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tv   New Day  CNN  June 17, 2015 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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prison worker who helped the prisoners escape gets a jailhouse visit from her husband. how much did he know? is it true his life was in danger? it's like covering a crime and like a movie at the same time. what is the latest twist? >> reporter: a lot of plot twists here chris. the latest is this. joyce mitchell who is housed in the clinton county jail has been moved to a jail outside the county. she was considered too much of a distraction in this area where so much of the search is focused over so many days now. the search is also moving. search crews had been working on a 16 square mile area. this morning, however, the roadblocks have been moved. police will have to pursue tips coming in from just about every direction. after more than 1,000 leads, authorities are expanding and shifting their search around up state new york. >> these are criminals, okay.
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they are going to rely on what they know best. no reports of carjackings or break ins. that's not to say they might not be holding someone at bay in a house somewhere. >> reporter: joyce mitchell who investigators say gave the inmates matt and sweat tools to escape is feeling the weight of her actions, according to her attorney. >> she's distraught. she's very upset. she's very weepy. >> reporter: mitchell's husband, lyle worked in the same tailoring block as his wife. tuesday, he spent an hour visiting mitchell in jail and had a private, unmonitored visitation. she was comforted by the visit and he appeared supportive. >> he said he's standing by her. that's what he told me when i spoke to him. >> reporter: lyle's lawyer says he has no plans to testify on her behalf. both worked at the tailor shop mitchell had a sexual
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relationship with david matt dating back to 2013. a source with direct knowledge tells cnn joyce mitchell was aware of a plot to kill her husband by the prisoners and she warned him his life could be in danger. leading up to the elaborate escape investigators say mitchell may have agreed to be the duo's get away driver after matt and or sweat, then threatened her and her husband. >> thanks so much for that. we want to bring in sheriff david of clinton county new york. sheriff, thanks so much for being on "new day." we are hearing the search is expanding. what can you tell us? >> well the area that is have been searched the last 11 days have been pretty much exhausted. they have covered all the square footage over 10,000 acres and covered it very well. we are confident that area is cleared. we are going to move on into a couple other areas that are fairly close to that search
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area in case they are still here on foot. >> sheriff, we heard there are 500 homes in that first seven mile radius. have you gone to every one of those homes, searched the basement and wood sheds and cleared them? >> to my knowledge, just about every home has been cleared. i, myself along with my undersheriff last friday went door-to-door outside the perimeter and spoke with several ott residents. we got a couple good tips on vacant homes family members owned but haven't been in over a year. sent teams up to clear those houses and make sure there was no trace of those individuals there. we are confident that particular area is clear. >> are the last clues that you got that boot print you believed to be one of the fugitives and the food wrappers. >> i believe that's all we have thus far in this area that would indicate they were there, yes.
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>> what does your gut tell you about where they are? >> everybody has an opinion, but we are kind of careful with opinions. we know how we feel about those. i'm about 49/51. i would like to think they were here because the circumstances that led to it. however, with that elaborate an escape and the detail they put into getting out, i find it very hard to believe they didn't think out well what they were going to do once they got to the freedom. i would have to say, they had a strong plan "a" in place and that's what they are following right now. >> sheriff, one of the criticisms of the search is it has not been well coordinated. are the fbi and u.s. marshals and your department working well together or are you seeing fraying? >> all the people on the ground
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are working great together. they are working hand-in-hand. they are sharing information and doing what they can to support each other. when you pull 800 people from multiple jurisdictions together it's immeasurable. some people sit back and say i don't understand why they are not catching them faster. i don't understand why something may be happening. it's easy to diagnose those things when you are in the comfort of your recliner. when you are up here seeing the immeasurable amount of personnel and resources and technology deployed to try to keep it together is difficult. richard from the new york state police is here. he's new to the region. i'm glad he's here. he has experience in multiple task force in the state and been involved in many activities like this. he is spearheading the efforts. i'm confident he's very confident to keep this going strong until we accomplish our
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mission. >> all the experts we have spoken to including the prosecutors believe these guys had more help than just joyce mitchell their alleged accomplice inside and outside the prison. where are the other arrests? >> i couldn't tell you that right now. i think you have to realize, there's just as much of a presence in the public searching for the individuals, there's an equal amount of efforts behind the scenes. there's multiple members, plain clothes people doing phone calls, computer work calling up on the thousands of leads that came in from multiple areas across the country. we need to allow that part of the process to work as well. common sense says when they get out, you have to secure the immediate area which is the effort that was done. now, it's going to be a big part of the investigation that's going to lead us to where they are going to be. the eyes and ears of somebody.
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>> often the public are the people who end up getting the case. are you confident you will get these guys? >> i am. i believe we will. we are putting heart and soul into this. all my guys every member up here from every department. every member in investigations everybody is working really hard at it. there's some great people that are behind the scenes and on the ground. i'm confident we are going to be able to get these two. >> sheriff, thanks for taking the time to talk to "new day" this morning. >> thank you. have a nice day. here comes the trump train announcing he is joining the gop race for president. he's already making a splash at least with the media. he's an odd combination of popularity ratings in the republican party. we have joe johns with the rollout plan. how is he going to do? >> today, trump heads to new
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hampshire. he will be at manchester community college for an event around 5:30 p.m. eastern. trump's campaign kick off speech in new york was over the top about as raw and unfiltered as it gets in politics. he was just geting started in iowa. he kept up the drum beat slamming president obama for his health care plan and negotiating skills talking tough about republican contenders too, including a comment about how he has better hair than florida senator, marco rubio and more on foreign policy. listen to what he said about isis. >> as you know isis. isis has the oil. isis is rich. what we should do right now is go blast the hell out of that organization. >> trump's biggest problem in iowa appears to be his approval ratings. a recent poll shows 58% of
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republican respondents say they would never vote for him. >> that's good. that's a good number there. that's a good number. the question is how it will change over time. if he's in the race joe, he keeps talking about his money, he might be right on one level. nbc put a lot of money in his pocket. what are they going to do if their man is running for president? >> they have an equal time problem. they can't have a guy running for president hosting a tv show. the question is whether they are going to put it on hold. some of the people at the trump campaign suggested he might put one of his kids in to host. >> you could have the other 11 candidates have their own show. >> reality shows. >> that's awesome. >> maybe this is a reality show come to speak of it. >> every four years. >> exactly. >> be on the shore. >> there's so many options. good to have you here joe. watching the tropical storm
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bill it has been downgraded to a tropical depression however, texas not out of the woods, yet. the rain could cause severe flooding not only in texas, but arkansas oklahoma and louisiana. the house foreign affairs committee taking up syria. taking up whether strikes by the assad regime are ongoing. john kerry is frustrated with this saying his patience is assad is quote, wearing thin. watch this video. this was caught on surveillance tape. a georgia father saving his son. he's holding on for dear life on the side of his fiance's carjacked suv because his 8-year-old son is inside. he was dragged 500 feet and able to distract the carjacker enough to give his son the chance to jump out. he broke his arm in the process,
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but is expected to recover. the carjacker and accomplice got away. >> how wonderful his son was able to get out. >> smart kid, didn't get frozen. daddy power. >> totally. superman. >> in that moment you do whatever you have to do. good for him. a big issue when talking about the election is money and politics. what about personal wealth? donald trump says it's a reason to vote for him. are we better off electing someone who is super rich? we are going to ask fiorina. she is here. what does she think? sick people so that they can get better. and being away from us is very difficult. i know how much these pictures mean to her. share moments as vivid as life with the nikon d-thirty-three hundred. sending pictures to your phone is so easy, we call it nikon snapbridge. i love getting these pictures. they make me feel like i'm home. the nikon d-thirty-three hundred.
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welcome back to "new day." donald trump is the newest edition to the presidential race becoming the 12th republican. he says he's the best person for the oval office. let's bring in carly fiorina. former chairman and ceo of hp. great to have you here. good luck in the election. >> thank you. >> the trump train. a list of what he thought mattered. let's play it then comment. >> okay. >> i will be the greatest jobs president that god ever created. i would repeal and replace the big lie, obamacare.
4:16 am
nobody would be tougher on isis than donald trump. i will stop iran from getting nuclear weapons. i will build a great, great wall on our southern border and i will have mexico pay for that wall. mark my words. >> now, do you feel in good conscious, you can disagree with any of that. >> donald trump shouldn't be underestimated. he's hitting on issues americans care about. they believe the economy is not growing enough. they are worried and afraid of what's going on in the world, not just isis but other issues as well. they realize china is turned into an adversary. these are real issues. on top of everything else what i feel out there is something reflected in a recent poll. 82% of americans now believe we have a professional political
4:17 am
class more focused on power, privilege and provision than doing the people's work. i think they are open to someone with experience such as myself who actually knows what it takes to get a beaurocracy under control. >> let's discuss that. the main criticism of trump is what he's doing is yes, he's picking on what panics people. he's then pandering and making big promises. that's not the job of a leader is it? everybody knows what the problems are. the job of a leader is to solve them. do you believe that you have solutions to these problems that are obvious to everybody? >> i do. let's say, there are lots of politicians who make false promises on both sides of the aisle. i think, in order to get the economy going, again -- >> what do we do? >> first, we have to lift the weight of government off it. for example, we know that obamacare is a failure. we have emergency room visits
4:18 am
up. we have health insurance premiums up. health insurance companies are consolidating. we know the overreach of the e.p.a. is pressing a lot of jobs. we are destroying more businesses than we are creating for the first time in u.s. history. we are tangling people's lives up in webs of dependence. tey lay back and discourage them from using their god given gifts. we know our arab allies called for specific support to fight isis. we haven't provided any of that support. we know russia is an adversary. if we rebuild the fleet or missile defense system that would help. we know as well our government has come over republican and democratic administrations. over 40 years, our government has become increasingly inept. look at the data breach.
4:19 am
>> everybody gets hit by data breaches. target you would like to point to government, but the private sector is just as vulnerable. >> we still don't know. the office of personnel management doesn't know how many records were affected. they didn't shut down vulnerable systems. they were told years ago it could happen. >> the problem is clear. the solution is not clear. not to cherry pick but you cannot say the u.s. doesn't give what they want. nobody's put more money into it. >> actually i can say. >>itis not accurate. >> it is accurate. >> who has given more time and assets. >> i'm making a different point. the jordanians have asked us for bombs and we have not. the kurds asked us for three years, we are not. there are a whole series of
4:20 am
errors t saudis qatarryes, jordanians the kurds who asked for specific support. we have not provided it. i would hold a camp david summit and ask what can we do to support you. >> you don't think the u.s. has been asking arab allies what they want and providing things? >> i do not. that is factually not accurate. there are a set of things arab allies have asked for. >> there may be things they want but the idea we have not given idea is a distraction. >> they have given, but not enough to help. >> what would fix government trump's idea is i'm better. i'm worth a ton of money. let's take his metric as something that is vagable. look at the money and wealth he's created for himself. i think his number is greatly overblown. that's okay. they have a number out there about you as well? how much do you think you are worth? >> i put everything out there.
4:21 am
it's not an estimate. i put out two years. >> what are you worth? >> about $59 million, based on the tax returns i put out there. >> that will be looked at as one or two ways that's amazing, you are successful good things at hp differences of opinion in how to run the company, but you made a lot of money. to 98% of the country, you represent this class that you point to yourself as a distraction to success in america. where overwhelming wealth dominates the economic landscape for everybody else. how are you the solution not the problem? >> i started out as a secretary. my husband as a tow truck driver. we have been very fortunate. we have been fortunate to get a good education. we have been fortunate people took a chance on us and we had opportunities. we cannot become a country that represents success. we have lived the american dream, my husband and i.
4:22 am
the truth is the more powerful government gets the more true it becomes. only the wealthy t powerful well connected and big can handle it. >> how do you fix that? >> crony capitalism exists. >> it does. the ceo making exponentially times what the regular worker makes. should that be addressed? >> i think ceo pay, and mine certainly was, ought to be voted on by shareholders because they are invested in the company. when you create complicated pieces in regulation the small get crushed. let's talk for a moment about the tax code. it's 70,000 pages. guess who that advantages? the wealthy. the well connected. the tax credits and deductions i can take them. the secretary i used to be working in a nine-person real
4:23 am
estate firm the deductions don't help her or the firm. i actually think, as someone who started in a nine-person real estate firm and ultimately became the chief executive of the largest technology company in the world, $90 billion, i understand precisely why big government advantages the powerful the wealthy, the big and well connected. the only way to level that playing field is to challenge the status quo of washington that existed 50 years and begin to simplify and reduce the power of this complexity. >> this is a good start to the conversation. we have a long time in this election. i look forward to you coming back to hash these things out. >> thank you so much for manager me. >> good luck going forward. >> long time indeed. 509 days the calendar says. we'll stick with 2016 politics and john kings is going to look at the catholic leader and
4:24 am
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the manhunt for two killers
4:28 am
in up state new york expanding this morning. the search for richard matt and david sweat bringing in 1,000 leads. joyce pitch el getting a jailhouse visit from her husband. she warned him the escaped killers had a plan to kill him. they are looking into whether other employees or prisoners were involved in the escape. planning a terrorist attack on behalf of isis. he searched online for materials to build a pressure cooker bomb and looked up city landmarks. court documents show the 20-year-old backed jihad and supported isis on twitter. a white tiger that escaped from a zoo killed a man and injured another. it is one of hundreds that escaped during severe floods. police tracked the tiger down and had to kill it. remember this video of
4:29 am
escaped piglets on the highway? look how cute they are? someone left three houses on the side of the road for them. one made of brick, one of straw and one of bricks. >> one has a satellite dish. the houses did not last long sorry to report not because of a big, bad wolf but transportation officials removed them tuesday because they distracted drivers. >> you mean they huffed and puffed and blew their house down? >> yes, i do mean that. >> how did the first one get taken down. >> somebody has a lot of time on their hands and we appreciate that. >> we salute you, we do. >> time for "inside politics" with john king. let's move from that to politics. a lot to talk about this morning. let's go inside politics. m.j. lee, olivia of yahoo!.
4:30 am
big signs of clinton weakness. i say big signs. it is still summer of 2015. there were polls in battleground states matching clinton up to some republicans. in ohio, governor john casic. republicans can't win without ohio. let's move to pennsylvania. republicans say can we get pennsylvania? at the moment marco rubio and rand paul i'm going to say beating, it's a tie, but competitive with hillary clinton in the state of pennsylvania. then the state of florida, clinton, 47 rubio, 44. the bottom line here is sure she's the prohibited democratic front-runner. a mix of republican strength. this looks like a very very competitive general election considering she's the nominee, if the republicans nominate somebody other than donald
4:31 am
trump. >> other than donald trump. i think the poll shows and reconfirm that is marco rubio would be formidable against hillary clinton, at least in certain swing states. i do think the question for marco rubio remains, does he have the political way to compete with jeb bush? we haven't heard any numbers from marco rubio. i think if the numbers were strong we would have heard something by now. >> in every state, the battleground states polled by a margin of 8% to 14% voters do not find hillary clinton to be honest. honesty and trustworthiness is big for them. >> it is much more important than hypothetical match ups state by state with people who may or may not be the nominee. the underlying numbers for
4:32 am
hillary are more problematic. i didn't see the breakdown of who spoke whether it's republicans. that would be a no brainer. she has trouble with the empathy numbers where people are not sure they understand their concerns. >> she has time she has money and so do her superpac friends to address those. instead of spending money bashing republicans or doing her own biography, they have to do it with honesty. her first priority is to win the democratic nomination. we all seem to take it for granted. bernie sanders is getting better numbers. clinton, 41 sanders 31. joe biden 7% martin o'malley 3%. ten points. if you are hillary clinton and there's a guy named bernie sanders within ten points of you, he's drawing good crowds in
4:33 am
iowa. i don't want to say it will make you nervous, but work harder. >> she didn't do herself favors by fumbling on the trade question. it's a question like someone like o'malley or sanders know the answer. they want clinton to oppose it. it took forever to look strong on an important issue that dominated headlines. >> he doesn't come across as a politician. his last name is not clinton. he is rallying democrats who come from the elizabeth warren wing of the party. so he's benefiting from a lot of dynamics in this field. i agree, she doesn't get worried, but it does i think, force her to come out and detail her policy positions, which she has been doing over the past week or so rolling out individual policy projects that i think are going to help her define her candidacy in the way she needs to. >> she is formidable. we'll see how this goes up.
4:34 am
let's move on to jeb bush. in a town hall he converted to catholicism. he was asked about the pope. the pope says world leaders should forgot about the business of dealing with climate change. jeb bush do you agree with the pope? >> i don't get economic policy from my bishops or cardinals or my pope. i think religion ought to be about making us better as people and less about things that get them into the political realm. >> he doesn't want to take economic advice from the pope. what about the issue of doing something about climate change? he punted on that one. >> it's easy to say, listen i'm not getting my advice from the pope certainly not on economic
4:35 am
policy. but the question becomes, the pope is saying the leader of the catholic church is saying climate change is manmade, global warming is something we have to deal with addressing how we deal with fossil fuels. are you saying you disagree with the pope the head of krour church? it's a tricky opposition to be in. >> forgive me. who could blame me or the pope or someone on the subway train. the politicians reasoned dealing with this. why not have the conversation? >> it's hard to think of an institution that is more about economic policies over the course of history than the roman catholic church. that's one thing i would say. it's amazing how far we have come. i'm not listening to the pope through a loyalty issue. now, the problem is pope francis is hugely popular worldwide. >> climate change is an issue that voters care about.
4:36 am
millenials, hispanics. >> have a conversation about it. we'll have a policy debate. the other guy i mentioned at the beginning, donald trump said a lot of interesting things that if i yell at china, they will do what i want. i will get mexico to pay for the wall. a lot of things you might find out there. but he did prove one thing. put him on a debate stage, he could be a problem for this guy. >> i don't see how he can possibly get the nomination. he's weak on immigration, in favor of common core. how the hell can you vote for this guy. >> this guy being jeb bush. the nbc/wall street journal poll said 74% of republicans could not support donald trump. i don't think he's going to be the nominee. if you put him on a debate stage and he is a showman, could me make life for jeb bush or target one more complicated? >> when he's saying things on the debate stage, it looks like
4:37 am
there's a good chance he makes it on the stage if he's a top ten candidate. will jeb bush or someone like marco rubio be able to handle the things that are thrown at them from donald trump without getting flustered? is donald trump going to suck the energy and air away from them who need the attention and the air time? >> really need the attention and air time. it's interesting. he is a candidate now. i have said a lot of not so nice things about donald trump over the months and years. he is a candidate. we have to watch him. if he gets that place on the debate stage, we have to treat him as one of the ten, i guess. >> it will make for interesting moments and a gigantic debate. >> i feel jake's pain. jake tapper does the first debate. i feel the pain. >> john king thanks so much for that. we are going to talk about transfats. they are soon a thing of the
4:38 am
past in american foods. how big of a deal is that? we are going to ask sanjay gupta. he is here to break it down. and we see no reason to stop. so cvs health is creating industry-leading programs and tools that help people stay on medicines as their doctors prescribed. it could help save tens of thousands of lives every year. and that would be something worth shouting about. cvs health, because health is everything.
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passion of living real madrid.
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something is soon going to be missing from your food. fda is giving food manufacturers three years to remove transfats from products. what inspired this move? sanjay gupta is here to break it down for us not with standing the wonderful relationship the two of you have. he brought french fries, cookies and doughnuts. first of all, the fda is no longer recognized this transfat as safe. what is this the wells report? it's bad for us. didn't we know this already? >> we have. it is a vague term the fda uses saying the evidence is in one way or another. we have known, here in new york they have banned it since 2006. in other countries, it's been happening for some time.
4:43 am
dating back to the early '90s, there's evidence of this. this is a long time coming. the fda has been heel dragging on it. the industry obviously, at first, was against it. they said transfat is great, reduce the cost of food longer shelf life things taste better. the history was everything used to be cooked in animal fat. they have the perfect solution, we'll come up with transfats that are healthier than animal fats. that was the thinking 30 or 40 years ago. we now know it's worse than animal fat. it's been a long time coming. >> where do we go from here. you have all this food in front of you. >> it's not just his breakfast. >> this is something different. what do you want to tell us? >> these are examples. people ask what typically has transfats in it? it's a type of oil and what typically you feel with foods
4:44 am
with transfat is less of a taste and more of a mouth feel. it's a creamier texture with transfats. margarine is transfats, butter is not. people for a long time ask them they say butter is the bad stuff. it got demonized. again, it's the opposite. >> butter is better than margarine? >> butter is better than margarine. >> what companies have to change their recipe in. >> every company. i can't think of obviously, real foods, things that use real whole foods and vegetables and fruits they won't. anything with anything remotely process zed that's been adding transfats. fast food companies, a lot of restaurants. this is going to change. it's a big deal. by the way, in new york i tried to find transfats. these doughnuts don't have transfats. here in new york you can't finds transfats. these french fries. >> from a fast food restaurant?
4:45 am
>> from a fast food restaurant. go to the margarines certain foods. >> transfats are bad, i got it. now you have a doughnut but that doesn't mean the doughnut is good. >> unless it's dipped in wheat germ right? >> better i would say. look that's not just me saying that. there's data on this as well. in denmark, for example, in 2003 they banned transfats, so 12 years ago. you can see what's happened to coronary heart disease, it's dropped over time. 70% since the early 90s. a significant amount of time. it makes a difference. it's too early in new york yet, but we are going to see what it's done for new york as well. >> why does it take three years to change production? they should be able to pivot quicker than three years. >> i agree. these negotiations with the industry in terms of the existing products that are already out there, their shelf life how long it takes to change a manufacturer process,
4:46 am
define what they are going to use instead of transfats, what types of oils are they going to use. that takes a little time. three years may be too long. if you were the fda commissioner you would make it six months. >> immediately. >> you can do label checking for partially hydrogenated oil. that's the transfat. >> the good doctor looked at my humas for you and i'm okay. you better run with the doughnuts. >> i love these people. >> if you think the transfat thing took a long time how about 40 years. don't miss rachel nichols one-on-one with star league mvp, the champ himself, steph curry. he can fill it up. >> you want to see funny stuff? look at the nba.
4:47 am
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and the dream season is now complete. the golden state warriors are the 2015 nba championship their first title -- >> they know from droughts in california but as you saw right there, one of them's over. the golden state warriors nba champs for the first time in 40 years. cnn spoke with the team's superstar steph curry. not to get away from the game but i've got to tell you his kid -- to see little reilly again was great. >> most famous two-year-old in the country, right, chris? unbelievable and so adorable. i asked steph curry how do you feel about having riley being parking lot part of this moment? he joked that maybe they'd have to make her a minichampionship
4:52 am
ring. she deserved one. having riley along for the ride has been great for steph curry. and the whole journey at large. this is a guy who wasn't recruited to a big time college program. when he came into the nba a lot of people thought he'd be too small to make an impact. we talked about all of that after the game. take a listen. >> the injuries the underdog story, it make this is moment so much more special. having to fight your way every single year and get a little bit better having a great group of teammates, this is a bond we'll have forever. and just proud to bring a championship back to the bay area. this is what it's all about. >> you group in the nba. there's great pictures of you sitting on your dad's lap. he's playing. going from there to getting the
4:53 am
trophy yourself does it mean more to you because you've been watching it your whole life? >> for sure. you see the faces of guy who is join that fraternity of championship and took over the family business. my dad played for 16 years. it puts it into perspective how hard it is to win a championship. this is truly truly special. >> he's got the underdog story, the father-son bond. he's under sized. what does this not give you? >> reporter: yeah. just pyrotechnic on the basketball court too. and we've been following the story of lebron james since he came back to cleveland. a lot of heart break around this story, a lot of hope as well.
4:54 am
they got here with several major players injured. lebron had a historic finals game. could not have given more physically mentally anything. and hopefully they'll come back next year with a few more bodies to help them out. >> lebron showed he's the best prayer in the world. thank you so much. great interview. police in upstate new york expanding their search for those two convicted killers on the run and investigating whether they had more help from inside the prison. we will have a live update on the search. ♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories.
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. this is "new day" with chris cuomo and michaela pereira. >> welcome to your "new day." it's wednesday, june 17th 8:00 in the east. police in upstate new york are looking outside the jail for two escaped murderererss and inside the jail for -- >> joyce mitchell gets a jailhouse visit from her husband. how much did he know about the plot? alexandra field brings us the latest from dannemora, new york. >> reporter: a lot of mu details about the plans to escape. we're also hearing from officials the acknowledgment that really these two fugitives would be just about anywhere. the decision to remove the roadblocks near the prison
5:00 am
investigators covering 16 square miles around the prison. but they now say they will pursue individual leads based on whatever information is coming in. after more than a thousand leads, authorities are expanding and shifting their search around upstate new york. >> these are criminals, okay? they're going to rely on what they know best. there's been no reports of carjackings, any break-ins. that's not to say they might not be holding someone at bay in a house somewhere. >> reporter: former prison worker joyce mitchell who they say gave richard matt and david sweat tools to escape is feeling the weight of her actions according to her attorney. >> she's distraught upset, weepy. >> mitchell's husband lyle worked in the same tailoring shop inside the prison. yesterday he visited mitchell in jail and had a private,


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