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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  June 17, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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for the international view rers with amanpour is coming up next. for the viewers in north america, "news room" with brooke baldwin with start right now. all right. here we go. breaking news on cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. here's what we're learning. we're getting word of an attempted stabbing during a raid in an isis related investigation. let's go straight to evan perez who's got some news on all of this. tell me exactly what happened in this staten island home. >> reporter: this is what we know at this hour. an alleged isis reporter is under arrest in new york allegedly after he attacked an fbi agent with a knife. terrorism investigators were doing a search of a moment in staten island earlier today and that's when allegedly this man tried to attack an agent. there were no serious injuries in this incident. but it is related to another arrest that occurred on
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saturday. if you recall yesterday the fbi announced that they had arrested a suspect who was planning to build bombs and detonate be bombs in the new york metropolitan area. and that suspect was arrested after he and someone else that he was with tried to attack agents who were following them. so that's what we know at this hour. we know that the suspect today is due in court any time. >> so we have the news today with this man in staten island that as you point out is connected to the man in queens. when you have recently the new nugget coming out about what happened a bhoel while back in garland, texas and how one of those had a plan to target a super bowl. we're hearing about this arrests more and more so recently. is that because the feds are really digging down on this or are there more incidents? >> it's all of the above. everything you just said is exactly what is driving this. this is certainly, according to
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law enforcement officials, summer in which they have seeing increased activity increased threats. that means they have increased the aggressive tactics that they're using. they're doing more 24/7 monitoring of the suspects. they're following them more closely. and frankly that's what's causing the suspect to turn and try to attack law enforcement. that's what we saw in boston recently and that's what we saw this weekend in new york brooke. >> that's right. evan perez, thank you so much. as soon as you get more we'll bring you back. >> absolutely. >> we'll stay on this of course. in the meantime, more than 140 1400 leads. police say it is time now to expand the search for david sweat and richard matt. >> today the escape for es paped inmates will shift to other areas surrounding dan mora.
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they're being redeployed to other areas. people in the region should expect to see law enforcement in their community as the search expands. >> as the clues seem to dry up their biggest asset as of right now is sitting in a jail cell. aside from investigators here the seamstress from the security prison joyce mitchell who was accused of helping the spring the sociopaths from prison has had one visitor, her husband, the man she apparently planned to have killed. the prosecutor confirming a short time ago that she arranged a murder for hire plot with these two inmates. but here's the question. was her husband innocent throughout this whole thing? that's what's unclear at this point in time. a source telling cnn that joyce mitchell had told her husband about the inmates es pap plan and their plot to kill him. but we're also learning from the source that her apparent confession stopped there and that he never knew about her personal relationships with both
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men. one of the other big questions is now how a wife how a mother gets into a relationship not just one but two convicted killers according to a source. and at least one of them was an alleged sexual relationship. that was with richard matt a sigh quo pathic killer who tortured and dismembered his boss. but this bizarre phenomena is not unique. it's actually called hybristophilia. it is the subject of this disturbing documentary "serial killer grew pis, a love story." here's a peek. ♪ >> according to a recent fbi study, there have been approximately 400 serial killers in the united states and they've murdered nearly 4,000 victims. once they're caught they become america's newest celebrities. they are featured on magazine covers movies are made about
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their lives and books are written. serial killers become household names achieving rock star levels of fame and notoriety. and just like rock stars, they have thousands of female fans. >> in order to understand the allure the appeal of a serial killer you have to understand where these women are coming from. >> let's talk about that. joy krause, that was her voice. she's the director of the documentary. i know that was the open of your doc. but let's just say killers in general for the sake of conversation here. why would someone ever be attracted to a killer? >> well there are many reasons. some people like the fame. you know if you have a letter from charles manson suddenly you're the life of the party. others like the closeness with danger.
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and you mentioned hi bris feel ya. and the definition of that is getting sexual arousal and excitement by being around danger or dangerous people. >> that's an actual thing. that's a scientific term. >> yes, absolutely. and it's more common than i realized when i began this work a few years ago. i had no idea how popular especially serial killers are. and if you look at how popular this story is now about these two escaped convicts it's captured the nation's attention. suddenly these two killers are like cultural heroes and everybody is following this story. it's like you know d.b. coopers in the convict world suddenly. it's very popular.
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they're popular. and it wouldn't surprise me if they have fan clubs. >> i guess to nose people maybe they're heroes. maybe they were a heroes according to joyce mitchell. i hear you on being pen pals with charles manson and maybe in some circles that's seen as rock star status. this is different. this is a situation in which you have the two killers work in the tailor shop with this woman. it's not like they were strangers. this is all part of a -- it's almost like an odd community in this prison and i'm wondering if you're joyce mitchell here would you sort of forgive, forget their past or is that part of the allure? >> well, allure is a very good word. and these types of people these psychopaths develop very manipulative techniques. they hone manipulation to a fine skill.
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>> how? >> well they read a person as a target for instance. joyce mitchell became somebody they needed and they would study what she needed. and maybe in her case it was attention. maybe it was to be told that she was appreciated. you know you can see where this man, for instance richard stamp? >> sweat. >> sweat would say, you know has anybody told you how pretty your eye are. oh nobody has listened to me ever the way you listen to me. >> and she doesn't have that teen any tiny voice in her head saying wait a second this guy dismembered his boss's body chunked one half of it in the river, the head in the dumpster but still, that's really lovely that he thinks i'm lovely?
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>> it's so bizarre how people can compartmentalize things. and whatever she needed to hear he practiced giving her that. and relationship formed. and as you said it's a very contained society and environment. so you know most of us spend more time at work than we do with our families. so here she was all day and, you know i can see how she would wait for his visit to hear what she needed to hear to feel appreciated and eventually to offers to help or to be manipulated into helping. you know suddenly he's a friend. suddenly he's a lover. suddenly she's excited by all of this stuff. >> in a sense it's like a workplace romance and all of the while her husband is working at the same place. joy krause, it's fascinating. if you want to watch the
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documentary. thank you. coming up next, we're talking about rachel dolezal. she says she can identify can caitlyn jenner. but my next guest is upset with that. we're going to explore that. plus trump on the stump. a ten-year-old kid introduced the donald to iowa voters. she he joins us live to tell us why she's such a fan. and the teen attacked by a shark losing his arm is now speaking out about what happened. all of this as experts are ripping officials who say they will kill sharks who get too close.
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light. liberty mutual insurance. she may have stepped down from her post but rachel dolezal is not backing down from her race. in her latest interview with the news, she said she quote is definitely not white, despite
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the fact that her white parents have presented the pictures and bitter certificate to prove that she is. now rachel dolezal has put her mom and dad into question. >> when somebody asked are you black, which i actually continue get asked very often, until recently, since a few days ago, then i say yeah i do -- i am black. i know who raised me. i haven't had a dna test. there's been no biological proof that they are my biological parents. >> you doubt whether route ann and larry who say they're your parents, you doubt whether they're your parents? >> i'm just saying i can't prove that. >> there's air certificate that has your name on it and their names on it. why would you doubt something so fundamental? >> i'm not saying i can't prove they are not but i don't know that i can prove that they are. the birth certificate a month
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after after i was born i definitely am not white. nothing about being white describes who i am. so you know what's the word for it? you know i mean the closest thing that i can come to is if you're black or white, i'm black. >> dolezal was also asked if she considered her situation to be that of a transgender person with a physical body that doesn't match what one feels inside. dolezal replied that she had just read about caitlyn jenner a transgender woman who used to be bruce jenner and here was her response >> and i cried. i cried. because i resonated with some of the themes of isolation, of being misunderstood, especially in this very high pressured stress even borderline attacked
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experience. >> i want to talk about all of this with mer death tollyson who is a transgender writer and advocate. thanks for coming on. you just saw her getting, looked to me kind of emotional talking about the -- there have been many a parallel. i've had people come on the show saying yes the notion that one could identify as she does with being a black woman like bruce jenner identifying more as female. but you say that comparison is what false? isn't fair? >> i don't think it holds a lot of water. actually i wrote my article in "the guardian" before she was talking about the fact that she identified as black from a very early age and that she used the brown crayon, et cetera. i'm causing out with a piece on buzzfeed tonight that talks about the fact with even all of this being the case, i think
11:18 am
there are significant differences -- >> such as? >> -- blackness and transgender. one of them the biggest thing is the fact that when we transition i'm transgenderer myself we lose all of this privilege. like all of the sunday when i identify as a woman, people would say, you know people -- and i would make arguments, for instance people would be much more likely to dismiss them. when we look at rachel dolezal, we're still looking at a person who is light skinned, we're still looking at the qualities, still looking at her blue eyes. there's this whole entire package of race that she can't just let go just because she decides that all of the sudden she's black. >> i've had people say to me brooke just because she identifies as black and changes her hair and appears to darken her skin, she's not felt and grown up knowing what it feels
11:19 am
to be discriminated against as a black woman. if you flip that around he transitioned to a woman. but i don't see as many women out there saying hang on a second he hasn't had a lifetime of having to look over your shoulder at night when you're walking home alone, all issues associated with women. why is there a difference? >> there have been people who -- there was a really big op-ed in the "the new york times" last week. >> the voices aren't as low, perhaps. >> yeah. but i think one of the major -- another really important difference is the fact that transitioning from male to female take as huge amount of commitment right? like it's -- there are all of these legal hushed ls all of these physical hurdles. whereas in re chill dolezal's casing all she needed to do was tan, get a weave and check another box. other people made the racial
11:20 am
assumptions for her and she didn't correct them. >> what about the deception? you wrote about that because listen she never has said i lied, right, but a lot of people take issue with that. but in a sense as a man, would you feel like you deceived family yourself maybe not living your truth as a woman? >> sure. there was a period of time when i was undisclosed as a transgender person. and people assumed i was born female and i allowed them to assume that. that's kind of the way that gay people for instance are in the closet and they can pretend to be straight. there's a way that she's asking us to empathize with her, talking about it being a matter of survival. but i think the really big difference is that in a lot of ways like she continues to be really advantaged when she identifies as black, right with with her light skin with with all of the social and legal
11:21 am
advantages and legal protections of being black infers. and i think that it really hurts the black community, you know for that particular trend to happen if she claims that she needs to be subject to affirmative action law, for instance. >> right. it gets quite complicated and sticky. i really appreciate it. it's a pleasure to talk to you about it. i really appreciate it. >> it's my pleasure. >> thank you so much. coming up next here on cnn, donald trump has officially jump into the ring for the presidential campaign. coming up next we'll speak with unof his youngest supporters. this little guy, ten years of age introduced, quite an honor for him, donald trump to the stage there in iowa. we'll ask him why he's supporting donald trump. much more on the breaking news attempted stabbing. a suspect drew a knife on an fbi agent during an isis raid. an investigation in new york.
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donald trump took his presidential campaign on the road last night to iowa and he did not disappoint. he launched more unfiltered one liners against his opponents. >> i watched jeb bush yesterday. he can't even put on a tie and jacket he's running for president. rubio, rubio was really weak on immigration. his poll numbers plummeted and all of sudden he said i'm strong on immigration. you know where he is. i think he's a highly rated person and by the way, i have better their than he does believe me. and it is my hair. >> well all eyes today are on ten-year-old iowan native shay doyle, he cannot even vote yet but this is a kid on a mission to get the donald elected. there we go he says.
11:27 am
the soon to be fifth grader speak at trump's event last night. he said it is quote the north american dream. >> i am very excited to hear that mr. trump is running for president. can you guys believe that or what? i have eight years before i can vote so i'm relying on all of you to vote for mr. trump for me. thank you. >> and shay doyle now joins me. shay doyle we was saying to you in the commercial break, you're such a little stud. what was your response? >> i get that a lot. >> i rest my case. let's go back though to when you first met donald trump. shay how did you meet him and what is it about donald trump that you know you really love and admire so much? >> well, i first saw him on "the
11:28 am
apprentice" and he sounded like a really good guy. had a great peshs improvisationalty. so i started watching him and then i started studying him and then he quickly became my idol. >> ie kol status. that's not nothing. when did you first meet him? >> woodbird college. >> when was that? >> april 26th. >> and what was that like? >> it was amazing. he just gave me advice and there's absolutely no other feeling like it in the world. >> he gave you advice. what did he tell you? >> do what you love. not what your mom and dad love but do what you love and you will be happy. >> and what did your mom say about that? >> she was almost crying. but that's all i can say. >> so donald trump gave you advice. here's my hard hitting question
11:29 am
for you, shay. i understand he's your idol but this guy is also taking some serious heat from fellow opponents, members of the media as far as you know that big speech he gave yesterday. what advice would you give mr. trump? >> what would i say to mr. trump? don't take it personally. maybe it just happens in presidential elections. hillary clinton got a lot of static last year jeb bush is getting stack tick from trump, hillary is getting static from trump and hillary is giving static to trump and jeb is giving static to trump. it just happens. >> it sounds like you're on a first name basis with all of these people. what do you want to do when you grow up, by the way? >> i want to either be the president, a lawyer or a businessman. >> i am glad you're not holding back at ten years of age.
11:30 am
you have big dreams and i wish you the best with that. since you mentioned you got to know donald trump from "the apprentice" can you give me your best you're fired? >> you're fired! >> yes, shay doyle, best of luck to you little man. we appreciate it very much. >> you too. >> thank you. i need all i can get from you. shay doyle, ladies and gentlemen. we're going to take you back to the breaking story that we told you about at the top of the hour. a suspect drew a knife on fbi agents during an isis investigation raid this happened in new york. we have more on that next. to create a more advanced vehicle, you use the most innovative technology available. to craft a more luxurious vehicle, you use the most skilled hands on earth. like ones that spend 38 days creating a lexus ls steering wheel.
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sfla we are following break news here at cnn. this fbi agent has been attacked
11:35 am
out of staten island new york home related to isis related investigation. is authorities arrived at the home to perform the search. the agent was not seriously hurt. the suspect is expected to appear in fed ral court later today. let me go to cnn analyst and former fbi assistant corrector tom fuentes. here's my question number one. you know this from all your years at the fbi. when you walk, as an agent if you're walking to the home and you know the situation is involving this potential isis involved plot what are you expecting at the scene? >> well you're expecting anything brooke. but you can't show up to every interview, every lead every search warrant with a s.w.a.t. team either. you go about your business. this is part of the investigation that started over -- didn't start but became public over the weak endekend. as an extension of that they went to conduct a search on this
11:36 am
person's house. when they go up the sidewalk ring the doorbell et cetera and then the individual attacks them with a knife. u mean they're not expected to be greeted warmly when they show up with a search warrant. but they're ready for anything and anything happened and they were able to subdue the person and take him into custody without shots fired or without having to kill him. >> we now know the man who attacked this agent was searched in connection with the arrest saturday of the man from queens who reportedly was planning some sort of explosion in new york city. my question then would be if you have you know, at least this home is connected to that other person who was arrested how big of an operation could this have been or could it be? >> there are still probably a few more people that will be arrested at some point. >> that's what they say. >> well that's what they say. but again, this started with you know the port authority noticing one individual walking or lurking around the george
11:37 am
washington bridge. the port authority belongs also to the fbi joint terrorism task force in new york. so they alert the task force to look into this individual. they do so and then they find the very disturbing e-mail and internet traffic of him trying to learn how to make a pressure cooker bomb. his support for what happened in boston at the marathon bombing using pressure cooker bombs. his support for isis claiming that al qaeda is weak and no good but isis you know stronger. and so that's what started investigation into him. and then because of circumstances, they had -- than they expect. now they have the other two individuals that they're still trying to gather more information about, more evidence on and felt they had to go forward with that which meant the search warrant today. and of course the individual attacks the agents. >> again, at least the agent not seriously hurt thank goodness.
11:38 am
thank you so much as always. we're dig more on this story. as soon as we get more we'll bring it to you live on cnn. in the meantime next we take a look at several of the theories behind what happened during the new york prison break. are the escape killers in disguises right now? are they hiding in plain site? >> plus the teenage shark victim is speaking out after losing his arm. an expert from "shark week" joins me next. should the plan now be find and kill the sharks in this water after north carolina. critics are lived i.d. over there.
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investigators are expanding the search area now for these two escaped killers. they've already searched 200 ache are ps investigators released these -- not these, here you do these age progressed photos of what the pair may look like now, a tad scruffier 11 or 12 days later since escaping from the correctional facility in new york. we take a look at some of the theories of where these two could be now. >> the early search for escaped killers richard sweat and david matt serging on the immediate area a few square miles around the prison. then the manhunt shift pd. a local newspaper noted no security on the boat. canada 20 miles north of the
11:44 am
prison. but a former fbi agent says the killers would not try to drive past check points and going on foot is harder. >> it's a harsh environment, cold at night. they're instantly setting themselves up for a fall. >> searchers are scouring the adirondacks in upstate new york. it's filled with hundreds of cabins many abandoned in the off season. investigators think the pair could be holed up in one of them or invade a home and take hostages. >> if you go in and do that, even if you leave, you've set a footprint for the police to latch on to you. >> one escape plan called for joyce mitchell to provide a get away car. >> all she's told us to date approximately seven hours away. no specified location. >> at an average of 60 miles an hour they could get more than
11:45 am
400 miles away. that' putting cities like boston new york and philadelphia within reach. maybe the easiest place to disappear. >> small townspeople are very aware of who's around them. they're aware of what other people are doing. once you get into a larger city people just stop paying attention. >> now even new york's governor had to admit the trail has gone cold. >> we don't know if they're still in the immediate area or if they are in mexico by now. >> and mexico about 2,000 miles away could be a real possibility. in 1997 matt brutally murdered a man near buffalo new york. back then he fled to mexico and killed another man there before being captured. now time may be on the killer's side shlg you can't sustain this type of a manhunt for very long. it's too much of a vacuum of all other resources. >> let's talk about some of the new developments with tim
11:46 am
williams, former chief inspect are if the regional task force in new jersey and new york. so tim, welcome back. >> r. >> thank for having me. >> these investigators say they have no quote unquote hard evidence that these two have left the area in upstate new york but they're expanding the search. what's the strategy here? >> well i think when -- the initial swarm they didn't come up with them obviously. so i think's normal for them to expand the search beyond in case, you know their plan b for the escape was more elaborate and they may have you know gotten out of the area. you know they're not sure of that yet. i'm sure they got to check every box and really plan for any of those kind of things that could have happened. >> the progression foes let's throw those up on the screen. these are the pictures of what these two would look like after living in the woods.
11:47 am
who knows what they've done in the last 11 or so days. in your experience is this what you would expect them to look like? >> could be. i mean changing their appearance is not the smart thing to do i would think. the public could play a key role in this and it's good you guys are keeping it on the news. someone is going to see these guys if they do step out. it's going to still play a key role. the photos being flashed all over the world or certainly all over the united states certainly in that region the photos and what they look like is going to play a key role. someone is going to recognize them. >> let's talk about their options for hiding. we know in this part of upstate new york beautiful green space, rolling hills and a lot of cabins for families and the police chief said you know they've searched hundreds of the different cabins. in your experience here would someone be more likely to hide out in a rural area like a cabin
11:48 am
or hide in plain sight and go to a city. is that crazy? >> you never know. we've had fugitive cases over the years go either way. certainly it would a lot better if they had a place in the mountains a enthey could hide out far while and lay low. >> they have to know that's the first place this task force would look right? >> of course. and you got a lot of police up there, a great task force up there, the marshal service coordinates a lot of the activities with the state police state and locals there. it's a great -- other federal agencies. they're going to be searching everywhere so eventually they will be found. >> the question is when. thank you so much. >> thank you very much brooke. coming up next just in to us here at cnn, we're getting word of another kid bitten by a shark and it is nowhere near those previous attacks. this as the teenage victim who lost his arm last week is
11:49 am
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this just in another shark attack. this time a ten-year-old boy from georgia, he was bitten by a small shark in daytona beach shores in florida, we're told she has been treated on the scene for a minor cut to his calf. all of this now comes just two days after two teenagers lost arms in separate attacks on the same north carolina beach over this weekend. and one of them is well enough to talk. 16-year-old hunter treschl spoke from his hospital bed about what happened when a shark took off his left arm while he was just out in waist deep water.
11:54 am
here he is. >> it just kind of hit my arm and that was the first i saw it was when it was biting up my left arm kind. . it got that off eventually and it swam -- i don't know if it swam away. but i was able to move and got out of the water with the help of my cousin. i have two options. i can try to live my life the way i was and make an effort to do this even though i don't have an arm or i can kind of just let this be completely debilitating and bring my life down and ruin anytime a way. and out of those two, there's really only one that i would actually choose to do and that's to try fight and live a normal life with the cards i've been dealt. >> that other swimmer attacked, 13-year-old kiersten yow lost her arm. she's stable and her road to recovery will be long.
11:55 am
joining me now were shark expert from discovery "shark week" joe romero. great to have you on. >> thanks for having me. >> here's the situation? nok fk. they north carolina. they can't tell who shark took off the limbs of the teens. and according to the officials, if they see them they will kill them. what do you make of that? >> i don't think it's the proper action. i don't think it's the proper response. i mean if an area suspect, the first thing to do is pull the people away from the sharks and not just kill sharks. there's a huge migration of sharks passing through all along georgia and north carolina right now. and the chance that they're actually going to find the sharks or the chances that it's going to be indiscriminate. it's really low they'll find them and it's a high chance they're going to be killing
11:56 am
different species of sharks that had nothing to do with this. >> when you talk about a migration swim we just mentioned the kid in florida. why are the sharks coming so close. if you hear about they're in just waist deep water. is that odd to you? >> well any enkaurnt with sharks and people people are mostly in waist deep water. they would see them at that time. but sharks go into shallow waters ol of the time to forage for food. there's a lot of shark tas that are not dangerous to people that will come in to shore and do things and forage for food and people will see a shark and automatically respond. but there's a lot of species of shark and very small percentage of them are considered to be dangerous to people. i think going out there and indiscriminately killing any shark is a bad idea. >> i want to come back to the danger notion in a minute. in terms of looking for the
11:57 am
sharks i know one beach in los angeles is using drones to find sharks. what technology is out there to find them to locate them to potentially prevent attacks? >> well the fist step is to really just find the places that you find to be suspect, places that are near fishing piers, places where people are congregating or bathe is being dumped. there are a lot of areas that you really can't tell that stuff because things are underlying in the ocean. being aware of your environment is first and foremost. they're using drones to look for sharks to make sure that swimmers are okay and i know there are a certain kind of shark shields and things they've implemented to try to deter sharks from being close to shore. >> what is that a shark shield? >> well there's been like these kind of almost constructible hard shell walls that are like on floats and stuff that they've managed to put around certain beaches in certain areas of the world to protect them from
11:58 am
sharks. but very large sharks. the chances of being attacked are very swim. you have more chances of being hit by lightning. luckily this boy in georgia ga was a very small shark. which is the percentage of the sharks coming up the shore right now. killing is not the issue -- not the answer. >> i have a fak today. dogs kill 28 people per year. then you have horses pigs deer kill 52 people a year. but the number bun animal killer on an annual basis are bees wasps, hornets, sharks rsponsible on arch for one death a year. have we just all seen "jaws" too many times, joe? >> i think it's an iconic animal that lives in a mysterious world that we don't understand and we don't understand how to manage when things happen. really what it comes down to is
11:59 am
this animal is just forages and hunting for food. they're not targeting us in any way. >> thank you so much. >> all right. thank you so much. all right. let's get you caught up on the breaking news. i'm brooke baldwin. we're at the top of hour. this is what we know. an fbi agent has been attacked at a staten island new york home related to on isis related invasion investigation, rather. sources tell us the agents arrived at the home to perform a search when this man attacked this agent with a knife. i want to talk about this more with our justice correspondent evan perez. what happened at this home exactly? >> well here's what we know at this time. he's due in court at any time to face charges that he attacked an agent with a knife. the terrorist investigators were doing a search earlier today and
12:00 pm
that ice when the suspect allegedly tried to attack the agent. there were no serious injuries to the agent or snin else but we expect to see charges against the suspect announced anytime now. the search was part of a broader case involving another isis relawsuited suspect that was announced yesterday. in that case a 20-year-old ear nautics student was queens was arrested and charged with plotting to build and detonate bombs in new york. >> i have heard you say, but it's worth reiterating with youb have the queens case, what happened today you have what happened in boston a couple of weeks ago. to your point, this is a time in which the federal government are really digging down on potentially home grown terror because instants are up? >> that's right. absolutely. i was just meeting last week with with counter terrorism officials on the west coast and they tell me they have not s