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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  July 2, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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finally in my 20 seconds, is your phone ringing off the hook? >> not yet. i have seen some tweets a lot of text messages we'll see after this. >> okay. okay. ian coogan melissa clark, thank you so much. you started this you get the blame. i'm about to eat in guac "the lead" starts right now. \s. terror fears cancel a fourth of july celebration. i'm jake tapper this is "the lead." the national lead law enforcement across the nation on alert after a 911 call and washington, d.c. makes everyone expect the worst, now a british air basis used by u.s., cans also -- unleashing their own fireworks. are the nation and installations ready for a possible attack? also richard matt and david sweat survived on the run for three weeks. now new details about how close
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one of them came to gunning down a border patrol agent. plus police say he brutalized a family before killing them for money. prosecutors were even ready to present evidence but then court came to a sudden stop. we'll explain why. good afternoon. already on edge amid growing fears. at 7:29 this morning, a report of shots fired at the navy yard here in washington put the entire city in virtual lockdown. police and fbi a little went room to room searching for any sign of a gunman before giving the all-clear. yesterday another indication of just how concerned national security officials are about an isis launched or isis-inspired strike on the homeland. it comes as a british air base
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used by american troops cancels its july 4th celebration. let's get to jim scuitto. why the last-minute changes in plans? >> i'm told this order came from the u.s. air force in europe to this base specific to this billed, raf feltwell. you have a u.s. fighter wing of f-15s based there. we're told also by people at the base that they have regular threat working group, and this working group concluded based on the current threat assessment that it was wise to cancel the july 4th celebrations there. they said they want to put fro public safety first and is it -- it's not just threats to u.s. forces but the current threat picture in europe is arguably even worse than here. you have a much bigger pipeline of isis enthusiasting direct from syria, the middle east even going back years to pakistan. they're very concerned today. there's a subgroup concerned about u.s. targets in the uk
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serious enough that the u.s. air force in europe ordered these celebrations closed there. >> it's very upsetting, you would think a military base could defend itself. jim scuitto, thank you very much. now to pamela brown. the morning started with a report of a gunman at the navy yard facility here. in d.c. the city was in a rhetorical lockdown. what do we know about the initial call? >> we've learned, jake the initial call came from a woman inside the navy yard. people don't think it was a hoax but i think this outpouring of law enforcement reflects the sensitivity heading into the holiday weekend. within minutes of the first report of shots fired inside washington's naval yard parts of the nation's capital were thrown into panic.
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address hundreds of police swarmed the scene, blocking streets as helicopters hovered overhead. inside the same building where a gunman killed 12 two years ago, chaos. >> someone came up on the floor yelling to get out of the building, stay away from the calf nearia. >> for nearly three hours plead moved floor by floor, searching for a gunman clearing floors then lead seg stranded workers out with their hands up. across town the white house blocked streets and canceled tours. at the capitol, enhanced security. police gave the all year saying there was a lone 911 call reporting sounds of gunshots. >> we take every event serious, and our posture remains extremely high. >> while today's overwhelming response came in part because of the eerily from similarity to two years ago, also it was a
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result of fears throughout law enforcement. the possible of a july 4th terror attack coming after increased chatter by isis supporters online and calls by the terror group to strike in the west. police in washington new york and other major cities say they are already increasing security around holiday events. >> a phenomenon like isil unlike al qaeda of the old days there doesn't have to be and won't necessarily be a command and control relationship between somebody who inn gates an incident and isil as an organization organization. >> adding to today's fears, police in new jersey were investigating a bomb threat at a mosque. that turned out to be a hoax but at this time with the terror kirnsz law enforcement certainty don't want to take any chances. >> pamela brown, thank you. joining mess is former chairman of the house intelligence committee, mike
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rogers. also with is jim woolsey, former cia director. thank you both. i appreciate you being here. congressman, why are the warnings coming from law enforcement and the national security apparatus so much louder than we usually here? >> again, there's a whole series of things they'll check off in trying to make this assessment. they don't have anything clear and concrete. cautious good hysteria bad. what they were doing is err on the side of caution. they don't have anything specific. when you take that the call during ramadan by a significant player in isis that they will get extra bon us points if you will if you do a terrorist attack during ramadan, add that to the layer, and all the places and hot spots they check, and somebody in those meetings decided, hey, we just needing to extra cautious to get people to pay attention.
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again, cautious good hysteria not good. >> we're going to see a load of 6th of a more muscular visible presence dogs law enforcement officers radiation detectors, as a former director of cia wharks sort of thing will we not see, but will be necked. >> isis is sending out 90,000 tweets a day, back in the '80s, a piece was written about solidarity called the fax will make you free saying if they could communicate outside of what the soviets could see, they could make some changes, and social media changed, and a lot more people come into it it tends to affect what people do. i think one of the main things that is happening here is isis is so much into the social media, instead -- they don't need to get together they don't need to talk on the phone.
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they do sometimes, but what they are doing is using the social media to instruct people in terrorism, to radicalize them and it is as big a difference from what went before as the fax machine was for mailed newspapers. >> congressman, i want you to take a listen to this. it's john miller deputy commissioner of intelligence and counter-terrorism for the nypd. >> well you're looking for a needle in the haystack but the isis factor with social immediate makes that haystack just that much bigger. >>? june there were eight suspected isis-inspired jihadists arrested just in june. at the end of the day the public should probably be preparing itself for the fact that somebody is going to slip
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through the cracks it's northwest cybill. there is always the chance that they don't catch something or somebody becomes self-radicalized and does their lone wolf act or this operationalize one person. that's going to happen. now, remember if they're operational the day before fourth of july, they'll take that opportunity. if it's on the day they'll do it, or two months from now. in the prepareds in so that's why you have to be cautious about every holiday being a target but that doesn't mean they're operationally ready for those dates to actually pull off an attack. are you more concerned as
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somebody who used to be in charge -- are you personally more concerned about isis-inspired lone wolves in this country or an actual operational plan from al qaeda and the arabian peninsula -- >> the lone wolves are not very lonely. this is all a mass undertaking for isis. it has a caliphate, a small one, but they want it to be bigger. they have a country, and they can get people to come to it. they can get young women to country and marry the men who are going to be terrorists. it's a very different thing than just a terrorist group. it's much more dangerous, and i think we are not going to succeed in dealing with terrorism here until we take on hopefully with the kurds and some others we take on isis in that part of the world. >> so you think that we should have a more aggressive response to isis in the caliphate of syria and iraq? do you think we should have u.s.
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boots on the ground? >> i think we all to have local kurtish and other boots on the ground. we ought to send them weapons instead of having them through baghdad and all stolen from the kurds. i think mainly what we ought to do is forward air traffic controllers. we are flying sometimes hundreds and sometimes thousands of sorties a day in some of or earlier operation, such as in kosovo and at the beginning of the first gulf war. we're flying now sorties 10 12 16 and two thirds of them they won't drop their ordnance. it's ridiculous. so i think you really need to use airpower massively against the caliphate, together with local troops and we ought to have some advisers in there helping the local troops and helping guide them and teach them so forth. but we're not doing anything very effective in that part of
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the world at all. >> that's his response is there anything at home that law enforcement or intelligence should be doing they're not doing? >> no they're doing exactly what they're supposed to do. remember the points of concern have gone up. that means that there are more people actively engaged with isis in some way because of the social media primarily? middle eastern somebody has either contacted isis expressed an interest in isis or isis has compressed an interest in them. the problem is can we keep up? do we have the right amount of resources that allows us to keep up with this threat? that's why director woolsey is so right. if we don't start doing disruptive player where they plan finance and recruit and launch their propaganda campaigns, this is going to be a
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long war indeed and we're going to come out on the losing end of it. >> thank you both s. i hope ufz a safe and happy fourth of july. we finally know what caused the crash. there was more to it than just a stalled engine. that story is next. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift?
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time now for our money lead. what president obama says is just the latest sign that america's economy has recovered from the depths of 2008 because of the measures taken in 2009 when he took office. unployment is down again now at a seven-year low, 223,000 more people cashing paychecks in june. i want to get to michelle cosync
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can i at the white house. >> reporter: this is like a victory lap. on the one hand you always have the white house touting numbers, and some analysts say, what about wage stagnation? some of those people who may have stopped looking for a job? well is the american economy doing well or not? the answer is it is doing well. sure it could be better in some ways but doing well especially when you compare it to our countries overseas still grappling to recover. >> mid sell-class economics works. >> reporter: president obama today in wisconsin fired up over jobs another 223,000 at added in june unemployment at its lowest in seven years. add to that another sharp dig at republicans. >> i've lost count how many republicans are running for this job. they'll have enough for an actual hunger games. they keep on coming up with the
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same old trickle-jowl on your own economics that helped bring back the crisis in 2007 2008 in the first play. >> reporter: back in d.c. >> i got hired! >> reporter: ryan jackson from michigan just moved here to find better job prospects, found two in one day, at a restaurant and in retail. he accepted both. not his dream jobs but it's changed his life. >> it was about me my personal what these people thought i could bring to their companies, so it was an ego booster, a financial booster. >> reporter: the latest report on jobs show some healthy hiring, including a welcome up tick in demand and yet another drop in unemployment to 5.3% this is the longest stretch of priority sector job growth in u.s. history. 5.6 million jobs added in just the last two years. one lingering question though
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how much of that lower rate just comes from people giving up on a job entirely or simply baby-boomers retiring. participation in the work force is at the lower arest rate in almost 40 years. while wages remain largely stagnant but for those hired -- >> that's two jobs? one day. >> another good number to look at isunder employment. how about people who have jobs but not enough hours or vastly overqualified. that number is down and that's a good sign. the white house acknowledges there is more work to be done and to convince more states and city toss raise the minimum wage. just this week the whous without expanded overtime pay for some 5 million americans. >> michelle kosinski, thank you so much. the world lead. news today on what caused that passengers plane to turn sideways and crashed into a river.
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it's been five months since a car's cam caught this. 43 people died after the plane slammed into the water. today we learned the cockpit voice recorder revealed what likely went wrong. rene marschh. >> this captain made a fatal mistake. one engine failed in an effort to try to restart that engine he actually turned off the good engine for 46 seconds, causing the plane to lose power, and eventually tall. it took two minutes before the pilots noticed the mistakes. the words of the captain, quote -- wow, pulled back the wrong side throttle. by then jake it was just way too late. for a commercial pilot responsible for several lives of your passengers on board, it really is troubling to know this
1:22 pm
is the sort of mistake that was made in the cockpit. when you talk about losing an engine that's the sort of thing they train for, you know to become a pilot at least here in the united states they train in scenarios of losing one engine and being able to successfully recuperate. we see in this case lost an engine and did not know how to successfully recuperate. >> the report reveals this captain may not have been skilled? how to handle that specific problem. >> right. equally as troubling here. this captain apparently failed a simulator testing less than a year earlier, partly because he didn't master how to respond to an engine flameout at takeoff. he repeated the training session. he eventually passed however the instructors made some very interesting notes, critical comments about his abilities. one instructor saying quote,
1:23 pm
that the captain was prone to hesitation when facing situation that requires making a decision. another comments quote -- prone to nervous and -- to being nervous and may make oral errors during the engine start procedure. so again, you know talking about engine restarts when it comes to training many pilots will tell us they are the basics they learn here. so the fact he didn't know how to recover, troubling doesn't even sum up -- >> the effect they knew he had this problem and they still let him get on this plane. thank you so much rene. final minutes of richard matt. we're getting new details. plus senator bernie sanders eating after at hillary clinton's lead in the polls while bringing in big campaign cash. can he keep this momentum going? we got the new tempur-flex and it's got the spring and bounce of a traditional
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welcome back to jake tapper. the manhunt may be over but the
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details keep on coming. david swelled, the fugitive prison inmaid shot and wounded, continued to talk and talk to authorities about the breakout and his life on the run. jason carroll is in dannemora, new york outside of clinton correctional facility where they escaped last month. matt was shot and killed last friday. jason, you have new information how the showdown with richard matt would have been even bloodier? >> absolutely jake. according to federal authorities, that border patrol agent that came across david sweat, as you know ended up striking him twice, actually it was david sweat who raised his 20-gauge shotgun at that agent and pointed it at him. at that point the agent returned fire striking david sweat twice. david sweat picking up that shotgun among other items when he was out on the run. it's very clear the final moments of his capture could have been far worse, much more
1:29 pm
violent if not for the quick thinking of that agent. jake? >> sweat says that he had a few close calls with authorities when they were on the run. that's what you're referring to? >> reporter: absolutely. there were a few close calls that i think a lot of people aren't aware of. at one point when the two men were together. they were hiding in some kind of hunting cabin. they were so close they could -- and then after the two men had split up at one point david sweat was hiding in some sort of tree stand. he saw an officer walk right by him, stayed silent until the officer walked by. searchers at times felt they were very close, and now they realize just how close they were. >> thank you, jason care roll. a tragic scene. right now crews are looking for dozens of people missing after a
1:30 pm
ferry capsided it happen offend the cost of the philippine. three americans on board are among the survivors, but nearly 40 people were killed. the coast guard said the boat left the poured too quickly and people stood up which threw it off-balance. high winds added to the accident. divers are now using special equipment to surge under water. he is moving up in the polls while hillary clinton moves down as the money starts to pour in for him and his crowds get bigger. can bernie sanders actually take down the clinton juggernaut? that story is next. they make little hearts happy and big hearts happy too because as part of a heart healthy diet those delicious oats in cheerios can help lower cholesterol.
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welcome back to "the lead." nearly 10,000 democrats in madison, wisconsin, screaming and shout fog their candidate, but this beatles-like welcome was not for the person you might
1:35 pm
thing. they were not chanting acquisition hillary." they were there for bernie sanders. no he's not the fab four but he says he wants a revolution. he's putting butts in the seats and money in the bank. let's bring in brianna keilar. hi supporters say feel the "bern. =. >> you get the point here. this might not be enough to beat area a la senator obama in 2008 but it tells you a lot of democratic voters want another option. hillary clinton is raising big money, but bernie sanders is raising the roof. >> in case you haven't noticed, there's a lot of people here. >> almost 10,000 people flocking to his event in the liberal stronghold of madison,
1:36 pm
wisconsin. >> tonight we have more people at a meeting for a candidate for president of the united states than any other candidate has had in 2016. >> his straight-talking pop you litch making this self-described socialist the progressive at tilt to hillary clinton. >> i feel more of a personal connection than i ever did with any other candidate. hi fits well with my philosophy and morals. >> the big crowds challenged the juggernaut of hillary clinton, whose events have mostly been stage managed roundtables and smaller speeches. enthusiasm for sanders in places like wisconsin and minnesota, is helping build support in states that drive the nomination process. in iowa sanders jumped from 5% support in february for 15 in maybe, all the way to a respectable 33%, shrinking clinton's leadly 26 points. in new hampshire,s wild-haired
1:37 pm
senator from neighboring vermont has closed the gap to just eight points in the latest cnn/orcp poll his campaign bringing comparisons to howard deal's 2004 effort. but line dean sanders faces long odds. clinton crushes him in national polls by more than 40 points. her campaign announced a record-breaking fund-raising haul for her first quarter in the race. to sanders $15 million. >> they may have the money, but we have the people, and whenned miami stand together we can win! >> we can win. that is still very much debatable, bernie sanders, or those who support him, can certainly shape this race, pulling hillary clinton to the left. >> brianna, we should point out another democrat joined the race today, trying to knock secretary clinton off her casual stroll to the nomination.
1:38 pm
>> that's right, former senator from virginia jim webb. he's sort of seen as someone who is maybe trying to target white working-class voters the set hillary clinton would have been going for in 2007-2008. at this point you have hillary clinton, joe biden, and bernie sanders registers. when you look specifically at jim webb say, versus martin o'malley he's not really raising money, he hasn't put much of this into infrastructure so it's kind of -- you wonder how serious he really is about tackling this at this point. >> we'll see. brianna keilar thank you so much. make sure to catch my state of the union sit-down with bernie sanders this sunday at 9:00 a.m. and noon eastern. i'll also sit down with republican presidential candidate former governor mike huckabee. don't miss it. jim webb entered the race
1:39 pm
not with a splash but he did acknowledge the long odds and low poll numbers that make him unlikely. but some democratic heavies think 2016 is the exact right time for some fresh blood. joining me now former democratic senator and presidential candidate gary hart out with a new book. so good to see you. >> my pleasure. >> the thesis of your book is if our founding fathers, who we are all thinks about a lot, if they were alive today, they would not recognize this nation and i write, quote, among many other fears they had about concentrated wealth power and control of government was the perpetuation of small numbers of families. it is the nature of interests to protect themselves and what better way to do so than to negotiate confers ant ankts with a few political miami to maintain political officer. that's certainly an interesting
1:40 pm
observation. >> it must be pointed out that was a written a year ago. >> no of course fair enough. >> it wasn't written yesterday, but a little prescient. >> i know you are supporting your former campaign aide martin o'malley who went on to become mayor of baltimore, governor of maryland. why do you like him? >> i like him, because he supported me. >> that's a good honest reason. >> that's pretty simple. on his behave and by the way, support in my case because i'm not wealthy, does not include money or regular involvement in the campaign. i've talked to him off and on about international policy and national security and i will continue to do so but the parallel between this race and the one i waged many years ago is the need for a generational change and fresh blood in
1:41 pm
leadership and fresh ideas, and we can't keep recycling, again, more or less the same candidates in the same families. i think it is time for this country to have a generational change of leadership and he has put himself forward. i think he deserves to be heard. >> you have an interesting point of view because you have been both an antiestablishment questioner ofs national security military industrial complex, yesterday served on gnat security advisory boards for the state department and defense departments. when you hear about fbi alerts for isis and department of homeland security alert for potential terrorist attacks, how would serious do you take those, given your history as both a skeptic of this national security system and also in some ways a part of it? >> no no i take the warning seriously. in both those capacities at defense and state, i have
1:42 pm
maintained a high level of classification so i know pretty much what to truth and not. i don't thinker security agencies are in the business of misleading the american public. you can only cry wolf so often, and then people quit paying attention. i think when we receive alerts and there are warnings about you fourth of july those are based on real evidence. >> the book is "the republic of conscience" a lot of good food for thought. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. the prosecution ready to reveal new information about the killing, but the surprise in court this afternoon brought the hearing to a halt. one expert is calling a multiple storm, multiple shark attacks off the north carolina coast. why? that's ahead. . and now i take a long-acting insulin at night.
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1:47 pm
family. if there were graphic details from court documents that reveal the father was found strangled, beaten and burned. the young son apparently suffered trauma to the back of his head. tom, what happened at the courthouse? why bigger question is why is darren wint the only person who has been arrested? >> reporter: that is an excellent question. what happened today ended up being a procedural matter. we thought we would hear the initial layout of the case here as it was, he simply send the of changes attorneys, but there was a real hint that what wint was going to suggest is he was surprised by anyone else by these savage killings. at least that's what we heard
1:48 pm
from his former attorney. wint came to court in handcuffs and shackles only to immediately break free of his legal team. >> he was cooperative and forthcoming. dropping him for a public defenders over what happens to be a difference of opinion on how to fight the charges. outside the court, hanover is remained eager to defend his client even though they have dna, a footprint litching wint to the -- >> he was heartbroken as everybody else and i can assure you that he never wanted anyone to be harmed. >> reporter: but the case against wint goes beyond the scene. he was known as a troublemaker when hi worked for savopoulos years ago. his green card was already in jeopardy when he was arrested for receiving stolen property. still, the crime was
1:49 pm
complicated, and investigators suggest wint had to have help. sources tell cnn please are investigating wint's brother and a cousin who also work for savopoulos and was also fired, threatening to burn the business in retaliation. so far, no one else has been charged. >> that part is concerning because certainly by now they've had enough time to do lab examinations to get records that typically in this case would be phone records that may put others in proximity to the crime scene, to try to live fingerprints get other dna from the scene. the question is does that exist? >> he's not a violent guy. >> reporter: it could all play into the case his former client, he says, was set up. >> he's suggesting that he might have been set up by some of
1:50 pm
necessary other unknown, unnamed accomplices. >> that's the question though right? if orders are involved as alleged by wint and also law enforcement, is wint naming any of them? >> reporter: well so far there's no indication he's naming anyone if this is the case but that would not by that unusual. what we have seen so far is proposal. as a practical matter if wint is going to cut a deal he would want the whole team settled, until the charges were settled and they could actually make an negotiation, if i hand over these other names, what do i get in return? it seems like they're getting everything wlind up and then if this really is his defense, yeah you could probably expect he would hand over other fame. let's go back to the national lead. law enforcement across the country on a terror alert. wolf blitzer is here with a preview of "the situation room", which is on in just ten minutes. you'll be talking to james langeford? >> a key member of the
1:51 pm
intelligence committee. he's been well briefed. as you know, a lot of public officials they have raised concerns. i'm trying to get a better sense right now on what is going on especially the jitteriness we saw here this morning in washington that turned out to be fortunately, nothing, but you saw hundreds of law enforcement swoop down on that navy yard. we're going to try to get more information on what's going on. >> i have asked officials about the skeptics out there who say there have been dozens of thinks alerts over the years, and they never come to fruition. everyone shoots me down but there still is no credible threat about this weekend? >> supposedly but they did get nervous, i suspect, because of what happened last week on three
1:52 pm
continents overseas in tunisia, kuwait and in france. isis sympathizers lone wolves as they're called supposedly they killed a lot of people. when that happens and they see people inspired by social media they get nervous over here. >> thank you, wolf. two months ten shark attacks. what is going on along the carolina coast? we're getting answers from the experts, coming up next.
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welcome back to "the lead." shark attacks remain a serious concern on the carolina coasts. ten attacks this years, seven in north carolina three in south carolina the number and frequency of those attacks are
1:57 pm
quite unusual. why is it happens now? why there? jennifer grey is in wrightsville beach. it's a big beach weekend. what are authorities telling people in terms of safety? >> you know they're not closing the beaches. they have no intention to. in fact the park service says it's out of their hands. they oversee the beaches, but only to the shoreline. a bit more crowded as we go into the weekend. they're telling people to swim at their own risk. another shoork attack in the waters off north carolina has beach-goers on alert, and with ten attacks here along the carolina coast, in less than two months the fears aren't easing up. hashes are like any other wild animals, always looking for food. that's why sometimes they mistake humans for food. the uptick in bites is alarming. experts are trying to sort out what's going on. neil hammerslag has been
1:58 pm
studying and tagging shark foss 15 years. he says this is time of many of his tagged sharks are near increasing in. >> also of the sharks we tag in miami and there now, but we think they're there to feast on loggerhead turtles. >> you can see it right off the coast of the outer banks, but says a renal for an uptick of sharks could be for from a number of factors. >> if there's a bunch of small fish that's coming in shore or aggregating or following nutrients, certainly big sharks can be following, have them enter acting with people more. >> reporter: shark bites are still trimly rare because sharks aren't necessarily swimming around looking for you. >> sharks are not the huge killers. when you look at the number of people who are actually injured
1:59 pm
by sharks every year compared to the number of people who are injured by deer or even toasters the number is very low. >> the fact that bites are so rare and the fact though they're nonfatal just shows that humans aren't on the menu. >> reporter: but with warmer weather bringing more people to the oceans experts caution, always be aware of your surroundings. >> the shark bites you see are due to murky waters mistaken identity, laying on top of surfboards humans often look like seals, one of key items on a shark's menu. >> you see that right there, that fishing rod, if you see someone fishing, do not go swimming around a fisherman. they're using bait. a lot of these fishermen are fishing for sharks so stay away from that. stay away from structures. don't go swimming an piers, docks, people fishing off piers,
2:00 pm
that's also a bad place to see. i've spent a lot of times in the water with sharks whenever you see one, don't start splashing around just be very still. they're not there to eat you. >> jennifer a couple kids with boogie board were going where that fisherman's pole is. that's it for "the lead." wolf blitzer and "the situation room" right now. \s overwhelming response dozens of emergency vehicles answer a single call of a gunshot. just how jittery authorities are over possible threats over the holiday. how real is the danger? perpetual war, the nation's top military commander warns as the world faces growing terrorism and chaos, america can look forward to constant combat against isis and al qaeda, or even russia or china. is this the new norm?