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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  June 17, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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ou think about it. dell curry, 16-year veteran of the nba. never won a title. now his son, steph curry, won that ring on behalf of the whole family. and maybe riley's got a future, too. maybe we'll see her in the wnba in maybe 20 years. >> rachel nichols, thanks so much. appreciate it. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts now. happening now in the "newsroom," more than 1,000 tips but still no sign of these two killers. this morning, the search strategy shifts. plus shaking up the race for the white house. >> i watched jeb bush yesterday. he can't even put on a tie and jacket. he's running for president. >> the donald wasting no time taking on his gop rivals. >> now was the right time to launch my campaign for the republican nomination.
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>> new polling out this morning, who's getting a leg-up on the competition? and we know there's no crying in baseball. but hacking? the st. louis cardinals accused of stealing more than signs, team secrets, scouting reports, say it ain't so, joe. let's talk, live in the "cnn newsroom." good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. defense secretary ashton carter and joint chiefs of staff chairman general martin dempsey heading to capitol hill this morning where they will testify before a house panel on the u.s. strategy in the middle east. these are live pictures from that hearing which is set to get under way any minute now. it comes just days after dempsey said a pentagon proposal could increase u.s. troops in iraq. earlier i spoke with the chairman of the armed services committee who said issues in the region go beyond the threat of isis.
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>> the president has said he didn't have a complete strategy for defeating isis but that's only one part of what's happening in the middle east. so our question before the secretary and the chairman is give us the military strategy for dealing with this multitude of chaotic situations that are engulfing the middle east and inevitably us. >> cnn will monitor that hearing and of course bring you any developments. also just two hours from now, we should get an update on the manhunt for those two escape escaped killers. the district attorney scheduled a news conference. but the search area for the fugitives is now expanding. despite more than 1,200 leads, police may be no closer to finding these men. let's bring in cnn's polo sandoval to tell us more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning,
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carol. at this hour we know that law enforcement officers on the ground also in the air shifting tharg focus away from an area that was taken a hard look at which was only about seven or eight miles from where we are, because there wasn't enough evidence to keep officers there. the early search for escaped killers richard matt and david sweat focusing on the immediate area 250 officers covering a few square miles around the prison. then the manhunt shifted. a local newspaper reported no police guarded the terminals for the ferries that crossed lake champlain to vermont. another possibility, canada 20 miles north of the prison. but a former fbi agent says the killers would not try to drive through checkpoints and going on foot is even harder. >> they're instantly setting themselves up for a fall. >> reporter: searchers are scouring parts of adirondacks in
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upstate new york. it's filled with hundreds of cabins. investigators think the pair could be holed up in one of them or warn that they could invade a home and take hostages. >> that's a big chance to take if you go in and you do that even if you leave, now you've set a footprint for the police to latch onto. >> reporter: at least one escape plan called for prison employee joyce mitchell to supply a getaway car. she told investigators that matt and sweat kept their destination vague. >> all she's told us to date, approximately seven hours away. no specified location. >> reporter: at an average of 60 miles per hour tlekdhey could get more than 400 miles away putting cities like boston new york and philadelphia within reach. >> small towns, people are very aware of what other people are doing. in a larger city people stop paying attention. >> reporter: now even new york's governor has to admit the trail has gone cold.
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>> we don't know if they are still in the immediate area or if they are in mexico by now. >> reporter: and mexico about 2,000 miles away, could be a real possibility. in 1997 matt brutally murdered a man near buffalo, new york back then he fled to mexico and killed another man before being captured. >> you can't sustain this type of a manhunt for very long. it's just too much of a vacuum of all of the resources. >> reporter: at this hour all of those resources right now still working around the clock now as we continue with day 11 of this manhunt. the reality is investigators still have absolutely no idea where this very dangerous duo could be. >> unbelievable. i want to delve a little bit into the investigation. the attorney for lyle mitchell joyce mitchell's husband, lyle mitchell says he was completely unaware of the escape plans and an alleged plot to kill him.
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but sources tell cnn something different. tell me more about that. >> reporter: yeah that source telling cnn that if lyle did in fact have knowledge of this escape plan, it was because his wife joyce, who's currently behind bars actually warned him that these very dangerous individuals would go after him. we still don't know why that could be. but that's why investigators believe that he could have had knowledge. but it boils down to either joyce or lyle actually told investigators about this ongoing plan for matt and sweat to escape so they could possibly be a route that prosecutors will take as they consider more charges against mitchell or possibly her husband. >> polo sandoval, thanks so much. investigators say at some point mitchell may have been forced to cooperate in the escape plan that the inmates manipulated her until they had the upper hand. that's not at all uncommon. being locked up provides a lot of time for shrewd criminals to
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target an employee and wear down their defenses. my next guest wrote the book "the art of the con," and it's considered by some to be the bible for new corrections officers and for good reason. gary cornelius worked 27 years inside the fairfax county adult detention center in virginia. he joins me now. welcome, sir. >> morning, carol. >> this doesn't at all surprise you, this possible scenario being laid out by investigators surrounding the mitchells? >> no it doesn't because if you work in a prison or a jail and after the first few months that you're there and you're dealing with offenders, you learn -- i learned and people asked me when i retired, what did you learn? and i said nothing surprises me. and the second thing i learned is desperate people do desperate things. they had a lot of time to think this up. they targeted her and they looked for a weakness.
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and this is probably one of the more classic cases of manipulation. however, she did make the choice -- allegedly make the choice to help them. that's what she's charged with. even though that you were targeted by -- yes, ma'am? >> but is it possible that, allegedly she had a sexual affair with one of these inmates for more than a area and some kind of a relationship with another one. her husband worked in the same department she did. police hinted he may somehow be involved in this and he is supporting his wife at the moment despite the fact she supposedly had a sexual relationship with these inmates. it just seems so tawdry and awful. >> it does. i can't speak on the investigation. i don't know all the facts. but these affairs, they start out small. they start out with a note. they start out with flirtations
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and then it builds and builds and builds and then the inmate and the staff member try to keep it secret. i don't know what she reportedly or allegedly told her husband. but i feel that they picked her for a reason. and the ultimate prize was to get out. so they saw something in her the way she did her job, the way -- maybe she couldn't say no. maybe she liked the attention. i don't know. but they saw something that led to them targeting her. >> as far as -- i know investigators are probably interrogating inmates right now at the correctional center. >> yes. >> it's tough to get inmates to tell on a fellow inmate who has escaped. but certainly they must have information because to facilitate this escape it must have taken place over months and months. how do you get inmates to talk if you're an investigator?
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>> probably they might offer them some type of concession. i'm not sure. some inmates -- they could find notes, they could find other pieces of contraband letters, whatever -- inmates are not known to cooperate with staff and so forth. i can't really comment on that. inmates are usually closed-mouth. they do not want to help staff. it's in the inmate code not to help c.o.s. but if a c.o. knows an inmate well enough veteran investigators could get something out of him. the inmates are a wealth of information. inmates have a sense of bravado, too. they like to boast and brag. it's possible that things were said here and there. and if an officer, investigator
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has a good confidential informant, they might find out some things. that would be an interesting part of the investigation. >> absolutely. gary cornelius, thank you for your insight. still to come in the "newsroom," rachel dolezal talking about her racial identity. but is it helping to end the controversy surrounding her? i bet not. so this beauty can be yours with a down payment and 10% financing. oh larry, lawrence. thanks to the tools and help at, i know i have a 798 fico score. [score alert text sound] [score alert text sound] oh. that's the sound of my interest rate going down. according to this score alert, my fico score just went up to 816. 816. 816! 816! fico scores are used in 90% of credit decisions. so get your credit swagger on. go to become a member of experian credit tracker and take charge of your score.
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for the last 24 hours, the former naacp leader rachel dolezal has done a lot of talking. the only problem, her family says she is continuing to lie.
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>> she's too nervous to just admit that she's not been telling the truth, which is why she keeps on making up more and more lies to help fit the story as it goes. >> as for dolezal, she's sticking by her story. at one point, even sympathizing with her critics. >> i would probably be like, what the -- how dare she claim this? but they don't know me. >> some hail dolezal for her work with racial justice but others do not stand behind her because she's lying and that includes montel williams. >> we in a society really have to stop making excuses and coming up with all kinds of discussions for one thing alone. it's called a liar. anytime she wants to take off that tan and straighten that
7:17 am
hair she can stop identifying and believe me the pain of all the years it took to earn the right to wear that hair, she hasn't earned it. >> many on social media reiterating his sentiment saying they feel the interviewers went too easy on dolezal. . let's talk about all of it. i'm joined by brian stelter and psychologist jeff gardere. not everybody was happy with matt lauer's interview with rachel dolezal and certainly not happy with msnbc's interview. >> and matt lauer has a reputation for being one of the best interviewers in the business and usually does not go easy on people. but in this case there was a lot of criticism of all aft nbc interviews. there were four of them all in a row with different interviewers. we heard a lot from rachel for the first time. it was very useful. but we didn't hear enough about some of the strange allegations and accusations around this case. saying she's a victim of hate crimes and things like that.
7:18 am
there are some important things we need to hear from her -- sometimes in these case interviewers have to go a little soft on their guest because it's hard to get the interview. it's an awkward push and pull that happens in television. but once they're in the chair, you should hold them accountable in some form. department see didn't see enough of that yesterday. >> she said when she was 4 years old, she colored herself with a brown crayon instead of a peach crayon. are 5-year-olds aware of their race at that age? >> it's a very long process. it's not until you're 10 11, 12 that you have a firm concept as to what race means and what you mean to your particular race or to your parents. but i think one of the reasons
7:19 am
the interviewers have gone soft on her, i think as much as we ridicule her and people are becoming very angry with her, especially in the african-american community, claiming this mantle of having the black experience is quite frankly people feel sorry for her. they realize or they suspect there's something going on as far as psychodynamics. there's something going on with this family. some have used the word crazy. i would never use that as a clinical psychologist. but i do expect -- i've never examined her -- that this is a person who's had some very severe emotional difficulties. she's even said being african-american or identifying as african-american is part of her journey but at the same time it's also part of her survival. for me that tells me that this may be more of a coping mechanism being part of african-american society in thinking and identify. >> i do find it unusual just as a human being that her family
7:20 am
has agreed to so many interviews just calling her a liar. >> right. >> it's true. she is a liar. but i'm trying to put myself into her brother's place, right? would i go on television and dis my brother if he did something terrible? i don't think i would. >> i sure hope i wouldn't. i don't think i would. to your point, about this empathy is critical even when we're watching an interview and we want the questions to be a lot tougher and the answers to be a lot sharper. empathy is critical in a story like this. some people on twitter said maybe we should go easy on her because something bigger is going on. there are rumors about a reality show offer. maybe that's the last thing that would be right in this case. >> i think at this point rachel needs to hunker down and work on her own issues and as well the family need to come together and
7:21 am
instead of playing this out in a public forum, they need to sit down with one another because there is a lot of hurt in this family. and i think what rachel is going through at this particular time is an accumulation of things that may have happened in this family. of course we don't know for sure. >> i see a lot of mean tweets coming your way, dr. jeff. >> let's hope not. >> thank you both so much. still to come in the "newsroom," primary shuffle. surprising new polls on the 2016 presidential election. hillary clinton, is she losing her lead? we'll talk about that next.
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a busy day on capitol hill this morning. this is a live look into the house foreign affairs committee which is holding a hearing on
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chemical weapons attacks in syria under the assad regime. you see the testimony right now. russia says it's being provoked into an arms race by the west. now vladimir putin says he's beefing up russia's nuclear stockpile in response saying his country will add 40 intercontinental ballistic missiles to its arsenal by year's e nato calls it destabilizing and dangerous. brian todd has more for you. >> reporter: a dramatic amphibious landing, a u.s. navy hovercraft collides onto the beach. troops storm ashore and fire their weapons. this is a nato landing exercise in sweden. further south, soldiersov througdeployed from helicopters. these are u.s. and nato troops battle-testing themselves as a possible confrontation with russia looms in eastern europe.
7:27 am
>> my big worry is the possibility of accident miscalculation when you have military forces operating close proximity. >> reporter: the pentagon is considering sending hundreds of tanks, artillery and other weapons to vladimir putin's doorstep to the baltic nations and elsewhere in eastern europe. a u.s. defense official tells cnn it will be enough to outfit a brigade, up to 5,500 troops. the soldiers themselves won't be permanently stationed there but the equipment will be there to use in these kinds of training exercises. it's prompted a warning from russia its foreign ministry saying this could slide into a new military confrontation with destructive consequences. putin has just announced he's adding over 40 new ballistic missiles to his nuclear arsenal. >> translator: if someone threatens some of our territories, we will have to aim our armed forces modern attack capabilities at those territories which threaten us. what else can we do? >> reporter: as both sides build up their forces it's putting the region on edge.
7:28 am
>> given the tempo of russian military operations over the last year you have more of those interactions, more possibilities for things to go wrong. >> reporter: putin's jets have played dangerous cold war style games with western forces recently. one jet flying within ten feet of a u.s. aircraft. coming off an escalation of fighting in ukraine between pro-russian separatists and ukrainian forces and putin's aggressive deployment of weapons into ukraine, the baltic countries, nato allies of the united states are terrified putin will target them next. >> they have every reason to be concerned that if russia wants to gobble up some more perceived threats on their flanks that they would be the first ones attacked. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry says he's very concerned with the russian president's military flexing saying if this continues, it's a huge challenge and that no one wants to go back to a cold war standoff. brian todd, cnn, washington.
7:29 am
good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. let's go back live to washington and to the warner theater. this is where loretta lynch will be sworn in for the second time as attorney general. supreme court justice sonia sotomayor will administer the oath and president obama is expected to make remarks later today. joe biden officially swore in lynch at the justice department back in april. she's been on the job for two months since then. but it's typical to have a second formal welcoming ceremony like this at a large location so that more people can attend and indeed more people are attending. we'll take you back when loretta lynch hits the stage. jeb bush is headed to iowa today taking a victory lap of charming viewers on "the tonight show". >> we face an important election in 2016 whoever we choose will be tasked with changing the course of our country and whipping america into shape.
7:30 am
>> you hear that, america? jeb bush said he wants to whip you "fifty shades of grey" style. >> jimmy, i think i speak for all americans when i say, ew! >> jimmy just got bush-whacked! >> okay. i'm stopping there. another reason for bush to celebrate perhaps, a new quinnipiac poll shows mr. bush closing in on hillary clinton in florida, ohio and pennsylvania. let's talk about this with host of "the ben ferguson show," ben ferguson and director at the university virginia center for politics, larry sabato. >> good morning. >> ben, i have to say, jeb bush was charming on jimmy fallon, he became mr. personality. how much does this help? >> yeah. it helps tremendously especially for a campaign needing a second shot in the arm to get him back up in the poll
7:31 am
numbers after he's dropped. part of that drop is because so many new people have officially announced. this is him becoming jeb instead of jeb bush. we saw with his campaign they want you to understand that he's not george bush 41 or 43. he's his own guy and they want you to get to know him. putting him on a late-night show and having this humor -- you couldn't help but like the guy more after watching this and seeing that he could have some fun with jimmy fallon. i think it's a very smart political move and i think it's going to help him in the polls. >> and sadly, larry, i agree with ben. but this is the way the world is now in the world of politics. you just go on the jimmy fallon show and you improve your chances. >> carol, i have to disagree. i really don't think it makes much impact at all. there may be some mild short-term impact. campaigns think everything matters. they think these appearances and comedy show guest slots and so
7:32 am
on have some kind of impact. look presidential elections are about big, big things. and frankly some of those big things will help the republican nominee, whether it's bush or somebody else and others will hurt the republican nominee. same with hillary clinton, if she's the democratic nominee. the big things are what really really matter. only in the case of a near tie, another 2000 where 537 votes in florida made all the difference would on image, a candidate image created by appearances on tv shows really make a difference. >> okay. that's a beautiful segway into my next topic. we have to talk about donald trump. you both watched his news conference -- >> no we don't, really. >> i wish i didn't. but i must for just a second. so bear with me now. he just says such outrageous things. like he totally disrespected mr. bush and mr. rubio in his own
7:33 am
particular trump-style way. listen.iff. i think he's a stiff. i watch him. i think he's somebody that doesn't want to do what he's doing. is he being forced to do it? >> marco rubio. >> i think he's highly overrated. i think he's an overrated person. they say he's a young ronald reagan. i said, i don't think so. besides that i have far better hair than he does. >> so, larry, take it away. >> look this is why republicans hope that somehow some way he doesn't get on that debate stage august the 6th. the ten top polling candidates will be there. right now, trump is at 4% and he's number nine. so it wouldn't take much for him to drop below that number ten. that's what the republican leadership hopes. if he is on the debate stage, i think frankly a candidate or
7:34 am
candidates will gain by taking him on. >> interesting. carly fiorina was on "new day" this morning and she said not to underestimate donald trump. listen. >> i think donald trump who shouldn't be underestimated by the way, but i think he's hitting on issues that americans care about. americans clearly believe the economy isn't growing quickly enough and not enough of them are employed in jobs they like. they're worried and afraid of what's going on in the world, not just isis but other issues as well. >> so ben, do you agree, mr. trump talks about having $9 billion and he's a great businessman and -- >> i think you don't underestimate how disruptive he can be to a campaign and to this entire presidential campaign. i talked to five different presidential campaigns in the last 24 hours. all of them seem to be incredibly united on doing everything they can to let people know about some of the negatives of donald trump to try to get him outside of that top ten.
7:35 am
i don't think i've ever seen this many campaigns united in one decision and that is we don't want donald trump on the stage or him to make a mockery of this process. we don't want to have to deal with him at all. and that's the biggest threat he is. he is a total distraction and embarrassment to the presidential contest. he's a narcissist that is obsessed with disrupting and maybe just terrorizing some of these other candidates and try and make their lives hell. i think that's his biggest threat because people hate donald trump. he's probably the most hated republican candidate of my lifetime. and i think he loves having that badge around his neck and he's proud of it. and that's all he's going to try to do make other people's lives miserable. >> larry, can other republican candidates push donald trump from the stage? >> well, they could. the polls that are going to be used to judge who gets on the debate stage are going to be taken essentially that first first days of august, late july early august. so i suppose the candidates
7:36 am
could either air negatives against donald trump or air positives for themselves to try to reshape the top ten. that's always possible. but it is -- i think ben is right. donald trump is a narcissist. but to be fair i have to say that narcissism is a very common illness among presidential candidates. >> i think you're right about that. ben ferguson larry sabato, thanks so much. appreciate it. by the way, donald trump will be a guest this week on "state of the union" sunday at 9:00 a.m. eastern on cnn. still to come in the "newsroom," like a scene out of the movie "jumamji," animals running wild across a city. as the company that's all about printing. but did you know we also support hospitals using electronic health records for more than 30 million patients? or that our software helps over 20 million smartphone users remotely configure e-mail every month?
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police have shot and killed a tiger that killed a man of escaping from a zoo in the georgian't georgian capital of tbilisi. paula newton is in london following the story. tell us more. >> reporter: if things weren't bad enough on the streets of tbilisi, it's something out of a horror movie, officials are out looking for another tiger. a white tiger attacked a 43-year-old man at his place of work. it was a warehouse-type building. these are predators. these tigers have been on the loose for several days. the tiger lunged at the man's neck. he died on the way to the hospital. what's confusing for people in georgia -- the floods have killed 19 already. they have several more people missing.
7:42 am
the confusion was that zoo officials had said look we've accounted for all the animals, there's no need to panic. try and resume life as normal. and instead, we now find out that this one tiger unfortunately attacked this man and he died, another was wounded. now we still have in tbilisi and animal official there is going street by street hunting down this tiger, not knowing where this animal could be and if people are safe. so a huge state of confusion there. the prime minister of the country has apologized for all the confusion. it's not helping people there who are living out this horror movie hour by hour still there in the city. unfortunate pictures of those animals completely lost in this flooding and just to see the pictures of those animals, a lot of them have been dead in the streets, they tied in the flooding. really just adding to that whole sense of confusion in georgia right now. >> paula newton reporting, thanks so much. a 16-year-old boy who lost an arm in a shark attack says
7:43 am
he's going to try to live the rest of his life as normally as he can. he described the moment when the shark bit him at that north carolina beach on sunday. >> just hit my arm and that was the first. i saw it biting up my left arm. and then it got that off eventually. i was able to move and i got out of the water with the help of my cousin. >> the shark also attacked a 13-year-old girl at that same beach. she, too, lost part of an arm and has serious tissue damage to her leg. still to come in the "newsroom," the head of the catholic church with a new moral message. his letter to the faithful coming up.
7:44 am
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pope francis has a new message for the world. this time it's about the environment and the damage that's being done by climate change. you see the pope there greeting crowds in vatican city. his papal document won't be released until tomorrow. he'll make it official. let's talk about it right now. what can we expect delia, gallagher? >> reporter: it's the highist teaching document that a pope can issue. by choosing to right one about the environment, he's chosen to give it the top priority. it is clear for him he wants the world to sit up and pay attention. let's take a closer look at what we might expect to see tomorrow.
7:49 am
it's called "praised be on the care of our home." church leaders say this is the first time the release of a papal document has been so anticipated. a brazilian climate change group even created an epic theatrical trailer for the pope's words. >> if we destroy creation, creation will destroy us. it's time to take out the trash. >> reporter: but what exactly is an encyclical? it signifies a high priority issue for the pope. it's usually written for catholic clergy and laypeople. although pope francis said his is addressed to everyone, religious or not.
7:50 am
encyclicals aren't infallible but they're not just the pope's opinion either. and catholics are called to take them seriously. pope francis is not the first pope to express concern about the environment. pope paul vi back in 1971 talked about the exploitation and degradation of nature by man. other popes have also added their voices to the topic. but francis is the first pope ever to dead date an entire encyclical to economic concerns a move which has worried conservatives who fear it will be seen as an endorsement of a liberal agenda on climate change and will be bad news for big business and oil. as the first pope from the developing world, pope francis' emphasis is on the connection between the destruction of the
7:51 am
earth's resources and its impact on the poor. the timing of the document's release is also significant, coming the same year as the united nations climate change conference in paris this december. with the pope's popularity, this encyclical will be a milestone that places the catholic church at the forefront of one of the moral and scientific issues of our time. before this encyclical if someone said to you environmental movement you wouldn't have thought automatically of the catholic church. what the pope's essentially done with this is change the direction of the discussion on what it means to go green. >> delia, thank you. still to come in the "newsroom," forget stealing bases. is one major league team in trouble for stealing something much more serious? andy scholes is following the story for us this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning.
7:52 am
the st. louis cardinals could be in some hot water. the fbi is investigating to see whether the cardinals hacked into the houston astros' database. we'll give you the details when "newsroom" continues. my constipation and belly pain feel like a raging storm. i've tried laxatives but my symptoms keep returning. my constipation feels like a heavy weight that keeps coming back. vo: linzess can help. once-daily linzess treats adults with ibs with constipation or chronic constipation. linzess is thought to help calm pain-sensing nerves and accelerate bowel movements. linzess helps you proactively manage your symptoms. do not give linzess to children under 6, and it should not be given to children 6 to 17. it may harm them. don't take linzess if you have a bowel blockage. get immediate help if you develop unusual or severe stomach pain especially with bloody or black stools. the most common side effect is diarrhea, sometimes severe. if it's severe stop taking linzess
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in baseball runners steal bases, rival teams try to steal signs. you expect that right? but welcome to the computer age and the accusation that the venerable st. louis cardinals hacked the computer system of the houston astros. cnn's andy scholes is here to explain. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. they're calling this hackgate. and this could be a bigger deal than spygate or deflectgate. the st. louis cardinals are being investigated by the fbi to determine if they hacked into
7:57 am
the houston astros' database to steal private information. the cardinals are one of the most respected and successful franchises in major league baseball. so you might be thinking, why would they steal information from the houston astros who have been in last place for the past four or five years? come up with all of these way to evaluate all their players. when luhnow left the cardinals, there were hard feelings about him going to the astros. and "the new york times" is reporting that somebody in the cardinals' organization went through all of his old passwords and infiltrated the astros' database to look at all this information. the big question is was this
7:58 am
one rogue employee for the cardinals or was this a concerted effort? did more people know about this in the front office? if that's the case they could be facing severe penalties, some maybe we've never seen in the likes of sports. >> so bizarre. thanks, andy, for the explanation. we appreciate it. want to pick up extra cash amazon might have just the answer for you if you're willing to drop off some of your packages for your neighbor. let's find out more from cristina alesci. >> this is a company that has been experimenting with ways to deliver from drones to partnering with the postal service to deliver on sundays. so it's not a surprise they're trying to get ordinary people to deliver packages and act like emergence. it's organized through an app called on my way. in an ideal scenario what happens is they would negotiate a pick-up point with brick-and-mortar stores. they would act as a pick-up point and essentially if you
7:59 am
were going to pick up a package you might be willing to pick up one or your neighbor and you'd get a small fee. this is in an extremely ideal world. amazon is a little bit of a controversial company if you're a brick-and-mortar store. they're looking for partnerships on the brick-and-mortar stores. but they feel threatened by amazon and feel like amazon wants to put them out of business. now amazon is saying can you partner with us and help us deliver packages? >> not only that do you think there will be many neighbors who would agree to pick up -- i'd like to think my neighbors would but i don't know. >> you're right. and the question is who's responsible if the package goes missing or if there's something broken? remember back in 2013 the christmas season when amazon didn't deliver on time for christmas packages and it blamed fedex and u.p.s. for the problems? who do you blame when something goes wrong here? amazon can't say, fedex and u.p.s. are the bad guys. they're going to have to take
8:00 am
responsibility. >> it's your neighbor. >> exactly. >> cristina alesci many thanks. i appreciate it. >> of course. >> thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour" with berman and bolduan starts now. a sudden change of strategy in the hunt for two escaped killers. plus a former inmate tells us the do's and don'ts of sex in maximum security. a plot to attack the super bowl, another one targeting new york city. inside the government's aggressive crackdown now on home-grown terror. and donald trump, presidential candidate and reality tv star but how close is he to reality? the contentious, complicated relationship between donald trump and facts. hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. >> and i'm john berman. just a short time from now, we'll get more answers in the desp


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