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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  July 3, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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saying is incredible. ♪ hour two, i'm brooke baldwin, this is cnn. this holiday here the fourth of july people celebrate america. law enforcement officials are warning terrorists may use this time to attack this country days after the fbi issued a terror bulletin the state department is doing worldwide security review. all u.s. embassies and consulates will be assessed to see if more security measures need to be taken but officials are stressing they are not aware of any active or specific plots. however, with isis calling for attacks, this independence day, which lands during the holy month of ramadan, officials believe the terror threat is higher than it's been in years. and no doubt, cities like
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philadelphia the liberty bell feel compelled to be extra on guard. >> philadelphia is already part of an enhanced security network because of the fact that we have -- i mean look behind me. it's the most iconic image of america. we know that it is something that people who don't like us would want to do something and maybe even try to make a statement. >> with me know is steve rogers a former member of the fbi joint terrorism task force. steve, always great to have you on. >> thank you. thank you. >> again, to stress there is no active or specific threat. these counterterrorism officials are aware of. that said there's reasons to be concerned because of all of these individuals. >> right. >> in the west europe u.s. who clearly have been motivated by their messaging online. >> brooke this is the highest alert that i've seen in the past ten years and i'm very, very concerned about this. now, it is ramadan. you had tunisia hit a few weeks
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ago and france hit a few weeks ago. now is the next target of the united states. the fbi, the nsa, federal, state, local law enforcement agencies are all on alert, to be on the lookout. brooke the most important component of this fight is going to be the people. if you see something, say something. nothing is going to be disregarded by law enforcement. that is so important. >> what is it about -- when you point out those attacks, yes tunisia, france possibly kuwait what is it about now versus ten years ago? what has really really changed? >> a few things have ink chachanged. >> they weren't interested in holidays they were interested in targets of opportunity. >> massive large-scale coordinated attacks? >> absolutely. isis is different. if they strike tomorrow this is a victory for them to disrupt the entire nation on the greatest holiday, the greatest symbol of freedom, the birth of our country.
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but the other side of the story is this. isis wants to send a message to the american people that, you know what, we're going to scare the living daylights out of you. isis' message is you're not scaring us. americans always have the ability to bounce back to live the way that we want to live and that's free. >> yes. listen i've said this before. i want to take in the fireworks with how many other people. i hear you saying that we should be calm and enjoy ourselves. at the same time this is the highest the threat level has been in ten years so how am i supposed to think about this? >> remember when i went to israel every day of the week, the population lives on the edge and they go and conduct themselves and live normal lives. a little particularly different,
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as you say, we have a big, big holiday to mark. as you said on this broadcast many times, be vigilant. when you see something, say something. we're americans and cannot fold under this pressure. we cannot do that. >> steve rogers thank you so much. >> thank you. happy fourth. >> happy fourth? the hunt for two fugitives in upstate new york may be over but the hunt of a different kind may be beginning. police are now trying to track down the owner of this backpack. we want to show you a photo here. this is a backpack found in the possession of captured inmate david sweat. this is believed to have been stolen from a camp in franklin or clinton county. meantime did correction officers miss a clue that could have topped them off to an escape plan? because the deceased richard matt wrote a letter to his daughter that contained the words, "i always promised you i would see you on the outside.
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i am a man of my word." that letter by the way, sent just before he and sweat tunnelled out of the clinton correctional facilities. joining me now, keith helwig author of "no place like home." keith, welcome. >> thank you, brooke. >> you yourself in talking about letters being sent from in the outside world. do prison workers screen letters before mailing out, i will see you on the outside? would that note have been flagged at clinton? >> no, that probably would not have been flagged. unless we had prior information that a a plot or something was occurring, we don't monitor mail to individuals. we do however, monitor mail to other inmates. we have a specific procedure we
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go through if we want to monitor inmate mail and we are able to do that. we can monitor incoming mail and outgoing mail. most prisons are small cities. they have anywhere upwards of 3,000 people in them. >> uh-huh. >> and the volume of mail coming in you would have to double the staff just to read every letter going out. >> got it. scott, tell me about the post card from brazil. >> this occurred early in my career. 30 years ago i was working at a medium facility institution and an inmate had a background in biology and chemistry. had he been in prison for some time and he was assigned medium out status which means he can work outside of the fence under direct escort of a staff member.
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because of his background he was able to work in the sewage plant. he went out one day and locked the civilian in the sewage treatment plant and took his vehicle, his state vehicle and found the vehicle about 20 miles away in the parking lot of a technical college. >> whoops. >> and nobody had heard anything from him until maybe about a year later, one of the sergeants at a facility evereceived a postcard and it said i made it and it was postmarked brazil and to this day this individual has not been caught. >> you've got to be kidding. >> no. it was amazing. actually, kind of humorous. >> kind of. it sounds like the way a movie would end, right? so you have the postcard from brazil and then you have as we were discussing the screening potentially male potentially mail coming in for inmate. but what about prison staff? do you screen your own
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colleagues? >> there have been instances where prison staff -- i've seen them get wrabedpped up with inmates. a lot of time it has to do with the isolation with inmates. i can recall an instance with a female staff member who worked in our food service and a lot of times in our food service, like i said prisons are small cities so we've got to depend on inmates to do a lot of the work. she was working with a specific inmate day in and day out with this inmate talking to the inmate and we had heard evidence that she was beginning an improper relationship. we conducted an investigation and the ironic thing about it the woman's husband was a retired captain from the department of corrections. so we really didn't find
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anything and were not able to prove any conclusive relationship between this woman and the inmate. however, a month after the woman retired, she divorced her husband and when the inmate was released she began a relationship with the inmate. >> no. >> something like that. well something like that is extremely difficult to catch. for one thing, her husband, being a retired captain, i'm sure she knew just what she had to avoid. she had to avoid making phone calls, she had to avoid writing letters. so all their interaction was personal. we don't monitor or videotape everything. >> no. and i'm sure it's impossible to. as you say, it's a small city with so many people but clearly these relationships that develop, this is not unique to clinton. keith, thank you so much. >> thank you very much. >> next stunning video of this police officer taking on this man who was resisting arrest.
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boxing them. see what happened and why the commissioner was defending them. next this plot to kill president obama. hear why police say he thought it was his constitutional duty. and even though one network is going to broadcast donald trump's pageant in the next couple of days that doesn't mean that they love donald trump. hear from the ceo, ahead. gie's list if i needed work done around my house at a fair price. you heard right, just tell us what you need done and we'll find a top rated provider to take care of it. so i could get a faulty light switch fixed? yup! or have a guy refinish my floors? absolutely! or send someone out to groom my pookie? pookie's what you call your? my dog. yes, we can do that. real help from real people. come see what the new angie's list can do for you. why pause a spontaneous moment to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use, is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction
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a man in wisconsin standing by this threat to kill the president, according to court papers. police say this manmade threats when the president was visiting the state earlier this week. investigators say he told a security guard if he got the chance he would take him out and take the shot. we're also told the suspect
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posted on facebook killing him is our constitutional duty. he's in custody. and a harlem street fight getting serious scrutiny especially when you see who pulled the first punch. video shows it looks like it's the new york police officer. officials tell our new york affiliate wpix the officer was trying to arrest the man. here's the video. he was trying to arrest the guy in the red shirt because he was carrying a knife but the man would not follow the officer's commands as you'll see in the video. let me play a portion of this encounter which is now under review here within the new york police department. take a look. >> you got my i.d.! >> exactly. >> come on man. that's some [ bleep ], man. >> why you do that to me? >> yo! >> i didn't do nothing. >> no. >> get out of here. >> no, no.
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>> [ bleep ]. >> yo, that's some [ bleep ]. that's some [ bleep ]. that's some [ bleep ]. >> come on. >> let's go. let's go. hurry up. >> that's some [ bleep ], man. this is some [ bleep ]. this is some [ bleep ], man. this is some [ bleep ]. this is some [ bleep ]. this is some [ bleep ], man. this is some [ bleep ]. this is some [ bleep ]. >> i've got everything on camera i've got everything on camera. i've got everything on camera. i've got everything on camera. i got everything on camera.
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i've got everything on camera. i've got everything on camera. i've got everything on camera. i've got everything. i've got everything on camera. look look he's messing him. he's messing him. >> all right. so that is the majority of the video here. with me now, david katz formerly with the dea and firearms and tactical instructor. let's discuss what we just saw. i know that bill bratton, nypd police commissioner did not see anything inappropriate from the officer in the video. clearly it appears the officer pulled the first punch. do you agree with bratton? >> clearly. >> why? >> you do not have the right to resist arrest. if the police officer tells you you are under arrest you have one option. comply. in this case the officer gave several attempts and what was the response? he pushes him.
12:18 pm
could you have done it better? yeah i think the police department should spend more time -- >> how would you have done it better? >> personally i like to hang on to a guy, grab him, maintain contact. if you can't control him, and then you hit him. >> that's what you do hit him? >> it's an escalation. first, it's a verbal encounter, sir, you're under arrest. put your hands behind your back. escalate your language say it sharply, raise your voice, change your inflection. but at some point the guy is going to go. if the guy is pushing you and resisting arrest you have one choice to physically overcome that and that's what the law requires that the person subject to the arrest comply and the officer use whatever force is necessary, only that level of force to effect the arrest. >> what about the law as far as when you're approached by police and they are not explaining to you why they want you to be arrested why they are approaching you in the first place? i want to play some sound.
12:19 pm
this is from this man's friend. you hear him say, i've got the whole thing on camera i've got the whole thing on camera. this is what he said. >> when you watch the video in the first place, you ask him for his i.d. first of all, when you stop a man, tough tell us why you stop us. you do not tell us why you stop us but ask for i.d. >> so as an officer, are you required by law to explain to someone why you want to arrest them why you're approaching them and in this case it's apparently because it's a knife. >> that's a great question. constitutionally you are not. some states like new york require you or require you to but only if the circumstances permit it. so for example, if i can, you're under arrest for whatever charge. you explain the nature of the charge your authority. by the way, it's the same for a civilian arrest. but in this case if you're trying to and the person resists, you don't have to throw
12:20 pm
your punch and by the way, whatever it is. i think it's possession of a weapon in this case. and by the way, if it is in fact as i understand it arrest for a possession of a weapon - the police officer is even more justified. you have one weapon why shouldn't you have another weapon? i personally would have handled it with a different tactic. >> would you have said listen we saw the knife. please stop resisting?? >> i don't think it's bad practice. you're not required to. i think it's not bad practice. sir, i saw the knife. you're under arrest. i don't think it hurts to say that. >> david katz thank you very much. >> you're welcome. is the new synthetic drug a choice of so many? why flakka is taking a strong hold in the u.s. despite the drug's alarming side effects. >> okay. does he have any clothes on at all? >> at all. >> no? >> no, nothing.
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. there is a new threat in the war against drugs. it's a synthetic narcotic called flakka. authorities tell cnn it's a new drug of choice because it's cheap, gives you good high. the flakka says it's caused some users to commit attempted murder. cnn's alina machado has more. >> reporter: the video is startling. a man running naked through florida in broad daylight. >> does he have any clothes on at all? >> at all. >> no? >> no nothing. and he looks -- he's sweating and he's talking. he's approaching people. he's talking nonsense. >> reporter: 35-year-old matthew
12:26 pm
kinney tells police he thought people were chasing him and trying to kill him. he also admits to smoking flakka a new synthetic drug. it can be smoked eaten or snorted and commonly referred to as $5 insanity for the intense and cheap high it gives users. >> they say it's as bad of a drug as they've ever seen. >> reporter: this sheriff says his deputies are seeing more flakka cases than ever before. they first saw the drug last year. so far, in the first three months of this year they have already seen 275 cases. >> people want their loved ones arrested because they don't want to see them die so they want them arrested. they want them to get help. by the time we get there, we see a person that's disoriented superhuman strength a person certainly paranoia is one of the biggest problems. they feel they are being chased or people are following them and it's a dangerous situation for our deputies to enter into. >> reporter: in march
12:27 pm
paramedics had to use a saw to remove this 37-year-old man who became impaled after trying to jump a security fence at the police department. police believe he too, was on flakka. that same month n. a community west of palm beach florida, a man is savagely beaten inside the home. >> he came in from the front door and it went on from there. blood splattered right there. it was a table right here. >> reporter: police say the man behind the beating 27-year-old darren morrison also high on flakka also paranoid thinking someone is going to kill him. he's facing several felonies including attempted second-degree murder. >> this is not where you get your normal high or take a depressant or stimulant. this is about doing things you would never believe you would do.
12:28 pm
there's no reason to think that it won't come to us and we're not going to have overdoses. our deputies are not going to get involved in a very horrific confrontation with somebody under the influence of it. >> reporter: authorities say it's being manufactured in china and made similar to bath salts. the drug enforcement administration says flakka is a schedule 1 narcotic so it's illegal and powerful. cases have popped up in other states including texas and illinois and some law enforcement fear it won't stop there. alina machado, cnn, miami. >> alina, thank you. next on cnn, while the republican party talks about donald trump's words, the pageant was just dropped by nbc. we'll discuss, next.
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i'm brooke baldwin. after donald trump made those derogatory comments regarding mexicans at the campaign kickoff business partners have been severing ties with him. the latest to consider cutting him off, the city of new york trump holds talks for other landmarks, both nbc universal and univision have announced they will not air trump's path pageants. by the way, miss usa is less than ten days away and reelz has stepped in to air this. kate bolduan is in for erin burnett. kate what did they say? >> right off the bat, the ceo said that he thinks what he said is ridiculous but saying it's a
12:34 pm
tv move not political. he's separating the two. will it work? we'll see. >> we now know -- of course you've heard that univision and nbc call the comments derogatory and saying they are inconsistent with the store's values. why this is something that you want to be associated with? >> look i tell you what i agree with everything that nbc you a univision and macy's are saying. i think the comments are ridiculous. we couldn't disagree with them more. and we look at this pageant, these young women who have prepared for this for years, worked hard baton rouge has rolled out the carpet and this is their day in the sun. this has been on television for 53 years. this will be the 54th year of the miss usa pageant and none of those contestants and people in baton rouge, none of those little girls at home who aspired
12:35 pm
to this and want to watch it none of the people at home had anything to do with this. we knew going in we may have no advertisers. we have 11 days to celebrate with a holiday weekend in between. that make it is almost impossible. but we do think having a chance to bring this pageant and support those contestants and support that community is a worthwhile endeavor and not a political move. it's a television move. >> hang on a second. he said they may not have any advertisers? >> he acknowledges that advertisers may not want to sign onto this. he said that they paid a very small licensing fee. it's rumored to be about $100,000 which is on relative terms, seems to be a steal. and he says that all the agreement they made with the pageant organization has nothing to do with the trump
12:36 pm
organization and they are just licensing to put it on and there's going to be a bigger bill that he says they are not putting but it's obvious, it's a tv move he says. they want to draw viewers to reelz channel and last year i think miss usa pageant drew in 5 1/2 million viewers. that would be a big boost to any cable channel. >> once people realize reelz exists. >> that's their time to tune in. >> and then of course it's about who will host. indicate bolduan, thank you. 7:00 eastern, thank you very much. >> thank you. and he's been adored by generations of trekkies but george is etgetting slammed on social media for comments that he made about supreme court justice clarence thomas. justice thomas one of the four
12:37 pm
dissenters in that decision. and in a preview with cnn, phoenix affiliate said this -- >> he is a clown sitting on the supreme court. he gets me that angry. he doesn't belong there. for him to say slaves had dignity, doesn't he know that slaves were in chains they were whipped on the back? this man does not belong in the supreme court. he is an embarrassment. he is a disgrace to america. i'll say it on camera. >> those comments nearly broke the internet. people have called takei racist a bigot, others have called him -- including my next guest here -- mark lamont hill said it's one thing to critique his positions but to say that he's a blackface clown, he's wrong.
12:38 pm
with me is professor mark lamont hill. i think people are surprised, mark lamont hill that you are defending this conservative justice. >> you know i don't know if i'm defending clarence thomas as much as i'm critiquing george takei. i think clarence thomas is generally wrong. i think the particular opinions that he's offered the last week have been absurd whether it's housing or gay marriage et cetera. >> but -- >> but, he's still black. i think one of the things that we often do is try to diminish people's blackness when they don't agree with us whether it's the black conservative that we call uncle tom or someone we say is a blackface clown. i don't think that's okay and it's particularly problematic when somebody who is not black says it. it's unqualified and dangerous. i agree with clarence thomas. that doesn't mean that he's unqualified or not black. >> it doesn't mean that this
12:39 pm
language should ever be used. takei offered this on facebook, "blackface is a lesser known theatrical term for a white actor and it's part of a racist history in this country." i hear you chuckle. he said he's faced discrimination and his family lost everything in a japanese internment camp. here's what i thought was interesting. you posted on twitter this would be an entirely different discussion if this were ted nugent saying this about president obama. >> exactly. >> why? because it would be a conservative and a democrat or because it would be white and black? >> i think both. i think white and black obviously make it is a very unique argument. coming from white people we have programmed in our mind and we have a script for that and for republicans being racist towards democrats. what we don't have a script for all the time is what happens
12:40 pm
when harry reid does it as we saw in the book "game changer." and he says hey, i've been through a lot, too. i'm asian, i'm gay -- >> he's sharing his family's history. >> i saw these things when i was protesting the shootings in the eric garner shooting. white allies called themselves liberal, radical, it's still racist. part of being an ally is learning how to use a certain language and respond to people and not because you are down with the people but because you are the people. >> how is it ever okay to say this? >> i don't think it is. i don't think it is. all he had to say is i disagree with clarence thomas. even black people. i could deal with that. but when he says blackface -- i'm not racist applying to a history of blackface, it's one of the first most publicly racist projects we've seen in american theater and culture. it's racist at the core. and to take that on is not okay.
12:41 pm
>> i took a semester of african-american theater in college. yes, i think most of us are aware. mark lamont hill thank you. next it's the u.s. soccer team that's waiting for taking on japan in the world cup final. we'll talk to guess who, brandy chastain. her thoughts and advice ahead of this weekend's match. also before you light those fireworks this weekend, do not miss this year's important safety reminder brought to you by the consumer product safety commission. mark lamont hill don't make me laugh. we'll be right back. we got the new tempur-flex and it's got the spring and bounce of a traditional mattress. you sink into it, but you can still move around. now that i have a tempur-flex, i can finally get a good night's sleep. (vo) change your sleep. change your life. change to tempur-pedic.
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this is something you never see.
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south florida robbery suspect came face-to-face with his old middle school classmate who happened to be the judge and you just have to see what happened next. cnn miami affiliate shows us this tearful reunion. >> hi mr. booth. you're back. this time you're charged with a burglary. >> reporter: from the classroom to the courtroom. >> mr. booth, i have a question for you. >> yes, ma'am. >> did you go to nautilus for middle school? >> oh, my goodness. >> reporter: 49-year-old arthur booth now a suspected burglar reunited with his middle school classmate, judge mindy glazer. decades later, the two have been brought together in a court of law. booth breaking down in tears during the unexpected reunion. >> oh my goodness. >> i'm sorry to see you here. i always wondered what happened to you. this was the nicest kid from middle school. >> oh my goodness.
12:47 pm
>> reporter: on june 29th booth was seen leaving the scene of a burglary at northwest north river drive and 36th street. police say he failed to pull over as they tried to conduct a traffic stop. the police report says quote, mr. booth drove his vehicle onto the median and drove onto the oncoming traffic lanes. mr. booth then bailed from his vehicle. in bond court, the judge says booth's alleged behavior was not the childhood classmate she remembers. >> he was the best kid in middle school. i used to play football with him and all of the kids and look what has happened. i am so sorry. >> oh my goodness. >> mr. booth, i hope you're able to change your ways. good luck to you. >> oh my goodness. >> and as booth continues to cry, the judge deliver as message she hopes will help turn his life around. >> what's sad as how old we've become. >> oh my goodness.
12:48 pm
>> good luck to you, sir. i hope you are able to come out of this okay and just lead a lawful life. >> can you imagine? so sad. booth's bond was set at $43,000. all right. sunday team usa will once again face japan in the women's world cup finals after an emotional loss to japan back in 2011. some are calling japan's advancement pure luck. did you see this? let me take you back to wednesday in the semifinal game against wednesday. she accidently kicked the ball into her own team's goal. listen she was in tears. i would be too. whoops. the victory automatically then went to japan and i had the opportunity to talk about this dramatic week with 1999 world cup champion brandi chastain.
12:49 pm
she told me she, too, has made that same mistake. when you're under that kind of pressure is this one of those could have happened to anyone or will she be forever remembered for that mistake? >> well i think -- i think that moment will be remembered because it's -- it happens so infrequently. like i said, i scored a goal against us in the game against germany in the quarterfinal. as i tweeted out to her, i totally understand the feeling that you're having right now. never is it in your intent to make that happen but what i'll say is that every player on the field is imperfect. she's human. her attempt to make a saving clearance was one inch away from being perfect. so you know that's how small of a margin for err you have when these big games are on the line. >> well i think you seem pretty empowered when you are playing. it was david letterman who dubbed the team babe city. let's talk about that in a
12:50 pm
moment brandi chastain you took your shirt off after the famous winning goal. abby wambach said she wants the team to be treated just like the . do you agree with that? is there a way to maintain femininity in a sport while achieving really the same rights respect as the guys? >> i've said since the time i can remember about what we would like in soccer. i'm not talking men's or women's soccer. i'm talking soccer. i would love to be criticized analyzed judged whatever you said to call it coached on a playing field that's just about soccer. it doesn't matter if i'm a made or female. i understand what abby is saying completely that sometimes women's soccer is recognized --
12:51 pm
remember the celebration and oh, yeah we loved watching that? it always comes back to good feelings. for me in that moment i feel strong about that celebration. i don't think it detracts from what abby is saying. >> how about revenge? this is revenge that team usa wants, they've been craving, you've been watching japan, as you were talking about, some of their footwork the cool calm collected way they're playing. are there qualities that japan has that you u.s. could take a lesson from our vice versa? >> i think both teams have qualities that you could be envious. i honestly don't believe the word revenge belongs in the conversation about a game like this? >> why? we remember a couple years ago. >> different coaches, number one, different approach
12:52 pm
different players, there are some that are the same but i think what you're saying is the emotion that is elicited from that last world cup, yeah is very strong and it's not just the players that were there, and it's kind of in the fabric of the u.s. national team but it's more so about what they're doing right now than what happened four years ago, and if they allow their mind to drift back they're going to miss something that needs to have attention now. >> go usa. >> yes. >> brandi chastain thank you. coming up next an annual reminder about fireworks safety.
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he'll tells us everything he knows very shortly, sir. >> as you were. >> where were we? >> if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do.
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. cnn hero shawn gobben did three tours of duty for his country, now is helping other veterans walk off the war with the help of hiking trails around the country. >> you take back a lot of things from war that you didn't think you were going to bring back. >> i was just angry at everyone. didn't want to do anything with anybody. >> it can be kind of hard. you get kind of anxious. >> you top feeling, basically. >> all three of my deployments were intense. there was no time to cope. i decided to hike the appalachian, because it had been a dream of mine growing up. i saw it as a personal challenge, but about two thirds of the way i realized i was processing all these experiences that i had put away and i knew that there were other combat veterans that needed to do that. >> we're seeing on the back.
12:58 pm
>> it provides vets ran with all the equipment they need to complete a hike. your mission is to be a civilian again. >> just being in the woods out here and there's nothing to do but think. >> there's internal quiet, and some of the problems that you're dealing with get hammered away. >> just being around other military is worth more than words can say. >> how many years you got in now? >> 15 years. >> our veterans also receive trail town support along the way. >> you can see how much they care. it helps. >> we help veterans prepare for the next chapter of their life. >> they're learning to take it as it comes and move on. >> looking for that sense of calm every step i take i think i'm going in that direction.
12:59 pm
>> phenomenal. we would love to hear about your hero. go to before i go drumroll please. it is time for my favorite video of the year. yes, people it is important to stay safe tomorrow for the fireworks, but please do not burn yourself. does that go without saying? the way in which the united states government would like to warn you never fails, well -- you look for yourself. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ that does did for me. i'm brooke baldwin. jim scuitto is up next "the lead" starts now. \s. police clamp down this holiday weekend. this is "the lead." the national lead. with so much concern over terror threats, every embassy abroad and police departments here at home are taking extra security measures. we'll ask d.c.'s top cop what she's doing to protect the tens of thousands of tourists in the nation's capital. shortly before his escape richard matt reportedly wrote to his daughter saying quote, see you on the outside. why did authorities have no clue that the prison break was come snug. plus the politics