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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  July 3, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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. well that's it for us. happy fourth of july to everybody. time for "newsroom" with poppy harlow in for carol costello. >> hey, guys. happy fourth. i will be working this weekend. please don't spend your weekend doing that but everyone else can. thanks, guys. have a great fourth. >> you too. >> happening now on the "newsroom," authorities bracing for the holiday weekend, beefing up security over terror fears. we have the details on what is being done right now. also i always promised i would see you on the outside. those are the words from killer richard matt that he reportedly
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sent to his daughter before he broke out of brizprison. also it is not just democrats jumping on trump, more republicans ripping him for his controversial comments about mexican people. how will this impact the party? let's talk in the cnn "newsroom." good morning everyone. happy friday. poppy harlow in for my friend carol costello. this morning we begin with this millions of americans are waking up to a long holiday weekend. but they know there will be no rest for the nation's law enforcement. iconic landmarks in new york and washington, first responders are on alert. the possibility of a home grown attack potentially inspired by isis hangs like a cloud over this year's fourth of july celebration. the concerns even rippling overseas. a british air base in eastern
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england cancelling its fourth of july festivities. obviously you look at new york city penn station, all the people heading out of town. i assume you've got a lot of police in uniform and also plain clothed officers there. >> yes. a heavy law enforcement presence here at penn station. tens of millions of americans set to travel this weekend. places like penn station are getting extra attention for law enforcement. they're aiming to make sure that everyone has a safe and secure fourth of july. >> they're reaching out on social media, telling people it's a holiday, we ought to kill people. >> reporter: police and fbi on heightened alert as nearly 42 million people will travel this holiday weekend, according to triple a, the most in eight years. this amid social media chatter by isis supporters and calls by
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the terror group to strike in the west. >> i don't think they're capable of a large scale attack but certainly an attack which could kill maim or wound hundreds of people. >> police departments in philadelphia boston and atlanta tightening up security measures. >> we're constantly seeking to be creative, proactive. the name of the game is to prevent it. >> at the washington mall they're preparing for all possibilities. new york city taking the greatest security medicinesesasures in years. the city swept for explosives even out at sea where hundreds of boaters will be watching the fireworks. spotters will be inside the crowds and 100 mobile cameras will capture the activities on land and in the air. >> there's no credible threat but our operating premise is that we are the target in new york city all the time. >> reporter: on thursday within minutes of the first report of shots fired inside washington's
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naval yard the entire complex was locked down as hundreds of police, swat teams and federal investigators swarmed the scene, blocking streets as helicopters hovered overhead. the threat a false alarm. but it reveals that law enforcement is at the ready this holiday weekend. >> bring your family have a great time. you're going to be at the most well secured event in the city. >> reporter: and already this weekend in fayetteville north carolina, a man arrested at a mall for carrying around an ar-15 rifle and ammunition. this clearly will be a busy weekend for law enforcement. >> it absolutely will. but they have been training and training for my threat ging for any threat that may occur. law enforcement is taking these
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terror concerns -- that scare earlier this week at the navy yard turned into a swift huge security response. police and secret service shooed tourists out of the area. some described yesterday's response as a valuable dress rehearsal just in case. what are they talking about today? obviously they've got the most security there. any concerns? >> reporter: no fresh concerns today, upon pi. today. we know that hundreds of thousands are coming to d.c. to watch the fireworks displays. we do know that d.c. police have boosted their security in both seen and unseen ways. i think that was a big indication yesterday of their quick and huge response to the potential shooting at the u.s. navy yard. within minutes that building had been evacuated, hundreds of
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police on the scene boosting security at the capitol and here at the white house. pennsylvania avenue in front of the white house being evacuated. white house tours even called off for the day. the d.c. police chief said that's an example of how this massive response is preparing and she says that means they're ready in case something happens tomorrow. >> we're aware of the discussion and chatter around the fourth of july event and all the threats. and we take those into account. we change our tactics up for different events but we never lower our posture. >> reporter: all this comes at a time when there has been a change in security at the white house. just this week the secret service installed the new spikes on the top of the white house fence to deter any white house jumpers that's been a constant problem here at white house. >> let's talk more about this and get some analysis.
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when you talk about the threat this all fits together. isis's online propaganda make the threat even more real than ever. >> this may be potentially the most complex counter terrorism overlay for this event ever. again that is not driven by any informing or particular threat as much as it's driven by the unfolding world events. >> let's talk about it with former counter terrorism official with the cnn, also now cia counter terrorism analyst. i want to have you hear what he said on cbs this week. listen. >> i wouldn't be surprised if we're sitting here a week from today talking about an attack over the weekend in the united states. that's how serious this is. >> that's the former deputy director of the cia. you say that is way overblown. >> i understand why he's saying
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this. i disagree with him. we faced an adversary in the first decade of this that we didn't understand. in 2002-2003 we had a major airline plot in 2006. that's why you can't bring liquids on airplanes anymore. they were plotted by the organization that had been the architect of 9/11. people are saying we see an adversary we don't understand this recruiting by social media, these attacks that independent and therefore we think the risk is higher. >> you say we see an adversary that we don't understand that has carried out or attempted to carry out some of these smaller scale attacks but still significant like in garland texas, right? why is that more dangerous? >> a couple of reasons. when they first faced al qaeda
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they spent years -- now we have isis that we focus on because of isolated attacks here in america and europe as well. i'd say 95% plus of the energy isis spends is not on terror attacks. they just worry about territory. they don't sit there and try to figure out how to take down four airliners like we saw on 9/11. i hated phones on holidays like this. but at the same time i think we have to step back and say we've had some success against them and they have not been terrifically successful in the unite except for recruiting. >> we've had fbi, counter terrorism, all jointly issuing this warning about the fourth of july holiday. this isn't all pegs on one attack.
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you'reve talked about going black and this issue of encryption overseas. how does that complicate the mission of all of law enforcement especially this weekend? >> there's a couple of complications that i think are significant. one you just mentioned, going black. that is the terrorism business and counter terrorism business is cat and mouse. the cat usually catches the mouse but the mouse learns overtime. the enkripgscryption the fbi is talking about makes the job a lot tougher. the other thing is crowd sourcing by isis. al qaeda would never have done this. >> it's stunning. they're trying to get people to raise money online. >> correct. al qaeda would have said we've got three guys we never never going to reanything. isis isis says we're going to send
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out tweets. we don't care if the other 99% get caught. >> you're running nypd. you're running police in boston ahead of these big sell braces. what are you doing in the final 24 hours? >> you're following a bunch of cases. i assume they're looking at dozen of cases. one of the reasons you change activity around july 4th is stepping back and say rg there any of those rewant to disrupt preemptively. are there any of those you want to move prematurely on. the other questions you might have would be do we have to watch some people more than we might otherwise watch. then you've got to do the dirty admin work. they're not going to spend time with their family this is weekend because they're going to be watching these intelligence feed coming in. >> they're more willing to make
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aggressive arrests with less information and be wrong on the back end. >> you can't sit on them like we used to sit on them ten years ago. coming up next wait until you hear this the message an escaped killer sent to his daughter days before he broke out of prison. when heartburn comes creeping up on you... fight back with relief so smooth...'s fast. tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue ...and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum, tum tum tum...♪ smoothies! only from tums. ♪ ♪virgin islands nice♪ ♪so nice♪ ♪so nice, so nice♪ book five nights today and get one free. plus $350 towards shopping dining or other fun activities. now that's virgin islands nice.
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. we've new details this morning about the new york prison escape including a letter and a promise made by now dead escapee richard matt to his daughter. according to the buffalo news matt reached out to his daughter before the prison break vowing to, quote, see you on the outside. jean quite a revelation here especially given the timing of this letter that he apparently sent. >> reporter: that's right. the buffalo news is reporting through an unnamed law enforcement source that the daughter of richard matt
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received this letter on june 9th. so that would have been after the breakout. but it was sent before the breakout. he says i always promised you i would see you on the outside. i'm a man of my word. well according to the buffalo news she immediately took that letter to law enforcement. she did not know anything about the breakout at all. she actually received security while her father was on the loose. but that is the information. and we also looked baa the ded into the protocol of the prisons in new york. they do not search outgoing mail unless the superintendent with written authorization believes there is a security risk and there is information in one of those correspondences that they need to know. obviously that is the protocol out going mail not searched. but we're also learning a bit
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more about the last few hours of richard matt's life. it was one week ago this afternoon. we've got pictures of a trailer that was abandoned. the registration says 1998. this was the trailer that richard matt was in when those shots were heard. this is the trailer so close to the road that she shot -- he shot out of with that 20 gauge shotgun. it was after that that the tactical unit of customs and border patrol flew in and started doing that ground search. when they approached matt and asked him to vendsurrender he picked up the shotgun and aimed it at law enforcement. they then shot three times and killed him. >> i know there's been a shake-up at this prison 12 people either taken out of their
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position or put on leave. have we learned anything about the prison system across the state of new york and bigger changes that may be implemented in the wake of this? >> reporter: the prison behind me they got a brand new superintendent this week that was the first deputy superintendent at elmira correctional facility. others of the executive staff are being switched out. and nine of the security gart detail -- guard detail correction officers and not correction officers, there were watch guards that weren't normally on that shift that night were part of those that are were dismissed and a female officer that was just transferred to clinton correctional. they believe they were targeted. they believe they were just singled out. they had nothing to do with the escape.
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and they were the scapegoats you could say. >> jean i know we're learning a little bit more about what's happening to richard matt's body. what is that? >> reporter: i just got off the phone with the funeral home nearbynear buffalo new york. they confirmed they had the body. they always said that the schedule shows there would be no public or private services for him. but originally the family was not going to claim his body. it would be a county burial right here in the area. but then that turned at the last minute and his body was transported up to buffalo where he originally is from. >> jean casarez on the story throughout for us. thank you, jean. appreciate it. let's talk more about this investigation and bigger changes that may happen. ed davis is with me the former commissioner of the boston police department. thank you for being with me sir. >> good morning, poppy.
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>> let's talk about what jean just said. it's policy in new york state prisons that they do not search outgoing mail unless the superintendent of the prison deems whoever it's coming from to be a security risk. richard matt killed two people escaped from prison previously. writes a letter to his daughter days before his escape saying i will see you on the outside. is that mail that should have been searched? >> certainly in looking back you find these problems. clearly if someone had seen that it could have changed this whole scenario. one of the problems that we have is there is a fire hose of information coming out of these institutions. we've worked with the internal physical security people here in the prisons and jailed in massachusetts. they're usually very good and up on what's happening. but when you have hundreds and thousands of prisoners in an institution, just the volume of data coming out of there is very difficult to manage. >> do you think a poels change
6:22 am
is -- policy change is warranted given what we have in terms of searching the outgoing mail? it's not to say it could have stopped something, but it could have at least been an end. >> there noo's no question we need to change politician here. you find that these issues are a result of bad management. so someone has dropped the ball here. when you have things being smuggled into the prison when you have prison guards having sex with inmates, there's clearly a break down in supervision supervision. a lot of times those things stem from cuts in funding that have happened over the recession. >> i interviewed eded governor cuomo on sunday right before they captured david sweat and asked him about the budget cuts. he said look there's really no indication at this prison.
6:23 am
the budget cuts have affected one position. just to be clear in this situation. let's talk about the honor block and the fact that these guys were on the honor block, richard matt who has killed two people. should privileges like that where they have a lot more loose access to things more interaction with guards -- should prison access be suffered to less people frankly, that are in these prisons? >> frankly, i think that's something you have to look very closely at. that's a really important point you've brought up. you have to look at the conduct of the individual when they're outside. once they get sentenced and they're inside they're in a whole new society and they begin to play people and to con them. if what they did was so serious that they should be kept in a certain high security area then that's the way it's got to be. >> let me ask you before i let you go since you did run one of the biggest police departments
6:24 am
in this nation. security prep ahead of the fourth of july holiday. we know this nation is on high alert. walk us through what the police are doing right now ahead of the beautiful boston pops celebration you guys always have. >> sure. they're scrubbing all of the data. it's troubling there have been eight arrests in three separate cities in the last month. so there are individual out there that want to harm us. and they're taking that to heart. there will be significant security at the boston pops. i'll be there myself with my family. looking forward to it. but we all have to be vigilant in this day and age. >> have a great time. ed davis, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> still to come here forget shark week. seriously, are we lacking at shark year? a number of attacks, especially in north carolina. should we expect them to keep oncoming?
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. welcome back. i'm poppy harlow in today for carol costello. a scary incident for shoppers at a mall in fayetteville north carolina. a man carrying a rifle walked through a mall there. the man is under arrest and an investigation is underway. in eastern tennessee thousands of people who were evacuated from their homes may get the all clear to return to their homes after a freight train caught fire and derailed there. the train was carrying a chemical compound used to make plastic. and the flames released toxic fume into the air.
6:30 am
a powerful earthquake has killed people in western china. it damaged homes there walls cracked at a fire department right there. and the backlash against donald trump for his comments on mexico and immigrants continues to grow not just with retailers but also with his fellow republicans. rick perry becoming the latest to condemn the remarks, calling them quote, a huge error and adding that trump's views do not reflect the views of the party. perry speaking just one day after george pathe cnn correspondent jeff zel . is it okay to give him the air time and take it away from other issues or ignore him?
6:31 am
>> i feel like the longer it's gone on the riskier it is for republicans to ignore it. i think they hoped that trump's can candidacy would implode. i think we saw with rick perry yesterday they've clearl decided it would be riskier to ignore these comments. rick perry started off saying these comments don't reflect the republican party. as the day went on he grew sharper in his judgment of donald trump saying this was a huge error. i expect we'll see more of that as republicans as they're called onto address these remarks from donald trump. >> isincumbent on the
6:32 am
democrats? >> if you're a democrat why should you sort of join into this internal firing squad that really is going on inside the republican party? i mean sarah's right, this is a really interesting moment for these republican presidential candidates too. perhaps have leadership moment and step up and say what donald trump is saying is not what the party should be saying. we're seeing more and more of that. some are being more sort of bold and brash about this than others. lindsey graham campaigning across iowa this week -- he is the republican from south carolina who has been a long proponent of immigration reform he's saying these comment versus no place in the republican party. i think for now hthis is largely a republican matter and democrats are not going to weigh in on this but they're certainly enjoying this from the outside because they believe it's going to hurt the republican party in the end. >> and we've seen how much of a
6:33 am
push there was after romney lost. and we eelg'll talk about that more in the show later. but to really galli do want to turn our attention to scott walker. on july 13th is when he is expected to officially jump in the race. it's interesting because he was really soaring high in the polls last week. some have said his brand is potentially a little more tarnished. he's out of the top five in a recent cnn poll. >> well i would say a lot of this comes from announcing that you are an official candidate for president. that maenseans he can go out there and campaign. he can be out in iowa as much as he feels like he needs to be. the other thing i would say is there's really not a lot of
6:34 am
value in being in the top of the polls right now in the republican field. as we've seen in past republican primaries there are really high swings and really spectacular falls. if you are ahead in the polls, that means you have a really big target on your back. there's no doubt at some point scott walker is going to need to have a breakout moment. >> he's a well known name. he won a contentious reelection balt battle in his state. former virginia senator jim web announcing his candidacy. he said our country need a fresh approach to confront the problems that divide us. a lot of people wouldn't know about jim web. he is the only combat veteran in
6:35 am
this political field. he's written ten best selling books. was executive producer of rules of engagement. this is a decorated member of the military. when you look at someone like that without the name recognition, what does that do on the democratic side? >> it depends how serious of a candidate he wants to be. he is a senator from virginia which of course a is a key swing state & state. i am still not convinced he is really in this to fight as hard as he can. he put out his announcement yesterday in a web video. some of his aides aren't even sure if he's going to be out there in the long-term. i think there is a space for him, actually. foreign spols a central concern to a lot of voters. he has a newunique window on that.
6:36 am
it just depends on how aggressively he decides to campaign or how much he wants to differentiate himself from hillary clinton. at this point we're not sure how serious of a candidacy he'll be waging. >> and when she jumped in a lot of them said it would be good for her to have a being challenge in primaries. thank you so much. have a great fourth. still to come in the "newsroom," some call her a criminal, some call her a history. why the woman who pulled down the confederate flag in the state capital says she has no regrets. port your muscle health? boost® high protein nutritional drink can help you get the protein you need. each serving has 15 grams of protein to help maintain muscle, plus 26 vitamins and minerals including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones. boost® high protein is the #1 selling high protein complete nutritional drink and it has a great taste-guaranteed! help
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when you get up to 50% off thousands of hotels with travelocity it means you can also afford to get up to 50% romantic-er romantic sunsets. making it the place to find a place for summer escapes. go and smell the roses. . when bri newsome took down the confederate flag, some hailed her as a civil rights hero. others say she should have let
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the law take its course. knew newsome faces up to three years in jail. in a fascinating interview last night she says she has no regrets. >> i really wanted to highlight the nature of the entire situation. the reason why south carolina has been so held up in terms of removing their flag whereas you've seen like in alabama they took the flag down right away is because there was this series of laws that were passed in the '60s and in the year 2000 to protect this symbol of hate this symbol of treason. >> i think one of the unfortunate things this whole controversy has highlighted as well is the extent to which we are not properly educating people on the history of this nation. millions of americans died fighting over this issue of slai stave slavery. they disagreed with the united
6:42 am
states constitution and they disagreed with the notion that all people are created equal. they wanted to maintain slavery. it's pretty straightforward. >> she knows she faces up to three years in prison and she knew that going in. a new cnn poll says the majority of americans disagree with her view of the confederate flag. let's talk about it with cultural critic and author michaela angela davis. >> i think it's what bri said. we don't know the history. i think this is a real reflection on our education. we knew that the reason why the confederate was fought was because of slavery. when the president made that clear in the eulogy it was helpful. maybe now we can actually know
6:43 am
the facts. i think when you asked someone on the street do you agree with slai ri stave slavery, i think most people would say no. i think racism supremacy, everything is about ignorance and also a resistance to our history. it's about telling the whole story and what that represents. even bri's actions, very american. she's a patriot. that's a freedom fighter act. she was a flag slayer in this great patriotic tradition. we have always gone against laws we thought for against humanity. walking across the fwlijbridge in selma, alabama was breaking the law. >> we saw nikki haley coming out with senate republicans, lindsey graham coming out saying take
6:44 am
the flag down. now it's got to get to the legislature and get a two-thirds vote. >> there's an urgency around this. i think why it was also a feminist act, we have to remember that three black women were going to be buried on that day. so there's something also as a human being, do we honor them by them being buried under that flag today. on that day when that community is in so much pain that flag is a constant reminder. again, three women were buried on that day. and one women went up and got that flag down. >> it was put up an hour later. i do want everyone to look at these poll numbers. when you talk about the debate over the flag it shows a deeper divide when it comes to race. nationwide more african americans believe the flag is a symbol of racism.
6:45 am
72% of african americans polled believe it is to 25% who believe it is not a racist symbol. what does that tell us? >> disconnect. and people whose lives weren't threatened with that as a symbol. of course people who don't know the history don't have that same experience. we also have to look at our human history when loving versus the state of virginia when that interracial -- >> the supreme court case. >> 76% of the country was against interracial marriage. that's shocking. today if you were asked are you against interracial marriage you would say no. so i feel like i'm a little shocked because you want to be optimistic. but we have a history of sometimes being really behind the ball particularly when it comes to race because our experiences are so different. >> then when things change they change quickly. >> quicker now. >> the community leading more than politicians even before the
6:46 am
court on gay marriage for example. >> i think there are more people who have gavey and lesbian people in their family. but if you have never been terrorized it's hard for you to understand what the symbol means. we have to communicate with people to share our experiences so you can see our destinies are linked. that confederate flag represents our divide not that our destinies are linked together as americans. that's where we have to get together. i think these little devices, social media and the way we're able to share, communicate and report on each other is making history move faster. like marriage equality. the president in his first term wasn't completely on board. and now the white house was a rainbow. >> good to have your on. happy fourth. >> my pleasure.
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>> coming up next in the "newsroom," new arrests in that beachfront terror attack in tunisia. ♪ ♪virgin islands nice♪ ♪so nice♪ ♪so nice, so nice♪ book five nights today and get one free.
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the united kingdom coming to stand still this morning. people paying silent tribute to the victims of the deadly terror attack last week in tunisia. queen elizabeth and prince philip taking part in the moment of silence. wimbledon starting matches late. although the gunman was killed the investigation still very much under way. eight suspects now also under arrest. let's talk about it with cnn's senior international correspondent nem ma alba gear. thank you for being here. i understand the police are
6:52 am
looking for more suspects. is the thinking here that this was a pretty large terror ring? >> reporter: absolutely. i mean some of the details that are emerging about the men that are being sought really gives you a sense of how interconnected this network is. one suspect specifically is believed to have been involved with the terror attack that hit that museum in tunisia just over a month ago. you start to get a sense of this highly sophisticated, quite far reaching network, especially as authorities here tell cnn that they believe that the man who carried out this attack trained with the man who carried out the tunis museum attack at the same time. so that's quite far reaching forward thinking planning to be able to have done that without alerting the authorities to what they were thinking of doing, to be able to move men between here, across the libyan border into that isis footprint. it's all extraordinarily concerning given that over
6:53 am
arching arc of allegiance that isis now has that is spreading through north africa, poppy. >> >> it is tragic but a beautiful remembrance of those 30 people today in britain. thank you very much. quick break. we'll be right back. we got the new tempur-flex and it's got the spring and bounce of a traditional mattress. you sink into it, but you can still move around. now that i have a tempur-flex, i can finally get a good night's sleep. (vo) change your sleep. change your life. change to tempur-pedic.
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ahh! uhh... whatcha doing? ohh, just... watchin' law & order. awww, you're nervous. that's so cute. call and upgrade to get x1 today. ♪ this just into us at cnn. that investigation into a church fire in greeleyville south carolina has just been wrapped up. the atf tweeting the fire at mt. zion ame church was started by lightning, not arson. the church is one of six traditionally black churches that had burned in recent weeks. two of those were determined to be started by arson. shark attack survivors are speaking out. listen. >> i started shouting shark, shark, everyone out of the
6:58 am
water. at the same time i'm punching the shark trying to get the shark away from me and then went over and grabbed my son. if i would have been in the ocean for another few minutes, the other sharks showed up pretty quickly. i don't know if i would have made it out alive. >> that gives you chills. you're looking at a map where you've seen ten attacks there in north carolina. experts say current water conditions could mean that we'll see even more. let's talk to alina machado about it. she's on the outer banks at wrightsville beach. have they come up with any answers as to why so many attacks, especially there? >> reporter: you know actually poppy, no attacks have actually happened here in wrightsville beach, but the attacks have happened along the carolina coast, some up north, some south, and it's definitely something that people here on the beach are thinking about but look behind me it's not keeping people from actually getting in the water. you can see some surfers in the
6:59 am
distance. you look over here there are some families also in the water. just from talking to beachgoers yesterday and today, it seems like they are thinking about these shark attacks. it's definitely on their minds, but they're not fearful because obviously they are getting in the water. if anything poppy, niece attackthese attacks have been heightening their awareness of the fact sharks are in the water. >> and alina, one other question for you, when you look at sort of what can be done i know some of these tips seem sort of obvious, like look around you, but what else are they saying? >> you know there are certain times of day that you shouldn't be in the water because there's a higher probability that a shark will be, you know there feeding. dusk dawn those are two areas two times you shouldn't be in the water. also some experts believe that keep your bling at home. don't wear shiny jewelry because that could simulate fish scales and it maybe could a tract a
7:00 am
shark. >> alina machado, thank you, have a great, great holiday. 10:00 eastern, happening now on the "newsroom," on alert. if you are out celebrating this fourth of july weekend you will probably see more police. tension rising over a potential terror threat. also is war the new norm? military leaders now speaking out, laying out what could be ahead for the long run for the united states. and donald trump getting good at getting people talking. will it change how people are voting? let's talk live in the cnn "newsroom." good morning, everyone. so glad you're with us. i'm poppy harlow in today for carol costello and we begin with this. the fourth of july in america, parades, fireworks, barbecues, and also looming terror concerns over that symbolic


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