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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  June 23, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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costello. >> we shall. >> you guys have a great day. "newsroom" starts now. happening now on the "newsroom." >> we've developed evidence that the suspects may have spent time in a cabin in this area. >> they were here. the dna says so. >> i'm not saying it's them, but he says i know somebody broke in our camper. i saw one guy running away. >> we're learning more about how they broke out in the first place. >> investigators are looking at the possibility that these inmates got tools into their cells through frozen hamburger meat. also it's time to move the flag from the capital grounds. [ cheers and applause ] >> south carolina's governor says take down the confederate flag. now the sentiment spreads south. will mississippi demand changes next?
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plus defending tom brady. >> good bad, indifferent, there's a lot of people that don't like tom brady. >> the patriots qb appeals his deflategate funpunishment. will his suspension stand? good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. renewed hope and energy in the hunt for those two escaped killers just hours after the men's dna was found in a cabin. we're hearing about the other central figure in this case joyce mitchell the prison employee accused of helping them break out. her husband lyle discussed the
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moment the two learned the men were on the run. >> i just couldn't believe it. her reaction she said they really escaped. and i left it at that. >> you've known her for 21 years. nothing seemed unusual? >> nothing. we went right to the police barracks and said you guys have been looking for us? he said who are you. lyle and joyce mitchell. yes, we have. >> do you know anything about this escape? >> no no no. >> cnn's boris sanchez is in new york with more on this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. this command post about 15 minutes from the clinton correctional facility. we've seen law enforcement coming in and out of this
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postall mornpost post all morning. dna discovered inside a cabin that was broken into over the weekend that matches the david of richard matt and david sweat. we're also hearing from lyle mitchell, the husband of joyce mitchell who's accused of helping these men escape. he says he believes his wife was manipulated by these prisoners. he says she backed out of a plan to drive the men away from the prison after richard matt suggests she drug her husband. >> she told me that matt wanted her to pick them up. she said i never leave nowhere without lyle never. he said well i'll give you some pills to give him to knock him out and you come pick us up. she said i am not doing that. i love my husband. i am not hurting him. she said i can't do this. >> reporter: another interesting note carol, lyle mitchell saying this morning he doesn't
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know whether or not he's going to support his wife or even potentially testify against her in court. >> was there any mention, boris, of the alleged sexual affair between joyce mitchell and these two inmates? >> reporter: well lyle told nbc this morning that his wife told him that richard matt had tried to kiss her several times, but she denied those advanced. and she told lyle that's as far as it got. >> and we have to talk about the tools smuggled in the hamburger meat. it's just so bizarre. did joyce mitchell allegedly have a part in that? >> reporter: potentially. investigators are trying to figure out whether or not she convince add guard atd a guard in the prison to pass the meat through, something that is against prison policy. investigators looking at that as a possible way the inmates got tool into their cell. they were in the honor block and
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prisoners there are allowed to cook their own food. >> interesting. thank you so much. it is day 18 and the search for matt and sweat feels like a wild goose chase. authorities started in dannemora where the prison is located, then they packed up for erwin and friendship. despite increased man power, it is impossible to search every trail in this area. as you can see from this video, the area around that cabin is dense with forest making the search extremely difficult. officials are urging cabin owners to be cautious. some have already left the area, others are hunkering down. listen to what a cabin owner said. >> was there a little bit of concern about what you might find inside? >> no. >> not at all? >> not at all. >> how come?
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you were armed? >> i was armed. >> authorities now worry matt and sweat might be monitoring police radio communications. joining me now is ed davis, he was the lead police officer during the manhunt for the boss tom bombers. before we get into the search i want to talk a little bit about lyle mitchell and what he told nbc about joyce mitchell el and supposedly these inmates wanted to kill him but he couldn't really articulate a reason for that. what did you make of that? >> it seems to me that she had more of a long-term relationship with these individuals. the only reason in my mind that they would talk about killing him is to allow her to go with them somehow. it seems like that relationship might be deeper than he suspects at this point in time. >> yeah. and i wanted to play for our viewers some sound from lyle
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mitchell's interview with matt lauer about the alleged sexual relationship between joyce mitchell and these prisoners. >> she didn't know if i loved her anymore, she said. and they gave her a limbttle attention and it went too far. he tried to kiss her a couple of times. she said no. and she said that's when he started to threaten her a little bit on things. >> one of the other headlines, lyle, that came out was that your wife joyce had had a sexual relationship with one or both of these inmates. >> absolutely not. >> did you ask her point-blank that question? >> absolutely. she swore on her son's life i never, ever had sex with him. >> i hate to put you on the spot but do you believe him? >> well that's a situation that is occurring between two people who have a long-term relationship. it's hard -- the problem with
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witness statements is you have to look on the other side, look at the evidence surrounding it and make a determination as to whether or not what they're telling you is true. i think people can draw their own conclusions on this one. >> i think you're right about that sir. the question about the search itself it does seem like a wild goose chase at times, because police seem to move the search all over the place. now they're back near dananemora because of the dna found in this cabin. do you think the search is going smoothly? >> it's going along as it should. you have to look at all the variables when they first get out. you don't know if they have an accomplice other than the woman. they might have been in a car and traveled long distances. the great thing about what's happened in the last 24 hours is all of those possibilities have been eliminated. we know no one is helping them. we know they're on foot based on the bloody sock found in the
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cabin. we know they're at their wit's ends. they've only traveled 20 miles as the crow flies. it is good information that the officers leading the search can use in setting up a new perimeter and starting to collapse that perimeter mile by mile until these guys get captured. >> thank you so much commissioner ed davis. i appreciate your insight this morning. tonight, you can watch cnn for a special report called "the great prison escape." that's at 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. on the verge of history in south carolina. in just about two hours protesters will rally to take down that flag. the action comes after governor nikki haley took a stand. >> we are here in a moment of unity in our state without ill will to say it's time to move the flag from the capital ground. [ cheers and applause ] >> we will take you to south
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. a day after the south carolina governor declared it's time for the confederate flag to be removed from her state's capital, a similar push is thousandnow happening in mississippi. that state's flag features the confederate battle flag in the corner. the voters there approved this design. i talked with greg stewart from the sons of the confederate veteran who is supports who supports the flag.
6:15 am
>> we have doing what roof would have us do which is get embroiled in shouting matches. and none of that is going to solve any problems. you couldn't take down all the flags and solve any problem that really is driving this. >> now the world's largest retailer is adding its voice to this debate. walmart will remove all confederate flag merchandise from its stores. walmart never wants to offend anyone with the products it offers. joining us now to talk about this cnn's ana cabrera. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. this is definitely a new energy out here this morning. i spoke with one man who said thanks for being here. this is a moment for south carolina and change is coming. we know there will be more calls for change. lawmakers running to the capital today to take up some budget issues. there's going to be a big rally happening here in the next
6:16 am
couple of hours for protesters calling to take down the flag. this as more national more state and more business leaders are joining this movement. you mentioned walmart. and now sears as well removing confederate merchandise from store shelves and online offers. it's taken a while for some of the big busy in this state to take a position. >> it's time to remove the flag from the capital grounds. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: governor nikki haley under pressure after the charleston church massacre has called for the confederate flag to come down this after years of defending the flag. and quite a change considering what she said last year. >> i spend a lot of my days on the phone with ceos and recruiting jobs to this state. i can honestly say i have not had one conversation with a single ceo about the confederate flag. >> reporter: boeing bmw, google
6:17 am
and volvo, all with major business in south carolina. combined they invest billions and bring in millions to the state. buoyed by labor laws and tax incentives. we did hear from michelin which has more than 9,000 employees in the state operating ten different manufacturing facility facilities facilities. they want the flag to come down and are calling on lawmakers to do the right thing. >> my opinion is business is business. stay focused on my business. that's all. >> reporter: business owner believes it's not appropriate to have a position on the issue. does it make more sense as a busy owner not to say something because you don't want to alienate potential customers? >> we have black customers, we have white customers. we have religious, financial, lawyers, doctors.
6:18 am
i would never want to ever offend anyone of those group of customers. >> reporter: i think it's important to note that we heard from michelin prior to the governor's announcement. but then after she made that announcement at the news conference and called on lawmakers to take down the flag we heard from boeing and bmw issuing statements saying they support the governor and her call for action. this is not a done deal just yet. remember it's up to the lawmakers to decide the flag's future. and it will take a two-thirds majority to agree to remove the flag. this is an issue expected to be debated here at the capital in the upcoming days and weeks. >> thank you so much. it is astounding how fast the men running for president lined up behind south carolina governor nikki haley. see, she's telling the nation in careful language that it's time
6:19 am
the confederate flag come down. in about two seconds right after her announcement her fellow republicans fell into line. even senator lindsey graham who as late as friday hedged on the issue. >> at the end of the day it's time for people in south carolina to revisit that decision will be fine with me. the flag represents to some people a civil war and that was the symbol of one side. to others it's a racist symbol and it's been used by people in a racist way. the problems we have in south carolina and throughout the world are not because of symbols, but because of what's in people's heart. how do you go back and reconstruct america? what do we do in terms of our history? >> but after governor haley's speech graham says in part quote, after the tragic hate filled shooting in charleston it is only appropriate that we
6:20 am
deal once and for all with the issue of the flag. i know you are from south carolina. so when nikki haley went behind that podium and said what she had today say, did it surprise you? >> it does surprise me. i was in south carolina covering that rally there. about 1500 people showed up. there was a lot of momentum there. but it seemed like it was unrealistic to expect that nikki haley would come out so quickly even though that was what they were calling for her to do. i thought it was a big surprise that she was able to get this bipartisan tableau of folks out there backing her. after she did that she gave other folks cover. mitch mcconnell came out to cosign on what she said which is of course to take the flag down. >> what do you make of that that these people running for president needed cover to talk
6:21 am
about this issue? >> i think if you look at the history of this debate in south carolina it has been fraught -- david beasley, who was the republican governor of south carolina he took this issue on and failed to win i election as a result. the sons of confederate shred rans were -- veterans were able to defeat him. i talked to some of the folks soesassociated with that grun when i was -- group when i was in south carolina carolina. if you think about these presidential candidates eyeing that primary in 2016 they are thinking about that as well. they are thinking that a lot of those folks are very active they're very vocal. those are the kind of folks that vote in these campaigns. they're also looking at 2008 and 2012. mid romney mitt romney came out against the flag and people made radio ads
6:22 am
against him. we saw what happened to mitt romney in that primary. it's a very very tough thing for these republican candidates to come out against this flag. >> but nikki haley's gotten kudos. is it the changing face of south carolina? you have tim scott, an african american senator of south carolina. nikki haley has indian heritage. these are the new faces of south carolina. >> south carolina is the em bod embodiment of the new south. she was also making an argument for this being the new face of the republican party. i think what isn't clear at this point, if you're looking at these local officials who are also looking at primary races in 2016 they are the ones that are going to decide.
6:23 am
and it could be that a lot of this national attention from folks like jeb bush even from somebody like nikki haley could in fact make them dig in. they want to decide this in the state legislature. and so far it isn't clear whether or not this is going to be enough momentum to have them extend the schedule essentially because they need two-thirds of the vote to do that. it's also not clear whether or not nikki haley can call a special session. >> i want to place a bet with you right now. do you think it will be jeb bush or marco rubio who will want nikki haley for their running mate? >> i think she's going to be on the short list that's for sure. she did a lot of good in terms of being looked at in 2016. still to come in the "newsroom" it ain't over yet. a promising lead bringing new life into the manhunt for two escaped killers.
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and bottom line save more money. together, we're building a better california. . and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. tiny strains of dna offer a big break in the search for those two escaped killers. law enforcement telling cnn that testing shows richard matt and david sweat for inside a buglarized deep in the woods cabin some 20 miles from their prison. sarah ganim is in owl's head new york the site of the latest
6:29 am
search. >> reporter: morning. we saw dozens of vehicles six bus loads of searchers rolled in during a pretty heavy rainstorm here, carol. something that's being plaguing this search many times during the 18 days this search has been going on in the adirondacks. dna evidence will lead them on the right track to catch these fugitives. hundreds of state and federal officers redeployed. >> this is a confirmed lead for us. we're going to run this to ground. >> reporter: flooding this heavy wooded air y inrea in upstate new york over 20 miles from the maximum security prison. >> i don't thing it would take a lot to get on a power line and follow a power line to an atv trail. >> reporter: investigators finding the dna of the escapees
6:30 am
richard matt and david sweat inside the camp burglarized. officials worry the fugitives may be a step ahead of officers if they're monitoring radio and police communications. >> it's rough terrain, not easy to get to, not easy to traverse. >> he stressed the point. he said i'm not saying it's them but i know somebody broke in our camper and i saw one guy running away. >> reporter: officials say there's no evidence the fugitives have any kind of support network outside of the prison but they are reviewing months of hotel registries in the area. >> no lead is too small for us to investigate. >> reporter: toipt >> reporter: i want to mention the cell service is not great here it's very spotty. officials did tell us they're worries these two may be able to stay one step ahead of the search crews by monitoring in
6:31 am
some way police and radio communications. last week when we talked to the district attorney he did say they interviewed other inmates at the prison who knew these two and they did see them with cell phone which is they're not supposed to have before they broke out. >> these police radios that these prisons are supposedly monitoring are they inside these cabins? cell phones aren't dependable in this area. >> reporter: it's hard to say what was in any specific cabin, right? but we have talked to residents here who say they have to go with other means of communicating with the outside world from this area because the cell service is really bad. one person we spoke to yesterday says everything goes through a satellite. everyone here as a land line and satellite and that's how they communicate. you also have to take into consideration not all of these
6:32 am
structures are full-time residences. it's a big hunting area. so a lot of these in the summer time are not in use and you don't know if there's a working television or cable, if they're able to watch the news, if they're able to monitor through a radio or other means. but that's something that police are definitely concerned about, because they have it seems, been able to stay one step ahead of the search crews. >> sarah ganim reporting live from owl's head new york this morning. a source telling cnn authorities are trying to figure out if escape tools may have been smuggled into the prison through a delivery of frozen hamburger meat. it's possible the source says that prison worker joyce mitchell convince add guard to bypass security and make the delivery. they were on the honor block which allows some of the inmates
6:33 am
to cook within their cells. let's talk to former prison warden charles felton. charles, i'd like to start with you. seriously you could smuggle in tools in frozen hamburger meat and no one would know? >> absolutely. that was a clever method of smuggling contraband into a prison or jail. and it points to the resolve that a number of these prisoners have in trying to further commitment crimes while this prison. >> how exactly would that work? maybe joyce mitchell convinced somebody to you know deliver the meat inside this prison and it didn't go through the metal detectors and then somehow this meat now thawed and then she -- how would that work exactly? >> a metal detector in that instance may not be totally reliable. the best method they've used has
6:34 am
been the x-ray machines. in fact i used one very well in florida some years ago. someone smuggled in through legal mail which we're not supposed to look at they smuggled in a loaded .25 automatic. and we had just purchased the x-ray machine. we put the mail through there and it set it off. and we probably saved some lives in doing that. so there are a number of resources out here to assist them in overcoming whatever roadblocks they may have in detecting contraband coming into a correctional facility. >> and lyle mitchell was on the "today" show with matt lauer. i would like you to listen to a bit of it. here it is. >> the next morning she said the state police called. they want to know something about a package.
6:35 am
a package? i said what are you talking about? she said i need to talk to the troopers. investigator come out and said mr. mitchell your wife is more involved than what she's letting on. what? that's when he said she brought apparently two hacksaw blades a phillips bit and a chisel. i said oh my god. >> eugene those things couldn't be hidden in hamburger meat right? they're pretty big. how do you suppose she smuggled those items into those inmates' cells? >> it remains to be seen. obviously the big issue here is once you have people inside a prison or jail who are breaching the security and working actively with prisoners, all bets are off. and so you know the ordinary security that you see in a locked up locked down facility goes by the wayside. and so what we're seeing here is we're seeing that this
6:36 am
creates tremendous vulnerability. and systems can collapse pretty quickly when you have people working with those who are incarcerated. >> do you think it was just joyce mitchell? i mean were there more involved? i know authorities are right now interviewing another prison worker but that's only one more. that do you think eugene? >> the strong suggestion is there are additional other people besides miss mitchell. we'll have to see. the other issue is whether these guys had a plans once they got out. it appears from today's evidence that they may not have. they may have figured out a way to get outside the facility but may not have had any plan beyond that. that's a very big break for the police if they had no plan to get past the sewer that they got out of. >> supposedly joyce mitchell changed her midnight,nd and there
6:37 am
was no plan b. >> she's a very fortunate person because i don't believe they would have had any use for her upon their escape. >> thanks for your insight. i appreciate it. we'll take a deeper look inside this massive manhunt. at laquinta he fires up the free wifi with a network that's now up to 5 times faster than before! so he can rapidly prepare his presentation. and when he perfects his pitch, do you know what chris can do? and that is my recommendation. let's see if he's ready. he can swim with the sharks! he's ready. la quinta inns & suites take care of you, so you can take care of business. book your next stay at! la quinta!
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. kurdish forces have beaten back isis and taken control of a key town in northern syria. that's according to a human rights group. the town has been an isis stronghold. it's the latest sign the kurds
6:42 am
are gaining momentum in their fight against the terror group. the kurds reclaimed a border crossing in northern syria, a town that has been under isis control for two years. arwa damon was among the first journalists on the ground there. she gained exclusive access inside the battle and what isis left behind. >> reporter: for two years isis reigned with impunity over this rural landscape. a vital frontier to defend and supply its stronghold. now beaten back. there was a coalition air strike he was just saying on that side of this underground turnl tunnel that goes around the entire village. isis had moved into this particular area about two years ago. this obviously dug out with
6:43 am
heavy machinery about three feet three inches a meter wide and pretty high as well. and then you can see the metal ceiling roof that was put into it it running throughout. isis's tunnel is fairly crude, but still highly effective when it comes to giving them freedom of movement throughout the entire area. this is the road that runs parallel to the turkish border. and berms like this one had cut it off completely. this was just one of isis's many defenses that they had put into place. what orhan is saying is that the air strikes that happened here were key. they took place just a few days before forces advanced.
6:44 am
and they were highly effective. they advanced some 0850 miles taking other key territory including the border crossing cutting off one of the main isis supply routes. when the coalition against isis was formed we were the only force that was committed in the fight against isis, commander says. the coalition saw this and coordinated with us. he won't disclose specifics. here the u.s. can say that its strategy has delivered a blow to isis. but the battlefield is vast. and the blueprint for success, hardly easy to replicate. arwa damon, cnn, syria. still to come in the "newsroom" a family and their
6:45 am
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new details this morning in the d.c. mansion murder case. cnn has learned that daron wint the man charged with killing three family members and their housekeeper, was in danger of losing his green card because of prior arrests. cnn dives deeper into the case in a special report that airs tonight at 9:30 eastern. here is a preview. >> we knew he was probably
6:50 am
staying in this hotel, so we sent an advance team to figure out which room he was in. >> the timing is incredibly fortunate. >> the advance team told us hey, they just took off. they're going up route 1. >> fernandez and a small fleet of law enforcement officials chased two vehicles the white chevy cruise wint was riding in along with a truck of unknown associates. >> i could see the truck and the car, and so we pulled in right behind. >> after the suspect's vehicles perform a bizarre u-turn fernandez radios for helicopter backup and makes his move. >> i decided we had to take the cars down. >> and it was right here right? >> that's right. command was given, go go go and we did it just like we practice pinched the car in, other car aim around on the side blocked it off. >> fernandez and his team quickly removed the occupants of both vehicles what was wint
6:51 am
like? was he combative? was he compliant? >> when he came out, his body posture and the look on his face was like he was thinking about running, but we were right on top of him and he never got a chance. >> finally, after an intense 48-hour manhunt, wint is captured. >> it was such a horrible situation, such a monster. i felt great. >> cnn justice correspondent pamela brown, the host of that special report joins me now with more. good morning, pamela. >> good morning to you, carol. through the process of putting this report together we learned some new information not only about daron wint but also about some of his relatives, including one, his cousin who worked at american iron works, the company owned by the savopoulos family who was brutally murdered allegedly by daron wint and police leave others. we've learned his cousin was fired from american iron works ten years ago. that's around the same time that daron wint left the company, but, carol, not only was he
6:52 am
fired, he apparently threatened to burn down the headquarters and the company actually took out a restraining order against him at that time. we've also learned kaferlcarol, that police have been looking at daron wint's brother who was with him in his convoy during that manhunt but only daron wint has been arrested in the case. it's still a very active investigation and still very much a mystery. carol? >> wow. pamela brown, thanks so much. you can watch pamela's special report "the d.c. mansion murders" airs tonight at 9:30 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. getting a check of some other top stories for you. six baltimore police officers charged in the death of freddie gray have pleaded not guilty. their trial date now set for october 13th. prosecutors say gray was illegally arrested in april. he suffered a fatal spinal cord injury inside that police van. they say officers did not respond to gray's calls for medical help. sean p. diddy combs is out
6:53 am
of jail this morning after being arrested at ucla where his son plays football. he's accused of assaulting someone with a kettle ball in the school's athletic training xlekts. no one was seriously hurt. combs is charged with assault with a deadly weapon. he posted $160,000 bond. he's due back in court on july 13th. still to come in the "newsroom." it's tom brady versus roger goodell. moments ago the star quarterback kicked off his appeal for his suspension for deflategate. we'll talk about that next.
6:54 am
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6:58 am
championship game against the colts. cnn sports anchor richel nick elel elel -- rachel nichols joins me with tom brady's appeal. >> look this is pretty huge. you have the most powerful man in american sports roger goodell, facing off against a guy whose nickname is tom terrific. he's the winningest quarterback of his era. everybody's all-american future hall of famer married to a supermodel, and the nfl is calling him a cheater and a liar. now, tom brady when asked about all of this earlier this year publicly had this to say about his guilt or innocence. take a listen. >> i would never do anything outside of the rules of play. i would never, you know, have someone do something that i thought was outside of the rules. >> now, he is expected to say something very similar to the commissioner today, but, remember this is an appeal hearing. the nfl has already ruled that
6:59 am
he is guilty so in this scenario the nfl's executive inspect, troy vincent, already went by the wells report which, of course we've discusseded a news yum, saying he did all of these things and he obstructed the nfl's investigation. roger goodell approved this ruling and now roger goodell is the one hearing the appeal. >> what? >> which, of course the nfl players association has argued against, but they lost this argument. >> well it seems like he's going to lose his appeal because of that. >> well roger goodell has left himself a little window here. he has said in the ensuing weeks, he says if tom brady comes to me with new information, i am willing to hear it. there's been new information on a lot of sides, namely the wells report that the nfl went on to do this punishment in the first place. a lot of outsiders have attacked this report. they found holes in this report. brady will use that today in his appeal but goodell is a little stuck because its his executive vice president and himself who approved that punishment.
7:00 am
he's kind of undercutting their own system of justice if he comes back and says, yeah, there were some flaws in the way we did this so it's going to be an interesting needle to thread. i wouldn't expect this to come down the decision to come down today. roger goodell can extend this hearing through the week if he wants to, and then he has an unlimited time to make his ruling. greg hardy, who has also appealed his own suspension his appeal happened a month ago. he still hasn't heard an answer yet. so this could go on for a while. we could be back discussing this all summer. >> i always welcome your presence rachel nichols. thank you so much. i appreciate it. the next hour of cnn "newsroom" starts now. happening now in the "newsroom" -- >> it's time to move the flag from the capitol grounds. >> south carolina's governor says take down the confederate flag. now, the septemberment spreads south. >> will mississippi demand changes next?


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