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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  June 17, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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of getting their documents, but there will be at least a quarter million who don't have papers. haitians will have to go back to their country even though they've called the dominican republic home for years. i'm brooke bail win. thank you for being with me "the lead" with jake tapper starts now. \s. hillary clinton's clear past seems a little americayer today. i'm jake tapper this is "the lead." jeb jabbed with jimmy, the donald debuted in des moines but as hillary clinton swings into south carolina where the clintons have a rocky history, new poll shows some swing state voters say they just don't trust her. the national lead. police say there's no hard evidence that two fugitives are far gone yesterday. the search for richard matt and david sweat is expanding nationally and beyond. we'll talk to the district
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attorney about the latest leads in the investigation. also in national the white woman who led an naacp chapter and who claimed to be black now has something else to worry about. minutes around the mayor charged her with ethics violations. good afternoon, everyone. welcome to "the lead." the politics lead. it is 94 degrees right now in north charleston south carolina where democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton just wrapped up her latest campaign event, but as the summer heat spikes clinton's campaign could already by wilting under the glaring spotlight. a spate of new polls show a majority of swing state voters in florida, in ohio and in pennsylvania three must-win battleground states in the general election well they do not trust clinton. while polls are not necessarily prolog it is early, these numbers do show there is potentially a very big problem for the clinton campaign. our political team is live all
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over the map literally. let's start with brianna keilar. she's with the clinton campaign in south carolina today. brianna, in 2008 as we recall clinton got slawer in by barack obama. it got ugly. clinton there is today pitching tax credits for businesses who hire apprentices, but poll numbers raising alarm that her trust worthiness remains a concern among key voters. >> reporter: that's right, jake. many voters don't trust hillary clinton. that's what the poll is showing, the campaign i'll tell you, is trying to make this more an issue of competent, saying the voters do trust her to serve them. >> and fight back against those who would drive us apart. i will wage and win four fights for you. >> reporter: hillary clinton taking her buzzword "fight" to south carolina. >> it is win, win, win for
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everybody. >> but new polls in key battleground states spell trouble. 51% of voters in florida say clinton is not honest and trust worthy in a quinnipiac poll. in ohio that number climbs for 53%, and 54% in pennsylvania. significant dips in public opinion of her trust worthiness since recent controversies over foreign donations to the clinton foundation and the revelation she used personal e-mail and private server while secretary of state. >> the server will remain private. >> publicly clinton's campaign manager denies there's a problem. >> no poll shows that voters don't truth hillary. >> they don't find her honest and truth worthy. >> no poll says that. >> reporter: if voters question her ethics internal polling shows that the majority do trust her to fight for them. so clinton is trying to address her vulnerable by costing herself as a fighter. >> i'll fight back against
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republican efforts, and fight back against those who would drive us apart. i've spent my life fighting for children families and our country. >> the party now in the white house is planning a no-suspension primary. >> the ever-expanding republican field sees clinton as beatable. in pennsylvania rand paul and marco rubio edge ahead in hypothetical matchups. as she continues her tour of voting states. >> i think we're going to have to knock down some walls there, get more people in. >> reporter: proof she doesn't have the democratic field entirely to herself as vermont senator bernie sanders draws hundred hundreds to his event in iowa and new hampshire. >> to that point, as you look at these live pictures of hillary clinton working the crowd here at trident technical college, this is a trade school as she talks about boosting youth employment i think her campaign maybe by focused farther north in the granite state, in new hampshire, a suffolk university
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poll showing that bernie sanders is within ten pints of her there. there's another poll that backs that up. it just goes to show you there is this desire among democrats for a progressive alternative to hillary clinton. >> all right. brianna keilar in north charleston south carolina thank you so much. that. that speech that donald trump delivered was, yes, huge but so was the impression he left on facebook browsers. according to them trump made the biggest social media splash of any candidate not named hillary clinton. let's go now to the granite state to joe johns, who is with donald trump in new hampshire. take a will be to something trump said last night in iowa slamming two of his competitors. >> i watched jeb bush yesterday. he can't even put on a tie and jacket. he's running for president. rubio. rubio was really weak on
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immigration. his poll numbers plummeted and you know where he is. i think he's a highly rated person. by the way, i have better hair than they does. believe me and it is my hair. >> so some interesting criticisms of hi rivals there, joe. is this a taste of the next nine months to ten years of mr. trump? >> i think it is, jake. he's calling out republicans sometimes in a very personal way, sometimes more on policy. he's asking questions like how do you vote for this guy? why can't he answer a question? how are these people going to lead? is bush intelligent? so the real question here is what kind of damage is donald trump doing? he has the ability to attract a lot of attention. he could use that to push some top-tier candidates down into the second here. which is a hard place to survive if you're trying to run a campaign and you're not self-financing.
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trump has already said he is self-financing. "forbes" says it's more like 4.1 billion, but that's a lot of money that the other candidates in this race don't have jake. >> joe johns, thank you. as donald de parts, jeb bush is jetting into iowa today. he's already finished one meet-and-greet in washington iowa with the latest "des moines register" policying -- some observers wonder if he's just going through the motions in that state while focusing his real attention on new hampshire. let's bring in dana bash. dana do you think that jeb bush is really trying to win iowa or is it more because he has to do it but really he's focused on the granite state? >> he's doing it at this point because he feels like he has to. they'll do it inside the bush campaign that he has a much better shot at doing well in new
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hampshire. it's more conducive to the type of politics he believes in. one of his top advisers is david cashle a very well plugged-s in i've heard he's kind of wiring the place in case things are chaotic, he could swoop in and do better than people expect. >> but with country win the republican nomination. john mccain did it in 2008 mitt romney did it in 2012. i want to ask you some very personal criticisms against jeb bush how is the campaign taking it? >> they're try the not to take it. jeb bush was asked about what donald trump said about building a fence, a wall on the southern border, and he basically said you know no i won't answer it. i don't think -- >> not that he wouldn't answer the question but no i don't
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agree with that and then moved on. he's trying not to take the debate. i am sure other reports are asking about the fact that trump announced 24 hours after bush clearly trying to steal the spotlight, clearly has hi sights on bush in terms of personally and on policy. they're trying not to let trump jolt them at all, but it's hard not for bush but for all of these republican candidates. i was talking to one yesterday who said you know the problem for them with donald trump in the race is that every time he says something wacky, everybody else will be asked about it. it's going to take people off their game and off their message, never mind of whole republicans party, which is trying to get away from some of the things that trump said. bush went on jimmy fallon slow jamming the news. it's kind of like a mainstream
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candidate to thing to do. >> and a self-described introvert, it was interesting, making joets, jokes about acquisition fifth shades of grey" there were some cringe-worthy moments, but for the most part he got through it. 1.5 million viewers that jimmy fallon gets on average that's critical for somebody like jeb bush trying to get younger voters. an fbi agent attacked with a knife why searching the home related to a recent arrest to a 20 years old who was planning to detonate a bomb in new york city. that story is next. ♪ ♪virgin islands nice♪ ♪so nice♪
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become a member of experian credit tracker and find out your fico score powered by experian. ♪ a good host, is a good host ♪ no matter where he's hosting. ♪ stella artois host beautifully we have breaking news in orb national 4r5ed. an fbi agent was atalked while
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searching the home of a suspected isis sympathizers in straten island. it was connected to the arrest of 20 years old munthel al saley. let's get to evan perez. first of all, evan, is the fbi agent okay? what happened? >> yes, he was not injured seriously in this attack jake. the suspect's name is fareed mamuni 20 years old, from staten island. as you said, agents were in his heart to house to try to do a search. he attacked agents as they eredered. >> act's vest was protruded by the knife, but there was no serious injury.
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we are told that he was planning to travel to isis. includes his relationship with the young man you just saw on the screen whose name is munther saleh. >> we found out about the arrest yesterday. >> these two and a couple others we are told were part of this blot researching how to make pressure cooker bombs, the same type of bombs used in the boston marathon bombing. the plan was if they couldn't carry that out when they noticed they were being watched by cops they decided they were going to try to attack cops with knives. he had one wife in his house, one in his mother's car, according to the affidavit that was posted by the fbi today. the young man that was arrested on saturday he was studying
1:17 pm
electrical circuitry. do authorities think he could have carried it out? >> they do believe he had -- based on what he was researching, the information he was gathering, he was going to be able to build a bomb and carry this out if they didn't stop him. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. joining me now is michael mccaul. thank you so much for being here. what can you tell us about the attack on the fbi agent today? it's part of a conspiracy. we arrested an individual the other day connected to this plot regards an ied. now this is the second co-conspirator. there's another one we possibly think is out there as well. this is the new phenomenon over the internet. the terrorists have a new generation to not only recruit, train, teach how to make in this case pressure cooker bombs, but also give directives over
1:18 pm
twitter accounts to thousands of americans who are already here in the united states. when i talked to homeland and fbi officials, as i did this morning, they consider this internet terrorism gone viral to be now one of the biggest threats to the homeland. >> tells more about the dark space of the internet which you were briefed on earlier today, the way that people are able to communicate with each other on the internet in places that law enforcement doesn't know about or can't get to. what exactly is the challenge here? >> well the challenge is that we know that terrorists out of isis are communicating with potential terrorists in the united states over the internet in a dark space, in a secured com platform that law enforcement, fbi, homeland can't get access to even if we had a court order, wiretap, we still cannot see these communications they're operating in darkness. it's enter tiff we fix a sim to
1:19 pm
shine the light on the terrorists otherwise i think americans are very vulnerable today with these communications going on. that is a great challenge. we've been very fortunate to stop the garland attacks, stop this guy in arizona, aspirational goals against the super bowl boston with the ploir and now most recently in new york. i believe as we approach the fourth of july we'll probably see more of these attacks, small-so-called, ramping up. >> congressman, how many suspected extremists do you think the fbi and law enforcement agencies are tracking do you? dozens? hundreds? is it actually different than it's been since 9/11. >> very different. core al qaeda had very spectacular attacks, very long term range attacks. isis is very high volume over the internet trying to activate people in the united states small-kale attacks. we also have the foreign
1:20 pm
fighters hundreds of americans who traveled to the region many have come back. we have about 30,000 foreign fighters 5,000 western passports. that's a concern from the foreign fighters standpoint but this new phenomenon new threat is what i think has officials worried the most. you know with a twitter account, i know i have five teenagers, you can activate thousands of people on these twitter accounts. that's precisely what they have done. thousands of followers already in the united states and there are calls to arm from syria to the united states to activate and attack military installations, you know attack police officers and in this case the bridge in new york, very, very dangerous. >> congressman michael mccaul, appreciate it. thank you very much. the firestorm over rachel's race an ethics complains about rachel dolezal's work.
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in our national lead there seems to be no clear end in sight to the rachel dolezal saga. an investigation finished today has found that dolezal acted inappropriately while serving as a chairwoman on a police oversight commission in spokane. suzanne malveaux joins us with
1:26 pm
much much more. >> we do have some breaking news. this is going to happen in ten minutes, a pretty conference out of the spokane city hall. we'll see the mayor and city president, and they'll announce this independent investigation has found that dolezal in her capacity as a volunteer acted inappropriately according to that report. new revelations from rachel dolezal continue to drive the national conversation and social media firestorm over racial identity. >> i definitely am not white. nothing about being white describes who i am. >> describing herself as black, she's now challenging her white parents to prove that her birth certificate is legitimate. >> i haven't had a dna test there's been no biological proof that larry and ruth ann are my biological parents. >> her parents are breaking take
1:27 pm
a break from the spotlight. they released this statement -- dolezal says that she's already through with them. >> what i say to them is you know i don't give two [ bleep ] what you think, you know? you're so far done and out of my life. >> ezra dolezal's adopted black brother, says it's come to this because rachel feels trapped. >> they feels to nervous to admit she's not been telling the truth, which is why she keeps on making making up more and more lies. >> dolezal admits there are some things she said that were not true, like being born in a tee pea and going to south africa. >> that's a misrepresentation i will own. yeah i wasn't ex i wasn't whipped, but i was physically
1:28 pm
abused. >> something her parents vehemently deny. >> she's also talking about her sexual identity and the comparisons, and i'm bisexual. i dated men and women, finally had a chance to read caitlyn jenner's piece in the magazine and i cried. i cried, because i resonated with some of the themes of isolation, of being misunderstood. >> but what now from all those years as a civil rights activist and former naacp leader? participating recently at a black lives matter rally in baltimore, and in this lengthy interview last years addressing the burdens and stereotypes that come with being a minority. >> you're on display whenever in public so the only place is you get a break from that is at home. >> again doleale is struggling to maintain her support and
1:29 pm
credibility within the spokane community. the naacp has come to her defense, but we're talking about this independent investigation that began may 4th before it was revealed she was white, which is looking into whether or not she was adequately neutral in her position to essentially police the police and also accusing her of not being able to put away her biases. i do have this report is that she became the spokane member of this police commission before she became the head of the naacp. so afterwards they feel that because of that position she was not ability to adequately and objectively do her job in policing the police as a citizen of that community. >> lots of questions. suzanne, thank you so much. in other national news, the new york prison escape investigation is taking a new tern. sources says investigators are looking at other prison employees who might have helped. plus were other prisoners
1:30 pm
able to create a diversion that distracted the guard? the district attorney of clinton county answers those questions for us, coming up next.
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welcome back to the lead. i'm jake tapper. police announcing today that the desperate hunt for two cold-blooded killers is expanding. over 1400 leads have been investigated as we are learning that joyce mitchell the prison worker who allegedly helped them escape tipped off her husband about their plan to bust out of jail and kill them. jason, do police at this point believe lyle mitchell was definitively involved in any way? >> reporter: i can tell you this. investigators do not believe that lyle mitchell had prior knowledge of the prison escape and as for that alleged murder plot jake i also spoke to joist mitchell ace attorneys
1:35 pm
this afternoon. he says yes, joyce mitchell did know about the murder plot but she had nothing to do he says, with planning it. tonight the search expands. law enforcement is releasing progression photos to show what escaped murderers would look like after more than ten days on the run as the search runs cold. >> we are concentrating our efforts not only in this vicinity but throughout the nation and beyond. >> reporter: cnn has learned that joyce mitchell warned her husband, lyle of a murder plot telling him your life is in danger danger. mitchell apparently became so worried she warned her husband lyle mitchell that sweat and matt were planning to kill him. >> as of today, we had no information whatsoever that he had prior knowledge of the escape or that he participated or actively assisted in the escape of the two inmates.
1:36 pm
>> official say joyce mitchell is watching the new coverage of the man did not hunt from her jail cell and more news of a bizarre love triangle that she allegedly had relationships with both. sweat was removed from the tailor shop when his inappropriate relationship with mitchell was discovered. later in that same year a sexual relationship took place inside the tailor shop between mitchell and matt. it's the only known place the two we are together according to a law enforcement source. all of this unknown to lyle mitchell who worked in the same tailor shop. investigators are also looking at other prison employees, and their possible role in the escape. one thing they are considering is whether or not any of the other prisoners may have created some type of diversion before during or after matt and sweat escaped. >> i really don't get how no staff person heard the steel
1:37 pm
being cut in the back of both of cells, but let's assume no officer heard it a prisoner heard it and in a well-run prison he would have ratted them out. >> reporter: jake a little more about joyce's attorney and the alleged plot he said just because she heard something about it doesn't mean she is was going to act on it going on to say, i don't believe she was involved in any attempt to kill her husband. jake. there are still so many unanswered questions surronalding this brazen prison break. did the fugitives force joyce mitchling into cooperating with them? was her husband lyle aware definitively of his wife's relationship with the fugitives? joining some el to talk about all of this and the latest on the investigation is andrew wiley, the district attorney of clinton county new york. mr. district attorney thanks for joining us. you said earlier today that the search area is expanding but
1:38 pm
that you don't believe the killers have left the area why do you not think that they have left the area? >> the reason why we are taking that position is we have no signs of the two inmates being anywhere else but here. we haven't had any burglaries we haven't had any stolen vehicles that we could tie into both sweat and matt. without any type of suspicious activity outside of the immediate area we're still focusing on the local area within clinton county but expanding the region of the search. >> let's talk about how this happened. what if 1/2 did her husband lyle know about the escape plans, do you think? >> we have no information that he knew anything about the escape plan prior to it actually taking effect early morning saturday june 6th. what we do believe based on joyce mitchell's statements to
1:39 pm
us is she advised him after the escape of what happened including the possible murder plot. if the nature of the relationship between joyce mitchell and one or both of the fugitives was sexual as were being told how was it she was still working at the prison? i can't believe only those three were aware of it. >> it is hard to believe, isn't it? we have situations where we have the tailor room shops that are behind the wall and in that room there is one correction officer that is supervising the shift. so joyce mitchell would be in that room with multiple amount of inmates, and so however they arranged to have the contact with each other, it went on unobserved to the correction officer, but i think that's one of the issues where joyce mitchell and david sweat's relationship was broken up because of it was observed by the supervising correction officer.
1:40 pm
>> what can you tell us about this diversion potentially created by other prisoners to distract the guards while sweat and matt escaped? >> well it's a theory that's out there. we don't have any information to support that that's actually what happened. we continue to investigate by speaking to the inmates, by speaking to the correction officers that were in the a-block. do you think at this point she was the only prison employee that knew about the escaped plot as it happened? >> that's the only information we have at this point in time. there are other leads coming in but it's not something based on that information that i have that i can comment on tonight. >> was joyce mitchell threatened by the fugitives? and that's why she cooperated? >> joyce mitchell has not told us she is was threatened in any manner. it's an issue in all likelihood that on friday evening, she came to the reality this escape was
1:41 pm
taking place, and she couldn't handle that pressure. that's only my theory though. >> nbc news has been reporting there was a fight in the prison a week before the inmates, and we're told protocol should have resulted in that in a lockdown. do you have any idea why that didn't happen? >> i have not spoken to the superintendent relative to that allegation. >> you 1e7bd dangerous people off there, so you want them to stay in there. just as an observation, this prison was built when john tyler was president. that's roughly 20 years before april anira ham lincoln. do you think maybe it's time to build a super-max in the region? >> well we have -- we do have a facility -- upstate correctional
1:42 pm
facility. if these two individuals are taken back into custody alive, that is likely one of the facilities that will be considered to place them at. so new york state has obviously spent millions and mill xwrons on building new prison systems in the past and so there are facilities that are there to accomplish that. >> andrew wiley of clinton cot, new york i appreciate you taking our questions today. >> thank you. in our money today, it might be better for your waist, but what about your wallet? the ban on trans fats will cost companies billions. how much will it cost you. plus outlets such as "the daily show" are happy that donald trump is in the race but neil young? not so much.
1:43 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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welcome back. our money lead now. we have heard of bad fats good fats unsaturated fats good
1:47 pm
oils but then there's transfat. that's a no-no. transfat are all about taste and shelf life. they don't occur naturally. they don't occur naturally. most of the stuff homer simpson thinks about all day. as of this week the obama administration has decided to order companies to get rid of transfats in their products by june of 2018. cutting that fat, though could cost the companies billions. joining me from new york is michael moss the author of "salt, sugar fat." do you think the obama administration is overreacting? is this the nanny state going mad? >> transfat is the baddest of the fats. this is sort of a no-brainer. the scientific evidence seem as strong as any nutrition, 7,000 estimated deaths every year
1:48 pm
another 20 those heart attacks would be saved by having this last final push to get sort of the last remaining amount of transfats over foods that the industry hasn't been willing to do voluntary. >> what does that mean practically speak for, say, doughnuts. >> well the problem with the doughnuts are the sprinkles on the glazing. we have miracle aspects of transfats, it helps keep those sprinkles the color from leaking a bit into the icing. the industry is going to have to look for another way to keep our eyes happy and riveted. the fas thinks it would cost about $200,000 per product. the public will bear of brunt of that cost don't you? >> $6 billion is the cost that i'm hearing, which is the cost of converting over to alternatives. it sounds like a lot. this is a trillion dollar processed food industry though
1:49 pm
but you have to look at the saves, $130 billion in saved medical care costs from the continued usage of transfats. that's a big difference. >> in the scheme of things let's look at the big picture, americans can smoke, they can drink, they can eat nothing but fried cheese all day if they want. where do transfats fall on this continuum of dangerous things that americans can do? >> you know i think this is something that the government is convinced -- i'm not hearing a whole lot of pushback from the industry, that this industry can do without. we're not talking about not having doughnuts. we're talking about finding an alternative fat source and they're out there. it's not a ban on eating doughnuts. it's an encouragement on the industry and they have three years to switch over to go for the alternative. mind you, you've got to be careful about the alternatives. some of the other oils can cause
1:50 pm
problems bejoined public health. >> three years, would you such a long lead time? >> the industry has so far picked the low-hanging fruit. it takes a while for the food engineers to find the perfect new ingredient that what the transfat does without messing up the rest of the formulas. they. >> what's the fda's next tart are target do you think? >> that's a really good question. i think this was an easy one for the fda. i spent a love of time -- but if you ask you nutritionists we're not eating enough vegetables. i think that's the biggest challenge, which is losing public trust. can they not only dial back on bad boy ingredients. can they figure out a way to cram more vegetables into their products? i i this that would make is mower healthy.
1:51 pm
>> i was trying to cram some brussels sprouts into my kids last night? >> how did you do? >> not that well. >> oh, i'm sorry. >> michael moss thank glue there's one less wild animal on the streets of tbilisi today. severe flooding last weekend which killed at least 19 people ravages the zoo there, destroying many enclosures. lions, bears hippos wolves were roaming the streets. the tigers had been m.i.a. the zoo sit another tiger is still missing. probably a good idea to stay inside. wolf blitzer now here with a preview of "the situation room." lindsey graham on the show today. he's probably not watching? because he's probably preparing? you can tell me what are you going to ask him. >> we're going to talk about the war on isis there was a major hearing on the hill as you know. he's also released an e-book
1:52 pm
entitled my story, he has an amazing personal story when he was in college. he lost both parents within a short period of time and basically helped raise his young little sister. he wants to be president of the united states so we'll see where it goes. and senator richard burr he's going to join us live as well. >> there is been a lot of innuendo by lindsey graham he would be the first bachelor president since grover cleveland. he writes about women he dated. >> he said he almost got married to a louvre tansa flight attendant, he tells a very personal story about that love affair. we'll get into that too. >> looking forward to it. coming up what's the easiest way to ainge area rock star? donald trump found out when he used one of neil young's hits in his presidential announcement. that story is next.
1:53 pm
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welcome back to "the lead." today's pop adult further lead. it has the words red, white and blue and freedom in it. what could possibly go wrong? that's what the conversation might have sounded like in donald trump's boardroom, but today the trump campaign like so many other campaigns before it is learneding the hard way that some songs are about more than the hook. take one candidate, one big announcement. >> i am officially running -- >> and one inspirational song to back it up. this is the fastest way to anger a liberal rock star. neil young we just learned is none too pleased with donald trump's song choice the manager saying that donald trump was not
1:58 pm
authorized to "rockin' in the free world." neil young is a supporter of bernie sanders. marco rubio isn't faring much better. they angered the swedish group by using their song "something new" in his announcement. the group says they don't wish to be affiliated with a political party. none of this is new. the list of rock stars riled up by the misuse of their music. tom petty, sting, john mellencamp the enviable lineup for georgejohn mccain's playlist includes van halen, the foo fighters and jackson browne who
1:59 pm
sued the senator for uses his song "running on empty" without permission. he settled with the senator. >> you can't take someone's song and use it without paying them. >> in the 2016 contest scott walker wasn't sued u. about about you he did receive this blunt tweet from rockers the drop-kick murphys. stop using our music in any way, they wrote him. he literally hate you. ouch. as for trump "keep on rockin' in the free world" didn't make much sense. it's a protest song against consumer consult terr and '80s republican politics. he's 31iers ronald reagan referenced "born in the usa" to boost his message. much to the frustration of bruce springsteen, who wrote the song about america's problems not its political promise.
2:00 pm
democrats, of course are not immune from similar ruffling of rockers' feathers but of course the republican has more of a track record when it comes to offending rock musicians, most of whom tend to be liberal. that's it. i'm turning it over to wolf blitzer in "the situation room." happening now -- isis plot an fbi agent is attacked by a knife-wielding jihadist as cord documents reveal chilling de tails of what authorities call an isis-inspired ball plot. a key lawmaker is warning of more attacks leading up to july 4th. the pentagon brass is preparing for the worst in the war against isis. while planner es gloomy about the process -- to stand up to the terror group. no biological proof. rachel