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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  June 16, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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couldn't it set viewership records? >> every game so far this series the tv ratings have been going up and up and up and up. i believe game five had at 14.2 is the highest rated nba finals game ever. of course you have lebron playing out of his mind. people are saying lebron, even if the cavs lose could win the mvp. we've only seen that once ever. it would be incredible. he definitely deserves it but steph curry has also been playing pretty good for the warriors. >> yeah whatever. okay andy. thanks so much. the next hour of cnn "newsroom" starts now. happening now in the "newsroom," do you know where these two escaped killers are? right now police don't. >> they had a better plan than her picking them up at 12:30 to take them out of here. and sources give new details about the fugitives' relationship with the prison
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seamstress who helped them bust out. also trump 2016? is the real estate mogul/real star serious this time? we're about to find out. what will it take for the donald to win over conservatives? plus -- >> are you african-american? >> i don't understand the question. >> stepping down. rachel dolezal resigns as spokane's naacp president over questions about her racial identity. >> this is not some freak birth of a nation mockery block face performance. this is on a very real connected level. >> but does she owe america more? let's talk live in the cnn "newsroom." and good morning. i'm carol costello.
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thank you so much for joining me. right now bands of rain from tropical storm bill are moving onshore in texas. millions of people are in the path with voluntary evacuations already under way. the brunt of this storm now just hours from landfall, and several communities are already being hit with 60-mile-per-hour winds widespread flood warnings are in effect as as much as 10 inches could fall in places up to oklahoma. chad myers is in place following the track of the storm. good morning. >> good morning. the storm made a left turn overnight, going to make -- there's port o'connor right there. the storm surge, if there is any, maybe two to three feet. right here all along this coast toward galveston island, that's where the water is getting pushed onto land where the heaviest surge will be. this is not going to be a saltwater flood event though for most people. this will be a fresh water which means it's going to rain. it's going to rain a lot, and the storms aren't going to move
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very fast and then all of a sudden you're going it see six to ten inches of rain on top of ground that already had 25 inches of rain in may. now, i know it's been dry for the past couple weeks but that doesn't make up for how much moisture is still in the soil and for that matter still in some of these creeks and streams. the rivers are going to continue to go up. the rain pushing ahead to 10:00, austin san antonio, round rock, georgetown major cities in the way of ralph, especially up into the hill country that will eventually have to come back down toward the ocean into those creeks and streams, those rivers that have been so hard hit. we could even see 2 to 4 inches south of pittsburgh into west virginia as the storm finally three or four days from now heads toward the northeast. carol? >> all right, chad myers reporting live for thus morning. thank you. this just into cnn. a federal grand jury has indicted a third suspect in the garland, texas, shooting attacks with the muhammad cartoon contest. ed lavandera is in dallas
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following the storey for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the man indicted is abdul malik abdul kareem. investigators say he's a friend who helped two men who attacked the civic center in garland last month at the cartoon drawing contest that was held there. if you might remember two suspects were shot and killed by authorities there that were protecting the civic center. well now federal investigators accuse this man, kareem -- three different charges he's been indicted on. charges of conspiracy and also providing the weaponry that was used in that attack last month in garland, texas. the indictment states that kareem went out with these two men into the desert area in arizona and practiced shooting the weapons that were used in that attack and so this was the latest development in the fallout from that high profile
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shooting happening in texas last month. >> ed lavandera, thanks so much and i apologize for the lousy connection there with ed's cell phone, but in case you didn't catch it federal grand jury has indicted abdul malik abdul kareem on three counts for his alleged involvement in last month's attack outside that prophet muhammad cartoon contest in garland, texas. he also allegedly transported firearms and ammunition for the attack and lied to investigators. as you know the two other suspects in this case were killed on the scene. we'll have much more on this later on cnn. there's also a new development in the new york prison escape and the woman charged with providing the tools for two murderers to break out. a source telling cnn that lyle mitchell has made a jailhouse visit to his wife joyce. joyce mitchell has been accused of an inappropriate relationship with one of the fugitives and allegedly had a sexual relationship with the other. cnn's alexandra field is in west
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plattsburgh plattsburgh, new york. >> reporter: we're told lyle mitchell showed up at the clinton county jail. she gets two hours' worth of visit each week. you can only wonder what was said inside that room. sources have told cnn that they are looking at whether or not her husband lyle had any knowledge of the plan to escape. he has spoken to investigators. he has not been charged with anything. sources also telling cnn that joyce mitchell had relationships with both of the men who escaped, that she had a sexual relationship with richard matt, that she had been investigated for an inappropriate relationship prior to that with david sweat, and we're also learning that law enforcement authorities are looking into an alleged plot that the two escapees had to actually kill joyce mitchell's husband lyle mitchell.
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that coming from a source who has been speaking to cnn. it is not clear what joyce mitchell may have known, carol, about that part of the plan. >> all right. and as far as the manhunt for these two killers, i mean the search seems to have gone cold alexandra. >> reporter: yeah. a lot more details emerging about the investigation than developments as far as the search. you can probably see a little bit behind me that we are still out on 374 where this road closure has been set up for days now. they are checking every car that comes in and out, but really carol, there's been no clear sign according to people close to the investigation that these fugitives are in the area since last week that's when bloodhounds appeared to hit on the scent. that's when a wrapper was found, when some tracks were found which investigators believed may have tied -- may have been tied to the suspects but right now they're saying that they haven't seen anything recently that gives them any confidence per se that these fugitives are in this area but there are hundreds of law enforcement officers who are here and they're trying to run down hundreds of tips
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chasing leads in really every direction. >> alexandra field reporting live from west plattsburgh, new york. a deadly accident near the campus of the university of california-berkeley. five people are dead several others seriously injured after an apartment balcony collapsed apparently during a 21st birthday party. cnn's dan simon is on the scene now. tell us more, dan. can you hear me dan? all right. well dan can't hear us so we'll get our technical gremlins worked out, but again five people died in that balcony collapse eight others injured and authorities are trying to figure out what caused that balcony to collapse. still to come in the "newsroom," it's called the biggest blow against al qaeda since the death of bin laden. details on a drone strike that took out one of the most dangerous terrorists in the world.
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a u.s. drone strike took out one of the most violent terrorists in the world. he wasn't just al qaeda's second in command. this is the man who ran a branch of the terror nettedwork that's been plotting attacks against the nights and the west for years. al qaeda in the arabian peninsula are the ones behind 2009's failed attempt to blow up a u.s. airliner with the
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so-called underwear blomer and it -- bomber and it claimed responsibility for the "charlie hebdo" attacks. >> nasir al wuhayshi was the man the u.s. wanted to get for a very long time. officially the obama administration has not said he is dead but yemeni officials and a number of social media posts right from al qaeda itself are saying that he was killed in a drone strike and now a successor to him has been appointed by al qaeda in yemen, the organization itself. so even within hours or days of his potential death, the organization moving ahead with new leadership. but wuhayshi was a guy who had direct connections to osama bin laden, had been appointed number two of all of al qaeda by ayman al zawahiri the successor of bin laden. so this was a guy who had a lot of credibility within the organization. we don't really have many
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details about the drone strike did the u.s. know he was there? was this a lucky hit that they got? what we are told is they are still trying to confirm information from the ground. but it does come after, you know a couple of real successes by the intelligence community. it was just earlier this week we learned there was an f-15 air strike against a top al qaeda operative in libya who ran the north african operation and a couple weeks ago, of course we had that army delta force raid inside syria that got a top isis operative. there have been some that have not worked out, some failed hostage rescue missions obviously and the american hoss hostage in pakistan was killed in a u.s. drone shot when they took that shot and they say they had no idea he was at the location they were hitting. so the intelligence doesn't always work out, sadly, tragically but in a couple
7:16 am
recent instances, it certainly did. carol? >> all right. barbara starr reporting live from the pentagon. thanks so much. with me now, cnn contributor michael weiss. welcome, michael. are you there? >> yeah i'm here. i can hear you. >> good morning. thanks for being with me. >> good morning. >> as the daily beast puts it it's a bad week to be an al qaeda chief. how important is this man's death? >> i think it's pretty significant. i mean he had been suggested as a possible successor to ayman al zawahiri the leader of global al qaeda. what we're loose seeing now is a generational shift within the annals of international jihadism. this was a guy who was an intimate of osama bin laden. he comes from the prior generation. even the pre-9/11 one. i think what's happening now is these guys are going to be eclipsed by the rising stars, particularly those in isis. you know it's been a great week for u.s. air power which has not only killed him and as you pointed out, you know, the
7:17 am
libyan isis commander, but also helped liberate this town in northern syria, which through the work of kurdish militias backed by the free syrian army has taken isis out of one of the most strategic border crossings between turkey and the home base or the headquarters of isis global command. so pretty good week for counterterrorism not just for the coalition, but for local and regional actors on the ground. i would add one more point to this story, which is -- sorry, go ahead. >> no no. i was just going to ask you about taking this guy out in yemen because the united states pulled special forces out. we don't really have a presence there. >> exactly. >> yet a u.s. drone was able to take this guy out. >> yeah and so it sort of speaks to the fact that there is still some kind of intelligence cooperation going on with the yemenis, either the hadi government or and this is the first thing that occurred to me when i heard this news what if
7:18 am
it is the case that possibly the houthis are sharing intelligence with the united states? you know they have active intelligence from their work on the ground there, and there's a lot of coordination and collaboration going on in oman, the country that was the sort of staging post for preliminary negotiations with iran. i was talking to u.s. naval officers last week who said that there's more there than even meets the eye. so it's very curious. i mean you have this months' long campaign in yemen essentially led by saudi arabia to restore the hadi government but then there's a host of at least three other major factions on the ground there, the houthis, the remnants of the saleh regime and i wonder who has actually been telling the u.s. where to get these guys. >> dangerous, right? >> it's a fascinating story. >> last question. is this the way to defeat al qaeda and isis by taking out their leaders one by one? >> i mean look it's great that these guys with operational
7:19 am
trade, in tradecraft and decades of experience are being removed from the battlefield. decapitation strikes, aerial sorties that eliminate the top commanders they don't really do the kind of damage we need because these guys are replaceable. and, in fact i'm sure both al qaeda and isis today are trying to consider who is going to inherit the throne. when you deal with these jihadi organizations, often it's not the guy who is necessarily out frond. it's the guy standing two or even three behind him who is really the shot-caller or the decisionmaker and the person who will be responsible for appointing the successor. there's something called a shura council. these are the guys that are essentially the kingmakers of all jihadist organizations. those are the people i would like to see removed from the battlefield, and unfortunately, you know they know how to cover their tracks. >> michael weiss, thanks for your insight.
7:20 am
i appreciate it. still to come in the "newsroom," is donald trump finally lyly flirting with a presidential run? well it sure looks like it. >> stay tuned on all social media. we're going to be all over the place. everybody wants to watch, make america great again. the citi double cash card. it earns you cash back now and cash back later. with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. with two ways to earn on purchases, it makes a lot of other cards seem one-sided.
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all right. i want to head back to california where five people are dead and several others injured after an apartment boll conalcony collapsed apparently during a birthday party. dan simon is on the scene. tell us more dan. >> reporter: hi, carol. the victims fell four stories to the sidewalk. this is in front of the apartment complex where i am but that balcony, you can see that it's gingerly sitting on top of the one right below it.
7:25 am
i can tell you that this call came into police at 12:40 a.m. local time. as you said there was some kind of party or gathering going on and you had a number of people obviously on that balcony. 13 people in fact. you have eight people who were taken to local hospitals and five people died. at this point, investigators are trying to determine why that balcony collapsed, but it appears you had too many people on there, but we don't know if there was some sort of structural problem. this apartment complex, carol, is a couple of blocks away from uc-berkeley uc-berkeley, and the people who were injured and the people who died were young people. we don't know if they were attending the university but uc-berkeley attracts a lot of folks from overseas because of its academic excellence but bottom line right now everyone just in shock in terms of what happened and the five people who died all irish nationals according to the foreign affairs minister from ireland.
7:26 am
carolina? >> dan simon reporting live for us this morning. thanks so much. the republican presidential field expanding by one and 30b8ly two candidates for the day is done. first, jeb bush will head to new hampshire after launching his bid yesterday in miami. touting his background as governor noting the importance of having someone with executive experience in the white house, and next hour what could be a big, big announcement from donald trump. the real estate mogul has flirted with presidential bids in the past but will this year be the real thing? okay. so i was expecting to hear from our senior washington correspondent joe johns. he's outside the trump tower, but we lost the connection. we're having all sorts of weird technical gremgremlins but there -- maybe i should introduce my panel. if donald trump does throw his hat into the republican ring he faces a challenge from within his own party. some conservatives have questioned the seriousness of a bid.
7:27 am
steven hayes calling trump quote, a clown show but "washington post" columnist richard cohen says trump's potential rivals should enter his -- applaud his arrival. he says every four years some wholly unqualified person surfaces usually in the republican party and is swiftly declared some sort of political messiah. this year it could be almost anyone but whoever it is he or she better pray that donald jump gets fully into the race because he'll make everyone else look better. for his part trump addressed a possible campaign to a republican gathering in new hampshire back in april. listen. >> if i decide to run, and i think i'm going to surprise a lot of people a lot of people if i decide to run and if i win, i think we'll have a great chance a great chance. i will make this country great
7:28 am
again, believe me and no politician is going to do it. that i can tell you with surety. >> okay. so let's talk about this. sally cohen is a columnist for the daily beast. kara set meier, dana rohrabacher, welcome to both of you. >> i didn't mean to laugh. >> i did. >> well tara i want to start with you because there are many within srve circles that think donald thump should just stay out of this because his candidacy -- well alleged candidacy would be a joke. >> yeah. i think that donald trump will bring an interesting dynamic to the race. unfortunately, when you have now with him most likely entering sally and i are pretty much in agreement that he's most likely going to announce his candidacy this time around after flirting with it in the past. when you're at now 12 candidates and that's without scott walker declaring, without chris christie declaring, we have all these candidates we are in
7:29 am
serious times in this country, and when you have someone like donald trump who is clearly more about cult of personality than he is about substantive policy and actually a legitimate candidate, you run into some problems here and i think that you know god bless donald trump, he's good at what he does but we all know it's always about him. now, he may have legitimate republicans and concerns and some of the things that he says and how candid he is with what he says people feel that's refreshing which is why he's polling in the top ten right now in the real clear politics poll nationally and that allows him to go into the top ten which means he could participate in debates which turns this more into entertainment than it is into a serious policy discussion and i don't think that's necessarily good. >> so sally, it does seem like he's going to announce at 11:15 eastern because he's also going to make stops in new hampshire and south carolina later this week. >> i feel positively giddy. look i was already excited enough that rick perry was getting in the race. i mean you know there's always more room in the clown car for more clowns but, you know,
7:30 am
donald trump turns this from a circus into a full-fledged reality show. we should put them all in a house with live cameras all night, see what happens. it's just -- look i love the part where you said i have a good good chance of winning in the tape you rolled. no he does not. the chance of his win something literally more improbable than his hair which i already thought was factually impossible. it is actually a worse idea if that's imaginable. look what i do like is he does reveal the real irrationality and fearmongering that lives within not only a part of the republican party but a part of america that i think we need to talk about. the fact he was the guy long after the fact who was still hounding about whether barack obama was really an american citizen, all of that come on he's going to do that stuff again. is hillary clinton really a woman? >> at some point doesn't it hurt the republican party but there are really good strong candidates that want to run for
7:31 am
the president of the united states and they really should get most of the attention. >> well i think if you're going to say that donald trump hurts the republican party, then you need to also say lincoln chafee or bernie sanders, they're not serious candidates -- >> i don't know bernie sanders -- >> he's a professed socialist and lincoln chafee is worrying about the metric system. >> questioning the president's citizenship and where he was born -- >> donald trump has said some things that are concerning and will be controversial which is why most serious people in the political world are not taking his candidacy seriously. unfortunately in this day and age of social media, of television 24 hour news cycles the cult of personality, his experience and seriousness, pun intended that's what you're dealing with with donald trump. >> so question should the media cover donald trump?
7:32 am
>> i mean you're going to have to. he is a declared candidate. he is a celebrity. he is -- he's worth $9 billion allegedly now. >> so he says. >> so he says and doubled what forbes thinks he's worth but that's typical donald trump ex traf gabs extravgance. if he starts going into crazy town stuff again, i think it hurts him more than the republican party per se. >> i think it hurts everyone. of course you're going to cover it and i'm going to be really happy right there to watch it. i hope it's being covered personally for my own enjoyment if no one else's. but tara is right. whoever sort of says the westmorelandest, craziest most incendiary nutty thing gets the media's attention is a problematic dynamic. at the same time it's working because he does speak to a part of the party that wants him there. he ted cruz these apples
7:33 am
aren't falling far from the tree of a part of the republican base that is very real, has a voice, needs to be taken seriously even if they're not serious. >> there are a lot of independents who think donald trump is refreshing -- >> you look at the latest polls, people aren't -- >> we're far out but -- >> tara setmaier sally kohn thank you. new hampshire is a critical test for candidates on the democratic and republican side. sitting down with voters to get their views so far and the issues most important to them. >> reporter: first question is we're like 5,090 days out from the election and even though the media is really focusing on it it does seem people care. ted y do you think people care about this election this far out? >> well i think because this is the most important one because there's some major issue that is have to be discussed. i mean we have isis is running around like crazy and that's a big issue. it's about the economy, and it's
7:34 am
about immigration, and i think there's some big issues out there, and, you know, from the candidates that have been going around so far, i think new hampshire is really taking it seriously. they're asking the tough questions and they want to hear what's important. >> it's a real privilege to be in this state where we get this front row seat to democracy really where we get to shake hands with candidates once twice, three, four times. really as much as we want -- >> how important is the shake itself by the way? >> not so much for you, ted because you're a giant. when you grab someone's hand -- like you should have a signature on you you're such a piece of art. but what i'm saying is when you shake that hand does the actual grip man, woman, whatever does that matter? >> the important part chris, is i want to hear what you're going to do for this country. way tonight hear plans. >> reporter: and here is my plan, i'm not going to be president obama, he's terrible he hurt us. >> i don't want to hear that.
7:35 am
here are three or four steps i'm going to do to improve the economy. >> reporter: i'm going to make the economy better. >> and here is how. >> reporter: taxes are bad. i want no taxes. i'm going to try to get rid of them everywhere i can and i'm going to make jobs here. that's what you're hearing, right? >> right. >> you need to elaborate on that. >> reporter: the game is why do i want to give you bullet points which you can think about and assess and evaluate against somebody else when i can do something that seems with all due respect to work better even with a cross section of vote he is like i have at this table. why are ads negative most of the time? because they work. am i right? >> that really squares on us and the could bensultants will keep doing it until we aren't going to buy it. i'm liking ted gorskyi.
7:36 am
donald trump is going to be visiting new hampshire. do you think the people will be receptive? >> i think they will be receptive. there's a culture they want to see everybody. they love the vetting and the focus on them. i think they're probably aboveboard on the political intelligence scale across it. how heel do? i think he's kind of symbolic of what the problem is in as much as the window dressing the hype the antics as sally was saying what gets the most attention of the media, not necessarily what's best for the voters. >> you heard mr. gorski say he wants to hear about issues. i'm not sure all the voters feel that way. >> it's what they get saturated with and they become a victim of their environment. even from them you're earring phrases that are floating through the media about people all the time. i think it's a reminder that it's really supposed to be about them. it's easy to get caught up in everything in the media and the
7:37 am
politicians don't help us. if there are more people like what we saw in new hampshire and they hold people's feet to the fire where they don't care about how you feel about each other, they care about how you feel about them -- >> wouldn't that be nice? that would be beautiful. any early favorites that you can discern? >> no. they were very intent on saying we don't know enough about them yet, and not the people. what are you going to do for me? it was interesting, complete opposite of the media cycle. the media cycle is the individuals and how they're sizing up against each other with their own foibles. these people across the board were really i don't care, i don't care about your e-mail i don't care about what you think, what's is a choice what isn't a choice. what are you going to do for me? how are you going to help me with my kids and my family and how are you going to represent what i think is important for leadership? >> awesome. thanks for stopping by. i appreciate it. >> always a pleasure. >> thank you so much. i appreciate that chris. still to come in the "newsroom," rachel dolezal finally speaks. the former naacp leader
7:38 am
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after re-resigning spokane's former naacp leader rachel dolezal is breaking her silence confronting allegations she's been pretending to be african-american. this morning telling nbc's matt lauer, i identify as black. >> my life has been one of survival and the decisions that i have made along the way, including my identification have been to survive. >> is this an african-american woman or is that a caucasian woman? >> that's not moo my early
7:43 am
20s -- >> that's a little younger. >> yeah, 16 in that picture. >> is she a caucasian woman or an african-american woman? >> i would say visibly she would be identified as white by people who see her. >> but at the time were you identifying yourself as african-american? >> in that picture during that time no. i was actually identified when i was doing human rights work in north idaho as first transracial and then when some of the opposition to some of the human rights work i was doing came forward and started, the next newspaper article identified me as being a biracial woman and then the next article when there were burglaries nooses et cetera this was happening to a black woman and i never corrected that. >> why didn't you correct it? you knew it wasn't true. >> because it's more complex than, you know being true or false in that particular instance. i actually was talking to one of my sons yesterday, and he said
7:44 am
mom, racially you're human and culturally you're black and, you know so we've had these conversations over the years. i do know that they support the way that i identify and they support me. ultimately we have each other's back. we're the three musketeers. >> notably missing from dolezal's interview was an apology and that missing apology might upset protesters who were calling for one last night in spokane. keep it here on cnn's. rachel's parents will be on in 15 minutes. checking some of the top stories at 44 minutes past long time clinton family friend sidney blooming that will faces house gop ben za give investigators. they're expected to grill him on memos on libya. he's turned over those documents to the committee but "the new york times" reports they include papers that were not provided by
7:45 am
mist clinton or the state department. north korea has test what had they describes a anti-ship rockets. it's not clear where or exactly when these drills were done. still to come in the "newsroom," it takes more than a strong will to bust out of a maximum security prison. how many security checks really had to go wrong for richard matt and david sweat to escape? we'll talk about that next. ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. ♪ those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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i'm sure you have heard people say this a million times. it's like something out of a
7:50 am
movie. maximum security prison inmates hatch an escape plan cutting through cell walls, burrowing through the bowels of the building to freedom. but it takes a perfect storm for facts to so closely resemble fiction. reports say the clinton correctional facility missed layers of security safeguards allowing richard matt and david sweat's plan to work. joy mitchell was cleared to keep working at the prison after an inappropriate relationship with sweat and probably a sexual relationship with matt. regular cell checks and bed checks botched. the prisoners free le accessing contractor tools and two watch tours reportedly empty when the men escaped. with me is norman seabrook. welcome, sir. thank you so much for being here. >> thank you so much for having me. >> tell me about these watch towers. were they empty the night the
7:51 am
two killers disappeared? >> the way the city and the state of new york are cutting back on man power in the entire city whether it's the jail the prison system or the police department these things are going to happen. when you take shortcuts, these are the things that continue to happen. >> so you're saying there wasn't enough personnel in the prison to conduct enough bed checks or to be in the watch towers at all hours of the day and night? >> absolutely because had they had enough staffing and staffing levels would have been where they were supposed to be this probably would have been caught because it certainly didn't take them an hour or two hours. it took them probably months to cut through these walls, cut through these pipes. where were all the security checks? where were all the inspections taking place? where were all the managers that were supposed to be supervising to ensure that these things were being done properly? >> because when you think of the size of -- one of the men is 210 pounds. they're big men. it's not like small. it would take them a while to
7:52 am
cut that large of a hole. >> not only take them a while to do that but what it also involved is they had to test this. they just didn't cut through a wall and say, okay we're going to freedom. they had to test this several times until they got it right. so at the end of the day you have to think about how much time was allowed for them to do this and then when they did it we don't even know when they left. we assume they left on a certain date when they were not visible for a count check or something like that. but at the end of the day no one knows when exactly they really left the facility. >> and as you probably know by now, the trail has gone cold. nobody knows where these men are. the bloodhounds haven't picked up a new scent, nobody has seen anything concrete. and initially you had governor cuomo go into the prison and he gave us a tour of the escape route. in retrospect do you think the governor should have done that? >> i don't think the governor should have done that and whoever advised them to do that i think he needs to call them into his office and say look where i'm at right now because at the end of the day, this is not a show of what went wrong
7:53 am
here. this is a show of how are we going to get them back and do what we're supposed to do. a press conference in his office would have been adequate to say, look this is unacceptable. i have ordered several reports from several people. i have ordered an investigation division to take a look at it. >> so you're saying the governor doing that little tour it wasted valuable investigation time because authorities couldn't go out and look in full force. >> well correctional officers are prone and they're active and they're ready to go and bring back the bad guys. that's wh we do. at the end of the day if the commissioner or an individual is standing there giving a press conference as opposed to going out and getting the job done that's very valuable time and when these inmates are caught they will tell exactly how they got out, exactly who was involved and how long they had before and after to do this job. >> i want to get this one question and i want to word it right. governor cuomo has called for the state inspector general to investigate prison shortfalls. should the state's attorney in turn call for a special grand jury to look into how the governor's office handled management of the prison?
7:54 am
>> i don't think so because at the end of the day we as union leaders, we continuously disagree and agree with governor's staff or the ma yoryormayor's staff, but what they must do is they must protect the public. and when you are a penny smart and a pound foolish, these things happen. and they will continue to happen unless they give them the staffing levels they need to conduct proper security inspections and give them the man power and not allow civilians to walk around unescorted with all kinds of equipment, all kinds of tools, and no accountability for it because these things will continue to happen. >> norman seabrook thank you for being with me. i appreciate it. >> thank you so much. >> and we could be just minutes away from seeing the kickoff of trump 2016. the donald set to make a major announcement from trump hour in manhattan next hour. you're looking at the room there decked out in american flags. so will trump jump in or not?
7:55 am
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thank you so much for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts now. hello, everyone. i'm john berman. >> and i'm kate bolduan. we could be moments away from seeing a 12th republican candidate enter the race for the white house. donald trump, everyone is expected to announce his plans from the new york building that bears his name. >> because often it is all about his name. so the question is is he serious this time or just selling something? trump's flirtations with running have been a quadrennial exercise in the theater of the absurd and have earned him a fair amount of
8:00 am
ridicule. >> donald trump has saying that he will run for president as a republican which is surprising since i just assumed he was running as a joke. >> that was four years ago, but it is possible that trump 2016 is no joke or at least a different kind of joke. our joe johns is at the trump tower waiting for the announcement. good morning, joe. >> is the trump going to run is the big question here and it looks like the stage is set, doesn't it? he's being introduced by his daughter ivanka. he's expected to go out to iowa and later new hampshire after an appearance here. he's expected to release a statement suggesting that he is essentially worth $9 billion. that statement will be immediately scrutinized. his big problem though is his favorability ratings. out in iowa there are some suggestions in a recent poll that 58% of republican respondents said the


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