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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  July 2, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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at's it for me. thank you for watching. i'll be back at 5:00 p.m. in "the situation room." "amanpour" is up next. for those in north america, "newsroom" with brooke baldwin starts right now. all right. wolf blitzer, thank you so much. i'm brooke baldwin. you're watching cnn. we begin this hour with the nation on edge as the fbi warns about a possible attack around the holiday. this scene here just this morning, this is outside the naval yard in the nation's capital. look at the colossal crime tape and police cars. it turned out to be, theangank goodness a false alarm. but it struck on the concerns that an attack may strike on this fourth of july weekend. isis is calling for acts of violence and then this morning a worker at the navy yard called
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911 saying she had possibly heard gunshots. the yard went into lockdown living through scenes tragically familiar. it was just 2013 that gunman massacred 12 people at this very location. today here workers were evacuated, rooms were searched but no gunman was found, no shots were fired. what's left behind? the same fears and plans to step up security. with me now, private investigator and former nypd and security expert still stanton. welcome, sir. nice to have you on. >> thank you. >> beginning with -- listen i was there in 2013 so you can understand why police would swoop in as quickly as they did in washington because they didn't know what happened. they are just getting phone calls. can you speak to the sensitivity, though especially ahead of this holiday weekend, to respond like that. >> well it's a good trial run and i'd rather see law
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enforcement respond this way than not at all or do it haphazardly. what went down and the way the folks responded was excellent on all fronts in my opinion. >> okay. just riding this out let me glance down at my note. officials tell us that isis is focused right now and encouraging attacks ahead of this fourth of july holiday. and there's been an uptick into the weekend. is there a notion that there could be this one, sole individual inspired by isis messaging online or more of a coordinated terror cell attack? >> brooke you said it first. the self-initialized terrorist. someone that is communicating with no one, doing self-training, may have a way to get firearms or create a
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homemade bomb. that is virtually no way to stop that. >> that's frightening. >> the way you stop that is john q. citizen. we hear that say something, say something, and we need to get our eyes out of our phones and ipads and we need to have critical thinking and strategic planning. so looking around and taking action like this lady apparently did today. >> you hear the see something, say something and i'm going down to the national mall to d.c. and i'm not afraid because i'm taking in fireworks. >> that's right. >> but with the heightened security alerts how should we approach this weekend? >> you know what -- >> have fun. >> have fun. but for instance i came in this building. i know where the exits are. god forbid something were to happen here right now, i'm going to grab you and we'll go to the exit. you get into the what if scenario. it's not being paranoid. it's being prepared. if we're all like that we defeat the bad guy.
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>> be prepared not paranoid. >> this is congressman peter king talking yesterday to wolf blitzer speaking specifically about the most complex counter intelligence plan ever. this is what they are dealing with. roll it. >> there is great concern. going back to dealing with the fbi and homeland security over the last two or three weeks, i would say this is the most intense leveled of concern i've seen maybe since 9/11. >> and that strikes me when you hear maybe the highest level of concern since 9/11 knowing the city as you know formerly with nypd do you agree with that? are we there? >> absolutely. listen besides 9/11, independence day, america's independence day. it's a prime date for them to strike. and we need to be aware, there is not one police officer for every one citizen. they can't be everywhere every
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single time. what i was more upset with was how come there wasn't inundated 911 phone calls. >> bill stanton, thank you so much. happy fourth. >> thank you. we're getting details about the final moments of a prison fugitive's live. officials came across richard matt in this rv in malone in upstate new york. a source has told cnn that he wreaked of alcohol after he found is in a cabin. the photo we're about to show you is indeed graphic. when officers approached matt he was lying right here where he eventually died. as he lay there against a tree he apparently refused to throw his hands up and instead pointed a 20-gauge shotgun at the
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officer. the agent shot three shots into his head. a new warden and security protocols are in place after three nine top officials and nine staffers were put on leave. joining me now, a former warden at the san quentin state prison. welcome. >> thank you. >> let me go through these new rules. they are going to ensure no tools are left behind from contractors. this is what david sweat was saying a sledgehammer was lying around. i don't know if he's telling the truth or not. limiting the types of tools they bring in. my question is, how often are these contractors who are brought into the prison how often are they chumming it up with inmates? >> well as a rule they shouldn't be as you said chumming it up with inmates anyway. my experience is that when you have contractors come in the
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first thing you do is inventory the tools, anything that they are bringing in and they are under constant security escort the entire time that they are inside the facility and then when they leave, once again, there is a or should be a detailed inventory of everything that they are bringing out. and that should be routine in every institution that i've ever been in. >> should be. i hear perhaps that's the key words, not always the case right? so they've got all of these rules. i wanted to ask you about cell shakedowns. we're hearing weekly cell and integrity inspections will be going on. i want you to walk me through what you're being looking for and moving around down to the pillows and posters on the wall. >> well typically, you know there are rules in the institution about what inmates
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are allowed to have and what they are not allowed to have. what they are allowed to have on their cell bars, cell doors, on the walls, anything like that. so when you first walk in a cell you're looking for compliance with those basic rules and you're looking for any possibility of contraband and where the contraband can be held. typically, you don't really allow anything on the cell walls because the reason people put up large pictures on a cell wall is to hide a hole that they have made in the wall behind the picture. so you don't want these pictures on the wall. when you have something covering the cell balls, it can hide cuts to the cell bars. it can also hide activities that shouldn't be happening in the
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cell from staff who should be looking in there. >> but bob -- >> yes. >> when you say should be looking in there, as a former warden, you have all of these people reporting to you, these correction officers some of whom are excellent and they do their jobs every single day and some don't play by the rules. it's a fact. how did you keep your people in line? >> well, you know the first thing is there is nothing short of getting from behind your desk and out of your office is a warden and going through your institution and i'm not just talking about once a week once a month, once a year i'm talking about every day. and people can fall to making excuses for why they can't do that. it has to be done. because that's when you start seeing the signs of complacency, when people aren't checking
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identification when people aren't -- when you walk into a housing unit and you see the signs that inmates are allowed to do what they want to do as opposed to what they are supposed to do you need to start asking critical questions. >> right. >> of the management staff and supervisory staff. where are they? >> i can only imagine all of the questions being asked at the clinton correctional facility in upstate new york. bob, thank you so much. >> my pleasure. thank you. on this story, stay tuned. we will show you -- cnn takes you inside this very trailer where richard matt hid from authorities. see what our correspondent gary tuchman found inside. also donald trump triples down on his derogatory remarks on mexican immigrants. we'll speak live to a former pageant contestant who wrote a very stern letter. and a former cnn anchor
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you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. donald trump is getting a bit of a break after nbc and univision decided not to air the usa pageant that he co-owns. reelz tweeted and let me remind you what it was that he said when he announced that he was running for the republican presidential nomination. >> when mexico sends his people they are not sending their best. they are not sending you, they are not sending you. they are sending people that have lots of problems and they
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are bringing those problems with us. they are bringing drugs, they are bringing crime, they are rapists and some i assume, are good people. >> and he is defending that statement with our own don lemon just last night. >> don, what you have to do it go to fusion and pick up the stories on rape and it's unbelievable when you look at what is going on. so all i'm doing is telling the truth. >> i've read "the washington post," i've read "the fusion," "the huffington post." and that's about women being raped. it's not about criminals coming across the border entering the country. >> well somebody is doing the raping don. somebody is doing it. women being raped. well who is doing the raping? >> trump not backing down. we have seen the public fallout but there's also been a very personal reaction.
11:17 am
mary bell gonzalez i'll introduce you to our viewers the way you signed your message to donald trump. you signed it quote, a very mexican, not rapist miss colorado usa 2012 and top ten miss usa finalist. thank you for being here. >> thank you. it's an honor to be here. >> i want to get you to your letter but first you heard donald trump saying as late as last night, somebody is doing the raping don. he said that just last night. your reaction to that? >> i think this is something that donald trump is not recognizing the dangers in his words. unfortunately, donald trump, i'd like to tell you that rape and crime are things that happen in every country, to all differnt types of people and it's not committed by one group or one specific culture. so i guess you generalizing yet again has dangerous implications and it's completely erroneous. >> this is what you wrote to mr.
11:18 am
trump himself "when you singled out a community and ignorantly generalized a population for the benefit of your campaign you committed the worst explanation. if i'm a rapist by the simple fact of being mexican, then what do those actions say about you?" >> and i want to make clear i would still be unwavering in these beliefs, that you cannot generalize a group of people. it's one way that it's manifested and it's completely dangerous to generalize and talk about people in this matter. you are proliferating discrimination. you are encouraging people to use hateful comments against a certain minority and that to me is incredibly wrong, dangerous and just irresponsible.
11:19 am
>> you know i've talked to a couple miss usa's the last couple of days who voiced their own opinions which i appreciate. but you are unique in that you have very strong words for donald trump. and listen this is a man who doesn't forget things. maybe this is a man who holds grudges. certainly this is a man who can be litigious. are you at all worried about possible retribution? >> i mean if he is going to secret tri secret seek retribution for speaking about his intolerance, that speaks about who is he. i will advocate for the miss usa organize organization like me prepare ourselves the whole year doing charity work for our own personal causes and social
11:20 am
stances and i'm not afraid to educate him in saying that he is wrong. you must address international relations. but when you talk about people in this certain discriminatory matter you are advocating for racism. and that transcends just talking about mexican people that talks about women, minorities people of all different cultures and that to me is something i will not waver on and hate is not something i subscribe to. >> you write in this letter "i'm sad that other latina girls will not have a chance to see another girl on tv that looks like them one that they can relate to and aspire to be." marybel gonzalez, thank you. next, a former cnn anchor traveling with her husband when a man aprochproached her in a parking lot and took her hostage
11:21 am
at gunpoint and her husband killed him. lynn russell will join me to talk about this stunning story. also we'll take you inside the abandoned trailer where that fugitive that killer richard matt where he escaped to before he was shot and killed by that border agent. where he spent his final days in hiding. stay here. thanks for calling angie's list. how may i help you? i heard i could call angie's list if i needed work done around my house at a fair price. you heard right, just tell us what you need done and we'll find a top rated provider to take care of it. so i could get a faulty light switch fixed? yup! or have a guy refinish my floors? absolutely! or send someone out to groom my pookie? pookie's what you call your? my dog. yes, we can do that. real help from real people. come see what the new angie's list can do for you.
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this next story i want to share with you involves two of our former cnn colleagues lynn russell and her husband chuck. >> you're watching "headline news," i'm lynn russell. the most wonderful news from midland, texas. in april, an accident in the soviet union. the past and future were on
11:26 am
president bush's trip to atlanta. the white house says president clinton will sign the measures as soon as he gets it. what do you think? is that sufficient? okay. >> well russell and her husband now who is a cnn correspondent were staying at a motel 6 in albuquerque, new mexico. russell says an armed robber pointed a gun at her in the parking lot and then forced her back into her motel room and once they were inside he demanded their belongings but a gunfight broke out between the suspect and her husband. her husband ended up shooting and killing this would-be robber but he was also shot three times but is expected to survive. joining me on the phone from new mexico is lynn russell. lynn my goodness. i understand you're okay. let's begin with your husband. how is he doing? >> well a little bitter every day. he just has to take it very carefully and not expect too much and be very pragmatic about it. he suffered some very serious injuries.
11:27 am
way to go. i guess you're asking yourself what we were doing in a motel 6 in albuquerque, new mexico? >> sure. that would be one of my questions. i understand that you had a dog and it's a dog friendly place. >> we were on a road trip took a dog in the car and took a really long trip east coast to west coast and we had just stopped to see some friends and we had had a lovely meal and we started to drive and we thought we would put down some miles and we thought, you know, we just had a nice meal nice wine let's pack it in for the night and get an early start and about that time we saw a motel 6 sign and because we had our dog with us we thought, this is perfect. we'll just do it. so we did. >> so you have this hotel room and at one point you're out in the parking lot. and tell me what started there. >> right. right. there is a technique -- there's a term for this techniue and i don't know what it is. you represent yourself to someone in a certain way and the
11:28 am
next time they see you, they expect it to be the same and it's very disarming when you then become very different. this guy actually did that looking back. he asked me in the parking lot if i had a cigarette. i said i don't smoke. no sorry. and then i went inside the room and came out again to go to the car for something and didn't see him. he was hiding. and i opened the door to the room and he materialized and pointed a gun in my abdomen and my first thought was, i still don't have cigarettes for you. but that was just enough -- >> whoa. that was your first thought when you have someone pointing a gun at your belly? that was your first thought? >> well it was. because it didn't jive. you see him and you expect him to want what he wanted before and he didn't obviously, you know. but that was the first thought. it's just a reaction. it's a knee-jerk reaction and it was just enough for him. it gave him the advantage and he
11:29 am
tossed me into the room and closed the door. i'm sitting on the bed and about that time chuck de caro comes out of the shower soaking wet and stark naked and he eventually maneuvered himself to the bedside table, the table between the two beds and we had our two small guns on the table. we decided if we were going to go across country, we'd have a little protection. legal guns we're both licensed to carry -- >> you have a history of law enforcement, don't you? >> pardon me? >> you have a history in law enforcement? >> yes, i do. he was in the special forces and u.s. army. we're very comfortable with it you know. and -- but he didn't think that the gunman should see those two weapons there. so he stood in front of it and i brought my purse over and said well let's see what we can do
11:30 am
to help you, you know to the guy. let me look in here and see if there is anything that i can give you. i backed up and slipped one of the guns into the purse and happeneded handed it to chuck and said take a good look inside. is there anything that we can give to him? and he said yes, i do. and put his hand on the gun and then you know i went to the other side of the room to split the guy's attention and he was brandishing the gun at both of us. very agitated. he decided he wanted chuck's briefcase and we didn't really want to do that. and then he grabbed the briefcase and went over to where chuck was and opened fire. >> so the gunman opens fire. chuck opens fire. how many times was chuck hit? >> lots of rounds were exchanged. lots of rounds were exchanged. and all i can say is that soaking wet and with absolutely
11:31 am
no clothes on chuck outgunned a guy who had already drawn his pistol. it just had to be that way. it was pretty clear during the course of this encounter, he had done this before this guy, and that it wouldn't bother him at all to pull the trigger. he got ready to get rid of the witnesses and we decided that wasn't going to happen. >> lynne, my goodness this gunman was killed. you were at the police department just quickly what conversation did you have with the police? this is self-defense, i imagine. >> well they still had some questions for me and i answered them and they haven't -- they are not publicly identifying this person and they didn't tell me either. so it was kind of an exchange of information but it was mostly just from my side to them to clarify some things from before. and that's it. it's really you know frustrating. it's my personal opinion, not theirs. i don't know.
11:32 am
maybe it is theirs. but i think that something like that doesn't happen with just one guy. i think there must have been somebody else somewhere there. i just feel it. i really do. so -- >> as you mentioned -- >> you all be careful now, you hear? >> we will. and listen give chuck our best and thank you so much. lynne russell, for picking up the phone during what i imagine is a very trying time. lynne russell, thank you. all right. this just in to cnn, news of another democratic candidate for president throwing his hat into the ring. let's go live to washington to our senior political reporter nia-malika henderson. who is it? >> jim witt former senator, announced he is in this thing. he posted a lengthy note to his website as well. jim witt 2016 says he knows he
11:33 am
has long odds but wants to draw attention to the foreign policy and domestic issues. he, of course has a history in the military. he won in 2016 in virginia by the slimmest of margins in that senate race there. didn't run again in 2012. he doesn't really like politics he's said. it will be interesting to see what lane he tries to carve out. we have hillary clinton in this chase, lincoln chafee martin o'malley as well. where does jim fit? that's going to be on folks' minds as he has officially made this announcement that he's running. >> bernie sanders officially drew 10,000 last night. nia-malika henderson, thank you so much. >> thank you. next, we'll take you to the hiding spot where richard matt spent time in the woods in
11:34 am
upstate new york where he slept. it was almost visible from the road. do not miss our correspondent gary tuchman's report from inside. >> i don't even know if this door has been opened since this all happened. let's take a look. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam.
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a reversal from the family of the escaped killer who led police on a three-week manhunt, cnn has now learned that richard matt's body is being turned over to his family after previously saying they would not come forward and claim it. matt's partner in crime here in this escape david sweat, revealed this to the police. the two split after arguing about matt's drinking and matt being out of shape. we are learning that matt was shot dead after aiming a 28-shotgun at the officer. we're taking you inside richard
11:39 am
matt's final hiding spot. >> reporter: this is a road that had regular police patrols during the three-week-long manhunt. richard matt and david sweat spent a lot of time in the wilderness but we know on the last day of matt's life, he was not in the wilderness. he was very close to hundreds of motorists here on highway state 30. this is where he spent the last day before he was killed. this trailer, which is only about 100 feet from this road. but it can't be seen from the road although the road can be seen from the trailer. it's been abandoned for years. a state inspection sticker on the window is from 1998. inside it's delapitated and smelly broken benches and a sink full of insects. silverware still sitting in a mason jar, a tea pot still on the stove. all in all, a very disgusting scene. >> i don't even know if this
11:40 am
door has been opened since it all happened. let's take a look. nothing. but there are a couple blankets in here. >> reporter: upon closer examination, there are sleeping bags and on the side of the closet a bunch of newspapers from 1994. right across the street from this trailer lives john shodat. >> to my knowledge, he had been staying there a few days and on the day after his birthday on friday he decided apparently to shoot at a passing camper probably to slow them down and maybe come maybe take it over but they kept driving. >> reporter: the camper was hit by what appeared to be a gunshot and authorities had a big clue. ultimately they headed in the direction of the trailer. by that point, matt had already headed back into the woods. he made a fatal mistake when he
11:41 am
coughed, tipping police off to where he was hiding. this is where police found richard matt and shot and killed him, about a five-minute walk from the trailer. and this was his final hiding place. only 200 feet from the people traveling on route 30. gary tuchman, cnn, malone new york. next here on cnn, with ten shark attacks all on the east coast in the matter of a few weeks, what are officials doing to make them safe? next investigators know what the pilot of the plane said moments before the crash. we now know the pilot could give huge huge insight into what happened. no artificial flavors, colors sweeteners preservatives, and no artificial smiles. because clean dressings, taste better. panera. food as it should be.
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just days before the fourth of july holiday weekend, perhaps many of you will be headed to the beach.
11:46 am
there has been yet another shark attack. the latest happening just yesterday on north carolina's outer banks on okracoke island. there have been ten. look at them on your screen here. ten so far off the carolinas. dan able a professor of marine science is joining me. welcome to both of you. alina machado is joining me. since you are there on the beach, the victim was bit multiple times t was a 6-foot long shark. will that beach be closing for the weekend or no? >> reporter: no we have not heard about any beach closures along the north carolina or south carolina or even the florida coasts. authorities feel that they are isolated incidents and they don't typically close beaches for shark bites, shark attacks in this area unless there's a
11:47 am
reason for it if they feel like there's an area that is of particular concern. so far, brooke they have not said that. >> dan, to you. let's bring the graphic back up marty, along the coastline. because when you look into average both north and south carolina they get about six attacks per year. thus far here there have been ten. why do you think this is happening, dan? >> well first, thanks for having me on. always a pleasure to talk about these magnificent beasts. there's a food web going on off our shores. ten bites is a little bit high-normal for the season. it's lots of bait in the water, shark food in the water. they are supposed to be there this time of year. there may be a few more if you talk to some of the surfers and occasionally they mistake people for something that they are trying to eat. the water is very murky. they don't see very well in that murky water.
11:48 am
>> you say the fish web. >> a food web. >> food web. why would there be more in the water now than any other given time? >> well there may not be. there's always a lot of bait in the water. but fish -- the water is a little bit warmer than it typically is at this time. sometimes oceangraphic conditions bring nutrients up and more animals come to feed on them. it's not definite that there are more sharks out there but it appears talking to people that apparently there are. >> knowing that it's summer time and there's more swimmers so maybe the probability in that regard would be higher. talk to us about shark behaviors. we were reporting on these recent attacks and it sounds like the swimmers haven't been that far out in the ocean. is it typical that sharks come that close in on the coastline? >> it is typical. we see sharks in water that is basically calf deep. they will chase food near shore
11:49 am
occasionally and, you know i've seen unsuspecting bathers within feet of a black tip shark that swims harmlessly by them. >> alina, i'm sure you spent your day at the boech but are you talking to swimmers? do they care? >> yeah. i mean people know that the shark bites happen but just from talking to people here -- i'm going to move out of the way just so you can see. there are people in the water. if you look over there, just straight down there, you can see people swimming and somebody even beyond the waves over there a little deeper. people say they know that these bites happened. these shark attacks happened. but they are not fearful. they are saying, if anything they are just a little more aware. >> dan, last question to you. alina was making the point that rarely do you shut a beach down. at what point do you think they should say no swimming?
11:50 am
>> it's a good question. it's way beyond my pay grade. i don't have to make those types of decisions. but shark attacks are still low likelihood events. you're more likely to get melanoma from the sun at the beach or be hit by a jet ski or get some sort of an infection in the water column and yet we still go in the water. more people are getting injured b car crashes and yet we still drive. so i don't know there are some experts who are calling for beaches to be shut down. that's a public policy decision that mayors and city council needs to make. >> perspective. i hear both of you. dan abel and elenaalina machado, thank you very much. do you remember this video? that plane toppling into the water? we're hearing what the pilot said moments before the crash. also the fbi and department
11:51 am
of homeland security are calling for vigilance as we head into this fourth of july weekend and definitely a scare at the navy yard this morning in d.c. we'll be right back. who discovered always discreet underwear for sensitive bladders. it makes me feel secure, confident. i feel protected. i mean i feel comfortable to move in them they move with me. i love always discreet underwear because of the fit. the fabric is very soft. i can wear whatever i want to wear. always discreet has made me a very happy woman. join over 500,000 women who've discovered always discreet underwear. for more stories and your free sample go to always so bladder leaks can feel like no big deal. listen up... i'm reworking the menu. mayo, corn dogs... you are so out of here! ahh... the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein... and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in.
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of quality life and quality products. and we're just getting started. gnc. the golds may look like a typical family but look closely. 7-year-old edie can't walk or talk or do anything that a girl her age should be doing. she has a deficit and it's a relatively rare genetic disorder but it's more common among jews. her development stopped at 18 months. doctors say she will be blind by
11:56 am
12 and probably die before adulthood. they had been properly screened before diseases. >> randy's doctor tested him for a total of two diseases and i tested for eight diseases. none of our doctors tested us for ml-4. >> reporter: the couple started an online education and screening program for genetic diseases that are common. genetic counselor delivers the results over the phone. >> the mission is to provide information on how to have healthy children of their own. >> reporter: just like the golds who added another daughter to their family. >> eden is here for a purpose. she saves lives every day. now to this. chilling details about the deadly plane crash in taiwan.
11:57 am
this is a plane clipping a bridge. remember the taxi riding along before going down into the river down below? 43 people died in that crash in february. eight seconds before the plane hit the bridge the pilot said, "wow pulled back the wrong side throttle." as a pilot, explain to me les abend, you have two throttles. how do you pull the wrong one? >> that is a great question. this is a training process that we go through that is just ingrained with us. every recurrent training we deal with an engine failure and that's what they had because that was the eenunciation that they had on the panel. >> what do you mean? >> it said right engine failure. the propeller feathered itself
11:58 am
into the wind which make it is more aerodynamic. the plane was taking care of the problem. the problem the crew had is they didn't recognize what engine failed. the captain mistook the wrong engine and what he did, as part of the procedure, you identify that particular throttle and confirm and that's what they didn't do. said confirm -- the co-pilot should have looked over and said that's the correct throttle. instead, they pulled back the wrong one. now they had virtually no power. >> i have more. this is what we have on the timeline. the report says less than a minute after takeoff, a warning sound, flameout on engine two. and then the engine stalled. they don't notice their mistake until about a minute later and it's too late and 15 seconds later they crashed. to me if i'm in that plane, even if we're talking about minutes or seconds, that's a bit of time. >> they compounded their problem
11:59 am
by having the autopilot on for a period of time when the accident initially happened they had already connected the autopilot as part of their procedure. once the engine failure occurred then they disconnected the autopilot. now they have that. they've identified the wrong engine and now the air speed is slowing down to the point where the airplane does what we call an aerodynamic stall. and with no power, it's lucky, with the video that you're seeing that buildings weren't hit as opposed to the aqueduct that you see. >> and then the cab careens around the corner and they were okay other than the people on board. you talk about training. the captain failed a simulator check. particularly in responding to a flameout in a takeoff but he later passed. >> this is a basic part as i mentioned earlier, of your training process. it should be what we call muscle memory. >> yeah. >> and the important thing is
12:00 pm
don't rush. you take your time with everything and you confirm with the other individual what's happened. >> okay. les abend, thank you very much. now this. top of the hour i'm brooke baldwin. you're watching cnn. we're beginning with breaking news we're getting, the first impact of terror attacks on this fourth of july holiday, this british air base used by u.s. forces is canceling its independence day events over security fears. that is coming from the chief public affairs of the 48 fighter wing who says the decision followed a meeting and was, quote, based on the current threat assessment. that was in england. and then we have of course, what happened this morning, frightening moments in washington, d.c.. this was the scene outside of the naval yard this massive show of law enforcement force turned out to be thank goodness a false alarm. but it played out real concerns that a