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tv   Forensic Files  CNN  June 17, 2015 1:00am-1:31am PDT

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one of the many scientific forensic advances that occur forensic advances that occur almost daily -- captions by vitac -- ♪ stunning, stunning new details in the new york prison break. was the woman accused of helping two dangerous killers escape, was she having a romantic relationship with both of them? her husband now visiting her in jail. are they still together? this as the search widens for the escaped inmates. tropical depression bill across a water-logged texas this morning already and the threat of water rising. the king accomplished. golden state warriors winning their first nba title in more than 40 years.
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john berman is off this morning. . joyce mitchell and her husband coming face-to-face behind bars. mitchell is the prison worker who allegedly helped two cold blooded killers escape from a maximum security facility in upstate new york. investigators believe she may have been plotting to have her husband murdered. mitchell's lawyer insists that is not the case. her lawyer claims his client is devastated. >> reporter: could you tell us how your client is holding up, joyce mitch mitchell? >> i talked to her yesterday and as of late yesterday, she was pretty distraught. >> reporter: elaborate on that. a visitor today, her husband, correct? >> that is correct. >> reporter: can you explain how that visit went? >> i don't know. i don't know. i don't know. >> let's get the latest on the investigation and the search for these escaped inmates and that search has basically gone cold. cnn national correspondent jason carroll. >> reporter: christine, we are learning a little bit more about
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joyce mitchell and her alleged role in all this and why she may have initially agreed to be the get-away driver. a source telling cnn that she did have some sort of an inappropriate relationship with both richard matt and david sweat and that same source telling cnn there may have been some sort of a murder plot to murder mitchell's husband lyle and perhaps she felt threatened herself at some point and she may have been coerced to being the get-away driver and investigators looking more closely at lyle mitchell to see if he knew anything at all about the escape plan and his attorney telling cnn on tuesday that he knew nothing about the escape plan or the murder plot. we could also tell you, lyle mitchell did visit joyce mitchell when she was in custody out here on tuesday. that visitation lasted for about an hour. there was no physical contact between the two of them. they were separated by a glass partition and spoke over the phone. joyce mitchell, as for her, she
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was being held here not too far and moved to another facility to the south near albany. that massive manhunt is very much under way. more than a thousand leads, but still no sign of these two men. christine, it seems the trail has gone somewhat cold. >> jason carroll, thank you for. let's go to texas where they are taking a beating from tropical storm bill. it rolled in tuesday afternoon and high winds taking down trees and power lines and 4 to 8 inches of rain swamping the eastern half of the state. >> the roads are gone. the big rock piles. the dunes down the beach side. they are nonexistent. this water is just pouring in and flooding. >> officials are calling for voluntary evacuations and reeling from a memorial day storm that swept away cars and
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homes. >> reporter: we are in a low lying area here in texas. it's not what it looks like everywhere. however, there is trouble from tropical storm bill. a boat sitting here near the water where it should be but we are actually in a parking lot and next to us are homes. and these homes are kind of used to it because on the one side, they have the galveston bay which is kicking up on the other side, an estuary. they are getting water and in a low lying area. the water has made it into the garages of these homes here but the folks here say, look, we are used to this. the worst we ever had was hurricane ike in 2008. the rest of this they said we can deal with this and know not to put things in their grargara and lift things up. there has been a tornado warning in effect throughout the evening and into the night to midnight. but, so far, this storm really
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hasn't done much damage. there is still always a concern about flooding and it's supposed to last at least through wednesday, so everyone is waiting and watching to see what happens with tropical storm bill. >> sara, thank you for that. the obama administration middle east strategy goes under the microscope today when defense secretary ashton carter and martin dempsey appear before the committee today. meanwhile, isis has lost control of the northern syrian town to kurdish fighters. jomana karadsheh is tracking that story for us from ahman, jordan, for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, christine. a very significant setback for isis with the loss of their biggest loss in months really after we saw the group really on the advance, whether it was in
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syria where they gained control of the historic city of palmira or iraq where they gained control of ramadi. a significant setback here for isis. now, this is what we know is that the ypg kurdish fighters and along with arab syrian rebel groups making advances with the support of the coalition air strikes and they managed to take control on of more than 40 towns and villages around that area over the past month. and it was just this week. in a few days, they managed to gain control of that border crossing with syria that was under the control of isis, and, yesterday, they announced full control of the town of taliba, a very strategic town. this was the first is isis-controlled town past the turkish border. it was pretty much a life line for isis for smuggling across that border from turkey, whether it was supplies, and also very
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significantly foreign fighters they were funneling foreign fighters into isis-held territory into syria and it's about 50 miles from their de facto capital of iraka and now these fighters are in control of that strategic route to rocka. a major setback it seems at this point after isis looked like it was gaining ground in both syria and iraq. lots of questions about why they did not put up a real fight but they did seem to lose that town within two days and pull back into rocka. lots of questions about whether they are planning any sort of counterattack as we have seen isis in the past, a very capable group. >> questions today for the u.s. military chiefs on the next step to fight isis. thank you for. nato condemning russia for building up nuclear arsenal.
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putin putting in 40 new missiles into service this year. nato secretary-general called the move unjustified. destabilizing and dangerous. he says russia's nuclear saber rattling leaves no choice but to increase military readiness. in kerry's state department news conference since breaking his leg, iran is concentrating on moving forward. they were not encrypted when they were allegedly stolen by chinese hackers and chinese software that could have prevented this breach was never installed. that in addition coming from the office of personnel management. the federal government's human resources agency. intelligence officials are concerned the big breach could be used to blackmail americans or recruit spies. dozens of new e-mails
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between hillary clinton and her confidant blummen that is all could be released sooner rather than later according to the top investigation of the benghazi attack. time for an early start on your money. u.s. stock futures higher this morning. we will hear from fed chief janet yellen later today. no action on interest rates is likely but we will look for any clues a rate hike is coming in september as many people expect. yesterday stocks rose and dow climbed 114 points and greece's debt crisis. the president's historic free trade support package in a life support in congress and house extended a deadline until the end of july. it failed last week with nancy pelosi. hillary clinton isn't offering the president any help later and praised pelosi and said obama
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should learn to her concerns. top lawmakers don't know how to change the outcome. golden state warriors are your 2015 nba champions. steph curry and andre iguodala scoring 25 points apiece to lead the warriors to a victory over the cleveland cavaliers in game six of the finals lasted night 105-97. iguodala earning mvp for the series. lebron pulled down 18 rebound in that losing effort. donald trump running for president with tough talk for his opponents as jimmy fallen breaking out his skills. that's next.
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what is your next move after finally announcing you're running for president? former florida jeb bush stopping by "the tonight show" on tuesday to slow jam the news with regimen fallon. >> yesterday, in miami, i formally announced my candidacy for president of the united states. i thought long and hard about this decision. and after careful consideration, i determined that now was the right time to launch my campaign for the republican nomination.
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>> oh, yeah. the governor thought long and hard about joining the gop race. after months of being a total caucus tease. jeb finally made up his mind and quit beating around the bush. ♪ jeb really wants to get in the white house ♪ ♪ but is not as bad as. obama wants out ♪ >> the first-ever late night appearance for jeb bush and likely not his last. great moments from. show you more later. the donald kickoff announcement was pure trump. he jumped into the race for president with a rambling speech taking direct aim at republican rivals and staking his claim as outsider-in-chief. >> all of these politicians that i'm running against now, they
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are trying to -- you looked at bush. it took him five days to answer the question on iraq. he couldn't answer the question. he didn't know. i said is he intelligent? then i looked at rubio. he was unable to answer the question. is iraq a good thing or a bad thing? he didn't know. he couldn't answer the question! how are these people going to lead us? how are we going to go back and make it great again? we can't. they don't have a clue. they can't lead us. they can't. they can't even answer simple questions. >> he says the american dream is dead and he can make america great again. we get more on trump's big announcement from senior washington correspondent joe johns. >> reporter: donald trump heads for new hampshire today after making his first campaign stop last night in iowa. he has been flirting with a run for president for decades, but finally made it official on tuesday. his kickoff event was about as raw and an unfiltered.
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saying what is on his mind didn't get in the way and not shy about it either as well. for other candidates like mitt romney, last cycle, it was a delicate issue. for trump, it's a selling point. by any standard, an unusual kickoff speech, moving back and forth between prepared text and extemporaneous remarks jumping from topic to topic and issue to issue and trump was clear who he sees as bad and good, starting with the current occupant of the white house. he called the president a bad negotiator and called the president's signature health care plan a big lie. he also went after some of the republican contenders, including jeb bush and marco rubio. his challenge will be his low approval ratings. 58% of iowa republicans who responded to a poll said they would never vote for many. the trump campaign says that dynamic will change now that he's in the race. they expect his approval ratings to rise. a trump campaign was welcomed by some who said they hoped he
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would make the race more entertaining. but some republican strategists fear it could turn the race into a reality show. christine? >> thanks, joe. as donald trump hits the campaign trail, rocker neil young is blasting the billionaire for using his classic song "rocking in the free world" without his permission. in a statement, he said the following. neil young is canadian sis is a supporter of barry sanders for president of america. they are trying to figure out in berkeley, california, how a balcony collapsed killing six people. five were college students on a visit to the united states and others remain hospitalized. hunter treshel had his left arm amputated below the shoulder
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because of a shark attack. he describes the attack. >> i was in waist-deep water, i would say, playing with my cousin, like i said. i felt this kind of hit on my left leg, like i felt like it was a big fish coming at you or something. then i felt it like one more time and then it just hit my arm. it was -- that was the first. i saw it was biting up my left arm kind of, then it got that off eventually and it swam -- i don't know if it swamware but i was able to move and got out of the water with the help of my cousin and got to the beach. >> it bit it off. another girl got her left arm amputated but her parents say should be able to keep her left leg which was also bitten. nasa says the world is running out of water. more than half of the earth's auk aquifers are being depleted. according to a grace satellite system. the issue is something scientists long suspected but
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this is the first detailed assessment showing the major aquifers struggling to keep up with human demand. their dream season is complete. the golden state warriors winning their first nba championship in 40 years. andy shoal is in cleveland for the clencher. he has the highlights and "the bleacher report" next. and not being able to get up from a fall can have serious lifetime consequences. being prepared is important. philips lifeline with autoalert is more than just a medical alert button. it's an advanced fall-detection system, designed to get you help quickly. if you fall and you're unable to push your button, the fall detection technology within autoalert can trigger the button to automatically place a call for help. philip's lifeline has saved more lives than any other medical alert service. this is philips lifeline, we received a fall detected signal. do you need help? call now about philips lifeline with autoalert, the only button with philips advanced fall-detection technology. we'll send you this free brochure with information about the importance of getting help quickly
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the golden state warriors overcoming lebron james and the cavaliers with a 105-96 game six win in cleveland last night and warriors capturing their first title since 1975 and party still going on in the bay area. you said, andy, lebron would not be able to lift this up on his own. he needed his team to step up. >> that's right. lebron didn't get the help he needed and you can't blame the cavs right now. they are so shorthanded in this series. it was a sea of sadness of fans leaving the quicken loans arena last night. the 51-year championship drought continues for the city of cleveland. the fans hoping they would force this to a game seven in the bay area but the warriors with once again proving they are the best team in the nba. last night golden state jumped out to a 15-point lead in game six in the third quarter. lebron and the cavs made a late run at this one but didn't have enough.
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warriors would end up winning this one 105-97. andre iguodala was named the finals mvp. after the game, cnn's rachel nichols caught up with warriors superstar steph curry to talk about winning his first championship. >> reporter: what does it feel like to reach this after everything you've been through? >> this is amazing. all those things you just talked about, the injuries, the underdog stories, it makes this moment so much more special. having just to fight your way every single year and get a little bit better, have a great group of teammates that this is a bond that we will have forever. >> pretty cool moment before the game. 19-year-old marlane that singing one of the best national anthems in sports history. take a listen. ♪ o say, can you see by the dawn's early light ♪
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social media went absolutely crazy! praising her performance and rightfully so. she suffers from cerebral palsy and was blind and wasn't even supposed to live a year and now she is an inspiration to us all. i witnessed that live. it was incredible! u.s. women's soccer team is headed to the knockout stage of the women's world cup. team usa beat nigeria 1-0 last night. captain abby wambach scored the first goal. they don't know who they are facing until after today's games. we could have one of the biggest sports scandals in history on our hands. the fbi is currently investigating whether the st. louis cardinals hacked into the houston astros computer database that house the team's evaluations of players and trade discussions! current astros general manager used to work for the cardinal. he is known for using what some call extreme moneyball to evaluate players. major league baseball, the astros and cardinals all say they are fully cooperating with the fbi investigation.
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and i have to tell you, the astros used physicianists and people who used to work for nasa to come up with all of these complex al go rhythms to evaluate players and if the cardinals went into the system and hacked the system and steal this information it could be huge. it depends on whether it was one rogue employee for the cardinals or a widespread attack on the astros system. i can't even tell you how big this is going to be if the fbi finds it was a coordinated effort. >> that is a big story. i know you will keep following it for us. thanks, andy. stunning new details in the new york prison break. new accusations against the worker arrested in the case as the search for two killers grows cold. next. new questions this mor
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about the woman arrested for helping two dangerous killers break out of prison. her husband's attorney on the record about their relationship as the search grows cold for the escaped inmates. happening now. rain pounding texas. the threat of dangerous flooding rising this morning. the damage done and what is still to come ahead. breaking overnight the golden state warriors winning the nba championship over lebron and the cavaliers. a big celebration ahead. welcome to "early


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