the emergency calls poured in. >> ma'am, we have gotten several calls and we're getting help on the way. do you know -- are any of the fingers completely amputated? >> it looks like her entire hand is gone. >> okay if you can just make sure they take a clean, dry cloth and wrap it around and police pressure on it. >> a clean dry cloth to wrap around the wound. >> they have a towel wrapped around her. >> okay make sure they press and hold on the end of it to control the bleeding. >> they wrapped it, they wrapped
10:37 am
a boogie board leash to stop the leading. >> tell them not to lift anything up. we've notified our units. we've gotten several calls and we have help on the way. >> the mayor there says she can't remember ever hearing of a shark attack on that stretch of north carolina beach. coming up, a historic day for the catholic church. a former archbishop the first priest ordered to face a criminal trial at the vatican for allegedly sexually abusing children. is this a turning point for the church in this scandal? we have that next.
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10:41 am
the decades-long scandal over priest sex abuse is taking an historic turn at the vatican. for the first time a criminal child abuse trial will be held. the vatican's former ambassador to the dominican republic yosef wesolowski, a defrocked priest is charged with sexually abusing boys and having child pornography on his computer. he's the highest-ranking vatican official to stand trial for sex abuse. also today, the pope accepted the resignations of minneapolis archbishop john ninestead as well as his top deputy following the conviction of a local priest convicted of sexually abusing
10:42 am
minors. joining me is a survivor of priest sexual abuse, you are the washington, d.c. director of snap survivors network of those abused by priests. you see what's happening with the former vatican ambassador. what's your reaction? >> i'm angry for the victims. they have the right for him to be tried in the dominican republic. instead they whisked him away to the vatican where they can control everything. instead of letting those victims, their families, the people in the drugominican republic seeing justice dean there. >> so you feel that he's getting protection within the justice system? >> well, they can control the publicity. they can control what information is out because the vatican isn't known for holding trials and giving all the information out whereas if it was done in the dominican republic those victims could be there. they could see the person that took away their innocence brought to justice. >> right there where it happened right? so this story of the minneapolis
10:43 am
priest convicted of abusing minors cost the archbishop his job. you were abused by a monsignor. when you hear this story, does it just feel like -- just feels like a flashback of people going through what you went through as a kid? >> yeah you know when you're abused your life changes. it's never the same again and my heart goes out the those victims in the dominican republic and those victims from minneapolis and i worry that just because he was allowed to resign versus they publicly said "oh, you have to resign because you endanger kids." i mean i read a quote where he says something like "i have a clear conscience because of the protocols i put in to protect children." and i'm thinking that's such a slap in the face to those victims that are hurting and how can you say that? >> so overall when you look at how the catholic church has handled all of these cases of sex abuse, a big wave of publicity is sort of passed in
10:44 am
a way, but we keep hearing these incidents and trials coming up. what do you think? >> i just think that the vatican does a lot of things that look good but they're not protecting a child and i think we need to concentrate on doing things in the secular courts and let's try them -- it's not a spiritual issue, this is a criminal case. let's try in the the criminal courts. >> becky, thanks for being with us you give a voice to so many people who maybe aren't using it so we appreciate you being here. >> thank you. just ahead, hillary clinton is back on the campaign trail. this is after her big launch rally over the weekend. we'll explore similarities between her strategy and jeb bush's. we have that and more with our political panel next.
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presidential politics now. jeb bush officially launches his campaign just over an hour from now and hillary clinton is campaigning in new hampshire following her first big rally of her candidacy over the weekend. i want to bring in cnn's political director david chalian and sara murray to get more on this. we just got some excerpts from bush's campaign kickoff. what are we expecting him to say? >> he's going to play up his florida record. job creation record in florida.
10:49 am
. and he says he wants to run for this job joyfully ant him running and showing his heart to the country. >> we have a graphic of part of his speech. it says "i will campaign as i would serve, going to everywhere speaking to everyone keeping my word, facing the issues without flinching and staying true to what i believe. i will take nothing and no one for granted. i will run with heart. i will run to win. if that kind of sounds familiar except for the "i will run to win." hillary clinton has left that i'm in it to win behind but i see some similarities here. >> i think there are a lot of similarities between hillary clinton and jeb bush actually. they are both struggling to explain to the public why they're running for president aside from their last name and then show a side of them people haven't seen before. something behind this stiff buttoned-up candidate and we see that from jeb bush all the time. he says he's going show his
10:50 am
heart. and that's important for him if he's going to come across as a different person than his brother and dad. >> there's one thing he can't do that hillary clinton can, that's emphasize let's listen to what we heard hillary clinton say on saturday. because unlike in 2008 she's really embracing it this final. >> well i may not be the youngest candidate in this race but i will be the youngest woman president in the history of the united states. >> she's playing the card no republican can play that she's a woman. >> carly fiorina could play that. >> that's true if she can get into even sort of the b and c tier. but she's also addressing age, which is key. >> totally key. early on you heard republicans start to make a few rumblings about whether her age would be an issue. that seems to have gone away of late. i don't think they have chosen that path sort of go at her
10:51 am
age, she's 67 years old and served as secretary of state. i don't think her age is going to be an issue. >> you don't think -- now, if it's jeb maybe he's for the going to run an ages campaign against her. but marco rubio and scott walker -- she looks so much older than they do. >> you don't say age. you say generational contrast. marco rubio is concerned and turning a new page that's what we're hearing from marco rubio which sounds less insulting than hey, you're too old to run for president. >> they want to make the case that fresh leadership is not necessarily about her age but it's been that she's been on the stage for two decades. >> and that's very interesting to me because when you look at polls, when you compare hillary clinton and then jeb bush who, because he's been on the political stage for so long and his family has been as well
10:52 am
they both have this dynamic argument against them you have polls that show voters believe she's the candidate of the future and they don't believe nearly as much that jeb bush is right? >> so this to me is the most surprising poll we've seen all year. people in hillary clinton's world as well as the republicans expected the country to say she is a candidate date of the past. this gets back to the gender thing. this is where i think being the first potential woman gets at her sort of at least neutralizing the each that she's a candidate of the past because she would be a historic candidate. >> just think about how much the gender politics have changed since she last ran in 2008. since then we've had sheryl sandberg and so many ceos speaking out about what it is like to break the glass ceiling. she's sort of capitalizing on that since 2008. >> she's working that advantage
10:53 am
whereas before she wasn't so sure that it was an advantage to her. before i let you go i want to talk about the logo. jeb bush's campaign logo is out. jeb with an exclamation point. what is the logo? i have no idea. it's almost identical to the logo he used in his '98 run for florida governor. do we have that one? i think we might have that one. or not. okay. so -- oh there it is. we see it. our monitors flickered for a moment. it's very similar. no bush last name. that's not a coincidence. >> it's not a coincidence. we know that the "b" stands for bush but i like it even better in spanish. it didn't work so well for lamar
10:54 am
alexander. but listen being a first -- having your first name out there, not associating the last name it's a clear break from his family name. >> and we'll see if he can deliver on that exclamation point. sara murray david scalion, thank you. good talking to you guys. we'll take you to a key border crossing in syria. y looks at the world... ...through those delicate little baby lashes. and one of those chubby baby hands... ...latches onto your finger so hard... it's like she's saying i love you. that's why aveeno® baby lotions... naturals® oat formula... designed for your baby's sensitive skin. because, while you count each miraculous toe... know they're counting on you. [baby coos] aveeno®. naturally beautiful babies. i like my seafood like i like my vacations: tropical. and during red lobster's island escape, three new dishes
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take me straight to the islands. like the ultimate island seafood feast, with crab, lobster and jumbo shrimp. all you have to do... get here while you still can.
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10:58 am
looming humanitarian crisis. today, turkey's border has been reopened allowing more than 1,000 syrians to escape across the border as they flee new use isis fighting. we can see as many as 2,000 come across turkey just today. 2800 broke across the border on sunday. as many as 100,000 could flee tal abyad, which would add to the staggering 1.8 million syrian refugees. our arwa damon is at the border. >> reporter: people are understandably upset as they are just being allowed to come across. the women were saying it's beyond a nightmare. we've seen groups of nightmare also dumping water on themselves and it's been fairly difficult
10:59 am
and some of them having to wait overnight. women, children babies all of them. this is just the latest round of individuals that are fleeing the latest bout of fighting. in this particular case we are talking about a vital town called tal abyad that is under isis control and there are occurred kurdish fighters and tal abyad is just out of eyesight on the other side of that wall. they will have cut off one of the key isis strategic routes to their stronghold of raqqa. the turkish military is readying themselves along this border. people were in a panic that they literally forced down this wall in some areas. and for so many of those coming across this is not necessarily the first time they have been forced to flee. some were saying that there are
11:00 am
refugees there as well and didn't want to live under isis but for some of them it was a better option than living in insecurity than having to make the choice to come across and end up as refugees. arwa damon, cnn, on the tal tal abyad border. i'll see you at 5:00 p.m. eastern. brooke baldwin with "newsroom" starts right now. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke balanceddwin. two violent prison inmates could be anywhere. there are now at least 800 law enforcement officers scouring the woods peering into cars and popping open trunks. ten days later, they seem to be no closer to capturing two convicted killers, richard matt and david sweat. leads are active and more and more coming in each