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tv   CNN International  CNN  June 15, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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new york prison break. the trail is cold for the escaped killers, but there are new details about sex behind bars. another claim that an airstrike took out a dangerous al qaeda leader. the embattled head of a naacp chapter steps down after she's outed as a white woman. tonight her parents speak to cnn. welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. i'm rosemary church. >> and i'm errol barnett. this is "cnn newsroom."
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it is midnight in new york where hundreds of law enforcement agents are hunting two escaped killers, and now we are learning the prison worker who allegedly helped them break out might have been forced to do it. >> that's right. an official says investigators think joyce mitchell was getting cold feet about the escape plan and may have agreed to be the get away driver because of threats to her husband. also a source familiar with the investigation says the prisoners have plans to kill mitchell's husband, although it isn't clear if she knew of the details. >> it has been ten days since they crawled out of the prison system through a series of pipes and tunnels. it seems the trail has gone cold. meanwhile, joyce mitchell -- >> from north plattesburg, what more do we know about this? what relationship did she have
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with these men and why her husband, now, would be at risk? >> reporter: both of them say a source close to the investigation said they had a relationship with him. one of them, richard matt had a sexual relationship with her. they began to manip lalt her. she began to help them. and at some point during that process, she became nervous. she started to get cold feet, wanted to pull back, but they wouldn't let her. they began to basically manipulate her in a very negative way, turning the relationship into a blackmail situation, saying if you don't continue to help us, we're going to tell authorities what you are doing. she then continued. at one point, apparently, it seems they threatened to kill her husband who also worked at the prison, and that's where some of the confusion comes in. at some point, she agreed to be their get away driver.
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she got cold feet that night, saying that she still loved her husband, didn't backed out and didn't show up. the question is why she never told authorities and whether or not they had another plan all along. >> it is such a bizarre development. talk to us more about the help she provided. i mean, she was part of this intricate escape plan. what was her role exactly? >> reporter: well, what authorities have said so far is that she provided them hacksaw blades, chisels, a punch, drill bits, other contraband, bringing those into the prison. it's not clear how much of this she willingly brought and how much she felt she had to for fear they might expose what she was already doing for them, or that she was being threatened. her husband's life being threatened by them if she didn't continue to help them. they, then, were able to use some of these tools, perhaps others, to get down into the belly of this prison, underneath the town of dannemora, basically do dry runs, practice runs,
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figure out what manhole they have to pop out of for a month perhaps before putting the plan in action. >> and they very well may have had plan b or other escape plans should the initial plan to have joyce mitchell help them out go awry, which is what happened. and last weigh heard these two escaped killers may have been heading to a cabin in vermont. is that the last best lead so far? >> reporter: that was a lead early on. then authorities found that when she didn't pick them up, they had found an encampment which they believe is still the best lead they have, less than a mile from the prison itself. they have been searching very heavily in those woods, some 13 square miles they've now searched. the sheriff whose department is also part of this search effort, david fauf row telling us that he's sort of split. 51% of them say they have fled and gone elsewhere, 49% makes them think they are still in the woods. so even a guy that closely
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involved with the investigation isn't sure whether they are still here oar somewhere totally different. errol? meanwhile, jis mitchell has been in jail since last week and made her second court appearance on monday. alexandra field was there. >> 100,000 cash. >> reporter: joyce mitchell back this court today, wearing a prison jumpsuit and a bulletproof vest, hands shackled to her waist. the former prison seamstress remains behind bars. she's being closely monitored, 24 hours a day, in a six by nine foot cell, her every move documented. she is accused of giving the convicted killers some of the tools they needed to make their escape, including hacksaw blades and chisels. she's pleaded not guilty. tonight there are new questions about the alleged escape plan and mitchell's relationship with the suspects. >> they had been working on cutting the backs of the cell walls out, going down into the
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tunnel system of the facility and working their escape plan, so i think she was relatively involved. >> reporter: clinton county district attorney andrew wiley said mitchell said the plan was to drive but they never told her where they were going. she was previously investigated with an inappropriate relationship with david sweat but no evidence was found. the nationwide search continues. it's now the subject of a state investigation ordered by governor andrew cuomo. >> we don't know if they're still in the immediate area or if they are in mexico by now. >> reporter: more than 800 law enforcement officers are tracking hundreds of tips. and despite the hundreds and hundreds of tips that continue to come in, there have been no confirmed sightings of either of the fubltives.
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it was last week that bloodhounds last hit on either of their scents. and there's so much more and interesting information on this story. new details into the back stories as well. we'd need more than an hour to bring it to you. but you can head to for more, including images from inside the search and sidebar stories like the spotlight on inmate/staff relationships which can cross the line. all right, we move to another big story we are following right now. two terrorist leaders are reportedly dead as a result of u.s. action. but u.s. officials are not confirming the reports. national security officials in yemen say a suspected u.s. drone strike killed the leader of al qaeda in the arab yan peninsula. now he is al qaeda's number two man globally. >> and they say a strike killed a key terrorist, mokhtar
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belmokht belmokhtar, linked to an attack in nigeria. the u.s. confirms the airstrike but not whether he was killed. last year it was made clear that he was coming after the u.s. >> brian todd has more on the threat posed by al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. >> reporter: if the u.s. took out nauser al what hashy, it's dealt a blow to what is considered to be the most dangerous branch of al qaeda itself. he had been osama bin laden's driver, one of his closest aids. and one analyst says for about four years, nasser al what shary never left osama bin laden's side. his ascent was confirmed by eye man al sa waury.
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he eventually got a $10 million bounty placed on his head by the u.s. state department. that's the same as the head of isis, baghdadi. i spoke about the role he has running aqap. >> he's the ceo. he's the guy ultimately responsible for all of those things. he's fund-raising, recruiting, setting the policy guidelines for this organization as a whole, but he's got other folks that are doing some of the key operations. >> reporter: and the other people running operationing for aqap are very dangerous, ibrahim al asiri who is still very much alive. this guy is so devoted to the cause of attacking the u.s. and its allies he once placed a bomb inside the body of his own brother. the bombing killed his brother but failed to kill the minister. it's al acere's work that leads
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officials to call him the most dangerous branch. there was a plot of the underwear bomber. that bomb came very close to exploding. the following year he placed bombs in printer cartridges in planes bound for the u.s. that plot came very close to working but was disrupted. it's his ability to get bombs on planes bound for the united states and past security which makes him and this graup so dangerous to america. he is believed to be still alive and intelligence officials believe he may have trained others to do what he does in case he's killed. bryan todd, cnn, washington. lieutenant colonel rick francona joins us. two terrorist leaders. one in libya. one in yemen, apparently killed by these u.s. describes.
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but u.s. authorities refuse to confirm that's the case despite yemeni and libyan authorities confirming their deaths. explain to us what's going on here exactly. >> well, the united states wants confirmation that he's dead. they don't want to go out and say he's dead and him pop up later. we've had numerous reporting of the death of both of these guys before. so they're erring on the side of caution. they don't want to take the victory lap before they're sure. the problem is, it's going to be very, very difficult to confirm these deaths, because we don't have boots on the ground in either one of these locations. we can't get into the benghazi area. we can't get into these areas of yemen now. it's going to be very difficult. we have to rely on the locals to tell us. >> and presumably, if these two are still alive, they will want to show themselves in some way perhaps. but how big a blow is this to the structure to al qaeda in the
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arabian peninsula if al haishi is dead and who steps in? >> we've seen reports in the past that the military commander of aqap would take the leadership role. this is, as brian was reporting, the most capable of the al qaeda affiliates. so everybody's very concerned about aqap. they've mounted several attacks on the united states, and there's no reason to believe they will stop. they will keep doing this until they are successful. so it's very important that we keep the pressure on these guys. but every time, and we've seen this over and over. every time there's a replacement, the replacement is not quite as competent as the guy that we've taken out. so it's important that we keep doing this, keep the pressure up. but this is a major blow, a major get for the united states. combined with libya, this is a good point for the united states right now.
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>> interesting that the other terrorist that may be dead is mokhtar belmokhtar. the libyan government says he was killed as weigh poi pointed but the u.s. not confirming that. what's significance if he is dead and who steps into his shoes. >> that's the question. he was the leader of aqap in the north african branch, but he's been involved in other groups as well, although he still maintains his alliance to al qaeda. he is a key figure in the area. he's very capable. and he's been involved in a variety of operationoperations. he's got american blood on his hands. he's also affiliated with the group that was responsible for the benghazi attack. as i say, we want to maybe sure this true before we take a
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victory lap. >> very difficult to confirm their deaths. but the other side of this is they may very well step up to declare that they're still alive. if that's the case. we will wait and see. thank you as always for sharing your perspective on this. >> good to be with you. now we want to bring you new information into the growing controversy of rachel dolezal. she just stepped down as the president of the naacp chapter in spokane, washington amid al gass she lied about her race. >> but as stephanie elam explains, her resignation has done little to stop the talk and questions surrounding her and her family. >> reporter: while rachel dolezal still didn't answer the burning question about her race. >> are your parents, are they white? >> reporter: the president of the spokane naacp chapter is stepping down, writing in this letter, quote, i have waited in
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deference while others have expressed their feelings, absent the full story. it is with complete allegiance to the cause of racial and social justice that i step aside. i will never stop fighting for human rights. that turned tonight's protest into a rally for healing. >> we're going to make the conscious decision to forgive rachel. >> reporter: yet the national conversation continues to brew, with her brother calling his sister's behavior black face. >> she took me aside when i was over there and told me to make sure that no one found out where she was actually from and for me not to blow her cover. >> we have older white men on our currencies. >> reporter: but this rev lace is giving fuel to some of her critics who see her actions as deliberate and calculating. >> it's a hurtful thing for me, because i believe in somebody that i thought was someone else. >> reporter: though dole sal is stepping down, she says she's
9:16 pm
not stepping down from her social activism. >> it doesn't change about how we feel about rachel and it doesn't discredit her work. everything she has built and accomplished since, as long as we've all known her. >> and that was stephanie elam reporting from spokane, washington. rachel dolezal's parenting, ruth ann and larry, still say that she is presenting herself as a black woman, when she is not. >> earlier, they spoke to don lemon about why they think their daughter may be doing this. listen to what her mom had to say. >> i think rachel has somehow in her mind come to the conclusion that in order to be an advocate for african-americans she needs to be hostile to whites. and so, to try and establish her identity or her relating to the
9:17 pm
african-americans she felt that she needed to regent her family and be accusatory toward them. >> it is a fascinating and bizarre story, rachel dolezal's parents say she began identifying herself more with oofr can americans since 2007. >> we're going to take a break right now. but terror in the water. two teenagers lose limbs in separate shark attacks at the same beach. the emergency calls placed moments after the attacks. plus the state of texas is on high alert for more heavy rain weeks after major flooding hit the area. we'll have more information after this short break. ♪ ♪
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welcome back. a relaxing day at the beach takes a terrifying turn. two american teenagers lost limbs in separate shark attacks at the same north carolina beach on sunday. >> the attacks took place within 90 minutes of each other. the 13 year old girl and 16 year old boy each lost an arm.
9:22 pm
earlier, anderson cooper spoke with the paramedic who helped the girl after the attack. >> in the state of north carolina we have a duty to act as a paramedic. so i had to go over, i had to, but i also wanted to go over to where it happened, and i noticed that nobody else was trained or had any ability of helping, so i jumped in and just kind of saw what was going on. i saw the injuries, to reduce hypervolemia i decided to put two different tourniquets on her. it stopped the bleeding to reduce that. and then continued talking to her, continued trying to do something. someone provided me with iv materials. >> so lucky she was there at that time. and officials have released the emergency calls just moments after each attack. >> cnn's tom foreman brings us that part of this story.
9:23 pm
>> reporter: at 4:40, the first call came in, a 13-year-old girl attacked by a shark while swimming at the oak island beach. >> the left arm is completely missing and a bite to the left leg. 13 year old, weak pulse. >> reporter: terrified beachgoers tried to help the young victim after she's brought to shore. one and you looker borrows a cell phone from a family member to call 911. the family too distraught to call themselves. >> do you know, are any of the fingers completely amputated? >> it looked like her entire hand is gone. >> if you can, just make sure they take a clean, dry cloth. and wrap it around the wound and place pressure on it. >> reporter: and the nightmare didn't end there. less than 90 minutes after the first attack, another one at the same beach. this victim, a 16 year old boy. >> what is it?
9:24 pm
a shark? >> he's got three people around him holding pressure to his arm. >> listen. tell them do not use a tourniquet. i'm going to tell you how to stop the bleeding. listen carefully to make sure we do it right. tell them to make sure they have a clean, dry cloth or towel and place it right on the wound. if you can, tell them to let him rest in the most comfortable position and keep assuring him that help is on the way to him, okay? >> reporter: both victims were airlifted to a local hospital. both in critical condition. >> they said the head was about that big, i think the kid said, and estimated 6 to 8 foot, no, 7 to 8. blood in the water. coming over with the whitewash. kid was in shock. he was still coherent, lost, took it clean off. >> reporter: you saw that? >> i saw what was left of what he had. >> reporter: this beach is not only a popular swimming spot,
9:25 pm
but also the site of a busy fishing pier. that means a lot of bait in the water and a lot of fish to draw sharks in. and authorities do believe one shark was responsible for both of these attacks. although they don't yet know what kind it was. both victims are out of surgery. each lost a limb. the 13 year old lost her arm below the elbow and suffered damage to her leg. the 16-year-old lost his arm below the shoulder. >> i've been here 16 years. this is the first time something major has happened. >> that's just horrifying, isn't it? and it's so important that there are people with enough medical knowledge in those sorts of situations to at least be able to apply some sort of pressure while they're trying to get hold of -- >> as you saw there people at the scene trying to help in the best way they can. but the dispatcher said don't use a tourniquet. get a clean cloth. mosquitos kill more people than
9:26 pm
sharks. texas is bracing for more heavy rain weeks after suffering major flooding. a tropical storm is gaining steam in the gulf of mexico right now. it's expected to bring four to eight inches or more to eastern texas. >> the state already saw record rainfall in may. so the ground is still soaked in many areas there. the governor warns this could lead to dangerous flash flooding. >> our meteorologist pedram javaheri joins us with more on this. and it's been a very intense week for texas. >> it has, and this has the potential for be being the biggest story we have all year for weather. after coming of may 2015. we have 121 years of weather records. never before have we had as much rain until may. this has a potential to be very, very problematic. rivers are still swollen, lakes,
9:27 pm
of course, streams all at capacity as well. and you look at the perspective as far as getting the graphics up for you. we know tropical storm bill ahead of us here could pack a punch with rainfall. but already 20-plus inches have come down in texas, houston getting at least 10 inches. some areas up to 16 inches in the month of may. here's our second-letter storm for the season. here it comes out of the gulf of mexico. you notice everything in place. high pressure off the eastern coast of the united states. the moisture is going to be prevalent. so flood watches, warnings along the coast in place. in galveston, the school district has already canceled classes over the next 24 hours because of the potential for rainfall. the storm sits 150 miles off shore. notice off from san antonio to houston, that is in excess of 8,
9:28 pm
10 inches of rainfall. the pattern as it moves over land over the next 24 or so hours is going to be problematic. we're watching the brown ocean effect. think of brown as the soil there acting as the ocean. the soil is so sat rated. very unusual circumstances. we've seen this mimic the ocean. so storms intensify over land. we saw that in 2007 with tropical storm aaron. if this goes over, it could fuel the storm system even after it makes landfall. >> give it more of a punch. >> so we're going to see this work its way into oklahoma, into the central united states as well. >> we'll be watching closely. thanks, pedram. there is doctors tix action at one south korean hospital to stop a deadly virus from spreading. we'll get you live to seoul with the latest on the mers outbreak. daughter: do you and mom still have money with that broker?
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are you watching cnn. thank you so much for staying with us. i'm airline b am errol barnett. >> and i'm rosemary church. the search for two escaped prisoners has gone cold. a source familiar with the investigation says joyce mitchell, a tailor in the system had a relationship with one of the suspects and that the men planned to murder her husband. a judge decided to order the
9:33 pm
arrest of al bashir. the judge was considering a request to arrest al bashir on charges of genocide and war crimes. officials in yemen say a suspected u.s. drone strike killed the top leader of al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. known as aqap, operatives have posted tweets speaking of nasser al wu hashy being killed. well, mers has climbed three more lives. >> the total number is now 154. 19 people have now died from the virus. >> and for the latest we turn to kathy novak. good to talk to you, but these numbers are disturbing, 19 dead, 154 confirmed cases of mers,
9:34 pm
more than 5500 people quarantined. and over the weekend, south korean health officials and the w.h.o. had said the mers outbreak was slowing. are they still standing by that statement despite that's numbers? >> reporter: well, we will expect an update from them, rosemary, because the world health organization is holding an emergency meeting later on today. but what they did warn over the weekend is even though there is no evidence that this virus has been transmitted into the public, because the outbreak was so large and complex, it was too early to say that there would not be more cases. they were warning that more cases are to be anticipated. and a lot of that is because this virus, the incubation period is somewhere around 14 days. so some of the new cases that we are hearing about now, rosemary are linked to people who have-infected some weeks ago. and it took some time before health authorities were really
9:35 pm
able to get a handle on this situation, that the government admitted that the early response to the outbreak was insufficient. so what you had was the situation was for the first week or so, more and more people were being infected. and health authorities really were not on top of getting them diagnosed, making sure that they were isolated from the general public and from the other people that may have been visiting the hospital or other people who may have been patients at the hospital. now the world health organization says it is satisfied with the measures that have since ben put in place. and we saw some of those ourselves at hospitals where people are being screened before they're let through the doors. they're having their temperatures taken. and if anyone is showing signs of symptoms that could be related to mers, they're getting tests and isolated just to be safe. >> we learned in a news conference monday that there are concerns south korea's second largest city, pusan may have been exposed to the mers vars.
9:36 pm
what more are you learning about that? >> reporter: well, we know that the first death of someone in pusan has been recently reported, and also that one of the most recently confirmed cases, that person had traveled to several hospitals and clinics in pusan, the city that you're talking about. so now a special task force has been dispatched to that city. and that task force is working with local police to examine tv footage and make sure they're able to track down anyone who may have been in contact with this person. if the incubation period is that long, some people may not have known they were infected until some days or weeks later. so in that time, the worry is if that person was, came in contact with other people, they should also bema rosemary? >> kathy novak reporting there live from seoul. thanks to you.
9:37 pm
new photos show an apparent naval drill. kim jong-un observed the nighttime drill by warships and ground artillery units. afterwards he praised them for providing a successful defense of territorial waters. the quote high lay-intelligent rockets were tested in the early hours of tuesday morning, just a day after north korea announced it was ready to hold talks with south korea if certain conditions are metz. now the big story, fierltss are gaining full control of a syrian town. the observatory for human righting says there are still some pockets of isis resistance. >> the fierce fighting in the area sent thousands of syrians across the border to turkey in the last few days. well, here is a look at why
9:38 pm
the border town is so important. it is just 80 kilometers north of raqqah. the road marked here in red is the key supply line from turkey to raqqah. the borderline marks turkey and syria. >> if forces can control tal abyad -- we spoke to thousands rushing into turkey. >> reporter: an it glimpse of a few of those waiting for turkish authorities to allow them through. the majority barely visibility behind the berm. arms racing frantically the moment water arrives. many have been here for hours if
9:39 pm
not days. they are finally let through. a desperate scene the world has witnessed too many times but has done little to stop. some parents lugging children, others laden with all they have left in life. exhausted, angry and dehydrated, most just want to keep going. some have relatives that have already made it to turkey. this is a family that has beeny united, but they don't want to stop and talk, which is understandable, given everything they have been through. a lot of people during the moments when the gate was open were phoning relatives saying it is open, come quickly. worried that it would close once again and they would have to continue to have to wait on the other side. we are normal civilians who have nothing to do with anyone. whoever governs us, we just obey
9:40 pm
them, he says. we just had to leave because of the clashes. many had chosen isis rule over losing the little they have in lafe, a choice they no longer have. arwa damon cnn on the turkish border. still to come, jeb bush is officially in the running to become the next u.s. president. more on the former florida governor as announcement. and details on who may be the next republican to make a bid. plus, a desperate situation in the dominican republic as thousands of haitians scramble to become legal citizens or face deportation. stay with cnn.
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welcome back. the field of u.s. republican presidential candidates is about to grow even larger, if you can believe it. real estate mogul donald trump is expected to announce that he's running for president on tuesday.
9:44 pm
>> meanwhile, former florida governor jeb bush officially announced his 2016 bid for the white house at a rally in miami monday. the 62-year-old, in case you conditions kn didn't know is the son of president bush. >> our country's on a very bad course. and the question is, what are we going to do about it? the question for me, the question for me is, what am i going to do about it? and i've decided, i'm a candidate for president of the united states of america. [cheers and applause] >> and there you have it. now we want to get you to the dominican republic where more than 100,000 people of haitian descent are facing a legal order, get legal citizenship within days or face deportation.
9:45 pm
>> the dominican haitians are rushing to get paperwork. if they don't register on time, they risk becoming stateless. the government has buses ready for the anticipated deportations. >> now rachel noland is a freelance writer for harper's magazine. she joins us on the phone with more from rome. we should explain that the dominican republic is trying to deal with those living in the country but off the grid so to speak. the issue seems to be the manner in which they're doing this and who precisely is targeted. >> caller: this deadline is crucial, because it 's a matter of whether people who were born in the dominican republic and had citizenship would be able to stay. 210,000 of these people are stateless and now they're subject to deportation if they did not apply under the new
9:46 pm
reorganization plan. there was mass intimidation, chaos, pepper spray. many of the offices weren't open. people were rejected because they've latinoized their name. so even those who were born in the dominican republic are facing demoretatiportation to a they've never seen in a language they do not speak. >> if you were born in the country, if your parents were not born in the country, you could not necessarily, naturally become a citizen. and we should explain that you've got hundreds of haitian dominicans, essentially, that have been lined up at those many registration offices for days, truly, but you have those buses queued and ready for deportation. some say that the climate of fear there is worsening. tell us what you're hearing about that. >> caller: that's right, so i reported the story in the
9:47 pm
dominican republic. and our contact there is sending me very alarming messages about people who look haitian but aren't dominican hiding from the police. the foreign minister said deportations wouldn't begin until august, but the general in charge of the deportations said they would begin as early as thursday. so there are two reactions. one is that people are -- [ audio breaking up from reporter ] >> all right, unfortunately, it seems that we've lost our signal there with rachel nolin. but the government's saying there's roughly half a million people who it is trying to make legal on the quarter of a million people of applied for this new processing of paperwork, and they say only 10,000 people have qualified so far. so a big issue. we will continue to watch,
9:48 pm
thanks to rachel speaking to us on the phone from rome. to a disturbing revelation now. the united nations says its own peacekeepers commonly pay for sex with the very organization they're trying to help. that comes from an internal report from a u.n. watchdog group. >> investigators talked to hundreds of women in haiti and liberia who said they had transactional sex with peacekeepers because they needed basic necessities, we're talking food, shelter or medicine. they have talked to troops, civilians deployed throughout the world. "jurassic world" has taken a bite out of the box office. the details of how they smashed international opening weekend records. that's still to come. meet the world's newest energy
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is back in chicago. the blackhawks shut out the tampa bay lightning monday night, 2-0 in game six of the stanley cup finals. >> yay. this is chicago's third championship since 2010, and it's actually the first time the blackhawks have won the stanley cup at home in 77 years. congratulations. now "jurassic world" has smashed both u.s. and international box office records with the best opening weekend of all time. >> how about that? this comes despite analysts low expectations for the film. brian steltser tells us how it happened. >> reporter: "jurassic world" took a huge bite out of the box office. >> "jurassic world's" debut nothing short of dine might. >> the franchise is still killing it. >> oh, yeah. the dinosaur jokes write themself the.
9:54 pm
"jurassic world" storming the box office across the world, making more than $500,000 in the first weekend. the grand total just in north america was $208.8 million. that's the most money any movie has made on the opening weekend. the avengers are in second place. it made more in other parts of the world. $315 million. >> this is why "jurassic world" broke all records. people absolutely love this franchise. this movie brings together the best elements of the original movie, and it updates them for today's audience, and that paid off handsomely for universal. >> reporter: this is not the first time jurassic has rewritten the record books. the original dine owe theme park
9:55 pm
was the first ever to top $50 million at the box office on opening weekend. >> oh, no. >> reporter: but subsequent sequels stumbled. so how did "jurassic world" manage to exceed even insider expectations? first, it's in 3d, which means more money. chris pratt, and the star power. and nostalgia. >> this was a brilliant strategic move to tie in all the different properties under the comcast umbrella to really push universal's release of "jurassic world." worked out perfectly for them. >> looks like an awesome picture. >> oh, i cannot wait to watch it. you take your kids along and you get to watch these wonderful movies. >> i want to see it myself. i remember the original one.
9:56 pm
the t-rex comes through the car. the jell-o scene, come on. >> it's interesting that they didn't think this was going to do so well. but look at it. it's been extraordinary across the globe. thanks for watching, everybody. i'm errol barnett. >> i'm rosemary church. stay with us.
9:57 pm
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♪ breaking news in the man hunt for two convicted cullers in the u.s. and the female prison employee who may have helped them get away. plus, al qaeda may have suffered a serious blow. new claims out of yemen that a key terrorist operative has been killed. also coming up, a u.s. civil rights leader resigns from her post. her parents are baffled that she claims to be black when she's actually white. that bizarre story coming up. a big welcome to our viewers here in the u.s. and those of you tuned in all around the world. i'm errol barnett, and this is "cnn newsroom."


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