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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  July 3, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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jeanne moos, cnn. >> i am a pea person. >> that's good to hear. >> new york. >> clearly. happy fourth of july, ern. i'm poppy harlow. thanks so much for being with me. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts right now. airports, parks, parades, as america celebrates july 4th, cities on high alert as federal officials warn of a heightened terror threat and new york just moments ago making a big move. was a warning missed from inside prison. a warning from richard matt himself before the breakout. a letter that said see you on the outside. so who saw it and what was done? enjoy your ride because we sure will. that exact message on a sign inside a baltimore police transport van. it's sparking outrage. what does it mean for the city in the aftermath of freddie gray's death?
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hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. >> i'm john berman. extra man power, enhanced monitoring operations for this holiday weekend. this comes as the fbi and the department of homeland security are warning authorities to be extra vigilant. >> officials across the country are also taking notice of this alert, and their boosting security at fireworks shows, parades, and iconic landmarks throughout the country. concerns are much higher this year. let's get the very latest on security precautions across the country's major cities. boris sanchez is at new york's penn station and sunlen serfaty is live from the white house. boris, let's start with you. a big move, as john said, first just announced by new york's governor. >> reporter: that is right, kate. there are about 42 million people that are traveling across the united states this weekend,
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so officers are taking no limits on their prekauthcautions they' taking to make sure everybody is safe. governor cue ewe momo saying he adding extra staff. law enforcement has added snipers and spotters in strategic locations to watch out for anything suspicious in crowds. teams are scanning the city for explosives and any radioactive devices by sea and air. aside from that, there are about 7,000 cameras monitoring everyone in the city, and the governor again asking all new yorkers to be vigilant and report anything suspicious to law enforcement right away. >> as many layers of security as there has ever been here. boris, thanks so much. sunlen, let's go to you in washington. even over the last 24 hours, we saw a security scare in washington, d.c., and we know that security has been raised heading into the celebrations this weekend. >> reporter: that's right, john. you know, washington always is
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in a higher state of alert during fourth of july, so this increased security really isn't anything new, but authorities are taking pains to say that extra security is being added. they say in both seen and unseen ways. we know already here in d.c. down on the national mall 18,000 feet of fencing already gone up, multiple checkpoints, as many as nine that people will have to go in through tomorrow, and they're also increasing those patrols around the landmarks here in d.c. where the fireworks go off over. we know that one big hit at sort of the anxiety that a lot of officials are feeling over this holiday and the threat from isis is that big response we saw yesterday to that -- what turned out to be nothing but that potential threat at the u.s. navy yard. within minutes that building had been evacuated. there was boosted up security here at the white house and at the capitol, so definitely a lot of anxiety around whatever festivities are happening and whatever threat there potentially could be tomorrow. john and kate?
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>> absolutely, everyone on high alert. boris sanchez, sunlen ser faty, thank you very much. a wisconsin man is accused of threatening to assassinate president obama. police say this 55-year-old man made the threats while the president was visiting the state this week. investigators say that he told a security guard that if he got the chance, he would take him out and take the shot. brian dutcher is his name. he also allegedly posted on facebook killing him is our constitutional duty. now, abc news is reporting the man has been taken to a mental health facility. new questions this morning about a letter that escaped killer richard matt wrote his daughter just days before the prison break. the buffalo news published part of it. it reads i always promised you i would see you on the outside. i'm a man of my word. the post office delivered this to matt's daughter three days after he broke out of clinton correctional facility. >> but he another showed up and
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weeks later police shot and killed him after he aimed a 20 gauge shotgun at a border patrol agent. this letter brings up a lot of questions. could it have tipped off the prison to his escape plans? do the prison officials even screen these type of letters? jean casarez is joining us from outside the prison. jean, what are you picking up? >> reporter: well, kate, the protocol for the new york department of corrections is that they do not open and screen the outgoing letters unless the superintendent in writing believes that there's a security risk. believes that there could be information in the written correspondence that could help the prison, help the safety of the community. they had none, so protocol is it's not checked, but here is what we're learning. the buffalo news along with an undisclosed law enforcement source is saying that it was june 9th that that letter arrived at the home of the daughter of richard matt. she immediately took that letter to law enforcement. so law enforcement was alerted early on.
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she didn't know anything about the escape, but she did receive some security herself while the escape was in the midst for all those weeks. and we don't know the intent of richard matt. we don't know if he was bragging or if he intentionally wanted to find his daughter at this point. >> so, jean, we're also learning so many more details about what went on at clinton correctional in the weeks leading up to this escape. now, we understand there was some kind of a prison riot, although it lasted less than a minute. i'm not sure how a riot can last less than a minute but there was an altercation involving many prisoners just about a week before the breakout. >> reporter: right. a law enforcement source of mine close to the investigation is calling it a fight and saying that it happened on may 29th. it involved 30 inmates. remember, there's 2,600 inmates as of yesterday, just about 2,600 in the prison behind me, and it lasted for less than a minute. there were no weapons involved. one inmate was injuried wiy -- d
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with nonlife threatening injuries. the department of corrections determined based on the facts that there would be a lock down, a lock down of the block that included the inmates involved in the brawl, in the fight. that lock down was done, and they tell me that on a general basis, they determine whether a lock down of a prison occurs based on the facts of the actual situation. now, this is in response to a lot of reporting saying that if there had been a full lock down and search of all the cells, that they would have found with richard matt and david sweat the holes they were carving in their cell walls to escape. that didn't happen. >> that's a fascinating element of all of this, absolutely. looking back, of course, and hindsight being 20/20 and how there could have been major red flags. they could have and maybe should have picked up about this escape. jean, thank you very, very much. coming up, there are also still some very big questions about what happened to freddie gray inside that baltimore police van, but new today, take a look
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at this. a picture of this sign discovered on the inside door of a baltimore police transport van. what's behind it? plus, if you're a republican now running against donald trump, what do you do? what do you say? what's the risk of taking him on head on? plus, a judge makes a surprising move in the bizarre case against a father whose son went missing for 11 days in the family's basement. >> your son has been found in your basement. sir? are you -- >> what? >> yeah. if you want a paint that's tough enough to protect from the elements. if you want a paint flexible enough
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concerning and unacceptable. those are the words coming from baltimore police officials who are now investigating controversial photos that have surfaced. take a look. the picture shows a sign inside the door of a police van reading, as you can see, enjoy your ride because we sure will. >> this comes after six officers were indicted in charges connected to the death of freddie gray. you can understand why these words this morning are so controversial. joining us now to discuss this is cedric alexandra and katherine pew. thank you for being with us. i want to talk about the nature of the statements and the timing of when they may or may not have been put there. cedric, help me understand, is it unusual to ever see words like this inside a police van anywhere? have you ever seen anything like that? >> i have been in the police
8:13 am
profession for 38 years now, and, of course, i have never seen over the course of my career and working in a variety of departments across the country i haven't seen anything like it whatsoever. i think in light of everything that's going on in baltimore, this is really not a very good thing in terms of what it may suggest, and people may interpret it in different kind of ways, but i think if you put it in context, it is certainly of concern that that type of language would be so neatly written inside that van. that is not something was described out by somebody's handwriting. it clearly looked like it's painted on there and it's done very neatly even though they use a word such as cuz which is suggestive of just really being sarcastic. >> state senator pew, way tonight get your reaction to this as well. i think we should point out yet again, cnn has confirmed the authenticity obviously of the photo. we don't know though -- there's no confirmation of when this
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photograph was taken. and that could be important for a lot of folks who care very much about the freddie gray situation, was it taken before or after, but maybe i guess maybe does it even matter to you when the photograph was taken, state senator? >> no, it absolutely does not matter, and i think as has been said, this is totally unacceptable. we do understand there is a full investigation taking place as relates to this patter and as just was pointed out, first of all an incorrect spelling, secondly, we wouldn't tolerate something like this. we're waiting for a police investigation. it's not tolerable, not for the citizens of baltimore and certainly i'm sure not with any police department, not in baltimore city, not anywhere in the state of maryland or in this country. totally unacceptable. >> the police are investigating. we have a statement from baltimore city police that says the nature and the posting of the wording is concerning and unacceptable. it goes on to say, as you said,
8:15 am
there is an investigation ongoing. cedric, the time something interesting. it's bad anyway you cut it, but if it was in the police van before freddie gray's death, perhaps i suppose it shows an attitude that officers might have about what goes on in the back of the van. if it was posted after freddie gray's death and all the controversy surrounding it, it shows perhaps police trying to make some kind of a statement. it it's not a good image for at- that department, whether it happened prior to freddie gray's death or afterwards. and certainly if it came afterwards, that is even very concerning in and of itself because this is not a joke. this is a very serious matter. let me say this, i am more than confident that the commissioner there and his staff are going to look into this and are going to investigate it thoroughly. he's a very competent commissioner. i considered him a colleague along with many others across this country, and i am more than certain they're going to take this very, very seriously because i think as we look at
8:16 am
this statement on the back door of that transport van, it is a major concern for all of us, and there's absolutely nothing, nothing that i can think of or anyone else in this country could think of that will find this to be humorous because it certainly is not. >> from your perspective of leading a department, cedric, should the baltimore police have known about this before it was made public? it seems at least now that it really only came to their attention once these photographs became public. >> well, you know, i think that's part of what needs to come out in this investigation because here again, this was an attitude of certain people within that department prior to freddie gray's death that is of concern. if that was written or painted on that wagon after his death, that just suggests to me there may be individuals here again,
8:17 am
may be individuals, inside who find this not to be of a serious nature. i think the investigation is going to be very revealing in terms as to when that statement was made on that door and even right down to the point of who put it there and when they put it there. >> senator, i know the mayor is calling for baltimore to install cameras now in police vance to s see what's going on. i suppose going forward that would prevent signs like this from going up. i wonder if i can get a sense from you of the situation and the atmosphere on the ground in that city. how do people on the streets feel? how do the police feel? particularly heading into this holiday weekend when security a genuine concern. >> let me just say i had a meeting yesterday with the head of the police union, and i'm also heading a criminal justice commission, cho cari co-chairin
8:18 am
my clek from the house, kurt anderson. they're very concern eed any negative activity going on in the police department. for the most part our police department does protect and serve but there's a cultural behavior that needs to be corrected and i think there are those in the police department and around the state of maryland who understand that and i think they do and i concur with the mayor that there needs to be a full investigation of this because this kind of attitude is just not necessary and it certainly does not endear our police officers who work every day on behalf of the community to the community and we're trying to work on this cultural behavior as well as attitude and making people feel safe in our communities and working along with the police department so that we can curb crime in our neighborhoods and in our city and state. >> sed brick, whcedric, what im having cameras in police vans have? >> i think they're going to be very important in the sense that it certainly will give some
8:19 am
confidence to that community, and also believe to the leadership in that department as well, too, that when a prisoner is placed in the back of that transport van, they're going to be done so according to policy, written policy, how they have to enter into the back of that van, how they have to be handcuffed, and how they have to be watched and cared for from the time that they're picked up to the time they're carried to incarceration. so i think it's going to be very important for that community to have that for a sense of confidence. >> thank you both for being with us. always appreciate your insight. >> thank you for having me. happy fourth of july. >> thank you. >> you, too. we have breaking news. big announcement from new york and the state department. now the state department involving warnings of possible terror attacks on july 4th. hear what new information and new warnings we're getting right now. plus, is donald trump hurting more than just his wallet with his remarks about
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this is cnn breaking news. breaking news coming from the state department. this all comes in light obviously heading into the fourth of july holiday. we've been hear being a heightened state of alert across the country. it also seems now it could be abroad as well. >> new security concerns around the world at u.s. installations. let's brin in elise labott.
8:24 am
>> reporter: the u.s. military has been talking with his bases around the world. the state department did order all of its diplomatic posts around the world, all embassies and consulates to assess their security. have a meeting of their security teams, they call it an emergency action committee. take a look at the procedures already in place and see if there are new measures. it's pretty much a standing operating procedure ahead of a holiday weekend but certainly as we've seen the terror threats in this country, state department wants to make sure all ever its embassies and consulates are ready to go. >> and elise, obviously a lot of this could be very sensitive information, but after that assessment, do you get a sense or are you hearing that changes were made and there was security added or any procedures were changed? >> reporter: i don't really think so. i got to say, you have seen over the last year particularly with threats from isis and other terror threats around the world that u.s. embassies and consulates particularly in the middle east have really been on high alert for some time. of course, there are some things
8:25 am
that could be done here and there, but i have to say also a lot of these posts in the middle east held their july 4th celebrations a month ago. sometimes they even did them on president's day because, you know, the holy month of ramadan takes place early this year. a lot of muslims in the middle east are fasting and so they wanted to make sure to be able to welcome everyone to the embassies and con tull lasulate before they were doing that. there may be some tweaks that come ahead of a holiday weekend. there has been some chatter out there consistent with going into a holiday weekend, but i'm told by officials nothing that has caused any massive cancellation of any events, kate. >> the breaking news we're just learning from' lea elise, u.s. diplomatic posts around the world told are review their security leading into the holiday. politics now. if you are a republican candidate for president and your
8:26 am
name is not donald trump, what do you do about donald trump? the guy is second in most polls right now, but his comments about mexican immigrants have led to a firestorm of controversy. >> here is how some of the other gop presidential candidates have reacted to those comments so far. >> i don't think donald trump's remarks reflect the republican party. >> the comments were inappropriate and they have no place in the race. >> i don't agree with them. >> when you label a group of people as rapists and drug dealers, it's more about you than it is them. >> is that forceful enough? what should the gop presidential candidates do about the trump factor? let's talk with our cnn political commentator and conservative talk show -- radio talk show host ben ferguson. ben, thank you so much for being here. >> good to be here. >> of course. i know you're not a fan of the trump factor, and it seems clear that other republican candidates, they don't support the comments that he's making, but it seems by and large their
8:27 am
first inclination is to simply try to ignore him. is that a good strategy for them? >> it was a united vatty easter strategy early on. almost all the campaigns were saying this is a guy we'll just let flame out. we'll let donald be donald and we won't acknowledge him, give credibility or credence to any of the comments he's making. that strategy has not worked well, and donald understands how to get media attention, whether it be playing the victim card because macy's got rid of him or "the apprentice" and nbc. he understands how to steal a headline. now i think the candidates are realizing, we're going to have to, one, denounce him, and, two, you will see a lot of the campaigns look at his record, go after him and attack him. he's got a lot of dirty laundry. he's also given a lot of money to democratic candidates including hillary clinton, and you're doing to see i think this campaign roll out to really bring down donald trump so they don't have to deal with him for
8:28 am
much longer. >> do you really think these candidates want to get in a shouting match or a spitting match, you can use other words if you want, with donald trump? >> no, they don't, but what you're going to see is the campaigns start to put information out there. they're going to start to make i think these statements that are making it abundantly clear, we don't think that he even should be on the stage with us, and we don't think he's a conservative and we don't think he's a legitimate candidate and they're going to have to start attacking him to bring the numbers back down. if there's anything we can learn for donald trump is he's filled a void for other candidates to be bold. he is being blunt, and some of the things he's saying people do like, but ultimately a lot of the other candidates have not taken big risks yet mainly because it's very early on. they're focused on campaigning in the primary states and raising money and not having big
8:29 am
oopses in public. >> it seems convention wisdom that donald trump out there right now is bad for the republican party. is there any kind of argument to make that donald trump could be good for the republican party? the fact that maybe him being in this race and flaming out at least removes him, the kingmaker quality he's had in recent elections, or allows republicans to draw some sort of distinction with 2001 wh when they're on the debate stage? >> i think what you're doing to see is donald trump is someone they all look at as someone that really should not be taken as seriously as some are making it out to be. it may give some of these guys a chance to actually make a name for themselves if they do take him on. those that are polling lower. but ultimately i think if you ask every gop candidate that's in this race right now, none of them like donald trump and none of them want him in this and none of them want to be sparring with him.
8:30 am
they would rather spar with each other because they look at them as legitimate candidates. either you love him or you hate him, but ultimately for the other candidates, they just want him out of the race as soon as they can and certainly out the top ten so they don't have to deal with him on stage. >> the problem is, ben, there's no how-to guide here. there's no how to deal with a guy like donald trump because there's no -- >> no way to push him out. that's the beauty of the process. >> nbc fires him, his poll numbers go up. he says stuff and alienates mexican immigrants, his poll numbers go up. it doesn't seem like you can hurt him because he will just turn it around on you. >> ultimately, wait until people engage him. i think chris christie getting issues where i think it's going to take a lot of wind out of the sail of donald trump. can you imagine chris christie and donald trump going back and forth. i will put my money on chris christie -- >> i can only hope we will see that on on tthe debate stage. >> that's the thing, this has
8:31 am
been a reality show on politics on tour. donald trump knows how to be a reality tv guy better than anyone else does. i'll give him credit there. a lot of the complains, there was this i don't even know what to do with him, how do you even interact with him? how do you sit down and have a legitimate conversation about foreign policy, and i think when voters start to see that, that is when we'll see his numbers come down very quickly because ultimately do you want this guy really being in charge of dealing with isis or vladimir putin or foreign trade or cuba or any other issue? i don't think people are going to like that. >> i have to say the kardashians are calling you right now, they're upset that you said donald trump was the best reality tv -- >> if i insulted them, i guess that's a perk to the job today, right? >> be careful, ben. it's great to see you. >> thanks. coming up for us, more on our breaking news. new warnings just coming in involving the terror alerts ahead of the full 4th holiday. hear what big cities are doing now to try to stay safe this holiday weekend.
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8:36 am
weekend and within the united states law enforcement agencies from coast to coast are on heightened alert. >> this morning new york's governor announced extra man power and enhanced monitoring operations this weekend and a top police official in the nation's second largest city says that the threat stream has not been this high since september 11th, 2001. that's the word from michael downing, the deputy police chief of the los angeles police department. he joins us now. thank you so much for being with us, sir. >> good morning. >> not since 9/11. those are pretty alarming words. what are you hearing that makes you think such a thing? >> well, there's a number of things. first, the threat stream has never been this high. we are in the month of ramadan. we're five days after the establishment of the so-called caliphate. we've had major terrorist attacks in tunisia, the sinai, france, and kuwait, and we've had more disruptions within the
8:37 am
united states in a period of time than we've ever seen before. so i think the propaganda machine that this adversary has pushed out is effective. we have more foreign fighters than we've ever seen before, and probably a population of homegrown violent extremists within our country than we've ever seen before. so it just makes sense that we're on a higher level of alert. >> so yours is one of the major cities that could be a potential target here. also one of the cities that's on heightened alert. from your post, what's different this year in how you're hedging -- handling it and preparing? >> we definitely opened up the lines of communication with our fbi partners, with our department of homeland security partners and we activated our fusion center. so the information sharing, the situational awareness of what's happening around the country and our ability to respond and make deployment decisions on that is
8:38 am
well, and we also have a much heavier deployment than we've had on normal routine days. >> i've been struck over the last several days about how much we are hearing from police departments like yours, like in new york city, and also from federal officials as well about how concerned they are and how much security they're putting in place. i'm wondering who the audience is for this message? is it the public? do you want to reassure the public that you're on it and things are going to be okay or is it a message to people who might want to do harm themselves? >> it's really a prevention message. it's a preparation message. it's to ensure that the government responds to this threat appropriately and that we put out enough resources to deal with it, but secondly is to elevate the attention cycle of communities, to say, look, government can't do this alone. police departments can't do this alone. we need to leverage our resources, and our greatest resource is the communities that we serve.
8:39 am
we need people to pay attention to anomalies, to suspicious activity, and to know how to report that suspicious activity. >> now, ahead of this weekend, have any events been changed, canceled, modified because of just simply the threat and the risk benefit analysis you have to do? >> not in our city, and we're really encouraging communities not to not go to something because of this. i mean, i think that this adversary this weekend is getting a freebie. the freebie is they're getting a lot of publicity on what this threat is. so i think americans really need to kind of stand strong, defend the values of our country, celebrate our independence, and show this adversary that we are not afraid. >> michael downing, we wish you a good weekend, we wish you a safe weekend, and thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you. good weekend to you as well. >> thanks. >> 20 minutes before the hour right now. it was such a bizarre moment when this father found out on
8:40 am
live television that his missing son had been found where? in the family basement. >> your son has been found in your basement. sir? mr. bothuell, are you -- >> what? >> now this man is speaking out with some more words about what happened. we will hear from him next. and, plus, as we learned, rich matt sent a letter to his daughter just days before his daring escape from prison. cnn goes inside the very trailer where that inmate hid from authorities. you can see what our correspondent gary tuchman found inside. you total your brand new car.
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torture chancrges have been dropped against a detroit man whose missing son was later found in the basement. the search was in the 11th day when nancy grace dropped this bombshell during a live interview with the father. >> charlie, we're getting reports that your son has been found in your basement. sir? mr. bothuell, are you -- >> what? >> yeah. we are getting reports that your son has been found alive in your basement. >> what? >> yes. if you can hand me that wire very quickly. we're getting that right now from -- how could your son be alive in your basement? >> oh -- i have no idea.
8:45 am
>> now, this is just a report that we are hearing out of detroit that we're trying to confirm. sir, did you check your basement? >> i checked my basement. the fbi checked my basement. the detroit police checked my basement. my wife checked my basement. i have been down there several times. we've all been checking. >> okay. this is what we are hearing, that the missing 12-year-old boy has been found alive and well in his father's basement. now, this is what i don't understand why you would have reported he's missing and all our viewers have been on the lookout for him -- >> we've been on the lookout for
8:46 am
him. we searched that entire house repeatedly. the fbi searched it. the detroit police searched. we've all searched. god. >> after this the father was charged with child abuse and torture. part of the case against him was a text message to the boy's mother saying the boy needed to, quote, get gone. bothuell this morning told cnn that the message was not as ominous as it sounded. >> my son needed more help than i could give him at home. i'm a registered nurse and with a meantal health care backgroun. >> did you reach out for help. >> absolutely. he was getting ready to be sent. this was my plan, and the day or couple hours after i made this very clear to him, then he ran away again. >> now, in dropping the torture charges, the judge in the case said that the boy's testimony against his father was not credible. charles bothuell still faces second-degree child abuse
8:47 am
charges. he will be arraigned next week. i just remembered when it happened. it's a very difficult case and continues. coming up next for us, cnn goes inside the very hiding spot where richard matt spent his final days. you're about to see where he slept and he waited out police. >> i don't even know if this door has been opened since this all happened. take a look. points, points, our. there has got to be a way to redeem our hotel points. i just want to take a vacation. this seems crazy. oh really? tell us something we don't know, captain obvious. ok. with, when you collect 10 nights you get one free. oh. so you only need to know how to count to 10 to earn a free night at places like that nudist resort. yeah i don't know how that got there. because you stayed there, took a selfie and hung it prominently on the wall. hm? they won't judge your life choices. wi noticed benny right away. , i just had to adopt him. he's older so he needs my help all day.
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richard matt and david sweat spent a lot of time in the wilderness, but we know that in the last day of matt's life he wasn't in the wilderness, he was very close to hundreds of motorists here on state highway 30.
8:52 am
this is y he spent the last day before he was killed. this trailer which is only about 100 feet from this road. but it can't be seen from the road, although the road can be seen from the trailer. it's been abandoned for years, a state inspection sticker on the window is from 1998. inside, it's the dilapidated and smelly, broken benches and tables, a sink area full of spider webs and insects. silverware still sitting in a may john jar, a teapot on the stove. all in all, a very disgusting scene. >> i don't even know if this door has been opened since this all happened. take a look. nothing. there are a couple blankets in here. on closer examination, there's sleeping bags and on the side of the closet a bunch of newspapers from 1994. right across the street from this trailer lives john shodat.
8:53 am
>> to my knowledge he had been staying there a few days and on the day after his birthday, on friday, he decided apparently to shoot at a passing camper, probably to slow them down and maybe, you know, common commandeer it and take them somewhere but they kept going. >> reporter: the driver of the camper called police and the trail got hot. police were told that camper had been hit by what appeared to be a gunshot and authorities had a big clue -- ultimately they headed in the direction of the trailer. by that point, matt had already headed back into the woods. he made a fatal mistake when he coughed, tipping police off to where he was hiding. this is where police found richard matt and shot and killed him. about a five-minute walk from the trailer. and this was his final hiding place, only 200 feet from the people traveling on route 30. gary tuchman, cnn, malone, new york. >> amazing view there. thanks to gary for.
8:54 am
>> that details keep coming out. we have breaking news, two big announcements, one from the state department, the other from the state of new york about the warnings of how possible terror threat on july 4. we have new details on how this will affect the crowds this weekend. that's coming up next. why pause to take a pill? and why stop what you're doing to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use, is the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. plus cialis treats the frustrating urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision,
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a combat veteran who served three tours in iraq and afghanistan is a true american hero and now he's a cnn hero as well. sean gauvin's warrior hike program is helping veterans cope with life after war literally one step at a time. >> you take back a lot of things from war that you didn't think you were going to bring back. >> i was just angry at everyone and didn't want anything to do with anybody. >> it can be kind of hard. you just get kind of anxious. >> you stop feeling, basically. >> all three of my combat deployments were really intense. there was no time to cope. i decided to hike the appalachian trail because it had been a dream of mind growing up. i saw it as a personal challenge. but about two-thirds of the way i realized i was processing all of these experiences that i had put away and i knew that there
8:59 am
were other combat veterans that needed to do that. >> see you in about six months. >> the warrior hike provides veterans with the equipment and supplies they need to complete a long distance hike. it's just like a deployment except instead of going to fight a war, your mission is to be a civilian again. >> just this is the woods out here, there's nothing to do but think. >> there's internal quiet and some of the problems that you're dealing with get hammered away. >> just being around other military is worth more than words can say. >> how many years? >> 15 years. >> our veterans receive trail town support along the way. >> hello. >> how are you? >> good, how are you? >> you can see how much they care. it helps. >> we help veterans prepare for the next chapter of their life. >> you're learning to take it as it comes and move on. >> i'm looking far sense of
9:00 am
calm. every step i take i think i'm going in that direction. >> if you know someone like sean who should be recognized for their great and selfless work, please go to and tell us all about them. let's all say it together, happy birthday, america! thanks for joining us at this hour. >> "legal view" with ashleigh banfield starts right now. a deadly new jersey carjacking now designated an act of terror by a suspect accused of a coast-to-coast killing spree to avenge the deaths of middle east muslims killed by american troops. also ahead, the letter that richard matt sent his daughter and the promise he made right before he and another murderer hacksawed their way out of a


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