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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  June 26, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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welcome to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. i'm george howell. >> and i'm natalie allen. you're watching cnn "newsroom." >> we start this hour in paris. the french president is condemning violent protests by taxi drivers over the on-line ride service, uber. >> yes. we will wait and see what this day brings. thousands of taxi drivers went on strike if paris thursday. stopping traffic with burning tires and blocking roadways with their cars. they say uber is unfairly and illegally stealing their business. >> a lot of chaos on the streets of paris. jim bittermann is there live with more. jim, good day to you. taxi drivers are complaining that ub are is stealing their business and the government seems to sympathize with them. >>. >> reporter: in fact george there is a complaint settled against uber pop basically
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banning uber pop from operating on the streets of paris. the company has appealed that ruling and the appeal is yet to be heard. they are continuing to say that chauffeurs should drive. what happened this morning is that the interior minister said that anybody who urges the chauffeurs and drivers of these uber pop vehicles to drive could be haul need court themselves for inciting people to break the law. thingses have calmed down slightly. there are still taxi drivers protesting and blocking a number of different access around the area. the airports seem to be pretty clear so people can get to the airports which was a big bone of contention yesterday. airports were completely blocked off. as we saw yesterday, a lot of violence on the streets. the president condemning violence and saying that uber pop should be dissolved. it is making a distinction between uber and uber pop because uber pop is the low-cost
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alternative that allows just about anybody with a driver's license and car to become their own transport captain and become a competitor for the taxis. that's really what the taxis are most angry about. george in. >> let's talk a bit about that. taxis deal with a wide range of regulations. they complain that uber drivers don't. >> well exactly. the taxi drivers have to have a license and similar to the license in the united states. they have to have an authorization from the government. the authorization is free from the government. but because there is a limited supply there is a market developed and to have a taxi cost between 200 and 250,000 euros. a considerable amount of money that has to be paid back over the life of the driver. they do face that. they also face a lot of serious regulations as far as chauffeur
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licenses and that sort of thing that uber pop people don. george? >> all right, jim bittermann live in france. jim, thank you so much for your reporting. >> justice minister of france is responding to nalto allegations of spying. she wouldn't be surprised if they offered asylum to snowden and allange. >> translator: france is not the only country offering them asylum. edward snowden is in russia and wants it leave and i'm listening to his request. july >> she said that granting the two men asylum is not her decision. >> now on to brussels. the relocation to other eu states will come over the next two years. >> the european council summit
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comes as france now find itself in a spotlight of the ongoing migrant crisis. cnn reports from the port city where thousands of migrants have gathered in a camp known as the jungle. >> reporter: this is not a refugee camp in africa or displaced people living rough in the middle east. these flimsy tents and tarps surrounded by mountains of trash with little running water and no electricity are on the outskirts of a major city in northern france. this is the so-called jungle camp in calle. here migrants from east africa afghanistan and middle east live or simply survive. most try daily to cross into britain. >> hello. how are you? >> report. >> reporter: report i meet abraham. he said he made it to france on a boat from libya, through
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europe only end to up here. >> biggest problems police and this life is dirty life. report o >> reporter: they sleep up to 25 per tent. there is a cooking area. tarp serving as a shower curtain. the city says it is doing what it can after several months two water pumps were installed. and close to the fence authorities are building to keep jungle residents off the highway. electricity poles are going in. this makeshift camp is divided in sectors by nationality. here is where the afghan migrants live. behind there is where ethiopians and airtrans set up a church and way behind the bush is where most of the sudanese migrants settled. despite the trash and lack of basic comforts they try to have a sense of normalcy. an area covered with plastic
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sheeting serves as mosque. a shop sells soda and snacks. a church. under the watchful makeshift eye of the police they try to stay clean with little privacy. an aid group will set up a mobile clinic in the jungle camp. one aid worker tells me the job will be made more difficult by the dismal living conditions. >> it is not acceptable for the situation in france. i mean in every refugee camp conditions are better. >> other charities have helped with food distribution. but only once a day. portable toilets went in a few weeks ago. and with camp numbers swelling by the day, the need to find a more permanent solution for the thousands of people living here will only grow. cnn, calle.
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>> the manhunt continues in upstate new york and officials now say investigators are looking into whether prison guards were sleeping on the job, that's right, sleeping on the job, when two convicted killers made their escape from jail. if proven true that means david swaet sweat and richard matt may have been unsupervised as they dug their way to freedom three weeks ago. >> the convicts have been on the run for three weeks. as the search continues to find the men, one official says police keep running into dead end. >> the only credible sighting we had was on saturday the cabin where the dna was located. we've add number of sightings we've run just to nothing, either they weren't the people we were looking for or there was just nothing there. >> and a second prison worker gene palmer is now charged in connection with the escape. palmer claims he didn't intentionally help the men break out of prison. >> he is expected to plead not
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guilty and is cooperating with investigators. cnn's gene kajean casarez has more on the prison guard of 27 years. >> reporter: gene palmer is the second prison employee to be arrested in the connection of the escape of sweat and matt. he is charged with delivering prison contraband and tampering with evidence. his attorney says he doesn't have the resources to defend him. >> this case is getting national attention. there are people parked outside of my house. there is people go together office. we're just not equipped to deal with that. >> prosecutors first linked palmer to the case identifying him as the guard who took prosen meat embedded with smuggled tools. allegedly from joyce mitchell an
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brought their cell. he gave a flat head screw driver and needle nosed pliers to the inmates. palmer allegedly did this between november 2014 and june 6, 2015. while authorities say matt and sweat were planning their escape. the prosecutorsor also said matt and sweat told palm are they needed the tools to fix electrical issues on the cat walk behind their cells. a former maintenance supervisor at clinton tells cnn inmates often worked on electrical issues when the maintenance department was understaffed. >> it is not proper. it violate the rules of the department of corrections. violate the rules of misconduct. those are issues we will deal with. >> reporter: authorities say palmer tampered with efd after the two convicted killers escaped by burning paintings given to him by matt and sweat
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and burying paintings near his home. in an interview with new york state police that he didn't intentionally help the escapiys. a friend and neighbor said palmer is confuseed. >> there is a lot of people that you know, he feels that he has let down. and i told him, he has not. everybody is with him. a hundred percent. and until they come to the bottom of it nothing can you do. >> reporter: palmer hasn't spoken publicly but talked about the prison in a radio interview 15 years ago. >> new york state beside california they really have the best prison system in the united states. >> and palmer could be seeing that prison system from the other side. jean casarez, platsburg, new york. >> the supreme court rejected yet another clael to what has been make named obamacare. that's the president's health care law. >> yeah justices ruled the law protects federal subsidies for
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people that can't afford health care even in the 34 states that don't have their own health care exchanges. those are the states in blue. mr. obama says in america health care is an privilege for a few but a right for all. >> today after more than 50 o votes in congress to repeal or weaken this law, after a presidential election based in part on preserving or repealing this law, after multiple challenges to this law before the supreme court, the affordable care act is here to stay. >> the fact it is 6-3 with two appointees, roberts and kennedy, gives them a decision a heft in significance that will take obamacare out of the courts for the foreseeable future. that is a huge huge victory for president obama. >> however, republican leaders
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say they will keep fighting to get rid of obamacare. >> the unforgiving heat wave in pakistan. it has killed more than 1,000 people so far and authorities there warn that more fatalities are expected in the coming days. >> hospitals are stretched thin with heat stroke victims being continuously brought in. morgues are filled beyond capacity and there is simply not enough space left to put all the bodies. sima joins us from karachi with more. there is a whohorrific horrific story situation there. report o >> reporter: it really is, natalie. everyday we wake up to o more information, more figures. yesterday i went to a graveyard that simply didn't have enough space. it is one that everybody goes to because it is centrally located, easy to get to. families and loved ones if they
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want to visit. but there is just not a enough room. they were trying to eek out space. no place in the hospitals. no place in the morgues. no place it find them a final resting place either. and just got more figures from the main morgue and on the outstirts outskirts of karachi, they have had 800 bodies so far since the heat wave struck. 260 of them have been unidentified and i'm sure everyone has seen those horrific images of our visit to the morgue. bodies packed inside what is supposed to be a cold storage unit struggling because of the major power cuts continuing in pakistan. going foreign years. crumbling under the pressure and demand even more so. both because of the heat when people are trying to switch on their fans and but also because of the months of ramadan.
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more people needing that cool air when they are fasting. so that cold storage unit at the morgue really struggling. and so because bodies are decomposing, they are now trying to bury them as soon as possible. and they are burying 260 of the last few days. they have been busy digging graves. natalie, george? >> yes, saima, is there anything the government is able to do? any emergency measures to do something to keep more people from dying because it is expected more will die in this heat wave? >>. >> reporter: yes. it is been a bit late in coming but they are starting to talk on local tv channels trying to raise public awareness about keeping cool. how to deal with heat stroke those obvious measures. but nothing done in terms of prevention or even over the weekend when the heat struck.
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military has to step in. national disaster management and paramilitary troops as well which is stationed here in karachi and across the province. but most of which by the way is desert like so it is incredibly hot. they set up emergency stations in support of the government hospitals which is struggling. natalie, george? >> all right, we hope it gets better soon. saima in pakistan thank you. >> natalie, i was just looking that image there. the person putting water over himself trying to keep cool. it is grim situation, meteorologist there, derek, any relief in sight. >> we should be about 32 degrees and temperatures will range from 37 to 39 for the next several days. we have to wait for the monsoon to settle in and bring if excessive heat. however we have dropped temperatures by a few degrees which has been quite welcoming. in fact here is the seven-day forecast. can you see how we are above average but this onshore wind
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along the coast of pakistan near karachi that has brought in very high relative humidity values. even though temperatures have dropped a couple of degrees we have that heat indices value where we factor in humidity levels. there is consecutive heat for the past 45 days. there was not that some what drop in our temperatures. but i'm going to talk about something that's in a neighboring country, being india. the western most state of india, they have seen the monsoon rains settle in and it is just ironic to see thattes this people wait so long to get the relief from the excessive heat when in fact the monsoon rains when it finally settles in can bring deadly flooding. there are 82 deaths in the state from the excessive rain fall that settled in. tropical activity that moved in from the arabian sea and well that has brought in an excessive amount of rain fall that led to flooding. here is the onset of the
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southwest monsoon. we continue to talk about that. notice it hasn't quite reached pakistan just yet. it has however spread to the state. karachi still waiting for the rain fall to come but again, too much in too short a time can lead to scenes just like there. still roadways inundated by this water. that will impact agriculture as well. this is the very common occurrence that we see, natalie and george. we go from looking for relief to bringing that with monsoon rains then too much rain in a short period of time bringing flooding. >> and people fasting as well. >> my goodness. all right. >> thank you. >> a little girl is allegedly raped by her stepfather. the girl's mother is accused of turning a blind eye. now she is vehemently denying those accusations in a cnn exclusive. that's next. >> still holding out hope for a
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>> >> this serious business. thursday's negotiations in brussels came it a close without a deal again. both sides plan to continue their negotiations on saturday. our alinda joins us now live on the phone from athens greece with the very latest. alinda good to have you with us. look the clock continues to wined down. this is serious business. >> caller: absolutely. we just had comments from the greek finance minister saying that unless there is a viable solution for the debt then the deal is off. further escalation this part is expected this idea of debt relief is fundment yl pront posals and the groek size has been making all along. saying unless the debt is viable
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there is no point discussing this further. but of course what that would mean is a very complicated place for the time being. what we have been hearing is that unless greece made this end of the month payment to the imf and it finds itself at the enof the month, it'll have no funding, no access to the market and it leaves greece in a position that could take could see it out of the eurozone in a short space of time. so we have another euro group called for tomorrow with the german chancellor saying that a solution needs to be found by saturday. the greek prime minister saying that this is all possible. at the same time, george as we just heard from the greek minister there, talks and the rhetoric really escalating again.
12:24 am
>> all right, alinda following it all in athens greece. thank you. a pregnant 10-year-old girl from paraguay allegedly raped by her stepfather is speaking out to the first time to cnn after being released from a prison. >> she is charged with trying to hide it from authorities. she cannot be identified due to the country's laws. she said she went to the authorities but instead of opening an investigation the case was tossed out. >> translator: look, i went to the attorney general's office. i was the one who reported all of this. asking for justice to be done and hoping that something would be done. but prosecutors dismissed the case. otherwise, this would have never happened. this would have never gotten to this point. of a going to the attorney general's office they sent me to see a psychologist. but she said there was nothing do. >> the woman says her daughter
12:25 am
now seven months pregnant is doing well despite the fact that she is just 10 years old and carrying a child. despite pleas from the girl's family and amnesty international, the law in paraguay forbids the girl from having an abortion unless her health is at risk. >> in colombia a mother and her infant son are recovering after spending several days alone in the jungle when their plane crashed. the accident happen owned saturday on what should have been a 30-minute flight. >> reporter: when rescuers found the crashed cessna 303 in the jungle the morning after the crash, one of the first things they notice said that the cockpit was destroyed. the pilot found bed at thedead at the scene. it took rescue ors five days to find them both alive. she add broken ankle and multiple burns she suffered
12:26 am
while taking her son out of the burning palestinian according toplane /* plane -- burning plane according to officials. why did it take so long to find them in authorities say the plane crashed about 30 miles or 48 kilometers away from the airport. location where the flight originateed. it was bound for a city in the northwestern colombia province. another question is how were the mother and her son able to survive without any help in the jungle? authorities say the mother who was still breast-feeding the baby remained hydrated by drinking coconut water. officials also say the mother left several traces including the baby's birth certificate so it would be easier for residuecuers to find them. the colonel told cnn they have a lot of respect for this mother because of her courage and efforts to keep her baby and herself alive. she survived because she never gave up he said.
12:27 am
she used the little food they had wisely. this is a very special rescue case for us. she is a very strong and brave woman. both survivors were flown by helicopters to quibodo. they will be flown to a larger hospital where doctors have more resources to treat the mother's injuries. it is back to work today in the talks to curtail iran's nuclear program. but the supreme leader is casting doubt on hope for an agreement. we will go live to vienna coming next. >> plus six decades after the start of the korean war, some families are still diedvideddivided. their stories as this broadcast is cnn international and cnn usa.
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welcome back to our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is cnn "newsroom." >> let's check the headlines for you this hour. >> thousands of angry taxi drivers have been protesting the street of paris over on-line ride share service uber pop. they say the company is illegally and unfairly stealing their business. france's interior minister said they will be arrested if caught using uber pop. >> palmer says he did not intentionally help the killers break out and is cooperating with investigators. the record breaking heat wave in pakistan claimed more than 1,000 lives.
12:32 am
that's according to police and hospital officials. hospitals and morgues are struggling to keep up with the growing number of dead and there are fears the death toll will continue to rise in coming dis. >> u.s. secretary of state john kerry head to vienna today to head for the next round of nuclear talks with iran and negotiators there that are facing a self-imposed june 30th deadline to try to reach some sort after deal or agreement. >> diplomats could face an uphill battle. correspondent nic robertson has our report from london. >> by the day, more reasons to be pessimistic p. lawmakers voting to block inspection of suspect noukuclear sites. more red lines kefrnconcern over inspections and nuclear research. all heightening regional fears. iran cannot be trusted.
12:33 am
>> i urge the b5 plus 1 not to sign this deal which is getting worse by the day. as iran walks away even refusing to have for example inspections. >> the agreement three months ago a stepping stone to a june 30th deal deadline. just days away now. it included commitments by iran to cut its centrifuges, reduce stockpiles of lower enriched uranium. they break out the time it would take for iran to build a nuclear weapon. underpinning all that site inspections bit nuclear watch dog iaea international atomic energy agency. iran will require access to the iae iaea to investigation sites or
12:34 am
allegations of covert enrichment facility anywhere in the country. in recent days france part of the p5 plus 1 that include the u.s., uk germany, china an russia reminding this em that commitment. >>. >> translator: what does a robust agreement mean? it means an agreement including limitation in the duration of iran capacity in terms of production. it means advanced system of verification include, if necessary, all military sites. >> over years of negotiations john kerry persevered through set backs, convincing his counterpart, iranian foreign minister to compromise. the day after their last meeting, late may, kerry took a tumble off his bike. knocking him off his negotiating
12:35 am
stride o. >> i look forward to getting back to work. >> and kerry too, facing political pressure back home. if the deal slips beyond the deadline that gives already hesitant u.s. lawmakers more time to build opposition to any deal. nic robertson, cnn, london. >> so where are we now? with more on the upcoming talks, let's bring in our guest, the research director at national iranian american council and he is live forness vienna. thank you for joining us. >> good to have you with us sir. here is a question many people are asking on this june 30th deadline we have heard from some top officials saying they could slip past the deadline. what do you think? >> the deadline is not sacred. it is ideal. if they need more time to get a good deal done that's a win-win from both side then that's exactly what they will will do.
12:36 am
i think the target date is around july 9th or 10th. that's when congress comes back into session. if there is no deal by that date then the reveal period extend from 30 days to of 60 days. that adds a layer of complication that neither side wants. >> that report that we just saw from nic robertson, it looks like iran stepping back somewhat from things that were already decided on o p. we know that supreme leader has been making some comments perhaps not looking like he is supporting this deal. what do you make of it? >> i think that we're in the 11th hour and not even the supreme leader of iran would back out at this point because then iran would clearly be blamed for failure. i was there when the framework agreement was reached in early april and now they are negotiating within that framework. both sides are trying to maximize the amount of benefits
12:37 am
that they get. before a final deal assigned. i think you see a lot of posturing coming from the iranian side american side and other p 5 plus 1 as well. this is entirely natural to the negotiating process and track record so far has been the most painful and important decisions are made in the 11th hour. i this i we will see the same thing in vee enwhy over the next week or so. >> we will see. thanks so much for joining us. >> there's always a lot of rhetoric around these big moments. but the question is will they be able to come together for a deal? we will have to wait and see. you're watching cnn "newsroom". a meat scandal has stomachs turning. >> also ahead, a lesson about saying good-bye. that's how one mother reflects on her lost children. 65 years after fleeing the korean war. we will have that story. >> and a rock star is caught up
12:38 am
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welcome back to cnn. i hope you're not eating if you are listening to this story. >> stop if you are. >> china's meat smuggling is turning stomachs. >> more than a half million o worth of meat was stopped before reaching rtestaurant and soup are market. some meat we're not kidding, decades old. dating back to the 1970s. that has experts concerned about china's lax food safety standard. >> the size of the country is a problem and china's food safety
12:42 am
system is very decentralized. while the national government is passing laws it relies on the provinces and their local government officials to enforce those laws. and then at the local level, there have been examples of out and out corruption. the melamine example cited in your earlier report so perfect example where some of the local government officials knew full well what was going on with the contamination of the infant formula. the fact of the mat are is this here in the united states we import a lot of food from china and just this past month our united states food and drug administration intercepted contaminated seafood, mushrooms, at our border unspecs stations here in the united states. and when the melamine indent happened in 2008 within hundreds of products were recalled here
12:43 am
in the united states because the milk powder used in some of the baked goods coming from china, exported to the out, had to be recalled recalled because the milk powder had been contaminated. >> still trying to get over the meat from the '70s. >> yeah. seems like one thing after another when it comes to food safety standard with china. . >> as you mentioned, this isn't the first time choun china has come under fire. a meat factory was accuse oedd of selling old tainted meat to mcdonald's and other popular fast-food restaurants. >>. a mass rally marking the 65th anniversary of the start of the korean war. according to state-run news the crowd chanted anti-u.s. slogans. as dozens marchs at the kim ill
12:44 am
sung stadium. as an estimated 100,000 korean americans, that war has never ended. advocates of the u.s. say that's how many people are separated from their loved ones. still trapped in north korea after all this time. for some families divide bid war, hope remains but others aren't so fortunate. >> reporter: chicago, a world away from the isolation of north korea, the hermit kingdom. at the same time it's not. there's a woman this this city whose life embodies a very horror that is the korean war. millions died but the people i'm looking for are still alive. like unchin lee. we found her in a senior center. she hasn't seen her children in 65 years. for her, and others like her,
12:45 am
this is the war with no end. how old are you? >> 93. >> 93 years old. what year was it that you last saw your children? how old were they? 2, 5 and 7 years old. i left my children with my mother without saying good-bye she says. i thought it would be a week. how much did they cry for me? how much did they want to see me. we've never even been able to talk. it's not just this one woman's horrible story. there are so many others. i'm here in the bay area to meet another man.
12:46 am
his name is min young lee. he is also elderly. also separated from his family since 1950. that is so painful that he spent decades just trying to pretend that they don't exist. >> i hate them in my mind. >> but they are your siblings. >> that's right. but too much pain to consider those things. hide my family background. that is best way for me to survive. >> did you know if they had survived? if they are alive? >> not at all. >> have you no information? >> no information. >> you were just going to go look for them? >> yes. and i saw my brother. immediately recognized. can't breath.
12:47 am
that moment i'm proud this is my brother. >> let's talk about this picture. when you saw his face what did you think? >> look at the mirror. it was me. he was me. so so happy. >> so you spent -- >> two night. >> two dayes with your brother. >> yes. >> in 50 years only two days. >> yes. they allow only that. met him, how lucky i am. how happy i am. >> back in chicago, mrs. lee remains one of the unlucky.
12:48 am
she tells me there is only one reason she is still alive. my children i pray for the chance to see you. i'm holding on living hoping to see you. i visit you in my dreams. please help me to see my children. >> incredibly touching story. >> oh, so sad. like she said so many others out there have been separated for decade. unreal. >> 52 years, the man said. only two days to see, you know -- >> at left he got to see him. lock look at her. >> as an umbrella carrying sky in a buller died. patrick macnee was in "the
12:49 am
avengers" and spin-off series. a world war ii naval veteran in real life. his most famous character never carried a gun, as he traded equips with his sex oe co-star. >> he died at age 93 at home in california. we'll be back right after this. y oe co-star. >> he died at age 93 at home in california. we'll be back right after this. oe co-star. >> he died at age 93 at home in california. we'll be back right after this. co-star. >> he died at age 93 at home in california. we'll be back right after this. quips with his sexy co-star. >> he died at age 93 at home in california. we'll be back right after this.
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this just into cnn. china's main stock market fell 7.4% on friday. the shin zen kposenzhen composite is down, the main reason stocks are underinflated and don't reflect their true value. >> we have heard of the running of the bulls. we have covered that. how about the running of the intern, though. >> it is interesting to see. a site outside the court where justices are handing down major decisions. court release he the papers to interns who run them down to report. >> poor interns. >> i've been one. >> i was there too. >> tv and newspaper interns spread outside.
12:54 am
here they come. with the pap are copies. so producers and reporters can get the word out as quickly as possible. the court also posts rulings on-line but that can take a few minutes so it is the big day for the interns. >> maybe it's good exercise. i don't know. >> fun, sure. >> oobsly. absolutely. good running. good jogging. get your heart rate up. all right, we told you earlier about the protests happening in france over the car service, uber. it turns out that a u.s. rock star courtney love got caught up in some of the violence. >> we've been talking about what she had to say. she talked about her experience on social media on thursday. she has some not so nice words for the french president. jeanne moos has the story. >> photographers yelling at courtney love. not angry protesters. but on a trip to france she and other travellers got dragged into angry protests by taxi
12:55 am
drivers against the less regulated service uber. uber vehicles were attacked. and courtney love ended up in one with an egg splattered window. she instagramed, all tires slashed and beat with bats. these guys trying to open the doors and the cops are doing nothing. i'm scared out of my wits. courtney eventually got into a second uber vehicle. she tweeted they were held hostage for an hour. it wasn't exactly the star treatment. but you know who courtney love doesn't love at the moment? france's president. she tweeted, where are the bleeping police? get your bleep to the airport. this is france? i'm safer in baghdad, she tweeted. but courtney didn't walk out of the mess in paris.
12:56 am
shemotorcycle. paid some guys on mote psychororcycles to take us out. some throwing rocks. courtney love escaping a mob on a motorcycle? a little uber the top. general jean moes /* /*. >> top-seed joke djokovic decided he needed to change shirts. pre. >> he went on to win the match after that. >> that does it for o george and me. >> early start coming up for
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