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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  June 30, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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else. >> you're saying because the clerk is acting in an official capacity that's different, that changes things. really interesting to hear both of your perspectives. ryan nobles elizabeth wydra, thank you. appreciate it. the next hour of cnn "newsroom" begins right now. happening now in the "newsroom," prison break plans revealed. >> so the plan was to head to mexico. >> but it all fell apart. >> he will be in basically 24/7 lockdown for the rest of his life. >> captured fugitive david sweat starts talking. what we're learning about a possible heroin ring inside the prison. >> some of those employees have told officials there is heroin use amongst the inmates, and so the question is are the employees involved in that? also independence day alert. >> i wouldn't be surprised if we're sitting here a week from today talking about an attack. >> why the feds are warning
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local cops about possible terror attacks over the july 4th weekend. plus chris christie says he's ready to tell it like it is but are the voters ready to hear it? >> i taught you that in a trusting relationship you don't hold anything back. >> let's talk in the cnn "newsroom." well, good morning to you. i'm pamela brown in for carol costello. thank you so much for being here with us. we appreciate it. and by the way, we are one hour away from that big announcement from chris christie. the new jersey governor considering a run for the white house. at 11:00 a.m. eastern, he's expected to declare he is officially a candidate for 2016. so will republican voters give him a chance? we will be all over it. and another big story we are watching confessions from a hospital bed. david sweat is upgraded from
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critical condition to serious, and he is now talking to investigators. they say he's spilling secrets on his prison escape and the intricate plans hammered out with fellow fugitive richard matt. sweat said he ditched the older matt because he was slowing him down but the biggest challenge came in their first moments of freedom. prison employee joyce mitchell backed out and didn't show up with the getaway car. and just minutes ago her attorney told us she is e stathe is static the manhunt is over. sara ganim is right outside the hospital where sweat is recovering. jean casarez is right outside the prison. sara i'm going to start with you. this time yesterday sweat was in critical condition from the two police bullets. how much is he able to cooperate today and talk to investigators? >> well his condition was upgraded to serious yesterday pamela and we actually do expect another update on his condition today. you're right, he continues to talk to investigators. you know for three weeks while
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these guys were on the run, authorities really wondered was their plan really to run away with this prison seamstress joyce mitchell? and then david sweat was captured alive and he began to talk to police and authorities learned that yes, their plan a was to run away with joyce mitchell to mexico but when she got cold feet and failed to show up that night, they were forced to improvise, to come up with another plan, and they headed toward the canadian border instead. >> so interesting that from all their planning they didn't have a plan b there. jean i'm going to go to you now. we've learned about this fbi investigation from my colleague evan perez and the possibility that inmates partnered with corrupt prison employees. tell us about that. >> reporter: well you know we're right here we're at the prison, and all morning we've watched correction officers reporting for work like it's a normal day but a law enforcement source has told cnn that the fbi is currently undergoing an
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investigation inside the prison to see if there actually is a drug trafficking network there. now, they spoke with employees who said that some of the inmates use heroin so that's the big question. where would they get heroin? could employees be involved in this network? and so it's all part of a very very large investigation. we're also understanding that they found the dna of sweat and matt deep down underneath the prison behind me in tunnels normally where no one would walk much less an inmate, so they want to see if in fact, matt and sweat had any involvement, if there was at all, in that drug trafficking network. just a big, complicated puzzle pamela. >> interesting. you know jean it's one thing for sweat to reveal details on the escape as we're learning he is doing right now, but quite another for him to expose corruption inside the prison. do investigators believe he can help in exposing whether or not there is corruption there? >> reporter: well investigators are not talking about that now,
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but i guess we can see what he said so far, right? he implicated joyce mitchell that she was going to pick them up and that she was involved in the escape plan. he also discounted gene palmer having any participation in the escape plan. that is corroborated because we know the governor of new york said that in fact sweat was going to go to mexico with joyce mitchell and we also know that lyle mitchell told nbc news that he, in fact was going to be killed and sweat told that to investigators. so there is some corroboration here because you always want to know are they going to be truthful, a convicted murderer does not have the propensity for telling the truth. but you better believe it they're going to ask him for names because they need answers. >> absolutely. sara ganim, jean casarez, thank you so much. and let's talk about all of this with someone who knows the prison system well. that's retired superintendent of at ka correctional facility james conway.
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thank you so much for being here with us. >> good morning pamela. >> i want to get your reaction first to this idea there could have been a drug ring going on at clinton correctional facility. would that surprise you and how often does something like that occur? >> it would surprise me if there was a drug ring involving a lot of staff. quite frankly, there has been drugs in prison for years. it's one of the things that we have to fight against. most of the drugs are introduced by visitors but there have been occasions in the past where employees have been compromised, and they have brought in drugs. >> well and we've seen in this case that some of the employees allegedly gave the two men tools so what's to stop them from bringing drugs? criminal defense attorney paul callan talked about this and he said corruption is the nature of the beast? >> i think there's systematic corruption in any major prison system in the country and i think it's the nature of the
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beast. these prisons are in isolated communities in upstate new york company towns, and i think it's hard to solve the problem. >> so to paul's point, how do you solve the problem? >> well you have to be diligent. you have to be on your game at all times. if you have -- we get countless letters from inmates every day, and they have to be checked out. we have to do our diligence to make sure that we have -- and i believe we have the finest staff in the state of new york. there are some bad apples but we have to do our best to police it. >> you talk about some bad apples, and attica correctional facility does have a pretty violent past. i want to read something from "the new york times," and it talks about that famous and bloody prison rebellion back in 1971 there. it says to those who work at the prison the history of the riots
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is an everyday reminder of the danger that inmates who greatly outnumber guards could take over at any time. an attica sergeant whose father was killed in the retaking tells all new recruits about the events of 1971. he says i make sure it gets talked about. you do certain things a certain way because it wasn't done one time and the inmates took control. so in your experience james, how do you think the legacy of that riot impacted the way workers interacted with prisoners? >> well what that sergeant is talking about i think is guard against complacency. you don't want to leave a gate unmanned. in the 1971 uprising inmates were able to break through different gates and gain access to the entire prison. so you want to be on your guard at all times. inmates will take advantage of situations and it's a very -- if you think about it 87% of the inmates are violent felony
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offenders. it's a dangerous place. >> you wonder why some of the inmates who are so violent earn the special privileges like the honor block which some have been suggested should be banned. what do you think of that james? >> i don't agree with that at all. it wasn't the honor block that allowed the inmates to escape, it was the employees that brought in the tools that allowed them to cut out of their cell. if they had been in general population they could have cut out and accessed those tunnels. >> thank you so much appreciate it. and still to come right here in "newsroom," concern about an attack over the holiday weekend, but why now? and what could terrorists be plotting? we'll discuss after this break.
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u.s. officials are warning the public to be vigilant over the july 4th holiday weekend for possible terror attacks, although no specific or credible threat has been identified. the department of homeland security the fbi, and the national counterterrorism center all say extremists could launch attacks this weekend, and on cbs news former cia director michael morell underscored just how seriously he's taking the alert. >> i don't want to tell americans what to do or what not to do, but i wouldn't be surprised if we're sitting here a week from today talking about an attack other the weekend in the united states. that's how serious this is. >> some pretty alarming words there. cnn terrorism analyst paul cruickshank is live in london for more on this. paul do you agree with morell's assessment of the threat? >> yeah there's a lot of concern about this upcoming
7:15 am
holiday, pam. terrorist groups have had a long-standing ambition to hit the united states on u.s. national holidays. they realize that this could be additionally traumatic for americans. documents found in bin laden's compound in abbottabad, pakistan show al qaeda was interested in hitting the united states on the july 4 weekend, but there's even more concern this time around pam, because isis have called for a surge in terrorism during ramadan. there's another 2 1/2 weeks to go in ramadan. the spokesman of isis last week issued a fatwa saying that followers of isis will be rewarded ten times more in paradise if they launched attacks. there's also additional concern because of the accelerating number of americans who are becoming implicated in isis terrorism. there's been a real surge in the numbers in the last few months. since march 15 americans have been implicated in plots against
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the u.s. homeland and this year there's been a seven-fold increase of arrests of americans linked to isis, linked to isis recruitment compared to last year according to a recent study by the central national security. so a lot of concern at this moment pam. >> yeah. in fact there was a suspect arrested in new jersey yesterday. he was the ninth this important. at least 30 since the beginning of the year. so for this specific bulletin that was sent out, it says there is no specific or credible threat that has been identified but my question to you is, how do officials even know what the threat is because of how isis has evolved because how quickly people are going from being -- going from a planning stage or having an idea to becoming operational. that time is collapsing so is that really the question to be asking whether or not there is a credible threat? >> well that's exactly the right question pam, and one of the developments in recent years
7:17 am
and recent months is this sort of lone wolf terrorism, people not connected operationally, organizally organizationally to groups overseas. we have seen them reach out to americans over social media to encourage them to launch attacks. we saw that with the attempted attack in garland, texas, a few weeks ago. in recent weeks evidence emerging that isis over these online messaging apps now providing detailed bombmaking guidance to followers in the west. that's a very concerning new development. all of that plays into this warning, pam. >> that peer-to-peer communication encryption really concerning to counterterrorism officials. and i think why we're seeing this heightened alert. paul cruickshank, thank you so much. we appreciate it. and just ahead right here in "newsroom," no teleprompter? no problem. chris christie wants to tell it
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chris christie may shall taking a page out of john mccain's famous straight talk express as the new jersey governor is expected to launch a presidential bid in his hometown of livingston new jersey today. he offered a preview in this recent video touting his trademark blunt style. >> i know if my mom were still alive, she would say to me i taught you that in a trusting relationship you don't hold anything back and if you're going to run for president of the united states and you're going to ask these people for their vote, that is the single most trusting thing they can do as a citizen so s to give you their support, so you better tell them exactly what you're
7:23 am
thinking and exactly what you're feeling. >> the video paid for by christie for president ends with the phrase, telling it like it is. but after a slide in popularity can christie still woo voters? that's the big question today and chief congressional correspondent dana bash is in livingston new jersey the site of christie's announcement. dana good morning. how is it there? >> good morning, pamela. this is definitely set up to play to chris christie's political strengths, and that is just talking. and he is going to do that in a sort of unconventional way. this is the 14th on the republican side. you can sort of see over my right shoulder there is a stand there, and that's where he is going to have i am told just an outline, not prepared remarks. we've already been reporting he's definitely not going to have a teleprompter but the way they have set up this gymnasium inside livingston high school
7:24 am
where he attended several decades ago is for it to feel like a town hall to feel like he is down with the people and a lot of people here as you can imagine are those who he has known for many many years, many he grew up with and so forth. so that is kind of the intention here but just to be honest if chris christie would have expected and written the presidential announcement for himself back when he was 60% -- when he won approval by 60% of the voters here in new jersey when he won re-election, there's no way pamela that he would have picked this kind of event. this is by necessity, this kind of more low-key eye ventvent because he has a lot of climbing to do. he's not on top of the world anymore. he's not on top of the polls. he's having a hard time getting donors. so this is the scrappy way he is going to try to come back from really the abyss, doing this kind of interaction with voters and then going to new hampshire,
7:25 am
the place where he knows he has to get back. he's going to spend five days there starting today doing town hall meetings to try to win voters there in order to try to propel and revive any kind of candidacy. >> so as you mentioned, he's going straight to new hampshire from there. why is that such an important place for him? >> reporter: it's a great question. new hampshire is important because it is the most fertile ground for an actual campaign to grow out of the rubble which is where he is right now because of the bridgegate scandal. because the economy here is really not in good shape under his leadership as governor and so that is a place where it is new england, it's not that far from new jersey. similar mentality in that it is more of a moderate mentality. it's a lot more of chris christie kind of voters than let's say iowa where they tend
7:26 am
to be a lot more evangelical and socially conservative and because the voters there like to be able to touch, to feel to talk to their candidates and that is where chris christie will thrives as a candidate. you mentioned coming to me that that's the way john mccain did it in the straight talk express back in 2007 and '08 when he did come back and become the nominee. he had a lot less competition. chris christie has a lot more. it's going to be harder for him but they say that's the only way he has a chance to come back from where he is right now. >> a different playing field. now i want to bring in ron christie former special assistant of president george w. bush and kevin madden republican strategist. >> good morning. >> good to be with you. >> good morning. you were recently on a plane with one of the chris christie's senior strategists. what did you learn then? >> what i learned, pam, was that chris christie when the governor comes out later this morning,
7:27 am
his theme, his message is going to be telling it like it is and i was told chris is just going to go and level with the american people tell it like it is. he's going to go up to new hampshire and have the opportunity to have honest town hall conversations with constituents in the granite state. i think corpus christihris christie given his past with bridgegate i think tis hel it like it is is going to be an interesting dynamic, an interesting take and that's what i was told and what i expect later today. >> kevin, on that note as dana also said he's lost some of his popularity in part because of bridgegate. he's entering a very crowded field with so many other republicans running. how in your view is he going to win over voters? >> well i think this telling it like it is approach is -- i think it's the christie campaign trying to tap into this voter sentiment where they're very tired of these blow dried politicians. they're tired of the status quo, and they want somebody who is a
7:28 am
truth teller. they want somebody to give them some straight talk and that kind of contrast will be very favorable to the christie campaign. i think one of the challenges that still remains though is that a lot of that straight talk did lead to some unfavorable numbers in new jersey and if you look at the field poll after poll has showed that chris christie is seen -- has some high unfavorable ratings against some of his other competitors. that's going to be something that ideally if he camps out in new hampshire and as dana alluded to goes voter by voter, handshake by handshake, town hall by town hall he can start to change that. >> ron, back to this idea of telling it like it is it can lead to some trouble sometimes as kevin sort of alluded to and we saw it with john mccain. some people said, you know he at times was off message. it was messy. so there is a risk that christie runs with this strategy right? >> i think that's right, but i also think kevin's point is a
7:29 am
strong one here. i think chris christie by going out there and showing his, frankly, vulnerabilities, if you will of going out there and telling it like it is and being level with the american people. i think there's a request for a certain level of authenticity that's often missing in politics today. when you contrast that to the other side of the aisle where secretary clinton gives limited press availability i think with chris christie and several other republicans in the field going out there and doing retail politics that's another thing i was told chris christie loves going to the crowds loves interacting with people and i think you aauthenticity like that will shine through against the usual guarded, scripted politicians we're so accustomed to hearing from. >> we know christie will be the 14th republican to enter the race. do you expect it to be a long battle ahead for the nomination. ron christie, kevin madden that you have so much. >> good to be with you. >> pleasure.
7:30 am
good morning to you. i'm pamela brown in for carol costello. thank you so much for being here with us. this morning convicted killer david sweat is upgraded from critical condition, and investigators say he's revealing crucial details of the prison escape. the intricate planning and the scramble to improvise. prison employee joyce mitchell was plan a, but when she didn't show up with the getaway car, sweat and richard matt abandoned their plans to flee to mexico. with no plan b, they headed toward canada on foot instead. and sweat is sure to face questions about a possible heroin ring operating inside the prison. investigators believe there may have been a criminal network, inmates partnering with corrupt prison workers. cnn's deborah feyerick has been covering the story extensively. deb, tell me why should investigators believe anything david sweat says? i mean, he is a hardened
7:31 am
criminal. >> well the first reason is if you're trying to find out what goes on inside a prison the people you have to talk to are the criminals because the criminals know everything, and krun one correction officer i spoke to said there really are no secrets in prison. right now david sweat has absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain by providing even small amounts of information. look you speak to inmates, you speak to former inmates, and they will tell you that drugs are a big problem at clinton correctional facility but at facilities all across this nation drugs are part of the prison culture. bargaining bartering, all that is part of the prison culture, and so if he can provide them even small pieces of information that they can then investigate and check and corroborate, then there could potentially be some reform and potentially david sweat, who is going to be in isolation and lockup for the rest of his life he can get small things. maybe something as little as an
7:32 am
extra piece of meat a week but that's significant because he's going to have everything taken away from him. those small things will make a big difference. >> i think these key. a lot of people are asking what does he have to gain? he's going to be behind bars for the rest of his life in solitary confinement for some of that time. they do have some bargaining chips. >> there's no question about that. that's why, look for david sweat if he can sort of expose what was going on in this prison he could be key. he could also for example, provide information if anybody else was involved any other prison inmates. one thing david sweat is not going to walk back into that prison or any other prison for that matter as a hero because what he has done sure, he may be looked at as some sort of butch cassidy and the sundance kid figure but at the same time the honor block, for example, has been shut down. privileges have been taken away. investigators are swarming prisons. while that escape may be
7:33 am
historical and somewhat epic in the long run those prisoners, their quality of life has dramatically changed, and they're going to be extremely resentful. so if it was love/hate before it's going to be much more intensified perhaps on both sides. >> the question now is where is he going to go back to clinton or somewhere else? i imagine not back to clinton. >> probably not. but the bureau of prisons continues to have custody over him. clearly he's in -- he's being held by investigators and under direct and constant supervision. so they'll figure out where to put him after they have run it to the ground in terms of the kind of information he knows. >> absolutely. and that process still ongoing. deb feyerick great work on the story. still to come right here in "newsroom," the fate of greece's economy hangs in the bal. and if greece gets kicked out of the eurozone the pain will be felt far from athens. we'll look at how bad it could get for the u.s. right after this break.
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u.s. markets are rebounding today after the dow took its biggest beating of 2015 on monday closing 350 points down but all eyes are still on greece. the country now just hours away from default. tens of thousands took to the streets as we see right here in athens last night in support of their government's decision to stop bailout negotiations. greece's current bailout ends today, but the terms to extend it include highly criticized pension cuts and tax increases. without a bailout though greece can't make its $7.7 billion loan repayment. so joining me now to discuss all of this cnn business correspondent richard quest in athens and cnn money chief business correspondent christine romans. richard, i'm going to start with you. we're just hearing about the possibility of a deal in the offing. what can you tell us about that?
7:39 am
>> reporter: well this is happening while we're talking, pamela and what we understand is that greece -- look the existing bailout is done dusted and over. that expires tonight. greece has requested a new bailout of an organization known as the esm, the european stability mechanism. doesn't matter about the name all we need to know is greece has today requested a new bailout of its european partners and the europeans are to hold a teleconference in just about a couple hours from now, and that teleconference will discuss how this should be handled, should they give greece more time and all those sorts of issues. so the news at the hour greece has, we believe, requested a new bailout. >> that is certainly some news there. christine romans if you would, could you just break this down for us?
7:40 am
why is this so important? greece as we know has a tiny economy but it could have big implications. >> there's a lot at stake. a tiny economy, $200 billion. a little smaller than oregon, a little bigger than alabama. but yesterday it took the dow down 350 points. the biggest loss in a couple years and losing all of the gains for the year. here is why. greece is a small economy with a lot of debt and there are other economies in europe that have a lot of debt as well. all of these together are the weak links of the european union. if greece goes out and you're talking about countries leaving the european union that is a problem. why? a solid eu is important for the united states. anybody who works for a company here in this country that makes something that's sold to greece -- or sold to the eu $276 billion in exports. this is a very important trading partner so it needs to be
7:41 am
stable. there's also a worry of contagion. it can cause a lot of unstability unstability. you heard richard talk about this hope that there's a new kind of deal potentially on the table. markets are rebounding a little bit. they don't have that continuation of the big selling we saw yesterday and that's important. >> all right. i'm going to go back to greece quickly because a lot is going on there, including, richard, this sunday there's going to be a referendum that's set. how do you think that's goi go? >> reporter: well first of all, if this deal is going ahead, does the referendum take place? you've got to bear in mind pamela they are literally making this up as they go along. the referendum was called at the last minute by the prime minister alexis tsipras. now there is the potential for new bailout discussions. does this deal put an end to the referendum? i wish i could give you an answer. i haven't got one.
7:42 am
one of the core questions that we have to establish in the next two or three hours is whether the referendum on sunday takes place. >> very tenuous situation. seems like a lot is up in the air right now. i know christine romans richard quest you're going to be following this very important story for us. thank you so much. and still to come right here in the "newsroom," u.s. officials warning the public to be vigilant over the july 4th holiday weekend. we'll tell you why up next.
7:43 am
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7:47 am
and although no specific or credible threat has been identified for the u.s. the department of homeland security the fbi, and the national counterterrorism center all say extremists could launch attacks on or around independence day. cnn justice reporter evan perez joins me live on the phone from washington with the very latest. so everyone what can you tell us about this threat? >> well pamela the threat really is as high as u.s. authorities say they've seen it in a long long time, and there's a couple reasons for that. the july 4th holiday for some reason has been a focus of a lot of isis recruits according to the fbi. they've been picking up intelligence in the last few months that indicates there's an interest in carrying out some kind of attack perhaps during july 4th holiday. there's also a lot more of these recruits that the fbi is keeping an eye on in recent months and finally, isis has been calling for attacks against westerners and in the west during the month
7:48 am
of ramadan. so that is all combining to create certainly an increased concern that something could happen this week. >> and we've seen evan the threat evolve with isis and the way it uses social media and the way it can quickly impact someone. all of a sudden they get this idea in their head and quickly become operational. how much do you think the fact that what we don't know is playing into this threat and the concern among counterterrorism officials? >> that's exactly right. i think you and i both spend a lot of time talking to people on this very issue. the issue they came across as they saw in the attack in garland, texas. they found it's very difficult for them to determine when one of these guys decides they want to go from just talking about this stuff on social media or thinking about it and then going operational, and so that's the issue. they have multiple of these
7:49 am
people under surveillance. some of them under 24-hour surveillance and the issue is they don't know the ones that they're perhaps not keeping enough close eye on whether those are the ones that are going to activate. so that's why they're acting law enforcement around the country to help keep an eye out for these types of lone wolf attacks that could take place anywhere really. >> absolutely. evan perez, thank you very much for coming on sharing your perspective on this. next hour of cnn will be talking with congressman mike mccaul about these warnings were just talking about. you may remember the story of drew peterson. remember him? he was found guilty in 2012 of murdering his third wife kathleen savio, after his fourth wife stacy went missing in 2007. well he's serving 38 years in an illinois prison and is about to stand trial once again. this time accused of hiring a hit man to kill the prosecutor who put him in prison. tonight a new cnn special report looks at the case and here is a
7:50 am
preview. >> october 28th, 2007 the day candace akins' niece stacy peterson vanished without a trace. >> i thought she had been murdered most likely by drew. >> akin was not alone. all eyes were on stacy's husband, illinois police officer drew peterson a man whose third wife kathleen savio, had been found dead in the bathtub about three years earlier. >> i walk into everywhere i go and there's this little hum that goes through the establishment, there's drew peterson there's drew peterson. >> joe hosey staked out peterson's home when news broke of stacy's appearance. >> he spoke to reporters through the front door. >> he was peeking out the front door but then letting people come in to talk to him. >> hosy was first. >> it was eerie. i had a view of the living room. i was watching the kids watch the tav and it was strange. >> strange because thv watchingey
7:51 am
were watching the news coverage about their missing mother. >> and let's bring in cnn's jean casarez host of tonight's special and she joins us live. i know you have been working on this story for quite some time. drew peterson will see the inside of a new courtroom this summer. >> believe it or not, he's charged with solicitation of murder, sol lis tatesol lis tating the murder of the prosecutor. we talked and interviewed so many people and still the big mystery here where is stacy peterson because she's never been found. there is no actual evidence that she is dead and her family wants answers, and the emotions are as raw as they were when she went missing in 2007. additionally we spoke with the minister of stacy and drew and he told me a story that when he
7:52 am
and drew were alone together driving in a car, he describes a confession that drew peterson actually told him. drew peterson was always joking and cocky and arrogant. he seemed to be very serious when he was talking to that minister several years ago in the car. we'll have that for you tonight, pamela. >> and another big story you've been covering is of course the manhunt in upstate new york in dan dannemora. we're getting some breaking news. what can you tell us? >> we are right here here at the clinton county correctional facility and what a state official being briefed on the matter tells cnn, that the superintendent of the prison right here and the deputy superintendent have both been placed on administrative leave, and this happening, of course as a law enforcement source tells cnn that the fbi is now investigating to see if there is any drug activity at all within the prison with the inmates.
7:53 am
>> certainly an ongoing investigation there. big news. jean casarez thank you very much. and we'll be right back after this break. , thank you very much. and we'll be right back after this break.
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just into cnn, a deadline for iran nuclear negotiations has been extended to july 7th we have just learned coming from the state department. iran's foreign minister says that he thinks he can get a final deal. his remarks coming after a meeting. he met with secretary of state john kerry for more. again, the deadline was supposed to be today but we're just learning from the state department that that has been extended now until july 7th. and in other news that we're covering, donald trump is not backing down from some
7:58 am
controversial comments that got him fired. cnn's senior media correspondent brian stelter has more on this. brian? >> the shows will go on. that's the new message this morning about the miss usa pageant and about nbc's "celebrity apprentice" show but the shows will not involve donald trump. you know this entire controversy, it's all evolved in a sort of strange way because it was two whole week ago when trump announced he was running for president when he initially made those offensive remarks about mexican immigrants describing him as rapists and then adding some i assume are good people. that comment got a little attention on the day it was made and not much more attention except in some corners of the hispanic community which were highly highly offended by it and then about a week later, univision, the spanish language broadcaster decided to take action decided to protest trump's remarks by not airing the miss usa pageant which is scheduled two weeks from today on july 12th. now, univision was the spanish language broadcaster. that left nbc, the english
7:59 am
language broadcaster, in sort of a tough spot. there were calls for nbc to do the same thing. many hispanic groups lined up over the weekend to say nbc should dump trump and then on monday after nbc's lawyers reviewed the contracts they had with trump, that's what they decided they would do. they would sever those business ties. but it leaves a big unanswered question what happens to the miss usa page end. it's two weeks away. it's supposed to be broadcast from baton rouge, louisiana, and all the contestants are already there. the stage is being built, preparations are under way. the hosts of the event are saying the show will go on. they're just not entirely sure how yet. they're not entirely sure where it will be broadcast or when it will be broadcast now that nbc says it will not be involved. now, as for "the apprentice" the reality show has been going on for many years. it doesn't do as well in the ratings as it used to do. donald trump was a huge face for the show a decade ago. it's gone down in the ratings
8:00 am
somewhat but nbc would like to keep the show alive in some way with some other host. so let the speculation begin about who else might be the host in the future. mark cuban, martha stewart, warren buffett. lots of names out there of millionaires and billionaires that might be great hosts but for now all we know is it won'ten donald trump. >> thank you so much for that. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts now. hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. i'm john berman. it is 11:00 ooma.m. in the east which means someone somewhere is announcing they are running for president. laugh not, more candidates have entered the race during the 11:00 a.m. hour than any other hour of the day. there the "at this hour" primary. 16 or 17 will


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